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Over 3 years ago, I happened to read the IMF reports for Barbados and noticed that we were facing certain economic ruin.  The IMF warned us to never let our debts exceed 40% of what we produce annually (GDP).  The BLP took us past this 40% ceiling 20 years ago, to an irresponsible over 90% of GDP.  The DLP have taken us to over 150% of GDP or over $14 Billion in debt.  Our children are not prepared to pay these debts.
The two established political parties appeared to be blindly following their development philosophies that used to benefit Barbados in the past, but are now harmful to Barbados.

They have finally brought us to where Guyana and Jamaica were just before their dollars were devalued.  Their only remaining option is to surrender Barbados to a most severe IMF austerity program because of their proven financial indiscipline.

With our national debt at 150% GDP and being out of all good options, we can expect our dollar to devalue, taxes to increase significantly, and everyone who is paying a house mortgage to lose their house within three years unless they are earning foreign currency.

With this result being foreseen from Guyana’s and Jamaica’s experience with the IMF, we designed and published the only non-austerity plan to restore Barbados’ economy.  It has been independently assessed to allow Barbados to achieve a surplus in revenues during our first year – something that our politicians accidentally achieved only once in the past 52 years of our independence.  This can be accomplished without going to the IMF, laying off a single public worker, or reducing their salaries.  It can also be achieved while abolishing VAT and land tax, since it does not require spending additional amounts on wastage and corrupt practises.  However, neither political party was willing to discuss our plans.

Before we are forced to walk around the ruin that was once Barbados, it is important that voters be given a fair opportunity to decide what type of Barbados they wish for themselves and their children.

After two decades of trying, I have found that lobbying for change is ineffective for those not politically connected.  The only other legitimate method of improving Government services is to ask the public to allow us to manage the national economy on their behalf, and make the necessary improvements to their benefit.  That is why Solutions Barbados was formed on 1 July 2015.

Solutions Barbados is a group of competent men and women who treasure their reputations, but care too much to see Barbados fail.  However, we are painfully aware that our politicians of the past simply repeated what the people wanted to hear for the sole purpose of getting elected.  While those political games could be played in the past, they should not be risked with a country on the brink of economic ruin.

During every public interview that we gave when Solutions Barbados was launched, we were asked a similar question: “Since politicians have lied to us over the past 50 years, how can your candidates be held accountable?”  Our answer remained the same.  Every candidate must sign a contract where they agree to pay a severe financial penalty if they vote against specific policies, that we promised Barbadians would protect them from certain economic ruin.

We invited and continue to invite any registered charity in Barbados to be a beneficiary of the financial penalty.  Over the past 3 years, many potential candidates have stumbled at this contract requirement.  However, given the disastrous consequences for Barbadians if our policies are not implemented, it is important that Barbadians have some confidence that we have a high standard of integrity and accountability.

Since many of our Candidates owned businesses and were accustomed to having their own way, we all had to learn to accept the shared interests of the group and not just our own.  Therefore, voting was encouraged with a simple majority deciding any decision, so that we could learn to operate as an accountable group.

When Solutions Barbados was formed almost 3 years ago, I made all of the decisions.  As members joined the group, I willingly and happily relinquished control to the point where I now only have a single vote.  Approximately 2 weeks ago, several candidates requested a review of a clause in their contracts.  After one week of passionate discussion, we voted to remain accountable through the provisions of an effective contract.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

56 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Accountability!

  1. Keep soldiering on Grenille, the armchair critics will have their long knifes etc. The blogmaster if of the view your courage to venture into the political realm is trail blazer stuff from the perspective that you have prepared to introduce different approaches to challenge the establishment and duopoly.

    And yes it is a work in progress.

  2. David

    You give the neophytes too much credit. Of course, not compared with the duopoly. But for an effort which bears no relationship to our persistent problems.

    Yours is equivalent to postmodern schooling systems where everybody gets a passing grade.

    We have seen not one implementable, actionable proposal that would make a difference. We lack even a modicum of trust in anything these people have to say.

