Why are they so Concerned about a Judge Reviewing the Hyatt Matter?


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

In August 2016 I– David Comissiong — wrote to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in his capacity as Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning and informed him that the Law of Barbados stipulated that the application made by Mr Mark Maloney’s company for permission to construct a 15 storey hotel on the beach at Carlisle Bay had to be subjected to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), inclusive of at least one public Town Hall meeting BEFORE any decision could be made on the Application.

In my said letter to Mr Stuart I stressed that the proposed project could possibly be very detrimental to the physical, social, and cultural environment of Barbados and needed to be carefully and thoroughly scrutinized through the staging of an EIA. I also stressed that the people of Barbados needed to be given an opportunity to have a say on the proposed project through at least one public Town Hall meeting.

Needless-to-say, Mr Stuart never even acknowledged my letter, much less did he deign to respond to it! Rather, in February 2017, Mr Stuart proceeded to grant Maloney’s company the permission to build their 15 storey hotel without having had the findings of an EIA or the Report of a Public Town Hall meeting to guide him in the making of his decision.

It is against this background that I decided that it was necessary to ask a Judge of the Supreme Court of Barbados to review the manner in which Mr Stuart had processed the Application in question, and determine whether or not the Application had been properly and lawfully processed by Mr Stuart. This legal procedure is known as Judicial Review.

I therefore filed an Application for Judicial Review in March 2017, and attached to that Application a request that the Court should grant an “interim order” suspending the permission granted to Maloney’s company until the Court has the opportunity to “hear” the entire matter and make a decision. To date,there has not yet been any substantive hearing of the Judicial Review application nor the attached request for an “interim order”.

Since then, however, a number of persons have jumped out of the proverbial wood-work to attack me for daring to request that the manner in which Mr. Stuart processed the said Application be reviewed and scrutinized by a Supreme Court Judge.

The obvious question that comes to mind is this: “If these persons are so sure that the Application of Maloney’s company was properly processed, and that all the applicable rules and regulations were followed, then why are they so apprehensive about a Judge of the Supreme Court reviewing the matter”?

Why are these people attacking me for exercising my Constitutional right to ask our Supreme Court to review the actions of a Minister of Government?

Why– some four months AFTER the Minister made his decision to grant permission — is Maloney feverishly staging public relations exercises in the form of a so-called “public interactive discussion’?

If they are all so certain that everything is legal and above board, why are they all so agitated?

I for my part am content to let a Judge of our Supreme Court examine all of the available evidence  and make an objective decision on the matter. Furthermore, if it is found that the relevant rules and regulations demand that an EIA be staged, it would be folly of the highest order to permit this project to go ahead in the absence of such an EIA.


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  1. Because it would mean explaining policy making in public since they do not do it in parliament. Bandit politics.

  2. They all got something to hide, from Fruebdel back down and especially Maloney and his gang their true intent is being exposed, it’s not so easy to slither around in the dark finding ways to rip off taxpayers and pensioners anymore….without being caught and exposed on social media.

  3. Bajan Free Party/CUP/.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Land Fraud and PONZI can only pile so high until the World can see 15 stories high, Many buildings are built by way of fraud in Barbados and Approved by Mark Cummins and the Prime Ministers of the DAY, Land is King and they want what does not belong to them , Paid out in Fraud and other ways to launder the land for vote buying teeeefing pimps,

    When there is a fight in Barbados you can see both sides of the crooks, crook vs crook who will win, 100% the People lose,
    What had Barbados government ever done to see again for the People? Not one damned thing, Check the accounts of the names signed to the agreements and check their pockets,

    As off july 1st HYATT WILL COST 10%MORE As Cahill two get on its way.

  4. There are three branches of Barbados gov’t: the Executive (cabinet) which has been a disastrous failure for the past nine years, the Legislature (parliament) which has no oversight or ‘fuse’ mechanism as designed by our founding fathers and is therefore nothing more than an extension of the Executive, and the Judiciary (High Court) which has been incapacitated by civil servant inefficiency and lack of action by the previous two branches.

    However, it has been my experience that the Judiciary is the only branch that isn’t corrupt. At least, in the past 30 years of doing business in this country, I have never been solicited for a bribe from the latter while I have been solicited many times from actors in the previous two.

    Unfortunately, until the constipation is cured, High Court action is best employed as a delaying tactic. Justice delayed is justice denied. It is ironic and particularly satisfying, therefore, when the people who created the High Court incapacity suffer by it.

