Why the National Democratic Party (NDP) Failed

Submitted by William Skinner, former member and candidate of the National Democratic Party (NDP)
The Late Sir Richard Christopher Haynes founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP)

The Late Sir Richard Haynes founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP)

There is always a root cause that sometimes leads to success and at other times failure. While the root cause of the NDP’s formation was somewhat similar to that of Errol Barrow breaking from Sir Grantley Adam’s Barbados Labour Party and forming the Democratic Labour Party, it is obvious that when Richie Haynes broke away from the Democratic Labour Party, he was no Errol Barrow.

The NDP’s birth was also seen as one man’s personal ambition and although the party was relatively successful, in terms of other third parties, the perception was that its roots were opportunistic. Very early in the party’s life, considerable time was spent trying to overcome Haynes’ negative image. Haynes himself had always said that in politics perception conquers reality. The problem with Haynes’ image was addressed in a position paper authored by Cranston Browne, an Executive member, which stated that Haynes’ image was one of the party’s biggest problems. Although it can be said that Haynes’ positives started to improve, the party’s management was thought to be somewhat secretive.

The BLP and DLP successfully painted Haynes as extremely rich. The propaganda on the ground, being that the party was being financed by wealthy white business people, who had conspired with Haynes to “sell out ” the country. NDP candidates in the field were being accused of not spending the money when they were canvassing. It was very difficult to counter that belief. Most of us were essentially broke and could not compete with our opponents in the money ring. Our candidates, in most cases, could not afford to establish constituency offices and therefore could not afford to convince experienced canvassers in the constituencies to join assist them.

The party was resilient enough to contest three general elections, which in my opinion, was a creditable achievement. However, not having proper constituency branches was a problem from the inception. Haynes was not a big believer in constituency branches. He preferred the town hall styled meetings that provided good optics. He refused to accept that the town hall meetings were attracting the same faces. From a pure public relations perspective, he had a mortal fear of small numbers and did not see the sense in keeping constituency meetings that, for a new party, would scarcely attract more than two dozen people, if the branch was well organized.

When we review the above: the perceived reasons for its failure; Haynes’ negative image; candidates’ weak financial strength and poor constituency presence, it is easy to see why the party could not effectively remove the BLP/DLP. These parties had popular leaders: Forde, Sandiford and Arthur. They have tremendous constituency presence; well established candidates; longstanding financiers and most of all solid supporters. It will be noted that Haynes eventually regained his seat. However, for all his opposition to constituency branches, he maintained excellent constituency management, with an experienced cadre of “captains” even when he was out of parliament.


The late Prime Minister of Jamaica, Mr. Michael Manley, wrote in his book, The Politics of Change, that there are three approaches to politics and therefore three approaches to power since “politics is the business of power”. According to this excellent thinker: there are men who see power as something to be acquired for its own sake; there are those who see power to be used for the purpose of minor adjustment in the society and then there are the idealists who seek to arrange fundamental change. I have concluded that when the National Democratic Party no longer served Haynes’ interest, he quietly put it to sleep.

It was Sir Roy Trotman who said that: “the NDP was formed for the wrong reason, at the wrong time by the wrong people”. There was obviously no party structure that would have been present to prolong its life. Its death therefore was as orchestrated as its birth.

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  1. I must say that I am conflicted insofar as the term “third party” is being used in the context of the abysmal policies and practices of this B/D duopoly.

    My layman’s perspective of what is the greatest challenge of a third party in barbados lies is how, even in the face of the scandalous performances of successive governments, how does a third party address the pervasive issue of “financial strength” (euphemism for bribing the constituents when you go to visit their house and they need a load of sand through your “contribution”) and providing that “constituency presence” that the electorate demands, read a place where, after getting the first load of sand, they can now come for the bricks for the foundation.

    My “conflict” is more my shame, my shame that at 2017, over 60 percent of the bajan electorate, is STILL IN THAT simplistic MINDSET and therefore, irrespective of me show them the evidence of

    (a).the BWA building cost Bajans $60M and it still is not finished and the man responsible for that raped the people and now claiming that Decimals Bond Stinkliar responsible but he want a next term

    (b).MTW buying millions in Buses yet all the buses park in Weymouth and Transport Board Mechanics can get paid to fix them but i outsourcing repairs to the same company that leasing me a vehicle and I want a next term

    and several hundreds of infelicities, I jes cannot get these BBs to understand why supporting a Third party is soooo important.

