Happy 46 Anniversary of Independence BARBADOS

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Does anyone remember when Diana Ross and the Supremes started to sing the first song during our first Independence celebration in Independence square (I think it was the second night) and before you know it, a riot broke out?

I remember standing by JBLeslie enjoying the Supremes as they sang and the next thing I saw was people scampering. My cousin and I took off for Bay Street and headed home. When I went to school the next morning, I heard that two of my school friends were caught in the melee and were arrested that night.

As a member of the Red Cross through my school, and many students from other schools, we participated in the ceremony and parade that was held at the Garrison Savannah. When I was told about our presence, I asked my grandmother for money to buy a new Elite shirt from Fogarty and money to buy material to get a new skirt made.

On the eve of our 46th anniversary of Independence, in much the same way an organization is defined by its employees, so too a nation is defined by its people. I take this opportunity to encourage you and you and you to be the best that you can be and by so doing, our little country will continue to prosper.

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  1. At this stage can you see anything to make us happy about our independence? Nothing in this country seems to be working as they should. This is not time for rejoicing but it is time for sack cloth and ashes.

    • David

      I am not seeking perfection: I am asking for minimum standards since we are not there yet.

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  2. On the eve of our 46th anniversary of Independence, in much the same way an organization is defined by its employees, so too a nation is defined by its people. I take this opportunity to encourage you and you and you to be the best that you can be and by so doing, our little country will continue to prosper.


    good words of advice! needed at such a time for as a people freedom requires more than just talk but a commitment and a love of country that supersedes all that is wrong!

  3. Forty six years of independence and the staff of CBC and the public treated like dogs by the DLP.

    They have not allowed the staff at CBC to show Dr. Duguids apology but they have shown the Speaker’s responce to the apology.

    No wonder they cannot bring the FOI Bill.

  4. I can’t help wonder what has become of Scout and Onions they have put themselves into self exile. When some doesn’t agree with some one people get all heated up and do drastic things. So Scout and Onions you are forgiven so please come back to BU, some of us miss you!

  5. IG246
    Why don’t you leave Onions alone? There is an Election on the horizon and as part of the BLP Brain Trust he has a critical role to play. He is finalizing Tee shirt slogans and coming up with laugh lines to use when he chairs the meetings.

    From time to time he may drop in under one of his multiple identities to complain that David ‘unfair’ him but he doesn’t have the time to be on the keyboard all day.

    …… and if the BLP win the Election? Onions gone, his bread will be buttered with ham once more….

  6. Islandgal, why don’t you leave well enough alone nuh?!?
    What Onions what? Bushie hope that onions chopped up in some gravy somewhere. …..the last thing we need is him coming back here with his PoorRakey self… 🙂

    So wait…. How long we going to continue with this independence thing? Wunna mean every year we going on with the same damn foolishness? …same boring parade? Same old talk by the Dipper from 45 years ago?
    Is it not time for us to GROW UP and become mature?….and move on? ….instead of every year patting ourselves on the back about what good babies we were back then….

    Caswell is right, everything is broken in the place and we talking bout “independence” like we are children that just got visas.

  7. bush tea

    Caswell is right, everything is broken in the place and we talking bout “independence” like we are children that just got visas.

    so then what should the people do! just give up! maybe to some the independence might have been all worth the struggle. nobody said life was going to be easy ! just take a look at the middle east and see how hard the struggle for independence can be, thankfully bajans did not have to die in a war to accomplish independence and that we should be appreciative of and be thankful.

  8. Caswell Franklyn | November 29, 2012 at 8:04 PM |

    I am not seeking perfection: I am asking for minimum standards since we are not there yet.
    CF., I am in total agreement with you. We are slowing losing all of our industries and our Pride appears to be going the same route.

    We are spending millions of dollars which we can ill afford to refurbish the road leading from the ABC Highway-Deighton Griffith junction to Gall Hill in Christ Church,which I have labelled the RDJ Highway.. It is only a few months old, in this completed section, and already the side walk is overgrown with bush and grass, and strewn with debris and litter. And to add insult to injury, it is just outside the window of the Constituency Office of the member of parliament for that area. I am also sure that the Minister of Transport, and the Minister of Youth etc etc, both pass this way regularly.
    W A P W D G O

  9. I am so proud that after 46 years of Independence most of my Barbadian people are wonderfully amazed at the phenomenal strides our country has made….under DLP rule over the years..

