Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

“Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith and the senior officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force should be putting together a number of motorized flying squads”

The exchange of hundred dollar bills for votes has now become a standard practice in Barbadian general elections, and if this corrupt practice is not brought to an end it will eventually totally destroy the public or civic life of our nation!

Over the past two General Elections (2008 and 2013) a distinct practice has emerged in which politicians and their henchmen descend upon working-class communities and seek to bribe electors – particularly young men and women – with hundred dollar bills.

This corrupt practice has resulted in thousands of young Barbadians forming the impression that many, if not most, politicians – including some men and women who get elected to Parliament and some of those who go on to hold ministerial office – are no more than tawdry hustlers and con-men!

In other words, the people of our country are rapidly losing respect for the men and women who are supposed to be their national leaders. And when a critical mass of a population lose respect for the men , women and institutions that are supposed to provide national leadership, the nation is lost!

Furthermore, the vile practice of vote buying is gradually and sedulously stripping many of our youth of their idealism and moral values, and is also threatening to subvert the integrity of our electoral system , and by extension, our entire system of governance.

And so, the prevention of vote buying must now be viewed as a national priority!

Barbados does have an Election Offences And Controversies Act (Chapter 3 of the Laws of Barbados), which proscribes vote buying and deems it to be a “corrupt practice”. Indeed, Section 6 of the Election Offences and Controversies Act provides as follows : –

    1) A person is guilty of a corrupt practice who is guilty of bribery.

(2) A person is guilty of bribery who, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other person on his behalf

(a) gives any money….. to any elector or to…any other person on behalf of any elector…in order to induce any elector to vote or refrain from voting ;

(5) Any elector is guilty of bribery who, before or during an election, directly or indirectly by himself or by any       other person on his behalf, receives, agrees to receive, or contracts for any money, gift, loan, or valuable consideration…for voting or agreeing to vote or for refraining or agreeing to refrain from voting

So, according to the Election Offences and Controversies Act both the buyer of the vote and the seller of the vote are guilty of having committed a “corrupt practice”.

Section 27 (1) of the Election Offences and Controversies Act then goes on to provide that ” a person guilty of a corrupt practice, other than personation, is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for six months or to a fine of five hundred dollars or both”.

Commission of the corrupt practice of “bribery” also has consequences for the election candidate who instigated and profited from it. The Act stipulates that such a candidate may have votes taken away from his tally, and – in certain circumstances – may  be deprived of a seat that he “won”.

Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith and the senior officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force should be putting together a number of motorized “flying squads” in marked and unmarked Police vehicles to carry out rapid anti-vote buying surveillance missions in all relevant communities during the last week of campaigning and on Polling Day in particular.

It is time that we lock up a few of these vote buyers !

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  1. David BU. You know de difference between a constituency branch meeting and a political mass meeting?

  2. @ Politickin’ Pearlie January 22, 2018 at 3:08 PM
    “Somebody call me this morning and axe me if I see de picture with Santa P Bradshaw hugging up de two BLP monkey men wearing tight bodices wid a big bull cow pon de front. And in de picture de nedder BLP man up behind dem, round de back skylarking and skinning he teets like he down Kadooment. All a dem know good enough why dem does call women whores.
    And somebody send me dis one hay too from one a de papers. Um too sweet, especially de part bout de las bus! Ah gone!”

    Politickin, Politically Prostituting Pissy Pearlie, why are you upset about a little photo opp which describes exactly what your stinking nasty shitty lying administration is portraying to the ‘tired’ people of Barbados who have had to watch over the last 10 years their own country fall from a proud nation punching above its international weight to one that has been turned into a economically downgraded pariah and a pigpen cum shit toilet equivalent to the cesspool on George Street which has become a den of dirty liars and stinking thieves after the death of EWB?

    Now if you can tell -to the BU family the difference- between those photos and those taken with the well-known fraud tax evader leper Leroy Greenverbs the giant of bulling then we will hand you the upcoming elections on a platter of watery shite taken from the manholes oozing on the South coast.

    Ga long back to the south coast and have your ‘regular’ dinner, do!

  3. Milla, I rebuke you pon dis blessed bank holiday Monday in Epiphany! Leff me lone. Two minutes ago you did day preachin, now look you coming to buse me. You got in a demon! Get behind me Satan!

