Maureen Holder’s Press Conference | Subject-line Patrick King and Mia Mottley

It is no secret the BU household abhors the way both the Barbados Labour Party (BLP and Democratic Labour Party have interfered with the management of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over the years.  The abuse of the media outlet in the Pine has become so blatant that the majority of Barbadians have opted to ignore the CBC as a preferred option to source news.

A view of the press conference ‘staged’ by Maureen Holder reinforced BU’s view. She has a right to defend her name but as they say- you shall know them by their fruit. Wait a minute! Is this an orchestration intended to detract?

85 thoughts on “Maureen Holder’s Press Conference | Subject-line Patrick King and Mia Mottley

  1. Her voice annoys the hell outta me, I will just wait for the comments and get the gist of her rant, probably just the same old nonsense rant as last week.

  2. There is also money.

    ” A $675-million pledge by the Liberal government – which includes $75-million in new funds

    for the rest of this fiscal year followed by an extra $150-million annually through 2021 – is the

    anticipated centrepiece of an array of new cultural spending totalling nearly $1.9-billion over

    the next five years.

  3. You can find Patrick King’s somewhat salacious videos on Facebook.

    I don’t take Patrick seriously.

    I don’t take Maureen seriously.

    But then again I am only a Simple Simon with a fake Phd.

  4. Hey Maureen who tell you that younger women have more options that older women?

    There is a Bajan saying, “new brooms sweep clean, but old brooms know the corners”

    Don’t go that ageism route. Ageism is just as bad as sexism, as racism etc.

    Don’t write off the old girls yet.

  5. CBC is like all the other statutory corporations the employer of last restort for those clueless figures who were not good enough for the private sector or emigration or were too lazy to work. Always begging for the taxpaper´s money like servants for clothes and food.

    Barbadian economy will never recover until all statutory corporations are sold or closed and at least 10,000 civil ants got their papers.

  6. We can clearly see where we are as a people when media houses can find time and resources to cover this nonsense, but fail to enlighten Barbadians as to why $20,000 plus perks can be taken from the public purse to pay a mechanic to provide services at the Transport Board that the very same public purse was tapped into to train countless locals to provide. These are the same media houses that turned a blind eye while Government shelled out somewhere between sixty four and sixty seven thousand dollars a week in rental fees for a blasted tractor owned by persons politically connected to the government. The same media houses that for the most part have remained silent about the fact that the speaker of the House Of Assembly is again before the courts of this country, embroiled in money matters relative to client funds. Say what you want but can you deny the fact that the journalistic recalcitrance where the main stream media is concerned, continues to breathe life into sites like Naked Departure?
    Long Live Social Media!

  7. For as much as I refuse to waste my data listening to any program hosted by Maureen Holder I still take umbrage to the cesspool style attack launched by “Pig Pen Patrick” who by the way has said on countless occasions on brass tacks that he is offended by persons who use social media to do exactly what he is doing. He claims to spend time doing research, but cannot see how such time counts for nothing since many are turned off by his chosen path of insipidity? She ent come from nowhere. Well unless you PPP can tell me exactly where is somewhere, I humbly submit that neither have you or I.

  8. @ Hamilton, I was sitting here wondering who from the print media had actually turned up. Her disclaimer was that she was not a politician or running for public office and it made me wonder then why a press conference? Maybe it will be announced that she is contesting the St. John seat. This little exercise seems staged to put her in the public’s eye. Going to the police or taking the person to court would have sufficed. Also isn’t she the Press? Could she not have addressed this matter on her show?

    It is difficult for me to understand her claim of intimidation and harassment especially when she on her show she does the same to Ms Mottley as well as vilify her and cast doubts in the public’s mind about her ability to perform as the PM when Ms Mottley has never held that position before and failed in it.

    She has also informed the public of Barbados that her show is biased and not impartial. In my opinion while she has a right to a political opinion and to choose which side she is on, while she is on the job at a public corporation and is not a politician her views must seen to be impartial. All of the sexual remarks that spilled over in her response to that man are actually intended to assassinate Ms. Mottley’s character. All she has displayed in 5 minutes of fame was her lack of credibility as a host of a public call in program of a public corporation that should serve all Barbadians. In light of this, her skills could be employed if were a DLP paid program.

