Owen, the DLP and Political Expedience

Submitted by Debra Ifill
Leader of the BLP Mia Mottley (l) Former Leader of the BLP Owen Arthur (r)

Leader of the BLP Mia Mottley (l) Former Leader of the BLP Owen Arthur (r)

If the DLP government has proven that it is good at anything, it has to be that it is good at playing political games, doing almost exclusively what is politically expedient, and that without a doubt, for them it will always be party first.  The DLP is without a doubt the worst government of recent time, in terms of managing the economic and social affairs of the state and its people.  Principally because its members seem to spend most of their time concentrating on ways in which to hold on to power, even though is is glaringly obvious, for the sake of power itself.

I have always had major respect for the economic prowess of former prime minister Owen Arthur. It is because of his abilities that I want to believe that the step he now takes is without  the obvious malice that he holds for the leader of the opposition, and simply out of love for country.  God and all the angels know that the DLP need the help, since they have proven for eight long and arduous years that they cannot get the job done.  To be honest I really want to continue to see the former prime minister as a statesman and patriot of our fine nation.

But I will say this, the DLP is shameless, or as someone recently described them to me, desperate power parros, willing to do whatever to get a hit or in this case; to keep the last, dying end of the hit.  In 2015 the Mia, who on seeing the economic and accompanying social devastation of the country; suggested that a Council of Eminent persons be convened.  The idea seemed of course, that this bipartisan team would pool ideas designed to bring about much needed economic change.

Instead Mr Stuart in his usual, egotistical manner dismissed Owen as having no special insights and having no magic portion.  AND Owen in fact declined Mia’s suggestion, a suggestion that on the eve of election in Barbados, when the bottom has all but fallen out the proverbial boat, when the task of turning around the country has become much more difficult, Owen has risen.  I struggle with his decision because of the obvious politics at play, and because of my inherent love of country, which indeed compels me to want whatever is best for Barbados.

However to my mind, even if Owen is able to help the DLP to turn around the country, it has never been clearer that he nor the DLP is no longer what is best for the country.  We have a situation where he, instead heeding Mia’s call to assist as a part of a task force, when it best could have helped the country, waited until it was politically expedient for him to join the DLP’s ranks.  This once great man has fallen more than a few notches in my eyes.  And … well there is no explanation needed to further convince that the DLP is dangerous for Barbados’ social, political, and economic landscape, they have at least done a good job of that on their own.

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  1. This is the kind of political diatribe of which no nation worth its salt could derive.

    It well represents a bygone era.

    A period of time when yardfowlism had some purchase

    But even a blind woman could see that that age is approaching its nadir

    Even the anachronistic yardie should be able to see that rank tribalism in unbecoming.

    What is contradictory is that Arthur singularly, himself, advanced the demise of despicable love of party by yard-fowls on all sides.

    However, every last fowls could be expected to go down fighting against overwhelming odds.

  2. The DLP does not need any help. They have helped themselves with enough of the peoples money. It is people of Barbados who require help and that help to get those they elected to resign and a general election be called.

  3. If Arthur were the patriot that some want to make him out to be, he would do all in his power to remove this DLP albatross government from around the necks of Barbadians. He knew and had said from very early that the DLP lineup was a group of wild boys who knew precious little about running this country. He has proven to be correct in his assessment but rather than do the honourable thing and help to relieve the country of this burdensome government, he has now joined the wild boys.

    It appears to me that Arthur is part of a conspiracy to keep the DLP in power, no matter how unfit to govern they have proven themselves to be. People should recall that the Government was so confident of the support of Arthur and Agard that Steven Lashley could have left the country during Budget debate to attend the Olympics in Rio. The only reason that Lashley would have been allowed to leave the country at such a crucial point is that they would have been assured that it was safe to do so.

    Arthur did not just join the DLP; it is just that it is now more obvious. There politicians playing the people of this country for fools.

  4. @ Mr. Caswell Franklyn

    “You are wrong but you are right” in only one part of your posit.

    You are wrong because Owen Seymour Arthur HAS NOT JOINED THE DLP and WILL NOT JOIN THE DLP, he has offered his services to the country of Barbados at a time when the incompetent government of the DLP is at the reigns.

    There is a difference.

