The Grenville Phillips Column – Staring Into the Abyss

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II, leader of Solutions Barbados

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados recently hosted economist Ms Marla Dukharan, who determined that Barbados’ debt to GDP ratio was an insane 168%.  This places us as one of the most indebted nations on the planet.  To put this in perspective, the maximum limit which the IMF warned us not to cross in order to avoid severe austerity was 40%, so we are on the brink of economic ruin.

The main conclusions from Ms Dukharan’s presentation, was that Barbados’ economy has been managed to such a level of extreme incompetence that we have now run out of all good options.  The only options available to us are so horribly bad, that the severe austerity can only be described as, to use her word, “poison”.  Barbadians will soon long for the days when all we had to suck was salt.

She gave a glimpse of the utter misery that awaits us, by noting that the National Insurance Scheme will not likely be in a financial state to help the masses of Barbadians who are expected to swell the ranks of the unemployed.  The previous nine years of austerity have slowly bled most families of their savings.  Therefore, most Barbadians are currently in the most vulnerable situation imaginable.  It is as if we are being set-up for some sort of terrible judgement.

Why did the BLP get us in this unsustainable debt where the only option was severe austerity?  Why did the DLP not take us into the severe austerity nine years ago when the NIS and our savings could have cushioned the worst of it?  Some say that we should not review the past, but focus on the future.  We are focusing on the future; but voters need to understand that the forecasted austerity was entirely unnecessary.

We have reached this point because of the failure of the BLP and DLP to properly manage the national economy.  We all need to be reminded of that fact just in case there is only one Barbadian who is lunatic enough to push Barbados’ economy over the proverbial edge.  He needs to be fully aware of what he will do to our children.  He needs to be entirely without any excuse, because his irresponsible decision will certainly result in weeping, gnashing of teeth, and hunger for many Barbadians.

Marla is partially correct.  Barbadians will suffer the poison of the most severe austerity, but only if they vote for the BLP or the DLP in the next general election.  Their development philosophies are no longer relevant to Barbados’ high-debt economy.  She recommended that we approach the IMF with dispatch and take the inevitable poison.  As the Les Miserables song goes, “Some will fall and some will live” – but how?

Ms Dukharan did not review Solutions Barbados’ plans.  This is most regrettable given her conclusions and recommendations.  Solutions Barbados is the only political party with an economic plan that does not include the forecasted austerity.  It was published for rigorous public scrutiny over two years ago.  Given our precarious economic situation, why would she fail to review the only non-austerity plan on the table before concluding that severe austerity is inevitable?

Mr Charles Herbert, leader of the Barbados Private Sector Association, explained their utter frustration with extremely poorly managed government services, and the lack of urgency in addressing Barbados’ critical management problems.  He made an impassioned plea for better management.

He is aware of Solutions Barbados’ plan to manage Barbados’ public services to the international management standard, ISO 9001.  The moderator, Mr David Ellis, reminded him and the audience that Solutions Barbados had been recommending this management standard for some time.  I reminded Mr Ellis and the audience that I had been recommending this standard to the Government for the past 15 years.  Why complain about poor management, and then fail to mention this obvious and proven solution to poor management in the public sector?

Since every objective analyst has concluded that voting for either the BLP or DLP in the next general election will trigger the most severe and poisonous austerity for us and our children, why would anyone even contemplate voting for either of them in the next general election?

Grenville Phillips II is the founder of Solutions Barbados and can be reached at

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  2. Ali Baba:

    The BLP took us where severe austerity was required. Why are you trying to forget that fact?

    The DLP should have taken us into the austerity when they got in, but they did not. They kept bumbling around with their home-grown solution. Therefore, they are both bad. Why are you trying to pretend that it is only the DLP that is bad?



    OMG. When will the avalanche of bad ideas in Barbados stop?

    Grenville says the prudent debt limit for Third World countries is 40% of GDP. Where does this foolish idea come from? The World Bank/IMF crowd.

    The World Bank/IMF consultants have never explained how they came up with this 40% figure because it is pure BS. The only Third World countries that have a debt to GDP ratio below 40% are countries that fall into two main categories: the most backward African countries (and Haiti), and oil-rich countries. The former can’t get loans from banks or other countries because they are too poor (and their own people are too poor to lend money to the government). The latter category finance most of their welfare and development expenditures with oil revenues.

    Repeat: The 40% limit is voodoo economics.

  4. The more assets a country has, the more debt it can carry.

    Barbados built up a portfolio of assets after gaining Independence in 1966 by borrowing. If it wants to pay down the debt to allay the fears of businessmen (who worry about future tax increases to finance the debt), it should sell off the assets.

