LIME’s Operations Must be AUDITED

News out of Jamaica this week is that LIME has to pay Digicel more than J$1.5 billion dollars for wrongly withholding money for calls from LIME’s fixed line subscribers to Digicel mobile phones. This is not the first time the regulators have had to arbitrate to force telecommunications companies in the region to do the honest thing. All the while LIME, Digicel and the others push the message of being good corporate citizens.

Have we, Barbadian consumers, ever wondered who is championing our rights? In the same way LIME and Digicel who are always at each other’s throats to demand their rights – what about the consumers? The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) and other bodies have been created with supporting legislation to safeguard consumer interest as well as the Utilities but one gets the impression after several years that the system is not responding to citizens in the same way it does for the utilities.  What are consumers to do in the circumstances? Our politicians have no motivation to change anything because they are puppets of these corporate marauders. We have a non existent consumer body. Our citizens are lazy and see no need to forcefully demonstrate against the system. Some will say we deserve being chaffed.

If the FTC or some other agency knowledgeable about telecommunications and empowered to investigate were to do so, what would they discover if there was a focus on the operations of LIME as an example? We have suggested LIME, formerly Bartel and C&W because of its longevity in the market. Subscribers believe LIME has been shafting Barbadians for years through a series of actions.

Has LIME been appending charges to phone bills (individuals and business) confident that bills are not checked in detail? If such a scenario is taking place is it logical to conclude the inaccuracy in billing is software driven? It would have to be software driven IF it is occurring because the alternative would be to ‘clue in’  local employees.

Can Barbadians be confident our regulatory agencies have the capacity to investigate local telcoms? Do they even have the interest, the skillset to monitor this or permit independent reviews when customers make accusations?  A simple fee disclosure for ANY type of monthly service which those of us who travel observe is a norm in developed markets where C&W operates. In the current setup how can anyone independently query utility charges i.e. reconciliation,  without relying solely on LIME?

BU offers the view that if all business and individual consumers in Barbados were to demand an audit of services being billed which may or may not be listed on the monthly billing, LIME’s payables would significantly increase. How are Barbadian subscribers to demand transparency given the supine disposition of the FTC, the ignorance of the political directorate and the innate passive characteristic of the Bajan? Forger about media practitioners who can be bought with the latest smartphone.

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  1. David

    Without going into details now I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU (how nice) in your last paragraph. Lime’s latest is a fantastic new but temporary deal before things get tough a year hence half the service for four times the cost. Now that’s a real deal.

    Question….did anyone get a Lime bill for December normally payable around 11th of the next month? Mine stretches from Dec 3 to Jan 22.

    • @Onions

      People like you who can use resources to promote platforms like BU to spread the message. These messages can translate to injuring share price if raised to the right level decibel.

  2. No David

    There are no real markets in the Caribbean which are responsive to this sort of thing in the short or medium term.

  3. One of Balzac’s epigrams aptly applies to businesses and wealth in today’s business world regardless if it’s a metropolis or a tiny island.

    It’s being told by very good sources that the bar association led by Tariq Khan is now complaining that the area of the Supreme Court Complex on Whitepark, the old foundry location, is becoming a health hazard.

    Putting aside that it’s on the same street and location of the laundry that caused many deaths at the now defunct Louis Lynch School on Whitepark Road; I must say that the Supreme Court is the perfect environment for all the toxic lawyers who greedily and without conscience make a career out of victimizing, stealing from and selling out their own clients, they must also take responsibility for creating their own toxic air….this is a who the cap fits statement.

    I hope Khan knows that there will be absolutely no sympathy for the lawyers who may die as a result of a toxic environment.

    BTW…the HPV vaccine is still being investigated by the USFDA because of safety concerns re life threatening side effects. Because two extremely racist and greedy countries, Australia and New Zealand have heavily invested their money in the drug, does not make it safe to use. I will not apologize for this statement and who don’t like it…..too bad, how sad. Racism and Greed go hand in hand.

