Regional News: Digicel to Send Home Hundreds of Employees

Afra Raymond Citizen Advocate

Afra Raymond Citizen Advocate

Digicel preparing to fire several hundred employees globally

Digicel – a major player in the mobile, broadband and tv market across several Caribbean countries – is preparing to fire several hundred employees over the next 18 months. A new org structure will see regional hubs  – two for the Caribbean and Central America and two for the Pacific region – providing back office functions and delivering shared services.

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CEMEX reports tenfold increase in 2016 net income

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Despite net income skyrocketing from 75m USD in 2015 to 750m USD in 2016 – CEMEX, the Mexican multinational heavy-weight saw a decrease in its numbers across certain geographical markets including South, Central America and the Caribbean:

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The Secret Society

Our Secret Society is a Terrible Truth for us in the Republic of T&T…who is holding secrets for who and what can we do? (Recorded on Saturday, 1 October 2016) Programme Date: 20 February 2017 Programme Length: 11:46

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20 thoughts on “Regional News: Digicel to Send Home Hundreds of Employees

  1. We never learn. These international companies -telcos, banks etc – enter Barbados and the Caribbean and rape us with high charges although we have regulated markets. When it suits them they change their business models and leave us holding the bag.

  2. No big surprise there, they just ship the profits to their own countries, governments in the Caribbean will never learn.

  3. @ WW&COB
    ….they just ship the profits to their own countries, governments in the Caribbean will never learn.
    Brass bowls DO NOT learn. There are condemned to repeating the same brass bowlery over …and over …and over.
    Despite having been bitten many times before, we still have idiots – such as the editorial writer in today’s Nation, writing shiite about the ‘benefits’ of selling our national assets.

    Know when we will learn??? …when the REAL impact hits home with the INEVITABLE collapse that will come when our foreign-owned banks, telecom, and electric systems collapse after the Canadian and Trickidadian owners have maxed out their profits …and there is only skin and bones left….

  4. @VH “MAMs March” can only be successful once the numbers that are truly disgusted by the current Government show up in their droves.

    This Govenrment NEEDS to go like yesterday!

  5. @ Vincent
    MAM’s march will achieve something …. sweat….
    …and not even too much of that …because it is in the afternoon and will probably be little more than a few hundred yards – which is all that the fat brass bowls could probably manage anyway…
    Bushie will be there, but it is a lotta shiite!!

    This march should be led by the church; the unions; the Credit Unions;community leaders; the sports community; the unemployed; pensioners…..
    MAM shiite!!

    Passing strange she only manages to come up with these ‘leadership’ initiatives AFTER BU and other media have managed to ramp up the volume?
    How come she only knew about CAHILL after David published the damn documents?
    How come she don’t have access to national financial information? Is LOTO not a formal parliamentary post – with access to more data that David(BU)?

    If she was worth more than Paddy shot at, she would have created a stink RIGHT after Stinkliar and Kellman REFUSED to appear before the PAC hearing…..and when she and her pack of lackies re-entered parliament and subjected themselves to the thieving Speaker after his exposure, it told Bushie everything he needed to know…
    Shiite birds of a feather flock together…

    Bushie marching like shiite!!…. but only because this brass bowlery is just too good to miss…
    female rabbits of biblical proportions….

  6. @ Bush Tea@ 8: 15 PM

    You are so right. I hope you are not prophetic,because that will be catastrophic for all of us. That is how the Capitalist system function. The only loyalty is to profit. They do not give two raspberries about the employees. Regulatory bodies can only function when they are quite clear what their roles are, and align these roles to the mission of the society .

    The law favours those with political and economic power . Therefore it is necessary for regulators to provide a countervailing force.

  7. Digicel is a highly leveraged company. The majority shareholder, Dennis O’brian, routinely dips into cash flow and pays himself handsomely…. even when the company posts income statement loss.Go figure. Another observation, because of massive depreciation allowance and high interest charge , Digicel and Flow pay little or next to nothing in income tax. I wouldn’t be surprised if O’brian sells the company and call it a day …smiling all the way to the bank.

  8. The Barbados CEO should be the first to go here, running a declining business and being Grossly over paid by a mile! The problem is it’s VSP and just like before those employees who ask for it may be denied and stuck in a Digicel career trap! Things are very unwell internally if you speak to any employee.

  9. These multinationals buy their way into the hearts of caribbean legislators via the PIG doctrine. Incompetent Caricom politicians have mismanaged these small open economies where these island states are literally beggers ripe for picking. Wholesale selling of state assets is just the beginning.

    Multinationals just bait and switch after all the benefits of tax concessions have run out!

  10. Digicel such a corrupt environment , with expats reaping all they can,fixing numbers and leaving trail of destruction for long serving bajan employees.

  11. Let’s see if we can predict what will be said and done by Barbados’ big bizzines guru if they cannot stop the hemorrhage

    Complain it’s Governments fault
    Convince the public it’s unfair competition
    Remove its signs from buildings and reduce advertising
    Disassociate with the Company and the board
    Let the chips fall where they may ( runaway from taxes and statutory obligations )
    Determine and construct/manipulate how to carve off profitable areas of the business helping to erode the remaining value of the business as it tries to consolidate.
    Complain it’s Governments fault
    Convince the public it’s unfair competition

  12. Digicel employees find out today the redundancy package on offer , this will drive the numbers on the amount leaving depending on how lucrative it is.and of course if they are approved to leave as last time many were denied. I wonder how this affects the higher paid expats, CEO(Looney) CFO(Sharma)manager of business solutions(Keogh)CEO of play Charlie clementson) and the regional CEO Paul Osborne. As combined their annual salary is north of US$1million!

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