The Politics of Distraction?

BU extracted the following from Dale Marshall’s Facebook timeline. On point!

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall

No? Too difficult?
The DLP has no interest in such things?


The AG is also being asked to investigate whether or not the opposition leader can practice law in Barbados? How about if he investigates the Justice system in Barbados grinding to a halt? How about he investigate the plight of the people who have cases before the court, but must wait years before they can get a decision? The Bar Association has compiled a partial list of some of the outstanding decisions, with some decisions still outstanding after 4 years. That’s a good place to start.

No? Too challenging? Not interested?


So……instead of dealing with critical issues affecting the country, the DLP prefers to look at stuff that just might sound good on an election platform?

Well, do get on with it Mr. AG!!
The country is behind you!!
Way, way, behind you!!

In fact, if you turn around fast enough, you will see the country disappearing in the distance deeper in the mire.

105 thoughts on “The Politics of Distraction?

  1. Dale “smiley teets” Marshall, former Attorney General and the administrator of said system prior to the tenure of this Nitwit Brafwit, should really shut he teets up!

    While he was AG he was DE same man who (1) did not know how much DE prisons Dat Mugabe get build was going to cost (2) did not do one shyte to rectify de same system cause he is Jez like dem and (3) pleazeeeee Doan let de Ole man talk but cases Dat he and he Peeples intentionally thwart.

    Whu happen wide Arch Cot???

    Stepseeeeee! !!

  2. Why he ask Doan comment pun de wiretapping dat wejonesing. and Pigrim de botsicologist having a lecture bout (dat entry a word so a feller can’t get sue for a word dat don’t exist)

    It would mean dat he wud got to speak bout Mugabe tapping de udder prime minister wouldn’t it?

    As the Honorable Blog master I see dat you does post things here to elicit responses and keep the site lively and ting

    However, truth be told, all topics like these do is to expose the similar and even worse cancer that the Barbados Lesions and Pimps will bring back to the House of Assembly


  3. Why is it that the BLP operatives and supporters always ready able and willing to tell govt how to table their agenda
    So what so wrong with bringing to table another big lie about MIA illegitimate act of being a practicing lawyer when her validity of being a lawyer has not be legitimized by legal means
    A real and legitimate question is being asked concerning her LEC , after all if she ever becomes PM she would be in charge of barbados justice system
    Who needs a BIG LIE / LIAR standing as chief in charge of Barbados Justice system when justice systems world wide requires TRUTH

  4. Piece…how could you miss all that bajan bassa bassa last…

    ….if you dont watch carefully you will end up with a bajan white prime minister Piece, the private sector Mangoste revolted on Fruendel’s backside…lol

    Are both governments only capable of violating the rights of their own people, what do they get out if these nasty practices….when it’s not negotiating slave wages for workers on the island they are stealing pensions and benefits from workers.

  5. You do not have to be a lawyer to be prime minister of Barbados, although it feels like it sometimes.

  6. @Pieces, you is an Ole fella so you must remember that TV program called Time Tunnel, yes!

    So the Dale former AG merely doing a bit of bobbing n weaving across time portals to ‘reinvent’ his own untainted history.

    But I wonder if you gave pause on the ‘time travelling’ fable surrounding the other talkative politician in that dump of a White House…

    The story that a 19th century author has a cool elaborate tale about a NY based Presidential candidate called…Trump ….with a progeny called Baron who embark on a dream scape escapade to…Russia!

    You is a smart fella n understand these Internet n computer things real propa so if you could offer some decryption of this amazing time travel tale, this Manchurin dude or the ides of our seemingly fated life it would be appreciated.

    They say that truth is stranger that fiction but this latest Trump saga is too confusing to believe as anything other than amazingly contrived ‘fabulistic’ folly….otherwise WTF!

  7. It amazes me how DLP yard-fowls are “anxiously prepared” to show Barbadians how stupid they are.

    How does this yard-fowl jackass know Mottley’s “validity of being a lawyer has not be legitimized by legal means”……………….

    ………………….. when TWO YEARS and 2 MONTHS after PROMISING to commit his office in June 2014, to INVESTIGATING whether or not Mia Mottley is legitimately qualified to practice law in Barbados, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite HAS NOT INFORMED Barbadians of the RESULTS that investigation?

    Against the background of Denis Lowe and Michael Lashley being adamant that Mottley is not lawyer, and Brathwaite promising to investigate the matter, why should she present her qualifications when the onus is on her accusers to prove her guilty?

    Despite the fact Brathwaite or any other member of the DLP has so far been unable to prove Mottley is not a legitimate lawyer, the DLP yard-fowls are unable to understand they are continuing to pursue a NON-ISSUE.

    Similarly to how the yard-fowls are interpreting Mottley’s silence on the issue as “guilt,” and reasonable thinking individuals could likewise interpret Brathwaite’s silence as her being innocent.

  8. Is it not a better question to ask what qualifications do lawyers have in order to act as auctioneers and financial advisers? These are separate professional disciplines that lawyers automatic ally assume that being a lawyer gives them a right to practice.

  9. Hants is NOT licensed to practice law in Barbados because he does not have a LEC and a

    person CANNOT practice law in Barbados without a LEC unless they have done xy and z prior

    to the 19xx.

    Hants should provide incontrovertible evidence to prove he has the qualifications to

    legitimately practice law in Barbados.

    How wrasse whole complicated could that be for a University educated person.

  10. de pedantic Dribbler August 3, 2017 at 7:31 AM

    “They say that truth is stranger than fiction but this latest Trump saga is too confusing to believe as anything other than amazingly contrived ‘fabulistic’ folly….otherwise WTF!”

