Political Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

It does not surprise me that Owen Arthur has chosen to join forces with the Freundel Stuart Administration. The sad truth is that Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart, Chris Sinckler, Ronald Jones, Donville Inniss and all the other members of this dismal DLP Administration really do belong together.

The vast majority of Barbadians are convinced– and rightly so– that the current DLP Governmental Administration is easily the worst political administration that Barbados has had since the attainment of universal adult suffrage in 1951. But we must remember that our national woes did not start with the coming to power of the DLP in 2008!

The truth is that in Owen Arthur’s last 5 year term in government he plunged this country into a crisis of economic, social and cultural decline — a crisis that led the Barbadian people to massively reject him and his Administration in the 2008 General Elections.

The sad truth is that the DLP Administrations of David Thompson and Freundel Stuart have really been a continuation of that last disastrous Owen Arthur Administration !

Where, for example, Owen Arthur started the process of privatizing our country’s one and only indigenous and state owned bank— the Barbados National Bank (BNB)– the DLP Administration completed the process of selling off our bank to Trinidadian capitalists.

In addition, where Owen Arthur presided over an economically and socially cancerous process of conferring outrageously privileged governmental contracts on a small group of elite businessmen— such as the ridiculous contract that was granted to Mr Bizzy Williams’ Ionics Freshwater Ltd— the Stuart Administration has exacerbated this  economic and social cancer with the outrageously privileged contracts that they have conferred on companies associated with Mark Maloney and his cohorts.

So Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart and Chris Sinckler really belong together. They all share in common the belief that our Barbadian state-owned assets must be sold off to elite private sector capitalists; that our free education must be dismantled; that our people must be made to pay for public health services; and that the foreign investor rather than native Barbadians must constitute the lynch-pin of our national economic development strategy.

But as much as Owen Arthur is determined to hurt Ms Mia Mottley and his former political party, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Mr Arthur has actually done Ms Mottley and the BLP an enormous favour by his linking of arms with the current DLP Administration!

You see, with Mr Arthur throwing in his lot with the DLP, it would now become extremely clear to every single BLP member that there is no “going back to Owen”! Thus whatever lingering divisions or doubts there might have existed in the BLP over the “Owen Arthur issue” should now be completely put to rest.

The political history of Barbados tells us that the BLP have always been at their best when they organized themselves around the concept of a “Great Combination” of leaders and statesmen rather than when they opted for the opposite ploy of adopting a “Going with Owen” maximum leader dominating the party, its image and its policy. The BLP therefore now has a golden opportunity to get back to the best of its tradition!

The fundamental reality however is that an extremely interesting and ideologically meaningful political battle is shaping up in Barbados.

We have now had a consolidation of the right wing, anti-social democracy, pro-privatization, pro- local  and foreign elite forces in the form of the Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart, Chris Sinckler, Ronald Jones, Donville Inniss political axis.

And I am confident that there will be — on the other side — a similar consolidation of the patriotic, people centred, mixed economy, social democratic forces, in order to take on these advocates of political, economic and social backwardness..

It looks like we are now in for some real politics  that will provide Barbadians with real and meaningful choices on the preferred way ahead!

102 thoughts on “Political Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

  1. I must say that the media in this country should ignore David Come – a- long. He is a media seeking, self promoting fraud who lends out his mouth to the highest bidder.
    Here he is kissing Mottley’s ass in the hope of a future pick and when the BLP released him from drawing taxpayers money at the Pan African Commission, he was the first on Brass Tacks Sunday cursing the BLP.
    His letters to the editor at the Nation Newspaper will be published as soon as he writes them because we al know what side of the political fence the Nation newspaper sits.
    Is it not interesting that he pin points the last 5 years of Owen Arthur’s government to criticize but COINCIDENTALLY isn’t that around the time when he lost his pick ?

    This is Peter Wickham deja vu- Come-a-long and Wickham are two political prostitutes who are now serving their pimp in St. Michael North East.

  2. State enterprises that are a drain on the consolidation fund should be jettison , with a few exception.They are a significant contributor to our high debt ratio. The Jamaican experience is a telling example (eg. Air Jamaica, Sugar factories, Bauxite entities etc ).

  3. There is no doubt that these are some of the worst times for small island states, everywhere. And there are a few exceptions. In the worst of times we would expect this DLP performance to be so reflected.

    But that is not the pertinent question. The real question is whether the BLP will do any better when they form the next government, as we expect they will. If history is our guide the answer is NO.

    It is shortsighted to contend that Arthur, himself, did more damage in his last 5 years. The truth is that the trajectory of public affairs in Barbados could not avoid their present location. With or without Arthur.

    Indeed, had the profligate spending and borrowing and printing money which have been part of the culture not face a speed bump in 1991 and again in 2008 the party of spendthrift would know no end.

    Comissiong must know that even if he led a government in Barbados the current corporate elites will continue to make demands on the treasury. And under this system he now lends his support to, he would be unable to do anything about it.

    So his partisan critique is misguided at best. Comissiong’s energy is better directed at a radical transformation of the existing order. Not to be drawn into food fights between what is essentially the same party by different names, as William Skinner and others have so adroitly observed.

    Comissiong is rightly joined by many when he talks about how all Barbados governments have entertained development projects in a way to redistribute wealth to the one-percenters. But he must admit that under the present ethos there will never be a Barbados government that will not follow that said path.

    And the level of stealing, mismanagement, shortsightedness is no different, in spite of perennial promises.

    What we are to do is to use these circumstances to demonstrate to the Barbadian people that there are no differences between Bees and Dees. That the political-economic order needs uprooting. That there must be a public, non-partisan, intervention in their own defense.

    This thing about ‘a great combination’ is a Caribbean, red-man, politician’s talking point. Could Comissiong be referring to the very same BLP driven out of office 8 years ago. Maybe it takes the hardest of times for the long hidden class cleavages of some who otherwise profess to be above that sort of thing, to come to the fore.

    ”The fundamental reality however is that an extremely interesting and ideologically meaningful political battle is shaping up in Barbados.”

    This is bullshiite! There is nothing deeply ideological or interesting about this. It shall be more of the same despite the political inbreeding within the system. It will be just another battle between and among the elites but the people of Barbados will be merely the backdrop for that showing of political theater, in a cinema nearby. No benefit for most of us.

    We are deeply disappointed that David Comissiong would lower himself into the gutter as a BLP supporter instead of fighting for what he must know is the necessary and deep transformation from this dying political culture.

  4. It would be disappointing to say the least if David did not support his cousin Mia.Blood thicker than water….

  5. Notice how OSA has the Unions in his cross hairs , If his statements for harsh punishment as a remedy this country might face a ruthless and uncontrollable populace similar to greece . After all the people have made already sacrifices and OSA treatment would not be at all sufficient to pacify the unions

  6. David C

    Why stop at 1951? This DLP administration must certainly be the worst government since the abolition of slavery.

