De-Risking: The ‘Perfect Hurricane’ Threatening Caribbean IFCs

by caribbeantradelaw

My latest publication is an article entitled “De-Risking: The ‘Perfect Hurricane’ Threatening Caribbean IFCs” in the forthcoming IFC Review 2017. It discusses the implications of the de-risking phenomenon for Caribbean international financial centres (IFCs) and some of the steps they have been taking to fight it. An excerpt from the article is as follows: […]

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7 thoughts on “De-Risking: The ‘Perfect Hurricane’ Threatening Caribbean IFCs

  1. Alicia

    In summary we in the region will be restricted in our ability to do international financial transactions thus hurting our ability to trade and this restriction will be imposed by the money giants of the world.

    We do not know when this hit will take place nor have we as a region developed a strategy to deal with it.

    So what is your advice on this issue as far as finding a path towards a solution is concerned?

    • @Vincent

      Have you not been following the news? Didn’t the HoG establish a sub committee headed by prime minister of Antigua to lead the fight? Several meetings since have been reported in the media. There is evidence this derisking business has started to affect the region.

  2. David

    I am aware of the HoG sub committee which is not different to our own PM establishing his own to save Bim…………reminiscent of the well known political saying…..if you wish to do nothing establish a committee.

    Alicia is presumably aware of that sub committee yet she closed by saying that no solutions are there as yet,hence my query as to the path that we need to travel in order to find some direction to a solution.

    • @Vincent

      To be fair to the committee it was able to extract some comment from US authorities to the extent Caribbean islands are not the targets per se. Whatever that means. It is a work in progress.

  3. David

    if you want a job done you look for individuals who have a proven track record in the particular area and employ them to find solutions…….the politicos can then mull over the findings and see how best they can used be to their respective political advantage.

  4. Hi Vincent, thanks for your question. What I said in my article is that there is no panacea for the de-risking problem. No one solution will suffice. It is a multifaceted problem and as such it has to be (and is being) addressed through several ways and at various levels. I already outlined some of those ways in my article. And yes I am aware of the Caricom commitee.

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