Proposed US fee on Remittances to Latin America

by Caribbeantradelaw

It is unlikely that the two percent fee will raise enough money to pay for a wall which is estimated by a leaked memo from the US Department of Homeland Security to cost some 21.6 billion dollarsSource: Caribbean Trade Law website

The cost of sending remittances from the US to some Latin American and Caribbean countries and dependencies will increase should HR 1813 introduced in the United States (US) House of Representatives on March 30, 2017, be passed. The proposed Bill entitled the “Border Funding Act of 2017”, would amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act by imposing a two percent fee on the US dollar value of remittances (before any remittance transfer fees) on the countries listed. The bill is sponsored by Representative Mike Rogers, a Republican from Alabama’s third district.

One of President Donald Trump’s most controversial campaign promises was to build a wall along the US’ southern border, which he claimed would be paid for by the Government of Mexico, to deter illegal immigration. The Government of Mexico has consistently and strongly denied that its taxpayers would be paying for the wall. As a result Republican lawmakers have been seeking ways to fund the wall without relying on the US taxpayer. Instead, should this bill become law, it will raise money for the wall on the backs of hardworking Caribbean and Latin American immigrants living in the US, some of which are actually US citizens.

Here are some few reasons why I, respectfully, believe the proposed fee makes no sense:

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66 thoughts on “Proposed US fee on Remittances to Latin America

  1. Makes perfect sense to trump, since Congress sure as hell will not pick up US taxpayer’s money and just give to trumpty dumpty to build his fantasy wall, they may consider ripping off remittances, but it could cost each and everyoe of them their congressional seats come November I believe it is……voters can and will fire every last one of them, should they get that stupid, trump cant help them, he certainly cant rehire them and none of them are that

    At this time, they will all be more afraid of the voters than toothless trump….so they will just string him along, it would be more fun.

    Lawson my man…this is getting out of control, ya boyfriend said he dd not knowing being president was so hard, despite Obama warning him, on national tv no less. .haha.

  2. Does Caricom have an agendaed item called “Creating lobby Groups in Washington using the Diaspora”,if not why not and if funding is the problem simply disband all the individual embassies.

    • @whitehall

      How is it you are unable to comprehend the potential reduced inflow of remittances to Barbados and the region?


  3. Trump and his wall aside, I wished he was asking for a larger fee on remittances, this surely would reduce the amount to be remitted. These ungrateful bastards down in these little islands who in recent times seem not to appreciate their people’s sacrifices in the USA might finally get it. Maybe they will understand why we have to live in the “ghettos” and in people’s basements.
    I do appreciate the lively debate from members of the BU on things America, but for phuck sake, why can’t bajans leave Trump and his madness alone and instead focus/deal with this other jackass at Allaro’s court?


    Lol….as I said..

    No need to lobby on this one Vincent, maybe other things….the republican controlled Congress will not lose the House over stealing remittances, trump is also on his own with that scam. The voters will punish Congress severely if they try that ish, the repugnants will lose the house for decades to come…lol

    “Trump’s wall won’t get a penny as Congress agrees $1trn spending plan

    ‘The bill ensures taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund an ineffective border wall’

    “broad spending package to fund the government through the end of September, alleviating fears of a government shutdown later this week, several congressional aides said.

    Congress is expected to vote on the roughly $1 trillion package early this week. The bipartisan agreement includes policy victories for Democrats, whose votes will be necessary to pass the measure in the Senate, as well as $12.5 billion in new military spending and $1.5 billion more for border security requested by Republican leaders in Congress.

    The agreement follows weeks of tense negotiations between Democrats and GOP leaders after President Trump insisted that the deal include funding to begin building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump eventually dropped that demand, leaving Congress to resolve lingering issues over several unrelated policy measures.

    The new border-security money comes with strict limitations that the Trump administration use it only for technology investments and repairs to existing fencing and infrastructure, the aides said.”

  5. It would be nice if bajans would more appreciate the remittances, particularly their jackass politicians and government ministers who do not even like to acknowledge that these remittances from their own people living abroad save their sorry asses…they much prefer kowtow to the fantasy of tourism and white tourists…the slaves will be slaveminded dont care where ya put them.