  7. Our culture is deeply flawed.

    David Comissiong was a member of the senate for the DLP

    He served in a government, under OSA, for years.

    He was a member of the NDP, under Haynes, maybe hoping for an internal coup

    And the NDP was totally owned by Haynes.

    Should this not be a man who after all his political wanderings would have come to know the futility of the party system in Barbados, for the masses.

    We have found that there is no difference in the nature of the inbreeding within the economic or political system.

    Comissiong has well demonstrated that this day. So too has OSA.

  8. AC

    Do you really believe that you are a fit and proper person to comment of these matters.

    A yardie like you. Who cuss OSA, no end. Now that the party bosses have imposed this marriage on you. All you should do is to lay down and tek it.

    But OSA has never claimed to be well-endowed.

  9. Pachaman i am as fit as any other yardfowl who sits on the BU paling to speak my piece in a democracy
    Lay down and tek what , Well OSA also had a choice to say NO didnt he ,

  10. One thing for sure OSA did all but say that the Unions stood in the way of govt having to make hard choices when he reference the BIDC as an example and the many threats which Unions made and did in shutting the country down as reason and cause

  11. AC

    All of OSA’s prior record and claims, good or bad, now firmly belong to the DLP

    When you lay down in bed with anyone, you get what they have.

    • Clearly Arthur is working to deliver on his promise to ensure Mia Amor Mottley never becomes prime minister of Barbados.

  12. @ Pachamama

    De ole man was saying the same very ting to a fellow de other day.

    “Here he is kissing Mottley’s ass in the hope of a future pick and when the BLP released him from drawing taxpayers money at the Pan African Commission…”

    Dat is de man down to a “T”

    You must examine Come Sing-a-Long in the “battles” that he picks.

    He is not going to go up against any local person, or clique, or organisation, or entity that will estrange his cohort of legal friends, his family (yeah Mugabe is his first cousin) or persons from the social circles who will pay his lawyering fees.

    All he does is fight the faceless government, so he doan mek no enemies and he does get free advertisements in the process.


  13. David

    He may think that this is what he is doing but he has shown that his hatred of her knows no bounds and people are seeing through him.

    His naked hatred is being seen for what it is……..a vendetta. I hope Mia continues to give him the silent treatment, this is what is probably eating up him…………he wants her to respond but so far she has not and hope she keeps it that way. That will make him more bitter.

    Cynthia Forde sent him a warning today………..we will see his response. A blind man could see that that call was set up before hand……….he would never dare care david Ellis or Peter Wickham.

  14. @ Pachamama

    You are correct.
    Where is this “ideological battle” or better
    yet what is this ideological battle? I am completely baffled by Comrade Comissiong’s
    statement ! When did fighting to get yuh
    hands in the treasury become an
    ideological war?
    Why is the Comrade not promoting
    his own party: PEP?

  15. Pachman All of OSA’s prior record and claims, good or bad, now firmly belong to the DLP

    Wrong ,,OSA said he was not a member of any party which therefore indicates his willing to admit to his failures and success
    So dont try using that line of thinking as a way to take a bite out of govt decisions to include OSA as a part of an economic advisory committee

  16. @ David
    Clearly Arthur is working to deliver on his promise to ensure Mia Amor Mottley never becomes prime minister of Barbados.
    If successful, this may be his greatest gift to the country yet.
    As Bushie said YEARS ago, for this alone he would deserve a knighthood….
    as wunna may find out the hard way….

    @ Pacha
    Excellent perception and analysis of the matter.

  17. William Skinner March 2, 2017 at 8:54 PM @@@

    The PEP will not run against BLP MIA now she is at the top, Blood will not undercut blood, she will have a better shot without him running. She then can pull him in later,
    All set of crooks, dont ge in their fraud game , Sit on the side and watch the show, When election time come , DUMP all them out of office BLP and the DLP,

  18. @ac. “OSA treatment would not be at all sufficient to pacify the unions”.

    Finally we got the official confirmation that layoff of more civil servants, higher VAT etc pp is coming. Before or after the next election? Please specify.

  19. Another revealing comment in the present context: “You cannot devalue anything that has no value” (J Ince). Question: Why not paying civil servants with some money from Disneyland?

  20. dpD

    Off topic. Except in that the latest info on the Trump-Russia story also treats with birds of a feather flocking together.

    But it seems that the Trump admin might be starting to unravel. Meanwhile the stance and allegiances of the FBI director, Comey, is still somewhat unclear but seems to be becoming somewhat more consistent with an interpretation that his harpooning of Hillary was not a flash in the pan but a definite policy position.

    Yuh still following the revelations. To me it is even more interesting (not to mention more consequential as well) than the cliff-hanger Simpson Murder mystery.

    How long yuh tink Trump and his hangers-ons will brazen it out until the realization hits them that they can achieve their goals much more reliably by jettisoning Trump and promoting a quick Pence takeover of the presidency? The elements of an impeachment seem to be not too far on the horizon.

  21. are we there,

    This is a problem for small nations and large. Senior civil servants, military personnel and police should be banned from attending parties at the US, Chinese, UK and Canadian embassies and high commissions.
    It should be a serious offence, under the Official Secrets Act, if they do.
    They should also be banned from studying at US, Canadian, Chinese and UK military colleges.
    Caricom should fill this void with an advanced military college and the police training school at Seawell should be upgraded to cover for all Caricom nations.

    • Hal

      What nonsense are talking? I trained at one of these foreign military schools. But having done so, I must disagree with you on the need for a Caricom military college. We do not need an army. If the BDF is eliminated the Treasury would save millions that could be used elsewhere. We do not have the strength to resist a highly trained platoon from one of the developed countries.

      Sent from my iPad

  22. Gotta agree with Hal on this, they should all be banned from attending these status seeking Embassy parties where they spill their guts for recognition.


    This is what happens when government after governments takes up taxpayer’s hardearned dollars and gives it away by the millions decade after decade to just a few Cows, Bizzys, Maloneys, Bjerkhams et al to facilitate scams, the most vulnerable people suffer as a consequence.

    Mara Thompson should be thrown out of St. John with her lying mouth never to be elected to parliament again, she lied to the people….this is the result of her lies.

    “Give us a hand
    Elderly St John couple living in deplorable conditions, pleads for help

    Added by Katrina King on March 2, 2017.

    For over 15 years Wilson and Louise Yearwood have been living in a crumbling, dilapidated house in Clifton Hall, St John.

    The one bedroom, wooden house barely stands at the edge of the Clifton Hall slope, overlooking the breath-taking crystal blue waters of Martins Bay, St John.”

  23. https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/03/03/rock-hard-upset-at-tcl-takeover/

    What do they say about Karma, oh how sweet she is, what goes around comes back around, Maloney never complains when he is the top pig on the island trying to hog up everything so that no one else succeeds, while threatening with hot air what he can do to stop the island from progressing, if he does not get his way……….it’s nice to hear he now has struggles, life has been much too easy for them all at the expense of the majority people thanks to bribetaking, weak government ministers, it’s time for all of them to feel some struggles of the most bitter variety.