    @ de pedantic Dribbler

    I read an article in the New York Daily News which stated Trump “lies ostentatiously, compulsively, almost artistically, about things large and small.”

    Recently Trump was reported as having received a phone call from the Boy Scouts saying his speech “was the greatest speech that was ever made to them,” and the Mexican President called to say his (Trump) tough enforcement efforts at the Mexican border were working.

    However, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, confirmed at her daily briefing what the Boy Scouts and the Mexican government had already asserted publicly, which is that neither phone call that Mr. Trump referred to had occurred.” [New York Times, August 2, 2017]

    Perhaps Trump is the real “purveyor of fake news.”

  11. Hants,
    Lawyers too are regulated. Are the regulators happy that all person practising law in Barbados ie a right to appear in court, are qualified to do so? If the answer is yes, end of controversy; if no, then there is a need to explain.
    It is not illegal to describe yourself as a ‘doctor’, if not so qualified; but it is illegal to try and obtain a pecuniary advantage by professing to work as a doctor.
    Is it part of our collective psychology to be petty and vindictive about minor issues when the big, destructive ones look us in the face?

  12. Part V111 of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall not practice unless he has been issued a practicing certificate in accordance with the Act.

    Part V111 of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall not practice unless he has been issued a practicing certificate in accordance with the Act.

    Part V111 of the Code- An attorney-at-law shall not practice unless he has been issued a practicing certificate in accordance with the Act.


    The Association exists for the purpose of ensuring that Legal Services in Barbados

    is offered in the highest degree of professionalism and to provide general

    information to the public and to Attorneys-at-Law.

  13. There are ALWAYS exemptions to be found in any codes, for one reason or another, nothing is written in stone, except by dumb slaves in a brainwashed slave society.

    There is always wriggle room.

  14. @ Hants
    Give it a rest do…!

    It says ‘in accordance with the Act’.
    What THAT means is that the powers that be reserve the right to make it ‘mean’ whatever is convenient and expedient in the particular circumstances.

    In the Act, they will typically say things like ‘notwithstanding section 254 b and 7843 e, an attorney shall be eligible to practice if Dipper said so, …OR if their name can be construed to mean ‘my mother’ (Mama Mia)… even if they have no children.”

    In any case, by the time it is finally decided, all involved will be dead or retired….so..
    You CANNOT win with the ‘Law’ in Barbados.
    This is just exactly the kind of issue that the dead DLP will find suitable for their upcoming campaign.

    Perhaps they will lock her up for impersonating an attorney…
    but then someone may lock up Froon for impersonating a human….

    ha ha ha

    • @Bush Tea & Hants

      The issue here as Dale correctly points out is why would the DLP table this matter as a resolution at their annual meeting? The answer is simple, to create noise to respond to the rising opposition sentiment in the country. Same tactic Trump is pursuing to deflect the heat from Russian probe. This is why many fear the grand standing that will be generated from publicizing a meeting of the social partnership. Ignorance!

  15. Who said anything about having lawyer credentials to be a PM.however for your information the question about her lawyer credentials resolves around integrity transparency and truthfulness a requirement that is therfore worthy of great consideration when one seeks to be at the helm of the highest office of the land… Not so?

  16. @Artax, to be fair and charitable to Trump he is a BS artist ànd an excellent purveyor of the political soundbite.

    What he does daily like the Boys Scout and Mexican President fake calls is the type of hyperbole and grandiose sales speak we have heard at presentations, conferences or meetings our entire business careers.

    The difference of course is that this is no simple real estate meeting or business conference!

    And by the way this fable supposedly dates to 3 centuries ago…if valid the coincidences are scary, incredible and confounding…Trump didn’t create this tale this time…although who knows what is real these days.

    @Hal, everyday politicians use petty folly to dissemble from the real issues. This Motley LEC is such and everyone knows that. The DLP operatives are enjoying the wasted space and time to pursue this issue.

    I would ask them or the current AG a few basic questions like what would happen to all the legislation signed by the AG supposedly non certified lawyer Mottley.

    This is and was always a non-issue.

  17. MIA should provide INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence to prove she has the qualifications to

    legitimately practice law in Barbados.

    She will be the next Prime Minister of Barbados.

    • @Hants

      If members of the ruling party suspects there is a problem they are the ones to invoke the law or shut the hell up while Mia continues to make her millions.

  18. @ David
    …why would the DLP table this matter as a resolution at their annual meeting?
    Name one other topic that they can POSSIBLY talk about …that does not show them up to be complete jackasses….

    This was no doubt arrived at by a process of elimination.

  19. MS Skeete, DLP person I like your statement….it is so laughable.

    Were you a script writer for the MADD team…with laff lines as: “… her lawyer credentials resolves around integrity transparency and truthfulness”….you are awesome.

    When in the last 48 hours has anyone in your team looked up ” integrity transparency and truthfulness”.

    Oh mi lawd… I gone. What a conniption of lies and complete foolishness.

  20. Hants, WHY!

    To prove to a set of idiots that ‘he was born in the US’.

    Mottley has NOTHING to prove. There is clear and unequivocal clarification of her bonafides noted by a CERTIFIED QC and former AG (if memory serves).

    Obama was treated with fake and stupid accusations for 7 years by a man who now claims the terms fake news…what exactly does the DLP hope to ‘win’ with this stupidness.

    This is absurd and nonsensical in every practical sense.