    Whitehill…you do know that many bajans are dual citizens right, we can only hope that the majority on the island do something about Fruendel and his Frauds, particularly given what he said publicly yesterday….when ya think him and his idiots cannot say anything dumber….they go right ahead and prove everyone wrong….lol

    Many people try their best to educate bajans, but they are the ones responsible for getting rid of their low self esteem and no confidence issues which will in turn help them rid themselves and the island of the parasitic politicians, government ministers and minorities who have for over 30 years been misusing, deceiving and abusing the population and their money.

    “THE ISLAND’S PATTERN OF SPENDING can be blamed on its 339 years of colonialism, says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

    It is because of that history, he said, that Barbados was grappling with high expenditure associated with sectors like education and health.”

    What the hell….lol…just how many decades did it take Fruendel to figure this out and with Barbados having self determination and political independence for the past 50 years with 2 BLACK governments at the helm, did the colonists stop you from changing the screwed up system or spending patterns in the last 50 years…no….

    ………yall continued the same useless, unworkable patterns, cursed, destroyed the lives of and starved your own people who tried to tell you ya on the wrong path, continue to bend over backwards to impress the same colonists with ya slaveminded stupidity, ya even dumb eniugh to continue kowtowing to said colonists, picking up taxpayer’s money to fete them at Llaro Court, I know of no other government stupid enough to do that either…

    …..ya buried a damn pitchfork to impress the colonists….now ya got the balls to blame the colonists for your own disastrous actions over the last 50 years, still trying to not take responsibility…..when you are the ones who insisted on remaining slaveminded with ya heads buried up the UK and buckingham palaces’ ass….you people are sick…..and hopeless, ya need help ya really do…

    … now that ya have been hit by enlightenment Fruendel, what are you going to do to change your bad spending habits that ya claimed the colonists made you do…..

    …..Bushman, Miller, do any of you believe this, these scum ministers and politicians destroyed the lives of their fellow blacks who told them they were on the wrong path, for 50 years, many died broken people, one died after being forced to live under a tree because the niggers of parliament did not want to hear him, they had white people in Barbadps and UK to impress and he was getting in their way…destroying their own people to impress whites, now this slaveminded current prime minister suddenly seeing the light….a year before election…..he can blame colonists for his own actions..

  6. WW&C

    This Damascus moment after 50 years would be laughable if it was not so sad.
    Interesting how understanding comes at all times just before elections
    Now they are going to reorganise the central bank…..but not a word on fixing our economic woes.
    All of this is posturing for the electorate.

  7. Yep….you got it Vincent…..that is why both political parties should be severely punished by the electorate, particularly Fruendel and the Foes.

    Ah only wish that the newer political parties would stop presenting themselves as willing to emerge with the same pandering attributes and convince us that everyone would get a fair share, no special treatment for anyone in or outside Barbados…..put the citizens first, the majority population have waited long enough for their rights to be recognized by black governments.

  8. Using taxpayer’s money of course…Fruendel can also blame that on dead colonists and the old hag in buckingham palace….they really need to cut ties with the UK…it just gives me more ammunition to beat them

  9. Now that Fruendel is waxing changes to education and health care. his mind… ya really think he will enfirce anything Vincent.

    I saw someone posted Fruendel’s Damascus moment to facebook, bajans should be interacting more on the subject, call him out publicly for his 2 faced, lying hypocrisy, only 2 people commented so far.

    “Finnish schools have taken a bold step in a new direction, deciding that by 2020 they won’t teach subjects in school. Instead, they’re opting for a new approach to life through education, called phenomenon-based learning.”


    So who is Fruendel going to blame for this, not dead colonists I hope, no matter how much their wicked, dead, missing souls deserve it….lol

    BARBADOS’ TAXATION SYSTEM needs fixing, a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) study has concluded.

    Reform loses its momentum
    In a working paper, Tax Administration Reforms In The Caribbean: Challenges, Achievements, And Next Steps, IMF senior economist Stephane Schlotterbeck said establishment of the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA)“has distracted the authorities from the needed reforms, which have, unfortunately, received insufficient attention and resources”.