    This backward boy is yet to learn that competition is good, it’s healthy. Why dont he take his greedy ways to Europe or North America and compete out there, they got much bigger markets.

    “Rock Hard upset at TCL takeover
    Added by Barbados Today on March 3, 2017.
    Saved under Local News

    A takeover of Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) by the Mexican multinational building materials company Cemex would strike a solid blow to Barbadian cement companies, one local company has charged.”

  24. Yes but who will whistle at the girls on the way to spring garden in aug. No you need a military if not just to give direction and a job to young men and women that may other wise fall between the cracks.

  25. David

    The man from England continues to mislead the blog

    From the beginning, in his ‘articles, he has so done.

    Now, not even with an apology for past mistakes, economic misguidance, he continues so to do.

    He talks shiite all the time as seen above.

    We have concluded that he may well be suffering from end stage Alzheimer’s

    We propose that you do the right thing

  26. ”’Wrong ,,OSA said he was not a member of any party which therefore indicates his willing to admit to his failures and success”, Said AC


    Show some political sophistication.

    The party system works in informal ways

    Do you really think someone like OSA will go to George Street and walk out with a DLP party membership card.

    Case in point. Don Blackman was a DLP member, then a BLP member and Barrow had argued when he ‘returned’ that he had never resigned from the DLP in the first place.

    AC, if you don’t protect your political poooooooooooookey these politicians gine scew yuh all the time. But you luv that.

    • OSA stated on the talk show yesterday that he has no problem with the BLP. It is obvious with whom he has a problem.

      The fact Mia did not make any mention of him in a BLP publication that highlighted past leaders seems to have ticked him off no end.

  27. Caswell,

    I have said on a number of occasions that we do not need a military. I have proposed that members of the defence force should be offered jobs in the police or Coastguard. I have said this both on BU and in my Notes….That is still my view.
    But, as seems likely, if Caricom nations want to continue with a military, then they should provide their own joint training. That is the point I was making. So too for the police, immigration and customs.
    Also stop our senior officials from attending these social parties. Foreign nations gather information by the jigsaw method: one person talks to you about a; another person talks to you about b; another talks to someone else about c. They then return to their offices and out their notes together. This information can be on anything, not necessarily big matters of state.
    The Chinese are also past masters at honeytraps, a big Barbadian weakness.
    On military matters, we only have to look at Central America to see how American military universities have corrupted n entire region; look at Brazil to see how civil policing has been militarised. That is what the US/Canada teach our officers.
    The basics of discussion are ‘what ifs’. No. Caricom needs a Navy/Coastguard, no to the military. But I am not calling the shots.
    The RSS is on mission creep; it is making greater demands. I have said this again in BU recently.. They are not doing it on their own; this is what the US/Canadian military instructors are telling them.
    We must re-define our security and defend it. If we get in to the defensive, one-dimensional, semi-literate mood, as one or two of us do, we will not advance.

  28. @are-we-…oh goodness don’t let we hijack the Bajan political mystery with the real, interesting and intriguing US mystery, fah real. All the bloggers wud start a noise that everything bout the US….Lolll.

    But then again let’s, please. OSA and MAM is full of drama but not as scandalous as Hill and Bill’s failed ‘coup’ and Don’s pending impeachment.

    Anyhow, let’s see if the Dems can get an independent prosecutor. If one is appointed whether now or after the congressional and FBI investigations are completed then this matter may totally blow it’s top. For now the pressure cooker is bumbling nicely.

    I still give Comey his due as operating with integrity. For the simple reason that a man’s reputation is all he has at day’s end and men do not aspire to be the top law enforcement justice official, completely buck a president (Bush) to do the right thing and then loses his integrity in one fell swoop.

    Nope. There is considerably more to this mortar than the apparent pestilence!

    Yes Caswell, Hal is chattering nonsensically. I recall when you had your stint all those years ago. I cannot imagine how Hal could conflate a regional military college with stints at Sandhurst, West Point, the one in Canada or any other in a developed nation.

    This is moot for grist talk really. Whether there is a regional military school or not does not negate the benefit of the stint you had or that of the cadre of men and women who went before or after you. Several of whom are leaders in the society…

    And Hal also knows that this talk of “offence, under the Official Secrets Act” for attending soirees at Foreign embassies is more idle palaver.

    Any military officer or official of a serious country of necessity must log their attendance, who they spoke to et al at such events or may in fact be held in violation of operational rules that surely could lead to a slap on the wrist (career suicide) all the way to accusations of treason.

    That would hardly apply to Bim personnel and why would it …for all intents and purposes what secrets will they be divulging if they are conscripted as a spy!

    • Dribbler

      You wrote:

      “This is moot for grist talk really. Whether there is a regional military school or not does not negate the benefit of the stint you had or that of the cadre of men and women who went before or after you. Several of whom are leaders in the society”.

      You referred to the cadre of men and women who went before me, I don’t think it is vanity to point out that there was no one before me, I was the first.

      Sent from my iPad


  29. David,

    Barbados Today has a policy of if views are contentious they are quarantined for so-called moderation. People who are unnecessarily provocative and irresponsible, not in their social and political views, but in advancing a case for violence, should be treated likewise. Those hiding behind a mask then proposing beheading people should be reported to the authorities. Even better, the security services should come knocking t their doors.

  30. This is a non-point.

    Barbados spends US$50MM on its defense force.

    The country has a GDP of about US$6.5BB. About 0.08% being spent on the local force.

    Disbanding this force means operating on the margins while destroy social infrastructures where the cost to society maybe greater than the money saved. Opportunity cost.

    That is tinkering. And the time for tinkering has passed.

    Barbados needs deep, structural, economic transformation.

    Trying to save 50MM here or 50MM there will not have any effect at the centre.

    This is a fool’s errand. And we have taken this misguidance too many times. with no measurable positive results.

  31. David,

    I am not sure who s/he is, but I am not easily scared. More important, the point about saving $50m is financial and social policy illiteracy.
    First , being prudent means making all necessary savings; second, we have had a situation in which defence force pensioners were late in receiving their pensions.
    And, second, $50m can be usually used to fund other essential services, including small and medium enterprises.
    Finally,, it is the message it sends. Armies look outward, police inward, while the Coastguard looks after our borders. Ask the police and Coastguard if they will do with a further $25m and see what they say..

  32. @ Hal
    Bushie has previously suggested to you, that yours be a focus on asking questions, …rather than seeking to provide answers – because ASKING is something that you do quite well.
    You persist in your ‘answers’ at your own peril….