    Back under your desk Fumble!

    There will be no economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

  5. @ David C
    Boss, the ACTUAL answer to your question would shock you….

    These people are operating under dark orders from powers that they do not comprehend. They are NOT driven by what is right or wrong, or even what is ‘legal’….. they are like soldiers in a secret army – constrained to follow orders.
    See how baloney and company seem to be fanatically driven to make more money than they can possibly spend…?

    The reason they are concerned about WHICH Judge is asked to make the decision is that it seems that not all Judges are in the same ‘army’, ….and, like happened to the Speaker of the House, they may end up with one who ACTUALLY follows the law…..

    ….but you are a bright fella – you must have deduced by now how things roll ’bout here… 🙂

    Sorry for anyone who thinks that that monument that Froon built on the Garrison was a casual coincidence. First it is the ONLY thing that he has been able to accomplish; It makes NO sense otherwise AT ALL; …and it is ugly as shiite.

    Bushie hopes that you know what you are about…. cause the fight you wage is NOT against flesh and blood, ….but against principalities and powers in high places…..

  6. The project should not go ahead – until we know the extent of Hyatt’s impact on the environment; and the measures Hyatt will take to minimise its impact. The economic benefits (e.g. jobs) of the Hyatt project do not automatically outweigh its environmental impact, e.g. marine or air pollution.

    The increase of illnesses (e.g. asthma) in Barbados that arise from air pollution; and the costs and demands of those illnesses on our health service indicate that we must pay more attention to our environment.

  7. The elephant in the room is the fact some of us are unwilling to give credit to the Town Planning Department for advising that the EIA done for the Bay Street coastline suffices.

  8. The same reason dogs would be, if shit grew wings.

    Nothing in Barbados susceptible to critical review.

  9. David, I think the vast majority of concerned Bajans have issue with the World Heritage Site status of the area and the desire to develop Bridgetown with historical sympathy rather than the EIA.

    Do we aspire to the concrete jungle look of Miami or redevelop our architectural heritage to attract cultured tourism?

  10. When will the 120 million dollars taken from NIS pensioners to use as collateral for the 4 Seasons scam be returned to the pension fund.

  11. The project should not go ahead period.

    As a matter of interest has anyone discovered yet:-

    ….. as to the amount of fx required for the importation of the cement,the structure material and fittings?

    ….how will this project assist Bim and when?

  12. This is all partisan politics.

    The Barbados Labour Party and its members and supporters are afraid that this project will give such a stimulus to our economy that it would make their chances of being elected as the governing party even more remote.

    This has nothing to do with EIA, PIA, or CIA, bare politics of electability..

    And if one wants further proof of that, just look at the coverage by DAVID on BU. One can always tell of Barbados Labour Party fright of an issue by the topic which gets most prominence on BU.

  13. Prominent business woman Mrs. Ram is all for the project. She and many others can see the great benefits this project can bring to Bridgetown and the wider community of Barbados.

    She is one of the most astute business people in Barbados. A very successful person, not a political pond fly like COMISSIONG.

    I have too many fingers on one to count the “achievements” of COMISSIONG. The man just have nuisance and Barbados Labour Party value which is one and the same.

  14. Carson…as a black man have you know shame, the amount of garbage sold to black bajans by that woman over the decades from her garbage dumps, she who has no credibility, just like you…you should be ashamed to quote her.

  15. @Carson C. Would you say that Mrs Ram’s pronouncement on the Hyatt is an unbiased one? She owns a very large property immediately next to the proposed site. This business and property has been an eyesore for many years as it stood on the main artery into the city. While other businesses were being encouraged to relocate outside of the city, this particular one appeared to have had the blessing of the authorities. What would be the increase in value of Mrs Ram’s property should Hyatt be allowed to proceed? Do you honestly think that hers is an unbiased opinion made in the best interest of Barbados?

  16. You all will curse her, as the old Bajans say, black is white because she refuses to sail in the same boat as you idiots.

    She knows a good thing when she sees it and as a result is throwing her weight behind it. They are many other elite sensible Bajans who are all for this project but your scorched Earth campaign is in an effort to convince the dull that the project is no good.

    Bare crooked Barbados Labour Party politics.

  17. FearPlay June 13, 2017 at 12:02 PM

    You are talking RUBBISH.