  9. If either switch political yardfowl affiliation tomorrow, they would both bcome the best of friends cussing everyone who is not a yardfowl, as is their practice, glad I found something better to do with my few minutes rather than listen to the yardfowl.

  10. Only in RH Barbados! The media turns up to a press conference called by a talk show host to prove she has qualifications, including a masters from a low rate university in course no longer even offered by the university. Given her on air behaviour and this “press conference”, the only diplomatic post I could see Maureen filling is in a pig pen with Patrick–he loved to talk about them and both behave like occupants of one.

    • @enuff

      Agree with your comment. If Mia or Abrahams have any influence on King they should ask him to stop his pig pen attacks. A big turnoff to many who are already disengaged.

  11. That’s why I have only ever managed to watch 30 seconds of 2 or 3 of his videos, there is no point there either…they are both well suited.

  12. ac November 26, 2017 at 7:49 AM # :

    Don’t blame ‘free education’ for Patrick King…………….. if he had paid, it would be the same outcome!

  13. The BLP should be embarrassed to have that loose cannon use reference of their party name or their leader as a hot button to attack PM Stuart

  14. KS all i am saying if he used his education to promote himself and the BLP party the man has wasted precious time and resources availing himself to barbados education system,
    It is obvious that what he demonstrates is a person who is mentally challenged and on the verge of a mental breakdown
    If Mia Miottley wants to demonstrate leadership potential she would distance herself and the party name by insisting that this deprived imbecile does not reference her name and party in none of his insipid and useless rants and raves,

  15. If any rational thinking individual takes Angela Cox/Skeete/ac incoherent shiite contributions to BU in defense of this inept DLP administration into consideration, Freundel Stuart should likewise take their advice and distance himself and the DLP from that “deprived imbecile” and her “insipid and useless rants and raves.”

  16. Artax i expected that response from you, However You as one of the loudest BLP paling cocks on BU should be embarrassed at the rants and raves of Patrick and his association to the BLP, but NO you in your ongoing attacks which serves no purpose set out on the usual path of meanderings and distractions to post useless attacks on ac,
    But what the heck.
    Hope the Leader of the opposition would take full advantage of the moral stance hoisted on her promise for accountability and integrity decry this idiot outrageous and slanderous attacks on private citizens of this country and remove herself from perception of her endorsing his political rhetoric

  17. @ ac
    What you now call “phew “was used in 2007-08 ,where you were when Patrick King started his embarrassing trait in effort to help MP/DLP Minister Lowe? what about his highlighting facts as to your selfish PM inability to name a deputy PM in 7 years.

  18. @ac, I hope the leader of the oppsition will distance herself from the ludicrous attackers that are demanding her to produce a LEC!

  19. @ watchman

    Similarly, the DEMS promised to implement integrity and freedom of information legislation, while ENDORSING the “political rhetoric” of Patrick King aka “The Pig Pen Man” who, prior and during the 2008 general election campaign, was a frequent caller to “Brass Tacks,” castigating the BLP and attacking the character of Reginald Farley on behalf of Denis Lowe and the DLP.

    And BU’s resident DLP yard-fowl JA Angela Skeete/Cox/ac, who also SUPPORTED King’s “outrageous and slanderous attacks on private citizens of this country” in those days and was not “embarrassed at the rants and raves of Patrick and his association to the DLP……………..

    …………………is now (hypocritically) describing him as a “mentally challenged, deprived imbecile,” because he is CUSSING the DLP and its operatives.

    • This is a big part of the problem many have with politicians, the Bajan variety. A couple years ago Patrick King was following Denis Lowe like the dutiful puppy (yardfowl), they have a falling out and all of a sudden Mia, BLP policies and philosophy take greater importance over those of the DLP.

