The Politics of Distraction?

BU extracted the following from Dale Marshall’s Facebook timeline. On point!

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall

No? Too difficult?
The DLP has no interest in such things?


The AG is also being asked to investigate whether or not the opposition leader can practice law in Barbados? How about if he investigates the Justice system in Barbados grinding to a halt? How about he investigate the plight of the people who have cases before the court, but must wait years before they can get a decision? The Bar Association has compiled a partial list of some of the outstanding decisions, with some decisions still outstanding after 4 years. That’s a good place to start.

No? Too challenging? Not interested?


So……instead of dealing with critical issues affecting the country, the DLP prefers to look at stuff that just might sound good on an election platform?

Well, do get on with it Mr. AG!!
The country is behind you!!
Way, way, behind you!!

In fact, if you turn around fast enough, you will see the country disappearing in the distance deeper in the mire.


  • Well Well @ Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson…let Mia talk, both governments have to explain why 50 years after independence, there is still mental slavery prevalent among the over 260,000 majority black population….in 2017

    why 50 years later both governments enable and condone mental slavery among the black majority population to enrich a few minorities…

    why 50 years later there are no black majority big businesses in a majority black country……there should be 75 percent black businesses on the island

    Mia is not using that one sided strategy of claiming the existence of mental slavery without answering the other side of those questions. ……………..who is encouraging and protecting it. both governments are responsible and have to give explanations.

    .why both black governments allow greedy, badminded parasites and mangoste like Bizzy et al to stop black businesses from striving and progressing.


  • Wait, the PM calls a meeting with the unions and then excuses himself as he had a prior engagement and leaves the meeting to be chaired by the useless deputy PM?


  • Carson C Cadogan

    GOOD WORK(the Barbados Labour Party will not like this)

    Haitian lawmakers vote to ban same-sex marriages

    PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) — Haitian lawmakers have approved legislation prohibiting same-sex marriages as well as banning all forms of public demonstrations in support of homosexuality.

    The Senate earlier this week approved the measure that includes sanctions and specifies that perpetrators, co-perpetrators and accomplices of a homosexual marriage face a penalty of three years imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 Gourdes (One Gourde=US$0.01 cents).


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    See why there is so much suffering, poverty and corruption in Haiti Carson….government is distracted by the wrong things, just like what is happening with the Barbados government.

    Yall should be watching what the minority parasites and Mangoste have in store for yall next…remember it is Mia they are trying to install to continue their bribery/corruption games and disenfranchisement of the people…

    Yall are no longer any use to them…ya sell by date expired…lol

    Instead ya up in the bedroom business of consenting adults.

    Mind ya business.


  • Carson C Cadogan

    “”See why there is so much suffering, poverty and corruption in Haiti Carson””

    ……because they dont tolerate nastiness?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Because they are corrupt and instead of cleaning up corruption, which is nastiness at the highest level…..they are inside the bedrooms of consenting adults……..Carson.

    …. that is not what taxpayers are paying government ministers to do……stop thiefing, taking bribes and do your jobs


  • Carson C Cadogan

    Voltair said if you want to know who is ruling over you, just look at who you can’t criticize.

    Does HERBERT spring to mind?


  • Carson C Cadogan

    “they are inside the bedrooms of consenting adults……..Carson.”

    If you had any sense, you would know that is where it all begins.

    Philosophy in the Bedroom.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    If you had any sense you would know that what happens between two consenting adults in the privacy of their homes is none of the government’s business, why dont you clean up the homosexuality in the government and among yardfowl/supporters if ya so concerned..

    Poop is running in the streets and the foul stench is back on the south coast, that should be uppermost in government’s mind before the tourists disappear…the sewage system needs fixing.


  • Carson

    Voltair said if you want to know who is ruling over you, just look at who you can’t criticize.

    Does HERBERT spring to mind?
    No … baloney.

    PM a no show!
    Is this a case of “letting the dead bury their dead…?


  • Carson C Cadogan

    Well Well

    You don’t have the sense that you were born with.

