• Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Very interesting BIM. The truth needs no proof as long as the information is correct. If this information is anything to go by, there must be some hidden agenda agreement that can easily be interpreted along the lines that some one or some ones are major benefactors besides SOL.


  • Over analysis of the situation SSS
    Parros at work.

    When a normal ‘parro’ sells his family’s fridge for $10 to his drug supplier ….do we over-analyse the reasons and the economics of the transaction?

    Wuh this is the SAME shiite – just on a bigger scale…

    The DLP needs a quick fix to fund the elections (and a little something to put aside when they lose…). When they look around the family house (where they have already sold the stove, the chairs, tables, and the kitchen …to whosoever had the required twenty pieces of silver) and the only shiite left for easy sale now is the fridge….

    …and it looks like SOL decided to ‘hold on pun dat one’…


  • The FTC is taking long to hand down its decision?


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