    -Senior public servants cannot be trusted – so ban them from diplomatic circles
    -The BDF is not needed in your opinion – so shut it down
    -Individual Caribbean countries are failing – so join together and success will come???
    LOTTA Shiite…

    Surely even you can see that you are giving Pacha grounds for concern… You sound a lot like our politicians and ‘Economists’ with their “it aint making any money – so let us get rid of it by selling cheaply to outsiders…

    This must be the MOST STUPID and self-defeating logic that is possible for mankind.

    How about….
    -Senior public servants who cannot be trusted being charged with TREASON ….and shot.
    -The BDF being actually led by someone with ability – and playing a VITAL role in building the society on the ground, within the communities, in public engineering projects etc…

    How about Individual Caribbean countries getting their OWN houses in order BEFORE bringing their petty squabbles to the regional table…?

    -HOW ABOUT TAKING STEPS TO MAKE OUR NATIONAL ASSETS PROFITABLE with competent management, instead of giving them away to foreigners who then do just that in six months…

    So many JAs
    So little time…

  33. We never pretended to be a ‘peacenik’.

    We care not about peace at all, but justice.

    Our point of departure has been, and will always be, that any people under bondage must use any means necessary to relieve their suffering. That admission has been made in court.

    To us, that is a basic human right. That is why we have always agreed with the US Constitution which gives Americans the sacred responsibility to use arms to remove tyrannical government, at home.

    And we are still willing to admit this to any legal authority anywhere in the world, like we have done previously.

    Why is the ugly man in England not trying to indict the French who, under oppressive systems, employed the guillotine to great effect.

    The guillotine serves as an excellent metaphor for the punishment of political and economic elites who continue to betray the people. It will always be our considered opinion that there has to be a personal price for mal-administration. That will never change.

    Our belief cannot be legislated, like in Europe. You pion!

    We are not hiding, they know who we are and unlike the ugly man in England we are willing to confront them. That ugly man in England is too accustomed to the iron fist of the old bitc+ – the queen>

  34. When the elders of the BLP did a review of the ’91 election outcome and an assessment of the way forward,Arthur was a major surprise choice to lead the party.There are those who felt he was not of the ‘chosen’ and other names were called.In recalling that occurrence,the failure to include him among the party leaders is unacceptable.He not only led the BLP,he did so with a patriotic fervour,with resounding results including an increase in the overall standard of living of the country.There were no problems with credit nor money supply.Unemployment was at its lowest ever since 1834,businesses were flourishing,property values were flourishing.Barbados was definitely punching above its weight once more under the Great Party,the BLP,led by OS Arthur,MSc.Econ.Detractors can howl and gnash,facts are facts,not opinions as spouted by the likes of Hal and Angela.We live ’bout hey!

  35. We can do all the savings warranted but the abilty to create growth is the umbilical cord that feeds a country.
    The savings can pay debt. But in the long term a society is made up of people who need jobs to survive.

  36. In Europe people cannot question the ‘holocaust’.

    It cannot be critically studied

    No one, in a public place, can say that 6 million jews did not perish

    That the number was much smaller

    No one can say that this issue is a canard to hide other crimes of the Western corporations

    That the real suffering of the Jewish people and others was for corporate greed.

    Many people being starved in labour camps

    And more, much more.

    This is the orientation of the ugly man from England

    But this is cyber space.

    We are free to hold any number of ideas

    And fight to advance them.

  37. There is a pattern rather a cycle of governments worldwide that you people fail to realize and consequently do not understand

    Longevity begets appeasement

    In other words the longest you stay in power the greater the requirement that you appease your audience and seem to be doing something.

    Examine many if not all of the list of the BLP government led by Arthur any you will all see that these are at best appeasements of the public and more pertinently, projects that server to show that the BLP was doing something

    So, and her is the clincher of the caddaceus self swallowing type mechanism of a government replete with party members, each having a constituency to appease, allowing its individual members to “creep” absolutely irrelevant projects into public spending under the chapeau of “doing something”

    And this pattern is not specific to Owen Arthur s government alone but it is exacerbated when you have a collective of buhkvunts who have no ideas as to what can be advanced to run a government

    Which underscores de ole man’s point.

    We have to vote both these parties out and appoint people who are competent and are able to sustain the exigencies of governing people in a global arena

  38. @ Bush TeaMarch 2, 2017 at 9:07 PM
    “Clearly Arthur is working to deliver on his promise to ensure Mia Amor Mottley never becomes prime minister of Barbados.
    If successful, this may be his greatest gift to the country yet.
    As Bushie said YEARS ago, for this alone he would deserve a knighthood….
    as wunna may find out the hard way….”

    Bushie, you speak not only with the forked-tongue of your BBE nemesis the Serpent but also with volte-face hypocrisy of a two-bit tin-pot dictatorial brass-bowl.

    All along we were of the view which you hold dearly that Arthur’s greatest gift to your country was the delivery of the commanding heights of the economy to foreigners especially your bugbear “Trickidadians”.

    You have always expressed great opposition and seething disgust with the policy of privatization of those national assets which represent the only wealth black people have genuinely accumulated by the sweat of their free labour brow.

    Now who has been in the forefront of such an albino-centric movement to dispossessed the same descendants of your exploited blacks other than the same Arthur with his much maligned “CSME Shiite” talk?

    Come on man, be honest with yourself.

    We know you’re a genuine born-of-a woman misogynist but you should never sell your moral principles in support of a man who has demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that he has no qualms about being unpatriotic in selling both the silver and gold in the family or your black brass-bowls.

    If there is one person who ought to be a diehard brass-bowl backer of Arthur is the miller in his prescient calls for a programme of planned privatization to avoid the path on which your country is heading with a mighty cliff called Devaluation in plain sight.

  39. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I thank you for this item and direction to the article on Nazzim Blackett. Would probably not have seen it otherwise (I dont read the news papers like before since they are devoid of substance)

    You see why I have such confidence in the fact that ONE OF YOU, (you specifically) is untouchable in your beliefs and practices? (this is not to disparage the other 2 people, they are young and it takes a while for “the vision” and the conviction to be transferred)

    I wonder, how many people here will note this additional victory of the Barbados Underground??

    You see why I have no respect for Mia Mugabe? nor David Commissiong the Come-Along and Sing a Song man?

    You lead “The Charge” David, you lead, while those other two effers follow. “Follow the leader, leader, leader…

    No backbone in either of them

    Hopefully this case may ventilate the fact that the phones of Nazzzim, his mother, his aunt, the grandmother, the brother, the neighbours, their sources, the cat and the dog, were tapped and are still tapped.

    Hopefully this case may ventilate the fact that their is a Unit within the RBPF that is a law to itself and continues the illegal wiretapping of Bajn phones at today.

    Hopefully this will expose the dbf that they got from “Get Faster the Grandmaster” E.I.E.I.P”

    Hopefully it will surface what that chap Stephen doing with *** and her next machine…but we can live in hope can we.

    I hope that you also realise that your phones are also being tapped by them cause dem ent to sure bout you neider.