    The BRA’s board of management also needs to be strengthened, the study said.
    “The board has an important role to play with respect to setting out expectations and approving corporate plans; ensuring that existing reporting mechanisms are in place that allow the board/revenue authority to monitor performance against targets, set service standards, and validate financial statements; establishing policies on HR, financial management, and enterprise risk management; and ensuring that the [revenue authority] achieves the desired results while complying with all statutory requirements.”

    Schlotterbeck also raised concern about the value added tax (VAT) system: “In Barbados, the VAT’s architecture has also deteriorated since its inception; nearly 20 broad categories of goods and services are zero-rated.”

    “The VAT legislation also provides for the extensive zero-rating of both inputs and final goods, ex post waivers of VAT due, and overly generous refund provisions that have undermined the VAT.”

  11. @David BU, I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you, nonetheless, if you can’t gleam from my comments my appreciation for the impact remittances have on the island’s economy then maybe you’re not as smart as I once believed. #navelgazingmy ass!

    @Exclaimer, Ungrateful Bastards…Yes! I’ll stand by those words, but ” sole objective in life to pimp…” is not my intentions.
    Hell will freeze over before stuart and I are in agreement, but maybe if bajans had to fend for themselves then they will catch a fire and shed this docile mendicancy crap.

  12. This needs not be an issue to bother the peoples of the South

    For we are seeing the demise of this official gangster fiat money system.

    There is not too much longer to go.

  13. WW&C

    We all are seized of the knowledge that the system needs changing.

    We presently have a USD5,000,000.00 offer on the table to come up with a new one by the 24th may 2017.

    Lets see if we have any bright Pelau sparks around.

  14. Vincent…..hopefully ya will get a very bright spark who can engineer on paper a better worldwide system, it is about 80 years late, in the meantime, small islands should be creating their own systems, upgrading their own systems devoid of UK or US interference. …let’s see whhich one of them grow the back bone.

    Dumbville opened his stupid mouth at a yardfowl gathering…shit jumped out and the commenters laid into him…lol….trying to invoke retarded trump to impress yardfowls by attacking the media he is always calling nonstop to give soundbites.,,..what an idiot…….looks like the AC’s/As’s were right up front, couldn’t miss them if ya tried.

    “DLP dishes verbal onslaught on the media
    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on May 1, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Local media houses again came under fire from the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) as the 62-year-old political organization held its third FACTS conference at the Belfield Community Centre in Black Rock last evening.

    “Two of the three main speakers delivered a verbal onslaught on the media – an issue that attracted the loudest and most sustained applause from the party faithful.

    “At least one male supporter was heard heckling a journalist, but Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss, who started the verbal attacks, quickly rebuked the supporter before continuing his own tirade.

    “You are not doing your country that you born in any favours at all. I don’t care if you don’t like Donville Inniss, I don’t care if you don’t like Freundel Stuart, I don’t care if you don’t like the Democratic Labour Party . . . I say to you as journalists, you have a duty to act more responsibly,” Inniss said while trying to shout above the boisterous cheers from supporters.”

    Are the government ministers pimping out the Acting Central Bank governor, as they did Worrell.

    “Economy on the rebound – Sealy
    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on May 1, 2017.
    Saved under Economy, Local News

    Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Cleviston Haynes is expected to announce this week, a drop in unemployment and growth in the economy when that institution holds its first press conference in three years.

    Haynes, whose predecessor Dr Delisle Worrell had scrapped the quarterly press conferences in 2014, is also expected to tell the country that the crucial foreign exchange reserves have started to improve again.”

  15. These are the criminals who finance harassment, detention and deportation of immigrants in the US…it’s a very profitable business and to add insult to injury, retarded trump would seek to steal their remittances.

    “Dozen protesters arrested in Manhattan ahead of May Day rallies
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, May 1, 2017, 10:23 AM

    A girl waves an American flag at a May Day protest in New York City in 2011. (SETH WENIG/AP)

    A dozen protesters were arrested outside of JP Morgan’s Park Ave. headquarters Monday as the city prepared for a wave of May Day rallies.