  5. “To put this in perspective, the maximum limit which the IMF warned us not to cross in order to avoid severe austerity was 40%, so we are on the brink of economic ruin.”
    “Solutions Barbados is the only political party with an economic plan that does not include the forecasted austerity.”

    I am confused.🤔

  6. Grenville still have a ways to go to convince me about a lot, the fact that he hates constructive criticism is cause for serious concerns, the fact that he has some self serving policies in place to protect his candidates from anyone talking about any future corruption they may get involved in while members of parliament, is worrying to say the least.

    He appears not to have found a candidate with a practicing law degree to be attorney general…

    His policies are too soft on ministers and politicians who are corrupt and who commit crimes against the people and country…….

    He still has not said what he will do with the criminals in the minority population, the business people who launder money, import and distribute large amounts of drugs and guns to the miseducated, unemployed teenagers and young men in the depressed neighborhoods….that is causing all these deaths, crimes and violence.

    He still is not dealing with the real issues…still detached from reality.

  7. Grenville

    The debt to GDP ratio for the vaunted Singapore is 90%. It was 107% as recently as 2012.

    Don’t ask about the debt ratio for Japan or the United States.

  8. @ Enuff

    I’m confused as well.

    Grenville Phillips II is asking us to ACCEPT the IMF’s suggestion of a 40% debt-to-GDP threshold as gospel, especially for an island that does not have any natural resources which could be used for economic gain, but he REJECTS policies formulated by the IMF.

    @ Chad99999

    I am forced to agree with all of your comments.

  9. @ Artax August 31, 2017 at 6:40 AM

    We all saw from early on that G P 11 is just another religiously confused nut-head from the Middle ages in need of some modern-day commonsense therapy when he proposed the solution to Barbados’s social and economic problems was one of banning porn over the Internet as a default position so that the authorities like a court of Inquisition would be able to monitor the moral deviants who dare to apply for a licence to view such images.

    But what is truly amazing about this confused dude is his propensity to never miss a trick to blame the BLP for the dire economic straits his poor country has floundered into.

    What we the moral deviants and idiot non-savants would like this self appointed adulating know-it-all seeing divine source of all of Barbados’s problems is whom would he blame for creating the economic situation that resulted in the ‘austerely’ austere measures which were imposed in the 1992-1994 period under a previous DLP administration.

    Did the acts of commission and omission of the previous BLP administration under Bree St. John which was back-raised by the economic magician Dr. Snow White Haynes contribute to that 1991-1994 economic fiasco?

    If he were that au fait with his Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and practices before the DLP assumed office why didn’t he just join the DLP under his school-tie-that- binds colleague and contribute to the implementation of the DLP’s 2008 manifesto of hope, managerial excellence and socio-economic prosperity to save Barbados from the dastardly destructive hands of the BLP under the incompetent dictator Owen Arthur?

    What this bull-shitter posing as an S B genius needs to put on the table for serious discussion is not textbook-based engineering-designed imaginary constructs but ‘hardcore’ pragmatic measures for his economically collapsing, and certainly socially sick, country to earn foreign money to resuscitate the consumption-based import sell and buy economy.

    Where is this johnny-come-lately posing as the messianic Saviour of Barbados going to find the foreign reserves to save Barbados from economic austerity in an environment where most of government’s revenues are generated and extracted from an import-sell-and buy transactional economy?

  10. Bajan Free Party/CUP-PCP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Ali Baba August 30, 2017 at 11:55 PM #@@
    Both the DLP and BLP are to blame, We spoke to Philips he dont want to adhere to truth, 20 years of VAT ar 15% for UDC and now its 17.5% and all prices go us and so does the taxes on VAT and taxes ,

    This money is needed also for the downgrade 18 times and more coming needs more interest on debt, so more down grade more taxes needed, each and every year coming, This crime wave against the people will not stop until the DLP and BLP are gone,

    We must expose the massive land Fraud and PONZI that the two parties have been covering up , An Audit will show up the crooks.

    All of them are to blame and lets not forget the lawyers in government who plays games with the laws and people

    Artax August 31, 2017 at 6:40 AM #@@@
    DBLP can not go to the IMF they will show al the crimes and ture numbers in an Audit, The IMF is not going to give these crooks nothing until they chekc their Books and Archives,All funds goes into the land , By clear title deed alone,

    GDP ,, can not be built on fraud stop wasting your time with that,

    No Clear title no money facts are facts , no investment , Basel 3 and Basel 4 Banking for them , no dirty money coming this way by way of US Banks, none leaving by way of Banks all funds of crime being watched,

  11. I am beginning to shudder, just thinking of Grenville as a prime minister/dictator…and imagine I was one of the first to want to give him a chance, but that attitude is troubling.

