• That’s my check list as well!

    Vote against every dem!


  • It is really a foregone conclusion with regard to where voters must put their “x”

    If we want to save Barbados BAJANS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE EVERY SINGLE DLP candidate TO RH OUT!!!


  • The weeping and tearing up of the manholes on the South Coat have shifted, that is all:


  • Dentistry Whisperer (M. Pharm. D) LinkedIN

    PM. Stuart, is clairvoyant and saw possible disaster from earthquake off Grenada. Hence the delay in elections call which is on April 26th. Stuart’s birthday is April 27th. Haynes Darlington (M. Pharm. D)


  • Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim.

    Ten years of Barbadian progress flushed down a toilet that doesn’t work.

    If this wasn’t paradise it would be abandoned by anyone who had the means to leave, the very people we need to rebuild.

    There was never any chance of economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

    It is a miracle we’ve gotten this far on the ‘auto pilot’ that is Bajan micro-management.


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright ,

    There is a ” concept ” in messaging that you should not allow for misinterpretation.

    vote de D.L.P… ( very clear message )

    To R… H… Out ( could mean……..

    To R…eally H…elp you Out.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother Hants


    De Ole Man get warned dat de DLP got a law dem enforcing bout “public messages that speak to the degradation of morals and adverse effects on public sensibilities.”

    As you pointed out dem have given us Real Hell for 10 years, sorry R eally H elp us along the road to perdition

    Far be it from de ole man to impute two of Barbados’ most favourite bad words to this Stoopid Cartoon.

    But as sure as day follows night we can be assured that this

    “EAT THEM OUT DRINK DEM OUT AND THEN VOTE THEM TO R H OUT” is the 15 second message that going cause all Bajans to vote EVERY ONE OF THE DLP EFFERS out of parliament

    Mark me words…


  • The poster is doing well on Facebook.


  • Jepter “Physical Deficit” Ince is at it again.😂🤣


  • Have you heard the news clip with the moronic JA braying that he has two signed documents, one from the police and the other from voting officers, that details how a female voter took a photo of her voting slip to show to MAM? The gravity with which the pronouncement is delivered would lead one to believe that he had something important to say. “And they are signed” said king Fool, of a documents over five years old. I wish that some journalists would do a little research and publish an article on how successful this excuse of a pm was as an attorney. Can you imagine any successful company inviting this fumbling fool to sit as a member of the board after election? Would any of you want him to represent you in court after seeing how effective he has been for the past seven years? It is said that it is better to say nothing and have others ‘think’ you are a fool than speak and prove them right. Poor fellow, six of one and half dozen either way….and think that almost half of this country voted for him and them. Shame on you.


  • This claim is as bogus as the PM is.

    MAM has built St Michael North East into a BLP stronghold so why would someone make this claim.

    This excuse of a PM, an attorney actually witnessed vote buying in his own constituency and for five years said and did nothing. Same goes for the AG who witnessed vote buying in his constituency.

    We can wait, we have patience for this JA to be voted out.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ FearPlay March 13, 2018 at 12:41 PM

    So why haven’t the law enforcement agencies charged the alleged perpetrators of this ‘voting irregularity’ (to use a euphemism)?

    Why has that vacillatingly long loiterer who continues to abuse the electoral process and test the patience of the people taken over 5 years to make it a serious matter?

    Why is he- the man once promoted as the paragon of integrity- getting involved in such a investigative process- the province of the law enforcement officers-unless in the capacity of a witness to the alleged criminal act?


  • PieceUhDeRockYeahRight

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    Again my thanks for the promotion.

    De ole man is not too bright and everybody knows that.

    So de ole man gots to work within me limitations.

    What is one’s Centre of Influence?

    Who do you know and how often can you reach them?

    How much money will a “campaign” against the DLP cost?

    Via which medium and through which media?

    How may seconds does your message have to impact on the viewer? 15 seconds for the Bajan viewer

    How do you address a multi-generational audience?

    So once these simple questions are answered meaningfully and effectively then any “campaign” of which this Stoopid Campaign is one, SHOULD REAP REWARDS


    So the message is a simple one.

    FUMBLES and a few Key Faces, STINKLIAR, LASHES, BULLDOG the traitor ADRIEL NITWIT key names of the INCOMPETENTS.

