Not Me and Prince Harry!

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados
Image credit: Millennials Today

Image credit: Millennials Today

Henry Charles Albert David Windsor, also known as Prince Henry of Wales, is a Caucasian young man whose only claim to fame is that he once shocked his own British society by attaching a Swastika symbol to his arm and dressing up as a German Nazi!
Yet, our country’s Government Information Service has informed us– the citizens of Barbados– that our Barbados Government will be according this Nazi-costume-loving-young man a red carpet welcome, replete with ceremonial bowing and scraping on the part of our phenotypically Black or African Prime Minister, Governor General, Commissioner of Police and Defence Force Chief of Staff !
We have also been informed that the said Prince Henry (or Prince Harry as he is often called) will be presiding over such important elements of our 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations as the “Reveal of the 50th Anniversary of Independence Monument ceremony” and the “Independence Day Parade” at the Garrison Savannah.
Well, I don’t know about the rest of my fellow Barbadian citizens, but this “News” has spoilt the whole 50th Anniversary Independence celebrations for me!
I was really looking forward to attending such historic events as the 50th Anniversary Monument ceremony and the Independence Parade, but my mind simply revolts against the very thought of standing or sitting in a crowd of my fellow Barbadians and watching this strange English Prince– or any other English Prince, Queen or King for that matter– presiding over such sacred national events.
To tell the truth, it really sickens me to the core that 50 years after allegedly achieving the status of sovereign, independent nationhood, our country still continues to bow down to Queen Elizabeth 11 and her “heirs and successors” as our Queen, Monarch and Head of State !
As far as I am concerned this is a national embarrassment of massive proportions !
And so, in order to spare myself what I know will be frightful pangs of embarrassment and psychic pain, I have decided that I will not be attending any of the 50th Anniversary of Independence events that Prince Harry will be presiding over.
I have decided to attempt to bring this decision to the attention of the Barbadian public because I suspect that there are many other Barbadians who feel exactly as I do, and I would like to make them aware of the solution to the issue that I have devised for myself.
I now take this opportunity to wish Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and all the other 29 Members of Parliament a happy and blessed Independence Day !

122 thoughts on “Not Me and Prince Harry!

  1. Observed that all of a sudden on CBC tonight Prince harry the Prince of Wales is referred to as Prince Henry-

    The Prince is definitely known everywhere as Prince Harry. He’s even referred to that way on official website of the British Monarchy “Prince Henry Charles Albert David (always known as Prince Harry)”.
    Formally he is H.R.H. Prince Harry of Wales and his office says that the less formal H.R.H. Prince Harry is also acceptable.

  2. Wait. They paint the monument orange. Orange. Yes, orange. Not green to blend into the landscape. Not red as in the other BDF buildings. Not yellow nor blue of the flag. Not blue to blend in to the sky. No.


  3. Had Harry spent another day on the island, there would be offers by some black people to wipe his backside, people who have no dignity and self-respect are subhuman.

  4. Harry sang the Barbados National Anthem more lustily than many Bajans.It appears as though he went to great lengths to learn the words too given the odd occasion he glanced at the programme guide he held.

  5. @ Due Diligence,

    They are a lovely marketing machine for tourism dependant Barbados.

    After the celebrations Barbados will still be in deep doo doo and need all the help it can get.

  6. Prince Harry and Rihanna ‘together’ in Barbados were featured in every prime time entertainment show in the US tonight. The kind of publicity money could not buy and which is needed now more than ever.

  7. charles skeete December 1, 2016 at 7:53 PM #
    “Observed that all of a sudden on CBC tonight Prince harry the Prince of Wales is referred to as Prince Henry”

    Do you really expect CBC to have a clue? He is referred to as Prince Harry worldwide, including by the Royal family themselves in public. No-one calls him Prince Henry. We just make ourselves look even more insular and un-wordly wise than we already are.

    Who gives a flying shitee about who or what he represents. Barbados got a shitload of publicity out of his visit, and he behaved impeccably, showing no signs of his Royal background, only that of an excellent ambassador who was clearly popular, especially with young people.

    Leave out all the colonial crap for three days and lap up the much needed positive publicity.

  8. “A lovely couple”?

    Does Harry not have a lovely girlfriend, whom he reportedly adores, presumptous much…besides Rihanna is looking fat around the middle and other places…not presuming or anything….lol

    The island is in “deep doo doo” literally….raw sewage…poop leaking into the roads and sea.

  9. For those who will catch fits today over my posts, dont waste ya breath…I am never easily impressed by anyone, saves me time on asskissing…lol

    Alvin…you wont stop telling lies, still making an idiot of yaself, what independence, what struggle, did Barrow not fight in the war FOR UK, after being educated in UK…

    ….did you not hear the little dude Harry telling the young people of Barbados that while the future of the island in in their hands…they are still owned by Liztherat the beast of buckingham palace, I know most people missed that play, Harry slipped it in as was his job,….

    …’s only the leaders can break that repeated curse and blight of the young people being programmed to believe they are owned by the monsters in buckingham palace, but only if they stop Harry’s age group from buckinham, returning to the island every 30 years to target the young people for mindwash and reprogramming.

    In Harry’s speech…again, the word proud is overused. Buckinham palace needs to be reminded to leave any hint of ownership of black people out of their speeches, the speecges can be given without claiming anyone belonging to Liztherat.

    “You should be very proud to be young Barbadians. You should be proud of the country that your parents and grandparents have built. Now it is your time to honour the work of the generations that have come before you. It is up to you to write the next 50 years of this country’s story.

    “Like other young people around the world, the young people of Barbados face challenges.

    “You look into the future and wonder how technology will change your lives. You wonder how you will obtain the skills and resources to compete in a rapidly changing world. And I know that you worry about the impact climate change will have on island nations like yours.

    “What I say to you is this: the solutions to these challenges will not come from anyone else. The answers must come from you. Good things happen to good people; believe you can make change; and if you lead by example, others will follow.

    “When Barbados marks 100 years of independence, it will be your contribution that will be judged. And we need every one of you, to do all that you can so that in 2066 we have reason to throw an even bigger party than we are throwing tonight.

    “I know that so many young Barbadians are already making a big impact. What I have seen throughout the region and here in Barbados, is that anyone looking for young role models, will find them here in the Caribbean. It is now my great pleasure to invite one of them to join me on stage. Can I please introduce you to one of your own, Jamilla Sealy.

    “Jamilla is passionate about the environment. She teaches environmental science to children and helps to organise communities here in Barbados to keep beaches clean and to understand the threats posed by climate change. She has represented her country at United Nations meetings and is now creating an online map to identify illegal dumpsites.

    “Jamilla is already a strong Barbadian young leader, and tonight I am delighted to announce that she can now call herself one of The Queen’s Young Leaders for 2017.”

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