  12. @ Miller

    You must also take into consideration that in 2001 the Barbados economy went into recession, which was “symptomatic” of the global economic downturn and the 911 terrorist attacks which impacted upon the tourism sector.

    In response, the then BLP administration launched a national emergency program of public investment projects aimed at promoting economic activity and upgrading the tourism and economic infrastructure.

    Although this increased central government’s debt-to-GDP ratio increased from 63% in March 2001 to 76% by March 2003, the debt incurred was for PRODUCTIVE PURPOSES (i.e. increase economic activity and create assets which would yield income sufficient to pay the principle and interest on the loan).

    And this is the point that Grenville Phillips II is refusing to accept………. Debt for productive purposes does not have to be under 40% of GDP

    I believe he should solicit the help of an economic advisor/spokesman to articulate SB’s economic policies, because his lack of in depth knowledge of economic issues is clearly evident in his simplistic presentations.

  13. And do not forget that Mia has a long history list of failures .Since every blp yardfowl is so adaman against Grenville policies why dont they point out to barbados how many great initiatives under Mia watch while she held many ministerial hats in the blp govt.
    has passed the tedt of time.

  14. Oh my goodness, yet another professional, this time MD who has completely ignored the SB financial solutions. While CH ignores ISO as any solution. Still not getting the message? They believe they will not work, or they would embrace them and/or incorporate them into “their ideas”.

  15. Grenville does really pee me off with his repeated mantra WE ARE HERE BECAUSE OF THE BLP.Ali Baba express my sentiments exactly.Grenville,I repeat NOT ONE DAMN SEAT FOR ALLYUH.Furthermore I taking all your deposits for using the word forecasted.Forecast present tense,forecast past tense.Go ask your Daddy the goodly doctor and BLP admirer of OSA.

  16. Miller,you are so right.Barbados continues on its slash and spend on consumer durables like there is no tomorrow.The MoF is so desperate that even the Formula sick have to pay the NSRL.Pricesmart and Cost-U-Less couldn’t care less about reserves nor exports.And don’t talk about the high end vehicle magnate of Warrens.

  17. Hi Chad et al:

    Haiti’s debt is under 40% GDP only because most of it was forgiven after the 2010 earthquake. Why not do some research before prematurely judging good policies.

    Further, what you think about the BLP’s policies for addressing the economy?

    Best regards,

  18. Grenville

    I was a university professor when you were in kindergarten. I’ve been doing research for my entire adult life.

  19. Angela “AC” Cox-Skeete keeps forgetting that Freundel and his fools have a long history of failures as well.

    This inept Freundel led DLP administration CREATED HISTORY in Barbados.

    The bombastic Christopher Sinckler is the only Minister of Finance to take the economy to an unprecedented amount of consecutive credit rating downgrades; every economic tax revenue generating policy initiatives he introduced have all failed to achieve the desired objectives.

    The nitwit Adriel Brathwaite is the only Attorney General that created a political division within the RBPF. He appointed DLP goon Guyson Mayers as chairman of the Police Service Commission, who subsequently suspended CoP Darwin Dottin, thereby by creating a historic situation where government was paying TWO Commissioners of Police for a number of years; we have never seen a situation where there has been an unprecedented amount of acting appointments in the RBPF, from Sergeant to CoP……….. I’m surprised the force does not have “Acting Constables.”

    The imbecile Ronald Jones has been an abysmal failure as MoE; Denis Lowe has demonstrated he is also an imbecile by retrenching workers from the Drainage Unit against the background that five people spitting would cause flooding (he could not want much more proof than what occurred after “Harvey” passed.

    Denis Kellman…………SMH…….. he’s best left alone. He spends more time on facebook posting shiite and advertising his “Moon Town” business, than articulating government’s housing policies.

    John Boyce is MoH and vendors operating in the Oistins market and food court, which are in his constituency, constantly complain about having to operate in unsanitary conditions.

    I agree with Owen Arthur that any salary paid to “Jester Ince” should be recorded as a cost over-run.

    Stephen Lashley continues to make sport at sports and culture.

  20. I always thought @Chad was clever: a university professor, A levels at age 15, five qualifications, including a PhD. Wow! Now having done research for all his adult life. @Chad, I bow to thee.
    By the way, who are you?