    It will be hard for that third part that has to contend with that endemic mentality

    I cant understand it but then again, I am part of said brassbowl mentality myself and so reason is also lost on my scvunt.

  2. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right – INRI

    “I must say that I am conflicted insofar as the term “third party” is being used in the context of the abysmal policies and practices of this B/D duopoly.”

    You are absolutely correct in real political terms , third parties will be fighting one party: DLPBLP. It will be noted that even Sir Hilary Beckles had opposed the NDP , in that he saw the NDP as a threat to the the establishment and said that it would retard all the progress made. This is the same Beckles who sees himself as a progressive change agent. For a third party to progress it must denounce both the BLPand DLP with equal fervour. Any third party that attempts to gain only ground from one will lose that ground to the other. Both the DLP and BLP must be cast in one light. A simple message: After fifty collective years they have done equally well and badly. They both need to go.

  3. William,

    This analysis very good and you should work on it a bit more. We need good political history. I was never a member of the NDP, but have had a number of discussions with leading members, including the late Leroy Harewood, who for reasons I could not understand, despised Sir Richard. I was greatly disappointed in that because I admired Leroy.
    I know for a fact that at the time of his death Sir Richard was considering a re-launch of the NDP, or at least was giving it serious consideration. I know he badly missed McClean’s contribution.
    He was a gentleman/politician and sometimes found the bear pit rather rough. He also made a major political mistake which was to be repeated by a younger generation.
    When he lost the leadership battle with Sandiford, instead of walking out of the DLP he should have placed himself on the backbench and make his contributions from there.
    Sandiford was destined to fail, and with Sir Richard on the backbench members would have turned to him as a plausible alternative leader.
    There was a perception that many of the NDP leadership were too middle class, too pompous, and lacked street credibility. Sir Richard was also aware of this perception.
    But, in many ways, the NDP came before its time. We must also remember that a lot of the negative things said about Sir Richard was just envy.
    He never once refused to meet or address Barbadians in London if asked.
    I know of one former senior civil servant who was at school with Sir Richard who stopped speaking to him because in the 6th form he drove to school.
    Sir Richard died nearly 60 years later and the two never spoke to each other again. As a famous Guyanese poet once said, to paraphrase her, Bajans are a long memoried people.

  4. I have said elsewhere and I repeat. A political party must have a distinct philosophy or ideology in order to capture the imagination and support of the masses.The NDP never convinced the electorate that it was offering anything different from the two existing parties.It was perceived as more about entitlement to leadership. And that is never enough. The periodic shift from B to D has to do with the Electorate’s perception as to who will deliver the social democrat deliverables. Money is not the solution. In 2013 the BLP had more campaign finance, but did not win.The Barbadian electorate is more sophisticated than some members on BU think. They will eat you out . Drink you out and Vote you out.

  5. This article has treasure trove of reasons why third parties have up hill climbs as being taken seriously as alternative political parties
    People ideas and philosophies are bonds which unite and solidfy one undivided commitment to an establish political parties
    Finding the key to breaking that bond is for the most part an exercise in futility
    However there is also the moral ground which when pursued against established parties can make siginficant gains in allowing a third party to make serious inroads and positive gains in pursuit of their goal.
    Yes the economy but do not discount Trust as one of the biggest players in an electorate mind

  6. The problem with a ‘third party’ in Barbados is actually quite simple… but it is not very flattering.
    Bajans are such simple-minded brass bowls, that we do not have the capacity to conceptualise any other reality – other than that which we have experienced – or one that some outsider comes and impose on our donkeys.

    Shiite man!! we do not even have TWO parties – they are BOTH the same identical shiite – just with different shitters.

    Bushie and BAFFY outlined a new paradigm based on a principle that has WORKED successfully for the same ingrunt brass bowls for the last fifty years (more so than ANYTHING ELSE IN the God-forsaken place) ….. and not a fella is even able to get the point – far less embrace a new political philosophy.

    Had Clement Payne not come from Trinidad we would still be whispering shiite about holding the 1939 revolt…..