    You are again wrong when you suggest that “Owen Seymour Arthur IS PART OF A CONSPIRACY and certainly not one to “keep the DLP in power”

    Owen Arthur is proposing to tke an offer of employ which will keep the existing administration functioning and out or a deleterious IMF programme and he is doing so while the DLP so happens to be in power.

    Now that i have said where you are wrong explicitly can you respond to me and tell de ole man WHERE YOU, more than anyone else who has spoken here on BU on this specific matter, ARE 100% right?

    For you to see the right answer you will have to resort to the concept of “Guide Planning using Realistic Scenarios”

    Absolutely Brilliant!!

  5. You are so right, Caswell.

    As a supporter of OSA and a man whom I held in high esteem, I am saddened.

    I listened to him today and felt more sad to see the levels to which he has sunk in order to damage the BLP. He brought Trevor Prescod into the BLP. He will probably shut up now that Cynthia Forde “threatened” him with info she has as well.

    His hatred for Mia knows no bounds……..his soul goal in life is that she should never be PM. The great thing is that OSA has one vote like each of us. He has taken his hatred so far that he is no longer credible when he opens his mouth in relation to Mia and the BLP. People are seeing through him and see it as a vendetta he has for whatever reason as the one he gave is laughable.

    He is a bitter man………..the BLP did not kick him out, he left after the coup that he and his cohorts was planning failed…….those he thought was with him joined Mia in the march……….he was left out on a limb and therefore had no choice but to walk away!

  6. In a move that has shaken up the 50 year old duopoly of DLP and BLP musical chair governments the entity and political party *** today signed a Contractually Binding Accord with the electorate of the country Barbados.

    The People’s Accord is a contractual document that will employ enumerated actions amongst which is its enforceable and legal procedure to investigate, try and then lock up teifing ministers of Government,

    THIS IS A FIRST IN THE ENTIRE CARIBBEAN BASIN AND HAS PROVEN TO BE THE BASIS UPON WHICH BARBADIANS HAVE UNANIMOUSLY ENDORSED THE *** and voted in a Civic government with representatives in every one of the country’s 30 seats.


  7. As dire a situation as exists in Barbados the only mention in the latest news today of its leader was related to what? You guessed it! The news clip related to the Prime Minister speaking to returning visitors at Ilaro Court. Less than a month into his presidency Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail, since there is where he found comfort. He sought refuge in the bosom of those who think like him. Freundel Stuart does the same. Even here at the Cocktail Sip of the New York chapter of the DLP he exuded an aura of uneasiness. In simple bajan terms, standoffishness…… he was never comfortable around the average Bajan. Think about it people, every other PM we have ever known perused and mingled amongst the people…Wunna ever see Freundel by he self?

  8. Fruendel is not in sync with the requirements of his job.

    “If Arthur were the patriot that some want to make him out to be, he would do all in his power to remove this DLP albatross government from around the necks of Barbadians. ”

    And if he was really genuine, he would also use the opportunity to tell all that he knows about Mia…he is keeping too many secrets.

    We already realize Worrell was a joke, let’s see what Owen is made of.

  9. What are the cost for all of these repeat guest parties that the PM so love to host?

  10. @ Caswell
    If Arthur were the patriot that some want to make him out to be, he would do all in his power to remove this DLP albatross government from around the necks of Barbadians.
    To be replaced with whom?
    Steupsss ….. Back to the Edutech /VECo architects? the wire tap artists?

    Owen is much more intelligent that you seem to be, …cause you must know that you will personally be AGAIN high on Mugabe’s list of rebels to be dealt with….

  11. He feels comfortable among these strangers because he thinks they bear him no malice and he can tell them what he chooses and chances are they might not even remember his first name by the time they had their second rum and coke.

  12. Is there any truth to the talk that for OSA to become the advisor, Worrell had to go?

    If Stinkliar would not listen to Frank Alleyne a diehard dem, does anyone seriously think he is going to listen to OSA now that things are 1000% times worse?

    Oh to be a fly on the wall for today’s cabinet meeting…………..David Estwick must have hit the roof! ………..”you wont listen to me but you gine listen to the man you stinkliar said is who got this economy in this mess”????

    • Prodigal

      Estwick hit the roof? Poodles can’t jump that high. He was castrated long ago. Donville was spayed as well so there won’t be any alternative views in Cabinet.

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  13. @ David,

    Did Arthur go to Sinkler and ask to join the “rescue team” ?