    There should be 8 people being prosecuted but these two have been pushed to the fore as the ones to be sacrificed.

    No matter, they will have to give the names of the others, IN DUE COURSE.

    Once again profound congratulations Honourable Blogmaster

  40. Gabriel,

    I know that Barbadians have an obsession with qualifications, rather than knowledge. Arthur having an MSc in economics is ordinary. There is nothing exceptional about that.
    In Britain about 50 per cent of school leavers go on to university, and of those a large number go on to do post-graduate work. On my team of 15 journalists, the vast majority had masters degrees. On some key publications a number of reporters and writers have PhDs and unless you knew them you won’t guess.
    I am sure Arthur was not the only student on his MSc course and since he qualified dozens more have also done the course.
    Stop bigging up mediocrity. What has Arthur done in terms of economics that makes him outstanding|? Bring proof: essays; or even policy initiatives.
    A few years ago a young woman was about to graduate from a US university and a senior public sector was held for her. The position was not advertised. I was horrified that the Barbados government thought a qualification meant experience.
    It is the story of one-eyed men all over again. In a small talent pool the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary.

  41. Hal i understand there is a limit to growth.But i seems as if most are concentrating on saving which is good but is only part of the collective system of good goverance but not workable enough to keep a functioning system.
    I have yet to hear OSA speak of ways where govt spend when or if curtail can be a stimulus or an activator in driving growth.
    In my opinion all OSA seems to be more concerned is fixing the debt problem by anymeans necessary with his robust solution of bitterness

  42. Angela,

    The government is lost at sea without a paddle. We need a widespread stimulus to drive growth – infrastructural development, more spent on a reformed education system, financial intermediation for small businesses (which the foreign-owned banks are not doing), privatising non-core public assets (but not by selling to the Williams bros or Simpson), a reformed occupational pensions system, a reformed national insurance and state pension system, building a new town in Six Roads or Four Roads in the South-East, and in Boscobell, etc.
    What are Arthur’s new ideas?

  43. @ Pachamama

    You see why I does be “liking” your post bout de non-credentials of Hal Austin and those of Bush Tea telling he to only ask questions and not give interpretations??

    Looka dis badword dat he blog earlier “Hal Austin March 3, 2017 at 9:46 AM # Angela, There is a limit to growth. We have finite resources.”

    Now here is whu de ole man gine do to distil de man ingrunce fuh wunna vis a vis his statement “there is a limit to growth”.

    I have a botsie right?

    And you have a botsie right? (at least in this incarnation heheheheheh)

    And all of we have a botsie right?

    Suppose, after a pow’ful elimination of the shyt* that abounds in our guts that you and I decided that “this finite load of crap was the “last” and we decided to sew up our pouch what do you think would happen to us shortly thereafter?”

    Man de same ting dat is happening now to the economy, there would be shyt* everywhere when we bust!!

    Here he is submitting a suggestion of such idiocy that he should get an award for it.

    He suggests that our “growth” is inherently finite and FURTHERMORE, in his omniscient powers, he opined that the country has “finite resources” because he has done an inventory on ALL THE RESOURCES OF OUR COUNTRY and we are found wanting!!


    I second your suggestion that he be banned for pretend knowledge and blasphemy in his claim to absolute knowledge though i would stop short of saying that in his claim to be a diviner and a witch that he should suffer the deat that the Ole Testament demands for his kind.

  44. @ David

    I guess by now the word is out on the street yesterday the cabinet of Barbados and particularly the Prime Minister turned down/denied the request by the Minister of Finance to have Owen Arthur as either the chairman or even a member of the National Economic Advisory Council.

  45. Miller

    Why are you suprised by the two faced,chauvanistic,homophobic,misogynist called Bush Tea,he is like Trump spewing his hatred left right and center and has used this blog for a long time hitting out at all women…..his BBE must like him rue the day they were born of a womans womb.

  46. @ Piece
    This blog I good for tired old men to pass the time. Is there no limit to growth? Can growth go on forever? By the way, Piece, I never claim to have any qualifications. I m just aa rumshop talker.

    @ Morris

    Is that is true then it is aa resignation issue for Sinckler? It shows, once more, a division between himself and the rest of the Cabinet..

  47. @ Piece
    Hal continues to reinforce Pacha’s unfaltering (and unflattering) opinion of his capabilities …with his glib and simplistic ‘answers’.
    Any child nowadays would be able to identify the infinite nature of resources available to mankind. Indeed, when human potentialities are involved, it is not even possible to conceptualise any such limits – except in VERY simple heads.

    What resources are he talking about…? money? energy? food?

    Three university students came up with SnapChat recently and are now billionaires – from some idea that did not even exist 5 years ago…

    The possibilities for energy after oil are limited only by man’s imagination and will… and even with food, we have now reached the stage with technology, where no one would be surprised if someone started making food directly from dirt, air and water.

    Like his ‘answer’ to scrap the Defence force, and his silly challenge about ‘what Arthur has contributed’, Hal is only confirming the fact that the ability to ask good questions does not infer an ability to answer them intelligently… and in fact, the one-eyed man of whom he speaks, may be from Hingland – and may be ‘seeing’ through a funny eye…

  48. Denny PEP-pers Comissiong
    Published on: 10/16/06.

    INTERNAL STRIFE is looming in the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP).

    PEP founding member David Denny yesterday accused interim chairman David Comissiong
    of mainly using the party to carry out a personal vendetta against Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

    Denny, a senior executive of the party which was launched in January, labelled his leader’s public attacks on the Prime Minister as “uncalled for”, adding it should be noted they were coming after Comissiong was fired as director of the Commission for Pan African Affairs.

    Dismissing Comissiong as a “city plantation negrocrat”, he told the DAILY NATION while the attorney-at-law was professing that he wanted to “empower Barbadians”, he would not even empower the members of his own party.

    ‘Personal agenda’

    Denny noted that instead of coming with ideas and offering alternatives to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Comissiong was wasting time pushing his
    personal agenda.

    “It is a level of class snobbery. He is a Highgate Gardens boy. Why doesn’t he attack [David] Thompson like that? He seems to have something against Arthur because of his working-class background; similar to mine. I have a problem with his leadership style and his failure to come with positive alternative programmes,” he said.

    Denny revealed that the PEP had no constitution; had held no annual conference; had no concrete committees with elected members; and because of its status as a personal “play-thing”, was not being allowed to become a true party.

    But he stated he was not resigning from the PEP, and stressed he would be attending an official meeting of the party to be held tomorrow at the Clement Payne Movement’s headquarters, Crumpton Street, St Michael, even though he had not been invited.

    Denny, a Government employee, said Comissiong had complained about apathy among Barbadians toward local politics, but he charged the PEP was not attracting membership because
    of Comissiong’s leadership.