    Not everyone in Canada is giving permission to be used as guinea pigs ast he dude from AUS/NEW ZEE was trying to lead Bajans to believe. I personally know university students in Canada who refused the vaccine pending the results of the USFDA investigation that is still ongoing.

    Parents should do their own investigations and research, call the USFDA and visit their website, so they can make their own informed decisions concerning the health of their children; do not be bullied by doctors, government or the very highly paid agents of the drugs owners residing down under while their agents run around the earth trying to convince everyone that there is an HPV epidemic running loose.

    • There is a reason why these mega multinational companies as they wish.

      There is a reason why policy makers in our region are indifferent to building strong governance structures.

      There is a reason why people get the government they deserve.

  4. ………..LIME encapsulates the Carib- scape without regards to creek or class. Same ole same ole, he who pays the piper kicks ass.

    Interesting enough a caller on Friday’s Brass Tack program questioned with total exasperation (like Ross)…why the Dec- Jan bills were massed…coming out of the discussion was that one needs to pay closer attention to those package cost.

    • We are such an educated and yet the possibilities occurring how our Utilities operate continue to escape notice.

  5. One day on…why has this post attracted such little comment? Is Lime getting away with murder?

    Pachabanana…rest yourself.

    Well Well

    How like a woman… (nice) and then witter about something else. I dunno about Khan’s comments. But the area generally does seem prone to something or other. I am thinking of the old CLS site in Pinfold Street. But I wish the BA would cease wittering about relative trivia – if that’s what’s happened. Last year – was it? – it was car parking.

    Mind Well Well, do beware of listening to gossip. Careless talk costs lives. Leave all that to……err no, I won’t say it. We’re friends on a sunbeam.

  6. Lime has been robbing Caribbean people from the time of C&W. In England they are practically no more, because of the market opening up to other service providers; so they will do anything to remain in the Caribbean, especially if they get back the monopoly again, and with our deep pocket politicians, who know what will happen.

  7. Old Onions

    Thank you…I’ve just seen your report. Now it looks as if benefits calculated on a monthly basis have been rolled into seven weeks. So, eg, you have 1000 free minutes monthly. BUT they’ve taken the monthly minutes and calculated them over seven weeks. So they say ‘Oh but you’ve exceeded your monthly minutes so you’re gonna pay for the excess’. In my own case what should have been nil translates to $300+ as a consequence of the equation X = X + .75X.

    On my bill there is also an unexplained $80+ charge. Lime says it’s for something not charged in November. Whether or not – I don’t know – they are levying unexplained charges at will and that’s not good enough.

    Meanwhile, as I say, there’s a nice fella (Pacha would like him) who keeps calling me and asking me to go over to a new scheme. The old scheme (at $50.00) gave me 2000 free minutes for this and that. The new scheme – as a very special bonus from Lime as they keep saying but for only one year – gives you 1000 free minutes at a cost of $200.00. God is great.

  8. Absolutely Fantastic!!

    When and where an ignoramus like me would rant and rave on a matter of this gravity I can depend on people with your wordskills to take a topic and to fashion it so powerfully that I am blown away.

    Keep up the good work David

    De Ole Man going comment soon.


  9. @ Robert Ross

    You have made an interesting observation namely why would it be that this article has attracted so few commentators on what affects so many Bajan Households


    Do you think that Fear is the key, fear of a retribution inflicted by the hand of the sanitized hand of the British Intelligence Services?

    I know that this remark about the British Intelligence Services is”disconnected?” and somewhat left side to the topic at caption.

    I am surprised that Pachamama with his normal commentary did not even remark about this seemingly innocuous detail to append this aspect of additional THEFT practiced by Cable and Wireless

    Few Bajans either know nor care that C&W LIME unilaterally changed every single username and password OF EVERY SINGLE MODEM, the ADSL modems in our homes!!!

