New QCs Wear Silk Instead of Crocus

The blogmaster has many friends who are lawyers, honest and hard working to boot. Like any profession there are a few bad apples that make it bad for the group. In Barbados the lawyer group is visible because it is the dominant profession that comprise the political directorate. Also by the design of how we do business in the country.

Yesterday the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) circulated the embedded communication to its membership which is self explanatory. It was the courteous action for the BBA to take on behalf of the Executive. What the blogmaster has an issue with is how the Rh are QCs selected? We know the QC designation in the past was reserved for lawyers who had demonstrated excellence in the profession over a long period. In summary, one didn’t earn the right to wear ‘silk’ just so.

For ease of reference the blogmaster highlighted three names in red on the document attached to support our scepticism about how QCs are selected in Barbados. Michael Yearwood for example is known mainly for the junior role he plays to Hal Gollop QC in the court, we note Gollop’s QC title was recently acquired. Michael Lashley functioned as a minister for the last ten years and obviously was not permitted to practice law in the period.  What can one say about Monique Taitt? We could have highlight Dribbles as well whose only claim is that he is the husband of the late David Thompson press secretary.

If the blogmaster was a QC we would hang our head in embarrassment after having sight of a few names on the list of those earning the right to wear silk. Clearly the selection process is flawed and is not doing the reputation of the profession any favour. BBA after discharging the obligatory congratulation should raise its voice to question how a few ‘questionable’ lawyers now have permission to wear silk instead of crocus.



35 thoughts on “New QCs Wear Silk Instead of Crocus

  1. “The blogmaster has many friends who are lawyers, honest and hard working to boot”

    Not in Barbados surely, where the scumbag lawyers have become the worst criminal class of all?

  2. No one likes or trusts any of the lawyers anyway, no matter how slave minded and groveling they are to the beast of buckingham palace, it is for that very reason that they are all dishonest thieves who sell ou their clients to whomever has the most money to bribe them and they all criminally abuse and rob the elderly.

  3. The blogmaster has many friends who are lawyers, honest and hard working to boot…….
    Clearly the selection process is flawed and is not doing the reputation of the profession any favour.
    This article is fundamentally flawed.
    It is built on the two pillars above …. which are made of fluff….

    Bushie has long established – without ANY credible contradiction – that there are AT MOST, three honest lawyers in Barbados.
    Since then, one who may have qualified, has died.

    You CANNOT, therefore have ‘MANY friends who are lawyers, and HONEST….. (hard working maybe…)

    Secondly, the reputation of lawyers in Barbados CANNOT be harmed by an obvious shiite system of appointing QCs.
    Can the effluent running down Hastings be harmed by someone pissing into the gutter?
    Can Froon be ‘harmed’ by being accused of inaction, indecision and inability?
    Can a brass bowl be harmed by using it as a topsy?

    Just rename the blog as follows…
    “Bar Association reveals another sewerage mess as more QCs contaminate the mob’

  4. Say what you like David of BU, Bush Tea’s comments/remarks can’t be brushed aside. I’t;s often too common in Barbados for those who have friends, relatives or in someway associated with a group or persons to be become conveniently blind and deaf. In the meantime, we’re screwed constantly by those whom are placed or have accepted a position to serve their fellow man.

    • @whitehill

      Trying very hard to understand why there is the view the blogmaster does not agree the legal profession needs to cleanup its act. There is not an online medium that has prosecuted the legal system like BU. It does not mean we do not have scores of hard working lawyers who go to work every day in the cause of doing a good job. You have you view and we have ours.

    • David of BU, I’ll concede that my remarks could’ve been interpreted as a dig at you when in fact I was looking at the general population. Your wall of shame “lawyers in the news”, includes David Thompson is some indicator of your position/stance.

  5. In the meantime, someone I know who has recently as last week had a death in the family, cannot bury theirvloved one because the registry of births and deaths is closed a nonfunctional supreme court.

    I did not want to distress the poor person any further, but with all my charm, would have dropped the body off for the Chief Justice to deal with, why was a clean floor in some building with clean files not sourced in the last 3 weeks to prevent these holdups, why all the incompetence.

