David Comissiong Returns His $500 Alleged "Income Tax Remittance"

DAVID  A.  COMISSIONG, LLB  (UWI)  L.E.C. (Hugh Wooding Law School)


6th May 2018

Barbados Revenue Authority

Sixth Floor, Treasury building,

Bridge Street, Bridgetown,

Barbados, BB 11129

Dear Sirs / Madams,

Re : My Return of your $500 Remittance Cheque

On Saturday 5th May 2018 , I returned home in the evening to find a Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) letter addressed to me sitting on my kitchen counter.

And when I opened the letter I discovered that it contained a Barbados Revenue Authority cheque made out to me for the sum of $500.

The BRA invoice attached to the cheque suggested that the $500 payment constituted the payment to me of an Income Tax remittance.

Now, I was extremely pleased when, a couple weeks ago, I learnt that the BRA would finally and belatedly be making Income Tax remittance payments to my fellow Citizens who are legitimately entitled to such Remittances, and who have been denied what is rightly due to them for such a prolonged period of time.

Indeed, I was gratified that the pressure exerted by our Trade Unions, by the Opposition Parliamentarians, and — most significantly — the pressure generated by the fact that a General Election was imminent, caused Minister Chris Sinckler and your agency to decide that you all HAD to make at least SOME of the long outstanding Income Tax Remittance payments to our long suffering people .

So I am extremely glad for all of those Barbadians who are legitimately entitled to receive Income Tax Remittance payments and are finally receiving some portion of what is due to them !

But as  far as I am aware I don’t fall into the category of a person who is legitimately entitled to receive an Income Tax Remittance payment ! So why have I been sent a cheque for $500 ?

I can’t help but take note of the fact that in the ten years that the Democratic Labour Party administration has had control over the affairs of our nation the ONLY time I can recall ever having received an Income Tax Remittance cheque is yesterday — some 18 days before a most critical General Election. Why is this?

Every year I — as a self employed person — dutifully pay my Income Tax, and I carefully calculate precisely how much I owe my Government. I don’t under pay, and I don’t over pay .

I cannot therefore be entitled to a Remittance, and I do not intend to accept any payment that I am not entitled to !

When — some four years ago — Minister Chris Sinckler made public his intention to create the Barbados Revenue Authority — my organization (the Clement Payne Movement) issued an Open Letter dated 2nd April 2014 to the Trade Unions of Barbados and admonished them as follows :-

Why then are you facilitating the current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration in their efforts to hive off a huge chunk of our Barbadian Civil Service, and to place it under the management and control of a politically appointed Statutory Corporation?

As you are aware, the Stuart Administration has commenced upon a mission to take hold of such critical and sensitive Central Government agencies as the Inland Revenue Department, the Land Tax Department, the VAT Division, the Customs Department ….. and to place them under a new statutory board – to be designated the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) – that will be controlled by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom shall be partisan political appointees.

All of these agencies process and have access to the most sensitive financial information about the citizens of Barbados. They are also extremely powerful agencies, and – in the wrong hands – can do a lot of damage! Why then would we wish to take these agencies out of a relatively non-partisan and professional Civil Service structure and place them in the hands of partisan political appointees? It just does not make sense!


It did not make sense in 2014, and recent developments have confirmed that it  continues to not make sense in 2018.

Please permit me to state for the record that I am NOT selling anything, and therefore I do not wish to receive any sum of money that could in any way be mistaken for a “purchase price”.

Indeed, when I exercise my Constitutional right as a Citizen of Barbados to vote on 24th May 2018 I intend to do so with a mind that is free and guiltless — a mind that is not cluttered and burdened by my having received anything that I am not legitimately entitled to.

I now therefore hereby return your $500 cheque. Please find the said cheque enclosed herein.

Yours faithfully


28 thoughts on “David Comissiong Returns His $500 Alleged "Income Tax Remittance"

  1. I am speechless, clearly a set up.

    Exactly how many of these vote buying bribe checks has the ex government sent out all over the island while shit flows in the streets, garbage pick up is a joke, the bus service is a joke, the stadium is dilapidated, the island’s infrastructure is degraded, but they are sending out 500 dollar checks to buy votes..

    Vote them out..