    What NDP what??!!
    Richie Haynes was a joker who could not get his way with Dipper and ran off in protest with no new philosophy or plan…..or even apparently, any ability to execute.
    He only confirmed EWB’s lack of confidence in him.

  7. @ Hal
    Thanks for the compliment. Leroy Harewood is my personal friend , mentor and Comrade. Leroy did not dislike Richie personally but as expected there were deep philosophical and ideological differences. I have sat with Richie and Leroy and there was mutual respect. It is true that Leroy did contest Richie for the leadership. It might surprise you to learn there were at least six well known Pan Africanists /progressives in the NDP and the only one who supported Leroy was Comrade David Denny. More to come on that.
    I concur that much of the criticism of Richie was a bit of envy. Apparently, in our country, blacks are not supposed to be rich. However, Haynes did little to counter these attacks.
    You are absolutely correct about his admiration for Wendell McClean who was a very productive member.
    @Bernard Codrington,
    It is obvious that you have never availed yourself of the policies of the NDP such as: having a contractor general, 100 % mortages; intergity legislation;progressive program for the arts; a beginners tool kit for technically inclined youth etc. The NDP was going to deregulate the energy sector and create competition to break the monopoly of the Light and power company. The NDP was the first political a party to insist that the personal conduct of its members was paramount to political office; it offered more female candidates than the two established parties and I could go on and on. In terms of party structure it was the only political party at the time that placed the election of the party leader in the hands of ALL the members and not constituency branches/ delegates that could be politically seduced/bought.

  8. Living abroad, I never knew much about the NDP. Yet your writings are instructive for any new party. 1) You need money 2) You need presence (and 1 helps with 2?). And in Barbados where politics is like a religion, to break that B or D fuh life, takes time and perseverance. And did I mention…money.

  9. Bernard Codrington,

    What are the ideological differences between the B|LP and DLP? No, I will make it easier, what are the policy differences between the two parties? No easier still: what are the ethical differences between the two parties?
    Please explain, as I must have missed a trick.

  10. William,

    I had the greatest admiration for Lee, and like you regarded him as a mentor. I spent days and days with Leroy in the Black Star bookshop in Pinfold Street, listening to his wealth knowledge; I was a regular visitor to his digs in Oval, South London, and while he was at Warwick University. In fact, he introduced me to the formal study of industrial relations and to people such as Frantz Fanon, the Harlem Renaissance, to Richard B. Moore and others.
    I know that he held strong views about Sir Richard, because we discussed them. My personal view, and I have no evidence for this, is that the more seriously ill Leroy got the more urgently he wanted the revolution.

  11. ”Richie Haynes was a joker who could not get his way with Dipper and ran off in protest with no new philosophy or plan…..or even apparently, any ability to execute.
    He only confirmed EWB’s lack of confidence in him.”


    Haynes had no interest nor pretense about such.

    Those who got close to him could attest

  12. @ Pacha
    “Haynes had no interest or pretence about such” what?

    Are you saying that he was OK with being bypassed with Sandi?
    Haynes was clearly more intelligent – even than Barrow, but politically he was not as astute. He clearly felt shafted in the DLP (and truly he was – just like Crawford was)…. and rather than exercise the masterful virtue of PATIENCE, he ran off with the ill-conceived NDP.

    Politics in Barbados is a self-destructive set of shiite.

    If we had a system that promoted people who CARED ABOUT BARBADOS, then we would seek out true talent and PUSH it to the forefront. But instead, we have settled for a set of parasites who seek to kill of ANY talent wherever they see it – in order to protect their OWN SELFISH interest.

    Not only in politics – all over the damned place.
    Richie was not man enough to ‘stay the course’ and CONTINUE to display his superior intellect and nationalism, but succumbed to the temptation to become THE big star….

    Same shiite with the opposition now too…. They will do NOTHING to move the country forward because they do not really care about ordinary Bajans whose donkeys will suffer – they care ONLY about doing whatever it takes to become THE BIG stars….
    ….and they will too…… big start in the little shiite Hell that will be left when the whole charade ends.

  13. @ David

    “@Hal and William

    Can you point to writings by Harewood for the benefit of the younger folk?”

