The Slave in Your Mentality

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Destroying the lie of Black Emancipation,  and setting in motion the necessary project of SELF-REPARATIONS  that first begins with the painful task of introspection.

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  1. The servants in parliament are the first stop in viewing the self absorbed disease that comes from being the mentally enslaved, gotta stop calling them leaders, they are not, they , as paid employees of the people perform a service, and would not know how to lead, even if it was in their job description.

    The priests, reverends and churches deliberately continue the centuries old mental slavery programming for money collection purposes, continue to spread their poison to keep the population as lost, backward sheep.

    The scarred and damaged psyches from centuries of generational contamination is becoming more evident in the black population, every day.

  2. The point Ras is making is well made and collides with the other point Pacha and others make on the blog at every opportunity. How does a little country located in a world with globalization; trade liberalisation, establish a robus enough infrastructure to resist -repel, the external influence that ultimately form our decisions.

    This is the discussion we must have if we have any interest in protecting what is left of our identity

  3. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    You all keep thinking of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles, lived closer to slavery than more alive or remember today, The plan was set in Motion after she came back from America in the early 1920s. She bought up all the land the whites were selling because, she learned and knew better than negros today 2017. in 1966 was a set up, to switch over to fools as we see today,
    They fool you all in Barbados with books from the national trust written by sir title holders their reward that work so well, Library back it up, the Archives Back it up ,internet backs up all these lies,
    We came on the internet and BU and other places and you fools still dont get it,

    Bajans are not land less they are brain less to think for self and study , instead of waiting for for COW to get on TV and say white own more, or white have all , or the church have most , or the crown own it

    Barbados is living a lie and its being reported as truth , the day you all wake up you will see how much time and pain you put yourself in for being Niggers,
    More Pain to come, Keep being slaves.

  4. David

    We first have to agree on what our identity is…..thats the discussion that is needed urgently.

  5. Bajans own the land in Barbados no COW , not government, not church no whites, stop fighting the truth and wake the hell up,
    seek , look, search the records all records and then seek some more to see the massive land fraud, to hell with there new books, find info before 1966 ,, our ownership of land did not end in 1913,,, wake up vote CUP

  6. David @! 6:55 AM

    Vincent Haynes@:42 AM

    We as Bajans already have an identity with cultural origins in Africa and Europe predominating. Identities also are partly inherited genetically. We know it and we feel it. Our visitors experience it. We are different and they love it. Yes we like to play the Mass from time to time but we are o.k. So we can start by celebrating who we are. The elements of our character that we cherish we must pass them on to the next generation through the mentoring process.

    I make a point of reading local authors and I can relate to the stories they tell. That is true whether the author was born in St. Michael , St. Lucy or St.Philip. We share the same sense of humour and the same values.
    When I travel and return to Barbados I thank God that I am returning to a civilized place.

    As Vincent pointed out in another intervention we all live in a mythology and it is being written everyday by us. All nations have mythologies of their own making. It is the compass by which they live.

  7. @ Violet B

    @ WW&C

    I do understand the positions you take. These patterns of behaviour have been going on for generations. We learn by precedents and it hurts when our own generation and our own people perpetuate these unsavoury practices. But we can break these chains by insisting that these practices are no longer acceptable.

  8. @David, Bernard says it well vis “… we can start by celebrating who we are. The elements of our character that we cherish we must pass them on to the next generation through the mentoring process.”

    It is well nigh IMPOSSIBLE for a dot in the Caribbean sea washed gently on one side and wracked vigorously on the other by the mores and strong influences of which you speak to erect any ” infrastructure” that would be robust enough “to resist -repel, the external influence that ultimately form our decisions”

    Back to Codrington: We are indeed who we are, based on the ancestry of those ‘external influencers. The Africans and Europeans of which he spoke.

    How can they be an integral part of us and now at this juncture of our existence be decried as being outside our psyche of the very things that made us who we are.

    I get your ‘influence’ drift Mr Blogmaster but bottom line is we can’t engage and disengage the powerfully strong historical influences on a whim.

    Or then maybe we can…how many here recall the reported story many moons ago (but played out since otherwise) of some Africans on the continent dismissing Caribbean Blacks as their kith and kin. They disparaged us as – to put it simply- not worthy.

    Of course that’s not a majority of our African brethren but maybe that plays to your point that we have to “[protect] what is left of our identity”, that hard to identify singular Bajan gene that courses through our veins….maybe the African gene has been severed by most of them; we know the Euro one never mutated so there is ‘no there, there’, to coin current American speak!

  9. Interesting comment @David, however I think @Bernard says it well vis “… we can start by celebrating who we are. The elements of our character that we cherish we must pass them on to the next generation through the mentoring process.”

    It is well nigh IMPOSSIBLE for a dot in the Caribbean sea washed gently on one side and wracked vigorously on the other by the mores and strong influences of which you speak to erect any ” infrastructure” that would be robust enough “to resist -repel, the external influence that ultimately form our decisions”

    Back to Bernard: We are indeed who we are, based on the ancestry of those ‘external influencers. The Africans and Europeans of which he spoke.

    How can they be an integral part of us and now at this juncture of our existence be decried as being outside our psyche of the very things that made us who we are.

    I get your ‘influence’ drift Mr Blogmaster but bottom line is we can’t engage and disengage the powerfully strong historical influences on a whim.

    Or then maybe we can…how many here recall the reported story many moons ago (but played out since otherwise) of some Africans on the continent dismissing Caribbean Blacks as their kith and kin. They disparaged us as – to put it simply- not worthy.