    This business leader has done a tremendous amount of good for the country Barbados. And by her pronouncement vis-a-vis Hyatt she is encourging all Bajans with common sense to support the project for the good that it can do for our Barbados.

    Only the dumb and stupid will fight against it.

  18. @ Carson C. CadoganJune 13, 2017 at 11:39 AM
    “She is one of the most astute business people in Barbados. A very successful person, not a political pond fly like COMISSIONG.”

    The same way you, Carrion, are hounding down Ms Mottley to produce her non-existent LEC, why not ask the same lady Ram if she intends to carry on her rat-pen business activities after the hotel is constructed?

    Can you imagine an American millionaire staying on the 13th (??) floor and looking down on a dilapidated warehouse with rats as big as wild swine keeping a 24/7 party?

    Of course not! As the ram-goat bring-game-cock supporter of the scam stands to receive an unexpected massive capital windfall if she owns that property; thanks to the savings of the NIS pension contributors.

    • She is probably a campaign contributor to the party do not forget, this is how we roll in Barbados.

  19. You are so right, Fear Play.

    I went into that dump many years ago on the advice of a friend for something in particular that I was looking for. As soon as I walked in, I walked right back out. The place is a fire hazzard, musty and stuffy………with guards walking behind you.

    Who knows, Mrs Ram might finally get her price for her property as there is no way that a hotel that size and height can be built on that small lot. Maloney does not even care about the UNESCO designation being pulled. What an uncouth, arrogant man.

    This moronic government has not yet told us the taxpayers who own that land what is the status of the property……….

    …………was it gifted to Maloney
    ………… was it leased to him, if so for how much money
    ………….was it sold to him, if so for how much money and where is it shown in the BTII balance sheet!

    We need to know.

    • Note that one of the several offshore universities that have sprung up in Barbados recently is domiciled at Casa Grande, American University it is called subject to correction.

  20. Has anyone noticed that all of Maloney’s big projects have been on taxpayers’ land?

    How is this man the only person with access to our land when Barbadians are crying out daily for a spot?

    My postman was asking me recently if I knew anyone who can rent her a spot. Yet the government seemingly giving our land to a man whom this government has made into a multi millionaire.

    Coverley, Bushy Park, Brighton and now Bay Street.

  21. She has been delivering brown envelopes to both political parties so the slaves in parliament can continue taking bribes and selling out their own….been doing it for years, after selling her garbage from those stink stores…paying slave wages and disrespecting black people.

    A lowlife from the black hole of calcutta..

  22. One of the most astute businesswomen in Barbados? God help us if she is. A rat infested junkyard selling the nastiest crap imaginable and a prison block by the airport? Please….. If I were involved in just about any major project in Barbados, Mrs. Ram is the last person I would want anywhere near me. There is clearly something in it for her or else she would be kicking up stink.

  23. @ Carson C. Cadogan

    Why are you so Concerned about a Judge Reviewing the Hyatt Matter?

    Why are you making personal, nasty, denigrating comments and attacks on Comissiong for exercising his Constitutional right to ask the Supreme Court to review the actions of the Prime Minister?

    I support the redevelopment of the Bay street area and if the correct legal process and framework is followed, and the result is that the Hyatt is approved then so be it.

  24. Mrs.Ram was seen in attendance at one of the recent DLP functions. If Mrs.Ram, owner if Casa Grande, is supporting your building, it is not a good endorsement. The problem with the Hyatt is it’s height and location, and how that would impact on other property owners developing their adjoining properties as well as the overall visual impact on the streetscape of Lower Bay Street. There is also no relationship with the street.That building will dictate the height of future buildings on that strip, which for amenity reasons will have to be just as tall or taller.

  25. Wuh sh.iit seems as if Commisiong point the finger at himself judging by the numerous articles he has posted in the daily and social media most noticeably BU makes one wonder if Commisdiong is using covert action as an advantage of latitude to get the courts attentiion.
    Even his mouthings on the court steps which by law is forbidden when a judgement is not renderd speaks volumes

  26. Enuff June 13, 2017 at 2:09 PM

    The more you BLP people post the more the whole of Barbados is seeing that this nothing but politics.

    This has nothing to do with height, size, weight, colour, EIA or any of the rubbish you jokers are trying to push.

    This would be good for the economy so the crooked Barbados Labour Party operatives have to try to kill it at all costs. You cant let it be a success because it would do too much good for our country.


    You can only fool the dumb and the stupid with your tripe.

