What a Charade

Submitted by Bush Tea

If anything represents the hopelessness of Barbados’ current position, it is the annual ‘independence parade’.

What a load of rubbish.

No one with ANY kind of pride could possibly imagine that 51 YEARS after ‘independence’, our main NATIONAL event commemorating this ‘achievement’ would be a stupid parade that seeks to replicate almost exactly what the people from whom we are claiming independence, do.

Ok. For the first five years or so, it was understandable.
For the next ten years or so it may even have been tolerable…
But shiite man… FIFTY YEARS later, the best that our ‘military brass’ could come up with is an EXACT replica of the damn Queen’s birthday parade or some such British format?

Dress like them
March like them
think like them
behave like them…


What independence what?

We are albino-centric SLAVES of the worse possible sort
…slaves of the MIND.
Have we NO pride?
No imagination?
No creativity?

A simple look at (as despotic a place as) North Korea, or as informal as Dominica- shows that citizens can be mobilised in a patriotic display of nationalism. The best we have come up with is lewd, crude, vulgar, wuk-up and brek-up (and now shoot-up) behaviours at our Crap Over.

A mindset that DEFINES itself by what its former MASTERS do, half a century AFTER claiming to be independent is fooling NO one but itself.

Where there is no vision, the brass bowls perish.
Where there is no creativity, the JAs will languish in serfdom
Where there is no productivity, the downgrades will continue….

If Bajans are stupid enough to CONTINUE with the same level of RH ‘leadership’ that we have had over the past fifty years, then we FULLY deserve all that will be coming our way in the coming months and years…

162 thoughts on “What a Charade

  1. The UN is looking at the modern day slavery now SSS…they have people on the ground.

    It’s the Black majority in Barbados gotta be careful that the stinking house negros in parliament dont sell them into slavery to enrich the few little lowlife minorities on the island….for bribes.

    This situation on the island is being discussed on facebook….it’s serious like that….black governments allowing racism, discrimination to florish in such a small society in a majority black country….. the bribery and corruption, creating laws only to lock up black people…..while whites and others who commit crimes are not arrested, charged and imprisoned….the discussion is real….

    ……it’s all out there, it was bound to happen at some time…things cannot remain the same on the island, no matter what the house negros think.

  2. You lie.”A bunch of white faces are stringing up black people like they capture turkeys by their feet, and got them upside down struggling for dear life.”
    Is this what your dreams are like, images you create for yourself.
    See what the stinking white French president told a group at the University in Burkina Faso just days ago…

    “Who are the traffickers? Ask yourselves – being the African youth – that question. You are unbelievable. Who are the traffickers? They are Africans, my friends. They are Africans. Ask yourselves the question.

    “It’s not the French who are the traffickers, it’s the Africans. So everyone should understand the responsibility, and we’ve started to do that, to dismantle them. But stop the argument saying, ‘It’s someone else.’
    “Show me a French, Belgian, German person, who carried out trafficking between Nigeria and Libya. This person doesn’t exist,” Macron added. “So, these days in Africa, there are Africans who make other Africans slaves, this is the reality. And there are Europeans who benefit from this misery in Europe, it’s unacceptable. In both cases, these are crimes. We are fighting both cases.”

    The fucking idiots are those white Euro leaders who are accepting these immigrant refugees. And the Asians who make cheap cell phones so these people know there is a better life and how to try and get there. I ask, refugees from what? Their corrupt governments in the cradle of civilization, couldn’t be. Since when was that corruption; Germany, Italy or France’s problem? Why isn’t Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo or S.Africa sending aid? And you know in 25-50 years, all these new immigrants are going to be suing because the white Euro governments didn’t give them enough, and practiced racism.

    Why instead of braying lies on BU, don’t you get off your ass and go to Chad, or Niger, or Mali or Burkina Faso, or Somalia or Sudan and seek to HELP the real problem. To improve the lives of people there, so they do not have to run away seeking a better life, and get caught up in human trafficking. As when they don’t pay their traffickers, they get sold. Like the fucking white bankers when you don’t pay your mortgage, they repossess and sell your house.