  20. THe leader of the Opposition if becomes the PM of barbados must show her self approved. Only BLP yardfowls would use the defense model of so called attacks against the opposition and level that modus operandi against individuals who asked relevant and persistent questions about Mia accreditation
    Dont even go there Heather since the BLP has driven fast and loose on the highway call Integrity to point and castigate members of govt for not up holding the law even though they have not proffer any evidence of which they blatantly speak,
    Mia Mottley made a promise on the floor of parliament two years ago to produce her certification .
    Either she is a liar or feel an entitlement of privileged either way it does not look good or hold well for her a person who is seeking to become PM and oversee what pertains to Justice and accountability of this fair land called Barbados

  21. watchman November 26, 2017 at 9:27 AM #


    What you now call “phew “was used in 2007-08 ,where you were when Patrick King started his embarrassing trait in effort to help MP/DLP Minister Lowe? what about his highlighting facts as to your selfish PM inability to name a deputy PM in 7 years.


    Sir this is the first time i have ever seen or heard of this guy called Patrick King , which only goes to show that the vicious and unwarranted attacks on ac or without proof as to who i am
    The guy i will reiterate has lost his marbles and the BLP and its leader would do well to distance association from his political rants .
    Sir attacking me is not the answer as to how the BLP can rid themselves of this uncharacteristic loose cannon who may as well by now do the party and its leader more harm than good.
    Not knowing of the cause or reason for his departure as a past member of the DLP , i however would assumed that his present actions might give an insight as to his self absorbed and uncontrollable nature and a person who should be avoided at any cost

  22. @ David,

    There is the political elite and the bottom feeders at the political trough.

    Barbadian politics and societal structure has not changed much in 50 years.

    • @Hants

      So true. BU hesitated to post on this pigpen-dispute between King and Holder because on the face it is a nonsense issue. On refection we hope that by posting to encourage the sensible and intelligent among us to fully participate in our system of government to negate what these two are doing. Both of them do a disservice to the political segment.

  23. Maureen Holder is nothing more in my opinion a DLP lackey who uses her position as Moderator to argue or shout at persons who criticize this Government andthen cheers on her Dems like the Trini Dem ,Commissioner,the Returning National,rawle ,Arthur and a couple more who big her up.She is joined by Mr Lovell and to a lesser extent Mr Broomes.Therefore you have a talk show with three moderators of the same view,how could this show be balanced?As for Mr King although I do not agree with his behavior,Ms holder seeks every opportunity to attack Ms Mottley there fore she in turn is up for criticism,so do not cry fowl.

  24. First of all if Patrick had any political savvy, He would not have further contributed in his political nonsensical rants and raves giving more attention to the issue of Mia certification while trying to discredit Maureen Holder.
    Overall his attempt to shield Mia from further allege allegations and accusations he added more fuel to the fire ,
    Hence forcing and giving Maureen more reason to defend herself and many across the political divide to condemn his actions. His mouthings refuel annd reignite all that was heard about the LEC issue over the past weeks and months and going forward serves for only bait and fodder while asking for clarification on the issue
    Now what is left to be seen or heard is a statement of condemnation coming from within the confines of the BLP party one that is critical and on point on what political message and language the leader of the blp and members would use in their fight to win the upcoming election

  25. We have a case here on BU where some people have lifted their pens to accuse people of all manner of things without the slightest bit of evidence and suddenly they now jump out at others who are doing the same thing ! We allow people to publish hearsay and propaganda without even cautioning them but want to now pretend that we are washed in the blood of the lamb. They are ALL fighting to get their mouths in the BLPDLP trough. Bet a million dollars that after elections depending on who wins , most of them will disappear to fatten themselves for five years at least , some we will never hear from again because they will be well rewarded for the garbage they have written for the party of their choice. This is not about Barbados. This is about the most rabid group of opportunists that has visited this land since slavery. They are brazen party lackeys, who believe that Barbados belongs to them and the the dangerous operatives at Roebuck and George Streets.

  26. David BU it is obvious which dog you have in this fight. On occasion i have listened to Maureen Holder and one thing i can say that her level of discourse does not in any way matches the ridiculous comments by Patrick by way of salacious and slanderous attacks
    I have heard here discuss the LEC issue on a level of asking for accountability from MIa in order to put the issue to rest and rightfully so. Never heard her show any disrespect in any of her commentary towards Mia
    OF course the BLP operatives would now lambaste Maureen for her self defense while courting danger sitting on a minefield tracked with doubt and suspicion looming over Mia Mottley head

  27. It seems as though Maureen Holder’s “press conference” was orchestrated by the DLP in a childish attempt to continue with the Mottley/LEC shiite as a means of distracting from the real issues affecting Barbadians.