  21. @ David,

    MIA is the LOO and future PM of Barbados.

    She should shut DEM up by providing INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence to prove she has the

    qualifications to legitimately practice law in Barbados.

    However it may better ( politically ) for her to do this after an election date is announced.

  22. de pedantic Dribbler wrote ” There is clear and unequivocal clarification of her bonafides

    noted by a CERTIFIED QC and former AG “

  23. It’s certainly not going to win the government the election….at this point Mia would be elected just for NOT being a lawyer…

    ……unlike Fruendel whose law degree is obviously useless, he can’t even get out of the hole he dug fir himself and Adriel Nitwit whose law degree is obviouly useless, cause he can’t functio and Michael Carrington, who uses his law degree to steal from 70 year old disabled people in wheelchairs…and Michael Lashley who misuses his law degree to consort with criminals for self enrichment….and the other “$10 dollar” Lashley, are yall sure he actually has a law degree, begging the population outright for ten dollars which his math calculated to be a 20 million dollar ripoff of Bajans.

    I could go on but it would be pointless and exhausting.

    So it maybe better they table a non issue and blow themselves up.

  24. de pedantic Dribbler August 3, 2017 at 9:21 AM #

    “When in the last 48 hours has anyone in your team looked up ” integrity transparency and truthfulness.”

    @ de pedantic Dribbler

    “……………integrity transparency and truthfulness a requirement that is therefore worthy of great consideration when one seeks to be at the helm of the highest office of the land………………”

    …………….yet they are satisfied with Freundel Stuart being the Prime Minister of Barbados, Christopher Sinckler, a man who “lies ostentatiously, compulsively, almost artistically, about things large and small,” the Minister of Finance?

    …………….and a DLP administration that refused to enact the following legislation after promising to do so NINE YEARS ago in 2008, as mentioned on page 48 of their 2008 election manifesto:

    “Immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring:
    • a declaration of assets by public officials,
    • a Code of Conduct for Ministers,
    • a new Freedom of Information law,
    • amendments to the Defamation laws and
    • new constitutional provisions to rationalize the powers of the Prime Minister.”

  25. It is obvious that freedom of information and integrity legislation would not have required any significant sums of money to draft, legislate and enact. As such, this inept DLP administration cannot use the prevailing adverse economic environment as an excuse for their being unable to deliver on their promise.

    However, the DLP was able to find expenditure to “Establish state-funded Constituency Councils,” delivering on an unimportant promise as mentioned on page 48 of their 2008 manifesto.

  26. At this point after these morons have destroyed our country, who the hell cares what they say or table at their useless party conference?

    These dems have decimated the country and the dlp……so tabling a resolution is as useless as they are.

    They forgot that the majority of Barbadians are educated and have commonsense and will not be fooled by their stupid gutter politics.

    I believe that most people are now tone deaf to the dlp so bring it on, you morons.

    From 2008 you could not govern this ountry but think that by defaming Mia will suddenly teach you idiots how to govern? Jackasses!

  27. Pedantic dribbler
    “When has anyone in your team…..”

    Well should you not be asking yourself the same question about your team

    How is it that after nine years of asking for integrity legislation to be pass and ripping govt apart that you have the gall to question when your team blp is placed under the microscope for such indiscretions
    Really am i now to believe that you only have eyes to see what surely fits your political agenda
    Well then if so tell me why Mottley should be given a passing grade on all past and present indiscretions while she pursues the highest office in the land

  28. You idiot….Pedant dont even live on the island. ..what team what.

    Blind yardfowl…lol

  29. Poor dlp………….they have run out of excuses for their poor and destructive management of this country and have now realised that they are out of time…….

    And what do they do……….return to their mous operandi……..the politics of blood sports……wallowing in the gutter, dlp style.

    Too late shall be your cry!

  30. @ Prodigal Son,

    There is no difference between the DLP and BLP when it comes to “the politics of blood

    sports……wallowing in the gutter,”

    The Masses are ooking foward to “comedy central Barbados” aka ” Political Brass meetings.

  31. WWW
    “Pedantic doesnr live on the island

    Could not care less. However pedantic does not shy away from speaking and making self clear concerning the politics of barbados and on that rationale i make my comments towards him
    Btw do you ever clean house or take a trip to the batroom your daily presence on BU gives enough of an assessment to believe that u never do

  32. Did anyone hear the trini woman on Brasstacks trying to defend Fumble Stuart’s leadership style?

    Does she not understand what this leading from behind has done to our country? Leaving every minister to do what the hell they likeis not leadership……..look at the fraud and corruption highlighted in the AG report!

    She defends everything this DLP does.

  33. Prodigal
    So what if the Trini lady wants to defend PM Stuart leadership style.
    Not every one has the stomach of once again going diwn a rabbit hole of debt and corruption handed to the country by past blp administration
    Debt which has taken a strangled hold on the country economic performace
    Debt which can be attributed to blind political ambitions
    Debt which has only proven to serve a few among the masses
    Debt which now must be serviced by all and sundry even while the high and mighty refuses to pay their fair share but would rather gather the lowly to participate in chaos and staged marches in defiance

  34. @ Prodigal

    The resident yard-fowl is CORRECT.

    According to the IMF, CBB, S&P, Moody’s, CDB and other financial agencies, the DLP systematically INCREASED the country’s debt WHICH:

    “…………has taken a strangled hold on the country economic performance…..”

    “…………can be attributed to blind political ambitions…..”

    “…………has only proven to serve a few among the masses…..”

    “…………now must be serviced by all and sundry….”