    Of course that’s not a majority of our African brethren but maybe that plays to your point that we have to “[protect] what is left of our identity”, that hard to identify singular Bajan gene that courses through our veins….maybe the African gene has been severed by most of them; we know the Euro one never mutated so there is ‘no there, there’, to coin current American speak!

    • @Dee Word

      You are saying we should not even try? We should allow what deminished Barbadianna to be washed away in the flow of cultural penetration?

  10. @ de p D @10 : 30 AM

    I recalled the period when some friends of my generation went to Africa and were rudely reminded that they are descendants of slaves while the native Africans were never slaves. In short they had nothing in common except the melanin.

    I also remembered when some Euro- Barbadians emigrated to Australia , New Zealand and Canada and discovered that they were not elitist.

    But that is part of the learning process. Societies are works in progress in the end we will be OK. Better still We are O.K>

    • @Bernard

      Struggling to connect you last comment to the challenge we have to protect our identify however we want to define it.

  11. Bernard

    I agree with you that as our first step we acknowledge that we are Pelaus.

    I think our next step is not isolate the development of culture to Bim but rather the wider Caribbean and develop a culture based on shared and not so shared experiences.

  12. @ David the King @ 11: 30 AM
    Do not worry about protecting Barbadian identity it already exists. It needs no protection. Identities evolve.

    • @Bernard

      So you are saying there is no room for inquiry and questioning? We should go with the flow?

  13. @ Vincent Haynes @ 11:36 AM

    What you describe as next step has already happened or is happening. It does not need any special aid. We collectively enjoy cricket, calypso, soca, reggae,theatrical arts, literature, political ideologies and geopolitical linkages. We intermarry. You eat Trini pelau( obviously) We vote as a block in international convocations. We follow each other’s political developments. Let things be. The last time we consciously tried to force a union it collapsed. Let things evolve and from the bottom up. None of us can foresee what is best for a nation or a people.

  14. African natives were definitely slaves in Africa, they were colonized first by England, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and France, treated brutally and enslaved, they just remain in denial, to this day they are still kidnapped and sold to middle easterners as slaves.

    As recently as 7 or 8 years ago the French were still kdnapping African children and taking them to France as child labor.

  15. The VERY worse form of cultural death is to sit back and let “que sera sera”.
    It is the very antithesis of human development and growth.

    Human beings are intended to advance themselves, their societies, and the overall human condition. This is the very genesis of life on earth….. ‘Success’ is the extent to which we leave a legacy of having positively impacted on our society in an altruistic way, that we have moved the overall quality of the human experience forward to an extent, and most critically, that we, as individuals, have developed the kind of character that is as far removed from natural animal instinct …and is as close to God’s character as we can possibly achieve.

    This requires intelligent, positive thinking, visioning, planning, and definite actions that are conceived to result in such advancements.

    Resigning ourselves to the consequences of our past, to our historical weaknesses, and to other external influences is the action of pets, NOT human beings…and not even wild animals.

    Bushie’s grandparents may have been slaves …and may have been forced to live like animals, but not a boy will stop the Bushman from living out his royal inclinations… NOT A FELLA.

  16. @ David @ 11:49 AM

    Our enquiry and questioning is/are part of the process. It/they is/are our mirror . They ask ” Are we happy with us?” Then we make the necessary modifications. and this is true of all aspects of life. We adjust as we go along.

    • @Bernard

      If you accept that inquiry and questioning are part of the process therefore logic says you have to accept it has the potential to influence guide outcomes.

  17. Bernard Codrington March 24, 2017 at 12:00 PM #

    Again quite true although I miss the Federal Maple&Palm and all the other inter island schooners that one would hop aboard either as a paying passenger above or below deck or a deck hand.

    Evolve we shall….hopefully sooner rather than later as our destiny can only be fullfilled with a united entity.

  18. WW&C at 12 :13 PM

    You know that and I am sure they knew that but when some humans want to win an argument they use anything to cut you down. One needs to remain focused.

  19. Bernard…..ya cant let the native African try to assert superiority over Caribbean people when they too were equally brutalized, colonized and enslaved by everyone including the Dutch and Americans, it’s not acceptable and they must be reminded of it all the time when they choose to bring it up.

  20. That’s why i say this history needs to be taught in Caribbean schools the right way, because they are black people dumb enough to act like their enslavement was better or nonexistent, just like the Africans pretend……,….false history.

  21. Bushie

    We are afraid that your thinking maybe dated.

    For those ideals cannot now be achieved without superhuman effort.

    Having exacerbated corporatism into the human mind it is now impossible to ‘dis-invent’ it.

    The humanoid is making this planet unfit for human life, any life forms. Our best hope is that we would be put out of the misery we have thus created.

    Do you think the people of Barbados would collectively become vegans to avoid the suicide of this planet – for example? Even as an act of resistance. An act of worship to the Ancestors.

    Recent peer reviewed research suggest that we may have as little at 9 years before Pachamama’s great shaking off.

    While affluence has been galloping, happiness has been stagnant for decades.

    Hundreds of species are being killed-off every year.

    Do you think that Bajans will agree to having a ‘green’ mind?

    None of the things necessary for overall survival will never happen.

    And it makes no sense trying to solve smaller problems when the orders of magnitude for self destruction are not as urgently attended.

  22. Seeing the live incompetence and limited intellect of the local government ministers, do not be one bit surprised if they cut down every tree on the island to build hotels to create mediocre jobs…..that is all they know.

  23. WW&C at !:00PM

    I have found it useful to me in life to acknowledge that we can control what we think , believe and do; but we cannot control the thinking and beliefs of others. We can also control how we react to what others believe , think ,say and do.

