Political Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

It does not surprise me that Owen Arthur has chosen to join forces with the Freundel Stuart Administration. The sad truth is that Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart, Chris Sinckler, Ronald Jones, Donville Inniss and all the other members of this dismal DLP Administration really do belong together.

The vast majority of Barbadians are convinced– and rightly so– that the current DLP Governmental Administration is easily the worst political administration that Barbados has had since the attainment of universal adult suffrage in 1951. But we must remember that our national woes did not start with the coming to power of the DLP in 2008!

The truth is that in Owen Arthur’s last 5 year term in government he plunged this country into a crisis of economic, social and cultural decline — a crisis that led the Barbadian people to massively reject him and his Administration in the 2008 General Elections.

The sad truth is that the DLP Administrations of David Thompson and Freundel Stuart have really been a continuation of that last disastrous Owen Arthur Administration !

Where, for example, Owen Arthur started the process of privatizing our country’s one and only indigenous and state owned bank— the Barbados National Bank (BNB)– the DLP Administration completed the process of selling off our bank to Trinidadian capitalists.

In addition, where Owen Arthur presided over an economically and socially cancerous process of conferring outrageously privileged governmental contracts on a small group of elite businessmen— such as the ridiculous contract that was granted to Mr Bizzy Williams’ Ionics Freshwater Ltd— the Stuart Administration has exacerbated this  economic and social cancer with the outrageously privileged contracts that they have conferred on companies associated with Mark Maloney and his cohorts.

So Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart and Chris Sinckler really belong together. They all share in common the belief that our Barbadian state-owned assets must be sold off to elite private sector capitalists; that our free education must be dismantled; that our people must be made to pay for public health services; and that the foreign investor rather than native Barbadians must constitute the lynch-pin of our national economic development strategy.

But as much as Owen Arthur is determined to hurt Ms Mia Mottley and his former political party, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Mr Arthur has actually done Ms Mottley and the BLP an enormous favour by his linking of arms with the current DLP Administration!

You see, with Mr Arthur throwing in his lot with the DLP, it would now become extremely clear to every single BLP member that there is no “going back to Owen”! Thus whatever lingering divisions or doubts there might have existed in the BLP over the “Owen Arthur issue” should now be completely put to rest.

The political history of Barbados tells us that the BLP have always been at their best when they organized themselves around the concept of a “Great Combination” of leaders and statesmen rather than when they opted for the opposite ploy of adopting a “Going with Owen” maximum leader dominating the party, its image and its policy. The BLP therefore now has a golden opportunity to get back to the best of its tradition!

The fundamental reality however is that an extremely interesting and ideologically meaningful political battle is shaping up in Barbados.

We have now had a consolidation of the right wing, anti-social democracy, pro-privatization, pro- local  and foreign elite forces in the form of the Owen Arthur, Freundel Stuart, Chris Sinckler, Ronald Jones, Donville Inniss political axis.

And I am confident that there will be — on the other side — a similar consolidation of the patriotic, people centred, mixed economy, social democratic forces, in order to take on these advocates of political, economic and social backwardness..

It looks like we are now in for some real politics  that will provide Barbadians with real and meaningful choices on the preferred way ahead!


  • @ Pacha
    So instead of defunding the BDF a stronger case could be made for more funding.
    That is what is called creative thinking.
    There are multiple methodologies that may be employed in skinning a feline…

    Similarly, instead of selling BNB, a creative mind would have DEMANDED world class MANAGEMENT….
    Instead of selling BS&T, Allan ….Fields could have been replaced with someone who is actually competent and innovative …. and honest.
    etc etc…

    @ Hal
    Good!! you are back to questions.

    There MAY be a limit to growth, but it is not one that can be defined in non-spiritual terms….not in the physical arena of life on earth.

    There is no relationship between ‘profitability’ and ‘growth’ (as you well know). The reference used by Bushie for ‘growth’ was actually the young OWNERS’ bank -balances. This is a red herring on your part, …but Bushie does fry them…

    The only ‘limits’ that we can rationally define are such things as the physical resources existent on Earth, (Oil and mineral resources etc). However the concept of ‘GROWTH’ is mostly driven by human potential and human endeavour…… two unlimited resources themselves…

    So indeed Hal, the real TRUTH is that ordinary human-beings have the POTENTIAL to be adopted and to be reborn, and to experience UNIMAGINABLE growth… into a completely new spiritual realm.
    All kinds of things are possible within that framework, ….but all the other shiite that we do ..pales into brass bowlery, ..when compared to the ultimate GOSPEL (good news) of what is possible.