    I hope the DLP paid CBC for broadcasting that public relations exercise so as not add to the debt of $109,609.

  28. @ ac

    So you are one of the 2013 yard-fowls, ok , then you should ask Lowe why he dump Patrick. Lowe and Patrick are of the same characters, find out what the 13 year old Denis did at school to be put on the bench and never returned to school in Barbados.

  29. There is a pattern here, the BLP went after Owen, Owen defended himself in public, then its was Owen being old and jealous and hitting out because he’s not in power etc. Then the BLP went after Maria, Maria defended herself in public, then it was why she doing it, they right to bring charges against her etc. Mia went after Dennis Lowe and his qualifications, it was yes yes Mia get him. Lowe went after Mia and her qualifications and it was, leave Mia alone, talk about the issues, red herrings, poor Mia etc. PaTRICK went after Maureen, it was yes, yah right PaTRICK, more more…. Maureen defended herself, why Maureen dont hush etc etc.

    To all people being attacked seemingly by the BLP and her hacks, defend yourselves. To these on here and other places when you defend yourself its two wrongs dont make a right. However when the first wrong is happening, they dont utter a word and are secretly gleeful that the BLP lead attacks are occurring. So dont mind these on here. Defend yourself.

  30. So watchman as a long standing and longwinded member of the blp why dont u ask Mia to show the public her formal
    Certification to be a legal member of the bar

    • Why dont you ask Attorney General Brathwaite to respond to the motion paassed by his party?

      Why dont you ask the Barbados Courts to stop Mottley from presenting cases.

      Lastly, why did Barbados Today agree to the consent order acknowledging therein that there is no issue with her qualifications?

      You, Maureen and King are all fowls of a feather.

  31. It seems to me that the lady has seen the light and realize that she would soon be looking for a job and used this medium to peddle her CV ware in the hope that she gets lucky even a PR pick for a Chinese outfit.

  32. Sigh..Sigh…Sigh…AC(Ass Clown) you can’t listen to Patrick King..but could listen to a froon saying the potholes are a minor inconvenience, him having confidence in a Minister of Finance presiding over 20 downgrades in this country’s credit rating. With all due respect Freundel does talk the most shite only in the most erudite of language…..Now i will not play naive and say that CBC has been “manipulated” by both political parties but how this “iteration” of the DLP ABUSING CBC tells me that at LEAST they don’t know the fine line between Party and Gov’t. CBC is being used as a blatant PROPOGANDA machine for THE DLP and convoluting their broadcasts as information from the Govt….it is sickening. This is the same govt under which you couldn’t wear red at a Xmas function at CBC because it may have “political overtones”… now tell me what brand of utter bullshit is that!!!!… Then the longstanding cricket program Best and Mason was abruptly brought to an end when there was controversy trying to have Noel Lynch as a guest…..Wunna DEMS could fool wunna selves but not those with sense. Day does run till night catch it and wunna night coming in the next 3-5 months hear what i tell wunna

  33. David

    I am glad you put the video of Patrick King.

    BU readers now get a chance to see who is Artax .

    Artax is his BU moniker.

    A vile and despicable creature. That one Artax … real name Patrick ‘ pig 🐷 pen’ King !

  34. @David

    The AG Brathwaite can’t bring anything, because he has nothing to bring. I noticed there is an extract from Hansard of his Budget speech in which he is attempting to cast doubt about the legitimacy of Mottley’s right to practice. All I shall say about the speech is that the AG was either attempting to mislead or worse does not understand our laws. Even more laughable is that the DLP would find it necessary to post it to their website.

    • @enuff

      Clearly they cant win an election platform on the economy, unemployment, crime etc so it is back to the tried and trusted smoke and mirrors stuff. With Barbados sinking to the bottom of the pile this is where we are. If they are so sure about her lack of qualification why doesn’t the AG, Registrar, Chief Justice et al act?

      Bunch of jackasses.

  35. some blp yardfowlo told me that day run till night catches up , i almost took offence until i realized the yardfowl was pelting big rocks at mia

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, King and Artax have two things in common, there are BLP lackies and they both talk jobby

  36. David November 26, 2017 at 4:03 PM #

    In answer to your first two questions , All would happen in due time which is soon
    The Barbados Today story not clear on the outcome as it now stands Barbados Today did not issue a retraction or even an apology which would meant a wrong doing was committed
    On the last comment , WEll suffice it for me to say that this blog maybe be the largest yardfowl attraction.