    But I hope you noticed the march got duh head hot.

    Rawle calls BT everyday trying to convince himself the march was not a success, while the other two jackasses assigned to this forum are doing everything to convince themselves as well.

    The mere fact they are continually mentioning the march, means it has them bothered.

  35. @ac

    You dems are so ignorant that you are here saying that debt has strangled the country’s economic growth……..and yet you do not know that your party the DLP which has been the government since 2008 has borrowed more money in 9 years than the BLP borrowed in 14 years………..

    At least we can see what the BLP did with the money it borrowed, what has the DLP done with all the money it borrowed…………added to that the local money it borrowed, the millions it took out of the NIS and the massive deficits it has racked up year after year.

    The DLP government has not bought a bus, a garbage truck…….I dont even know if vehicle were bought for the Police but I know the PM got two new vehicles.

    The QEH is in serious condition, the roads are a mess, the UWI who helped DLP MP’s to be where they are today is in a critical financial position, schools are in disarray and you can name any other thing in this country and it is in dire straits.

    Yet you got the gall to talk about debt…………If the country had so much debt prior to 2008, it just goes to show how ignorant your party is to borrow and borrow until no one will lend you a yen now!

    Brilliance! That Credit Suisse loan tell us how brilliant the dems are.

  36. David

    Yes, I agree she has the right to wear her yellow panties and defend the PM…….was just mentioning it to show how even now people still think that that type of leadership has been good for country Barbados.

  37. I simply cannot understand the rationale pertaining to the opposition leader having rights to practice law in the country. In the political circle from the great EWB, Adams, Sandiford and a host of influential Attorney General from Independence we knew of the Opposition Leader being a certified lawyer or should I say was of the opinion that her profession was lawful. Now in 2017, after Lowe questioned her qualification and waste parliament’s time lambasting the person including the budget debate to continue his nonsense. Now, we as a country trying to deal with serious financial problems, and we now hearing that a serious annual conference will dealing with this non-issue.

    As a people, we need to remove ourselves from the negativity and look at creating positives.

  38. Prodigal Son,
    What did the BLP do with the money it borrowed? The truth is that Sinckler should not have stayed in that job for eight years and Stuart has not got the guts to sack him. To do so now will be too late.
    What is the future of the DLP? We only have to look at France for an example of what could happen.
    There is a myth, fuelled by so-called political scientists, that in our two-party, first-past-the-post adversarial electoral system there is no room for a ‘third’ party.
    This may be so, but the French experience is that a new party can are-arrange the chairs on the deck. The Macron centre-right victory is a distraction[; what is really interesting is that the traditional Socialist and the Leftwinger Jean-Luc Melenchon and the traditional Catholic-biased Gaullists also got wiped out.
    Although Macron won 62 per cent of the popular vote, that was out of 20 per cent registered voters. It was a rebellion against the elite, who they blame for the demographic changes overtaking their country, the so-called Great Relacement..
    Le Republique is a new party, which is still very much on probation. France is a strange country: the country that suffered most by the Fascist invasion, is now the home of European Fascism.
    There is more expressed racism in France than in the UK, for example, but it is more nuanced than that.
    The French rightly do not mind foreigners, but they want them to become French, share in their secular Republican values, while the newcomer insist on retaining their religious and cultural traditions. About 40 per cent of newborns in France have at least one parent who is from an ethnic minority. In time that will feed through to the whole society.
    So, in short, although the traditional BLP and DLP may dominate Barbadian electoral politics and under the current system two parties may remain dominant, there is no reason to believe the two will be the BLP and DLP.
    Until 1945, the UK Liberal party was the alternative to the Conservative and Unionist party, but Churchill, fresh from winning the war, was rejected by the people. We have seen the same thing in Scotland with the Scottish National Party replacing the Labour party as the party of government.
    The forthcoming general elections may yet spring a few surprises. We still need a more sophisticated debate about the state of the nation, which is yet to emerge.

  39. ““The Honourable Attorney General is the Leader of the Bar of Barbados and is Parliament’s and Government’s principal legal advisor. In addition, he is the guardian of the public interest and invariably moves the admission of young attorneys to practise in Barbados.

    “It is therefore in the public interest that the outcome of this investigation is publicly revealed so that any slur cast against the late Chief JusticeSir Denys Williams, the former Attorney General Sir Maurice King, and the former Registrar, Madame Marie MacCormack, and of course Miss Mottley and myself, may be removed,” added Sir Henry.”

  40. What a joke headline “sir henry defends Mia”

    Sir Henry was defending himself as her co-introducer, along with the late PM Barrow, as well as the presiding officials, including the late CJ Williams. These two cannot speak for themselves.

  41. I find it a massive joke that intelligent people can expend so much cognitive energy discussing whether or not the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is fully legally qualified to practice law in Barbados – after a number of years – when the nation is crying out for sound and visionary political leadership..
    I thought it was April Fool’s Day. What makes it even worse is that we have at least one senior attorney who, if the Law Society of England and Wales is correct, took part one of his solicitor’s exams but never took part two. I know that because they told me that and I queried it on several different occasions and they confirmed it each time.

  42. And I find it equally hilarious that for every topic presented to BU for “discussion,” certain individuals are repeatedly mentioning Mottley and a LEC.

    Whether any other contributor agrees with me or not, my point is, since AG Brathwaite promised to investigate the matter, I believe Mottley is innocent until he publicly presents the evidence to prove otherwise.

    Until then, it remains a non issue.