    And what we have seen here and elsewhere is constructed on old economy rhetoric.

    How could it be even possible for this here party to even make a good showing without a sampling of popular support for their ideas.

    Indeed, in times of austerity, if SB cannot force a cornered regime into calling an election ahead of its whims and fancy by bringing the administration to its knees with the deployment of its mass armies in the streets even for one day, is evidence enough of their own fecklessness.

    At best SB will be no better than duopoly forces.

    And in this clash of personalities, because that is all it is, the duopoly will win again, hands down!

  3. David, tut tut. Are you being hypocritical because u strongly desire change …as indeed many of us do?

    Are you thus willing to accept the SAME personality flaws in Phillips that are seen in like minded type A personalities as Stuart or Trump or Mia but condemn them ??

    Isn’t Mia enforcing her own ‘my contract way’ by her unequivocal power play atop The BLP?

    How is Phillips only grudging acceptance of a one vote majority rule in the party he created and controlled not a head scratcher of concern?

    It’s dismaying to read the fawning praise without the reasonable but hard questions of Phillip’s own strange remarks of his flawed behaviour, policies n actions

    I too want positive change from the duopoly but if to this our prospective leader gets so piqued because one LEGITIMATELY asks him about family members who were once dominant in public life that he accuses the questioners of being trolls for the opposition and other such scathing pushback should we not be deeply concerned!

    Do we not hear the very same rhetoric from the current WH: red line re investigationa, calling critics enemies and so on?

    Phillips is a decent man and is indeed a trail Blazer…but that doesn’t mean however that we should accept his outlandish policies or ridiculous contracts without reasoned query.

    Beyond the sad hypocrisy it is very dangerous to hoist a hard charging agent of change to leadership unless we vigourously interrogate his hyper dangerous policies. Are we really able or willing to deal with a Trump-lite reality…less bombast but same massive supposedly good change that is sure to send us into throes of protest and angst!

    You can be a fan but also absolutely more discerning too Mr Blogmaster.

  4. Over 20 years as annual visitors , we’ve seen barbados lose its shine as a world class vacation destination. All Bajans we meet year after year lamented the poor leadership they were getting . All countries must live within their means and any debt must be offset buy austerity.

  5. People often make these trite remarks about living within one’s means. They never tell that to the US government. And there is not another which has more debts than that. They have just wasted 7 trillion on 2 wars.

    It is impossible for any country, absent vast natural resources, to achieve that lofty but misplaced ideal with neoliberalism,

    The very nature of neoliberal capitalism is a debt peonage. Of course, it can’t last for ever.

    Even when world countries try to find a third way they are invaded by the global powers, sanctioned.

    This shiiiite about living within one’s means has been made impossible at the individual and national levesl.

    Those who posit it are no more than agents of the same people who seek to make it impossible, including the international Motherfuckers Fund (IMF), as Forbes Burnham once called them.

  6. Everytime I hear various comentators talk about impending devaluation, I scratch my head. They have been predicting the devaluation of the bbd$ since (at least) ten years in the making without success. That our reserve level is at an all time low, yet still, there is no market forces exposing this imbalance … is a conundrum if you ask me. My take away, either the impending economic doom is way overblown or the economy is just resilient.

    The important ratio is total debt MINUS debt held by public entities divided by the GDP. That ratio makes the debt way less than 150%.

  7. David

    The only body here who possesses IW is Bushie.

    Our answer is – the yardstick of our gut.

    And there is no better barometer.

  8. David

    You sound like you rely more on brain

    We have found that organ to be less reliable, by far, than gut

    BTW the gut has more thinking cells than the brain

    Go figure!

    • @Pacha

      Don’t get tie up, there is gut instinct the physical then there is gut instinct informed by ones experience.

  9. It’s more fundamental, innate than that.

    Some have argued it’s representative of all human experiences, over time.