    Protesters also gathered outside of a nearby Wells Fargo, highlighting the two banks’ financing of private Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities.

    One woman in handcuffs was captured on video chanting “no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here” as she was loaded into an NYPD van.”

  16. There is a live press conference going on with Sean Spicer WH chief of staff or press secretary or whatever stupid title they carry and the PRESS…on FACEBOOK….the idiots of parliament should have a listen, but dont forget to check the live commenters, ah couldnt take anymore, I dont know how trump aint run away yet, he still might, they are merciless and brutal to him…lol

  17. Embrace crypto currency friends. It has the potential to save the day! Western Union and the Banks will soon be running scared. Embrace it!

  18. @Whitehill May 1, 2017 at 7:58 AM “Trump and his wall aside, I wished he was asking for a larger fee on remittances, this surely would reduce the amount to be remitted. These ungrateful bastards down in these little islands who in recent times seem not to appreciate their people’s sacrifices in the USA.”

    As one of those “ungrateful bastards from a little island [my parents were married to each other for more than a dozen years before I was born] may I respond?

    Are you sure that the benefits of remittances to the islands are greater than the benefits to the Caribbean people who have migrated to the USA, and the U.K. and Canada?

    My Observation is that migrants send money to “these ungrateful bastards from these little islands only in one of two circumstances:

    My observation is that money sent from the U.S. and from the U.K and from Canada etc. is largely money sent by parents for the feeding and clothing of their minor left behind children. In other words the money goes to feed and clothe little potential citizens of the first world. Often we “ungrateful bastards in these little islands” receive nothing for ourselves for the caring of these children, and for raising them well to their teen years or sometimes to adulthood. We house these “foreign” children rent free, we provide child care services without charge, we provide laundry services, we cook meals, we provide health care at our polyclinics and hospitals without charge, we properly socialize these children, we send them to our elementary and secondary schools [and sometimes to our colleges and universities] where they are educated at no charge to their parents [who typically pay little or no taxes to the governments of “these little islands”] and at no charge to their first world or first world governments.

    I have myself spent many, many years looking after such children. I have never sent a bill to anybody. I have always worked for myself and have never depended on remittances for my needs nor my wants.

    Now I need to send a bill for my previously unpaid services. Can Whitehill tell this “ungrateful bastard from a small island” just where I should send my bill?

    Some of the payments are due from the 1960’s and I expect that the payments to be made in full and with interest.

  19. And migrants also money to look after their elderly parents, but don’t we all have a duty to look after our elderly parents? Especially when they have not only looked after us, but have ooked after our children as well.

    If you are living in the U.S. or the U.K. or Canada, and your elderly parents are living in these “small islands” who bathes your mother? since you cannot do it from thousands of miles away. who shaves your elderly father? who cooks their meals? who washes their hair? [have you ever washed the hair of an elderly woman who has had a stroke? without any training I have, and it was not even mother nor a blood relation, not even a blood relation, and “No” I received no pay. Who picks up their medicine? Who escorts them to the doctor? Who does the house cleaning? Who takes them to church? Who prays with them and for them? Who just sits with them and listens? And when they finally die who calls the priest and the undertaker? who waits until the body is removed? Who finds pall bearers?

    Maybe just maybe, if you will think, think, think you may see that the relatives “over in away” receive tremendous, unpaid support from “these ungrateful bastards in these small islands” This support enables the migrants to continue their education and to participate fully in the work force of the receiving countries.

    Maybe the aid is not north to south.

    Maybe, just maybe the people of the south are providing huge benefits to the people of the north.

  20. Too many drug dealers from the oldest drug dealing families in Barbados control the bitcoin scam…not a good idea.

  21. This is a regressive and racist tax scheme. Remittance from the USA not only goes to developing countries but also to develop countries too.

  22. That’s why Congress will not allow it, to then find themselves getting fired by the voters and losing the whole house later this year, because of stupid trump…lol

  23. Well Well

    This wont affect you as you don’t send a single cent to Barbados. All you do is to get on this blog and run your mouth.