    Though stressing the PEP had a role to play in Barbadian politics, Denny said those expecting the party to field candidates to contest the next general election were fooling themselves. He called a number of people whom he said had become disenchanted with Comissiong and had quit the organisation. Efforts to reach those named proved futile yesterday.

    Responding to the charges, Comissiong said Denny was an interim executive member and meetings were previously held on a weekly basis for members to air their views. He added the PEP
    had held similar meetings fortnightly within the last few months.

    “But he has chosen to go to the newspapers with his comments. I really do not think I should be responding to him. What I would say is that Mr Denny was suspended from making public statements after [an incident] on our platform on May Day,” he said, making reference to a situation which he said Denny had to rectify.

    However, Denny retorted that he had not received any letter of suspension, nor given any directive on public speaking. He recalled that just two weeks ago he had addressed the planned resiting of the Garfield Sobers Statue, as well as the removal of the Nelson Statue, in the print and broadcast media, at Comissiong’s behest.


    This was 2006 . Comissiong needs to give the public a full update on the PEP.

  49. London Morris March 3, 2017 at 10:53 AM #

    If your info is correct and I do not doubt it,I could not see the PM and the majority of the cabinet with unsure seats giving in to the appointment of one who is on record indicating bitter medicine to the electorate just before an election.

    This exercise was pure political theatre provided by the MoF and OSA……MAM was very wise not to enter the fray,hopefully the walk will be well supported and the next step of shutting down the country will be considered.

  50. @Caswell Franklyn re:” You referred to the cadre of men and women who went before me, I don’t think it is vanity to point out that there was no one before me, I was the first.”

    No vanity whatever. Thanks for the correction.

    As I wrote the post my focus was really on the many who went AFTER you but I was unsure if Charlie Belle who I believe is your senior (is he?) had also gone to one of those colleges.

    As memory served me, Belle was a BDF Coastguard officer and I wondered if he predated you. He did not as you have noted.

    Actually I do not recall you ever being in the BDF or Coastguard. Did you set a bad example for being excellent and then frigging ‘way de people’s scholarship? LOLL. All good bro.

  51. I do enjoy some of Hal’s contributions, but he takes himself too seriously. Imagine if he had attended Oxbridge or one of the Ivy League schools instead of a polytechnic? #catpiss&pepper

  52. de pedantic Dribbler March 3, 2017 at 12:03 PM #

    Belle and I were at Cawmere together at the same time hence older generation to Caswell.

  53. @ the Honorable Blogmaster

    In an earlier point David March 3, 2017 at 8:14 AM # you state

    “OSA stated on the talk show yesterday that he has no problem with the BLP. It is obvious with whom he has a problem.”

    You went on to say “The fact Mia did not make any mention of him in a BLP publication that highlighted past leaders seems to have ticked him off no end.”

    Syllogistic reasoning and the words used often are used to indicate the “frame of mind” and “perspective” of their “framer”

    Your lead sentence speaks to Arthur’s comments, at a specific time of the day, on a particular show where you provide a summary of what Arthur said and thereafter ascribes, quite strongly, what Arthur’s state of mind is.

    But that in and of itself is not the issue.

    What is quite strange, AND SOME MIGHT SAY “INDICATIVE OF YOUR OWN STATE OF MIND (de ole man did not say skin in the game) is the “why” that you thereafter posit as “the reason” that Arthur is “superlatively” angered (my paraphrasing of your “ticked of to no end” comment)

    There is that thread that is (recently) coming through within your lumen of posits.

    This might suggests rather strongly a “collective perspective” within an advisory board 9reference is drawn to your term recently about Muugabe’s team being locked down” and this seeming attribution of a “factual position” of Arthur being ticked off to no end to the state of mind of Owen Arthur.

    Now here is a thing Honourable Blogmaster.

    People reading these recent banters between us (both with the substantive and the others) will, i the normal bajan way thing dat we got enmity between us and we going pull knives and ting pun each other.

    Few realise that we might disagree on one or two things in the course of the BU exchanges but fewer still realise that when push comes to shove, we love Barbados.

    We have, and will, collaborate on anything to make sure that Barbados does not die.

    Irrespective of whether such DEATH be under MUGABE, or Fumbles, or anyone who will bring similar destruction to Barbados

  54. William Skinner

    Thanks for reminding us about this history

    Sometimes we are to hasty to too closely embrace some who are able to hide inner demons from view.

    No person who desires to be a public official should exhibit certain flawed personal characteristics.

    Characteristics inconsistent with service to the people

    Nobody should be able to lodge such a complaint.

    That a party leader would use that organization, not for the advancement of our nation state, but as an anvil, merely to bludgeon another official is beyond the pale.

  55. Bushie

    We don’t like militarism so much but your ideas about the defense force in pregnant with possibilities.

    Could you, for example, consider the BDF having a large dry dock to service, refurbish ships from around the world. We haven’t seen any nearby.

    Could you imagine other large public contracts that civil government mismanage, cost overrun etc, are imbued with a military precision.

    Or that the military ethos of giving one’s life for one’s country could certainly shift the national thinking.

    And we could go on and on.

    So instead of defunding the BDF a stronger case could be made for more funding. A funding that could more efficiently execute projects of all kinds.

  56. @ Enuff

    You are fishing. My education, what little there is, comes from the web.

    @ Bushtea

    Is there no limit to growth? Even Owen Arthur wll tell you there is. Plse remind me of the profitability of Snapchat and other digital giants?

  57. So Commie, speaking of birds of a feather hanging on the wire together, I guess we will equate you with the totally failed regime in Venezuela. You are a smart guy, and I think your heart is in the right place, but in spite of all your education, you do not have the ability to think logically and critically. You are too ideological bound. You will excuse the destruction of an entire country and still stand up for the “revolution”.

    Similarly with Castro, who is your hero but did his share of torture, etc. At least have a balanced viewpoint if you want to build any integrity with those who can still think for themselves.

  58. @ Pacha
    So instead of defunding the BDF a stronger case could be made for more funding.
    That is what is called creative thinking.
    There are multiple methodologies that may be employed in skinning a feline…

    Similarly, instead of selling BNB, a creative mind would have DEMANDED world class MANAGEMENT….
    Instead of selling BS&T, Allan ….Fields could have been replaced with someone who is actually competent and innovative …. and honest.
    etc etc…

    @ Hal
    Good!! you are back to questions.

    There MAY be a limit to growth, but it is not one that can be defined in non-spiritual terms….not in the physical arena of life on earth.

    There is no relationship between ‘profitability’ and ‘growth’ (as you well know). The reference used by Bushie for ‘growth’ was actually the young OWNERS’ bank -balances. This is a red herring on your part, …but Bushie does fry them…

    The only ‘limits’ that we can rationally define are such things as the physical resources existent on Earth, (Oil and mineral resources etc). However the concept of ‘GROWTH’ is mostly driven by human potential and human endeavour…… two unlimited resources themselves…

    So indeed Hal, the real TRUTH is that ordinary human-beings have the POTENTIAL to be adopted and to be reborn, and to experience UNIMAGINABLE growth… into a completely new spiritual realm.
    All kinds of things are possible within that framework, ….but all the other shiite that we do ..pales into brass bowlery, ..when compared to the ultimate GOSPEL (good news) of what is possible.

