Time for the Governor General to Take Action

Submitted by DAVID A. COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement

AS  BARBADOS remains in a state of governmental stasis and political limbo, yet another national facility / institution has broken down — the Supreme Court and Registry of Barbados.

Our broken down Supreme Court and Registry joins a long list of national facilities and institutions that have “broken down” in one way or another  over the ten year reign of the current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration :- our National Stadium, the South Coast Sewage system, the state of repair of our national road network, our Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Cave Hill Campus of UWI, our Sanitation Service Authority, our Barbados Water Authority,  the image and morale of our Royal Barbados Police Force, and the depressing list goes on and on.

And, of course, towering over and above these institutional and sectoral “break downs” is the break down of the national economy of Barbados itself, with the international rating agencies inflicting some 23 downgrades on the measure of our nation’s international credit-worthiness.

Ordinarily, in a situation such as this, we Barbadians would look to our country’s Parliament — our House of Assembly and Senate — for some discussion, clarification, and rectification of this recent and additional manifestation of national “break down”, but for the past six weeks or so our nation has NOT had a Parliament!

Section 48 of our nation’s Constitution tells us that Parliament is the institution that has the responsibility to make laws for the good government of Barbados. But the political administration that is currently reigning over our country determined that they would permit our Parliament to be dissolved, and that they would subject us to a prolonged period in which our country would be devoid of a national Parliament .

It is — to say the least — unconscionable for the Freundel Stuart administration to throw Barbados into this state of governmental stasis and political limbo : and it may very well be un-constitutional as well.

Section 62 (1) of our national Constitution tells us very plainly that “after every dissolution of Parliament the Governor- General shall issue writs for a general election of members of the House of Assembly returnable within ninety days from the dissolution”. Well, the Parliament of Barbados was dissolved as long ago as the 6th of March 2018 !

Section 32 (1) (b) of the Constitution also tells us that our Governor-General does NOT have to wait upon or to be advised by the Cabinet or the Prime Minister in relation to “any function which is expressed (in whatever terms) to be exercisable by (her) in (her) discretion.”

A plain and literal reading of Section 62 (1) of the Constitution suggests that this duty of our Governor-General to set the date for a General Election is a duty that is exercisable by her in her own discretion.

What — therefore — is Governor-General Sandra Mason waiting for?

Is it that she has some doubt as to whether the wording of Section 62 (1) of the Constitution gives her the right to exercise her own discretion in this matter of setting a General Election date?

And if indeed she has some doubt, wouldn’t the correct course of action be to approach the Supreme Court for an interpretative declaration on the issue ?

What is currently happening in (and to) Barbados is just not good enough !

It is time for us to break out of this depressing state of governmental stasis and political limbo !

We Barbadians need to raise our voices and insist that our Governor-General bestir herself and take action either to set an election date or to seek clarification from the Supreme Court.






  • Nearly 60 years later the school bully greets me courteously when he meets me.


  • @Redguard April 19, 2018 9:09 AM “9 times out of 10 is NOTHING.”

    And the 10th time???

    I think that too many people (and I trust that neither the PM nor GG have forgotten) have forgotten that Barbadians have used violence at multiple times in their history.

    If democracy should fail. what else is left, except violence?

    Do you know how many times that school bully had annoyed me before I exploded in violence?


  • @ Simple Simon
    …..but I am not afraid to use violence to defend me or mine. And I make no excuse for that.
    You sounding more and more like Bushie’s little sister….


  • Simple…Leroy Leper is not supposed to own the CLICO building, it is supposed to be CLICO assets, read, owned by policyholders…of course ya never know from whom they stole the property in the first place.


  • @Prodigal Son April 18, 2018 10:22 PM

    Do you really expect the said person to act who was not good enough for a job at the CCJ ??? Not me!


  • If our democracy is under threat then the time has come to stop arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, time to stop arguing about constitutional minutiae.

    Nah. The people of Barbados will not let anybody highjack their democracy.


  • @ DLP (formerly CBC) Radio & TV April 19, 2018 9:11 PM

    Do not worry. More mould, more sewage, more downgrades, more political prostitutes will do the business.


  • “The people of Barbados will not let anybody highjack their democracy”

    Please @Simple Simon

    Younger ppl (18 – 25) only care about their cellphones, Reggae on the hill and their cruises on MV dreamchaser

    Young ppl (25 – 40) only care about their car, their clothes and material stuff, all inclusive crop over fetes and the yearly shopping trip to dolphin mall

    Middle aged (40 – 60) only care about trying to one up each other, they buy crap they don’t need to show off to people they don’t know to make them think they are living the life. But the truth is they are drowning in all kinds of debt.