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  • Mr Arthur is a Bajan first and his love of country is probably driving him to do this. Owen said Mia offered him amongst others as an economic think tank to the current administration two years ago. Why is there this selective outrage now? Why not then?


  • Isn’t the economy in the drink now?



  • This has backfired very badly on both Chris and Owen but the real loser is Owen. Chris really has no reputation left so he could afford big foot moves like going to the IMF without consulting the Prime Minister or Cabinet, firing the Governor without consulting the Prime Minister or Cabinet or hiring Owen Arthur as Chief Economic Advisor without consulting the Prime Minister or Cabinet.

    I mean why would Owen allow himself to be the plaything of Chris Sinckler and rag toy for the Prime Minister, why? It is being alleged that certain memebers of the Cabinet revolved yesterday at the thought of having Owen being welcomed into the DLP 12 months before a general elections. It was hostile and it the end it was thought that Owen could serve the DLP if they win another term in Government.


  • Wasn’t OSA burnt when he passed the now famous Mia Note to Stuart in parliament? Once bitten twice bitten?


  • The best example MAM has shown that she is mature enough to be Prime Minister has been her ability ignore Owen and treat him as an irrelevance.


  • And I hope she continues to ignore him…………I think this is what is causing more hatred to build up in him and why he has become so bitter.

    I heard him on VOB saying that Mia produced some document and did not include him as a leader…………as far as I can remember the only booklet Mia produced is the Covenant of Hope and he is pictured right there.

    So I am at a lost as to what is his problem. I hope the dems use him to the max!


  • Opposition politics is always interesting. Thompson vs Mascoll now Mia vs Arthur now independent.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ KevinMarch 3, 2017 at 3:07 PM
    “Mr Arthur is a Bajan first and his love of country is probably driving him to do this. Owen said Mia offered him amongst others as an economic think tank to the current administration two years ago. Why is there this selective outrage now? Why not then?”

    Don’t be a brass-bowl idiot Kevin, why don’t you take some sevin in liquid form and then come back to talk deadly crap?

    OSA patriotic, to whom or what?

    My mother who lives in heaven would become a refugee in hell before such an adjective can be used to describe a man who cannot even be loyal to his own moral self. There is one twin of wickedness OSA at this stage is loyal to: Vendetta & Vindictiveness are their symbiotic names.

    If OSA really had any kind of patriotic zeal in him knowing what MAM is made up of (deadly demon in witchy white robes of a megalomania) he would have remained as leader of the BLP and Her Majesty’s “loyal” Opposition knowing full well what is happening to Barbados under that bunch of wild boys, liars and incompetents was bound to come to pass since 2013.

    In any event, OSA fully well knows that unless he is in charge( as he likes to be) nothing he says or recommends would be taken seriously as long as it involves the DLP administering bitter medicine not only to a large voting block of public sector workers at the statutory corporation and other parastatal agencies but also to the wider conspicuous consumption family lazy bastards that he helped to raised.

    If he were that patriotically enthused he should be pushing to be appointed by his parliamentary colleagues to be the real McCoy primus inter pares (since the current primate is just ‘monkeying ‘around and has absconded from his ‘general’ leadership responsibilities) as the man most qualified and with not much to lose politically to administer the medicine and where necessary the surgical operation to save the very ill patient called Barbados plagued by a complicated range of economic ailments.

    Now such a move would definitely up the stakes of his leaving a rather outstanding legacy of statesmanship proportion to even rival his idol EWB.

    In that way he would be able destroy MAM psychologically without even having to point one vindictively vicious finger in her ‘morally convoluted direction.

    Should OSA take such an ambitiously magnanimous route through an accidental but politically convenient minefield of collaboration to achieve any selfishly patriotic purpose of saving Barbados from economic meltdown then and only then there would be consensus among Bajans that such a de facto ‘coalition’ government by blue- and red-blooded honourably eminent persons is indeed the highest form of patriotism as symbolically expressed in that piercingly clarion call of true nationalism:

    ‘Ask not what Barbados can do for you, but what you can do (in true noblesse oblige fashion )for Barbados in her ‘dire’ time of need’.


  • Miller………….I do not think OSA is doing this out of any patriotic zeal, the man is an egomanic who needs to be always in the limelight.

    The Stinkliar has not listened to anyone up to now including Frank Alleyne so what makes OSA think he is going listen to him?

    Pathetic soul!


  • Chris and Owen made a pack. Chris would bring in Owen as an opportunity at revenge against Mia and Owen agreed to come in and help and do the ‘dirty’ job on Estwick so that Chris remains Minister of Finance, albeit a total failure.

    Pure and utter wickedness and all at the expense of a beaufiful country with beautiful people.