    However, we are prepared to give “qualified LEC lawyers” Michael Lashley and Michael Carrington passes for duping their clients.

  43. The politics practiced by this inept DLP administration has so far been successful. They have been able to chart the course of discussion in the direction which they want it to travel.

    Referring to the island’s financial difficulties when it is appropriate for them, they have been able to sell to the public, the justification of financing certain events such as the yearlong 50th anniversary independence celebrations and now CARIFESTA, when it is obvious the island could not afford to host these events.

    They absent themselves from public discussions on the economy or any other issue in preference to spewing political diatribe to the party faithful at DLP sponsored events, annual conferences and constituency branch meetings. And they continue to disrespect the electorate in this regard.

    Parliamentarians, especially Stuart, Sinckler, Denis Kellman and Ronald Jones, have made it a habit of using pejorative statements to insult those individuals they perceive as critics or the “enemy,” to the delight of DLP supporters who could be heard in the background cheering and encouraging this behavior.

    People with genuine concerns are insulted or labeled as being “unpatriotic” or “enemies of the state” if they question government policies.

    They used the “race card” to effectively dismiss the real reasons behind the recently held peaceful march.

    However, it seems as though Barbadians are satisfied with the status quo and I won’t be surprised if the DLP wins the 2018 general elections.

  44. It was just a matter of time befire this was exposed, the location of the so called university alone is cause for grave concern. ….as long as ya heard Carson and Jackass Jones boasting about all these new universities, ya know it was just a matter of time before everything came out in the wash….right
    “THE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY of Barbados (WUB) has come under fire from some of its students over what they deem false promises and mistreatment by the university.

    An e-mail to the DAILY NATION on behalf of the aggrieved WUB students outlined a number of their concerns with the school, located at the Casa Grande Hotel in St Philip.

    The students highlighted issues such as the fact that the school, which opened in 2016, had not been officially paired with an American hospital as had been promised.”

    Yardfowl Angela….I can ask you the same thing.

    Besides…I am here to be ya worse nightmare, yall have earned one…..make that a few and they will become more frequent in the build up to election,.

    …and why should I do anything when they are people with your mentality to do everything for me..haha.

  45. Why are we not discussing a US military jet being in our air space? I have warned before of the RSS gearing up to intervene in civilian policing in Barbados. But the entire region is in turmoil: Brazil is mobilising 10000 troops on pretence of intervening in the favelas, and the other nations neighbouring Venezuela are also mobilising.
    With the world’s biggest reserves of oil, Madura’s socialism is getting in the way of US expansionism. This is the Monroe Doctrine at its most vicious.
    Do not put it beyond Stuart and his key advisers to manufacture a social problem in Barbados, forcing them to postpone the general elections and bringing the defence force on to the streets. The marchers may be laying in to Stuart’s hands.

  46. @Artax August 3, 2017 at 4:55 PM #

    “People with genuine concerns are insulted or labeled as being “unpatriotic” or “enemies of the state” if they question government policies.

    They used the “race card” to effectively dismiss the real reasons behind the recently held peaceful march.

    However, it seems as though Barbadians are satisfied with the status quo and I won’t be surprised if the DLP wins the 2018 general elections”.


    Barbadians are by nature very reserved people and do not like to demonstrate, only to party.

    It was therefore very significant that 20,000 persons took to the streets last Monday.

    I am convinced after interacting with many persons at the march, people are only waiting until the election is called to vote. There were constant chants of……enough is enough!

  47. Hal

    It was reported on DLPTV last night that the plane was refueling and was on its way to Ascension Island………….that is if we trust the news.

  48. Hal…….really, if you are talking about the same plane, it was a NASA plane on its way to Ascension Island off the African coast where hurricanes develop, hurricane hunter planes are tracking hurricanes to save all our lives…, because it’s hurricane season.

    The plane developed mechanical engine problems and had to make an emergency landing in Barbados…what were they supposed to do….there is no land between Barbados and their destination….so what would you have them do.

    You attack the US unnecessarily. …attack them when they deserve it…like I do.

    And remember…ya using ya own

  49. And ah hope the US is doing its job and tracking you for that…lol

    At least they know when I attack them, it is with the truth.

    And I hope ya not maliciously spreading false information on BU…..Hal…the journalist.

  50. @ Hal Austin August 3, 2017 at 5:18 PM
    “Do not put it beyond Stuart and his key advisers to manufacture a social problem in Barbados, forcing them to postpone the general elections and bringing the defence force on to the streets. The marchers may be laying in to Stuart’s hands.”

    Hal A+, I, the miller of the grainy grist from his great-grandmother’s mill which used to grind your family-grown corn, want to confess and admit that what, like Nostradamus, you have prognosticated is right up the avenue of future ‘reality’ of Bim under a cover-up of pending social unrest which can lead to a mini Venezuela cum Madura-type scenario of the have-nots versus the perceived better-offs.

    Now you can appreciate the real intent of the previous warnings issued by Jones and Blackett to crack heads and shoot people to encourage the flow of black blood in the gutter of partisan politics.

    That. my friendly foe, is the only way the deceitful lying party aka DLP can, by all democratic means, rule Barbados the land of so-called educated people after the 2017-2018 session of abject political subterfuge.

  51. Carson. …yall are criminals.

    You had a lot of talk for me about this when I commented on the number of deaths at Westmoreland, ya had the nerve to try to compare yall wicked neglect of this road, to accidents in Canada.

    But just look at you now.

    You dont refuse to fix a road in a constituency because the people would not vote for your political party, that is low brow, they also pay your salaries, they are taxpayers.