    Those who complain on this BU thread are the ones who clearly show themselves to be perpetually broken and bruised pyschologically by the BLP and ARTHUR – RITIS !

    For those are the persons who are truly disappointed that for the last 18 years the BLP – out of the overall 46 years – have sunken Barbados to a new low.


    1. Environmentally – GREENLAND remains a $ 80 million environmental disaster !

    2. Parliament – Owen Arthur and William Duguid – have plunged our parliamentary pride to despairing depths (labelling it poor rakey and a House where expletives must be used….without shame nor reason ) !

    3. Barbadians – must remain HEWERS of water and DRAWERS of wood – sell off their “family silver” to the highest bidder in order to pay the high debts the BLP incur.



    That’s why we will keep the DEMS there….to celebrate……50 years of INDEPENDENCE.

  10. Fractured BLP…..So you are implying that the Dems were running this country for most of the 46 years? Your BRAIN is indeed FRACTURED!

  11. we are so blessed to be living in a time when the basics necessities of live are in easy reach. think of our foreparents who did not have the easy availability to a telephone or had to walk for miles to go to nearest store . no easy access to transportation. the things that we take for granted others had to suffer and endure in order to make a way out of no way. truly bajans are blessed .however many are ungrateful.

  12. then we got bajans like BAF saying how good things are in CUBA and BUSH TEA giving us CASWELL to head a comittee for REFORM. What next ?

  13. persons like Fractured BLP must really live a sad life. i don’t ever (pray for persons) do this but i will pray for you in the hopes that whatever it is that made you the liar you are will release you from the bondage of the hell hold you call a life.

  14. Or are we just by nature a selfcentred group of people who are unable to be thankful and appreciative for the blessings god have bestowed upon this rock, sheilding it fom the natural disaters that so many other countries have endured in the past year even the biggest and most powerful nations have met with full force as of recent with Sandy then we have bajans saying there is nothing of happiness to refect on in 46years.

    • @ac

      Part of protecting Barbados and pushing to do better is because it is what is required to survive and prosper. Defending the status quo (back patting) does what? The world has changed and is rapidly changing every day, year and part of the discourse is to ensure we are all enlightened to this fact.

      On 1 December 2012 15:58, Barbados Underground

  15. ac
    You does don’t have to wash and cook and mop and them things? ….give it a rest nuh!!?
    You hear anybody being ungrateful for the lotta blessings we got?….we grateful! …but that don’t mean that we have to continue like little foolish children can’t look after our basic needs without outsiders’ help…
    …that don’t mean we can’t GROW UP and take control of our affairs in a mature and sensible way…
    ….that don’t mean that we should forever be yard fowls look for scraps off political tables

    …now go and cook something for the lawyer man… 🙂

  16. Another ass -that “Fractured whatever” above comments.
    Shows how utterly stupid some people can behave in their make believe world.
    Why are some people so tied to political parties ?

  17. So bushie what does your comment have to do with 46 years of independence and the many ways bajans have had to find ways to reach a level of sucess maybe not enough for your liking but rome waa not built in a day .btw i hire people to do the cook and wash.

  18. You mean you actually gave up the job of feeding and looking after your man to the hired help…?
    …you mind those foolish rich people….! Bajan men like they belly hear? Just hope she don’t cook too sweet… 🙂

    What 46 years of independence what?!?
    Independence is about standing up on your own like a man.
    …not owing Tom dick and Harry.
    …not being unable to make decisions
    …not having a reputation as a thief
    …not having outsiders run our businesses
    …not looking to sell our last assets in order to eat..

    You seem to think independence is some emotional trip…
    Children who gain independence when they are not properly able to manage their affairs always eventually become wards of the state….

  19. @ ac | December 1, 2012 at 11:58 AM |
    ” then we have bajans saying there is nothing of happiness to refect on in 46years.”

    Do those 46 years include OSA 14 years of misrule and corruption that made Bajans much poorer than they are today?
    Is there anything good that took place during that ‘dark’ period of BLP misery and abuse of the people?
    It will be nice to hear your reflections on that period.

    @ ac | December 1, 2012 at 3:07 PM |
    “.. btw i hire people to do the cook and wash.”
    So, ac, you mean you are so lazy and incompetent like the Barbados public sector that you even “privatize” your domestic responsibilities? We will not be surprised, as Bushie suspects, if other ‘conjugal duties” are also outsourced to a more able bodied and satisfying service provider that can truly teach you a thing or two about keeping a man truly contented.