    Remember the bit about national mythology. It unites and inspires a people to punch above it’s weight. Remove it and the people lose self confidence and the ability to be productive.

    So Bush Tea continue to sip your brew. I prefer cocoa tea, coffee tea and green tea. I notice that you posting alternative facts so that I cannot get my Biscuit and Corned Beef during the Silly Season. But that is O.K.


    Some say the white man came from above oh oh!
    That is if you believe that supernatural stuff. UFO
    The locals treated him not like a beast
    Like the three wise men from the East

    Like how Columbus founded the West Indies
    Then try to convert the poor Indians! Please!
    When that failed they went buffalo butchering
    Leaving the Red Indians starving and cowering

    Coveting land from humble folks with their flags unfurled
    Settling up their own towns and villages all over the world
    But in their wake they left many in tears day after day
    All over the good land which was never theirs any way

    They maltreated many a people who cried long tears
    Someone got to be punished for we know God cares
    You can sing, and run and jump with all your might
    For karma is bitter sweet when it comes back to bite

    When some countries got their freedom
    Their governments thought they’re dumb
    They too tried to do like the Caucasians
    Who maltreated the local Amerindians

    They built cities and made kingdoms
    Living it up drinking coke and rums
    They lived the good life like the imperial master
    As they too put the little man on the back- burner

    As their own folks live in poverty
    Amidst their masters’ proclivity
    For years the people took it and did nothing
    The doers willfully neglecting them sneering

    The reapers of the ill gotten gains in their castles in a moat
    You take it staying quiet for you don’t want to rock the boat
    Tears have been shed every day many going insane
    And someone has to pay, here comes karma again

    Living the likes of a hog as they shed tears of joy
    As they plot and scheme to carry out their ploy
    Wives, mothers and children became high brows
    Covered from head to toe as their belief allows

    But the poor farmers keep toiling and trod on
    Eking a miserable living to bring in the bacon
    And months became years and fades
    And decades ran into more decades

    Until the people ran out of tears
    They swear and shed their fears
    Their anger reached every man, child and wife
    For all they ask for is just to live a simple life

    Their anger reached a pitch they want to get even
    They were ready to face torture of even an AK47
    The cry for freedom and democracy was in the air
    And every man in South East Asia wanted a share

    And so in Tunisia, one day in a little town called Tunis
    Using a format called Facebook the locals found bliss
    The folks sent messages to one another
    Innocently talking and in serious chatter

    When Muhammad Bouazizi, a farmer doused himself in kerosene
    Which was seen all over the world to show his wrath of that mean
    Ben Ali, dictator who lived like a hog for over 27 years
    As unemployment grew, people die shedding long tears

    All about their welfare and hardship in rage
    Actually, bottom line they wanted a change
    Citizens were called to silent arms and demanded democracy
    Ben Ali trembled in his boots but stuck to his despotic policy

    And when the smoke cleared the dictator was kicked out
    The people rejoiced as they sang tears of joy and shout
    As they pray and hope for a better tomorrow
    But the fires were burning all the way to Cairo

    Hundreds and thousands were alerted who care
    And they all met at the famous Tahrir Square
    And the words that went out were “We have taken up
    Enough of this, we’ve to bring this nonsense to a stop”

    The news spread like wildfire all the way to Benghazi
    But was trampled by tanks, guns of an insane Hosnie
    And Mubaruk refused to budge as the people persevere
    Strengthened by the victory in Tunisia they didn’t care

    T‘was do or die they made up their minds shouted out their demands
    To oust Mubaruk after 30 years of stealing the wealth of their lands
    Eventually he packed up his bags and left after 30years of conniving
    As the Muslim Brotherhood stood silently on the sidelines watching

    The fires had already spread to Libya a kettle of a different brand
    Democracy was a word Muammar Gaddafi could never understand
    As he dined with prostitutes in Cannes in Europe like a leech
    At home he ruled with an iron hand banning even free speech

    Bucket a guh a well everyday, one day
    Eh battam guh lef my Nannie used to say
    As Tripoli seethed and the people protested
    As men women and children were slaughtered

    Using jet fighters, tanks and mercenaries from Africa
    As his own soldiers refused to kill their own in Libya
    Hiding behind his high walls madly raving
    With his two evil sons aiding and abetting

    After 42 years of wallowing in the Libya’s troughs he can
    He said he’d kill any opposer to the last woman and man
    The world is shouting that this is a crime against humanity
    But all words fell on the mad ears of a man bent on insanity

    As the UN and the USA threatened and warned
    That no more innocent Libyans should be harmed
    Gaddafi answered by sending planes to shoot at oil rich Brega
    Threatening before he goes he’d burn the oil wells of Libya

    I said we get the Gov’t. we’ve chosen
    Sometimes the voters are left frozen
    And they have to put up and abide
    Their time and flow with the tide

    Cause they’re evil forces at work out there
    And the innocent are cornered in dire fear
    Like what happened in the 1960’s in Guyana
    When the British stealthily agree with the USA

    To stifle the PPP and oust Dr.Cheddi of Guyana
    For they thought Guyana would be another Cuba
    History has proved after 28 years Cheddi was not
    But Burnham was and that was what Guyanese got

    In Africa and Europe dictators arose
    All eventually got the peoples’ blows
    Those who don’t have it want it
    But really can they handle it?