    The best source would be the Black Star paper. I think the public library should have some copies. The Black Star building was burnt down. Comrade Harewood had spent some years in England , when he returned he did some writing, taught at the Lodge School and was fairly active and admired by the Pan Africanists. He was particularly fond of Comrade David Denny. I know he intended to write a very critical book about Errol Barrow but that project , I don’t think, was completed.
    His name and insights to his work are mentioned in some books and so on by other progressive Caribbean writers.
    On a very personal note, I can say, that he was always gracious especially to elder folk and delighted in farming and fishing. I remember, going on a fishing trip with him, in a very small oar boat. He started to catch some fish and he said to me: “Comrade, imagine we are out here in this little boat catching fish and these jokers cannot even get a proper fishing industry , to feed the people.”
    There are two progressive men that have a very profound influence on me: Comrade Harewood and Comrade John Cumberbatch. They both possessed very sharp minds and were sincere and genuine in their work and beliefs. It amazed me how they both had this great love for older people and never once thought that they were intellectually superior to others.
    Nothing disappoints and angers me more than witnessing the current group/class of bogus pseudo intellectuals ruining not only Barbados but the entire Caribbean.

  14. @Bushie, WHY do we play this absolute inane game about intelligence and politics. Success in politics is ALL about being ‘astute’.

    People with the right attitude, penchant for hardwork, who are telegenic (in modern era) and are eloquent will out-do those who are ‘intelligent’ as rated by academics or such on the political scene.

    Of course good politicians need to have a healthy IQ but that can never be the foremost or even principal aspect.

    And in which utopia other than your 10-point plan would you or HAVE you ever seen the political system “that promoted people who CARED ABOUT [the country]”?

  15. Yes, every politician wears her or his caring heart on their sleeve but when the initial care package is delivered (Bdos Independence and initial expansion of Bajan education et al; Cuba shaking off their yoke of capitalist oppression or any other example you select) do these caring souls redouble themselves to expand care for everyone…including opponents or do they redouble efforts to care for their legacy !

    The rhetoric sounds good but it just does not gel with reality.

    Some of the most consequential leaders (Dr King, Mahatma Gandhi) in our lifetime have been outside elective politics. And even the elected Nelson Mandela started and developed his deep caring outside politics at the ballot box.

    As a young man Dr Haynes came over as a dedicated, forward thinking man who had the best interest of the island at heart. He also came over as patrician, arrogant and deeply ambitious to be primus among equals. In those regards frankly he seemed no different to Barrow, Adams, Arthur, Sandiford or Trump.

  16. Bushie

    We agree with you

    Except, Haynes never pretended he was the politician with a ‘philosophy’ like Barrow et al

    In other words, he was the anti-Barrow.

  17. David

    The Institute of Commonwealth Studies has a fairly comprehensive collection of Black Star newspapers. I know some individuals who have copies. I know Lee had a couple manuscripts, but were unpublished.

  18. @ Hal Martin at 4: 58 AM

    I thought that I had made my position quite clear that there is no Ideological or significant difference in philosophy in the BLP or DLP in previous interventions. It is a matter of the perception of the electorate as to which team of leaders are left of centre and which team can best manage and deliver the promises of the mixed economy model.

    Despite the views of those who claim to know the players in the NDP the perception of those who make the difference, in the voting booths, were different.

  19. As Bushie quite elegantly pointed out,the successful politician must have a certain level of political savvy. He must be astute at knowing which button to press and which lever to pull and when. Barrow, the two Adams’s and Cammie Tudor were masters of this skill.

  20. If Bajans were NOT brass bowls;
    and IF we were wise enough to look after our OWN interests….

    Winter Crawford would have played a much greater role in governance.
    Richie Haynes would have succeeded Barrow
    Henry Ford would have been the PM instead of Owen..
    David Come-and-sing-a-song would have been recruited and groomed for a meaningful role in national governance
    Caswell would have been playing a critical role in a meaningful Senate.
    David(BU) would be the owner of the Nation
    Piece would have been in charge of Government IT
    Alvin would have been in Jenkins
    Carl Moore would be on BU less…
    AC would be a seamstress…

    …and there would have been no need for Bushie to be whacking this lotta brass bowlery every day. Instead, the Bushman could be relaxing and enjoying his blenders…..