  21. Haymans is where the little retard from St Lucy worked in his formative years so don’t be surprised if he is not up to his neck in anything going on there.You know how he is an expert in everything.Interesting.

  22. @Hal, facetious tho you may be… what freaking difference does it make who he or she is, this Chad45.

    Take the comments for what they are and speak to them on their merit or lack thereof.

    As the Blogmaster says often play the ball NOT the bowler!

    Without being too overwrought in pique -as I often accuse you & others- this constant desire to name a blogger smacks of the terrible British affliction , which I will euphemistically label as ‘noisome nose nuisance’.

    Does the blogger’s name, profession or bonafides change the facts of the assertions … ridiculous or enlightening??

  23. de Pedantic,

    What does being a professor and doing research for all your adult life got to do with the debt to GDP ratio of a country and if it is sustainable? We have no basis of testing claims of expertise or knowledge.
    The key point, as has been stated before, is that all debt is not bad and debt to GDP is no measure of affordability. Britain only paid off its Marshall Plans debt under Gordon Brown. Anonymous people can make any claim.
    For those like myself, no expertise, not an economist or lawyer, we are forced to take people on face value. I am here to learn.

  24. Then learn, old chap.

    Being a professor and doing research all his life has as much to do with a blogging debate as …well … as much as the resumee of Hal Austin renowned British journo.

    If we had a blogger called ‘Blackrock Brandon’s Boy’ who labelled himself a law professor and provided the level of public law classes that the real life Jeff C does would his moniker make his info any less teachable?

    Chad like all here says a lot of interesting things …. some interestingly awesome and some as interesting as the colour scheme for the inside as an ‘out house’….

    Learn on…and also let the diarrhea flow where it should!

  25. de Pedantic,

    Too old to learn new tricks. I depend on the honesty of contributors. By the way, I am not a renowned journalist, but if it helps you to make a point, be my guest.
    Qualifications do not make a fabricator more credible. Posting half-truths does not add to one’s education.
    Maybe we are from two different debating cultures: one in which people are more humble about qualifications and experience, but what they say in public is the truth; the other in which some people profess qualifications and experience and fabricate their stories.
    At least when you use your real name the record is there.

  26. The Commonwealth Caribbean is considered a single culture area, although there are many significant differences between, say, Trinidad and Barbados, between Grenada and St. Lucia, between Guyana and Jamaica, etc.

    Despite the advantages of excellent tourist resources, proximity to the United States and Canada, connections to UK elites, an English-speaking population, etc, the economies of the entire region have been underperforming for some time.

    One of the explanations for this sorry state of affairs is that the PEOPLE of the region are unserious, lazy, quarrelsome A-holes who constantly find fault with others, and lack the emotional intelligence to collaborate in ways that are essential for establishing and successfully managing the institutions that create and/or sustain wealth. Terrence Farrell, the Trinidadian economist, has written a book that more than hints at this problem, although he does not use the blunt language I am using here. [See “We Like It So?: The Cultural Roots of Economic Underachievement in Trinidad and Tobago”].

    BU offers up examples of the kind of horrible people I am talking about. Hal, WW&C, Caswell, to name a few. They are the kind of West Indians who V.S. Naipaul has publicly disparaged, who drove Eric Williams to despair, who made Sir Arthur Lewis pack his bags for Princeton. I hope more prominent writers will follow the example of Dr. Farrell and raise awareness of the self-destructive habits of our own people.

  27. I would like to know if when one says he is a professor, a doctor, a scientist (mad or otherwise) that if it is to be interpreted that they are all knowing and all others talking do not know what they are talking. Does it mean that being a professor such persons know what they are talking about and all others do not? Stuuuuuuuuupse. That’s why I do not bother my pretty little head on here like before. It has become very boring.

  28. ChadsterthePh.D.Pimp….what is your problem today, who are you beefing with now and for what…lol

    Here is a list to work with for your depression and daddy issue

    Your serotonin is out of whack.

    “Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
    Citalopram (Celexa)
    Escitalopram (Lexapro, Cipralex)
    Paroxetine (Paxil, Seroxat)
    Fluoxetine (Prozac)
    Fluvoxamine (Luvox)
    Sertraline (Zoloft, Lustral)”

  29. The Caribbean is considered to be single culture: so, the Dominican Republic and Haiti are similar cultures; Cuba, Puerto Rico and Barbados; the British Virgin Islands and Providence are also similar.
    No matter how you define culture, we are as different as chalk and cheese; our colonial experiences are not even similar. People in Providence still speak English even if the English had ‘conquered’ them for a couple decades; food is also a great differentiator of culture: cou cou and flying fish, is not the same as hot pot or roti.
    In fact, in a sociological sense, it is difficult to even claim that Barbados has a single national culture. Some of us may remember when people in St Philip and St Lucy had distinct accents from the rest of Barbados. That is culture.
    Some may remember a distinct urban and rural culture, that too is significant. If we are to have a mature conversation, at least have an intelligent conversation.