    Democracy is what they want
    They shouted give us in any slant
    In the garage we want a good motor
    An oven, a stove and the refrigerator

    A detached home is so so
    A townhouse or a condo
    A job in the bank and money inside
    No matter what they promise to abide

    We see water it’s not a mirage
    We also want a car in the garage.
    Many times we have seen great incorporations
    And the architects ending up in incarcerations

    Look back in History with the great Mahatma
    When he and Jinnah were fighting for one India
    Jinnah caused India to split is a fact
    He was the brains of the Luknow Pact

    Jinnah never wanted an Independent India
    He was too violent even rejected satyagraha
    Every time Gandhi preached cooperation
    It was met with the Lahore Resolution

    The same thing happened in Guyana’s PPP
    When the Muslims rejected the Jagan’s Party
    In that case the CIA’s puppet Mr Langley
    Gave Richard Ishmael $2.08M for perpetuating the 80 day strike
    Also to the Muslims and the Trade Union Council and their like
    The Muslims split the Indian vote and formed a PNC coalition
    Joined with Burnham who later kicked them out in jubilation

    Greedy rulers from Stalin  to Mussolini
    From Ben Ali to Mubharak to Gaddafi
    And the others in poor Africa
    Even Burnham from Guyana

    All have one common denominator
    And that is the built in greedy factor
    Their coffers are bare yet they spend much on war
    Their people go hungry as the leaders dine on caviar

    Even the educated started our good then made a mess
    This shows greedy rulers can’t rule I have to confess
    How can these so-called leaders sleep deep at night
    When their people sleep with a bug infested plight

    When they practice the opposite what’s preached in Mecca
    Covering their women from head to toe sheltered by Sharia
    Laws as they defile and use other women like play things
    Paying top dollars for sexy women who party and sings

    They pray 5 times per day pointing towards Mecca
    As they bank the people’s money to be used later
    At the Cayman Islands, Swiss or the country they all hate
    Or just invested it in stocks and bonds and in real estate

    Since the last time we spoke
    Some thought it was a joke
    Since then we saw the fall of the South East Asian Empire
    A dire land of totalitarians and some secular pundits for hire

    Tempered by monastic vows
    Treating their women like cows
    Governing wretched peoples yet who sneered and applauded
    Praying to their God when the Twin Towers were bombed

    A people who always want the green US dollars
    But funneled the money for domestic owned wars
    And sat and took it decade after decades
    As that part of the world became Hades

    Fast forward to Toronto in Ontario, to live
    With the Liberal Party vs the Conservative
    You would never believe politicians can be so sick
    One would surely think one is in a Banana Republic

    Wasting and covering it up is the order of the day
    And all the poor taxpayers don’t have a darn say
    Billions of dollars wasted to save their party some seats
    As erasing tapes and emails done secretly at their meets

    The fists would fly and guns would be drawn
    But all dumb Ontarians do is smile and yawn
    But really you have to blame it on the naive lesbians
    Pride has voted as a block maybe they got the billions

    They wasted so many billions on their latest hydro
    Scheme asking us to foot the bill for their fiasco
    Their last budget is another spin of chicanery
    Digging a hole for their death to the cemetery

    When the people put party before sound economics
    It always come back to bite them where it ticks
    Only time would tell in the next few years
    But then it may be too late for long tears

  25. @ Pacha
    Bushie’s thinking is not really dated, however you are correct that this world has gone past the point of no return from total chaos.
    Bushie had long diagnosed our demise. Indeed, it is clear that the project called ‘Life on Earth’ is nearing completion ..and is due for termination any time now.

    What Bushie has posted is the designed INTENT.
    The actual reality of human experience has admittedly been almost diametrically opposite…
    But as outlined before, ‘have whacker will whack’…… even if there are all shiite grasses and one cannot find a single good lawn grass, ….still, the Bushman can only whack….

    So your observation is duly noted.

  26. @ Bernard
    Bushie fully understands your constraint.
    The inability to conceptualise anything beyond the materialistic aspects of our existence is indeed a major handicap. Such limited senses are best explained by the story of the three blind men and the elephant.
    Compare their various perspectives to that of a bushman …with a mountain top view of the whole forest and beyond….

    Feel free to keep up the jabbering with Vincent about the trunk and the legs…. although it seems more like Vincie is the fella holding the tail, …and being doused…..
    De man is full of it den!!!
    ha ha ha

  27. Bushie

    Chuckle…..poor you……you have been taught when you have nothing constructive to say,keep quite less your tail as the monkey climbing the tree becomes more visible.

    Go and mutter some more to the wacker and do some beseeching to BBE and come back with some more doodoo….lol

  28. @ David @ 2: 13 PM

    Who we are and Who we think we are frame the questions. We can only ask questions that relate to who we think we are. All other questions are superfluous to the issues at hand. We do not ask questions the answers to which do not help us.

    Globalization and trade liberalization are givens( data) ,neutral. We have no control over them. How we respond to them is dependent on how we see ourselves. So our response is part and parcel of our identity. External factors do not influence who we are. They should not impact our identity. You go with the flow either because you do not know who you are or because the flow coincides with your decision. People who do not know who they are follow the crowd and seek safety in numbers. They surrender their responsibilities to others.

    I hope this helps .

    • @Bernard

      Absolutely not!

      Of course external factors can influence who we are.

      Humans anywhere do not exist in a vacuum.

      The collective intelligence of a people is a dynamic force.

      For example, Barbadians are at a point where we have to decide as a people if we go with the flow to borrow borrow because repaying significant debt is not realistic. This challenge is being forced on us because of exogenous factors. We can go with the flow and reprofile/restructure the debt OR …

  29. @ Bush Tea @ 3:09 PM

    Why do you not stop trying to fool the BU household. At the top of the mountain all you saw was a green mass of foliage; not even one tree. So you could as well be as blind as Vince and I. At least using our other senses we identified the object as an elephant or some huge animal.

