The Politics of Distraction?

BU extracted the following from Dale Marshall’s Facebook timeline. On point!

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall

No? Too difficult?
The DLP has no interest in such things?


The AG is also being asked to investigate whether or not the opposition leader can practice law in Barbados? How about if he investigates the Justice system in Barbados grinding to a halt? How about he investigate the plight of the people who have cases before the court, but must wait years before they can get a decision? The Bar Association has compiled a partial list of some of the outstanding decisions, with some decisions still outstanding after 4 years. That’s a good place to start.

No? Too challenging? Not interested?


So……instead of dealing with critical issues affecting the country, the DLP prefers to look at stuff that just might sound good on an election platform?

Well, do get on with it Mr. AG!!
The country is behind you!!
Way, way, behind you!!

In fact, if you turn around fast enough, you will see the country disappearing in the distance deeper in the mire.


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