    Retirees – Care bout their pension and hoarding money, they brag about how much money they save by catching ZR, unfortunately when the dollar devalues all that money saved catching ZR will be for naught, should have bought a car and avoided skin cancer and added a few years to life… (lol I jest)

    None of these groups will give a crap about democracy until it takes away what they care about

    Sorry last group the money class only care about profits, monopoly on government contracts and free access to the NIS ATM


  • lol…cant wait to see what will happen when the minorities access to the parliament is cut off and all those millions they took to get control of the parliament and all the powers it brings that will allow them to commit more crimes, without fear of arrest…has to be repaid.


  • All we have been hearing for the last ten years is Jada and Mark Maloney.

    Is Jada that great a construction company? They are supposed to be the top construction company and has accumulated great wealth off the taxpayers of this country. Should they not fix this problem with the Judicial Centre if they care about their brand? But there again they seem to be always at the receiving ends, what about fixing this problem……..after all…..Barbados is suffering from lack of a functioning court system as it is.

    This alone should disqualify them from ever getting a government contract again.


  • @Prodigal Son

    Do we know what is causing the problem?


  • One of my friends work there…….from what I understand there seems to be a serious problem with the roof which was not sealed and as a result there have been serious leaks and the resultant mold which has led to respiratory problems. In addition the air conditioning is a problem.


  • Did the two top people in this country meet today?


  • Good assessment by Redguard @ 10.08 pm


  • @ Redguard,

    Black Bajans have always wanted to improve their lives by aspiring to own material goods.

    Nothing has changed since the 60s other than mo betta cars,clothes and mo imported food.

    Barbados is a capitalist country.


  • @Redguard April 20, 2018 10:08 AM “Retirees – Care bout their pension and hoarding money, they brag about how much money they save by catching ZR, unfortunately when the dollar devalues all that money saved catching ZR will be for naught, should have bought a car and avoided skin cancer and added a few years to life… (lol I jest)”

    Jest or no jest.

    Some people catch ZR’s not to save money, but to ensure that there is one less nasty polluting foreign exchange wasting car on the road.

    And what skin cancer are you talking about. Have you ever personally know a single black person with skin cancer?

    Even one.

    Lol!!!. We including me work in the fields and live to be 90+ and some of us 100+ and retain our black, beautiful, healthy skins

    What skin cancer what?

    You know that skin cancer is a white people problem right?

    And beside some of us are not saving the money that we save by catching ZR’s. Some of us are investing that saved money in the younger generation. It is foolish to be putting money in the bank when a young person, any young person needs a hand up.

    We know that we cannot take anything with us. Naked we come into the world, and naked we shall soon leave it.


  • LOL @ Simple
    Bushie wondered if Redguard’s cap would fit with the ZR reference…
    We all know that you are special… so
    It does not detract from his point.

    @ Hants
    Black Bajans have always wanted to improve their lives by aspiring to own material goods.
    Boss, you just encapsulated ALL that Bushie has been trying to say now for 10 years (by using all kinds of shiite language), with your usual HC flair and style. …and in a single, clean, well-grammared sentence.

    Trying to improve black lives by ‘aspiring to material goods’ is the epiphany of brass bowlery;
    it is pandering to albino-centricity – a FOREIGN philosophy;
    It is counter-intuitive;
    it is contrary to our natural instincts….so
    It is a GUARANTEE of failure … even WRT material goods… far less the REALLY important stuff.

    It IS …… shiite
    It IS …….brassbowlery.
    Thanks again Skippa….


  • Today at 4 pm His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart will address his loyal subjects from Government Headquarters via a press conference.

    His main topic of discussion will be the upcoming Reggae Festival and where he will publicly thank the faithful organizers – FAS entertainment and the loyal patrons – who year after year support this wonderful festival.

    Those who have questions about the pending general elections can attend the press conference and ask their questions.

    See you Government Headquarters at 4 p.m , today


  • Are-we-there-yet


    Wha’ happened at de press conference?

    I ent hear nuttin yet so you shudd tell we wha’ happn.

    King Freundal miscalculated?

    E now fine out dat he out? dat it is de GG dat have to call de election …. not he? Dat all he power gone?


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