An Abridged Copy of the HYATT APPLICATION

Citizen Advocate David Comissiong has delivered on his word and filed a law suit challenging the permission given by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in his capacity as minister with responsibility for Town Planning Department to construct a 15 storey building in Bridgetown.

Here is an ABRIDGED copy of the “Hyatt Application” which was filed at the Registry of the Supreme Court today (22/03/2017). The section entitled “the particulars of the facts and other matters relied upon…” was omitted because these are already well covered in the “Grounds”. An Affidavit was filed in support.

The critical issues are the Grounds on which the permission is being challenged, this is what David Comissiong has shared with the BU family.

Read ABRIDGED copy of theHyatt Application

146 thoughts on “An Abridged Copy of the HYATT APPLICATION

  1. Every day there is something new with this government.

    What’s with this spending of $17 million dollars to retrofit LESC to accommodate the PM and other government offices?

    This government like it does not realise that it is broke. The minister of finance just presented estimates of expenditure with a deficit of 1.5 billion dollars and days after they come with this news? What the hell?

    This government took up millions of our NIS money to build two buildings up Warrens. The government is not repaying the loans which is putting strain on the NIS and as a result pension payments are late most months like this month again. Two white companies got the contrats and charged what the hell they like for the same type of building……….one charged millions more than the other and we can guess which one charges more.

    When the dead king said that they were going to build these buildings, he said that he intended to move government headquarters into one of these buildings. So is there not space in one of these buildings instead of spending money that they do not have further sinking our country?

    Last November when I went to the ICBL building on Roebuck Street to pay my land tax, I seem to remember seeing a sign on a door marked the PM’s office…….I am almost certain I saw that.

    You know what I am thinking?……..Is there something sinister behind this? Is there some monied persons waiting in the shadows to magically take over the government headquarters?

  2. @angela Skeete:

    “Now many are infected by the demonic spirit of Commissiong whose selffish desires and needs are driving bajans down a hidden path
    Be careful because the hand of the Amighty is swiifter than the lying tongue and sharpened sword.”

    She best describing Stuart, Sinckler, and DLP!, not………….Commissiong!

  3. @ WW&C

    How is it possible to deforest a site of 14 acres on such a tiny island without nobody noticing or commenting? Why are Bajans so reluctant to play their part in defending the sovereignty of their country?

    How many of the Bajan population have a back door to escape through when the country inevitably implodes.

    • @Exclaimer

      The relevant question to ask is if Sandals received approval to ‘deforest’ Dover.

  4. Exclaimer…bajans accept anything just to have a few mediocre temporary jobs…they turn a blind eye to all types of violations of their own civil and human rights for crumbs, shit jobs, the dummies in cabinet had no right letting that gangster deforest that area…but they will learn the hard way.

  5. Prodigal,….someone said there is a large space cleared in Warrens, just by the roundabout across from the gas station, is that a government building going up there.

  6. “You know what I am thinking?……..Is there something sinister behind this? Is there some monied persons waiting in the shadows to magically take over the government headquarters?”

    You mean a TAXPAYER MONIED person, the local minorities do not have their own money, every penny either cpmes from taxpayer contracts or NIS pension fund, they then pretend they are wealthy, they would not know how to grow million dollar wealth without sucking it out of government. …..or reeling in some dumb joe schmo investor.

  7. @ David,

    No disrespect but i believe your question is irrelevant. Barbados has become the wild west where everything goes. There are no limits, no reprimands and certainly our system of law and order becomes irrelevant where there is business to be done.

    The message is clear:

    If you want to import diseased poultry – no problem.
    If you want to build an illegal building structure – no problem.
    If you are foreign and want to build an illegal poultry factory in Welchman Hall, St Thomas – no problem.
    If you want to import drugs or use the harbour as a transit point to distribute illegal contraband – no problem.

    More to the point nobody really gives a dam.

    David Comissiong lawsuit – irrespective of its merits – will be thrown out.

  8. The only debt Denmark has left is denominated in Danish currency.

    “LONDON — Denmark’s central government paid back the entirety of all its foreign currency loans for the first time in “at least 183 years,” the country’s central bank said on Monday.

    “On 20 March 2017, the Danish central government will repay its last loan in foreign currency, totalling 1.5 billion dollars. Thus – for the first time in at least 183 years – the Danish central government has no foreign currency loans,” a statement from the Danmarks Nationalbank said.

    The government had previously undertaken foreign loans to ensure that it could keep its foreign exchange reserves at adequate levels. However, reserves have plunged in recent years, meaning that no more loans have been taken, allowing existing ones to be repaid”

  9. It is amusing to see how Comrade Commissioner fights the DLP. Far far left against far left. One party worshipping Maduro, the Venezuelan bus driver, short of toilet paper, and the other party executing Venezuelan policies. So what is the difference? Neither Comrade Commissioner nor the DLP stand for personal liberty and economic freedem.

  10. When news of the Hyatt first broke, much hype and alarm bells were sounded.
    Now that Mr. Comissiong has raised the bar to establish its “illegality” by STATUTORY LAW, with over 50 violations and omissions, many disagree and see only the dollar value.