  30. Life on earth is a recent phenomena. The earth has existed billions of years without life as we come to know it. And over 98% of species that have ever lived have gone extinct, without any anthropogenic pressure. The sun will burn out in the next 5 billion years, or better yet, we are just a planet buster ( asteroid or comet ) away from extinction.

  31. On the contrary David @ March 24, at 10:52 AM, we are constantly and continuously managing the ebbs and flows – like those sea waves alluded to earlier – of our “Barbadianna “ heritage.

    Again I endorse @Bernard re “Do not worry about protecting Barbadian identity it already exists. It needs no protection. Identities evolve. There is no need to be concerned really…”. And “Globalization and trade liberalization are givens ( data) ,neutral. We have no control over them. How we respond to them is dependent on how we see ourselves.”

    Our history affirms that, as we Bim and Bimmers have retained a unique character over these many years and aptly ‘pushed back’ from both our brother and sister regional ‘internal’ influencers and then those whom you more broadly call our external influencers.

    And on top of all that and more, a UN Sec-Gen applauded us generally as an economic fly-weight taking on with aplomb opponents much higher up the weight class. That Ghanaian gent told us in sum that ‘We is Bajans and we does do it as only Bajans can!’

    Why should we doubt the wisdom of such a man.

    So why fear that these current and future waves of immigration and the intellectual and moral decay of our leaders will diminish the Bajan-way vibe beyond recognition!…

    … Fear ye not. That vibe and the Bajan ethos (whatever you may deem it to be) is intact.

    But let’s also be clear. We Bajans are already quite imbued (decent word for corrupted, LOLL) by all those external cultural vibes anyhow.

    In fact, all are indistinguishable: what is ‘foreign’ and what is our own.

    So let’s continue to save our unique “Barbadianna” artifacts for ongoing reflection even as we ensure they are well presented across local life for a strong future regrowth.

  32. I wonder how many contributing on this post have an admixture of “foreign” like myself?

    I am of the opinion that this admixture will enhance the evolving Bimmer and his cultural identity.

  33. fortyacresandamule March 24, 2017 at 5:43 PM #

    Well said and its inhabitants will all evolve and transform themsellves untill extinction time,which comes for all species which will then see the birth of a new species.

    Mother earth has taken many hits during its existence and like wise metamorphed itself.

    An endless Gyre in Yeats’ words.

  34. This is another version of the blame game. Blame everybody except your self. “The woman thou gavest to me picked the fruit and gave it to me and I ate”

  35. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Bernard Codrington March 24, 2017 at 10:10 AM #

    @ Violet B

    @ WW&C

    I do understand the positions you take. These patterns of behaviour have been going on for generations. We learn by precedents and it hurts when our own generation and our own people perpetuate these unsavoury practices. But we can break these chains by insisting that these practices are no longer acceptable.@@@@

    A very FEW one even BU want to deal with truth , the crimes of the church did not end with little boys, the crimes of the parties DLP and BLP not dealing with land fraud, history fraud , Bank fraud,

    They want the numbers and the history not to match or line up but they have to see truth ,
    On My end and Our end we dont care who dont want truth for none on BU can prove me wrong, If they can i will adjust to truth and not being censored. Living a lie in Barbados is nothing more than PAIN for the people, I will not tell lies to live well on this side, After we die never know what hell they all will see for telling , living and sharing lies to fool People.

    I lived and grew up around the most racist People in the World , American/Whites for 40 years i know them well , I also live around the Black American to see how they behave and treated. Barbados have these type of People as Masters and slave master kiss me ass negro, Who feel kissing up to more Dog-Ma than most can see or take, I not taking side when boths side need to wake up and STOP the madness,
    Tell the truth or get out of my way.

  36. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    The first 5 Mins , talking you Phillips,listen ,Dr Clyde Mascoll, did you say that no taxes?

    Also talking out dealing with Truth no even him can deal with truth

  37. @ Vincent
    …we have always had a problem looking ourselves in the mirror.
    We who??!!
    Certainly those of us who still loiter on the steps of albino-land do,
    But some of us have no problem with our mirror image boss.

    It is almost laughable- listening to you and Dribbler pat wunna selves on the back on the ease with which wunna have been fitting into the albino-centric agendas….. while dismissing any need for, (or benefit of), defining and charting our OWN unique philosophy of life and of living.

    A national culture defines a people’s life-philosophy. It speaks to what is important to then, to what their values are, …to where they are going….

    What madman would suggest that this is something to just sit back and ‘wait and see what happens’…?
    Only a classic slave mentality does…… Stockholm Syndrome….

    Real people PRO-ACTIVELY define a national vision and a culture that suits their dreams and aspirations, and then they FIND a way to realise that culture…. NOT just sit back and absorb all the shiite that is being dispensed all over the damn place.


  38. @Bush Tea at 10:21 PM .. You are undeniably the most persuasive scribe here. The fact that you can twist any position to your path of ‘righteousness’ is beyond comparison. LOLL.

    But boss what you involving me in here with this screed re “….. while dismissing any need for, (or benefit of), defining and charting our OWN unique philosophy of life and of living.”

    How in heaven’s name can anyone leave little Bim, battle the realities of racism, shadism and all-sorts of isms and NOT define and chart their “OWN unique philosophy of life and of living” in order to get a leg up!

    I appreciate your palaver because along with Miller’s sweet literary references, Jeff’s excellent prose and Pieces’s hard hitting nuggets you surely spice up this blog’s varied verbiage.

    But I do have to ask you to curb your wild wanderings when they really make no sense to me.