  4. @ Politickin’ Pearlie January 22, 2018 at 3:41 PM

    You have met more than your shitty match, haven’t you?

    But we leave your ‘behind’ to your clan of closeted ‘botsy’ mechanics like Fumble, Shitty Sealy, Jonesing, and the twin hens of Stephen and Steven aka Stephanie and Stella.

  5. Murder, David BU ya soft man!

    Ya gone back to all in last year November to a meeting in a school. Lemme help ya out. Which party say it offiically kick off it election campaign? Which party holding open air mass meetings? Ya soft!

    You get so touchus already and elections aint even call yet. Ya paling cock! All ya gotta do is block me from BU again.


  6. I never say nuffin so. I axe you a question and all now you still can’t answer. Ducking and That is wuh ya get cause ya powerful foolish and always jooking in ya long mout in everything just cause is you blog. Ya feel ya know everything but ya soft!


    Ah gone!

    • You asked this question when you were challenged about only BLP holding political meetings:

      David BU. You know de difference between a constituency branch meeting and a political mass meeting?

      The interpretation by anyone with average intelligence is that you meant the LT Gay meetng was a constituency meeting. The flyer was posted to show it was a political meetng.


  7. this is what voters in any election are supposed to expect….

    The American people expect and deserve transparency when it comes to money spent to influence elections and those requirements are not optional no matter how embarrassing the reason behind the expense,” said Common Cause president Karen Hobert Flynn.

    as opposed to election candidates being bribed by minorities with thousands of dollars and in turn bribe voters with that same money…nothing can go right with that level of corruption…something had to give after decades of that criminality.

  8. Shiite…..

    Yuh mean after sending in their clowns, namely, Kevin, Carson C. Cadogan, Fucktured BLP, NationBLPnewspaper and the consortium of ac’s………to troll BU………

    ………….the DLP kun do nuh better than resorting to “Politickin’ Pearlie?”

    It harrows me with more wonder than fear.

  9. I watched the Police Planting EVIDENCE video on your blog and it was like having flashbacks all over again.

    It tells me that this has been occurring over and over gain because I too had a similar experience with the crooked Barbados Police Force.

    I was picked up on bogus charges because I refused to be blackmailed for $thousands. In custody I realised it was a setup as the Police officers
    told me they could release me if I paid them some money secretly and work with them in doing some crime. I refused and said that I would not be a part
    of any criminal scheme they had going on and that to either charge me or release me.

    They even refused many quests over several days for me to make contact with a lawyer.

    The planting of the evidence came when I discovered that they had planted drugs in my car as they had taken the car key from me when I was first brought into custody and kept for several days.

    After two days I was brought to my car and one of the several Detectives opened my car with the key and laying on the backseat was a duct tape wrapped bag which when opened there was a quantity of marijuana.

    I was asked if it was mine and I said it wasn’t and it was not there when I last used the car of which I was the sole driver.

    I was told to co=operate with them and everything would go away.

    I refused and was later charged. However I was able to beat the charge over a 4 year period when none of the Detectives appeared in Magistrates Court and no File ever submitted.

    That is why the video brought back so many memories of the wicked crooked Barbados Police force who would do anything to get anyone who refuses to work with them in their corrupt schemes using threats and corrupt practices.

  10. ME TOO Victim of Corrupt Barbados Police January 24, 2018 at 1:41 PM #

    With plea bargaining, they would have threatened you with spending the rest of your life in jail, or accepting a smaller charge and immediate release. The average person would opt for the minor charge. Plea bargaining may save money, but it is a tool for a corrupt criminal justice system.

  11. @ Hal Austin

    Barbados is a very corrupt island with many of the Police including Seniors and Detectives involved in criminal activities including aiding and abetting drug dealers.

    From my own experience there must be some innocent individuals in Dodds Prison who would have caved under pressure and the beatings/torture the corrupt Barbados police are known to give.

    There have been several beatings leading to deaths in BARBADOS Police custody and nary a word from the powers that be to stop injustice and deep corrupton.

  12. BIM is a nasty shithole to live in. Too many poor people and those who don’t go with the corrupt flow suffers.

    ANYONE can become targeted and setup.

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