  10. Even if Mr. Phillips does not win he will have my Vote… Better to have some Seats in the House than None…Tell Me Barbados… Who Are We Going to Vote For B or D …

    Jul 24, 2016 – Promises, Promises, Promises… All Politicians do is promise more entitlements and when buying votes its all about Free Stuff. Then you vote them in and you reap the whirlwind, as often times because of careless spending since it’s not their money. 1/3 pays all the Civil Servants and the few amenities that …

  11. Grenville’s knows he has a weak party and he knows if he don’t get rid of the known corrupt element within, he will definitely not get elected, they are too well known on the island as being corrupt and dishonest and I suspect he has now been totally compromised and unable to get rid of them, but the electorate knows.

    if he changes the line up of candidates, he may stand a chance next election, but no one is that stupid to vote for the present line up that he is showcasing.

  12. RE ou sound like you rely more on brain

    We have found that organ to be less reliable, by far, than gut


    BUT WHEN I READ THAT the gut has more thinking cells than the brain, WHAT AM I TO THINK OR SAY?


    TO SAY THAT the gut has more thinking cells than the brain IS A LOAD OFSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! A BIG LOAD!

  13. In my humble opinion, Bajans are too proud. Since I was born I have NEVER seen this once “gem of the Caribbean” in the state that it is in. Surely the millionaires and billionaires of Barbados who have worked hard to gain their incomes or perhaps inherited them, care sufficiently to do something to prevent this country from disaster? Where ever I read information such as this, I only see puerile, ridiculous and unsubstantiated comments. I see nothing of value to effect a change. I think that the majority of Bajans have been blinded with “bling” and technology. Don’t you realize that both of those will be beyond your pocket books if things continue the same way they are? WAKE UP BARBADOS. This may well be the last election where you will have a CHOICE.


    Georgie Porgie

    Yuh fuckiiing idiot!

    You island scholar slave boys are so slow and far behind no wonder you read a foolish bible for you miseducation. The earth is flat!

    Nothing we say here is based alone on your dated ignorance.

    The above is just an example to show how antiquated allopathic medical thinking has been. It may define you but not us. In another 1000 years you may well come to see this – that the gut has more thinking cells than the brain and is far more liable in decision making.

    We repeat

  15. Georgie Porgie April 26, 2018 9:49 AM

    That comment came from the same demented mind that claims logic is not core to philosophy and many other silly things. That is the danger of Googling, cutting and pasting.
    Others occupy the same space, all anonymously a good enough reason to hide their identities..

  16. David
    It is this kind of Wonderland thinking that got us where we are now: pie in the sky promises. You often ask for seriousness but praising fantasy. Phillips, and by extension Solutions, has not put forward one policy that bears relevance to where we are now financially or otherwise. None! I continue to marvel at how Philips’ damascene moment occurred after he benefited from the borrowing that took the ratio above 40%. Like I have said repeatedly, he rubbishes the IMF as a solution to our current situation on one hand, yet praises their 40% policy. It is a sure sign of a snake oil salesman, not to mention that the “one size fits all” approach simply cannot be applied across the board where there are socio-cultural, natural resource, economic, political and historical differences. Furthermore, the recent history of Barbados’ economic history rubbishes Phillips’ argument because it is a FACT that Barbados was in a worse position between 1988-94, with a debt ratio below 40%, than 1994-2008. Phillips lacks depth and the ability to think laterally. #sueme

    • @enuff

      Reread the blogmaster’s comment. In summary it is about encouraging different voices to come forward.

  17. lol…Pacha, he had enough warning and would have to have been blind not to see the signs, how can he be an effective PM…if he has no instincts of the danger to the majority black population emanating from his own camp.

  18. Even if Mr. Phillips does not win he will have my Vote… Better to have some Seats in the House than None…Tell Me Barbados… Who Are We Going to Vote For B or D …

    Jul 24, 2016 – Promises, Promises, Promises… All Politicians do is promise more entitlements and when buying votes its all about Free Stuff. Then you vote them in and you reap the whirlwind, as often times because of careless spending since it’s not their money. 1/3 pays all the Civil Servants and the few amenities that …

  19. Halton Austin

    You remain an asshole

    We have argued, and will continue to, that logic is NOT a branch of philosophy. Regardless to what you see on Google.