  24. President Trump is the President of America, the people of America put him there, so he can do what he likes in the interest of America. If that includes building a wall and keeping out undesirables then so be it.

    And he can fund it anyway he wants.

    I was so happy when he beat stupid Hillary Clinton. The same thing is going to happen right here in Barbados when MIA AMOR MOTTLEY is handed her ass on a plate come election time next year.

  25. Can any one understand the nerve of this idiot Trump trying to take food out of the poor people mouth in the carribbean, Now who in de hell would ever agree with such unconscionable madness got to be as sick and disoriented as Trump
    The people in the carribbean struggling to make ends meet and Washington have a madman in the Whitehouse trying to reign down economic terror on poor people
    Then we have a callous jack a,ss name Whitehall trying to excuse this terror and place blame on those whose lives depends on the monthly checks from families
    For one if those who send the money believe that the families are abusing their generosity they can stop sending the remittance
    But for Trump to make it harder for these families to send the money and most likely these families might have to work an extra hour or two to makeup for the reduction is unconscionable

    @ Whitehall is a kunt

  26. Carson…as long as my money is not paid to the Maloney, Bizzy, Cow, Bjerkham gang of thieves that all yall money have been paid out to for the last 30 years, I can account for and know where every penny of my money is and how it is being spent….can yall say them same in Barbados when ya governments been giving it away to thieves….where is the over 300 million dollars in pension money, where did it disappear to….

    I am even hearing about another 600,000 disappearing recently, dont know where from yet though, but it will come out.

    Trump wont piss on you if ya were on fire….only a stupid yardfowl would admire a pig who dont even like them.

  27. @Truthseeker May 1, 2017 at 3:13 PM “Embrace crypto currency friends…embrace it”

    Nothing as good as hard cold cash as the story below shows. Cash works when there is no electricity, when you cannot charge your phone, when you are hungry and need some food now… event was to have been “cashless,” which complicated would festival-goers’ efforts to get home after the cancellation, the suit alleges.
    “Defendants instructed attendees to upload funds to a wristband for use at the festival rather than bringing any cash. As such, attendees were unable to purchase basic transportation on local taxis or buses, which accept only cash.”

    • @ angela skeete, LOL
      If you are gonna call me a Kunt for phuck sake get my name right…Whitehill.
      Just so you’d know, I’m making notes of the many times I’m call such by Bajans.
      Also, I’m making notes of the many times you can’t unpick yuh teet at certain people, black or white. you think you’re not being noticed.

  28. @Carson C. Cadogan May 1, 2017 at 6:07 PM “President Trump is the President of America…
    I was so happy when he beat stupid Hillary Clinton. The same thing is going to happen right here in Barbados when MIA AMOR MOTTLEY is handed her ass on a plate come election time next year.”

    Are you saying that my Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Freundel Jerome Stuart is like two peas in a pod with Donald Trump?

    Are you sure that is what you intended to say?

  29. Or you just an old fashioned misogynist? who enjoys cursing those of us women who have long voted for the DLP?

  30. @angela Skeete May 1, 2017 at 6:14 PM “Can any one understand the nerve of this idiot Trump trying to take food out of the poor people mouth in the carribbean, Now who in de hell would ever agree with such unconscionable madness got to be as sick and disoriented as Trump.”

    Since your good buddy Carson C. Cadogan seems to believe in the rightness of trump’s proposed policy since Carson wrote “President Trump is the President of America, the people of America put him there, so he can do what he likes”

    Does that mean that you think that Carson is “as sick and disoriented as Trump”

  31. Whitehill ok so whatever you keep talking dog sh ite about poor people who de f ..k needs to hear that

  32. @ WW&C

    CCC seems to be implying you are retired and don’t have anything better to do with your time other than to log onto BU.

    Perhaps you could send a brochure of “SHADY PINES” to Carson so he could give it to another retiree, Astor B. Watts, who likewise does not have anything better to do with his time other than to frequent the DLP’s George Street headquarters.