    NO ONE (except the madman as you said) “would suggest … to just sit back and ‘wait and see what happens”

    And certainly NOT ONE FELLA who has stepped off the Bajan rock for even a day and sniffed a world that’s teeming with danger from whites, Blacks and all in between and too lots of opportunity.

    No ONE is ‘absorbing shiite’. We all are wading through it manfully or as best as we can as we forge our way.

    What in heaven’s name are you drinking to create such an absolutely counter-intuitive screed!!

  39. @ Dribbler
    Do you understand that brainwashing is about controlling your EVERY thought and instinct, …to the extent that you are UNAWARE of how you are being influenced?
    You have been so conditioned by the AC-philosophy of greed and materialism that you now know of no other way.

    Boss, you actually even evaluate Bushie’s esoteric contributions from that materialistic perspective….
    You would require extensive reprogramming to become ‘normal’ again. Vincent, on the other hand, was never ‘normal’ so there is no hope for his donkey…

  40. “What madman would suggest that this is something to just sit back and ‘wait and see what happens’…?”

    Fruendel is still waiting to see what the UK dpes about brexit, he still has not lifted a finger to focus on or fix the destruction in his own yard, mentality of the slave mind, waiting for the white man syndrome. .

  41. the video speaks of the psychological damage slavery has done to the black race and all most can speak of in regards to content or response is about ” WE Barbados”
    The long and short of the video is that as a black race we have been duped and even with all the brightest minds with few exceptions who those who have tried to shine a light on the damages done and which continue in a more intellectual form to create avenues by way of distraction the black race almost commits itself single handily to accepting the new form of monetary slavery from the X slave masters as a norm.
    Exhibit A is the continual domination of The IMF in small island nations back door intervening and telling countries how to manage their affairs. The truth being we as a people are so psychologically damaged afraid to be masters of our destiny would rather ponder and worry about consequences if we do not bow down at our masters knees than use our intellect to create a path and break the cycle of dependency that have got us into this juggernaut.
    The question which still face the black race very existence and which cannot be avoided if the black race wants to be respected is how does the black race dig itself out of that psychological hell hole we find ourselves which is a vicious cycle and one which would forever more keep us divided and in financial chains and ruin always ever having to be beggars at our slave masters doorsteps

  42. @ Ras Jahaziel,

    Congratulations on producing this excellent and concise video clip. Have you tried to circulate this video to schools in Barbados? And more to the point have you tried to market this video to an international audience?

    May i be impertinent and suggest that you take a look at trying to enter this film for viewing at one of the many international film festivals that are listed below.

    I know that such a suggestion may compromise your beliefs. But how does one effect changes within the Babylonian system whilst remaining outside of it?

  43. Bushie

    All I will say to you is that you have created many myths/strawmen which in turn you devote all your energies to knocking down…..carry on smartly.


    This is how the public and policyholders are supposed to be alerted to any changes, severing of staff, sale of assets or movement to other juridications by insurance companies that collect free money from the public claiming the are insuring against major problems….why is the sale of CGI Towers and the company’s future still not explained to the public when they too reportedly had staff who left.

    Why are the slaves in parliament and the so called insurance regulators allowing CGI Insurance to still collect money freely without explanation.

  45. The black race……

    The one-drop rule is a sociological and legal principle of racial classification that was historically prominent in the United States asserting that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry (“one drop” of black blood) is considered to be black (Negro in historical terms).Aug 20, 2015

    . Black race – a dark-skinned raceBlack race – a dark-skinned race
    Negro race, Negroid race
    race – people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; “some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings”
    Black person, blackamoor, Negro, Negroid, Black – a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa)

    Interesting points above as a white appearing person like our local business men are realy black…..hmmmmm

  46. David

    I was trying to understand what the Black race alluded to by…angela Skeete March 25, 2017 at 6:55 AM #….. above is and presumably others like me needed it clarified,so I posted my above research……which was an interesting revelation….that you can be whatever colour and still be black…..hmmm

    • We need to move pass this colour argument and examine more closely the legacy of race and the power structures it has created in developed societies. How do the late commers sow the seeds for opportunity within such an establishment. It calls for work and planning by the enlightened.

  47. The challenge! What challenge? I thought somebody was making Pelau. Vincent just added another ingreasement. Could dear.

  48. Using their weak slave minds as an excuse to blame the white man for their own incompetence….when will it end….give it a rest, whites have their own growing wide ranging problems, blame weak black people for their own stupidity, most can read and write.

  49. David March 25, 2017 at 8:25 AM #

    Late comers can look at the history of individuals like London Bourne,Joseph Rangel,Joe Goddard,N.E.Wilson,Keith Rayside,C.O.Williams…to name a few who made it against the odds….it happens all the time we just need to seek and we shall find.

    • @Vincent

      Outliers (token Blacks) will never do it and too besides for a small open economy it is the power structures in the developed worldworld- a legacy of slavery -that greatly impacts a little island like Barbados. This is where our challenge is located.

  50. @ Vincent
    Boss, when you have nothing to say, why do you insist on saying it anyway?
    What myths/ straw men have Bushie created?…. give an example and stop being silly.

    You are also talking shiite about this ‘one-drop rule’….
    That is just a lot of Apartheid era mumbo-jumbo.

    There are some “Blacks” with skin are as white as damn snow, and there are even more dark skinned folks who are as “White” as was the damn queen.
    You are being simple-minded to see this thing as pigmentation.

    Can’t you get it through your head that the REAL divide is between the “albino-centrics” of this world and the “others”? ….the “community /God-centric”.