  3. Would be nice if France stopped stealing tax money from about 12 African countries….then their people will not have to run….

    ….bet you Macron never mentioned that in his little fête du mensonge……

  4. Let me repeat myself so this particular breed of pig can understand. I bunch of white faces are enslaving blacks. White faces with their superior mentalities and hideous mindsets are holding black people against their will for sale. The outcry on this atrocity is marginal. Let me repeat, marginal. The vast majority of white people do not give a shite about black people. They pretend to like us but they are interested in using us for their own gain. They make sure that they are always entitled to having the best. Let me repeat myself for the cunt he says I am lying. A bunch of white faces are imprisoning blacks in Libya for sale. WHY DON’T YOU GET UP OFF YOUR WHITE RACIST ASS AND STAGE PROTEST AGAINST THIS ATROCITY. While you at it, see if you can change the mindsets of the white bigots in Barbados as well.

  5. SSS…it takes a certain mentality to deal with the few beasts on BU…..their arrogance supercedes any little intelligence that may manage to seep through their racist rants.

    …les racistes sont les formes de vie inférieures, à un niveau pire et plus bas que les bactéries..

  6. @ Enuff
    Bushie……Is ISO9001 really as popular and revolutionary as you are saying? Isn’t its popularity waning?
    If by ‘popularity’ you mean in the public eye and being discussed publicly…. . NO!!
    If you mean “being put to use and implemented”… Absolutely.

    It is ‘waning’ for the same reason that excitement about owning a cellphone is waning…
    Every damn body who is anybody has one .. or two… already.

    ALL successful organisations utilise some form of Quality Management as a matter of course.
    Only complete brass bowls ignore the trend. …..just like there are still a few bowls who think that smart phones are unnecessary bothers.

    ANY organisation doing international business, and not using quality management systems, ….are brass bowls who can easily be identified by the constant and ongoing DOWNGRADES into shiite territory that they suffer.

  7. @Patriotic …

    On cricket, in case you have not noticed, cricket is scarcely played in Barbados nor the rest of the West Indies, for some time now. Definitely not at an international level. Attending matches is not ]playing’.

  8. Jones did it again. Claiming republic status. I think it is time for QE2 to abdicate as head of Barbados. She is a true professional and does not fit to the local amateur politicians who talk a lot and never act.

    Welcome to the Banana Republic of Barbados!

  9. The biggest CHARADE this country has had to contend with over the past 51 years is a phenomenon called Mia Amor Mottley !!!

    Once Barbadians can overcome this phenomenon in the form of MAM……..they will truly experience the benefits of INDEPENDENCE.

  10. @ Enuff
    That is also what the top horse breeders said about the motor car industry back then too…
    Downgrades followed….

  11. Bushman…..can you explain why John would try the impossible and try to eradicate a majority bloodline and replace it with a bloodline that is itself DYING…..

    Why wont he want to join the population that is strong enough to last another 100,000 years or more…

    ..looks like.he got a problem with being black or what, it is not a disease and will save his line….why should a majority population wish to join a minoritybbloodline which is known by scientists to be on its way out.

    It might sound really sensible to John, brain damage and all, but it makes absolutely no sense to me.

  12. Seem as if the winds of change are coming to the island.
    But if we maintain the same leadership class, you will watchin the same parade in 2021.
    So you may be submitting this again in 2021.

  13. Well, my 2 cents worth is as follows…

    Racism is a disease of the mind……and unnatural.

    Being Black is not a disease…it’s natural…

    Ah just got that inspiration from me 14 year old grand daughter..the Amazon.

  14. A Charade indeed Bushie the only thing you forgot to mention is that they and you kept the Colonist’s God and their religion!

    We seem to have regressed in the 51 years after Independence. Our leaders on this island cannot implement nor maintain anything properly and have faile the people. Corruption is rife and no one wants to stamp it out because everyone is in denial.