  33. Art…..CCC seems to have an equal amount of time on his hands to be pimping behind everyone of my posts and pimping behind every article on barbadostoday telling lies and trying to spread misinformation among the population…, it’s quite obvious that he too resides at “Shady Pines”……but ya know Carson ain’t too bright, so he cant figure that out.

    Simple…Carson is disoriented. .period. he is even too dumb to know that no US president can do as they like…….too many checks and balances in place… didnt the idiot notice how many times the 3rd arm of government.., the judicial branch put a stop to trump idiocy, Congress just knocked him on his ass again…for the 4th or 5th time…….they do not work for trump, they work for the people, but Carson will never understand that concept given his lowly yardfowl status.

  34. “Nothing as good as hard cold cash as the story below shows. Cash works when there is no electricity, when you cannot charge your phone, when you are hungry and need some food now…”

    Bajans and Caribbean people better not get involved with the Abeds, their partners and friends and their Bitcoin scams….you have no control over your own currency and it can all be stolen or wiped out at any time, not to mention after a major theft of hundreds of millions in bitcoin by one dude a couple years ago, all agencies now monitor these crypto currencies and their transactions…..just another bunch of minority thieves trying to rob bajans as usual……..the drug trade must be slow, that too is being monitored.

  35. Lawson….the real panic is when people start shifting their bank accounts out of Canada because of the unstable dollar, you loonet and tooney…there goes ya panic…lol

    Ah see ya boyfriend going to North Korea meet Kim Fat Un, says he would love to meet him, have nothing against him……so some people on Facebook dubbed the meeting…”Kim Fat Un meets Fat Fool Un”….hahaha. ..ah swear I did not make that up…lol

  36. Makes perfect sense why there is now an abundance of idiots worldwide posing as leaders.

    “The idiots take over in the final days of crumbling civilizations. Idiot generals wage endless, unwinnable wars that bankrupt the nation. Idiot economists call for reducing taxes for the rich and cutting social service programs for the poor, and project economic growth on the basis of myth. Idiot industrialists poison the water, the soil and the air, slash jobs and depress wages. Idiot bankers gamble on self-created financial bubbles and impose crippling debt peonage on the citizens. Idiot journalists and public intellectuals pretend despotism is democracy. Idiot intelligence operatives orchestrate the overthrow of foreign governments to create lawless enclaves that give rise to enraged fanatics. Idiot professors, “experts” and “specialists” busy themselves with unintelligible jargon and arcane theory that buttresses the policies of the rulers. Idiot entertainers and producers create lurid spectacles of sex, gore and fantasy.

    There is a familiar checklist for extinction. We are ticking off every item on it.

    The idiots know only one word—“more.” They are unencumbered by common sense. They hoard wealth and resources until workers cannot make a living and the infrastructure collapses. They live in privileged compounds where they eat chocolate cake and order missile strikes. They see the state as a projection of their vanity. The Roman, Mayan, French, Habsburg, Ottoman, Romanov, Wilhelmine, Pahlavi and Soviet dynasties crumbled because the whims and obsessions of ruling idiots were law.

    Donald Trump is the face of our collective idiocy. He is what lies behind the mask of our professed civility and rationality—a sputtering, narcissistic, bloodthirsty megalomaniac. He wields armies and fleets against the wretched of the earth, blithely ignores the catastrophic human misery caused by global warming, pillages on behalf of global oligarchs and at night sits slack-jawed in front of a television set before opening his “beautiful” Twitter account. He is our version of the Roman emperor Nero, who allocated vast state expenditures to attain magical powers, the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, who funded repeated expeditions to a mythical island of immortals to bring back the potion that would give him eternal life, and a decayed Russian royalty that sat around reading tarot cards and attending séances as their nation was decimated by war and revolution brewed in the streets.