    Each interwoven with the DLP logo crafted with a few words that are simple enough for the simple intake mechanisms of the average bajan to comprehend and then come to an opinion.

    Barring the VOTER ID SWAP which they have planned with the assistance of MIAMI VICE JOHNSON as well as the Civil Disobedience incident to issue in the Emergency Powers Act DE DLP GOOSE IS COOKED TO R H (forgive my badwords)


  • Still waiting to hear what history Fruendel plans make outside of getting not one seat.


  • @miller

    Have you seen how desperate these morons have become? They are not behaving like rational people, they are having serious outbursts.

    Look at the uncouth Ronald Jones ranting and raving on Sunday at the Canadian High Commissioner. The man said she should be booted out for getting into local politics. In a reference to the dlp yardfowl at CBC, the HC only said that Barbados may be ready for a female PM speaking as a woman……….. and this dismal failure for a Education minister lambaste the woman.

    The hangers on still hold power…….it is simple….ask Ottawa to recall the lady…..all they ave to do is to ignore the request as everybody knows that these people will be kicked to RH out…..

    Right, Piece of the rock?


  • The Canadian High Commissioner is just stating the obvious.

    To Minister R Jones, in the words made famous by the late PM Pierre Trudeau….fuddle duddle.


  • OMG! Declare the last election null and void! Call a state of emergency! Bring in the troops! Can you believe a woman took a photograph of her voting slip!! Call in the FBI. Was she driving at the time? Was she wearing a crash helmet? Was she a woman who disagreed with Maureen ‘female Prime Minister over my dead body’ Holder?

    Freundel, if that is the best you have got, STFU.

    How about Michael Lashley and the NHC? How about ministerial links with the death of the car part importer? How about the lowe down on $5m dollars? How about the missing millions in the Auditor General’s Report? How about the mysterious $60m from the so-called sale of 4 Seasons? How about your connections with Greenverbs, who is doubling down and collecting from CLICO all over again? How many policies is it that he and his family have? How much are they worth? Are the policies actually genuine, or as fake as his Thompson and Associates invoices?

    if you want to leave office with even a grain of respect left, don’t continue with your silly, girlish accusations. They are as pathetic as you are.


  • Kim Campbell….trudeau …svend robinson…. ….canada’s should keep out of other people,s politics


  • the females merely generalized and was inclusive in her statement re the future roles of females in Barbados and the Caribbean…and what can be achieved with females rising in every corridor of power.

    she never chose any political party or told anyone hw to vote as liar jones said.

    if anyone should be kicked out of Barbados is Jones the clown and yardfowl Holder, they are disgraceful to Barbados and neither serve any useful purpose.


  • That would be the female diplomat.


  • Lawson…ah saw your girlfriend Kathleen Wynne parading, she is in her element.


  • Agree with you Well Well…….the HC was speaking in context of International Women’s Day, she was not advocating how people should vote.

    Desperate people….these dems!

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  • The dems promoted Mara Thompson as a queen……..a woman who showed her true colours when as office manager of her husband’s firm, 3.3 million dollars laundered……….under a bogus invoice.

    I am sure by Moreen Holder’s low standards, Mara would qualify to be a PM but not MAM.


  • Prodigal…I don’t know how Jones managed to misinterpret and twist what the diplomat said, but then again, look at the cockup with the new traffic act…misinterpretation which I know is a major problem, caused cops to be reassigned.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    It might not be any “misinterpretation” at all

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  • Prodigal Son March 13, 2018 at 5:01 PM #
    “The dems promoted Mara Thompson as a queen”

    She is a lot of things, but Queen is certainly not one of them. Surely that is a more appropriate title for Fruendella Stuart. The truth is out there. It won’t be long now.