  27. mitchlansJune 13, 2017 at 1:29 PM

    Mrs. Ram has achieved more in her lifetime than you ever will in two lifetimes.

    Mrs. Ram has contributed more in her lifetime to Barbados than you ever will in two lifetimes.

    Mrs. Ram has provided more employment for Bajans than you ever will in two lifetimes.

    Mrs. Ram has more for the country than idiotic Comissiong .

    Owen Arthur saw what an idiot he was and fired him.

    Comissiong is nothing more than a political pond fly. A waste of space.

  28. This project will bring with it numerous jobs, many now unemployed will find useful work on the building site. Foreign exchange will pour into to Barbados like manna. New management systems, a new type of tourism client will be attracted to Barbados.

    All of this the crooked Barbados Labour Party and its operatives wants to block.

    When the hotel throws open its doors educated Bajans will find work for their new skills, the hotel will bring work for those in the distributive trade, for tour operators and taxi owners. Tax revenue will increase which will be used for the benefits of all Bajans including Comissiong , Mia Mottley will make a killing in legal fees.

    Everyone in Barbados will benefit from this project. Not to mention that it will lead to a redevelopment of Bridgetown.


    “Why are they so Concerned about a Judge Reviewing the Hyatt Matter?”

    Who is this “they” this fool is referring to?

  30. “Since then, however, a number of persons have jumped out of the proverbial wood-work to attack me ”

    I cant think of any sensible person in Barbados would waste two seconds of their life taking on Comissiong.

  31. Carson C. Cadogan June 13, 2017 at 3:31 PM #
    “Why are they so Concerned about a Judge Reviewing the Hyatt Matter?”
    Who is this “they” this fool is referring to?

    I guess “they” would be the respondents whose names appear on the application filed in the Registry of the Supreme Court by DC and any other named persons/legal entities who may have filed applications to be joined as parties.

    Should be all a matter of record!!

  32. If David Commissiong through his mouthings or any other actions , causes the Hyatt project to fail….. he will be DEPORTED to Venezuela 🇻🇪 forthwith as an ENEMY of the state of BARBADOS


    He could mark these words as of …….tonight !!!!!

  33. Maloney is yet to say if it’s taxpayer’s and pensioner money he is patiently waiting to scam and rip off at the very last minute for their Hyatt scam, like Cow, Bizzy and Pendleton did with their 4 seasons scam.

    Where is the pensioners’ 120 million dollars Carson, yall desperate to steal from your own people to accomodate thieves for your cut of a bribes, calling it finder’s fees..

  34. Why are they all so incompetent, they were told by mamy people the law would cause further delays.

    Adriel Nitwit Idiot.

    “AUTHORITIES ARE IN A MAD SCRAMBLE to undo a new law that was intended to speed up criminal trials but has actually halted them for more than three months, adding to a huge backlog of cases.

    The bungle has prevented cases of murder, rape and other serious offences from being heard since witness statements were not taken by a “senior officer” at the rank of sergeant or above, as stated in the legislation.

    Most lead investigators in criminal matters are constables who take written confessions from defendants, along with statements from witnesses.
    The change in law from February 1 left hundreds of already recorded statements inadmissible. (AC)
    – See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/97740/bid-fix-law#sthash.YvEv9Z0q.dpuf

  35. I hope the fire at the 21-storey residential block in London teaches the idiots on BU, who conitinue to focus solely on jobs at Hyatt, a lesson. Tall buildings, especially where people live whether temporarily or permanently, are serious matters with a wide range of issues that must be addressed adequately. Your regulatory process must be robust. Word to the wise.

    • Planning is important. These idiots have no clue about exhausting all avenues to protect the environment. History will show that we owe a big thank you to Comissiong. Let us note the Skeete’s Bay project has been given the green light. Very soon our coastline will be covered with concrete and a once beautiful island forever disfigured.

  36. Notwithstanding your CSME stance (and your propensity for cussing Bushie), you are otherwise a font of wisdom on BU.

    That so many persons could expect to build such a relatively tall building in Bridgetown -without serious consideration as to how we would deal with fires, hurricanes, flooding, sewerage, traffic, water …. even cleaning the windows and dealing with idiots committing suicide…..only reinforces Bushie’s argument that brass bowlery is endemic here….