    Maybe your infantile mind cannot discern the difference between philosophy and logic

    Let’s therefore start with baby steps.

    Philosophy seeks to produce new knowledge or confirm previous thinking.

    All logic does is to tell us if our thinking is sound or not. It does NOT produce new information/knowledge.

    We presented five branches of philosophy. Others like to suggest more but we were never convinced.

    But unless a branch of philosophy can, especially by people like you would want to add, you should make the argument as to what new knowledge it has the potential to present. This is the test!

    There is a logic to everything around us. But because logic is everywhere in our universe does not mean it is productive of new knowledge.

    We are sure you’ll find people who agree with your lack of thinking we happen not to. Maybe we have more guts than you.

  20. RE

    i now see that the idiot that posted this rubbish article believes anything he reads online without thinking. BUT HOW CAN HE THINK IF HE IS BETZPAENIC AND USES THE CELLS OF HIS GUTM THAT WERE DESIGNED TO PROCESS SHIT, TO THINK.


    Continued and continual research in both Anatomy & Physiology continues to reveal the PHYSIOLOGICAL DIVISION OF LABOR in all living organisms.



  21. Pachamama April 26, 2018 10:47 AM

    It is bad form playing around with the inept, but plse explain Aristotelian logic. After more than 2000 years some bone head, shamelessly says Logic is not a core part of philosophy- and this from the great philosopher of BU. The man who cannot tell his brain from his guts.
    I only hope such nonsense is not a product of Barrow’s ‘free’ education.

  22. In the nation paper today it said that US doctors have done the first successful penis and scrotum operation what is baffling to them is why a woman named Well Well would want that attached to her head

  23. @ fortyacresandamule April 26, 2018 7:17 AM

    And what about the ongoing internal devaluation?


    1 l milk in BB 3 USD, in USA 1 USD

    1 BMW X5 in BB 250,000 USD, in USA 75,000 USD

    1 MIELE washer in BB 4000 USD, in USA 1,000 USD.

    The BBD is no more than paper to plaster the toilet.



    “Face it. You’ve no doubt heard yourself uttering, or at least thinking the words “the lesser of two evils” when it came to voting for a particular candidate. However, to put it simply, choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil…

    We are Responsible for Choosing only that Which Is Good for our country and our Religion, or shall our hands be clean if we simply vote for the “lesser of two evils?”…

    Still others, who are strongly rooted among us, would have us believe that a belief that “Right will reign if we but stand firmly for it” is idealistic, and as such is doomed for failure—especially in light of our prominent two party voting system. I’m certain that the adversary perpetuates such a viewpoint. I’m convinced that the Lord’s way is not to advocate “that which isn’t most wicked” but rather to always Stand for that which is Truly Right, that which will Truly Protect Freedoms, and Preserve our Religion…

    The Nay Sayers can call this being an idealist all they want, telling the world how an idealist never gets anywhere so they can/should simply moderate towards the centrist view. I firmly do not believe this. The attitude that “we simply can’t afford to be idealistic” Surely we have seen that those who hold the views that threaten our religion and our freedoms never moderate, ever. Have you not noticed that? They don’t. And they never sleep…

    Perhaps it’s hard to stand Boldly and Courageously in the face of truly evil principles, because living holds such principles, breathing human beings who we instinctively love and strive to nurture, not destroy. But stand we must, regardless of the face which breathes out these False Principles.

    Perhaps the tragedy in all of this is not that many have tried to make a difference and feel that they have failed in doing so, but more importantly, the disaster is that we who hold the truths actually give up in fighting against evil.

    We try so hard to resist evil that we forget that the strength is in persisting evil. Understandably our nemesis does not sleep… But far too many Believers have given up. Where would we be today if people had held strong to their ideals and principles 70 years ago? 50 years ago? Even 20 years ago? I believe we would be in the midst of a far different nation, and even world.