  6. Political patronage at its finest. Anytime a Gov’t is responsible for handing out these honorific designations (and they are honorific if these represent legalistic acumen no wonder the country is in trouble) then it will reward its supporters and throw in a few others to make it look non- partisan. I don’t expect the BLP to do anything different if they win the Election too many lawyers in Barbados waiting for their reward.

    Can anyone tell me the criteria for becoming a QC? Who chooses the lawyers? Who vets them? Is it true the PM has the final say? (Don’t answer that!) Recently one QC was heard to threaten a judge who dared to rule against his client.

    Round and round we keep going, don’t stop the Carnival Oops I mean Crop Over.

    • @Sargeant

      You answered your question. Thought this government is a supporter of going republic anyway. Waiting to hear The mouthings in the campaign trail.

  7. Michel Lashley an outstanding failure as a Minister of the Crown both at Housing overseeing policy on building uninhabitable fowl coops for housing solutions all over Barbados including the walled coops and land give away pepper corn concessions at Coverley.Imagine if you will a housing development with a gas station included.What de hell! Corrupt sumbeech and the supernatural JA Stuart approve his appointment to represent Her Brittanic Majesty,Wait,Charles will soon recall all these mock court jesters. QC allow them to be self styled senior lawyers and give them the say so to charge a higher fee,that is all.This fool who can’t even complete a sentence without 20 to 30 ah,ah,ah,ah.

  8. @ Bush Tea May 2, 2018 7:20 AM

    Bushie you can be quite laughably funny when you are most deadly serious.

    You are in good company, though, when you posit that finding “Honest” lawyers in Barbados is like completing the 12 Labours of Hercules while trying to beat Sisyphus into second place.

    Similar sentiments about that despicable lot have been allegorically ascribed to your Lord & Master King Jesus.

    Indeed, your analogy of lawyers to sewer rats is most apt as it can be equated to trying find a gallon of Jeyes Fluid floating on the shit which will be putting the final nail on the tourism coffin on the South coast soon to be renamed the Shit Coast of Barbados on a plaque (or should that be plague) to commemorate the memory of Lord Fumbling Froon the Kingmaker of Bajan history.

    One is left to wonder what that lot of ‘legalised’ jack and jenny asses (excluding our BU family member Jeff C., of course) are going to do when the Queen abdicates in the coming months.

    Would the jokers continue to call themselves QC’s or continue being stooges of the Monarchy and simply change their pimp title (to borrow a phrase from Well, Well’s deep lexicon) to “KC” under a Royal’ warrant issued by Charles or William to the Bajan variety of sycophants called yard-fowls?

    Only these Bajan fools for lawyers who have graduated from the Muttley School of LEC training would find pride in calling themselves QC’s and soon to be KC’s in this day and age when the CCJ is their country’s final Court of Appeal and NOT the British Privy Council (JCPC).

    All of this is your fault, Bushie. You are the one who put the hex on the country by unearthing the Devil’s pitchfork on the Garrison and- like giving blood to Dracula- you have awaken Satan to unleash these curses on the people of poor Barbados.

  9. Cant wait to see these uppity negroes in the Caribbean of the lawyer variety, who exist to please a beast, upended when charles the freak takes office and decides he dont want anymore palace pimps.

  10. Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service May 2, 2018 9:19 AM

    Oh plse Mr Chairman, exercise some rational control. Here we are in the middle of one of the most important general elections in our life time and we have a nut case venting her/his/its psychological breakdown on the blog.

  11. Bush Tea is absolutely correct. The lawyers in Barbados are not only corrupt but are amongst the least competent I have come across.

  12. I just scanned and so Ha, Ha mentioning Well, Well, that could only be a complaint from that snitch, don’t worry, we will soon get you out of the UK and back to the Ivy, there is now a muslim in home office, just for you.

  13. Charles got a reputation for calling a spade an effing spade just like his dad Philip who uses the F word with alacrity when you pull his chain.I heard when he finally gets to sit on the throne he plans to travel to all Commonwealth countries and will be interviewing each QC with a view of reducing the numbers,weeding out the likes of Lashleys,Taitts,Forde of Myrie notoriety Yearwood the why fowl et al

    • @Gabriel

      As you know as well as the status and ascending the pecking order in the court system, the QC designation encourages higher fees charged to clients. After all, you are being represented by silk!