  • Ponder on this: Two members of the Royal Barbados Police Force made errors in interpreting and explaining the hastily written and enacted legislation covering the use of cell phones by vehicle operators. Their error caused a lot of confusion to the motoring public. They have both been disciplined and removed from their substantive posts.
    Every frickin’ one of these RH DLP dullards have made numerous mistakes repeatedly – from keeping the roads free of pot holes to balancing the budget, eliminating raw sewage from the streets, public transportation, reliable water supply, housing, education, accountabilty for funds from the sale of state assets, garbage collection, 20 downgrades, tax concessions the likes of which have never been seen before, ad Infinitum. And what do we get? A dullard JA defends the most incompetent accounts clerk in the history of finance by blaming his incompetence on his alma mater. A lying Speaker is defended with the advice of “get a lawyer”. Lies are repeatedly laid in Parliament without a penalty to be paid. Ministers drive high end vehicles supplied by companies holding government contracts with nary a batted eyelid. A Central Bank accepts $5M from a private citizen that was refused by an international Bank ( because he is not a leper). Does any one of the above infractions deserve punishment? Discipline? Termination? If your answer is “yes”, then the RH dullard JA that has led this charade of a government for the past years deserves to be fired INTO SPACE along with the entire SH (Trump phrase) troup of misfits and ragamuffin buffoons.


  • WW That mule faced harpy …I will be hoping she is gone and taking your putz boyfriend with her


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right March 13, 2018 at 5:11 PM

    Brilliant! Simply the best.

    Let the female bones fall from the ‘shemale’ closet.

    But in the world of pretense there is no need for a declared deputy.
    Guess there will be no need to change the existing ‘rearguard’ lineup in the No. Two business in Richelle Sealy.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ mitchlans March 13, 2018 at 5:16 PM

    A big “Q” too! Let Fiendella dare open that can of worms about MAM’s sexually biting predilection and see how fast the ghost of Cammie T would descend on the DLP like Banquo’s to turn poor Lady McStuart into a rich old Queen indeed.

    The same way the DLP had the Pegasus files on OSA and now the Cancun files on MAM so too can the BLP manufacture some on those hiding inside the deceitful lying pantry for a ‘bullard’ closet.


  • FearPlay March 13, 2018 at 12:41 PM #

    “Have you heard the news clip with the moronic JA braying that he has two signed documents, one from the police and the other from voting officers,”


    And this woman has not been arrested?

    Perhaps the policemen that gave him “the signed document” are the same policemen that told Sinckler they overheard two men plotting to kill him……….

    ……….because as at today’s date the alleged assassins have not been arrested.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Artax March 13, 2018 at 5:49 PM

    Welcome back.

    Your well-researched erudite contributions were ‘surely’ missed.

    Thought you had eloped with ac to get married (LOL!!).

    You should have listened to Scott Weatherhead on today’s VOB Brasstacks.
    He simply exposed the DLP for what they really are.

    Just a bunch of deceitful lying pompous pretenders as manifested in the nominated candidate for SJC the lying bullshit king clown Connolly.


  • Miller

    I listened to some of today’s Brass Tacks.

    The guy from the UPP was impressive, although at first he seemed to be a bit nervous. In MY opinion he came with policies that are a bit more realistic (i.e. the “New Economy”)………for example, using modern information technology to speed up the rate of conducting business is a good idea.

    The guy from Solutions Barbados, Scott Weatherhead was unable to properly articulate his party’s tax policy, which the other guest exposed as folly. Saying the policies were on their web-site for almost two years is not enough, especially taking into consideration that, rather than assign various members of SB to “shadow” ministries, Grenville Phillips II is the one who usually chooses to speak on all issues and does a very poor job.

    I expected Ryan Straughn to perform much better since he is an economist…….unfortunately for him and the BLP……… he was a disappointment………but he recovered for a few minutes when Jester Ince called.

    As usual, Jester Ince made a fool of himself…….he is supposed to be a financial analyst (reminds me of someone who believes everyone and everything in Barbados are inferior)……..he should take a break from the call-in-programs.

    The DLP disrespected all Barbadians and their supporters by sending their representative to the program late.

    Their representative seemed not to be on the same page as his DLP colleagues and was

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  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Sinckler would have to be out of his damn mind, they all would, or they think the electorate are all out of their minds to return even one of them to parliament..with their uppity selves.


  • The job was certainly very hard on him………he has aged beyond his years.


  • Artax

    Yes Hennis mentioned ideas, but they are not new. Straughn just laid a foundation for his party’s policies, his plan clearly was not to divulge anything.