    Given that our (successive) governments have demonstrated ongoing high levels of incompetence in past projects, the one thing that we can be assured of is that there will be a ‘balls-up’ if this shiite project gets going without high-level, professional, NON-brass-bowl inputs.

    ….but brass bowls will be brass bowls.

  37. And with Ram’s disgusting fire hazard store right next door….inferno.

  38. Mr Blogmaster, yes absolutely sad and tragic.

    And for that reason @Enuff’s admonition is rather unfortunate. There are thousands of high rise residential buildings across UK and other countries and the building codes, insurance demands and other related regulatory and construction requirements ensure that these structures should be safe-guarded against “fires, hurricanes, flooding, sewerage, traffic, water …. even cleaning the windows “.

    Yet of course incidents happen…. and too regularly!

    But let’s not conflate the real issues of why the Hyatt project needs to be carefully reviewed by jumping on a Trump like bandwagon and invoking a tragedy to validate a completely different matter.

    Just looking at the blazing inferno in one picture shown of this building I am shocked at the thought that there appears to be no appropriate ‘fire stop’ apparatus, fire extinguishing water system and so on…the thing is a true inferno!

    Not jumping to my own Trump like conclusions but the building is blazing as if it is fueled by some accelerant.

    This will surely entail a major investigation….and frankly a very immediate and careful examination of other ‘older’ residences of this type.

    But let’s cool our ardor with the uneven comparisons!

  39. So if they have building codes, and they do their due diligence with impact studies etc…. and YET suffer these tragedies, what the hell would you expect from a country that cannot even manage to keep a top line mercedes benz for more than a few years? ….or that cannot get a basic sewerage system to work? …. or supply water on a consistent basis?
    ….and which just ‘ups’ and builds this non-standard, mult-story building in Barbados on a whim?

    Do you know the history of the Barrack Building…?

    • @Bush Tea

      If you heard the General Secretary of the Fireman’s union commenting on the matter this morning he was clueless as to why the Norman fire fighting techniques and safeguards failed i.e. fighting the fire from the stair well etc.

  40. de Dribbler
    I am not jumping on the tragedy or comparing the two issues, that would be insensitive and igrunt. I am merely pointing out that there are broader issues associated with tall buildings beyond the simplistic argument advanced by supporters of Hyatt i.e. jobs and regeneration. In fact you have raised some. The accelerant from reading reports could be the material used on the building–yet another dimension.

  41. We do not need the Hyatt or any other highrise brand name hotel in Bim…..why do we keep spinning top in mud…..our future lies in community toursim.

    Why is nobody giving answers to these:-
    Who is funding the project,
    Where is the money for the cement,steel and materials coming from,
    Where is the evidence that we have more arrivals than tooms in 5 years when its due for completion?

  42. @ Vincent HaynesJune 14, 2017 at 11:47 AM
    “We do not need the Hyatt or any other highrise brand name hotel in Bim…..why do we keep spinning top in mud…..our future lies in community toursim.
    Why is nobody giving answers to these:-
    Who is funding the project,…”

    That fella Hal might have questioned the present value of your time spent at the Waterford university in the same way he wasted his stint at some North London polytechnic.

    But by the very simple and innocent question you raised so succinctly the whole focus of analysis should now be directed towards the heart of this imaginary behemoth of a scam.
    Where is the money coming from ought to be the mantra of intelligent enquirers.

    If the project has foreign investors bringing in foreign money (FDI) then Bajans ought to do everything in their power to see the hotel erection ‘rise’s to its unusual vertical dimension despite the rather tight hole of a location the shady developers have identified so close to a ‘red light’ area.

    If the financing is coming from locally-sourced investment, where would Barbados find the foreign exchange at this time to ensure completion is achieved in a timely fashion to avoid another Four Seasons or Harlequin dead elephant delivered to the country’s tourism doorstep?

    As time goes on it seems more and more that this whole Hyatt thingie is nothing but a scam to get a few millions out of the Treasury via the Tourism agencies by way of consultancy fees, mobilization fees and the new hole in daddy’s arm called “Finder’s Fees”; some of which could end up funding the upcoming elections similar to what occurred via the NHC for the 2013 rip-off.

    One thing for sure and on which you can bet your ‘bottom’ dollar: not one mulatto dollar would be coming out of Maloney’s pocket to expose his financial back to that large erection even if he is prepared to let Bajans see his ‘airy’ mouth in action in full blow job fashion.

  43. millertheanunnaki June 14, 2017 at 1:11 PM #

    The point re Hyatt is moot,as we know no fx will be available for the project…….