  30. I posit that the islands of the Caribbean are as different as chalk and cheese.St Kitts and Barbados are pretty close.All the others so different.

  31. If Bim goes on like this, it will get debt forgiveness in five years, because Barbados will be amongst the least developed countries of the globe.

    What a clever solution!

  32. Chad999999, come on. It ain’ the first time that you and I locked horns. I was on your list for awhile, Sir Professor, but I only comment to you once in awhile when the shite starts spewing from your mouth stop. Sometimes you make some very interesting comments and other times you are a complete goat with lost sickle. Tell me, what does talking shite got to do with your Professorship? Wuh Stuart is a word giant but he is still the worst ignorant PM Barbados ever had.

  33. We want a commitment from the attorney general that the RSS and defence force will not be used to control civilians in Barbados. Policing is a job for the police.

  34. @ Grenville Phillips August 31, 2017 at 6:35 PM
    “Hi Chad et al:
    Haiti’s debt is under 40% GDP only because most of it was forgiven after the 2010 earthquake. Why not do some research before prematurely judging good policies.
    Further, what you think about the BLP’s policies for addressing the economy?”

    We think the same way of the BLP policies as we did in early 2013 when its manifesto was presented to the public.
    Why don’t you take a ‘peep’ at it and tell us what you think?

    You, Granville, are just one sicko. Some of us might have a sickening liking for porn (as you demonically described us) but you display a similar proclivity when it comes to your pathological opposition to the BLP. You certainly have a bee under your bonnet for the ‘Bs’.

    Do you understand it is NOT the BLP who is in charge of the economic management of Barbados? And they have not been for the last 9 years, in case you are unaware because you are living in RIP Van Winkle’s land.

    When you wake up you might just realize that Owen Arthur has left the BLP; the architect of the policies you nauseatingly blame for Barbados’s current predicament.

    What’s your beef? Vexed because you didn’t get any major engineering sub-contracts from Maloney?

  35. @Chad99999 said “the PEOPLE […] are unserious, lazy, quarrelsome A-holes who constantly find fault with others, and lack the emotional intelligence to collaborate in ways that are essential for establishing and successfully managing the institutions that create and/or sustain wealth.”

    You are completely correct Chad99999, but this applies to the entire sorry species Homo Sapiens.

    Exhibit A: the most advanced political economy has elected as its leader out of 300 million, a moron who is far worse than even our poor excuse for a PM elected out of 280,000. QED

  36. You only have to listen to the drivel James Paul is spewing,another huge lie by a DLP parliamentarian that there are no gangs in the constituency he is honoured to represent in the House of Assembly.JA.He says the Commissioner of Police is a liar.This is the type of fool whom the DLP puts forward as a proper person to represent people in this farce of a system of governance called the westminster model.Like Trump,they are all unworthy of the peoples’ trust.

  37. Gabriel…the westminister model does not belong to them, that`s why they are such abject failures….they need to design a system more suited to their personalities and culture, the current system was foisted upon them, it will never be a natural fit.

  38. Gabriel September 1, 2017 at 5:41 PM #
    You only have to listen to the drivel James Paul is spewing,another huge lie by a DLP parliamentarian that there are no gangs in the constituency he is honoured to represent in the House of Assembly.JA.

    You really heard that or saw it reported? If so, your description is appropriate.

    Must be joking. I would like the FBI and Scotland Yard to come and work with our force, with full access to all files and data, for three years.


    Yes, seriously.

    But I know that it will never happen.

    You know why.

  39. @ David ”
    David September 1, 2017 at 2:52 PM #
    The AG has announced a national consultation on crime.”

    Will this include an assessment of who may be involved at a high level in drug and money laundering?

    Will they seek international assistance to address this?

  40. Crusoe
    Like their counterparts in the USA,it appears that James Paul watches Fox News and aping what the US gutter press refers to as Orangehead.Trump said those thugs at Charlotteville included decent and law abiding citizens,otherwise identified as KKK,Nazis and the Alt-rt.James Paul was addressing a gathering at a church last night and VOB news carried the information I referred to.I heard it at least about 3 times today.Only decent people live in that constituency St Michael West.No gangs.The CoP is spreading fake news.Now is not that the expressed view of a big JA.James Paul barely won that seat in 2013,and this brassbowl wants intelligent people to believe him when he says he knows every household in STM West.Only a Dem.