    No wonder yall nearly got overthrown…ya use lowlife antics and practices against the people.

    When you do wicked things to the electorate, they will remember.

    Call for traffic lights at Westmoreland
    Added 04 August 2017

    Edmund Hinkson (left) and Michael Lashley listening to the story of Bridgett Griffith, who has seen many injuries and deaths along Westmoreland. (Picture by Nigel Browne)

    FOLLOWING A SERIES of fatal and near-fatal accidents in the area over a number of years, with the most recent death that of 61-year-old Mary Downes on July 12, the Ministry of Transport and Works placed road markings directing traffic to slow down.

    However, Hinkson told the WEEKEND NATION he thought such measures were just preliminary and he wanted something more concrete done.
    “I have been writing to Government for the past four and a half years, ever since I became representative, about that road. Putting signs on the road is not saying anything, but Government has decided not to spend money in St James North as they know they won’t win the seat,” he said. (CA)

  52. As long as Mia realizes this freedom from mental slavery for her own prople is never going to happen if black governments continue to enable, collude with and kowtow to a small number of minority business people on the island, using taxpayer and pension money belonging to the majority black population to prop up those who do not want to see the black population mentally emancipated…then she is halfway conscious.

    I can also ask, what took Mia so long to see that her people are still mentally enslaved……willfully and maliciously kept that way for the last 50 years by both black governments…to appease greedy minorities.

    There should be hundreds majority black owned BIG businesses on the island for the last 30 years, instead ya have a few minorites pretending to be still slave masters to a population of over 260,000 black people, in 2017, and aided in this discrimination and exploitation of the people by both black governments in these extremely evil practices.

    That is what both governments should be fighting against, dismantling and destroying that wicked decades old institution of keeping their people mentally enslaved to enrich a few minorities.

    Do not let Mia get away with addressing only half the story of the continued mental enslavement of her own people for political mileage and political gain.

    “Mottley: Barbadians need to mentally emancipate themselves
    Added by Colville Mounsey on August 3, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    As this country paused Tuesday to observe the 179th anniversary of emancipation, Leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Mia Mottley said many Barbadians had yet to be mentally emancipated.

    Speaking to Barbados TODAY on the sidelines of C’est La Vie fete on Tuesday night, Mottley contended that transitioning to this new stage of enlightened thinking was important now more than ever for Barbadians who are facing serious challenges.

    She argued that even though Barbadians were physically free from the limitations of slavery, they were still mentally inhibited from achieving their full potential.

    “It has taken us a long time to remove a lot of the vestiges of discrimination and exploitation. However, we still have a long way to go in terms of the mental emancipation and be able to free ourselves from those things that inhibit us from taking control of our own personal circumstances, community circumstances and those of our country.”

  53. @Hal Austin August 3, 2017 at 5:18 PM “Why are we not discussing a US military jet being in our air space?”

    Because we do not have to capacity to stop U.S. nor British, nor [your friends the Chinese] Chinese, nor Brazilian nor Russian jets from coming into our airspace. We do not have the money nor the manpower for an airforce.

    But I am wondering if this same jet did not have trouble in Barbados’ airspace or near to Barbados’ airspace one day last week. I am a casual observer of planes and last week walking home in the daytime I saw one about 30,000 feet up coming from the northwest and about 2 minutes later what appeared to be the same plane coming back. I wondered at the time if the plane had trouble. The walk from my bus stop to home is 8 minutes.

  54. Simple…dont mind Hal the fraud, it was a hurricane hunter plane with mechanical problems, those 20 people on board, most of whom would be scientists, would have lost their lives trying to reach Ascenion Island….if they had not put down in Barbados……

    ….the only thing between Barbados and Ascencion Island is open water…no land, I dont know where Hal wanted them to land to either fix the engine or wait for another plane.

    That same plane can save our lives by collecting data when the passengers risk their lives to fly into the eye of hurricanes….which will be rolling off the African coast at will and frequently.

    Hal lives in the twilight zone in the UK.

  55. Simple,
    CBC reported that it was a military plane. But, of course, the ageing buffoons, who get satisfaction from trying to bully people with their semi-literate ignorance like picking on people. With me they got the wrong guy.
    Check out the CBC website.

  56. All real journalists always verify the facts of a story BEFORE making accusations….or commenting on it….

    From the day that hurricane hunter plane developed problems….several news sources had the story.

    Relatives of mine around the globe were discussing it.

    And your only source was CBC in Barbados…lol

  57. “”What a joke headline “sir henry defends Mia”””

    Mia is talking now about mental slavery.

    However she refuses to talk about if she has a LLB or LEC. When dealing with her “”qualifications”” surrogates have to be speaking on her behalf. Why is this? This is an individual who has an opinion on everything, even though 99% of them are wrong, she has now turned her attention to mental slavery.

    How can this individual hope to be PM of Bimshire one of these distant days, and is not speaking clearly on whether or not this individual is qualified or not? This alone will prevent sensible Bajans from voting for her or any of her henchmen.

    This reminds me of her stand in national politics. Nothing but criticism, but has to date not put up a single proposal or idea on where the BLP stands on ANYTHING. For example Bajans want to know from her what is their stand on homosexuality, will they legalise it, will they legalise Lesbianism, will they legalise prostitution, will they legalise herb, burning questions Bajans want answers to before the bell rings so that they can make up their minds. And especially so since we live in a God fearing Christian country where such demonic practices are frowned upon and rightly so.

    Will we see an introduction of Gay cruise liners coming into Bimshire, tell Bajans the answers to these questions LOTO.