    It is because we have decided to abandon our Principles for so long that we find ourselves in our current situation, not because we held to them too tightly before finding it didn’t work exactly as we had planned…

    It is because Believers have not stood by their principles that we are left wondering what principles are anymore, let alone which ones we should try to hold onto and which ones we should save to fight for another day.

    If we are not willing to Stand on our Principles, how can we expect anyone else to? If we are willing to stand on our principles, why not NOW so that we can begin to affect change?

    What is it about standing for something right now that scares us so badly? Do we think we will lose an election by doing so? …

    Advocating a slower moving train towards Socialism/Communism is still advocating for such Repugnant Government. We cannot fool ourselves into believing that someone who will give away ANY of our Constitutional Freedoms may not be as bad as someone who confesses that they would give them all away.

    Raping and Pillaging is a violation of another, regardless of the speed at which it comes. Worse, if we don’t see the freedoms that we’ve lost up to this time, then we are truly blind to what has been going on in this nation for far too long.

    Yes, Holding to our Principles and voting for better leadership than we have now will split the Conservative ticket and allow a puppet of the adversary to be elected, but it will also show other Believers that they, too, can hold strong to their principles and cast a better vote.

    The fight must begin with us, though the minority. We cannot wait until we are in the majority, because it will never happen. In addition, as that movement grows, it will show the current leadership that there are those of us out here that stand for something and that we will No Longer Remain Silent.

    It is when we refuse to lead , be first, and stand strong that both dominant parties know they can move where they want to because there is no one that will hold them accountable.

    Voting for the lesser of two evils and getting government leaders like we’ve had and have. They’re waiting for someone else to take a stand, someone to rally around. Why can’t that be you? Frankly, it should be all of us.

    I promise from this day forward that I will never vote for the lesser of two evils again. If that puts me squarely in the camp of “useless idealist” then so be it, but I am responsible for my votes and actions to a Heavenly Father that expects more of me than that…

    Some have even gone so far as to rationalize “let’s get closer to the other side so that we can get votes from both sides.” This certainly is a faulty strategy…

    Either we Stand On Principle, or we admit that our principles can be bought. Which is it for you? “Let’s elect someone that takes us down the road of Socialism slower, yeah, that will be better for us, but, hey, at least we won the election.”

    Nope. We will never win with such thinking. The adversary will always win in this case by convincing us that voting for the lesser of two evils was much better than Voting Our True Conscience, which is what the Lord asks and requires of us as citizens entrusted with a great nation and great, though lessening, liberties.

    Ask yourself if this platform truly ensures freedom for all men, and the liberties as the Lord had intended”.

    The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think…

  25. Ah just heard Bill Cosby got by one they will come down..Chadster the fraudster and Low IQ45 is next, one by one.



    “It’s a victory not just for Andrea Constand — but for scores of other women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct stretching back decades.

    After 14 hours of deliberations, a Pennsylvania jury Thursday found Cosby guilty on all counts of drugging and sexually assaulting the former Temple University staffer inside his suburban Philadelphia mansion in 2004.

    The long-awaited verdict represents the first — and possibly last — criminal conviction for the disgraced comedian, despite dozens of women who’ve accused him of similar misdeeds.
    Cosby, 80, will remain free on $1 million bond until his sentencing and was ordered to surrender his passport.

    Following Thursday’s verdict, District Attorney Kevin Steele called for Cosby’s bail to be revoked, suggesting Cosby was a flight risk because he has access to a private plane.

    “He doesn’t have a plane, you a–hole,” Cosby fired back in open court.”

  27. Now that the Prime Minister has seen the wisdom to disrupt the routine of students doing CXCs by having to compete with the din of election campaigning, let us observe how the third parties hold traction.

  28. By the time he eventually goes to jail his lawyers will have sucked him dry. What a way to end a career but peewee Herman made a cum back so who knows

  29. David BU

    The Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination will be written on Tuesday, May 8……..