  37. David the DLP has won two elections with the downgrades and the CLICO both issues have been used as political wedges and battering rams against the DLP which was to ensure certain defeat which did not happen
    So what make you so certain that the BLP would win, For as of now the BLP has not offered any clear alternatives to slowing the pace of down grades

  38. And based on the shiite Fucktured BLP contributes to BU, which is no different from the biased DLP shiite spewed on CBC’s “Talk yuh Talk” call-in-programme……….

    …………… is clearly evident Fcuktured BLP is Maureen Holder.

    However, there are not many fundamental political & philosophical differences between yard-fowls Peter Wickham and Maureen Holder.

    Ironically, prior to the 2008 general elections, Peter Wickham (who was at the time a DLP yard-fowl) was on VOB’s “Brass Tacks” criticizing CBC’s “Talk yuh Talk,” because that call-in-program had one moderator………. Sidney Simmons………

    ………….while Maureen Holder, who was introduced as a “part-time moderator” by VOB’s “Getting down to Brass Tacks” moderator, David Ellis, used to be extremely critical of the DLP.

    Lo and behold, the DLP won the 2008 elections and Simmons was replaced by Wickham as the lone talk show moderator and, under similar circumstances, Wickham was satisfied with the status quo remaining the same.

    Wickham fell out of favour with the DLP and was replaced by Maureen Holder as “Talk yuh Talk” moderator…… who now drinks DLP “kool-aid” and sings loudly for her DLP supper.

    Individuals such as Patrick King, Henderson Bovell, Maureen Holder & Peter Wickham are the worst types of yard-fowls…………….they are both hypocrites.

    • If in 2013 you dropped seats what do you anticipate will happen this time around? It is about winning elections is it?


  39. “For as of now the BLP has not offered any clear alternatives to slowing the pace of downgrades”…………..

    ………….and neither has the DLP, whose strategy of distracting from the real issues is to harp on the Mottley/LEC issue.

    I do not have any problem with Angela Cox/Skeete/ac mentioning King and I “talk jobby”………. however, I’m proud that my “jobby” is always successful in highlighting the stupidity of yard-fowl JA Angela Cox/Skeete/ac.

  40. ac

    ……… you forgot to attribute vote buying to the DLP’s victory in the 2013 general elections.

    After all, Stuart and Adriel Brathwaite came on CBC claiming they knew of instances where votes were bought and promised to investigate.

    Four years after, we have not heard of any investigation………….. therefore, it is reasonable to assume members of the DLP were actively involved in that illegal activity.

  41. Applause Applause Artax your jobby talk as stated by you has highlighted ac stupidity while at same time helped the BLP lose elections What does it say for your strategy ,
    I think it is time you take a break and stop backing losers with your vacuous comments

  42. The BLP in 2013 said ” things dread ….we putting money 💰 in yuh pockets ‘

    The electorate rejected that jobby !!

    In 2018 the BLP says the economy Brek up , things bad !

    Yet the same BLP is promising free UWI education and removal of the NSRL !

    Wey the money 💰 gine come from to fulfill those promises ???

    It is true…….more mad 😡 people out …than who are down JENKINS !!!

  43. Once again you have not failed to demonstrate how stupid you are.

    Please explain to BU how my highlighting your ignorance helped the BLP lose an election or indicates I am backing losers?

    Thine ignorance hath no boundaries, even within thine own eyes.

  44. @Heather Cole November 26, 2017 at 12:09 AM “She has also informed the public of Barbados that her show is biased and not impartial.”

    She says so, but we don’t have to believe it do we?

    And remember what your granny told you “a fisherman will never tell you that…”

    We must always keep our heads on.

    Do not permit anybody to tell us what to think.