  58. Carson C Cadogan

    How different is your FJS

    He has a legal certificate but as PM an abysmal failure.

    He has not a clue after 8 years on the job.

    • BU notes the PM is reported to be meeting with union offcials today no doubt to prep for the meeting sheduled for next week.

  59. ” he was one of two persons who had recommended her for membership of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple and had subsequently introduced her to the Bar of Barbados –

    the other being the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, the father of Barbados’ independence.

    introduced her to the Bar of Barbados – the other being the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, the father of Barbados’ independence.

    the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, the father of Barbados’ independence introduced her to the Bar of Barbados.

  60. Carson…let Mia talk, both governments have to explain why 50 years after independence, there is still mental slavery prevalent among the over 260,000 majority black population….in 2017

    why 50 years later both governments enable and condone mental slavery among the black majority population to enrich a few minorities…

    why 50 years later there are no black majority big businesses in a majority black country……there should be 75 percent black businesses on the island

    Mia is not using that one sided strategy of claiming the existence of mental slavery without answering the other side of those questions. ……………..who is encouraging and protecting it. both governments are responsible and have to give explanations.

    .why both black governments allow greedy, badminded parasites and mangoste like Bizzy et al to stop black businesses from striving and progressing.

  61. Wait, the PM calls a meeting with the unions and then excuses himself as he had a prior engagement and leaves the meeting to be chaired by the useless deputy PM?

  62. GOOD WORK(the Barbados Labour Party will not like this)

    Haitian lawmakers vote to ban same-sex marriages

    PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) — Haitian lawmakers have approved legislation prohibiting same-sex marriages as well as banning all forms of public demonstrations in support of homosexuality.

    The Senate earlier this week approved the measure that includes sanctions and specifies that perpetrators, co-perpetrators and accomplices of a homosexual marriage face a penalty of three years imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 Gourdes (One Gourde=US$0.01 cents).

  63. See why there is so much suffering, poverty and corruption in Haiti Carson….government is distracted by the wrong things, just like what is happening with the Barbados government.

    Yall should be watching what the minority parasites and Mangoste have in store for yall next…remember it is Mia they are trying to install to continue their bribery/corruption games and disenfranchisement of the people…

    Yall are no longer any use to them…ya sell by date expired…lol

    Instead ya up in the bedroom business of consenting adults.

    Mind ya business.

  64. “”See why there is so much suffering, poverty and corruption in Haiti Carson””

    ……because they dont tolerate nastiness?

  65. Because they are corrupt and instead of cleaning up corruption, which is nastiness at the highest level…..they are inside the bedrooms of consenting adults……..Carson.

    …. that is not what taxpayers are paying government ministers to do……stop thiefing, taking bribes and do your jobs

  66. Voltair said if you want to know who is ruling over you, just look at who you can’t criticize.

    Does HERBERT spring to mind?

  67. “they are inside the bedrooms of consenting adults……..Carson.”

    If you had any sense, you would know that is where it all begins.

    Philosophy in the Bedroom.

  68. If you had any sense you would know that what happens between two consenting adults in the privacy of their homes is none of the government’s business, why dont you clean up the homosexuality in the government and among yardfowl/supporters if ya so concerned..

    Poop is running in the streets and the foul stench is back on the south coast, that should be uppermost in government’s mind before the tourists disappear…the sewage system needs fixing.

  69. Carson

    Voltair said if you want to know who is ruling over you, just look at who you can’t criticize.

    Does HERBERT spring to mind?
    No … baloney.

    PM a no show!
    Is this a case of “letting the dead bury their dead…?

  70. Well Well

    You don’t have the sense that you were born with.

    You keep talking about behind close doors between consenting adults. What happens when they want to extend the circle of participants? These nasty people then reach into the wider community and drag into their filthy bedrooms your children and grand children. Defiling them. If the people of Barbados miss and put in the Barbados Labour Party this country would be turned into a cesspool. Why do you think that every degenerate grouping is throwing their support behind the Barbados Labour Party? Promises have been made to them. And the thing you all are only concerned with financial matters but care nothing about immorality at the highest levels. That is what is going to bring Barbados down. Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because of downgrades and the fiscal deficit, Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of licentiousness.

    We have a mock man at the head of a political party in Barbados, this does not augur well for this country. And to boot we are not even certain if the person is fully qualified for the vocation which is held by the person.

    A good read for you would be “”120 days by Marquis De Sade””.

  71. “These nasty people then reach into the wider community and drag into their filthy bedrooms your children and grand children”

    Carson…it is both governments created the stinking environments for YOUR children and YOUR grandchildren to be raped by pedophiles, because you protect rapists and pedophiles by refusing to create a sex registry…….

    ……by refusing to name and shame them once they are accused of raping children, by refusing to amend the laws to punish child rapists with heavier sentences, by refusing to upgrade the judiciary so that it no longer takes 15 years for a child rape case to go to trial and be heard…..

    Your memory is too short….just recently Dale Marshall jumped out to defend rapists and cry out against a sex offender’s registry and he is not the first politician to appear to be protecting child and other rapists…do your jobs.

    As usual…the governments are not doing their jobs, but want to be in the bedrooms of adults,

  72. @ Hal Austin (And the Sage Annunaki)

    My UK sojourner.

    It would appear like if you have had a serious awakening.

    De Ole Man hath in many previous submission here (of late, less so, indicated that this is going to be how this administration plays out its third term.

    The same “Crime and Violence” that David, the Dead King, predicted WILL BE ENCOURAGED BY the henchmen of the Democratic Labour Party.