    …….and the primary schools’ Criterion Referenced Test will be written between May 22 and 25.

  30. They put an ankle bracelet on him, so he can’t assault anyone or drug them up with quaaludes anymore..

  31. Artax

    I was on for months BU querying if this moron we have for a PM would disrupt the children of this nation CXC examinations……….now we really see that the man does not care about anyone but himself.

    For all his so called “I am so superior to anyone of you” attitude…………..he clearly boxed himself into a corner from which he had no where to hide.

  32. He took too long to call the election and only now called it out of fright, the spite backfired, too much going

  33. Wait Artax…………….”your” guy Grenville seems to want to be a mini dictator and he aint even smell power yet…………the man wants his candidates to sign some document bounding them to SB policies….. now he has a rebellion on his hands……………

    Enuff must be laughing!

  34. WW&C
    It is that stinging rebuke of a letter Mia wrote a few days ago that made Stuart realize that he couldn’t go on taking all these body blows from Mia,the BLP,the Private Sector and the Brasstacks antagonists so he decided to call it a day and announce the dates today.Enough is enuff.

  35. Heard that the Weatherheads have resigned from “ Solutions “.. also seeing them on CBC tv makes me think there is collusion with the DLP . How come BLP is denied access to CBC , but Solutions can get on ?

  36. Gabriel…that too, his head is spinning with everything that is happening, as it should. .he is foolish to do what he did..

    Keeping the Weatherheads will ensure SB is never elected, but that is Grenville’s business, it looks good on him..

  37. David, made a comment on this thread last eve between 4 and 6 putting some warm licks in those Bullingdon buller boys. Haven’t seen it.

  38. Saw a sign on the bathroom door. Flush twice it’s a long way to worthing. I now know why the brits call it the bog



    Parables of Jesus: The Parable of the Talents

    We all have been given talents and the more we use these gifts, the more we are given, for what does it profit a man if he is given a gift and he does not appreciate the gift or the giver, it certainly would not profit him and in nothing is God offend except those that are UN-appreciative.
    We are indebted to God for all that has been given and we are to use our talents and abilities to reach our highest potential. He knows our potential we do not, by exercising faith, weak things become strong!

    Those that bury these gifts because of slothfulness will not reap blessings but the opposite. They are those that practice not working but expecting the fruit of others that labor. In our day, this is called Social Justice. This is corruption of the Law of the harvest, you reap what you Sow, and by the sweat of man’s brow he should eat bread!


  40. Ah guess it’s so well known that Grenville’s lineup of candidates will spell doom and more destruction for the majority people on the island…so why bother to keep it secret, it is the perfect time to let the whole island know.

    Grenville is stubborn and obviously don’t realize that most Bajans are not stupid, these candidates of his now trying to back out of the agreement they signed with his party only in order to become candidates, now trying to back out at the last minute and to also test Grenville, obviously cannot be trusted as we have been saying for months…therefore Grenville cannot be taken seriously, not at this time.

    Plus…other criminals dont like competition. .lol

    “But Mr Phillips wants us to take him and his party seriously and to give them a chance to run our affairs for the next five years.

    Therefore, if he is serious, he must make an emphatic statement by clearing the party now of those whom he suggested would have preferred the corruption. We are not quite sure how many of the 27 confirmed candidates threatened to resign over the contract.

    Still, he would begin to earn our respect if he goes with a much smaller group of honest men and women who keep to their word and their responsibilities to the country, than 27 whom we cannot trust.

    If he does not dismiss them now, Mr Phillips will forgive us if we view Solutions Barbados as an untrustworthy and unserious collection of people.”

  41. I Am Ready Are You?
    Stand For Integrity
    Stand For Transparency
    Stand for Accountability…

    Vote Dem Out!!
    Replace Dem with Solutions to Save Barbados from the Brink of Extinction!!

    Stand With Solutions Barbados
    Better to have Some Seats in the House Rather than None…
    A Good Platform to Build on for the Future!

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