Remove This RH Sign – Chinese Sign Greets Visitors to Sam Lord’s Castle in Barbados

How The Hell Would Anyone Know That This Resort Is In Barbados An English Speaking Country? Since when did Barbados Relocate to China? This Sign Must Be Removed. It Is An Insult To The People of Barbados!


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The following composed by Heather Cole

Anyone offended by the above title should also be deeply offended by the disturbing signage outside of Sam Lords Castle that is now being rebuilt.  This historic property has been a part of Barbados since the days of Slavery.  It comes packaged with folklore about the exploits of Samuel Lord, who has since been immortalized in song by the Merry Men regarding his exploits as a pirate, hanging lanterns on coconuts trees for ships to run aground on the reef so that he could pillage its treasure.

It is unfortunate that the property was allowed to run to ruin.  All Barbadians are happy at the prospects of it being rebuilt bringing jobs.  However, Barbadians do not speak far less read Chinese.  No one knows what the signage says.   We speak a Bajan dialect and English is our national language.  Our days of colonialism ended in 1966.  We have a flag that is blue and gold not red and white, we have a Coat of Arms on which is written in English “Pride and Industry” not Chinese Characters, we have a national anthem that is written in English.

Chinese is not the national language of Barbados.   Signage in Chinese must not be allowed on such a significantly historical property in Barbados.   If the Chinese want to build a Sam Lords Castle in Shanghai, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Henan or any of the other Chinese Provinces they would be well within their rights to put Chinese characters at the entrance but not in Long Bay, St Philip Barbados, the signage must be remove immediately.  It is an insult to all Barbadians.

One wonders if it was done in oversight by the Government or on deliberate action.  However, there is no Chinese sign on the Gymnasium.  In Barbados we have a preference for other cultures to assimilate to our culture and our language and want to keep it that way.  Mrs. Ram Mirchandani has a hotel in Barbados and there is no signage at the entrance in any of the Indian languages. The previous owners of Sam Lords Castle kept its original name and in the English language. Why can’t the Chinese?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Miller…we are really trying to drag your “poor dumbed down black males” of Barbados out of the uneducated morass and ignprance that the likes of Vincent, John and ya dirty as RH government ministers and politicians would have them staying in forever…never knowing their true glorious history that was so powerful and that others have been so jealous of….that they stole and rewrote it…

    One thing at a time…muslim women in the middle east can now drive a car, unheard of 10 years ago, they would have been beheaded for having the thought…changes are coming….baby steps.

    Dr. Simple and I are closer to the miseducation of the Black males and females of the Caribbean by the frauds calling themselves historians…like Watson..

    The energy and fervor that was used to have the sign removed, should now be redirected to have real African history….and not his lying white story….on the curriculum in all schools in Barbados and the Caribbean..

    …..that should be advocated with a vengeance so the black sons and daughters will know who they really are and where they came from, who their ancestors have been fir thousands of years…..a starting point to discovering oneself…..

    …..the black male will learn he is neither poor nor dumb….just miseducated through the process of dumbing down….he will learn he is not a criminal…but has been criminalized for centuries…by criminals…he will learn of his greatness and how to manifest it.

    Shut down the fraud historians with their barrels and barrels of white lies.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Vincent …ah go tear down you criminals and the enemies of the majority Black population to the ground, strip everyone of you, cause I know who ya are and I have 4 grandsons….so far.

    You lot have to be exposed to the world for what you are and what you have done….criminals.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Miller…to answer you question, which am sure you already know..

    “Mental Slavery is far more sinister than physical slavery because the chains are invisible and are transmitted across generations. If African slavery was only physical, African people would have within one generation been able to skip the plethora of social-economic issues which plague African people globally the second the chains came off…

    Mental slavery is a state of mind where discerning between liberation and enslavement is twisted. Where one becomes trapped by misinformation about self and the world. So someone can claim to be conscious, they can read all the books they can recycle the popular rhetoric but still be unable to balance real-world priorities and self-interest…”




  • Poor demented soul……living with delusions……. Sad.


  • @BT et al
    My topic was “tolerance”. Not the economic benefit/cost of Caribana, or any other cultural celebration, or perceptions on who participates or who is behind any such event, I didn’t even raise if it was in 2 or 6 languages.
    David suggested this is a backlash to many other issues, a point which is seemingly supported by many.


  • @ NO
    Tolerance is easy when dealing with a legitimate visitor and guest to your home.
    It is manageable when they are on your property to carry out needed work or repairs..
    It is tolerable if they are passing through briefly on other business…

    But when these ‘visitors’ start writing shiite on your front door; telling your children what to do – and when; …..and start pissing in your living room –
    …it may be a bit late to ask what they want…

    David’s “backlash” may really be a ‘last gasp reality check’……


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Poor and demented will be you seeing it all evolve before ya very eyes.

    The blowback.