    Imagine in 2017 we have sewerage flowing in the streets and garbage piling up on the sides of our roads and no one has any clue on how to solve these problems. How can we invite people to visit our home where the toilets are overflowing and still expect them to pay and stay. This is a society where standards are almost nonexistent. We speak about how religious our citizens are, always calling on the Almighty to help them yet do nothing to help themselves.

    A bunch of poor rakey hypocrites we have as leaders and educators. We cannot keep this 166 sq miles clean, our hospital lacks basic supplies like drugs, hot water, clean linens and proper food, yet our PM boasts how he wants us to be the envy of the Caribbean. We have no Pride and no Industry!

    Waaait what has become of AC the DLP pimp, Old smelly onion bags, and Piece of de Rock? Piece I hope you are still kicking ass please send us word that your are still on this rock.

  15. @ Islandgal
    That was one big swipe there with your 2X4 there…
    But let us get this straight.

    The ‘Colonialist God and their religion’ of which you speak are unrelated to Bushie’s God-father BBE – who are the engineers that created every shiite…. OK??!!

    Have cleared THAT up, …you are right as shiite otherwise…

    Is the IslandGuy still running things down there ?
    … or can Bushie come down around lunchtime Sunday…?

  16. Island gal.AC been busy helping Mia find her certification.So far we have both looked in every nook and cranny and cant find a dam thing
    Speaking of charades and marches Mia is big on both she has endorse and participated in every march wish designed to dislocate barbados social enviroment.

  17. Oh islangal the last march called “up de ting” Mia was up front and centre marching side by side with a one arm bandit call Charles Herbert a kin to Guy Fawkes

  18. @ Bushie, here are my thoughts:

    We may not be able to end the charade in the near future but however we can create substitutes that are more meaningful to the masses.

    With a focus to create an entrepreneurial society:

    At the community level have competitions for persons who are seeking to become an entrepreneur and enable them to sell samples of their craft, books, food, service etc. We have NIFCA but no event that is a building block for NIFCA as far as I am aware of.

    With a Focus on sport at the community level on Independence Day

    Actually, utilize these parish Ambassadors to showcase their organizational skills. When I was growing up we had sports in my neighborhood on Independence Day until it became too expensive and we no longer got the support of business to provide trophies etc. Parish Ambassadors already come with sponsorship. I believe that ever more than the competition which at the end of the night is irrelevant, that these young people can play some greater roles in bringing their communities and parishes together.

    Tours to Places of Interest

    The Museum can have free tours on the Independence week end to locals. By offering a certain number of tickets or persons to be allowed entry during a 2 hour period
    The museum can facilitate free walking tours of the Garrison Historic Area to the General Public. Using the assistance of History Students at the High Schools and BCC.
    The Museum can facilitate free walking Tours of Bridgetown to the General Public
    Not the Usual Scenic Bus Tours, the Transport Board can offer unique tours of Independence.

    Spotlight on Local Artist at the Libraries et al

    That the Libraries can be used to showcase the development of the Island’s various art-forms and artist since Independence. In music, art, dance and craft.
    Has the Theatre in Queens Park been renovated?
    Why can’t we have the Police Band playing in the Park on Independence evening?

  19. Believe me the letter will be exposed in the right time.
    BtW Mia had two years to show proof.
    How many months have public heard of this letter?

  20. Correct. Timing is everything.
    In either case it takes 1 hour or less to produce, so how long is irrelevant if you cannot produce?

  21. LOL @ Northern O
    Cuh dear, ac only just came back after taking a longgg break from the lotta BU licks.
    Don’t kill she…

    Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to find out that the PM completely misinterpreted the letter… after all his vaunted Shakespearian attributes…

    Remember that Arthur once gave him a note in jest, to east the tensions after the Eager 11 had his donkey in a harness? … and he turned around seeking to stab the man in his back…?
    Perhaps he is just slow….

    Stinkliar is slow on the decimal point
    Slashley can’t multiply big numbers
    Mlashley can’t string six words together…

    No wonder they kept him as leader.

