What a Charade

Submitted by Bush Tea

If anything represents the hopelessness of Barbados’ current position, it is the annual ‘independence parade’.

What a load of rubbish.

No one with ANY kind of pride could possibly imagine that 51 YEARS after ‘independence’, our main NATIONAL event commemorating this ‘achievement’ would be a stupid parade that seeks to replicate almost exactly what the people from whom we are claiming independence, do.

Ok. For the first five years or so, it was understandable.
For the next ten years or so it may even have been tolerable…
But shiite man… FIFTY YEARS later, the best that our ‘military brass’ could come up with is an EXACT replica of the damn Queen’s birthday parade or some such British format?

Dress like them
March like them
think like them
behave like them…


What independence what?

We are albino-centric SLAVES of the worse possible sort
…slaves of the MIND.
Have we NO pride?
No imagination?
No creativity?

A simple look at (as despotic a place as) North Korea, or as informal as Dominica- shows that citizens can be mobilised in a patriotic display of nationalism. The best we have come up with is lewd, crude, vulgar, wuk-up and brek-up (and now shoot-up) behaviours at our Crap Over.

A mindset that DEFINES itself by what its former MASTERS do, half a century AFTER claiming to be independent is fooling NO one but itself.

Where there is no vision, the brass bowls perish.
Where there is no creativity, the JAs will languish in serfdom
Where there is no productivity, the downgrades will continue….

If Bajans are stupid enough to CONTINUE with the same level of RH ‘leadership’ that we have had over the past fifty years, then we FULLY deserve all that will be coming our way in the coming months and years…


  • @ Charles Skeete
    This is why Bushie likes BU.
    You are absolutely correct….

    Bad as it is, there has been CLEAR potential for it to be MUCH MUCH worse….
    …and for that we DO owe thanks…

    Thanks for the perspective.


  • @Artax

    I totally agree with your post.

    Read today’s pudding and souse post…….after the comedy that was called Carifesta….Stephen Lashley is awarded a gold crown of merit?

    This set of dems have hit all kinds of new lows. I dont remember any other time that a sitting MP was awarded a national award……….neither do I remember sitting MP’s being made Justices of the Peace.

    How much lower will this dlp go? Can it really be true that that moron Freundel Stuart actually wants to be a GG?

    Lord help us.


  • I was on a flight recently and saw Stuart Layne and the big maguffy who controls the stupid dems sitting together in first class.

    How coincidental that a man being paid by the taxpayers be sitting next to this kingpin in first class? Did the same person book the tickets? I thought these morons were supposed to be flying economy…….

    These people whom we pay would not stop selling out our country for mere morsels of meat.


  • @ Prodigal Son
    The only thing lower now would be for Froon to award himself a knighthood in the new year’s honours for his contribution to the Satanic monument at the Garrison.


  • @Bush Tea

    Got to agree with you there!

    I would not put it past him……MP’s like Blackett and Donville were made JP’s recently…….I thought the JP designation was reserved for regular people…….of all people I would have thought that Donville would have rejected the award.

    Low lifes!


  • Prodigal

    If Joseph Goddard, Warrick Franklyn, Anthony Bryan, Stephen Lashley and Maizie Barker-Welch’s daughter, Sonja Welch could be “rewarded” with national honours…………..

    ……….. we may have the Queen’s New Year’s honours being conferred on Carson C. Cadogan, Alvin Cummins, Angela Cox-Skeete, Maureen Holder, Mary Sargeant and Fcuktured BLP:

    “For their outstanding contributions to publishing and broadcasting, in the area of publishing on social media and broadcasting on the call-in-programs, presenting a positive, balanced credible view of Barbados and spreading the gospel according to the DLP.”

    These knighthoods and Queen’s awards and the Independence Day parade should be dumped.

    They are definitely “charades” used by politicians to reward the party faithful.

    Let future generations embrace something Barbadians to celebrate Independence and watch the old UK style parade on Youtube or read about it in history books.


  • You hear the name Warrick Franklin and all one remembers is ……..I am not a crook!



  • I would bet every one of us have at least one our two skeletons in our closet,

    Barbados politics and society is a cesspool of immorality.

    Let us hope that enough of us do more good than evil.


  • Hants December 3, 2017 at 12:46 AM #
    I would bet every one of us have at least one our two skeletons in our closet,

    Speak for yourself.


  • Artax December 2, 2017 at 11:43 PM #

    Well said.


  • Artax December 2, 2017 at 7:08 PM #

    Unbelievable in truth.


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