  • Weatherhead is also a far better communicator than Grenville and seems more rounded, but the policies still bad. lol


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    I was particularly alarmed when the DLP representative sad that the party plans to cut social services. I asked myself what is there left to cut?

    They have cut university admissions by 40%
    The bus service has declined
    They have introduced fees for prescribed medicines
    Garbage collection has become erratic, and in some places virtually non-existent

    I would have liked in the DLP representative told us explicitly exactly what else they plan to cut.

    Perhaps they plan to close the university?
    Eliminate all garbage collection?
    Eliminate the National Drug Service?
    Close the Transport Board?
    Eliminate all salaries, beneftits and pensions for members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers?



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    The reality of any “administration waiting in the wings” is that the mere state of being outside of the halls of government prescribes what any potential incoming party can definitively say they will do.

    The wise ones has to “hedge” as it relates to what they state will be the policy they will implement since it may be a 180 degree turnabout when the rubber hits the road.

    Couple that with the fact that all of the prospective candidates are hunting for the combination of lies that they call manifestoes that will SEXCITE the 15 second Electorate to that orgasm of aural and visual delight so they have to guard their policies and plans zealously until the bell rings and then play a game of catchup in the political meetings and gameshows bfore the general election.

    That being said what is glaringly apparent particularly in Solutions barbados is that the leader does not have any coherent policies or programs.

    When Philips is asked to speak to his programs he resorts to this song and dance for the “I-SO E**ING LOST since 1900” thing that is his panacea for everything to fix the Barbados Economy.

    Between the forgiveness of sins for murderers and other offenders (sorry if I seem to be generalizing) the few topics that i have actually read the dribble he writes on have not endeared me of his competency and readiness for what faces the country in 2018.

    I have found that, particularly in these political constructs, what obtains is that when the head honcho is a nitwit he does not engage anyone with more brains than himself (a la DLP).

    Said behaviour manifests itself in a number of ways e.g. said leader will so throttle their subordinates that that they are not allowed to “shine” under the dung of their so called leader.

    “Two smart rats cannot live in one hole” is the Bajan statement and, what is playing out on these talk shows, is that these so called “shadow ministers”, irrespective of their acclaimed expertise in their specific ministries, CANNOT SPEAK OUT TO ANY GIVEN TOPIC because they are throttled BY THE LEADER.

    Until Mr Philips II shows more competency or permits his team to speak, that will remain de ole man’s assessment of Solutions Barbados


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right March 13, 2018 at 7:31 PM “…will SEXCITE the 15 second Electorate to that orgasm of aural and visual delight…”

    i hope that wunna know that 15 second orgasm fells do NOT get a second date.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    I am not voting for solutions Barbados, because I have already done the numbers for me, after all who better than me know my earnings and expenses. His flat tax will cause my income tax to more than double. VAT is bad enough but because it is a consumption tax I can restrain my consumption, for example since VAT was instituted I have not bought a $180,000 vehicle—in fact I have not bought a vehicle at all, so I have quite legally entirely avoided the VAT on luxury or on ordinary vehicles, tens of thousands of dollars for sure.

    So why should I vote for a party which is planning to double my tax?


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @mitchlans March 13, 2018 at 3:56 PM “if you want to leave office with even a grain of respect left, don’t continue with your silly, girlish accusations. They are as pathetic as you are.”

    I beseech you on behalf of al the genuine girls and women of Barbados please don’t describe him as girlish.

    That is an insult to all females.

    Because we are NOT like him.

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  • Enuff March 13, 2018 at 7:04 PM #

    “Yes Hennis mentioned ideas, but they are not new. Straughn just laid a foundation for his party’s policies, his plan clearly was not to divulge anything.”

    @ Enuff

    Straughn laying a “foundation for his party’s policies, his plan clearly was not to divulge anything”…….was a terrible idea…………..

    ………………especially on the eve of a general election………. and under the present circumstances where the electorate is seeking a viable alternative, because of the “atrocities” inflicted upon us by this inept DLP administration.

    In other words, it’s saying: “We have plans, but we are not going to divulge them unless you elect us.”


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Prodigal Son March 13, 2018 at 3:04 PM “Ronald Jones ranting and raving on Sunday at the Canadian High Commissioner. The man said she should be booted out for getting into local politics.”