    What do you want?…

    To be blind sided by money and blatantly disregarding the fundamental rule of law is dangerously bordering tyranny. Today Hyatt, tomorrow could be your right to existence. Chemtrails are being dumped weekly over this island, by whose permission? or haven’t you noticed?
    Dangerous chemicals are being added to food, bread and water… are YOU defending YOU or humanity?

    I applaud all efforts to right wrongs, it is not what you say but what you do, many are too gullible in accepting towing the line instead of challenging that which some thrust upon us KNOWING that it violate all ethics, standards laws and truth and in the final analyst discovers who, what, when and where to late and at great expense.

    Note to Mr. Comissiong:

    Your opening remarks of THE CLAIM states.. you are a citizen of this country.. NO, you are SOVERIGN of THIS SOVERIGN STATE, not an alien given citizenship and under rule. not as royalty nor ruler, but INDEPENDENT not fiction but FACT… As the vessel in the sea of space, and have docked you cargo in dry dock, establish the oath of office and direct your Trustee.. NO LAW or FACT can be argued in any “court of law”… sealed in gold ink.

  11. When news first broke on this HYATT issue, many concerns were raised, alarm bells rung which needed addressing but were not. Now that Mr. Comissiong has laid legal claims to over 50 violations and omissions of law by the regulatory establishment , he has come under strong criticism by many for taken the baton to the finish line.

    What do you want?

    Are you being blind sighted for want of money when a greater precedent challenges us by way of gross neglect of our fundamental rule of Statutory law, Why should this allowed to be continued, “Last week” was retrenchments, salary cuts, increase taxes et all.. “yesterday” it was fingerprinting,Today is Hyatt, tomorrow could be you right to existence,

    We see Chemtrails being dumped over this island weekly …do you not look up?
    Dangerous toxins and chemicals are being added to food products, in bread and water ..Don’t you read labels?

    Are you defending YOU, yours and humanity?

    Applaud all those who seek to right the wrongs…Mr. Comissiong has raised the bar in seeking to make law makers abide by the said laws they enact. What’s so wrong in that?
    We all had the opportunity to step forward… Did any of us?

    Pray tell me, can you see a building three times plus (15 stories) the height of the central bank sitting on a small footprint in sand with very limited parking if any and will demand many resources that are fragile?

    YES we welcome Hyatt but not that location, how about smack in the center of the island and have a 360 view of our beautiful island and give our taxi men et al some needed work on an enhanced network of roads from its location.



    In the opening remarks of The Claim.. you stated you are “a citizen of…”. NO, you are SOVERIGN of this SOVERIGN STATE, not a king/ruler, not royalty, not an alien given citizenship and under rule but INDEPENDENT, not of fiction but fact.

    As a vessel in the sea of space, the cargo docked in dry dock, establish oath of office on each plane and designate the trustee, no LAW or FACT shall be argued in ANY “court of law”.. stamped and seal in gold ink.

    The geographical location of Barbados lies entirely in the ATLANTIC OCEAN.


  12. Where were you guys when they were cutting the old trees down, I would see them hauling the logs up the coast road hoping that carvers were going to get them. This went on for weeks so no-one should be surprised at the pictures.

  13. @ Lawson,

    Those fallen trees would have cost a fair bit of money.

    So where did they end up? And who pocketed the money?

  14. Those trees are a tremendous loss, where were the environmentalist ,the protectionists of adverse development.. permission must be sought to remove any tree, this was the extermination of a thriving grove, a Bajan forest if you may.. SAD and it also drives home the point…
    “Last week” was retrenchments, salary cuts, increase taxes et all.. “yesterday” it was fingerprinting, Today is Hyatt, tomorrow could be you right to existence,” look like the trees made the sacrifice…SAD

  15. “Barbados, China sign visa waiver agreement”

    Today’s pact extended the waiver to holders of ordinary passports.

    “The Government of Barbados anticipates that this agreement will make Barbados a more attractive destination for some of the over 70 million Chinese tourist who are increasingly travelling beyond their country and region. This will assist in Government’s effort to diversify our tourism and contribute to strengthening the vital tourism sector and by extension the economy,” McClean said.

    “It will of course now also be easier for Barbadians, who are known to enjoy visiting other countries, to travel to China for business or as tourists. This will serve to expand the opportunities for cooperation and friendship beyond official contacts,” she added.

    At this rate we will need to build a 100 more Sandals to accommodate the demands of these Chinese tourists!

  16. As soon as construction of Hyatt starts………. The owners of buildings in Bridgetown should buy….

    Paint, trowel plastic, varnish, power washers……..

  17. Kentucky lawyer pleads guilty in massive disability schemeAssociated Press

    BRUCE SCHREINER 22 hours ago

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A flamboyant Kentucky lawyer who billed himself as “Mr. Social Security” pleaded guilty Friday for his role in what prosecutors portrayed as a long-running scheme to defraud the government of nearly $600 million in federal disability payments.