    What a damned world…. 🙂
    Except of course, that whacking is sweet as shiite ….ha ha ha ha

  21. @ William Skinner February 22, 2017 at 8:53 PM
    “For a third party to progress it must denounce both the BLPand DLP with equal fervour. Any third party that attempts to gain only ground from one will lose that ground to the other. Both the DLP and BLP must be cast in one light. A simple message: After fifty collective years they have done equally well and badly. They both need to go.”

    Wouldn’t you consider yourself to be that person perfectly suited to fill that void that currently exists on the local political landscape?

    You have requisite experience, philosophical mooring, and moral compass to employ your skill-set to execute your well-honed plan in saving Barbados from those twin wicked devils called Tweedlebee and Tweedledem.

    Why not dusk Richie’s plan off the shelf and meet the crying need of the disappointed Bajans for a third ‘viable’ political party?

    He would not mind if you plagiarize his work and use his ‘posthumous’ name in your patriotic drive to resuscitate his NDP under the redesigned banner titled RNDP (Richie’s New Democratic Party).

    Barbados needs you Mr. Skinner, to save them from the evil DBLP twins! Don’t let your beloved country down in its time of dire need.

    ‘Never in the field of Bajan politics was so much owed to so many by so few good men and women (you included, WS)’.

    “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.

  22. @ Hal Austin at 11: 18 AM

    The conservative /National parties were an anachronism and died a natural death. Social democracy in Barbados did not commence in the 1940s. Long before then, comprehensive health services , an education system and care for orphans and the indigent were put in place in the mid 19th century. They were improved upon and expanded later by the labour parties.

    Political parties do have shelf lives. I am sure Bushie and David and the fellow from another galaxy would appreciate your input in formulating winning strategies and policies.

  23. @BC
    “I have said elsewhere and I repeat. A political party must have a distinct philosophy or ideology in order to capture the imagination and support of the masses.”

    I wonder if things are as complicated as you make them out to be. Philosophy and ideology? The answer may be as a simple as ‘personality’. Quite often we are splitting hairs and packaging the same old soup in different containers. I submit toy you, it all boils down to having the more winning personality.


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  25. Dear All:

    In my opinion, the NDP: had a superior message, had superior candidates, were the official opposition, had a weekly article in the most subscribed paper, were popular at the “right” time (during a poorly performing economy) and yet they failed. Why? In my opinion, they could not convince the electorate that they could manage the national economy any better than the BLP or DLP.

    Most of the NDP candidates were known nationally for their professional competence, but not for their management of a business or local economy. However, I do not know if the election results would have been the same had they ran candidates with management experience at that time.

    Perhaps the Barbadian electorate were not sufficiently mature around 25 years ago. For our children’s sake, we must hope that after 50 years of universal education and independence, we will be.

    Best regards,

  26. @nextparty246 February 23, 2017 at 6:48 PM #

    As William pointed out lack of funds for all the candidates except Richie Haynes was a major problem for the NDP at the time. I submit that funding of political campaigns has become a bigger and more essential factor since that time, so new parties will most likely find the going much tougher now than in the time of the NDP.

  27. NDP failed, just like these three parties will fail, because it had the same losers that made up the other parties running it!!

    There is not a single original thought that can be found among the three parties at the moment.

    The see Trump won as an outsider without realizing the core values that made the man!!

  28. Perhaps given the size of the electorate and the relative homogeneity of the citizenry Barbados should consider the pros and cons of proportional representation with a ratio of 10,000 citizens to 1 parliamentarian.Further,there should be more involvement of the citizenry by a form of local government,replacing the waste called constituency councils.

  29. John

    Steupseeeeee to that part about the “values” that make up the pokey grabber” that you laud

    Trunk won because of the Russians and he will will tow the line as the machinery that is the Mighty USofA tells him to walk.

    You are a so called man of God, let Trunk walk outside to the box and one shall see where the true power lies

    The overlap of the venn diagram solely lies in the xenophobia that is his signature like his hotel name, namely his embedded anti-semitism but he “won” due to simple online hacking.

    I however have to agree with you begrudgingly that “…There is not a single original thought that can be found among the five political parties at the moment….”

    @ Grenville II

    While it was not expected that you would have voiced your opinion, it was “prophesied” that you, and the other four parties will be scouring BU looking for ideas.

    The reason that people did not vote for the NDP then was more based on the perception that people in that day, did not want their vote to be “wasted”

    When you are staring down the barrel of a gun, very few people stop to see if the attacker is wearing a belt.