    This moment in history marks the end of a long, sad tale of greed and murder by the white races. It is inevitable that for the final show we vomited a grotesque figure like Trump. Europeans and Americans have spent five centuries conquering, plundering, exploiting and polluting the earth in the name of human progress. They used their technological superiority to create the most efficient killing machines on the planet, directed against anyone and anything, especially indigenous cultures, that stood in their way. They stole and hoarded the planet’s wealth and resources. They believed that this orgy of blood and gold would never end, and they still believe it. They do not understand that the dark ethic of ceaseless capitalist and imperialist expansion is dooming the exploiters as well as the exploited. But even as we stand on the cusp of extinction we lack the intelligence and imagination to break free from our evolutionary past.

    The more the warning signs are palpable—rising temperatures, global financial meltdowns, mass human migrations, endless wars, poisoned ecosystems, rampant corruption among the ruling class—the more we turn to those who chant, either through idiocy or cynicism, the mantra that what worked in the past will work in the future, that progress is inevitable. Factual evidence, since it is an impediment to what we desire, is banished. The taxes of corporations and the rich, who have deindustrialized the country and turned many of our cities into wastelands, are cut, and regulations are slashed to bring back the supposed golden era of the 1950s for white American workers. Public lands are opened up to the oil and gas industry as rising carbon emissions doom our species. Declining crop yields stemming from heat waves and droughts are ignored. War is the principal business of the kleptocratic state.”

  37. Touchy, touchy, things are looking better and

    “President Donald Trump is sick and tired of the way things work in Washington, D.C., after the Republican Congress passed one of the worst spending bills in the history of spending bills. President Trump called for a government shutdown in September in order to fix the mess that is our nation’s capital.

    And it is a mess. The swamp creature known as Paul Ryan worked with Democrats to draft up a $1.07 trillion plan. However, it doesn’t include any funding for The Wall. It has no cuts for Planned Parenthood. It does not provide funding for a special deportation task force. It also has almost no cuts to non-defense spending.

    Instead Paul “Swampy” Ryan increased the National Institutes of Health budget by $2 billion. He practically fully funded the Environmental Protection Agency; its budget maintained 99% of its original funding. They also sent nearly $300 million to Puerto Rico through Medicaid.
    President Trump tried to cut EPA funding by $2.6 billion in March and tried to gut NIH by $5.8 billion. Swampy Ryan, his traitorous Obama-Republicans, and the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats, had other ideas.
    One of President Trump’s biggest objectives was cutting funding to sanctuary cities. Well, Swampy decided not to deprive any of these cities of funding.

    Lawmakers Pass Bill To Avoid U.S. Government Shutdown


    Share if you agree with President Donald Trump that the government should be SHUT DOWN!
    Source: McClatchy.”

  38. @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger May 2, 2017 at 12:18 PM “Swampy Ryan, his traitorous Obama-Republicans, and the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats, had other ideas.”

    Maybe Representatives Ryan and Pelosi are mindful that they represent the people, and maybe they are doing what is in the best interest of ALL the people?

  39. Simple…they are just ranting because they cant fire any member of congress, that is sour grapes talking….lol…they just got pimped slapped by congress last week and they

    Let them do any crap and wrath will rain down on them, they are all a bunch of idiots.

  40. @Peter Lawrence Thompson May 1 at 10:11 AM re ” It will be trivially easy to create fund transfer mechanisms which avoid this racist tax should it come into force. I hope it creates a growth spurt in financial technology across the region.”

    You raise a cool point.

    There is a somewhat mundane way to avoid money transfer fees but whether it can be optimized on a broad-based platform for many is the question.

    The simple idea Bajans do with friends and relatives everyday! The BajanOverseas puts money on an US a/c for easy access via a debit or credit card and the BajanLocal completes the designated transaction in Bim for BajanOverseas.

    Now to optimize that one-to-one process to a wondrous many-to-many then those two Bajans would have to become central depositors and get others to work the transactions through them.

    No funds are transferred across any border so Mr Trump can’t assess a fee…and he certainly would be on shaky ground to attempt to impose a surcharge for businessmen just accepting a markup for a service rendered.

    Obviously that concept gave birth to money transfer services in the first place so as you said this fee grab attempt could see an entire new spurt in financial tech!