    Eric C. Conn pleaded guilty in federal court in Lexington to stealing from the Social Security Administration and bribing a federal judge. The man who lived in a palatial eastern Kentucky home and was a frequent world traveler faces up to 12 years in prison at his July 14 sentencing.

  18. Those are the white criminals who steal welfare and social security benefits by the hundreds of millions and of course blame it all on blacks and hispanics.

  19. After seeing what Richard Sealy and the govt allowed Butch Stewart to do to Dover Woods we would be fools to allow Hyatt to start building without passing all the requirements. One has to wonder what else is in the hidden MOU the govt signed with Sandals…stupse

  20. Does anyone have the details of how many mahogany tress were fell on Maxwell Coast Road before a public outcry led the opposition DLP caused the plans for the road widening project to be amended? If memory serves me well that was back in the 70’s.

  21. @ David March 24, 2017 at 7:16 PM #

    “The relevant question to ask is if Sandals received approval to ‘deforest’ Dover”.

    As an Anglican, I would really like to hear from our Bishop whether the Trustees sold the land belonging to the Church to Sandals. There is a cemetery down down there where the Christ Church Parish Church was located after the church was destroyed by fire. Where is the dignity for those buried there?

    The property is almost looking like a montrosity now.

  22. Does anyone NOT understand the consequences of prostitution?
    Yuh mean that big people still thinking that it is all glitz and easy money?

    It starts out like a fairy tale…. with easy work, loads of free money, lots of praises for the attractive ‘attributes’, and plenty promises of ‘living happily ever afterwards’….

    But EVERYONE knows how that story goes..
    Ill health…
    ….and when middle age kicks in, and the attractiveness is gone, one needs to resort to more and more esoteric forms of enticement….at greater and greater risk, .. for smaller and smaller rates.

    By age fifty, it may not be surprising that it becomes necessary to offer long-term enticements to attract clients (40 year tax-free status), …or that they be allowed to do as they like – including felling hundred-year-old trees, pissing on beaches, and pimping you out to low quality johns, – while keeping the resulting money offshore.

    The last stage usually looks like we see nightly on Bush Hill – with low-life losers parading fully naked in the world’s headlights – looking to make a score – while their hungry children are on the block with their guns and drugs…..
    This is probably the world’s oldest story.

    Only lazy, mendicant, visionless, brass bowls would therefore have opted for such a course – when there was the potential (admittedly requiring hard work, commitment, talent and vision) to become a valuable, productive member of the world community back in the 1980’s….

    Bushie would bet that, 50 years on, 100% of all prostitutes look back and regret the beds that they had made up in their youth……. But then they gotta lay…..

  23. Salena Spice

    9 hrs ·

    The proposed multi-million dollar Hyatt Hotel project is getting some support from independent senator Professor Sir Henry Fraser.

    However, Sir Henry believes the stretch including the Hyatt and the immediately surrounding areas, should be negotiated out of the World Heritage site designated for Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.

    He argues the investment is needed, but it can be done without impacting the World Heritage site status by negotiating with UNESCO.

    Sir Henry also says at present Bridgetown is quietly dying, despite the efforts of entities like the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry to revive it.

    He says investment in infrastructure like the Hyatt to breathe new life into the city by creating more commercial activity, is therefore necessary.

    Image may contain: cloud, sky, skyscraper and outdoor

  24. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    The US report says that money laundering, narcotics trafficking, gaming, and firearms trafficking are major sources of illicit funds in Antigua and Barbuda. It added that funds are laundered through the purchase of real estate, vehicles, vessels, and jewelry as well as through a variety of businesses. The State Department also slammed the country’s Citizenship By Investment Program (CIP), calling it ”among the most lax in the world.
    Laundering of funds, !00Million my foot, Trump locking all you crooks up in Barbados, All you Sirs look out, cut off USA funds, you can play with Barbados money , but not US money,

  25. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Sir Henry Fraser. is a crook , look at his words, sir my foot, a crook , false books to cover up his crimes , that fool need to be in jail for all of his white crimes,Supporting Fraud is what he does, How you think he get the pink title, This man nor any other cares about Barbados, how many great Houses had he kicked down and sold of that is not his? All of them

  26. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    54 Comments on “Draft Estimates 2014-2015”

    No CLEAR TITLES for CATS CASTLE,GREENFIELD, GARDEN LANDS,THE CITY,ALLEN VIEW, Well, Well, we can clear them and then they can spend 60Million,We can clear FOUR SEASONS A, HIGH COURT ALSO, From Beatrice Henry, to Violet Beckles , to Plantation Deeds .
    Lets clear title all deeds and put Barbados to work




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  27. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    yatinkiteasy March 28, 2017 at 8:26 AM #@

    We have been warning the people on BU and even Barbados Free Press was posting these frauds, looking that the government of the DBLP in Barbados feel all is well as long as they are paid, More crime coming to an end in Barbados soon , maybe the people will wake the Fvck up and stop kissing ass for slavery,

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