Butch Stewart and Parasites

Submitted by Crusoe

Sandals Butch Stewart

The Barbados Today digital newspaper has reported that Butch Stewart stated that Barbadians are too entitled.

This is a remarkable statement from a hotel magnate whose company has received forty years of tax free concessions from Government, when small hoteliers get nothing.

Entitled much?

For a government to maintain services, it must seek revenues. By allowing one company to be exempt of all taxation, much revenue for services is lost.

Is the problem lost revenue, or excess services? Many countries, especially in Europe, provide excellent social services and are able to function well.

The problem is not the social services.

As for Stewart’s own operations, at a time when Barbados is in urgent need of foreign exchange injections, can we ask whether room revenue from international sources, all of it, is banked in Barbados? Many companies, through their corporate structure and international banking arrangements, have revenues banked in say, Panama, sending only funds for operating expenses to the location of the operations.

Therefore, significant foreign exchange flow loss results, for the source of operations.

One wonders what is the process for Stewart’s operations? Are your revenues all banked in Barbados, Mr. Stewart?

This revenue business is all the more critical, when international jurisdictions such as Canada are penalizing companies for sending operations cashflows out of foreign jurisdictions.

Are we adhering to international standards, by allowing those companies that profit from Barbados’s economy, to do so?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    You keep worrying about Gaston Browne, when last did Fruendel pick up his lazy ass from partying with tourists to travel and look for business for the island…or pick up a telephone and made calls looking for investors who are not international criminals.

    Leaving it to Dumbville will only see the island infested with more international convicted criminals…those are the only business people he can relate to, that is his reputation.

    You keep worrying about Antigua. Their ministers are too afraid to be corrupt these days.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So Stewart should sue barbadostoday for false reporting and ask fir a retraction, let’s see if that happens, at least Stewart now has the message load and clear that he pays no taxes in Barbados and to keep his mouth shut and out of the island’s business, no one wants him as a leader no matter which idiots in government he bribes.

    we are still waiting for Grenville to ask the newspapers for a retraction about what he said he did not say….couple months ago…lol


  • The yard-fowl’s main reason for defending Butch Stewart is to defend her inept administration for granting 40 years of tax concessions to Butch and his expatriate employees, while Barbadians are saddled with increased taxes to “build up the short fall” in tax revenues.

    If this DLP administration was to rescind the tax concessions, the ac consortium of yard-fowls would make an “automatic turn around” and find all conceivable and inconceivable means to defend that decision.

    That’s the stuff yard-fowls are made of.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    What happened is Butch did not like the blowback…lol

    As scummy as barbadostoday and it’s owner are, after Grenville’s denial and refusal to ask both newspapers for a retraction, ya can guarantee they started taping those interviews…lol

    Butch thought the Bajan population was as dumb as the government ministers.


  • Boy did Browne learn the hard way almost tremble in his boots and piss in his pants when Butch told him they were closing the hotel for maintenance boy was he ready to talk concession to Butch and time limits for reopening of the hotel .
    What these small island dictators need to realize they can not have their cake and eat it too and be realist and know when to hold them and know when to fold them
    his country is economic doldrums and Gaston trying to mash corns at the wrong time


  • @Pacha
    you restate the mathematically obvious. No one time injection, is going to solve what is an ongoing operational imbalance. And the asset base declines with each sale.

    To conclude the eventual solution will see a destruction of primary social services, will depend on what is deemed “primary”. It would appear to us, currently, there is fat mixed in with the meat?

    And the base framework must see the role of government as a protector and provider of essential social services. And social goods. And this can be achieved, IF, they keep their noses out of endeavours where the ‘social value’ is questionable.


  • @ac
    it amazes me the clarity with which you see issues, ONCE they do not relate to Barbados.

    By the way, that letter fall off a truck anywhere yet?


  • Theophilius Gazerts 255

    “If this DLP administration was to rescind the tax concessions, the ac consortium of yard-fowls would make an “automatic turn around” and find all conceivable and inconceivable means to defend that decision.”

    If a fowl wants to live, it has to follow the grain..


  • Shaggy ??

    “Sandals issues clarification on social welfare story ”

    “…..has given a wrong impression to the amazing people of Barbados with whom we have been friends with and supported for years.”



  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    So what does the yardfowl say now that Butch has changed his tune, she cant call him a liar since she already agreed with him and she cant say he is wrong after claiming all the IMF and this one and thst one is saying the same thing…the welfare system should be ct…says the yardfowl, when ya are mindless yardfowl ya find yaself in these awkward and embarrassing positions…lol.

    We will wait to see if Butch ask barbadostpday to print a retraction.

    “Home News Sandals issues…
    Sandals issues clarification on social welfare story

    Added 14 January 2018

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    Sandals Resorts International wishes to clarify a story carried in the Barbados Today online publication headlined “Too Many Entitlements” referencing comments made by Sandals Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart with respect to the social welfare programme in Barbados.

    The story has been presented totally out of context and gives the impression that Mr Stewart was criticising the programme, when in fact the Sandals Chairman was complimenting the country for its ability to provide such a programme, where many other countries have been unable to do so.

    It is also important to note that while Mr Stewart did give official statements to the media about the upcoming Beaches project during that lunch meeting, the issue that has been reported on was part of a personal conversation between Mr Stewart and Director of News at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation Ms Michelle Arthur.