    @ Heather
    You sound like a typical doctor.
    Great treatments for the SYMPTOMS…. while ignoring the VIRUS.
    All those things are good, but you are looking to push the cow to the water…

    What can you come up with to get the Bajan BRASS BOWLS to start thinking like golden vessels? … like people of VALUE – who can CONTRIBUTE to this world; who can be CREATIVE; who can be PRODUCTIVE;

    All your ideas and more will then flow naturally.
    People who think like you do, will then be VALUED
    People like Hal will be rightfully ignored… (How could Bushie resist THAT one…?) 🙂

    All those things you outlined are absent BECAUSE of brassbowlery.

    Question is..
    WHAT CAN WE DO about brassbowlery?

  22. Bush Tea is right. Barbados is off the track towards a better society, towards the common good.

    Just look at this excerpt from Barbados Today, commenting Independence Day at the Supreme Court: “The lobby of the Supreme Court was transformed into a setting for a gameshow where Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson […] and Registrar Barbara Cooke-Alleyne joined staff to battle it out in a Buss Your Brains competition.” Teams “Pudding and Souse, Paling Cocks and Rum and Coke”.

    The files are piling up. And what are they doing? Pardon me?

    There is no hope for any sincere foreign investment in a society where hard work is no virtue and laziness is a condition for highest posts. “Rum and Coke” – what a striking description for the current status of the court system in Barbados.

  23. Bro NOrthern dont push yuh luck .The last time the blp call on the PM for fast action the bell was rung and the blp was unable to answer the call
    Dont get all tied up in knots by the letter. The relevancy of the letter stands for itself in that Charles Herbert has yet to openly states that the PM told a bold face.likewise as Mia has never stated that Lowe told a lie about her not being certified
    It just might be a case where Mia and Herbert are cut from the same cloth

  24. U should know that B-D-R-X-Z, I don’t care. All the same to me. A grouping of politicians. The bell rings, one set will win more seats than the others? Simple. The relevance of the letter to me is I would like TO SEE IT.

  25. LOL @ lawson
    AC Herbert run over your dog or something…
    either that…
    Or Herbert’s dog refused to run over ac….
    ha ha ha

  26. lawd I call de Pimpress by her name and she appears! AC where have you been hiding ? Under Frundel’s skirt? Yuh still pissy and frowsy as ever! Glad to hear from you anyways.

  27. What a charade!!!!

    The Gold Crown of Merit conferred on Government minister Stephen Lashley “for his CONTRIBUTION to Culture, Sports and Youth and the PLANNING and EXECUTION of CARIFESTA 2017.”

    The prices for CARIFESTA events were reduced and subsequently withdrawn to entice/solicit people to attend……

    ………… and Lashley was awarded the Gold Crown of Merit………..

    Hon. Anthony Theophilus Bryan CHB, GCM. J.P. was awarded the Knight of St. Andrew, for his OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION to publishing, broadcasting and business, including International Business in the area of publishing and broadcasting, PRESENTING a POSITIVE, BALANCED CREDIBLE VIEW of Barbados.

    In other words…………. arise Sir Anthony for publishing news according to and in favour of the DLP.

    This has to be a Daihatsu Charade automobile.



    ac/Angela Skeete/Angela Cox…………….. different names……….same DLP yard-fowl.

  28. ………… and Lashley was awarded the Gold Crown of Merit………..
    Stop telling lies Artax.

    Not even the DLP would stoop so low as to award themselves for Carifesta.
    Say it ain’t so…

    …and for ‘culture, sports and youth?
    What the hell exactly is that exactly?

    Time for another downgrade….

  29. ac at 5:04 PM “Charles Herbert has yet to openly states that the PM told a bold face…”
    Why would he need to do that ac? For Herbert to say that the PM ia a bold face liar is as pointless as to declare that the sun will rise tomorrow. Everyone already has a very thick catalog of the PM’s bold face lies:
    “I will not impose fees at Cave Hill…”
    “I never signed any Cahill documents…”
    “The foreign exhange situation is dire because Bajans eat to much foreign food…”
    “Mr Sinckler is doing a good job at the finance ministry…”
    etc, etc.