  2. This seems innocuous at best. And at worse, the sum of all fears.

    What are the odds that such an exact amount could be sent anyhow? Could this government be so inept? What could be its legal basis?

    Could this be what was presented as election largesse by the regime? Even for this DLP this action would represent a direct attempt at vote buying, using public funds, and as not seen previously. Oh lordie!

    What a sign of desperation!

    In addition, a person like Comissiong should be the most unlikely to be one of first to so receive. For he is highly unlikely to need this pittance.

    Bajans must have ways to bring criminal actions against persons involved or suspected in these of acts of maladministration.

  3. As you said you paid for your trips to venezuela maybe the govt noticed you forgot to deduct it as a business expense

  4. David Commisiong is a liar !

    That $ 500.00 cheque is part of the money he demanded from the Government of Barbados for representing the Cuban national , Garcia , some years ago !

    Why did Commisiong ” return ” money 💰 that he bellyached about for years !

    Commisiong , do you still some pot ?

  5. But using their own tax refunds to bribe voters is definitely much lower than people with intelligence higher than a snake would be willing to go.

    • Don’t you idiots realize that a person fighting a cause they feel is just is never deterred by drivel.

  6. smoke pot ?

    David Commisiong:

    • Why did members of the Royal Barbados Police Force raid your home some years ago !!!’

  7. Didn’t the press publish a report of a BRA political appointee ravishing the kitty and going on a spending spree in the Big Apple driving in a limousine etc.and was not a nuisance charge brought to the court to satisfy the public with an appearance of nabbing the culpritess.What was the result of the forensic ‘audit’.Was the full amount repaid.What is the current employment status of the offending officer with BRA.

  8. Some try to make them Appear Altruistic but they are the Exact Opposite… They believe in taking from those who have worked (putting themselves in between) and giving some to those who don’t under the Guise of Social Justice. But Remember even Robin Hood was a Hood and he kept for himself! Remember who are friends of Commie Song, Cuba & Venezuela the two most Repressive Regimes in this Hemisphere!!

    “This romance with Socialism is dangerous, and feeds the entitlement mentality. It pays to remember this as some have now forgotten the bondage and evils brought about by Communism and Rank Socialism. BUT Some of us are old enough to recall the USSR and what it stood for. Remember this when you vote – Free Handouts are Short lived.”


  9. David

    Come along is a Pan Communist !

    His fights are never genuine !

    On the contrary his fights are ALWAYS…….dubious !

    David , doan join his bandwagon !

  10. The cheque says on the left hand “Itax 2014 = 500”. It is not payment for anything. What is going on in Fractured’s head. Cant he read?

  11. @ bajans
    What is going on in Fractured’s head. Cant he read?
    Read shiite!!!
    If Fractured could read do you think he would hit “Post Comment” after the lotta drivel that he puts on the blog?

    Obviously Fractured can write, …but cannot read….
    ha ha ha

  12. Exactly fractured. I guess his conscience got the best of him after over charging govt for legal expenses he incurred from the García case
    Just another piece of shameless fake news propoganda by Mia Cousin Commissiong

  13. It fascinates me to see that (BREKUP NUMB SKULLS) Yard fowls Fractured BLP and Mariposa are hallowed to spew their venom on this blog freely. I;m guessing that they took their $500.00 or more easily.

  14. At least Comissiong has a conscience……..

    “I guess Richard Byer’s conscience did not get the best of him after over charging” Caves of Barbados $766,855.24 for providing legal services another lawyer similarly provided for $19,000.

  15. That Byer invoice for three quarters of a million was scandalous. Commissiong behavior at home and abroad as in his love affair with Maduro Venezuela is equally as shameful.

  16. @Freedom Crier May 6, 2018 4:45 PM Quoting Dr. Adrian Rogers “When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work, because the other half is going to take care of them…”

    That is called the dependency ration. Half the people do not work because they cannot. How to you plan to fix this? By sending or 2 year olds out to work? By sending our centanarians out to work? By sending the halt, the lame, the blind, the dying out to work?