    The analogy is that what is facing the people of barbados is 23 years of alternative governments doing the same thing over and over again. People are not going to focus on the belt that we have been asked to tighten all these years, but on the prospect of that bullet coming out of the barrel of that weapon at themselves and their family

    This screen shot shows how the ultra secret database of the Barbados Census Department, CITIZEN INFORMATION WHICH BY LAW IS SUPPOSED TO BE CONFIDENTIAL, has been illegally merged with the Geographical Information Database of the Barbados Water Authority.

    This provides the Democratic Labour Party with the information of (i) who lives where and (ii) more importantly, permits them to manipulate voter data during the upcoming elections

    While, neither having a GIS system, nor a proper Census Gathering App is undesirable for a nation, what is illegal is that the Census Information being used and provided to BWA is disallowed by law.

    The Barbados Water Authority surveys was a cover through which the DLP now is able to click on any household, while at their George Street HQ, and tell who lives in a house, if they are employed, where they work, how much money they are earning .

    But what is wrong and illegal is that the Government of Barbados has paid for their voting system!!

    here is a screen shot below


    So George Pigrim and AC can click on any household and tell your business Grenville AND ADDITIONALLY SPEAK TO YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ON DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE POPULATION like inform on how many of the Barrow era people are still alive, and well enough to vote.

    The DLP can by using its illegal software, impute your vote and therefore assign resources to that jurisdiction or constituency and effect the usual “corn beef and biscuits.” scam

    This is the software that the imposter Stephen Williams claimed to have been the developer of when he was speaking that the symposium dat Dr. Boyce of the European Development Agency is purported to commend.

    Now here is the thing Grenville II as you continue your merry march with your (gullible?) beliefs, suppose a former government had assess to the ballots and stubs that are left in safekeeping at the Central Police Station?

    Is it not possible then, over the course of years, said party could technically have matched the so called secret ballot to a stub and reconstitute a clear picture of who voted for whom?

    Clearly this is a Robert Ludlum type confabulation but you tell me my man what the format of the Barbados Water authority’s survey document was, a document solely to give you a water meter, tell de ole man whu um looked like!!

    Wunna wid de ole man yet???

    Steupseeee, I really gots to see if my girlfriend in Europe can put up wid an ole man like me dribbling all ovah she furniture in she penthouse in ***


  30. But Piece, …how many years now Bushie was telling wunna that it is DEAD easy to create a database of the elector ballot papers after election and to merge that database with one from the torn off ballot stubs to create a complete list of EXACTLY who voted and for whom…

    Even AC could manage that task, so anyone who doubts that it would be done probably plans to vote for Froon in a future elections too…

    THERE IS NO WAY THAT NID numbers should be placed on those voter ballots….unless of course the idea is to create such a database. We can’t have politicians appointing persons to boards and jobs without knowing how they voted …can we..?

    But then again…. what difference does it make if you beat up on a jackass…?

  31. In other words, …. there was nothing to differentiate Richie Haynes and his lot from the rest

    Same as now with the new parties.

    They see Trump win against the odds and believe it was because he was an outsider … which he happened to be.

    Never understood his values so they present themselves as a viable alternative when all the time they are one in the same …. shoddy and lacking in any demonstrable values.

    When I hear them say they will do the job at $1 per year and don’t expect any pensions … then, maybe ….. we have a game!!

  32. @Hal Austin February 22, 2017 at 9:19 PM “I know for a fact that at the time of his death Sir Richard was considering a re-launch of the NDP, or at least was giving it serious consideration.”

    A Real Simple Response: This would have worked wonderfully if he had not taken up smoking which still a youth.

    @Hal Austin February 22, 2017 at 9:19 PM “He never once refused to meet or address Barbadians in London if asked.”

    A Real Simple Response: He might have been more successful had he spent more time talking to Bajans in Rock Hall (any one of the Rock Halls) because the Bajans in London can’t vote for anybody in Barbados. The current generation of politicians should keep this in mind too.

    @Hal Austin February 22, 2017 at 9:19 PM “I know of one former senior civil servant who was at school with Sir Richard who stopped speaking to him because in the 6th form he drove to school.”

    Bajan men can be amazingly, amazingly, amazingly petty. Lolll!!! Of course his health and longevity (and ours) would have been much better if he walked more and drove less.