  59. Mr Arthur is a Bajan first and his love of country is probably driving him to do this. Owen said Mia offered him amongst others as an economic think tank to the current administration two years ago. Why is there this selective outrage now? Why not then?

  60. This has backfired very badly on both Chris and Owen but the real loser is Owen. Chris really has no reputation left so he could afford big foot moves like going to the IMF without consulting the Prime Minister or Cabinet, firing the Governor without consulting the Prime Minister or Cabinet or hiring Owen Arthur as Chief Economic Advisor without consulting the Prime Minister or Cabinet.

    I mean why would Owen allow himself to be the plaything of Chris Sinckler and rag toy for the Prime Minister, why? It is being alleged that certain memebers of the Cabinet revolved yesterday at the thought of having Owen being welcomed into the DLP 12 months before a general elections. It was hostile and it the end it was thought that Owen could serve the DLP if they win another term in Government.

    • Wasn’t OSA burnt when he passed the now famous Mia Note to Stuart in parliament? Once bitten twice bitten?

  61. The best example MAM has shown that she is mature enough to be Prime Minister has been her ability ignore Owen and treat him as an irrelevance.

  62. And I hope she continues to ignore him…………I think this is what is causing more hatred to build up in him and why he has become so bitter.

    I heard him on VOB saying that Mia produced some document and did not include him as a leader…………as far as I can remember the only booklet Mia produced is the Covenant of Hope and he is pictured right there.

    So I am at a lost as to what is his problem. I hope the dems use him to the max!

    • Opposition politics is always interesting. Thompson vs Mascoll now Mia vs Arthur now independent.

  63. @ KevinMarch 3, 2017 at 3:07 PM
    “Mr Arthur is a Bajan first and his love of country is probably driving him to do this. Owen said Mia offered him amongst others as an economic think tank to the current administration two years ago. Why is there this selective outrage now? Why not then?”

    Don’t be a brass-bowl idiot Kevin, why don’t you take some sevin in liquid form and then come back to talk deadly crap?

    OSA patriotic, to whom or what?

    My mother who lives in heaven would become a refugee in hell before such an adjective can be used to describe a man who cannot even be loyal to his own moral self. There is one twin of wickedness OSA at this stage is loyal to: Vendetta & Vindictiveness are their symbiotic names.

    If OSA really had any kind of patriotic zeal in him knowing what MAM is made up of (deadly demon in witchy white robes of a megalomania) he would have remained as leader of the BLP and Her Majesty’s “loyal” Opposition knowing full well what is happening to Barbados under that bunch of wild boys, liars and incompetents was bound to come to pass since 2013.

    In any event, OSA fully well knows that unless he is in charge( as he likes to be) nothing he says or recommends would be taken seriously as long as it involves the DLP administering bitter medicine not only to a large voting block of public sector workers at the statutory corporation and other parastatal agencies but also to the wider conspicuous consumption family lazy bastards that he helped to raised.

    If he were that patriotically enthused he should be pushing to be appointed by his parliamentary colleagues to be the real McCoy primus inter pares (since the current primate is just ‘monkeying ‘around and has absconded from his ‘general’ leadership responsibilities) as the man most qualified and with not much to lose politically to administer the medicine and where necessary the surgical operation to save the very ill patient called Barbados plagued by a complicated range of economic ailments.

    Now such a move would definitely up the stakes of his leaving a rather outstanding legacy of statesmanship proportion to even rival his idol EWB.

    In that way he would be able destroy MAM psychologically without even having to point one vindictively vicious finger in her ‘morally convoluted direction.

    Should OSA take such an ambitiously magnanimous route through an accidental but politically convenient minefield of collaboration to achieve any selfishly patriotic purpose of saving Barbados from economic meltdown then and only then there would be consensus among Bajans that such a de facto ‘coalition’ government by blue- and red-blooded honourably eminent persons is indeed the highest form of patriotism as symbolically expressed in that piercingly clarion call of true nationalism:

    ‘Ask not what Barbados can do for you, but what you can do (in true noblesse oblige fashion )for Barbados in her ‘dire’ time of need’.

  64. Miller………….I do not think OSA is doing this out of any patriotic zeal, the man is an egomanic who needs to be always in the limelight.

    The Stinkliar has not listened to anyone up to now including Frank Alleyne so what makes OSA think he is going listen to him?

    Pathetic soul!

  65. Chris and Owen made a pack. Chris would bring in Owen as an opportunity at revenge against Mia and Owen agreed to come in and help and do the ‘dirty’ job on Estwick so that Chris remains Minister of Finance, albeit a total failure.

    Pure and utter wickedness and all at the expense of a beaufiful country with beautiful people.

  66. Miller

    Properly tarred and feathered now.


    Barbados Today
    23 mins ·

    Another S&P downgrade | Barbados Today
    Another S & P downgrade
    The international ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) today downgraded Barbados to ‘CCC+/C’ based on its limited financing alternatives and low international reserves. S& P also issued a negative outlook for the island, while…

  67. “FORMER PRIME MINISTER Owen Arthur yesterday gave a grim prognosis for Barbados, warning that the medicine to cure the falling foreign reserves would be bitter.” (NATIONNEWS). OSA will be the herold of doom – as Bush Tea predicts – like Silver Surfer for Galactus:

    10,000 layoffs in the public service, shutdown or privatization of state agencies, school fees, higher VAT, new consolidation tax, devaluation, doubling of food prices, selling of homes.

  68. What the Prime Minister is doing to Chris Sinckler is cruel and inhuman punishment. Chris is now easily the biggest ministerial failure since parliamentary government was established in Barbados.

  69. @Own Area

    CCC+. Told you so! Prediction: Barbados financial system will fail within SIX months. Things are coming to an end.

    Soon Barbadians will use USD or money from Monopoly or Disneyland to pay for water, milk and bread. – Whereas foreign investors will make a very, very big deal, celebrating the breakdown in Sandy Lane.

  70. @Hal AustinMarch 3, 2017 at 10:45 AM
    “The government is lost at sea without a paddle. We need a widespread stimulus to drive growth – infrastructural development, more spent on a reformed education system, financial intermediation for small businesses (which the foreign-owned banks are not doing), privatising non-core public assets (but not by selling to the Williams bros or Simpson), a reformed occupational pensions system, a reformed national insurance and state pension system, building a new town in Six Roads or Four Roads in the South-East, and in Boscobell, etc.
    What are Arthur’s new ideas?”