  41. Gabriel September 1, 2017 at 8:27 PM #

    Thank you for the clarification and details. We are truly lost. Into the abyss for sure.

    Village idiot(s) at the wheel.

  42. @HalAustin, for an experienced journo you use words very loosely…lol.

    You say you are here “to learn” and then glibly follow up that you are “too old to learn new tricks”.  Seriously. 

    I think my old man who possibly encountered you as a student at St. Giles would be aghast at that…not too mention Muff Holder a possible secondary school teacher of yours. But that is merely preamble.

    How in name of obzocky verbiage can one continue to learn and NOT learn new tricks….regardless of age.

    Clearly, therefore you cometh here to pontificate grandly and often strangely…not unlike Sir Chad of Ivory Tower.

    And BTW any Bajan ‘poor boy’ who went off to England to make a life and ended his career as one of the editors of a very well regarded newspaper there should be seen as ‘renowned’ by his fellow Bajan denizens… unless of course you reached your apex via BS, puffery and good old fashioned brown nosing.

    Based on your background I completely presumed all was achieved by dint of hard journalistic endeavour and serious study… thus surely worthy of ‘renown’.

    You definitely don’t have self esteem issues based on your broadsides here, so is this some version of a Freudian self analysis slippage.😆

  43. @ Dribbler
    Based on your background I completely presumed all was achieved by dint of hard journalistic endeavour and serious study… thus surely worthy of ‘renown’
    What dint of what hard journalistic endeavour what…?!?!?


    Do you know how easy it is to baffle ‘stiff-upper-lips-British brains’ with good old Bajan bullshit? …check with Miller…

    It is probably only just prior to his fairly recent ‘departure’ that the albino-centric jokers realised what they were being fed by ‘Editor Hal’….

    Now he tries pushing that same diet here on BU – fuelled by multiple (sometimes conflicting) cliches – as you just pointed out…

    …but you done KNOW what whackers do to cow shit…. ent it?
    ha ha ha

  44. Bush Tea,
    You are risible (copyright: J. Cumberbatch). Grow up and stop using cheap jokes to cover your ignorance.
    @ de Pedantic The Muff taught at St Giles during my time, but he was not one of my teachers. And yes, I am here to learn even if it is sometimes difficult.

  45. @ Hal
    Life is risible (don’t everyone use that word?)… especially brass bowlery.
    …and then you die.

    Bushie has no need to cover his ignorance – the whacker does that admirably.
    The proof of that pudding remains in the eating thereof….

    @ Dribbler
    Now you are throwing insults at Muff???
    …almost like blaming Jeff for Michael Lashley….

  46. Grenville’s strategy is VERY SIMPLE to understand. He knows the Bajans are tired of the DLP. The only traditional choice has been the BLP, so for his so called party to have any possible chance he has to constantly attack the only viable option in Bajan’s minds. That is why he is always on the BLP. Simple political calculation. It will backfire because he is too intellectual, and disconnected from the average bajan who converses in rum shop and mauby politics. Grenville the 3rd is not of that ilk and experience. Too much time in the heights and terraces

  47. Very good analysis Baje. However, it is difficult to see ‘from parts unknown’ and ‘weight unknown ‘becoming the default choice.

  48. Lol….Fruendel’s battle cry, haha.

    Angela Yardfowl….which one of the yardfowls in the photo is you.

    “PM Stuart’s battle cry

    LOOP NEWS CREATED : 2 SEPTEMBER 2017 BARBADOS NEWS Prime Minister Freundel Stuart addressing the Opening Gala of the Democratic Labour Party’s 62nd Annual Conference on Friday night.
    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart addressing the Opening Gala of the Democratic Labour Party’s 62nd Annual Conference on Friday night.

    Expect to hear a lot more from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

    He signalled that he is moving into election mode as he addressed the Opening Gala of the Democratic Labour Party’s 62nd Annual Conference on Friday night at the George Street auditorium.

    Stuart said he has been accused of talking too little because he prefers to listen and observe, but, after quoting from Shakespeare’s Henry V, he declared:

    “I am hearing the ‘blast of war blow in my ears’ and you will be hearing from me over the next few months as we go towards that historic day.”

    And one of the topics he plans to speak on is the current Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley.