  14. Gabriel…some people will not want to hear that, especially the extremely slave minded, they would look on the truth as a personal affront, as opposed to them actually finally getting their freedom from the rotten british system..they will try everything in their power to continue holding on, just like Stockholm Syndrome victims to be treated like less than human.

    none of them actually want to be free, because they are unable to think for themselves, will finally have to start and are still incapable of contributing anything useful or progressive for their own people, most of them have been a total waste of oxygen, post independence.

    it’s a shame, these are not people you want in control of yours and your children and grand children’s futures, you certainly do not want them in charge of any of your legal documents, just see what they have done to clients and other people who have had to navigate the court system in the last 54 years.

    Barrow actually warned the population about them, as a lawyer.

  15. I don’t even want to talk about those with QC designations, it should be abolished, from what I have seen they are not worth paying for their bad service, inability to apply common sense logic or principles of ethics they received while training as lawyers, they are a total waste.

  16. @ Miller
    All of this is your fault, Bushie. You are the one who put the hex on the country by unearthing the Devil’s pitchfork on the Garrison and- like giving blood to Dracula- you have awaken Satan to unleash these curses on the people of poor Barbados.
    Trust you to blame the poor bush messenger…
    Bushie warned the JAs …EVEN BEFORE THEY COMPLETED THE SHIITE SATANIC ALTER at the Garrison, that it was a HUGE mistake …. right here on BU…

    …and now you putting the blame for them ignoring the bushman …on the messenger…?
    ha ha ha ha

    Seriously though…. Miller…
    Not only Bajans…. but specifically…
    How the actual RESIDENTS and businesses of the South Coast …can wake up every day and carry on as normal
    is …. phenomenal

    Brass at its best….
    What a place….!!!

  17. Always great to be illuminated in the wisdom of the randomly Capitalized Great Bush Tea, er, exclamation plus LOL.

    ANYBODY who tells you that you should live your life in accordance with the laughable opinions ovf Bronze Age desert nomads, and who thinks the jooboy carpenter in Judea was randomly capitalized Black, is worth watching. A moron, of course, but worth tracking just for the grin-value.

  18. As a child and later as a young man growing up, I had the greatest respect for any lawyer with the QC designation but as the years flowed by, the diminishing quality of lawyer acquiring the title resulted in a lowering of my respect for the once prestigious designation. Regretfully, the same has happened with the Knighthood title. There was a time when no matter who you were, you looked up to a person with ‘Sir’ attached to his name, held the person in awe and respected the route that caused them to arrive there. Barbados probably now has more Knights per thousand citizens than any other country in the world. It would appear as if the same criteria that is applied to the QC is applied with the selection of the Sir group. The titles have been cheapened by the blatantly political method of selection.

  19. If one follows the history of how these fraud designations were created and designed to fool the world bu UK and Europe, no one would respect them period, after the criminals who enslaved, raped, pillaged and murdered their way across the earth decided they had their fill and were not to be held accountable for their crimes; to add insult to injury they decided everyone should respect them, hence these fraudulent and pretentious, meaningless titles.

    ….and of course black people with their short memories always being the easiest to brainwash and enslave, and the hardest to deprogram…fell right into that trap….and still remain there.

  20. Fearplay…ya see what all that respect their fraud titles demanded and achieved, the country got left with a bunch of titled thieves and traitors for lawyers and politicians, a stain on the nation.