    • @Artax

      Borrowed your comment to create a facebook status post.

      On Saturday, 2 December 2017, Barbados Underground wrote: >

  30. @ PLT
    Every country needs a Robert Mueller and a CNN.
    Barbados has both…
    But Caswell refused to BUP…
    ..and the poor Auditor General keeps repeating the same news year after year…

  31. the slave mentality was first created in religious dogma , People having beliefs borne on idolatry with twisted ideas and illogical stories like manna falling from the sky.

  32. Bushie with all the mayhem which has abounded since Independence you ought to be thankful that somewhere in there some order and decorum still exists

    God bless Barbados
    God bless Great Britain
    and God bless the USA

  33. @ Pacha
    Quality is a universal attribute. Its impact CANNOT be constrained by borders.

    A world class QMS launched in Chimborazo, St Joseph has the same POTENTIAL to be as dynamic and successful …as a similar one launched in NYC.

    There are three FUNDAMENTAL spiritual attributes. The most powerful of them relates to ‘quality’.

    A QMS is a powerful tool indeed….

  34. ..”and the poor Auditor General keeps repeating the same news year after year”

    He comments and reports on what he sees as he is duty bound to do nothing more nothing less.

  35. @ Charles Skeete
    This is why Bushie likes BU.
    You are absolutely correct….

    Bad as it is, there has been CLEAR potential for it to be MUCH MUCH worse….
    …and for that we DO owe thanks…

    Thanks for the perspective.

  36. @Artax

    I totally agree with your post.

    Read today’s pudding and souse post…….after the comedy that was called Carifesta….Stephen Lashley is awarded a gold crown of merit?

    This set of dems have hit all kinds of new lows. I dont remember any other time that a sitting MP was awarded a national award……….neither do I remember sitting MP’s being made Justices of the Peace.

    How much lower will this dlp go? Can it really be true that that moron Freundel Stuart actually wants to be a GG?

    Lord help us.

  37. I was on a flight recently and saw Stuart Layne and the big maguffy who controls the stupid dems sitting together in first class.

    How coincidental that a man being paid by the taxpayers be sitting next to this kingpin in first class? Did the same person book the tickets? I thought these morons were supposed to be flying economy…….

    These people whom we pay would not stop selling out our country for mere morsels of meat.

  38. @ Prodigal Son
    The only thing lower now would be for Froon to award himself a knighthood in the new year’s honours for his contribution to the Satanic monument at the Garrison.

  39. @Bush Tea

    Got to agree with you there!

    I would not put it past him……MP’s like Blackett and Donville were made JP’s recently…….I thought the JP designation was reserved for regular people…….of all people I would have thought that Donville would have rejected the award.

    Low lifes!

  40. Prodigal

    If Joseph Goddard, Warrick Franklyn, Anthony Bryan, Stephen Lashley and Maizie Barker-Welch’s daughter, Sonja Welch could be “rewarded” with national honours…………..

    ……….. we may have the Queen’s New Year’s honours being conferred on Carson C. Cadogan, Alvin Cummins, Angela Cox-Skeete, Maureen Holder, Mary Sargeant and Fcuktured BLP:

    “For their outstanding contributions to publishing and broadcasting, in the area of publishing on social media and broadcasting on the call-in-programs, presenting a positive, balanced credible view of Barbados and spreading the gospel according to the DLP.”

    These knighthoods and Queen’s awards and the Independence Day parade should be dumped.

    They are definitely “charades” used by politicians to reward the party faithful.

    Let future generations embrace something Barbadians to celebrate Independence and watch the old UK style parade on Youtube or read about it in history books.

  41. I would bet every one of us have at least one our two skeletons in our closet,

    Barbados politics and society is a cesspool of immorality.

    Let us hope that enough of us do more good than evil.

  42. Hants December 3, 2017 at 12:46 AM #
    I would bet every one of us have at least one our two skeletons in our closet,

    Speak for yourself.

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