  • Miller

    Properly tarred and feathered now.


    Barbados Today
    23 mins ·

    Another S&P downgrade | Barbados Today
    Another S & P downgrade
    The international ratings agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) today downgraded Barbados to ‘CCC+/C’ based on its limited financing alternatives and low international reserves. S& P also issued a negative outlook for the island, while…


  • “FORMER PRIME MINISTER Owen Arthur yesterday gave a grim prognosis for Barbados, warning that the medicine to cure the falling foreign reserves would be bitter.” (NATIONNEWS). OSA will be the herold of doom – as Bush Tea predicts – like Silver Surfer for Galactus:

    10,000 layoffs in the public service, shutdown or privatization of state agencies, school fees, higher VAT, new consolidation tax, devaluation, doubling of food prices, selling of homes.


  • What the Prime Minister is doing to Chris Sinckler is cruel and inhuman punishment. Chris is now easily the biggest ministerial failure since parliamentary government was established in Barbados.

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  • @Own Area

    CCC+. Told you so! Prediction: Barbados financial system will fail within SIX months. Things are coming to an end.

    Soon Barbadians will use USD or money from Monopoly or Disneyland to pay for water, milk and bread. – Whereas foreign investors will make a very, very big deal, celebrating the breakdown in Sandy Lane.


  • Oh my God……………..another downgrade!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @Hal AustinMarch 3, 2017 at 10:45 AM
    “The government is lost at sea without a paddle. We need a widespread stimulus to drive growth – infrastructural development, more spent on a reformed education system, financial intermediation for small businesses (which the foreign-owned banks are not doing), privatising non-core public assets (but not by selling to the Williams bros or Simpson), a reformed occupational pensions system, a reformed national insurance and state pension system, building a new town in Six Roads or Four Roads in the South-East, and in Boscobell, etc.
    What are Arthur’s new ideas?”

    @ Hal AustinMarch 3, 2017 at 4:33 PM
    “I have also called for the government to abandon the popular consensus of foreign reserves and opt instead to play the currency futures market to meet the requirements of any shocks – what insurance companies call a once in a 200 year event.
    Even David likes talking about foreign reserves. I think the mantra of foreign reserves have got hold because it has been taught at Cave Hill for decades by people like Frank Alleyne, regardless of the changes in global finance since the 1980s.”

    Go tell that to the Chinese that there is no need to hold the million billions of foreign reserves.

    Here you go again, forgetfully contradicting yourself in an exercise of genuine sophistry.

    Where would a broke government living like an economic drug addict (Bajan paro) in a financial junkyard get the money to undertake these grandiose schemes especially the building of ‘new towns’ including the revitalization/regeneration of its only real town calling it self the city of Bridgetown especially the area of your own boyhood haunt Nelson Street and its environs?

    Don’t you think such massive undertakings within the context of the Bajan pygmy economy would require either the borrowing of loads of foreign money or the build up of foreign reserves to cushion the effects of outflows required in the construction and outfitting of such relatively large infrastructural projects?

    If you prefer to treat the holding of foreign reserves like the chips on a roulette table then you
    cannot be putting yourself in a risk averse situation and have your forex certainty cake in the bag while undertaking such initially non-forex generating risky long-term restructuring and development projects.

    Get real Hal, from here on junk-status Barbados would be treated like a leper in international money markets with investors not willing to touch the country unless holding an IMF barge pole pushing Barbados out of its cesspool of its recent past economic mismanagement.

    Barbados needs to turn a full financial planning circle and return to an environment of prudent living within its means relying mainly on a type of sou-sou to meet its developmental requirements.


  • BU predicted another downgrade after former Governor ‘s TV economic forum.


  • This is like crashing cars in slow motion. All the cabinet ministers, the judges, the consultants, the holder of PhDs, the QCs, the pastors, the many Knights talking and talking year after year, but no action, just words, as always. For every person without concrete in the head, it was evident since the failed Financial Adjustment Program that the system will fail WITHOUT serious adjustment of the bloated civil service.

    And now. CCC+. Wow. There is no much space between CCC+ and D. Soon foreign banksters and investors will take over Barbados, letting the local politicians and pastors do their duty in parliament and church to calm down the masses: “Barbadians, do not worry, you can still drink the water from the rain gutter, you can still harvest the crop in your little garden.” Then they will point to the USA and say: “However, the USA are also very, very deep in debt, our situation is not soooo bad.”

    Now the question is arising: criminal or civil liability? Is Dr Worrell personally liable for praising Barbadian treasury bonds in Canada a few months ago?


  • @Hal Austin March 3, 2017 at 1:52 PM …Your query :”…Plse remind me of the profitability of Snapchat and other digital giants?” is shockingly simplistic, particularity for a man with your background.