  45. @ Fractured BLP
    Wey the money 💰 gine come from to fulfill those promises ???
    Just wild guess,
    ….but perhaps once the DLP stop giving our money to baloney and bizzy perhaps we could afford it …. maybe even to send you to school free…

    …and if wunna stop thieving …and adding on bribes –
    wuh shiite, everybody could be rich like Bushie…
    instead of having five billionaires and 300,000 brass bowl paupers ….
    well 299,999 – cause ..not stinking Bushie….
    ha ha ha

  46. @DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio November 26, 2017 at 5:36 PM “you couldn’t wear red at a Xmas function at CBC because it may have “political overtones”

    I hope that this “no red” rule did not apply to Santa Claus?

  47. I just want to ask the DEMS this….how much time, measures and taxes wunna gine implement before wunna get this economy right???…..since 2008 the more notable taxes\rate increases are
    2008 :- 60% hike in water rates, Road tax increase
    2010 :- a supposedly 10 month temporary increase in VAT to 17.5% from 15%
    2016:- NSRL ( i.e. increase in VAT) of 2% on top of VAT of 17.5%
    2017:- NSRL (i.e.increase in VAT) to 10% on top of VAT of 17.5% hence VAT is effectively and
    approx 27%
    2017: Foreign exchange tax of 2%

    During this time (post 2008) a RTC that use to be $1300 and guaranteed to come between June and Nov of the same year taxes were filed, get reduced to $650 and people cant see it 3 years after!!!!!! (i would like to see 650 appear in the mail all now far less $1300) Unemployment benefits that was guaranteed to come, people cant see 4 and 5 months after being out of a job. and wunna DEMS want another 5 years !!!! TO DO WHAT!!!! BRING MORE TAXES!!!!!! Let me tell wunna something….not another year, not another month, not another week, not another day, not another hour, not another minute, not another second after parliament constitutionally dissolves in March. Tek my foolish advice….do not campaign at peoples house or wunna gine get blind in cuss……when people see wunna they will treat yuh like the Jehovahs Witness i.e. run and hide or say yes and nod their head when in the back of their mind they want to know wuh de ass they really doing at my door. Wunna DEMS taking people for a joke. Wunna should be banished into opposition for at least the next 20 years!!!!!!!!!

  48. @ FracturedDLP i.e. Split in de Middle….Re this comment “Yet the same BLP is promising free UWI education and removal of the NSRL ! Wey the money 💰 gine come from to fulfill those promises ???”
    De money gine come from removing wunna from office as wunna obviously lining wunna pockets with taxpayers money according to the Auditor Generals reports. Wunna corrupt as Hell!!!!!

  49. DLP a.k. a. jackass

    If you really have proof of people in government lining their pockets take your case to the DPP .

    Also take as evidence the house at Rollins Hills. as well .

    You BLP scallywags fail to realize that when the Dems called you out in 2008 :

    • GREENLAND was still a million $$$ fiasco !
    • So too Dodds prison – by the way was US $ or BDS ☝️$ ??
    • So too cost overruns !!

    You BLP scallywags have nothing on the Dems !!!

    You BLPites left the NIS without any audited financials since 1999 imagine that !!

    Now coming in 2017 talking about INTEGRITY ???

    Bring the jobby …… game on !!!

  50. DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio November 26, 2017 at 10:36 PM #
    ”…since 2008 the more notable taxes\rate increases are
    2008 :- 60% hike in water rates, Road tax increase
    2010 :- a supposedly 10 month temporary increase in VAT to 17.5% from 15%
    2016:- NSRL ( i.e. increase in VAT) of 2% on top of VAT of 17.5%
    2017:- NSRL (i.e.increase in VAT) to 10% on top of VAT of 17.5% hence VAT is effectively and
    approx 27%
    2017: Foreign exchange tax of 2%

    During this time (post 2008) a RTC that use to be $1300 and guaranteed to come between June and Nov of the same year taxes were filed, get reduced to $650 and people cant see it 3 years after!!!!!!
    Unemployment benefits that was guaranteed to come, people cant see 4 and 5 months after being out of a job.

    Fractured BLP November 27, 2017 at 12:44 AM #
    “You BLP scallywags fail to realize that when the Dems called you out in 2008 :

    • GREENLAND was still a million $$$ fiasco !
    • So too Dodds prison – by the way was US $ or BDS ☝️$ ??
    • So too cost overruns !!
    You BLP scallywags have nothing on the Dems !!!

    You BLPites left the NIS without any audited financials since 1999 imagine that !!