  33. I vote for Bizzy, Mr E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year for PM.

    He gine earn $2/Y cause that is US$1. And if’in he too pale then Everson Ellock or dat fellah who uses to run Cable & Wireless long time ago and den was ambassador and ting.

    Dem is propa people.

  34. @John February 25, 2017 at 2:03 PM “When I hear them say they will do the job at $1 per year and don’t expect any pensions.”

    Sometime I wonder why our politicians worry so much about pensions since so many die of their excesses long before that can spend much of their pension, and then the widows, poor souls cannot remarry because they are afraid of losing our sweet, sweet tax money…although they may never the less be taking man/fornication.


  35. Simple Simon,

    Of course, Barbadians in the Diaspora are of no significance. I asked the forum before: why did the National/Conservative parties failed? Were there any similarities with the NDP?

  36. I liked Richie but how cud we be making this man out to be a political gorilliphant when he nah was able to gets we Bajans to vote for his peoples for two washing cycles.

    He was handsome, talked sweet and was sharp fah days. And had piece-a money too. All dem qualities dem mothers want for dem daughters, women to be dem boyfriends and men wants to be like. He was political dyno-mite.

    But he didn’t have de bossman Barrow coattails. Or maybe de bashment wasn’t ready fah he den.

    Oh shiiiite, can you imagine someone looking at Phillips and saying ‘Grenville, I knew Dr. Haynes and you are no Richie Haynes’. Pee my pants.

    I think he wudda have long as hell coattails now tho.

    So where is you, Mr New Richard Haynes?

  37. Dat is so disrespectful tho. How wanna cud say that Bajans out in England and NY and Tampa and Miami ent important peoples too. Wanna mekking lotta mock sport.

    When Mia or Freu-Manchu turn up at Eddie Alleyne Brooklyn, NY church there in Bim’s 12 parish wanna think that dem Bajans don’t show dat dem can be green with love and not envy.

    Wanna so, so disrespectful it really ain’t funny. But I gine laugh still tho. Hahahaa.

  38. @Hal Austin February 25, 2017 at 5:37 PM “Simple Simon, Of course, Barbadians in the Diaspora are of no significance.”

    Don’t put words in my mouth.

    I am competent enough to speak for myself.

    I did NOT say that Bajans in the diaspora are of no significance. I said that Bajans in London [and let me add New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Toronto, Montreal, Castries, Kingston and Kingstown etc. ] cannot vote in Barbados’ elections, and that it is more important that politicians ‘court’ people who can actually vote in elections.

    Is that not the truth?

    I’ve lived in Barbados and I’ve lived out of Barbados and when I lived out of Barbados I did not vote in Barbados’ elections, nor did I pay much tax in Barbados, except for property tax, and tax on the minor part of my income/assets earned or held in Barbados.

    Politicians need to court the people who can vote here, who work here and who pay tax here.

    So I restate politicians ought to spend their time courting their constituents.

    And too bad if you don’t like this truth.

  39. Richie Haynes ought to have spent more time courting the Bajan people who live from River Bay to Crane and from Black Rock to Bawdens. And this current crop of politicians will do well to remember this.

    Barbados unlike some places eg. the USA does not have overseas voting, and Barbados Tax authorities (unlike the U.S.’s Internal Revenue Service, does not routinely collect tax from Bajans resident overseas except for minor property tax.

    So just as there is no taxation without representation, then there is no representation without taxation.

    You pay your tax to Her Majesty’s Revenue Service, so it is correct that you should vote there.

  40. @Iggy Brathwaite February 25, 2017 at 6:01 PM “When Mia or Freu-Manchu turn up at Eddie Alleyne Brooklyn, NY church…”

    But just about now those Bajans are paying tribute to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and not to the Barbados Revenue Authority.

    A’int that so?

  41. I don’t think you will find a Bajan who has made it without being a creature of the system.

    Unless you can find an “outsider” in the trust sense of the word .. as in non Bajan …. there are probably no outsiders who are Bajans and could even hope to come close to Trump!!

    Therein lies the problem!!

    We are stuck in the mud!!

  42. Is the NDP making a comeback? The cyclist was captured riding happily along the street of Barbados this week. Must be a good quality shirt William!

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