    It shall take the form of *** and *** which while not as serious as ***, will permit Fumbles and his most incompetent Government of the DLP, to invoke the Emergency Powers Act and suspend the general elections which, WHEN IT COMES, will vote every single one of these DLP clowns TO THE EFFING CURB.

    Any idiot can see that INCLUDING MUGABE MOTTLEY.

    Already Bajans are seeing the inexorable march of violence that precedes the irreversible Crime of Violence that comes with economic instability.

    The Acts that they will employ are acts that are orchestrated and which their idiocy has caused them to believe that they will “contain” BUT what is playing out at another level, that they cannot contain, is the warfare that attends national economic instability.

    (Young?) people cannot get no wuk in this rapidly contracting economy, and they are doing the only thing that is available for them to do ROB.

    This series of CRIME & VIOLENCE essays, like the “clean skins phenomenon” that beseiges the UK, the US and the EU CANNOT BE EASILY resolves and its almost impossible to predict (if you do not know what you are looking for heheheheheheh)

    So the incompetent Son of Mars not to be confused with Mars’ Son (hehehehehe) will, as his most visible act in his 10 years of ineptitude, be relied on to be part of the mechanism that will bring in the Emergency Powers Act.

    Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

    Dumb docile sheep led WILLINGLY to the slaughter…

    Now, to the other despot Mugabe WHO ALSO SEEKS TO HAVE A LIFELONG DYNASTY de ole man while not a friend of yours, but a man who is Bajan to the Bone, will suggest this to you, brilliant as you are purported to be.

    Yours is the conundrum to act in such a manner THAT WILL NULLIFY THAT ACTION BEFORE IT IS MADE!!

    Now you are no brainiac NOR DO YOU PLAY CHESS so de ole man going have to talk to you in code cause dem sorry DEM IS WATCHING.

    De answer lies in De Dead King’s chant “CRIME & VIOLENCE”.

    Be logical, which i know is a hard thing for you to do.

    De ole man IS NOT SUGGESTING SEDITION as is your wont, no that is not the answer.

    What you must do to negate that plan is quite simple and while you and the other simpletons that you have surrounded yourself with CANNOT SEE THIS, you have to ***.

    Steupseee…jes a waste of effing time cause none of your team will understand whu wunna gots to do anyways UNLESS IT GET WRITTEN OUT IN LETTERS AS BIG AS THE TREASURY BUILDING…

  73. Interesting to observe that Michael Lashley who act as Attorney General called the talk show today when the obvious person should have been Adreil Brathwaite. One wonders if it is a case of competence to speak to matters of the Court. It is known that Bratwaite has never practiced law of any consequence in the local courts.

  74. David August 6, 2017 at 1:50 PM #

    the AG was on the Blackmanx2 show talking at the time…..hence the stand in went to bat.

    • Thanks Vincent, for some reason the BU household has not had the time to view since started.The difference here is that Walters both are not lawyers.

  75. David

    Neither have I watched it nor will I watch a show that is inherently biased……I heard a snippet on the CBC news as I was waiting for the weather forecast,as I do not tune into CBC either.

    I stopped watching or listening to CBC since 2003 as it is a propaganda tool for whoever is in power.

    BU is the only hope……we used it to cuss the Bees and now we are using it to cuss the Dees and no doubt we will revert after a year or so.

  76. Seriously though David…. Did you see the clip on TV with the retarded idiot we have for an AG….?

    Bushie DARES anyone dispute that he HAS TO BE an alien invader in (bad) disguise…

    …the similarity with Trump is uncanny….
    …Like a mindless poppet under some alien control… talking unbridled shiite with a straight face…

    Bushie has to agree with Vincent about CBC…..

    …and poor Walter gotta eat …ain’t it….?

    • @Bus Tea

      Didn’t see it. What does it say that one of our more educated citizens must descend to compromising his position and training to provide for his family IF what you suggest is true.

  77. LOL @ David
    This is what you get when you follow Enuff’s advice about “joining with the Devil to bring about improvements in Hell.”

    Obviously, after careful contemplation, Walter decided that his best chance of ‘making a contribution’ is to go with the flow …and aim for change from ‘inside the DLP.

    By the time they are finished with compromising his donkey, he will be even more tarnished than Lowe…. What a waste…
    You know of course that this is EXACTLY why David Thompson formed his alliance with the CLICO devil … in order to get himself into the position to ‘do the people’s work’…. another waste…

    Come thee out from among them …my people…..
    Depart, depart, go out from there, Touch nothing unclean; Go out of the midst of her….

    Good apples NEVER fixed a bunch of rotten ones yet!!!!
    …it is FAR better to whack their wicked asses….. 🙂

    Enuff is misguided by design…. his CSME stance should have been Walter’s guide….ha ha ha

    • Was it not interesting to learn yesterday that Hometown, Glebe and Oistins police stations are constructed to facilitate audio and video recordings BUT as Elliot Mottley pointed out the government needs to ensure the legislative code/teeth is implemented to secure the process. What was embarrassing was when he cited St.Lucia, TCI and Cayman as examples To follow.

  78. Elliot Mottley says “Put codes to govern confessions”. Logical but in Barbados……TYPICALLY…….This will take years to implement.

    In the meantime Police should record all interactions with ” suspects ” to use as a tool in investigations when trying to find “hard evidence”.

  79. Barbados is about to introduce plea bargaining, the most corrupt feature of the criminal justice system ever to be devised by dishonest American prosecutors.

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