    “Albino-centrics” are those whose be-all and end-all revolve around money and the material things of life. They measure themselves by what they have accumulated. They judge others by what they own. They spare no effort to increase their worth – no matter the pain and suffering inflicted in the process.
    They use terms like “GDP”, “net worth”, “developed”, “first world” and “success” to state purely materialistic achievements.

    The “Others” are those who see human beings as being MUCH more than their material possessions. They insist that CHARACTER, altruistic community-centric contributions, and general humanitarian contributions are the factors that define a person’s worth.
    For the ‘Others’ then, an individual who owns NOTHING can well be the most successful, happy, fulfilled person on the planet.

    Admittedly, material prosperity would be expected to naturally FOLLOW an individual whose PRIMARY focus is community-centric and God-centric, but it never takes precedence.

    As Bushie was trying (unsuccessfully so far) to explain to you and Dribbles, a careful examination of wunna priorities, ways-of-life, schedules, and inclinations would, without doubt classify the two of you (and many more of us on this blog) as albino-centric BY NATURE and NURTURE….. in other words “White as shiite” …. no matter how many ‘drops’ wunna got.

    The world is MUCH too complex for your simplistic ‘one drop’ analysis.
    Time to wake up to reality skippa…

  51. In my humble opinion take the Carribbean nations as an example it is a vast empire of knoweldge yet unable to come together on matters that are critical to their sovereignty and independence.
    Like a rudderless ship keep drowning in self doubt and high levels of crticisms and rationales that dissuade and distract
    I shudder with astonishment at the many reasons given why the Carribbean nations collectively can not create ways forward that can generate enough enthusiasm which propells them to buy and sell within their own region but rather remain secure and influence by those interest outside the region to create a mind set that is only helpful to themselves.

  52. Bushie

    Chuckle…..yuh miens pun a good Satrday mawnin yuh gine leggo this pile of unadulterated unsanitised crap juss so……wuhloss.

    God centric,BBE&Albino-centric……..the basic pillars of your dissertations which are myths/strawmen placed by you to quantify and qualify……capiche

    To hold an intelligent conversation one must start from a solid foundation…….the older you get the more you behaving like Zoe.

  53. @ Vincent…
    That you are impressed with AC’s mindless distractions should speak for itself…
    Alas, even THAT clear pointer may be insufficient to guide your ignorance…..

    Poor lost ‘white-boy’…
    Your plantation experience probably killed any hope of enlightenment for you….
    ha ha ha
    wuh-loss !!!

  54. Bushie bushie

    Chuckle……thats the best you can do,you sure yuh is a Cawmerian…..cuddear…..sticks&stones…….

    Hopefully as you get older the dawn will arrive…….rather doubtfull but hope springs eternal…..

  55. Admit it Vincent….
    Yuh like that one about your “having nothing to say …and insisting on saying it over and over”….?

    …and um true to besides…
    ha ha ha
    Sweet as shiite den!!!

  56. Bushie

    Chuckle…..wah lollipop longhop bowlin yuh peltin dun nou……ah duz keep tellin yuh leff um out wen’er yuh duz gut nuffin tuh seh doan expose yuh tail……ah tired cutting it…….hahaha….lol

  57. @Angella. The IMF doesn’t meddle in a country’s day to day affair. A country, for whatever reason, that is experiencing a balance of payment problem will SOUGHT help from the IMF. The IMF can’t just barged into a country, it has to be invited. States that find themselves in this situation, the IMF is not the problem per se, but rather, a sympton of a bigger problem .

  58. I gave always said without an apology, that black people are their own worst enemy and a lot of their present problems are brought about by misplaced priorities and a tendency to engage in self-destuctive behavior. A classic case is the state of Nigeria. Its leaders, in collusion with its ‘enemies’, have siphoned off over US $1trillon from the state treasury since its independence. Most of the loot ended up in wealthy developed countries. Nigeria, in spite of its vast energy resource, has one of the lowest HDI in the world.

    Those african leaders and others of their ilk are enemies of black people and are the worst kind. Even more dangerous than the former colonial master.

  59. The West African tribes like the Kingdom of Opobo were very smart in seizing wealth creating opportunities from wheresoever they came,to the extent of objecting with Westminster for the cancellation of the trade with them in slaves.


    With billions spent on education in the lsst 50 years, by taxpayers, the island should have high schools for the extremely gifted, Stuyvesent High School just put out one of its young genius’ experiments fpr worldwide recognition. …the backward, ignorant, uneducated jackass ministers in Barbados would prefer see their young skillful talents picking up bottles. …idiots.

    “Stuyvesant High junior’s DNA experiment wins NASA contest
    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, March 25, 2017, 4:06 PM

    Julian Rubinfien, 16, loads a DNA sample into agarose gel in a science lab at Stuyvesant High School. (JEFFERSON SIEGEL/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
    This city student’s big dream is headed to the stars.

    Stuyvesant High School junior Julian Rubinfien will soon travel to Cape Canaveral to see NASA launch his award-winning high school genetic experiment into space.

    Julian, 16, created his ambitious experiment to measure genes in space as a way to better understand human aging with the help of his biology teacher, winning NASA’s national “Genes in Space” contest in June.

    It’s heady stuff for any young researcher.

    NASA discovers 7 Earth-sized planets that could support life
    But Julian, who lives in lower Manhattan and wants to be a research scientist when he finishes school, takes a big-picture view of his cutting-edge academic work.

    “The fact that it’s possible for me as a high school student to have my experiment preformed up there is incredible,” said Julian, who maintains a straight-A average and likes to sail and box in his free time.”