    The Honourable Maxine McClean is still the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs.

    So why is Ronald speaking on foreign affairs?

    I am sure that the good lady has completely ignored him…and I would love to be a fly on the wall to see the classified cable which she has written to Ottawa.



  • Mitchell returned in Grenada.


  • Artax
    On the eve on an unannounced election, there’s still time.


  • What I found interesting with Solutions Barbados’ tax policy relative to eliminating corporation, income and value added taxes, is that Scott Weatherhead mentioned corporations could increase the prices of their goods and services to offset any losses inurred due to the introduction of 10% tax on gross revenue, because the consumer would have more disposable income as a result of the “across the board” 10% income tax on salaries and wages.

    Weatherhead also argued that businesses and households should pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes, which I agree. However, what would be interesting is how Solutions Barbados plans to “catch in the tax net,” those entrepreneurs such as vendors, freighters, artisans, mechanics, fishermen, baby sitters, and the numerous other self employed individuals that basically engage in “tax evasion” for years………but benefit from social services, at the expense of those who satisfy their statutory obligations.

    I believe SB’s taxation policies require a bit more discussion.

    And these are the types of issues on which we should be focusing our attention, rather than the rhetorial political diatribe that is usually introduced by yard-fowls to distract.


  • Grenada PM showed real balls that he can call elections and be returned with the same 15 seats to continue his mandate. The results show PM Mitchell winning all the seats. Why then is our PM frighten to ring the bell, maybe he need the electronic bell to get elections in motion.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Artax March 13, 2018 at 6:33 PM
    “The guy from Solutions Barbados, Scott Weatherhead was unable to properly articulate his party’s tax policy, which the other guest exposed as folly. Saying the policies were on their web-site for almost two years is not enough, especially taking into consideration that, rather than assign various members of SB to “shadow” ministries, Grenville Phillips II is the one who usually chooses to speak on all issues and does a very poor job.”

    I don’t ‘believe’ that Scott himself genuinely believes in SB’s regressive flat tax on gross earnings policy with the concomitant elimination of all other taxes on incomes and consumption.

    He is just peddling that impractical tax because that is what dictatorial Grenville demands to be sold to the public.

    It would be more interesting if Scott (and by extension his boss Phillips) can expatiate a bit more on the pragmatic enforcement and collection measures of SB’s proposed flat tax regime.

    SB’s proposals on taxation come across as policies which have been designed in a social test tube made from glass of elite privileges and based on technical engineering principles instead of being informed by a deeply serious examination of the list of sensitivities and sensibility which must be shaped by an appreciation of the societal landscape and its attendant myriad problems of institutionalized poverty and high levels of unemployment and endemic underemployment.

    What was of more ‘amusing’ interest is the bullshit spewed by the DLP representative who argued that the sale of the BNTCL would redound to the financial betterment of Barbados economy since it would take the pressure off the island’s foreign reserves because SOL would have easy access to US$ given its status as a regional conglomerate.

    So what is he implying here? That SOL will be buying out the BNOCL, the entity which purchases the imported finished petroleum products from Petrotrin in Trinidad?

    BNTCL is a subsidiary of the BNOCL and is NOT the legally entablished entity responsible for the acquisition of imported petroleum products but just for the local storage and distribution of such products.

    If Barbados does not have to find the forex to settle its imported oil bills how would SOL acquire the US$ needed to pay Trinidad other than through the defrauding of the central bank authorities and their agents in other regional jurisdictions like St. Lucia and St. Kitts?

    Shouldn’t such acts to falsify documents to access US$ be considered acts of money laundering?

    The silly boy call Connolly ought to check himself before emitting such shitty misleading palaver over the public airwaves.