  • Please, please tell us more about the idiots who have some doubts ‘bout lil baby jeebus. Jooboy, right.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    Go away Ian.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    @millertheanunnaki November 9, 2017 at 12:04 PM “We would like both you and ‘Dr. SS, Phd’ to become an equal opportunity man basher instead of singling out the poor used and abused -and in some cases, socially lynched and economically castrated- black men in the West.”

    And while black men were enduring being”used and abused -and in some cases, socially lynched and economically castrated- black men in the West” so were black women. We were right there beside you and enduring sexuall assault as well.

    I don’t know how my suggestion that our men should take better care of themselves, present themselves to their doctor once per year can be regarded as “man bashing” Would a “man basher” seek to have men take better care of themselves?

    We have only 2 or 3 urologists in Barbados because many, perhaps most Bajan men refuse to take one hour and spend $100 per year on their health. And that is why Bajan men have the fifth highest rate of prostate cancer in the world.

    And then the political and business class say “come we who do not take care of ourselves will take care of you”

    How and why am I supposed to believe them?

    What is it that wunna does talk about at lodge and old boy’s meetings anyhow? If your health is never mentioned.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    Lil Baby Jeebus November 9, 2017 at 5:07 PM “jooboy.”

    And please note that the term jooboy is NEVER, EVER used in Barbados.

    You trouble maker you.

    Why do you want to inject anti Semitism into this blog?

    Go away do.


  • Dr SS PhD

    Stop spreading lies&foolishness on the serious prostate situation.

    The cost for the exam is $50.00…..should the test prove a need to go further you then have a choice of if poor waiting a year for QEH to examine you or if rich pay 4000.00 for an mri……if cancerous you wait on the mercy of qeh if poor or pay over $10.000.00 for the operation

    This is a serious man thing that our medical system is playing yhe fool with and the majority of men to go and get tested.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    “What is it that wunna does talk about at lodge and old boy’s meetings anyhow? If your health is never mentioned.”

    How to rip off their own people….then when their protates start acting up and their asses start to hurt them cause they spent their whole lives robbing the poor instead of taking care of theur prostates……then all they want to talk about are prostates.

    Remember the DPP….he was busy taking bribes from whites and Indians, locking up Black people, nit dojng the job taxpayers were paying him to do, doing everything but checking for his prostate…by the time he got around to it, too late, he could not handle the surgery….wasted too much time.

    That is what the stink beeches do at those lodge. ….waste time..

    Me…no sympathy, let their asses hurt them, I never pretended to be sweet, for those wo want to fuss and fret.


  • Vincent

    The operation does no cost $10,000 as you suggest; it is actually $30,000.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    @Vincent Haynes November 9, 2017 at 7:31 PM “Dr SS PhD Stop spreading lies&foolishness on the serious prostate situation.”

    I understand that it is a serious situation. I too like many Bajans have had a relative die prematurely, unnecessarily of prostate cancer, but if the prostate is supposed to be the size of an almond, and a man waits until he is in pain, has difficulty walking and the prostate is stage 4 and the size of a grapefruit, then what is a doctor supposed to do?

    I am truly sorry that your friend is sick, poor, perhaps in pain and has to wait for his surgery.

    But my points remains the same.

    ONE: Too few men present for routine screening.

    TWO: There are not enough urologists.

    I would suggest that every lodge holds a prostate education and screening program for its members at least once a year.

    Barbados should not have 5 times as many animal vets as urologists.

    That is a shameful situation.

    Barbadian men must pull together to change that situation.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger.

    Having more urologists on the island should drive down that cost significantly, may be too late now though.


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd November 10, 2017 at 1:32 AM #

    I am sorry about your relative,who waited untill he was in pain to report the matter…….my point is that over the last 10 years or so males have been getting tested on a regular basis….it is a myth to think that his not so…men have pulled together.

    I agree with you that the word must continue to be spread wherever males are gathered from rumshops to churches. I always make a point of raising the topic especially in rumshops and have discovered that most do go for their tests at polyclinic,family planning or the cancer place.

    We agree on the need for an increase of urologists and greater interest to be taken on the poor and vulnerable.


  • Caswell

    Thanks….I was basing it on memory going back 30 odd years for my Dad’s.

    How does govt expect the poor to deal with this cost?


  • Dr. Simple Simon Phd

    @Vincent Haynes November 10, 2017 at 7:09 AM “We agree on the need for an increase of urologists and greater interest to be taken on the poor and vulnerable.”

    Good we can shake hands then.

    Love you guys.

    In 1978 Barbados’ women used to be number 3 in cervical cancer deaths. Mostly unnecessary premature deaths. In those days women felt that to let anyone except their husband/boyfriend or the female midwife see their private parts was shameful. Now they know better and now they do better. Over the past 40 years Barbados’ women has moved from number 3 in cervical cancer deaths to number 91. The same can be done for prostate cancer, but it will take concerted public education and concerted work.

    Best wishes.


  • Dr SS PhD

    Thanks for your best wishes…..we love you too.


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