    Be careful using the term ” blocking “. Those of us over 60 may think it involves a woman.

  14. Any truth that the Cabinet today rejected the MOF’s proposal to appoint a National Economic Advisory Council which WAS to be headed by Mr. Owen S. Arthur?

  15. Negotiate more exports to the Caribbean and other places, particularly to Barbados, the illiterate in the white house will try to finish off Caribbean islands….they are populated by majority black people…stay away from the US.

  16. http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/94130/arthur-bitter-medicine-coming

    Government incompetence and ministers brazenly lying to the people caused this, they are incapable of fixing it, but made sure they restored their 10% salaries for mismanaging the island’s economy….now they will pay the price.

    “FORMER PRIME MINISTER Owen Arthur yesterday gave a grim prognosis for Barbados, warning that the medicine to cure the falling foreign reserves would be bitter.

    The highly respected economist, who led Barbados from 1994 to 2008 and who has been approached to sit on the National Economic Council, said that the Government had retreated from the measures and now time was running out.

    “. . . The economic situation facing our country is grim . . . . If we don’t stop the slide in reserves then we are in serious problems because if you run out of foreign exchange in a country like Barbados, heaven help you,” said Arthur, fresh from assisting with a policy framework for Grenada’s struggling economy.”

  17. Arthur is saying that bitter medicine is to come. Is he the minister of finance or prime minister? This relationship is going to end in tears.

  18. Arthur is sounding more like Trump after Trump was elected he constantly spoke out on govt policies without showing any regards for President Obama.
    Agree Hal the ending of this relationship between him and govt could be as bitter or more so than OSA is recommending for the country

  19. The highly respected economist, who led Barbados from 1994 to 2008 Owen-MIA ?

    @@@@ Bull they ran Barbados on free LAND the BLP never owned with Owen and Mia now past on to the DLP, Who knew and still kept doing what the BLP was doing,
    Both parties running under the same plan, MIA the only lawyer and AG now head of the BLP , now to be cut down by both Parties in crime,
    Both sides know she is a crook long time, Putting off Violet Beckles,, Owen/Mia knew what was going on, to get in Bed with Sir COW, Bizzy and Sir Cheltenham , Barbados governments are still playing with a poison deck of cards. More players added to the free LAND GRAB that they can no longer let go of if,
    Acquire this and that and never paid for the LAND taken” The Kept the money” VATMoney paid between all members of each ruling party to SHUT UP, Now they are to show the true owners wiped from Barbados fraud records White builders as asking for proof “CLEAR TITLE” “, Now the DLP want to act like they are making a move, the move they are making is to cover up more delay more until elections, Everyone now looking at their own seat, They acting as they are changing seats at the table eating the same food,
    The white people can not FIND these records at the Barbados Archives, nor the Barbados Library,
    None of the long time BU talkers, will go to the Barbados Archives, the white people did and drop FOUR SEASON FAST, ONCE THEY KNEW TO CHECK FOR SELF AND NOT TRUST THE WORDS OF LAWYERS and Ministers in Barbados,
    We watch the post going up and after near 10 years of telling Bloggers that they are dealing with crooks, liar and scumbags they are now seeing for self , BUT still write junk instead of pushing for proof. PUSH THE GOVERNMENT FOR ANSWERS,
    People still stuck on Party winning and not the people, People running from saying they are wrong and now see the light, Facts nor History past can be changed in the future,

    People will be played all the way to elections and both the DLP and BLP will win again based on the thinking, moves, actions of the Bloggers, Most still stuck on Fraud and loving to see the other side of the Bajan Public suffering with these crooks on an international public level.
    plenty greedy cover up writers on BU, Keeping the fraud alive and going strong into the ground,
    For those? Stay out of Church you not fooling anyone, The People is a reflection of the government,

  20. David

    Looks like economic advisory group is still born and could be seen as a figment of OSAs and the MoF fertile minds.

  21. V H it might just come to that after days of OSA running his mouth and acting as if he won the 2018 election.
    Furthermore the baggage that he holds with him and Mia infighting just might become a distraction along with dragging the dlp party into a political brawl

  22. The question is: Will there be any election AT ALL in the near future? If Barbados really defaults, there will be no money for any campaigns, no money to print documents for election, no officers to supervise election anymore.