    Community tourism time has come and we should be pushing it.

  44. The only way hundreds of masons can be employed is if cement blocks will be used. If cement slabs will be used you will see less masons, less handymen, less wheelbarrows, less shovels, less poor artisans. Simply put, all the talk of employment will never materialise. Is the $120 million the nett or gross figure?

  45. Jethro,

    Just to save the reputation of North London Polytechnic. I did not attend that august institution.

  46. The area designated to build Hyatt is not ideal.The laws of Barbados should be followed and the last time I read it no PM can change the laws of Barbados by the stroke of a pen.There are too many unanswered questions in this Hyatt deal.It is better to measure 10 times and cut once than to measure once and cut 10 times.Let the Judge decide based on the evidence before the court.No amount of pappy show will cut it.Mural or no mural,Barbados need to have hearings and observe all the UNESCO protocols of the World Heritage Designation.
    Btw why with all the closed hotels…..over 32 at the last count…..why doesn’t baloney and his motley gang reopen some of those properties.

  47. Ha, Ha….see for ya self now, not all muslims are bad, if you were in Grenfell last night, muslims would have saved ya life…a lesson for all.

    “Muslims who were awake because they were beginning their Ramadan fast “saved people’s lives” when a deadly blaze broke out at a west London tower block, HuffPost UK has been told.

    At least 50 people have been taken to five hospitals for treatment as hundreds of residents in the 27-storey, 120 flat, Grenfell Tower in north Kensington have been evacuated from their flats in the building that caught fire just after 1.15am.

    A local woman told HuffPost UK: “Muslim boys saved people’s lives. They ran around knocking on people’s doors. Thank God for Ramadan”

    Khalid Suleman Ahmed, 20, recently moved to Grenfell Tower with his auntie and lives on the eighth floor.

    He said he would not normally have been up in the middle of the night but had stayed up during Ramadan for Suhur, the meal before Muslims begin fasting again during daylight hours.”

  48. Good point Gabriel….hotels are closing left and right, but the crooks are desperate to open a brand new one, but wont say at whose expense.

  49. Dies this sound familiar and close to home.

    “There are NegroPEANS who will never fight for freedom. There are NegroPEANS
    who will seek profit for themselves alone from the struggle.

    There are even some NegroPEANS who will cooperate with their oppressors.

    These facts should distress no one. Every minority and every people has its share of opportunists, profiteers, free-loaders and escapists.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  50. I see Antigua is offering Barbados some words of wisdom in Barbados today regarding the Hyatt project.


    … and … next door at the QEH I see the 15 inch burst main has required a hose to be run from a water truck to its storage tanks on the top floor I guess.

    … definitely a first world truck … and hose too!!

    Not too far from Hyatt!!


    I remember the last time that main burst … think it was in Hallelujah Bottom just before Community College on the way to the Belle.

    Same disastrous consequences … but it passed!!

    I think Sandi was at the helm back then … that era passed too … as will this one … hopefully.

    Finally, given the rhetoric about DC’s communistic tendencies I am left to wonder at the Sam Lord’s redevelopment by the Chinese!!

    Isn’t China communist?

    Does that worry any one?

    Looks like Wyndham will run it.


    … and … is anyone hearing anything about a Fire Station in St. James … on the beachfront???

  51. The “first world truck and hose” was there and still allowed Ram to have her dump of a store and massive fire right hazard across the street from the fire station, she can burn that whole street down and they would not shut her diown…bribetakers.

  52. Gabriel June 14, 2017 at 4:46 PM

    “The area designated to build Hyatt is not ideal”

    I am still holding out hope that one of these days you will write something sensible. But in order to do that you will have to stop brown nosing the crooked Barbados Labour Party with its Leader who cant produce her LLB or Law Certificate.

  53. London fire chiefs even had to borrow ‘aerial platforms’ from Surrey as it’s revealed no fire appliances in the whole of Britain are tall enough to reach the top of Grenfell Tower 
    Some of you on this blog set out every day to make Barbados seem so inferior forgetting that we are classified as a developing third world country.The statement above taken from the Daily Mail is about a world power. The UK was going through a severe recession a couple of years and cut back so hard that the company erected flammable cladding so as to cut cost.
    The 911 twin towers also burnt and people jump from floors that ladders could not reach.
    Tall buildings fires are fought from stair wells

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