  20. Dr. Honourable (a.k.a Dr. Duguid)
    You shame of your BLP legacy ? The BLP is the most regressive political party in the Commonwealth Caribbean. With Owen Arthur at the helm its fortunes will plunge even lower.
    He is the only drunkard as opposition leader anywhere in the world.

    David of BU has promised to publish some photos of Owen lying down in mud on the compound of John Moore shop.

  21. The BLP throughout the year embarked upon numerous issues, any and everything they could think of to sink the DLP ship. Arthur just months ago reported to Midweek Nation that REDjet might still be flying if government has honored its commitment to the collapsed airlines. Arthur, apparently did not consider FACT that Bajans owe REDjet nothing – but indeed owe Barrack – millions. Barrack has a court ordered judgment; REDjet does not. Mia Mottley fusses to the Nation News (July 2012) that government owes more than $100 million to the University of West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus and called for an “urgent” permanent solution to the mounting debt problem. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Government at moment owes Al Barrack $77 million, a mounting debt problem that occurred because Arthur was into folly with Julie Price, had hit upon one of his drinking binges and or was sleeping. Barrack wants to get paid. Barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment, Bajans must pay.

    Clyde Mascoll at a September 2012 meeting (Grantley Adams School) said the [DLP] government is flat broke, so broke that if it was a private company, it would be declared insolvent and be forced to file bankruptcy. Agree, Barbados is flat broke, “ALL IN THE RED” Barbados, before 2008 incidentally was not financially sound. Proof of this is three S&P downgrades.

    Both CLICO and Al Barrack are political issues and in the face of both the BLP and DLP. Both, CLICO and Al Barrack however, positions the BLP on the losing end of the stick. Arthur and the BLP gave birth to Al Barrack, cannot deny it. Thompson and the DLP in 2008 accepted the Al Barrack problem without choice. Al Barrack in 2008 became Thompson’s problem but was FIRST Arthur’s problem. Also, don’t forget the Supervisor of Insurance in 2006 issued a Cease and Decease Order against CLICO. The Cease and Decease Order came before Arthur and they, the BLP, simply did nothing. Arthur like Thompson stepped down in CLICO mud. Arthur took CLICO money, just a lot less than Thompson. The BLP did nothing, absolutely nothing to resolve the Al Barrack mess that has ballooned quite so large. Never-the-less, Barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment. Bajans must pay.
    Al Barrack alike the Arch Cot, Britton Hill land mess, and CLICO is ugly but serious, extremely. Regardless of his [partnership] with Dale Marshall and George Payne, Al Barack has the last laugh. Al Barack has in his possession a court ordered judgment. Bajans must pay. George Pain, however is slated ten million and Dale Marshall, two million.

    The S&P on July 17th downgraded Barbados to junk bond status. This was major news due to Arthur and the BLP. Immediately after announcement of the S&P downgrade Arthur went about ranting and raving “Call the election!!! Let us get this behind us [the election] and let all the fundamental decisions that must be made about the countries future be made in a period of calm and seriousness rather than in a period of electoral frenzy”. Arthur seems to think that Barbados needs him only him to survive. The fact is Arthur is a public drunk, inept and corrupt. Arthur, during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of Cabinet discussing the VECO matter. He said he wished he was there. But when told by both Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occasions the entire country heard him say it. Owen had apparently had hit upon a drinking binge.

    The BLP sad to say has put Barbados in a sorry mess and now racing for leadership, AGAIN. All are shameful, those BLP clowns and their clown leader Owen Arthur.

  22. islandgal246 | November 29, 2012 at 8:10 PM |
    Lawd yuh mean to tell me dat dem peoples didn’t have any behaviour back then? So nutting has changed?
    At at the 46th Independence celebrations at the Garrison a few days ago, as on that night in 1966 when the Union Jack was lowered and the Broken Trident raised,seating was reserved for the privilege few and wannabe upperclass, leaving the masses, in whose name who this independence was being claimed for, hanging on behind the rails ,barriers and bars that were there to separate the hogs from the goats.Later at the Supreme performance in the Careenage,now part of Independence Square, the same privilege few and wannabe upperclass were accorded seating (and speakers, hi-fi type) at the front, and this led to the upheaval ,as some young men were not too pleased to see the same- old- same, after gaining independence.
    That incident occurred Day number 2 of independance, this is now Day number 16,800 has anything changed?

  23. It seems that
    in this life one thing counts,
    in the bank large amounts

    Colonel the hierarchy will continue to live on as long as they keep shouting “Long live the Queen”!

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