  23. Hope the PM calls an impromptu press conference to address the financial situation stating to the people what necessary actions would needed forthwith to seek remedy . The test of a man’s wisdom is not who is offended but those actions taken which are deemed necessary to do what is right

  24. @ Hal Austin March 3, 2017 at 8:26 AM #

    ”Arthur is saying that bitter medicine is to come. Is he the minister of finance or prime minister? This relationship is going to end in tears.” end quote

    He is only stating the obvious. It does not take an economic expert or any special understanding to get that, only a modicum of commonsense.

    As to whether he is speaking out of place, or otherwise from a place of authority, when the necessary actions cannot be avoided, the basis of his authority to state such is irrelevant.

    That said, I wonder as to what medicine he intends? I note his advice recently to reduce VAT, but remove exemptions.

    I fully agree, that exemptions should be removed, with respect to such as hotels and especially those that may not bank foreign exchange room revenue in Barbados (maybe to companies in Cayman or Panama) , need to pay for their use of Barbados infrastructure in some manner.

    However, to reduce VAT is ludicrous. It will have to be raised by some points and secondly, those who do not pay the tax over, need to be prosecuted. Why beat about the bush? Call in the Whacker, Mr.Bush Tea himself.

    In terms of the VAT, there is something else that is significant, which is that sales tax (VAT can be so classed) or duties, are the only taxes that address the underground economy.

    Direct tax / tax assessed on individuals or companies does not, because often income may not be declared. Therefore, getting the tax at point of spending the income on goods and services is the alternative. This is critical to Barbados’s economy, which is doing well at that level.

    The reason for the raising of VAT, is that the fiscal deficit is so errant, that it takes a good chunk of money to cut into that. Let us not fool ourselves.

    Along with privatisation of selected entities, which many have called for repeatedly and a tax on foreign businesses operating through here, which some are also calling for (which will also address the foreign balance of payments in terms of tax paid in foreign currency), there may be some hope in holding the IMF solution at bay and eventually avoid.

    Without those actions, there is only one route to go.

    There is nothing magical about those solutions, which are obvious. But necessary.

    My worry is the constant jabbering about what needs to be done, indicates either a surprising ineptness or a strong political motive for refusing to implement those changes.

    Note that of those changes above, only the privatisation of entities will cause significant distress, due to job losses etc.

    ‘Only’ may seem insensitive to those impacted, but that is the correct term.

  25. @ ac March 3, 2017 at 6:32 PM
    “Hope the PM calls an impromptu press conference to address the financial situation stating to the people what necessary actions would needed forthwith to seek remedy . The test of a man’s wisdom is not who is offended but those actions taken which are deemed necessary to do what is right..”

    What press conference are you talking about?

    The one convened by another talk shop of the social partnership where sub-committees were appointed to recommend more of the same shit that has been bandied about over the last 4 years even as recently as the Guv of the CB parting confession and OSA’s final desperate attempt to drive a dagger in MAM’s already lacerated back?

    After the most recent S&P downgrade the only thing the man needs to say is that S&P can take that lying piece of a report called a credit rating and give it to the disgraced dismissed guv of the central bank to wipe away his crocodile tears of concern for the foreign reserves.
    Maybe by taking the tissue soaked in lies, damn lies and doctored statistics he might just find solace in hiding it (like the magically disappeared $300 million in foreign reserves) in a place where the sun does not shine to wipe away the past 8 years of constipated bullshit.

    Tell your boss man that at this late stage of the blame game there is only one final and lasting simple solution to the major seemingly intractable problems of his administration’s own making facing the nation of Barbados.

    Why not call elections just after the make-believe cuckoo land upcoming Estimates (and involving the overtime use of the Mickey mouse monopoly money printing press) have been presented by Stinkliar who has wittingly ‘employed’ OSA as a diversionary tactic to lessen the impact of the S&P downgrade placing Barbados in the darkest corner of the financial junkyard.

    His administration was reelected on a platform of misleading lies and disrespectfully broken promises.

    Let him seek a new mandate from the electorate his employer in the form of a corporation called Barbados Inc. to do what has to be done to correct the mistakes of the last 8 years.

  26. @ac

    Just go on playing the race card, drive out he last foreign investors.

    NOBODY forces cabinet ministers, bureaucrats, judges and so on to drive silver Mercedes, NOBODY forces people to buy iPhones for 700 USD instead cheap Chinese phones for 100 USD, NOBODY forces you to burn fuel instead of using solar energy, NOBODY forces people to buy property in Canada and NOBODY forces you to employ 18 cabinet ministries, 51 parlamentarians and more than 60 state agencies.