    You keep talking about behind close doors between consenting adults. What happens when they want to extend the circle of participants? These nasty people then reach into the wider community and drag into their filthy bedrooms your children and grand children. Defiling them. If the people of Barbados miss and put in the Barbados Labour Party this country would be turned into a cesspool. Why do you think that every degenerate grouping is throwing their support behind the Barbados Labour Party? Promises have been made to them. And the thing you all are only concerned with financial matters but care nothing about immorality at the highest levels. That is what is going to bring Barbados down. Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because of downgrades and the fiscal deficit, Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of licentiousness.

    We have a mock man at the head of a political party in Barbados, this does not augur well for this country. And to boot we are not even certain if the person is fully qualified for the vocation which is held by the person.

    A good read for you would be “”120 days by Marquis De Sade””.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “These nasty people then reach into the wider community and drag into their filthy bedrooms your children and grand children”

    Carson…it is both governments created the stinking environments for YOUR children and YOUR grandchildren to be raped by pedophiles, because you protect rapists and pedophiles by refusing to create a sex registry…….

    ……by refusing to name and shame them once they are accused of raping children, by refusing to amend the laws to punish child rapists with heavier sentences, by refusing to upgrade the judiciary so that it no longer takes 15 years for a child rape case to go to trial and be heard…..

    Your memory is too short….just recently Dale Marshall jumped out to defend rapists and cry out against a sex offender’s registry and he is not the first politician to appear to be protecting child and other rapists…do your jobs.

    As usual…the governments are not doing their jobs, but want to be in the bedrooms of adults,


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hal Austin (And the Sage Annunaki)

    My UK sojourner.

    It would appear like if you have had a serious awakening.

    De Ole Man hath in many previous submission here (of late, less so, indicated that this is going to be how this administration plays out its third term.

    The same “Crime and Violence” that David, the Dead King, predicted WILL BE ENCOURAGED BY the henchmen of the Democratic Labour Party.

    It shall take the form of *** and *** which while not as serious as ***, will permit Fumbles and his most incompetent Government of the DLP, to invoke the Emergency Powers Act and suspend the general elections which, WHEN IT COMES, will vote every single one of these DLP clowns TO THE EFFING CURB.

    Any idiot can see that INCLUDING MUGABE MOTTLEY.

    Already Bajans are seeing the inexorable march of violence that precedes the irreversible Crime of Violence that comes with economic instability.

    The Acts that they will employ are acts that are orchestrated and which their idiocy has caused them to believe that they will “contain” BUT what is playing out at another level, that they cannot contain, is the warfare that attends national economic instability.

    (Young?) people cannot get no wuk in this rapidly contracting economy, and they are doing the only thing that is available for them to do ROB.

    This series of CRIME & VIOLENCE essays, like the “clean skins phenomenon” that beseiges the UK, the US and the EU CANNOT BE EASILY resolves and its almost impossible to predict (if you do not know what you are looking for heheheheheheh)

    So the incompetent Son of Mars not to be confused with Mars’ Son (hehehehehe) will, as his most visible act in his 10 years of ineptitude, be relied on to be part of the mechanism that will bring in the Emergency Powers Act.

    Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

    Dumb docile sheep led WILLINGLY to the slaughter…

    Now, to the other despot Mugabe WHO ALSO SEEKS TO HAVE A LIFELONG DYNASTY de ole man while not a friend of yours, but a man who is Bajan to the Bone, will suggest this to you, brilliant as you are purported to be.

    Yours is the conundrum to act in such a manner THAT WILL NULLIFY THAT ACTION BEFORE IT IS MADE!!

    Now you are no brainiac NOR DO YOU PLAY CHESS so de ole man going have to talk to you in code cause dem sorry DEM IS WATCHING.

    De answer lies in De Dead King’s chant “CRIME & VIOLENCE”.

    Be logical, which i know is a hard thing for you to do.

    De ole man IS NOT SUGGESTING SEDITION as is your wont, no that is not the answer.

