Maureen Holder’s Press Conference | Subject-line Patrick King and Mia Mottley

It is no secret the BU household abhors the way both the Barbados Labour Party (BLP and Democratic Labour Party have interfered with the management of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over the years.  The abuse of the media outlet in the Pine has become so blatant that the majority of Barbadians have opted to ignore the CBC as a preferred option to source news.

A view of the press conference ‘staged’ by Maureen Holder reinforced BU’s view. She has a right to defend her name but as they say- you shall know them by their fruit. Wait a minute! Is this an orchestration intended to detract?


  • DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio November 26, 2017 at 10:36 PM #
    ”…since 2008 the more notable taxes\rate increases are
    2008 :- 60% hike in water rates, Road tax increase
    2010 :- a supposedly 10 month temporary increase in VAT to 17.5% from 15%
    2016:- NSRL ( i.e. increase in VAT) of 2% on top of VAT of 17.5%
    2017:- NSRL (i.e.increase in VAT) to 10% on top of VAT of 17.5% hence VAT is effectively and
    approx 27%
    2017: Foreign exchange tax of 2%

    During this time (post 2008) a RTC that use to be $1300 and guaranteed to come between June and Nov of the same year taxes were filed, get reduced to $650 and people cant see it 3 years after!!!!!!
    Unemployment benefits that was guaranteed to come, people cant see 4 and 5 months after being out of a job.

    Fractured BLP November 27, 2017 at 12:44 AM #
    “You BLP scallywags fail to realize that when the Dems called you out in 2008 :

    • GREENLAND was still a million $$$ fiasco !
    • So too Dodds prison – by the way was US $ or BDS ☝️$ ??
    • So too cost overruns !!
    You BLP scallywags have nothing on the Dems !!!

    You BLPites left the NIS without any audited financials since 1999 imagine that !!

    Bring the jobby …… game on !!!”

    DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio & Fractured BLP,
    Imagine that someone gave both of you a little baby to nurture, nourish and keep safely.

    Imagine also that you DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio decided to pummel the baby with stinging left hooks, left uppercuts, left crosses, and left belly searchers. Then, not to be outdone, Fractured BLP takes the little infant and assaults it with bone-crushing right hooks, right uppercuts, right crosses, and right belly searchers.

    As the baby lies dying, Fractured BLP looks at DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio, and with a smile of satisfaction on his face, says: “You scallywag. You have nothing on me.”

    Be warned. It is an extremely dangerous exercise to play games with 280,000 lives. I suspect that the guns being accumulated in Barbados by criminals are not intended for display in a museum.

    The two of you, veritable mentally retarded jackasses, are a shame and disgrace to Barbados and anything Barbadian. The sooner the two of you can find a tank of hot bubbling tar and jump in it, the better. Believe me, BU readers and the whole world will applaud you for it.


  • DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio

    @CrackmeupDLP…you is what bajans call a reaaaaaal POPPET!!!! you want to be Jesus!!! cause you trying to resurrect issues that dead nearly 10 YEARS AGO!!!!!….If i remembered correctly the last person that wanted to be Jesus was David Koresh and you know what he did!!!! he terminated himself…i suggest you and your party do the same..terminate wunna selves for the sake of this country…. dissolve Parliament now!!!!! That is how wunna intend to win over the electorate by bringing up issues that the ordinary bajan dont care about!!!!!… This “thing” about Ms Mottley and her LEC is flogging a non-issue…. wunna know that!!…but keep it up see if it lasts another 3-5 months. You really thing that when a mother of 3 children spending her $50 in a mini-mart gine study if Ms Mottley got a LEC!!!!!….she would more be thinking when elections coming so as to vote wunna OUT when she see the food prices!!! Wunna DEMS beyond hopeless!!!


  • DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio

    @Walter just relax… getting hot under the collar for what….


  • DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio November 27, 2017 at 11:02 AM #
    “@Walter just relax… getting hot under the collar for what….”

    DLP (Formerly CBC) TV and Radio,
    I am cool.
    I just want you and the other fool to know, in no uncertain terms, that we are sick and fed up with the one-eyed approach that you are bringing to a global audience.
    Let us see if both of you continue to pander to the blind.


  • No better than I Maureen not no better than me


  • And btw Maureen you are in no position to correct anybody’s spelling. No whilst still talking about Flatform … stupse


  • Theophilius Gazerts 147

    I am lost..
    I forgot which party the monikers containing BLPor DLP are supporting.
    Perhaps they should name themselves BDLP and DBLP. I would take the first letter as their party of choice.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Whuloss, De feller still heah?

    It is good to see dat you still alive and kicking.

    Did you get the nomination?

    Been out of it for a while now with other matters but I shall ask Theophillus and others of that famed tag team for the details…


    The fact is that the attention span of the average viewer within the 300k legal and illegal residents in Barbados of whom 5k people watch tv outside of the 7.30 news is 15 seconds.

    This means that unless one is showing a murder or road accident or house fire average Bajans will only watch CBC for 15 seconds for any matters related to government propaganda.

    Soooo let us say that Fumbles and Maureen and the mis8nformation machinery that is the DLP were to employ its captive CBC to try to trick the electorate

    SUPPOSE THAT every night CBC fabricates stories as to what it is doing for the last 10 years let us be generous and say that they purchase 1 minute of retained propaganda in the minds of the electorate

    Do yo think that the DLP CBC, using the contrived documentaries and interviews CAN COUNTER 2000 variously colored T-shirt’s with the face of a fired employee from any of the many businesses that are closing daily in Barbados?

    Do you honestly feel that T-shirt’s with different picture all showing the faces of those unemployed people on their front and a simple message in the back saying


    Do you think that all that CBC effort by Maureen and the rest of them will offset the visual capital that 2000 unemployed youth from across all the constituencies that the DLP seek to fool by night will have the impact of those shirts in the day?


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