    “I don’t attack people in politics, I explain them,” Stuart asserted. “The time is going to come not too long from now when I will have the chance to do that explanation.”

    “The effects of attacks don’t really last… but explanations last! And somebody has to put him or herself through the trouble to explain the present leader of the Barbados Labour Party to Barbadians and I am going to do it,” he said to loud applause.”

  49. WWC ma girl

    You had to put this shite up here. Wuh fuh? He thinks he can come with the same shite trick that got he elected last time. Not this time! He got to find a lot more money then he used last time to win the election. This is one Prime Minister that bajans ain’t gine forget. He ass is grass.

  50. Lol….SSS…Fruendel is convinced he can mamaguy, bamboozle and dazzle bajans wuth his bullshit again while quoting Shakespeare nonsense, both him and his yardfowls them.

  51. Let the facts speak for themselves.Barbados in dire straits compliments of Freundel Stuart and nothing he says about Mottley will help him or his party.His record is atrocious and abysmal.He has helped the elite time and again.If you doubt me ask Bjorn Bjerkhamm,Cow,Bizzy,Tempro and Baloney.Who are more elitist than that lot.Mia is not elitist.I don’t see Bjorn,nor Cow,nor Bizzy,nor Tempro,nor Baloney in any rum shop or bar or home buying a drink and gaffing with the low and humble masses.Those fvckrs have no time for working class people.Staurt can insult Bajans all he likes.He is gone with a capital G and good riddance.

  52. I don’t see why Fruendel believes someone will be believe anything he says about Mia, suffuciently to sway an election when it’s him and his government have been so destructive to the economy for 10 years, spewing Shakespeare nonsense cannot help him outta this one…

    It’s beyond strange that the yardgowls did not pop up on BU to boast about Fruendel’s rambling Shakespeare filled garbage.

    Hopefully if Mia is the one elected…she does not continue that ugly and blighted trend of enriching minorities in the white and indian populations with taxpayers and NIS pensioner’s money, it has gone too far and never benefits the majority population.

    Those minority crooks will not have time for the masses whose NIS, NIF money is handed to them freely by two black dummy governments….they are too busy counting their illgotten gains.

    1/2 billion dollars owed to NIS/NIF….who were these loans given to besides government dipping their hands to pay bills, I am sure that money was not loaned out to the masses to whom it belongs, definitely not to the poor in the depressed areas…..

    …when they all stop giving away the people’s money to the Cow, Bizzy, Bjerkham gang and find better investments for it, there will be a different financial atmosphere on the island.

  53. Wealthy whites continue to commit crimes under the guise of investing in the Caribbean.

    “New York Post

    Peter Thiel backed ‘unethical’ herpes test on island
    By Chris Perez August 31, 2017 | 10:23pm | Updated
    Peter Thiel backed ‘unethical’ herpes test on island
    Peter Thiel Getty Images
    A US drug company backed by President Trump supporter Peter Thiel secretly conducted human trials for a herpes vaccine on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts — and the local government is now investigating, according to a report.

    Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, is one of several big-name investors who have backed the offshore testing of the experimental herpes inoculation by the company Rational Vaccines, the Daily Beast reported.

    A former Hollywood filmmaker, who has not been identified publicly, was also a financial backer — and has claimed that the vaccine was successful during clinical trials, the Daily Beast reported.

    The investment group kicked in at least $7 million for the research, and hoped to run tests in Mexico and Australia, according to the report.

    The trials reportedly were performed in St. Kitts from April to August 2016 — without approval of the US Food and Drug Administration or the oversight of an institutional review board, also known as an IRB — on a group of 20 people, mostly Americans.

    St. Kitts officials told the Daily Beast the tests were conducted without government permission.

    “The Ministry of Health states categorically that neither the Cabinet, the Ministry of Health, the office of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) nor the St. Kitts and Nevis Medical Board has ever been approached on this project,” a government press release said Wednesday night.

    Agustín Fernández III, co-founder of Rational Vaccines, told the Daily Beast that his partner, William Halford, assured him he informed the St. Kitts government.

    But Halford, a tenured professor at Southern Illinois University and lead researcher on the island project, died of cancer in June.

    American researchers in recent years have opted to test new drugs abroad to cut costs. FDA rules require them to be monitored by an IRB or international equivalent when experimenting on humans.

    Rational Vaccines claims there was little or no risk of the participants being harmed — because they already had herpes.

    Still, experts told the Daily Beast that there is almost no chance of the vaccine being approved by the FDA, due to the fact that the company refused to follow American regulations or traditional safety rules.