    You must learn your lesson. Either Barbados is an independent state and responsibility for every political decision must be accepted, or Barbados is a colony where foreign powers decide. Since you erected this 7-mio-dollar-flag last year and had your big party in November, I assume, you prefer the first alternative.

  27. Some of us have had well loved phones which cost less than $25 USD.

    Some of us have never bought a phone which cost more than $150 USD.

    Some of us believe that monstrous tons of metal and plastic [cars] are a nasty polluting abomination.

  28. @Tron March 3, 2017 at 5:56 PM “The question is: Will there be any election AT ALL in the near future? If Barbados really defaults, there will be no money for any campaigns, no money to print documents for election, no officers to supervise election anymore.

    I’ve worked in elections before for very, very little pay.

    I would work in an election for NOTHING.

  29. Caswell Franklyn

    You got to love this character Caswell Franklyn because his hatred for DLP administration has clouded his thinking to the point, where he is incapable of distinguishing between someone who has an ulterior motive, and someone who puts country above all else.

    • And how do you know what is Arthur’s motive? Are you able to read his mind? We are all sharing opinions here. Does it not strike you odd that Sinckler would have offered OSA the high profile job without the approval of cabinet?


  30. On the issue of fiscal responsibility, we did see a report last week that government may buy the Kensington Oval.

    If that is true, them the only conclusion is that they are in serious denial. Not only, how do you expect to pay for it, but what do you think any rating agency or lender will look at such an action.

    Buying a stadium when the issue is getting the economy into the black?

    It must be a joke, must be.

    Of course, there are those who would allege that it is an opportunity for some to do well out of the deal, but I would never say that and would always assume the best of intent, no matter how misguided a decision.

    • @Crusoe

      You have been following the politics of this government long enough to know that it often retreats to smoke and mirror stuff to fool an ignorant and politically illiterate electorate.

      For example, it is obvious the numbers to inform the 2017 Estimates have been discussed even agreed on. In fact it must be part of the reason the Governor jumped ship.

      We like it so.

  31. @ David
    Does it not strike you odd that Sinckler would have offered OSA the high profile job without the approval of cabinet?
    If indeed, Stinkliar invited Owen to fill this position WITHOUT first clearing it with the PM and Cabinet, then we have to be dealing with the biggest set of jackasses and mules that have ever been assembled anywhere since emancipation.

    It is not possible (except we are under a national curse caused by our acceptance of Satan himself – and sealed with his personal monument at the Garrison) that coming RIGHT after it turned out that he fired the GOCB without reference to the PM or Cabinet – with such resulting chaos… this idiot would invite a political opponent to lead national policy…without consulting…


    • Bushie

      You said:


      That only shows how little you know. You obviously don’t know Sinckler.

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  32. @Bush Tea,

    Think you have hit the nail on the head with both of those. Economics aside, the strings of government have unraveled.

    The ‘acid test’ will be what the budget holds. If ‘more of the same’, then we will know that select interests are being protected and the message to agencies and lenders will be a negative one.

    But if they do the necessary, as per points noted above, and literally act without a lot of long talk, then that will send a different message.

    • A key stakeholder to watch is the Barbados Private Sector Association. Will they stand by and watch their share value go up in flame?

  33. @ David,

    Understood. ”For example, it is obvious the numbers to inform the 2017 Estimates have been discussed even agreed on. In fact it must be part of the reason the Governor jumped ship.”

    If he has finally decided to disagree with policies, which he went along with for a long while, then that says it all.

    Surely they would understand that ‘this is it’?

    If things are left as they are, MIA’s march will be the least of their worries. And the least of all of our worries.

  34. David, what would you have them do? How do you negotiate with an obstinate government who refuse to use the tools at their disposal?

    As I said, one obvious income earner and foreign exchange earner is a tax on foreign businesses, which do not pay any at all currently.

    That is one ‘relatively’ immediate source of income. Even those business should understand that it is better to pay a bit and operate in a viable country, than not.

    Because, if things get even worse, they will leave anyway.

  35. LOL @ Crusoe
    if things get even worse, they will leave anyway.
    Which business of note in Barbados is not ‘foreign’?