  • @ David

    I was reading the 2018 manifesto of Keith Mitchell’s New National Party (NNP) and he was able to brag the following:

    Your NNP Administration has put Grenada FIRST by ensuring greater participation by all the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in their Government through:

    Passage of Integrity in Public Life Legislation
    Passage of Anti-Corruption Legislation
    Passage of the Ombudsman Act
    Passage of the Public Procurement and Contract Administration Act
    Drafting of the Freedom of Information Legislation
    Full liberalisation of the mass media, making Grenada the only country in the Caribbean in which the Government does not control a media house
    Establishment of the Multipartite Consultative Committee
    Establishment of the Sustainable Development Council
    Support of process of social dialogue
    Establishment of the Labour Advisory Board
    Participation by the Prime Minister in continuous “face to face” and “touching base” meetings throughout the country as well as organised Breakfast Meetings

    The DLP dedicated 3 pages of their 2008 manifesto to “Good Governance” and explained how they planned, immediately on being elected, to introduce ITAL, have minister sign a “code of good conduct” and declare their assets………

    ………..and what do they have to show after 10 years?

    On another thread I posted excerpts from a January 1, 2006 advertisement in the media, entitled “Charter for Change,” (apparently paid for by “Citizens for the Advancement of Democracy and Good Governance,” of which Dr. Denis S. Lowe was listed as Chairman) that made a “passing reference” to integrity in public life:

    “We will advocate that it becomes MANDATORY for ALL politicians seeking elective office to DISCLOSE all their ASSETS prior to the time of the elections.”

    But I guess that was not worth discussing.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Artax March 13, 2018 at 9:10 PM ““Citizens for the Advancement of Democracy and Good Governance,” of which Dr. Denis S. Lowe was listed as Chairman) that made a “passing reference” to integrity in public life:
    “We will advocate that it becomes MANDATORY for ALL politicians seeking elective office to

    I haven’t been keeping up with things, so can you please tell me if Denis S. Lowe has DISCLOSED all his ASSETS prior to the time of his election?

    And if he hasn’t done so can you ask him why not.


  • Dr. Simple Simon March 13, 2018 at 9:22 PM #

    “I haven’t been keeping up with things, so can you please tell me if Denis S. Lowe has DISCLOSED all his ASSETS prior to the time of his election?”

    Dr. SS

    Dr. Lowe’s organisation made those suggestions in 2006……at a time when it politically advantageous for him to do so and for purposes of political expediency.

    Now the “shoe is on the other foot” and his DLP is now being challenged, as it is usually with politicians, perhaps he has changed his mind………and may not find it necessary to declare his assets.

    Uh mean……after all his paid advertisements in the press, Dr. Lowe DID NOT declare his assets PRIOR to the 2008 or the 2013 general elections………

    ………..yuh really feel dat de man gine declare he assets now…….especially after driving ‘bout dah SUV Beemer?


  • millertheanunnaki March 13, 2018 at 9:05 PM #

    “It would be more interesting if Scott (and by extension his boss Phillips) can expatiate a bit more on the pragmatic enforcement and collection measures of SB’s proposed flat tax regime.”


    I agree with your above comment 100%.

    How would SB ensure corporations adhere to the tax laws under a SB administration? And also I heard Weatherhead mentioning taxing Barbadians owned corporations registered in other jurisdictions.

    Would they employ a number of “Revenue Tax Auditors” to perform field audits of businesses and corporations to ensure the collection of taxes when due for remittance…….. and compliance with tax regulations, polices and laws, as is done, for example, in the USA in states such as Louisiana?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Artax March 13, 2018 at 9:50 PM

    Moreover, is SB planning to repeal the IBC tax legislation?

    Would they also be creaming off 10% of the IBC’s international revenues?

    That should put an end to Barbados’s foreign exchange problems?

    Just another airy-fairy proposal poorly thought out by a man whose way is his own piss-poor highway or no way at all.

    Barbados requires an ‘eclectic’ array of taxation policies and their competent enforcement; not some pie-in-the-sky simplistically impractical proposal conceived in some infertile Petri dish of social engineering.


  • Miller

    Solutions Barbados seems to have “copied” policies that may have worked in European countries, where the socio-economic circumstances are compelely different. I read a comment in which one of their candidates made reference to social policies in Sweden.

    However, I’m not hearing any of the political parties’ policies on issues such as:

    ………….immigration, illegal non-nationals squatting and securing land for other illegal non-nationals, for example, in Rock Hall, St. Philip (Adriel Brathwaite’s constituency) and illegal non-nationals illegally vending in Bridgetown.