    How can front-end profitability alone be a determining factor based on the large sums of money that are invested in the growth potential of the operations and then of course the monies earned by the professional bankers and others who manage the process.

    Has a lack of profit stopped the Snap inventors from being real, hard-currency millionaires….as soon as they can start selling a share of their billions!

    Your comments are mystifying based on the thrust of the discussion of new and interesting growth opportunities that could be available for a little island with limited natural resources.

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  • So is the Stinkliar still holding to his position that Barbados is not now or in the forseeable future going to the IMF…………….

    “Oh what a tangle web he weaved when first he practiced to deceive.”

    Get out of this grave Stinkliar if you are a man. All of that bravado and bluster in the videos posted………..to what end?

    Where is Artax to pick to pieces these nasty dems?

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  • Oh shut up Prodigal you sound like what OSA said about the BEES glorious spectators cheering on the sidelines waiting for the country to collapse
    There is nothing here to be jubilant about a patriotic barbadian would be hoping and praying that the lessons learned can be a motivator and a catalyst in pushing barbados out of this financial bind


  • fortyacresandamule

    Nothing is new under the sun. Ever since mankind come together and form the state; intrigue, drama, and machiavellism is part and parcel of political power play. As a consummate student of history, this OSA political drama, is de ja vu for me…. another night of the long knives.


  • This is the direct result of dlp ignorance and arrogance:

    “we aint want to hear nothing from wunnah, wunnah had 14 years, any ideas wunnah got, keep to wunnah selves, now is we time, we gine do things we way”.

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger


    The government knew another downgrade was coming, they know the island is in financial trouble and at risk becaùse of their own incompetence, yet they rushed off and restored their 10% salaries because they are selfish….they only care about themselves annd what they can get
    ….vote them out.


  • @ The Sage Annunaki,

    In your post of 4.26 p.m. you unravelled 75% of the Sphinx-like riddle the ole man attempted to pose to Mr. Caswell Franklyn yesterday.

    What was the gameplay that OSA was employed in?

    Unfortunately dem fellers, bereft as they are of any intellect does come to BU and read up pun what the intelligencia suggest AND, then go off to eff it up, every single time!!!

    Just look at this example for a moment.

    9 years after being in office Lil Caesar Lashley congratulated somebody (heheheheheheh) and i know the source of the idea, and he knows that i know, but that is why he is where he is with that other thing)

    But here we are 9 years post them taking office, implementing something which is the superlative “static medium”!!

    Doan tek my word for it.

    Ask the Honourable Blogmaster how does he promote his website and you will get an insight into the mechanics of enabling such a solution.

    It is extremely hard BUT it is for some of us very easy. heheheheheheheh

    No de ole man is not going to elaborate on this point but suffice it to say that websites are dead insofar as marketing is concerned.

    YOU DO NOT MARKET USING A WEBSITE in this sector oh Sage Annunaki, but then i would have to explain what is “an e-commerce enabled website” to these dummies and why a one-size-fits-all model CANNOT work given a specific item like enabling film.


    But as usual I am easily distracted Anyways back to your observations.

    I will truncate them to weave in my own remarks and questions.

    You said “…OSA>unless he is in charge>the DLP administering bitter medicine>voting block>public sector workers>statutory corporation>other parastatals> and I add “HIS INTERVENTIONS WILL FAIL

    Now such a move>up the stakes>leaving a rather outstanding legacy>rival his idol EWB.

    Then you highlight the optimal outcome i.e. >destroy MAM psychologically>without having to point one vindictively vicious finger in her ‘morally convoluted direction.

    Should OSA take>route>minefield>to achieve >purpose>saving Barbados from economic meltdown>be consensus among Bajans that >‘coalition’ government >indeed highest form of patriotism.

    Let us suppose that he was indeed to be chosen for this position of which you speak, why would he just hours before the decision is to be made in cabinet, speak so visciously about his soon-to-be-bosses? heheheheheheheheh

    Does it not seem strategically convenient that the S&P’s release comes on the same day that this Cabinet decision is to be announced? heheheheheheheheheheh

    Given that the S&P downgrade in actual fact further discommodes the GoB’s borrowing powers would you say that his own remarks themselves were premature or planned? hehehehehehheheh

    Now that i have given you those riddles with rhetorical queries, I will finish with two final questions

    Does OSA’s actions seem to you to be the actions of a man who has turned to become a DLP?

    Now, ammmmm given all of the foregoing what specific hard seed move could OSA play that will oust Mugabe?


    Vincent tell me dat I gots to take my medicine


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