  21. Well Well
    Kanye West is a case in point.Some stupid comment about 400 years of enslaving Africans in the New World and his take is that the enslaved had a choice.Whatanass.After being tarred for his ignorance he says he was off his meds.He commented further that he is opposed to Tubman’s image on their $20.00 bill that it should be sports icon Jordan.That we should stop talking slavery and it should be forgotten and disregarded. Hogwash,according to Minister Philip Greaves at the hearing into the corruption at Natioanl Housing back in the 70’s. Jews will never stop talking about the Holocaust.In fact it’s so rediculous that any criticism of Jews and the first thing they all shout..Antisemitism.They even got conniving governments to pass laws that you cannot deny the holocaust nor can you discriminate against Jews and that word discriminate is applied very loosely.
    Today Abbas is being lambasted by the fake Zionist Bibi and all the fake pretending jewish terrorists that support zionism.Abbas says it’s the extortion by the money lending Jews in Germany that caused the rise of the Hitler Nazis but Bibi is saying otherwise that Abbas is denying the holocaust.All a bunch of fake sumbeeches and chopsutters.Listen for the orange turd adding his crap soon,the man who wrote his own physical examination.Effing lunatic.

  22. lol…Kanye is a basket case, he gets these meltdowns and spew pure crap, definitely when he is not taking his meds, he is obviously not educated about black history either, probably never had the time and he is too dumb anyway..

    then he talks to the idiot trump, involved with the kardashian trash, so he is your typical dumbed down uniformed black man with fame and money…all superficial and shallow with no substance, America loves them, easier to take down.

    there is no denying that jews had a hand in the holocaust , they are still greedy like that and instigating death and destruction, the evil is real.

    whatever plans they all had for the black race, it is so evil that France of all people want no part of it, UK government is bending over backwards to cover their asses and hide documents so the truth dont come out, you can guarantee they have been up to no good in the last decade, colluded with each other to create chaos and mayhem worldwide and it has blown up, with all the demons now running for cover..

    …but the truth will out, it’s a completely different era and nothing like the demographics and conditions in the last 500 years.

    as to that illiterate, orange turd in the WH…his is just around the corner.

  23. Question: Why has Jeff Cumberbatch not been offered an honorary QC? In the UK, all most leading academic lawyers and leading lawyer/MPs are offered honorary QCs. The same for Caswell Franklyn; why has the UWI not offered Caswell, the leading employment law specialist in the country, an honorary LLM?

  24. The criteria used to make some of these “QC” and “Knighthood” appointments if applied to Donald Trump would see him receiving the Piece Prize. Ask Stormy and 25 others if Trump does not qualify for the Piece Prize along with Cosby, Matt Lauer, Weinstein and dozens of others. Same kind of mockery we have made of Knighthoods and Queens Councils.

  25. It appears the Judicial Council is overruling the Bar Association ad their nonsense.

    That is how you control the situation, you do not allow foolish lawyers with agendas to delay and destroy the court’s functions for their own selfish financial gain, to make those decisions.

    To date the spaces which have not yet been remediated and are deemed unsafe for use are court rooms 1, 3, 10 and 12. These will remain closed until remediated. All other areas to date should not pose a threat to the occupants and will continue to be in use until further notice. Tests will be conducted weekly to continually assess these spaces to ensure that they pose no harm to the occupants.

    Finally, it is anticipated that operations at the court will have to be relocated during the repair of the roof, which has been discovered to be leaking and partially to blame for the water intrusion into the building, with the consequential high relative humidity which provides an environment for mould growth. Hence, the need for weekly testing.

    Space in other locations has been proposed and examined as alternative work spaces for the courts’ business. However, several of them have been tested and have themselves been found to have elevated test results for mould and other allergens.

    Until a place has been located which provides a safe environment into which we can move our operations, we will continue to work in the safe remediated spaces in the Supreme Court Complex. We cannot, and we will not, move our staff and operations into locations which are less safe for them and for the public whom we serve.” (PR)”

  26. Ah wonder if Ha, Ha, had his ID card today while voting in London, if he did not, he cannot vote..

    That took many millions of people by surprise, never ever needed one before… they will get you one way or the next.

  27. SHOCKED:

    “People have been denied the right to vote in local council elections in a controversial pilot of ID checks that force voters to prove their identities before casting their ballot.

    The trial scheme has prompted concerns the measures will disproportionately affect black and ethnic minority people, the elderly and migrants.

    A 76-year-old man who has lived in Bromley for 40 years told The Independent he was “shocked” to be turned away because he did not have a bank card or passport.”

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