    Bring the jobby …… game on !!!”

    DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio & Fractured BLP,
    Imagine that someone gave both of you a little baby to nurture, nourish and keep safely.

    Imagine also that you DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio decided to pummel the baby with stinging left hooks, left uppercuts, left crosses, and left belly searchers. Then, not to be outdone, Fractured BLP takes the little infant and assaults it with bone-crushing right hooks, right uppercuts, right crosses, and right belly searchers.

    As the baby lies dying, Fractured BLP looks at DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio, and with a smile of satisfaction on his face, says: “You scallywag. You have nothing on me.”

    Be warned. It is an extremely dangerous exercise to play games with 280,000 lives. I suspect that the guns being accumulated in Barbados by criminals are not intended for display in a museum.

    The two of you, veritable mentally retarded jackasses, are a shame and disgrace to Barbados and anything Barbadian. The sooner the two of you can find a tank of hot bubbling tar and jump in it, the better. Believe me, BU readers and the whole world will applaud you for it.

  51. @CrackmeupDLP…you is what bajans call a reaaaaaal POPPET!!!! you want to be Jesus!!! cause you trying to resurrect issues that dead nearly 10 YEARS AGO!!!!!….If i remembered correctly the last person that wanted to be Jesus was David Koresh and you know what he did!!!! he terminated himself…i suggest you and your party do the same..terminate wunna selves for the sake of this country…. dissolve Parliament now!!!!! That is how wunna intend to win over the electorate by bringing up issues that the ordinary bajan dont care about!!!!!… This “thing” about Ms Mottley and her LEC is flogging a non-issue…. wunna know that!!…but keep it up see if it lasts another 3-5 months. You really thing that when a mother of 3 children spending her $50 in a mini-mart gine study if Ms Mottley got a LEC!!!!!….she would more be thinking when elections coming so as to vote wunna OUT when she see the food prices!!! Wunna DEMS beyond hopeless!!!

  52. DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio November 27, 2017 at 11:02 AM #
    “@Walter just relax… getting hot under the collar for what….”

    DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio,
    I am cool.
    I just want you and the other fool to know, in no uncertain terms, that we are sick and fed up with the one-eyed approach that you are bringing to a global audience.
    Let us see if both of you continue to pander to the blind.

  53. And btw Maureen you are in no position to correct anybody’s spelling. No whilst still talking about Flatform … stupse

  54. I am lost..
    I forgot which party the monikers containing BLPor DLP are supporting.
    Perhaps they should name themselves BDLP and DBLP. I would take the first letter as their party of choice.

  55. Whuloss, De feller still heah?

    It is good to see dat you still alive and kicking.

    Did you get the nomination?

    Been out of it for a while now with other matters but I shall ask Theophillus and others of that famed tag team for the details…


    The fact is that the attention span of the average viewer within the 300k legal and illegal residents in Barbados of whom 5k people watch tv outside of the 7.30 news is 15 seconds.

    This means that unless one is showing a murder or road accident or house fire average Bajans will only watch CBC for 15 seconds for any matters related to government propaganda.

    Soooo let us say that Fumbles and Maureen and the mis8nformation machinery that is the DLP were to employ its captive CBC to try to trick the electorate

    SUPPOSE THAT every night CBC fabricates stories as to what it is doing for the last 10 years let us be generous and say that they purchase 1 minute of retained propaganda in the minds of the electorate

    Do yo think that the DLP CBC, using the contrived documentaries and interviews CAN COUNTER 2000 variously colored T-shirt’s with the face of a fired employee from any of the many businesses that are closing daily in Barbados?

    Do you honestly feel that T-shirt’s with different picture all showing the faces of those unemployed people on their front and a simple message in the back saying


    Do you think that all that CBC effort by Maureen and the rest of them will offset the visual capital that 2000 unemployed youth from across all the constituencies that the DLP seek to fool by night will have the impact of those shirts in the day?

  56. Just saw the video of this young lady for the first time

    Well organized.
    Well presented.
    Was impressed in the way she laid out and presented her case.

  57. Searched. Did not look at the video here but caught it on FB. But I saw that I made SEVERAL comments on the blog.

    Perhaps, I need to look at some of these videos. Will start with that of Cummins.

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