    The problem with prostitution is that when you ‘tax’ the johns, they just leave and find a different host.
    Bushie would have thought that this is exactly why we should have been encouraging LOCAL business development – people who do no want to run away- under any circumstances.

    Who else but SOL would buy BTOCL for US $100M …when they could just wait for a few months and get it for US $30M (at the same local value)?
    …and don’t you think that people like Emera and Sandals would have moved everything that is not nailed down out of Barbados in anticipation of a devaluation? ….adding to the FOREX drain in the process..?

    There is a way that seem right in the eyes of brass bowls (like Vincent 🙂 )
    ….but the end thereof, is the way of downgrades, devaluation and death.

  36. Crusoe March 4, 2017 at 7:52 AM #

    Hmmm…..so you are going to renege on the 40 year tax exemption with Sandals?

    • @Hants

      Butch is in a reasonable position because he traps his revenues mainly in foreign exchange and remits enough to cover operating expenses.

  37. Bajans will have to improve their Arithmetic skills.

    A rock cake could cost between $80.00 and $120.00

  38. Suffice it to say that lots of govt debt can also be attributed to private sector who have gainfully disadvantage taxpayers accessing tremendous loans which were not repaid or write off.
    Instead of responding with affluent pious most should be ashamed and reflecting on the tremendous loss of revenue which govt has undertaken at their expense over the years

    • And where the hell does the buck stop? Who is governing the country?

      Final warning about using different monikers. Will be deleted next time.

  39. @David at 8:40 AM …Your ability to offer sublime understatements is truly unparalleled. LOL.

    “Butch is in a REASONABLE position…”. Bossman, that is the sort of reasonable that a King has when he decides his next action. Complete power position!

    But this debate on devaluation and death by the Bushman is overly provocative. Of course a currency devaluation will have an impact but like tasteless medicine one has to swallow the damn thing and get on with the healing process.

    The question of course is whether we take the prescription but then continue to live and eat as we did before thereby defeating all the possible benefits of the medicine. Then… death will be in the future.

    This overall debate mirrors in many ways the one in US with the border tax on imports.

    We are trying to solve a self imposed problem of gluttonous consumption – greed truly – by attacking the outward symptoms rather than aggressively attacking the underlying morbidity.

    In the US case the overarching argument is to tax imports and drive the incentive for companies to manufacture at home in order to avoid the 20% import tariffs. And a further incentive is the corporate tax reduction from 35% to 20%. Amazing theory.

    But as in BIM – in a general comparison – to achieve that you are imposing much higher prices on consumers because it’s unlikely that companies will automatically reduce prices (even if the tax reduction and tariff increases were implemented simultaneously).

    The overall ethos of high profits, overly demanding regulations, naggingly compounding taxes and desire for the latest new product – that is, change by all participants – must be the real change thrust.

    But of course that’s impossible.

    So we better get attuned to devaluation or whatever bitter medicine is prescribed. We cannot have the cake and the icing and then fuss when the blood sugar levels are way off the charts.

  40. If Chris Sinckler asked Owen t for help without consulting the PM, he could resign……but but but …. Did the PM ask the “Social partnership for help ?

    “The leaders of the social partnership met and determined that the two issues on which we should focus today are the issues of the foreign reserves and the issue of the fiscal deficit

    So we seem to have a government which is begging for help.

  41. Trying to get up to speed, but it is just too much to absorb.
    Wiill someone give me some fake but good news.
    I jus can’t tek antymo.

  42. Chuckle…….”Yes,Minister”……..Humphrey:Mr Minister when you wish to do nothing form a committee.

    Our PM is on the ball………as he has formed two committees out of yesterdays social partnership discussion.

  43. Looks like Minister David Estwick will not be presenting? Why the hell does Estwick remain in the Cabinet if by his admission the government has presided over failed policies?

    Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling

    • David

      Lack of integrity is what keeps him in Cabinet.

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  44. @ Vincent Haynes March 4, 2017 at 8:15 AM #

    Crusoe March 4, 2017 at 7:52 AM #

    Hmmm…..so you are going to renege on the 40 year tax exemption with Sandals?” end quote

    I am not, as I do not have such authority.

    But, in such position, most definitely within whatever actions are allowed by law.

  45. Wait one blasted cotton-picking minute, Estwick nor Stuart participating? This is a circus, that is the only reason some many clowns does be in one place at the same time.

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