    “You can’t just ignore human-subject protections that have evolved since the end of the Second World War,” said Jonathan Zenilman, chief of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center’s Infectious Diseases Division.

    “What they’re doing is patently unethical,” he added. “There’s a reason why researchers rely on these protections. People can die.”

    Thiel’s reps did not respond to Daily Beast requests for comment.”

  54. Ma girl

    Mia is a trickster. She has wuhmaton of examples to use in her Prime Ministerial debut to make a good showing for the people of Barbados. But will she. I do not expect this wolf to do any better than Stuart because she got a gravy train shite deep in she that she trying to camouflage with a show of care. You think if she really wanted to do good for the people that she would not have by now address the problems in the Auditor General’ report or not dug deeper into the skulduggery of the Grotto affair by making it even more public that there is a need to give further teeth to the Public Accounts Committee. Mia is a trickster, I tell ya. She will not do one shite to bring these miscreants in the DLP to justice.

    GRENVILLE GOT MY VOTE. DOan give a shit what people think about him, he cannot do no worst then what is already done. Not a so so vote from me or any of us girl power groupies for B or D.

  55. SSS….i cant blame you or your buddies, it will split the votes and hopefully force a coalition because bajan people ca no longer stomach Fruendel and his gang…

    why you think the Angela Yardfowl is so scarce, their eyes are glued to nakeddeparture to see when, not if, the minister`s names are called in the mess now unfolding re the murder of the UK dude, the accused leader is apparently talking and calling names….Carson Yardfowl must be shitting bricks, cause am sure that murder is not the only topic.

    i have serious reservations about Mia and Walcott`s relationship with the likes of the minorities Kutappa-Harris, it is destructive and unhealthy for the majority population on the island and cannot be trusted….

    ….those political parties, including the new ones need to be broken up into a coalition, none of them are useful to the island in their present forms.

  56. Lol…let’s hope so, we may get to see their tails locked up yet.

    Apparently this dude from UK had a questionable business relationship with this local indian dude and for some reason ended up missing and dead in St. George,…

    …..but, because of that, so many names are being called in so much mess, dont be surprised if ya hear the yardgowls names get called too…lol it’s that bad….I would be happy to see them all locked up.

    Anyway, I saw you on the barbadostoday link, but Fruendel got some nerve though…lol

  57. WWC ma girl

    So they found the white man who was missing? I ain’t following that story actually, but now I will follow it. Would not be the first time that the high flyers and political heads kill people.

    As to that shite we got for a Prime Minister, can you imagine the boldness of this manipulative deceiver? The man has no friggin shame.

  58. Lol….SSS, the people will have to deal with Fruendel on election day since his mouth is running nonstop and he got all these things to do that he could not get done before in the last 9 years…

    … ..and UK police are watching so he gotta show what goid little negros they are, but what he dont get yet is that this is much bigger than them, because both governments sat their lazy, corrupt tails down for decades and allowed it to get bigger than them.

  59. hMMM, I hearing you girl. So the idiot decide to wake up before the election to see if you can do what he did not do in 9 years which is basically another show of nothing. What a real shite fuh trute though.

  60. Imagine WWC, so many problems in Barbados and all this shite can say is that he is rolling out some serious crime fighting laws shortly so stay tune. He also decided that he will ignore everything happening on the island to tell Barbados that Owen Arthur betrayed the BLP and the people of Barbados when he acknowledged that his successor will be Mia Mottley. The shite said that Arthur forgets the grass roots from which he came because Mottley is from the elitist clan. Can you imagine that. A man that has shown the greatest disrespect for the roots from which he came. Please get rid of this shite once and for all. If the people are stupid to put this cunt back in the office I hope he nails them to the cross. I have no respect, no liking, no trust, no confidence in Fruendel Stuart. Therefore don’t be telling anything about respect for him. I have made that clear.

  61. Fruendel and his band of clowns gotta go, no two ways about it, the disrespect they have shown for 10 years to the majority population whose votes they now need to reelect them is deplorable. …

    …..they do not have enough yardfowls to reelect them…

    ….they do not have enough shady, crooked, greedy, racist minority business people whom Fruendel and his bribetaking ministers allowed the freedom to wreak havoc on the people on island, giving them contracts and hundreds of millions of the people’s tax money and pensioners money, allowing them the freedom to commit all manner crimes on the island ……to reelect them..

    …they need the same majority population they helped disenfranchise and disrespect . have even a prayer of being reelected.

    ….they are in ducks guts.

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