Re-Defacing of NELSON Statue in Bridgetown

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement of Barbados

Dear Sir / Madam,

I wish to remind Barbadians that it is not only the usual Afrocentric activists such as Trevor Marshall, Anthony “Mighty Gabby” Carter, Sir Hilary Beckles and David Comissiong who have been persistently calling for the removal of the Lord Nelson statue from its central and prestigious location in our capital city of Bridgetown.

In the year 1999 the then Barbados Government established a governmental “National Heroes Square and Gallery Development Committee” to consider and decide upon this issue of the correct location of the Nelson statue (among other issues).

I was a member of that National Committee.

The Committee held three Town Hall meeting on the issue and also solicited and received scores of written submissions from the people of Barbados.

In May 2000 the Committee issued its Report and recommended the REMOVAL and RELOCATION of the Nelson statue to one of two possible alternative locations.

The Committee also recommended that the statue be immediately taken down and kept in storage pending its relocation, lest it provoke “public controversy.” (See page 15 of the Report)

Membership of the Committee consisted of several very eminent and qualified Barbadians.

Sadly and regrettably the Recommendation of the Committee on the Nelson Statue has never been implemented.

I say that it is never too late to do the right thing, and hereby Call upon the present Government to take immediate steps to implement the recommendation of this National Committee by removing the Nelson Statue from its current prominent location in the heart of our capital city.



  • Sounds like the ideal time to keep a full-moon street party from Hastings to Oistins?
    Agree Sir John?

    Not if you don’t want to get splashed!!!

    Yup, some of the manholes along the way are running!!

    Now, if you think it is sewage you may have a problem!!!


  • The Committee also recommended that the statue be immediately taken down and kept in storage pending its relocation, lest it provoke “public controversy.” (See page 15 of the Report)

    Nope, can’t find anything in the report referring to White Supremacy!!

    PLT is once again, out to lunch!!

    So the puzzle, if he is actually right, is how did the statue suddenly become an icon of White Supremacy?!!!

    I can’t recall any public controversy it has provoked, a couple of malcontents.

    The same ones over and over again, spewing hatred can’t be viewed a “public controversy” …. just a couple of idiots!!


  • @miller
    if Canada is your desire, you just have to plead discrimination based upon sexual orientation.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    lol….that won’t fly either, they want asylum because they were sexually discriminated against by Cut & Paste. .ha, ha, next available flight out, especially when they are most of them well known racists…

    …..many tourists have complained about their behaviors toward the majority population over the decades and the practices allowed……on the island.

    ….not all foreign whites are savages or beasts, you get many who are humanitarian and they speak out in their countries when they encounter racism and discrimination, while vacationing.

    My intent still stands.

    ….not even that will work…i will just be my usual charming self, contact those countries and give them an ear full….they dont want any second rate racists in their countries either, they are working to crack down on racism and get rid of the ones they already got…., preferably in a hole somewhere..

    … let these stay trapped in their YOU BLACKS population and serve out every day of their time….because there is no such thing as reverse racism, it never existed and never will…it was just another white scam designed to get the most slave minded and brainwashed Black people to call each other racists…and appallingly it worked.

    there are too many mentally weak people in the majority population, the next scam they design for them will be equally evil and the weak will fall for it like a rock…shameful


  • I see from the report in the article that there was “credible evidence to suggest” back then that a Marine Museum or Heritage Centre was to have been built which could have been the statue’s final resting place.

    I wonder if anyone can tell me where it is located!!!!

    Incredible … who jokers prepared this report?


  • Theophilius Gazerts December 2, 2017 at 5:59 PM #

    Is the inherited so-called Westminster/Whitehall model a reminder of slavery and, later, colonialism? We cannot mix and match.
    Some people seem to think shouting loud is winning the argument. Museums are about the .preservation of culturally significant artefacts, which says more about .the dominant group/culture at any particular historical juncture than .it says about the cult.ural or political relevance of .the item.
    The shouters want to remove the Nelson statue, but not destroy it. There must be logic there somehow. The shouters do not see anything wrong with vandalism, then they cry out about rising crime. Opposing anti-social behaviour is a principle, not a political option.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd.

    @Bernard Codrington December 1, 2017 at 4:46 PM “My reading of history suggests that the removal of the artifacts of history achieves nothing. The citizens have to look in the mirror and ask”Am I satisfied with me? Can I be a better me? What do I need to do to improve my situation?”

    But sure it is possible both to remove artifacts AND to look in the mirror and determine to create a better me?


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