    Barbados has 90,066 people in its population who cannot work, because they are younger than 16, or older than 67, and that is not even counting those people who are sick at home, sick in the hospital, sick in the mental hospital, imprisoned because they are too dangerous to be walking the streets, those mothers who have had multiple births, twins or triplets and have to withdraw from paid work at least for a while, those mothers who have decided with their partners to withdraw from the paid workforce in order to take excellent care of their own children, etc. those middle aged mostly daughters who have withdrawn from the paid workforce in order to take care of elderly parents etc. those people mostly women who have been unable to enter the workforce, or who have had to withdraw because they need to be at home to take care of a disabled child, sibling or other relative.

    I have a friend who “does not work” but everyday she takes care of a middle aged brother with Down Syndrome, and of a niece with severe physical and intellectual handicaps. If she “went to work” who would take care of the disabled family members?

    It is a fallacy that everybody in a society should be in the paid workforce

    Every society has people who cannot work, and yes, those of us who are strong, and healthy must support those who cannot work.

  17. @ Simple Simon…The Ideology Socialism/Communism is the Adversary’s Counterfeit of all God’s Commandments.

    The Commandments were Compiled into Two Great Principles, the Second Being to Love Others as We Do Ourselves.

    We need to be Benevolent in giving someone a Hand Up; we do not need the Interference and Force that Socialist Government brings.

    Compulsory benevolence is not Charity it is Robbery!

    “They are People in Need of Help, and Charity is one of the Nobler Human Motives. The act of Reaching into One’s Pocket is Praiseworthy and Laudable. Reaching into someone Else Pocket is Deplorable and Worthy of Condemnation”.

    Jesus “wants the poor to be helped” but not at Gunpoint, which is essentially what Government Force is all about:

    Jesus was Not A Socialist… Neither were any of his Followers. He encouraged others to Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. The Populace only paid a 10th from their surplus Caesar and that had nothing to do with their Tithe or the Law of Consecration…

    Remember in the Parable of the Good Samaritan when he came upon the man that was in Need he Did Not Call on the Government for Assistance he used his Own Means to do so. What we take away from this is that by following the Second Great Commandment to love others as we do ourselves, it Conveys that IN THE TIMES OF CHRIST it was first our Personal Obligation to Assist where possible.

    Failing that we can appeal to family and if they are unable to lend a helping hand then we may appeal to the Church and Community within.

    Nowadays so much is Extracted by way of Limitless Taxations that puts Tremendous Burdens on the Community that additionally to be Benevolent In helping others becomes added difficulty. Hence More people Look to the State as their Shepherd and Provider.

    Under the Banner of Socialism Excessive Taxation is Theft at Gun Point with no end in Sight, while Tithing was and still is Voluntary…

    Keep This and You’ll Keep Them All… There is One Commandment that, if followed by all of humanity, would instantly create a peaceful world: DO NOT STEAL.

    Do you believe the 10th Commandment, You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbour’s?

    Or do you believe in the Socialist Version of advocating using the Brute Force of Government to take from your neighbour to give to someone else or what Socialist describes as being Socially Equable by giving to those the Produce of others who Do Not Work but Love Freeness’s?

    Centrally Planned Economies Deprive the Human Spirit of Full Development. Socialism fails because it Kills and Destroys the Human Spirit–just ask the people leaving Cuba in homemade rafts and boats [and those waiting in long lines today in Venezuela struggling, and often failing, to buy food].


  18. @ David Commissong

    You are swimming in a cesspool of crooked Police, Politicians and Lawyers who would do anything to maintain status quo.

    Barbados a banana republic and now the laughing stock of the Caribbean.

    I applaud you for exposing this fraud and clear cut bribery.

  19. LOL @ David
    Bushie hopes that you are prepared for some serious cussing from Enuff, Lorenzo and Artax over the next five years.
    Thankfully, ac, Fractured and Carson will suddenly seem logical and reasonable….

    Wonder why….?

  20. Human Rights organizations issued a statement demanding the execution of the release order issued in favor of Gregory Hinds.

    Gregory a social activist, who have been arbitrarily detained for more than 3 months. Received an order of release on April 2nd; however, the Sebin (regime police)refuses to execute the sentence.

    In the statement, organizations such as Amnesty International, Provea and Cofavic also denounce the human rights violations in which the State has incurred and the irregularities of due process.

    Gregory Hinds have had no access to drinking water, clean clothes, adequate sanitary conditions or medicines. The food that the Sebin provides him is in small quantities and they serve it raw (including white meats).


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