    During that discussion Mr Stewart said that while he was mindful of the challenges such an effort entails, it is important for those it impacts and assists, and was entirely complimentary to Barbados in this regard never once suggesting that the system be terminated or taken away, as the headline would tend to imply.”


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    In reading thst story…it sounds like Butch is lying anyway, he had a personal conversation with Michelle Arthur, so he told Michelle Arthur one thing in private and told the other media something else..

    ,,,, either way it’s none of his damn business, he does not pay taxes on the island, his idea of good salaries are starvation wages, he has a bad reputation across the Caribbean, he contributes very little to the island’s economy while reaping millions in benefits that the island does not benefit from, so he can keep his opinions to himself.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    For all the nasty people who do not want to see black people taken care of, this is how the country considered to have the highest standard of living in the world, and the happiest citizens in the world, Norway, ….treats her people…it’s welfare from cradle to grave, so her people can strive better in between.

    And for all the trump wannabe parasites sucking as much as they can out of the Caribbean while believing they can denigrate and discriminate against the majority population, this is not 10 years ago, people’s eyes are wide open, well except for the stupid yardfowls, they will die stupid…but trying to promote whiteness while destroying the lives and wellbeing of the majority black populations….will not work anymore.

    No Thank You, President Trump
    By Martine Aurdal

    Updated 1654 GMT (0054 HKT) January 14, 2018

    (CNN)Donald Trump wants America to have more immigrants from Norway in contrast to what he reportedly called “shithole countries” in Africa.

    Although we love to visit America, Mr. Trump, it is highly unlikely that Norwegians are going to flow into the US to live. As a citizen of Norway, I can tell you we’re not flattered, but offended by the President’s eagerness to have us emigrate.

    Even though Trump has denied making the particular comment, members of Congress who attended the meeting say that the reports are true.

    The offer has left Norwegians offended, not flattered.

    President Trump is judging immigrants by where they come from, and it is hard not to see this as a question of ethnicity. Norwegians have had a history of being positively discriminated for our race and have resisted those ideas before — we will do it again.

    We like where we live. In fact, Norway is the happiest country in the world. We are that way because we live in an egalitarian society where we strive to give everyone good and equal opportunities — regardless of ethnic, gender and social background.

    A century ago it was different. About 800,000 Norwegians migrated to the US, including my great-grandfather. We were a poor country, and the migrants were searching for opportunities and fit the phrase on the Statue of Liberty: They were our tired, our poor. America welcomed them, and they found what they were looking for.

    Today, Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, and we will not give up on our cradle-to-grave welfare. Our parental leave is a generous year, kindergarten is cheap, and our higher education is free. Health care is also free for every Norwegian citizen.

    Our society strives to be tolerant. Every political party promotes liberal values, gender-equality and human rights. The plumber´s son goes to school with the CEO´s daughter, and social mobility is high. Hence, our leaders have diverse backgrounds and anyone could meet the NATO secretary general skiing in the woods or our Prime Minister at the supermarket doing her own grocery shopping.

    So instead of trying to import our whiteness, the US President should try letting some of our ideals in.

    Also, immigrants have been and are shaping Norway. Our history is formed by migration, from the Vikings traveling the world to the German Hanseaten coming to Bergen, a city on the southwestern coast. Nearly 17% of our population is made up of immigrants or have immigrant parents. This includes Somalis, Eritreans, Iraqis, Syrians, Filipinos, and Pakistanis.

    This is not to say that Norway is perfect — and Trump needs to understand this part too.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Wait a minute, isnt Bjorn Bjerkham from Norway, so why is he still in Barbados making himself such a damn malicious parasite on the lives of Bajans for the last 5 decades…..with all his corruption, bribery, discrimination against black people, attempt to practice modern day slavery against Vincent workers, starvation wages and made a career of stealing from Black Bajan people….when Norway is such a comfortable financial paradise.

    Oh I get it, the shit he can do in Barbados he cannot get away with totally in Norway, he cant bribe politicians and government officials, not enough black people to rob, he cant rob Norway’s treasury or pension fund and he sure as hell cannot create thiefing scams like Cahill…against Norwegians..


  • “If a fowl wants to live, it has to follow the grain..”

    Hahahahahahaha………… true dat!!!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Dirty useless yardfowl she is….soon to become extinct. ..never to be seen again.


  • Where did i agree with Butch statement paling cock. i simply stated that giving the out pouring of negative feed back to Butch statement he would be ridicule and criticized and given a negative grade meanwhile the blp operatives and leadership are in close agreement with IMF policies which targets the poor and elderly who are dependent on social services


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Yeah, yeah, you have made yourself so insignificant and irrelevant why bother. ..tick tock…lol


  • “Bernard Codrington January 13, 2018 at 9:53 AM #
    I was always under the impression that if you owned something you were entitled to it. But this is a New World where the magnetic poles are reversed. Barrow’s prophecy is certainly being fulfilled. And we like it so. We are too short sighted.”

    It appears that it always fashionable to quote Mr Barrow’s comments whether fabled or mythical but in this case Mr Barrow was the architect of his own prophecy.Research would indicate that the sale of Barbados if we want to so describe it started under Mr Barrow. What measures did he put in place to arrest it ?


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