    A number of illegal non-nationals have built stalls on the compound of the old Fairchild Street Market, while Barbadians who occupied stalls in the demolished market where transferred to Golden Square market, which is on the site where the Plaza Cinema was once located. Unfortunately for the Barbadian stall owners, Golden Square closes at 6pm during the week and 8:30 pm on Fridays & sometimes on Saturday (if the staff allow it), but the non-nationals have unlimited time in the old Fairchild Street Market compound.

    They are permitted to sell produce outside the Cheapside Market, while Barbadians have to RENT marker space inside the market.

    This can’t be fair, especially with the political parties saying they are concentrating on entrpreneurship (but for whom).

    And how will a Solutions Barbados administration ensure these non-nationals “pay their fair share” of taxes.

    Antigua, under the Gaston Browne administration, had to take drastic action to address the issue of illegal non-nationals that “established” themselves during the tenure of the former United Progressive Party administration.

    There are several people from Guyana, Jamaica, Santa Domingo and China residing in Antigua. Several stores and mini supermarkets located in St. Johns and the surrounding environs are owned by the Chinese. And each time I travel there, it seems that more Chinese stores are opening.


  • NorthernObserver

    “I believe SB’s taxation policies require a bit more discussion.”
    How delightfully polite of you.
    Dr SS told us she had calculated under SB her tax would double. That may not be totally accurate, because apart from the flat 10%, we don’t know what else is involved. Deductions, thresholds etc etc However, it will be spun “you gine be paying more tax under SB”.

    @Dr SS
    “i hope that wunna know that 15 second orgasm fells do NOT get a second date”

    is a lady of your christian background and morals suggesting any such interactions take place on the FIRST date? The young ladies can’t be letting it go like dat?


  • @Artax

    There is a lack of interest by many that frequent BU regarding regional matters. There is a preference to discuss Trump and news associated with the US. It is symptomatic of how many have been influenced by Western media. And yes many in the forum live in North America but a listen to the talk shows support our position. We prefer to navel gaze.See the lack of discussion when we post Afra Raymonds, Rickford Burke articles as another example.

    We look down our noses at the goings on in the EC but in many respects that sub region as shown itself to be open to implementing progressive policies compared to Barbados.


  • @Artax

    It is the Internet and people with all kinds of agendas will post positions to BU. You have to operate with a filter. Some comments are no different to what you have to listen to on the talk shows or other places around the country. It is why some question the right of all individuals to vote given that many do so based on the most frivolous of reasons. But it is the only system we have if we subscribe to the right of all individuals to vote or express themselves.

    Further, we are now in what is referred to as the silly season, expect the political operatives from both sides to spin their yarns. It is the downside to the political system we have. A read of forums in the UK, USA and other places support that we are not alone with the problem.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Mitchell was confident of a return to government, Fruendel is not, he is wishing and hoping for a miracle that is definitely not coming.


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    Election Watch – I made it my business to go to the Electoral Boundaries Commission this morning where I was met with the utmost level of efficiency & professionalism. I was given a number & form and told to sit. I sat and completed my form . While waiting I checked the voters log to make sure that I was registered to vote. Upon doing that I realized that even though I completed change forms on three occasions my address was still wrong. In less than 10 minutes my number was called and I went to see the officer who was extremely informative as I fired off questions. He informed me that no citizen of Barbados should be refused to vote because they did not have an ID. On voting day an officer is present at each polling station with registered voters information from that constituency. He said they have the info so if an ID is stolen, lost or tattered they are able to cross reference the owner’s information. He also checked the system and informed me that the reason my current address is not in the voters log was because the log was printed in January and my update would have been entered after the publication. I was pleased to learn the changes were made which allows me to vote in the constituency where I reside. In 8 working Days I will have my new ID. Once you present your old ID CARD you do not have to pay. Without the old ID the fee is $25. There is also a $1 charge per document (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree) if you do not bring photocopies of your documents. I paid $2. If you have any queries it is advised that you visit the Electoral Boundaries Commission which is located on the Ground Floor of Building #2 Warrens Tower, Warrens, St. Michael. Don’t get caught off-guard on Election Day. BE PREPARED! #thechasefiles #allaboard #electiontime #nopassport #nodriverslicense #barbadosidentificationcardonly #EBC #ElectoralBoundariesCommission


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