  61. BUSHIE,
    YOU SAID: “…as close to God’s character as we can possibly achieve.”
    What is God’s Character?” Who determined what it is? And don’t tell me anything about it says so in the Bible? If you do does that book also include one that contains ‘the Forbidden Books of the Bible?” Does it also include the Sixth and Seventh book of Moses?Exactly what is “the character of God?” The “idiot” is asking these questions so be gentle.

  62. WW& C @ 5:12 PM

    We did and probably still do have schools for the academically gifted. There have been attempts by some persons to have mixed ability classes and mixed ability schools. We as a society are still schizophrenic about this( i.e in two minds).

  63. I doubt we are talking about the same level of funding and class sizes for the exceptionally gifted Bernard, a name alone does not designate a school as for exceptionally gifted students they must indeed be exceptionally gifted, the school equipped for such and the students not just crammed for one test at 11 years old and herded into a school because of some centuries old myth for bragging and boasting rights…where most students burn out by 4th form…

    The schools for the gifted I speak about are specialized schools only for the gifted, I should know, I have never encountered one in the Caribbean, particularly not in Barbados.

  64. Bernard…even the age for entry to these gifted schools and the retrofitted exams are different, there is no comparison whatsoever.


    This is the definition of a gifted child, he is 7 years old, takes colleges courses and lectures at 2 universities, Duke being one, he is being touted as the Einstein of the next generation.

    He is a black child.

  66. @WW&C at 1:43 AM.

    You are quite right we are not talking about the same type of ‘gifted”. Has there been any follow through on the careers of these exceptional individuals? Do they end up being Einsteins? My reading of Einsteins biography does not indicate the type of ” gifted” that you described. My readings suggests that he was not accepted by the existing top universities in Germany.

  67. Bernard……..being brainwashed, mindwashed with one british themed exam at an early age, again, as is done in the Caribbean, is not being gifted, these gifted kids will decide for themselves what they want and if they want to continue, it’s their decision, many I knew personally continued or as happened more than once, dropped out like the dude from Bronx Science, another gifted high school, who then sold his invention for millions and then remained anonymous, not everyone likes the spotlight….many remain behind the scenes of government hierarchy. …advising.

    As I said…..many gifted kids when grown realize they can do more without the spotlight being always shone in them…many spend their lives in research labs so you would never know who they are or what they have accomplished to benefit the human race…do you know any of them personally.

  68. Bernard…,.before you dream up some other nonsense to waste my time, because I now suspect you have no clue…

    ……..being ACCEPTED into a gifted program entails constant assessments and aptitude testing, kids from as young as 3rd to 5th graders are ususally tested to IDENTIFY their special skills and talents….but assessments and testing are a requirement no matter the age…….,…

    ..,,,,a gifted student cannot be identified by just a one off, one day exam at 11 years old, the extraordinarily gifted I know….never took the 11 plus, I am not saying there are not exceptionally gifted students on the island and have not had for decades, I am saying you do not have the means to identify them….because most off them after taking that lousy, one day exam are erroneously deemed failures. ….but it’s the system and nonexistent testing mechanism and ministry of education that are the failures. ….because of ignorance, lack of knowledge.

    …….when I say that, Hartley Henry who attended St. George Secondary and who is now important to governments across the Caribbean comes to mind, there was and still is no aptitude testing available on the island for kids like him with special skills and talents.

    That 7 year old from Maryland….was exposed to that skills and aptitute testing at an early to be identified and able to lecture at Duke and Morehouse universities….they all have to be…….what he does after that, is now entirely up to him, no one else.

    And as these geniuses are humans first, they can also be sidelined by any illness….

    There are no guarantees in this life.

  69. Lol…that should jolt many people on the island into reality…but will it.

  70. WW&C

    Glad that you met a Pelau but unfortunately skin tone will always polarise Bimmers reality will never step in and for the simple reason that they,all skin tones like it so,they love their self imposed apartheid.

  71. Vincnt…..a little more pf this and we will end up married to each other…lol

  72. Well Well,
    Einstein was determined to be Dyslexic. Alan Emtage, a Bajan, wrote the precursor to Yahoo. He was a student then at McGill University. Read his history. If he had taken out patents on his invention (Archie), he would be Barbados’ first multibillionaire. He did not go to any school for gifted children.He went to Harrison College, and won a Barbados Scholarship, like his father. But, he created the first internet search engine; something that made Yahoo, Google etc possible, something that changed the world. Like Einstein.

  73. Alvin,

    You missed a key point. He has never been recognised by the government of Barbados or the UWI – not even an honorary professorship..

  74. So what’s your point Alvin… enter the gifted prpgrams…first ya have to know about them, did Emtage not go to school in Barbados….., but he was recognized in Canada right..,.

    …….I specifically stated the requirements for those gifted programs and the students I know, some family members…live in the US…..I specifically stated that my intent was not to say that there were no gifted students in Bim…but that there was no way to identify them, the apitude testing is not available. …so that when kids are preceived as failures after taking a one off, one day exam….they did not fail, it’s the ministry of education and the school system failed them.

    How many have they been since Emtage…..since, was it the 80s…. Alvin….ya get class loads in the gifted program, I bet ya can get class loads in Barbados too….if they can be identified through the requisite testing, which is not available on the island.

    You only tend to read and see what you want…I outlined the whole thing for Bernard, but you just had to come up with one student that you heard about in a 30 in 40 year period, there have been extrodinary talent leaving Barbados since Emtage, despite and in spite of negligent just have not heard of them…and their recognition for brilliance always comes outside of Barbados.. ….either North America, Europe, Australia, NZ…Asia or South America……etc.

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