    What you must do to negate that plan is quite simple and while you and the other simpletons that you have surrounded yourself with CANNOT SEE THIS, you have to ***.

    Steupseee…jes a waste of effing time cause none of your team will understand whu wunna gots to do anyways UNLESS IT GET WRITTEN OUT IN LETTERS AS BIG AS THE TREASURY BUILDING…


  • Interesting to observe that Michael Lashley who act as Attorney General called the talk show today when the obvious person should have been Adreil Brathwaite. One wonders if it is a case of competence to speak to matters of the Court. It is known that Bratwaite has never practiced law of any consequence in the local courts.


  • David August 6, 2017 at 1:50 PM #

    the AG was on the Blackmanx2 show talking at the time…..hence the stand in went to bat.


  • Thanks Vincent, for some reason the BU household has not had the time to view since started.The difference here is that Walters both are not lawyers.


  • David

    Neither have I watched it nor will I watch a show that is inherently biased……I heard a snippet on the CBC news as I was waiting for the weather forecast,as I do not tune into CBC either.

    I stopped watching or listening to CBC since 2003 as it is a propaganda tool for whoever is in power.

    BU is the only hope……we used it to cuss the Bees and now we are using it to cuss the Dees and no doubt we will revert after a year or so.


  • Unfortunately you have just identified our biggest challenge.


  • Seriously though David…. Did you see the clip on TV with the retarded idiot we have for an AG….?

    Bushie DARES anyone dispute that he HAS TO BE an alien invader in (bad) disguise…

    …the similarity with Trump is uncanny….
    …Like a mindless poppet under some alien control… talking unbridled shiite with a straight face…

    Bushie has to agree with Vincent about CBC…..

    …and poor Walter gotta eat …ain’t it….?


  • @Bus Tea

    Didn’t see it. What does it say that one of our more educated citizens must descend to compromising his position and training to provide for his family IF what you suggest is true.


  • LOL @ David
    This is what you get when you follow Enuff’s advice about “joining with the Devil to bring about improvements in Hell.”

    Obviously, after careful contemplation, Walter decided that his best chance of ‘making a contribution’ is to go with the flow …and aim for change from ‘inside the DLP.

    By the time they are finished with compromising his donkey, he will be even more tarnished than Lowe…. What a waste…
    You know of course that this is EXACTLY why David Thompson formed his alliance with the CLICO devil … in order to get himself into the position to ‘do the people’s work’…. another waste…

    Come thee out from among them …my people…..
    Depart, depart, go out from there, Touch nothing unclean; Go out of the midst of her….

    Good apples NEVER fixed a bunch of rotten ones yet!!!!
    …it is FAR better to whack their wicked asses….. 🙂

    Enuff is misguided by design…. his CSME stance should have been Walter’s guide….ha ha ha


  • It showed poor Walter wasted 20 plus years


  • mmmm…..
    AG seeks police, public trust
    LOCAL Authorities continue to mull the introduction of anti-gang legislation.Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite said no decision had…


  • The biggest gangsters live in the gated communities.


  • Was it not interesting to learn yesterday that Hometown, Glebe and Oistins police stations are constructed to facilitate audio and video recordings BUT as Elliot Mottley pointed out the government needs to ensure the legislative code/teeth is implemented to secure the process. What was embarrassing was when he cited St.Lucia, TCI and Cayman as examples To follow.


  • Our political directorate are good at mulling……possibly into election time.


  • link.
    32 mins ·
    Mottley: Put codes to govern confessions
    CODES AND REGULATIONS for taped confessions are urgently needed along with an order from the top brass of the police force for recordings to be routine.These were…


  • Elliot Mottley says “Put codes to govern confessions”. Logical but in Barbados……TYPICALLY…….This will take years to implement.

    In the meantime Police should record all interactions with ” suspects ” to use as a tool in investigations when trying to find “hard evidence”.


  • Barbados is about to introduce plea bargaining, the most corrupt feature of the criminal justice system ever to be devised by dishonest American prosecutors.


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