    @ Hal AustinMarch 3, 2017 at 4:33 PM
    “I have also called for the government to abandon the popular consensus of foreign reserves and opt instead to play the currency futures market to meet the requirements of any shocks – what insurance companies call a once in a 200 year event.
    Even David likes talking about foreign reserves. I think the mantra of foreign reserves have got hold because it has been taught at Cave Hill for decades by people like Frank Alleyne, regardless of the changes in global finance since the 1980s.”

    Go tell that to the Chinese that there is no need to hold the million billions of foreign reserves.

    Here you go again, forgetfully contradicting yourself in an exercise of genuine sophistry.

    Where would a broke government living like an economic drug addict (Bajan paro) in a financial junkyard get the money to undertake these grandiose schemes especially the building of ‘new towns’ including the revitalization/regeneration of its only real town calling it self the city of Bridgetown especially the area of your own boyhood haunt Nelson Street and its environs?

    Don’t you think such massive undertakings within the context of the Bajan pygmy economy would require either the borrowing of loads of foreign money or the build up of foreign reserves to cushion the effects of outflows required in the construction and outfitting of such relatively large infrastructural projects?

    If you prefer to treat the holding of foreign reserves like the chips on a roulette table then you
    cannot be putting yourself in a risk averse situation and have your forex certainty cake in the bag while undertaking such initially non-forex generating risky long-term restructuring and development projects.

    Get real Hal, from here on junk-status Barbados would be treated like a leper in international money markets with investors not willing to touch the country unless holding an IMF barge pole pushing Barbados out of its cesspool of its recent past economic mismanagement.

    Barbados needs to turn a full financial planning circle and return to an environment of prudent living within its means relying mainly on a type of sou-sou to meet its developmental requirements.

  71. This is like crashing cars in slow motion. All the cabinet ministers, the judges, the consultants, the holder of PhDs, the QCs, the pastors, the many Knights talking and talking year after year, but no action, just words, as always. For every person without concrete in the head, it was evident since the failed Financial Adjustment Program that the system will fail WITHOUT serious adjustment of the bloated civil service.

    And now. CCC+. Wow. There is no much space between CCC+ and D. Soon foreign banksters and investors will take over Barbados, letting the local politicians and pastors do their duty in parliament and church to calm down the masses: “Barbadians, do not worry, you can still drink the water from the rain gutter, you can still harvest the crop in your little garden.” Then they will point to the USA and say: “However, the USA are also very, very deep in debt, our situation is not soooo bad.”

    Now the question is arising: criminal or civil liability? Is Dr Worrell personally liable for praising Barbadian treasury bonds in Canada a few months ago?

  72. @Hal Austin March 3, 2017 at 1:52 PM …Your query :”…Plse remind me of the profitability of Snapchat and other digital giants?” is shockingly simplistic, particularity for a man with your background.

    How can front-end profitability alone be a determining factor based on the large sums of money that are invested in the growth potential of the operations and then of course the monies earned by the professional bankers and others who manage the process.

    Has a lack of profit stopped the Snap inventors from being real, hard-currency millionaires….as soon as they can start selling a share of their billions!

    Your comments are mystifying based on the thrust of the discussion of new and interesting growth opportunities that could be available for a little island with limited natural resources.

  73. So is the Stinkliar still holding to his position that Barbados is not now or in the forseeable future going to the IMF…………….

    “Oh what a tangle web he weaved when first he practiced to deceive.”

    Get out of this grave Stinkliar if you are a man. All of that bravado and bluster in the videos posted………..to what end?

    Where is Artax to pick to pieces these nasty dems?

  74. Oh shut up Prodigal you sound like what OSA said about the BEES glorious spectators cheering on the sidelines waiting for the country to collapse
    There is nothing here to be jubilant about a patriotic barbadian would be hoping and praying that the lessons learned can be a motivator and a catalyst in pushing barbados out of this financial bind

  75. Nothing is new under the sun. Ever since mankind come together and form the state; intrigue, drama, and machiavellism is part and parcel of political power play. As a consummate student of history, this OSA political drama, is de ja vu for me…. another night of the long knives.

  76. This is the direct result of dlp ignorance and arrogance:

    “we aint want to hear nothing from wunnah, wunnah had 14 years, any ideas wunnah got, keep to wunnah selves, now is we time, we gine do things we way”.

  77. @ The Sage Annunaki,

    In your post of 4.26 p.m. you unravelled 75% of the Sphinx-like riddle the ole man attempted to pose to Mr. Caswell Franklyn yesterday.

    What was the gameplay that OSA was employed in?

    Unfortunately dem fellers, bereft as they are of any intellect does come to BU and read up pun what the intelligencia suggest AND, then go off to eff it up, every single time!!!

    Just look at this example for a moment.

    9 years after being in office Lil Caesar Lashley congratulated somebody (heheheheheheh) and i know the source of the idea, and he knows that i know, but that is why he is where he is with that other thing)

    But here we are 9 years post them taking office, implementing something which is the superlative “static medium”!!

    Doan tek my word for it.

    Ask the Honourable Blogmaster how does he promote his website and you will get an insight into the mechanics of enabling such a solution.

    It is extremely hard BUT it is for some of us very easy. heheheheheheheh

    No de ole man is not going to elaborate on this point but suffice it to say that websites are dead insofar as marketing is concerned.

    YOU DO NOT MARKET USING A WEBSITE in this sector oh Sage Annunaki, but then i would have to explain what is “an e-commerce enabled website” to these dummies and why a one-size-fits-all model CANNOT work given a specific item like enabling film.


    But as usual I am easily distracted Anyways back to your observations.

    I will truncate them to weave in my own remarks and questions.

    You said “…OSA>unless he is in charge>the DLP administering bitter medicine>voting block>public sector workers>statutory corporation>other parastatals> and I add “HIS INTERVENTIONS WILL FAIL

    Now such a move>up the stakes>leaving a rather outstanding legacy>rival his idol EWB.

    Then you highlight the optimal outcome i.e. >destroy MAM psychologically>without having to point one vindictively vicious finger in her ‘morally convoluted direction.

    Should OSA take>route>minefield>to achieve >purpose>saving Barbados from economic meltdown>be consensus among Bajans that >‘coalition’ government >indeed highest form of patriotism.

    Let us suppose that he was indeed to be chosen for this position of which you speak, why would he just hours before the decision is to be made in cabinet, speak so visciously about his soon-to-be-bosses? heheheheheheheheh

    Does it not seem strategically convenient that the S&P’s release comes on the same day that this Cabinet decision is to be announced? heheheheheheheheheheh

    Given that the S&P downgrade in actual fact further discommodes the GoB’s borrowing powers would you say that his own remarks themselves were premature or planned? hehehehehehheheh

    Now that i have given you those riddles with rhetorical queries, I will finish with two final questions

    Does OSA’s actions seem to you to be the actions of a man who has turned to become a DLP?

    Now, ammmmm given all of the foregoing what specific hard seed move could OSA play that will oust Mugabe?


    Vincent tell me dat I gots to take my medicine

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