    Potentially hundreds of ‘Shylocks’ could explode onto the electronic scene…

  41. @de pedantic Dribbler May 2, 2017 at 6:24 PM “The simple idea Bajans do with friends and relatives everyday! The BajanOverseas puts money on an US a/c for easy access via a debit or credit card and the BajanLocal completes the designated transaction in Bim for BajanOverseas.”

    And of course we must never forget that money also goes from the south to the great white north.

    How otherwise would my little Johnny who is at Harvard survive? Money from me and from the Barbados taxpayers goes every month directly to Trumpland.

  42. And not just my Little Johnny. According to the Association of International Educators international students contributed $26.8 billion to the U.S. economy during the 2013-14 academic year

    How international students are subsidizing U.S. universities
    That means that being a foreign student in the U.S. usually means paying full tuition. And that’s not all. Tuition for international students can sometimes be even more expensive, because of foreign exchange rates and higher price tiers for out-of-country applicants…The situation has created a financial structure where foreign students — particularly those from China — are subsidizing financial aid for U.S. students by paying the full boat themselves, and sometimes at inflated prices, By helping bankroll U.S. universities, international students are also helping the U.S. economy. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CONTRIBUTED $26.8 BILLION TO THE to the U.S. ECONOMY during the 2013-2014 academic year, according to 2014 Association of International Educators (NAFSA) findings.

  43. 2% of this is $536,000,000 million USD, now if a way can be found to keep this money out of Trump’s economy.

  44. Trump will pay dearly to learn just how much he needs immigrants, just a matter. The fraud, liar and hypocrite has not stopped applying for work permits for immigrants to work in his hotels and wineries though, he hardly wants Americans working in his businesses…..where is the profit in that.

  45. WW cut the crap yes everyone knows we need immigrants some body has to pay for de old white mens pensions and health care so cut the bullshit there is a difference between illegal migrants ant legal immigrants everyone in middle america can see it. Nobody is fooled by the lefts blurring of lines except the left.
    A guyanese comes to barbados legally
    A guyanese comes to barbados illegally
    What would be the local populations view on the situation

  46. Lawson……why do old white men need pensions, your ancestors went into Canada illegally, others went into the US illegally….all stolen land from the natives, did anyone pay pensions to the natives, now everyone wants to be self righteous claiming that they own stolen lands….and everyone else is illegal…..the native of north america continue to ask…….who made any of you legal, you cant just make ya illegal selves legal and believe 500 years later, the natives and everyone else will forget.

    Why do you think it’s now all going to hell and taking everyone with it.

  47. Ya ain’t see trumpty dumpty already fell off his imaginary wall….lol

  48. The paul tishun Pornville Inniss recommended David Comissiong and his cohorts move to Venezuela since Maduro can count on DC’s support for mishandling the social and economic wellbeing of our neighbour to the southwest.
    Word in the media is that Congress is recommending the US government to do what is necessary to prevent the Russian oil giant Rosneft from securing control over Citgo and its US oil interests.Marines would likely soon move into Venezuela and remov the very unpopular Maduro who does not have the appeal of Hugo Chavez and is surely a goner in a few weeks if the US acts under the usual ruse of protecting its interests and its citizens.
    The latest media report in the Latin American Herald Tribune:

  49. Chavez had kicked out all the US companies, if Maduro let them back in, the US should remove him, it’s said he funded the trump campaign, dont know how true, he will learn when ya swim with sharks ya need a lot of bandaid.

  50. No money for toilet paper, but money for a foreign election campaign?

    Strange priorities.

  51. Incompetence, mismanagement, bureaucratic bungling, deceit, ruthlessness, cover-ups, apathy, expediency and cynical indifference.

  52. If don’t have $500,000 USD but I still want a visa can anybody tell me what is the price of a visa for not so rich people?

  53. It seems that the US policy may be turned upside down, if Trump continues on this path. May be Pence as Pres before long.

    Looking very much like impeachment is on the cards if his actions continue on this trend.

    Firing an FBI Director when he is on top of an investigation into the Russia / Trump advisors connections? Excuse being Hilary. What a joke.

    Abuse of power?

    How much are the House Republicans and Senate willing to let slide, along with democracy, just to hold on to power?

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