    Very few Bajans know, or care, about the Administrator/Password component of our services. Very few have a need to periodically check these

    “I fear thee, ancient Mariner! I fear thy skinny hand! And thou art long, and lank, and brown, As is the ribbed sea-sand” a verse stolen from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

    The article from BU will gather momentum in the coming day/weeks/months

    Mark the ole man’s words

    • Who remember when there was a lot of stealing of mobile devices a year or two ago. Even Senator Irene got nabbed. Why did C&W and Digicel refuse to collaborate/share information to solve the problem quickly. Why did the FTC remain aloof from the problem when commonsense supported sharing the IMEI database to counter the problem. Both Digicel and LIME have regional footprints and the problem should have been impossible to begin with.

  10. @ David [BU]

    You said and I partially quote “…who can be bought with the latest smartphone…”

    The reason that the FTC’s and the other regulatory agencies DO NOT DO THEIR JOBS lies in that simple innocuous statement of those “who have been bought” through cell phones and plans to themselves and their families

    You have so many “lumen of thought” and potential remark here that the ole man, post the insulin shot, is going to disobey my own rule of not commenting so much that I tek up all the recent comments like Domps or Legion

    30 pieces of silver, or in the case of these FTC niggers wid de keys and mandate to protect us cuntsumers, 30 MB of data and a silver smartphone.

    Honorary Recipients of the “Waste Foops Award” for 10 years running The Fear Trading Commission, The Office of the Ombudsman and the Office of the Public Prosecutor and special mention, in supporting roles, nearing nirvanic performances, “the citizens and cuntsumers of Bulbados” willing sheeple to this ongoing rape.

    “Here is the vaseline, dear LIME, this desk here in government hill seems like the correct height, be gentle Cable & Wireless, with our collective pooches…”

  11. @ David [BU]

    Your question “Has LIME been appending charges to phone bills (individuals and business) confident that bills are not checked in detail?…”

    The collective answer, as if I too now wield the “collective plural” of Pachamama renown, in a resounding YES!!!

    Robert Ross gives a few of the classic tiefing examples that the impotent Fear Trading Commission would be incapable of seeing, in a million years (i) unilaterally appointed billing cycles (ii) unknown charges for unclear services

    But there are a few “tricks of the trade” that are classic and underpin their stated history ” ..Our business has been central to the development of telecoms in the Caribbean and Latin America since introducing the first telegraph cables 140 years ago…”

    Trickey Dickey 1. Floating Decimal Arithmetic a la Cable and Wireless styling. There is an error in Excel, lotus, quattropro and all computer programs which de grandson tells me has to do with cuntputer rounding off decimal points.

    So in certain calculations on the cuntputer, even though the formula is right, the answer is going to display wrong on your screen.

    All wunna hear bout software programmers and the bank writing a programme with a back door for their own code to siphon off a cent off a billion dollars and what dat means.

    Well how LIME doing it to we each month is that, in the absence of any real real regulators, coupled with no one at those agencies having any expertise to investigate any claims like what this article suggests, UNLESSING WUNNA BRING IS A WHITE MAN FROM OVERSEAS, who know how to do proper utility software reconcilliations, we getting foop every month

  12. @ David [BU]

    “Where are the bajan men and women with balls and pudendas gone?”

    I again repeat Robert Ross’ comment “One day on…why has this post attracted such little comment? Is Lime getting away with murder?”

    Even with an assembly of Nom de Plumes, of such verbal competence and renown, the usual suspects seem to “fear to tread” here.

    I was looking at the FTC site

    Dem got up in big and bold words, lies bout “hear and determine complaints from consumers regarding billings and standards of service supplied by service providers.”

    A further search of the fallacy site revealed “To further raise the awareness of young consumers, the Fair Trading Commission recently held an essay competition entitled, “What Is Consumer Protection and How Does It Affect Me, As a Young Consumer?”. The competition was open to students between the ages of 13 and 15.”

    Imagine that these Posturers, led by the chief Posturer of all, one Ms. Peggy Griffith CEO of the FTC, got de gumption to invite chilrun to write bout “awareness” and “consumer protection” while, in the same breath, selling out said children rights as future consumers, (now that I think of it they are current consumers too) while the FTC abdicates their mandate and letting LIME scoundrels continue to charge “floating point” tarrifs AS TYEY PLEASE!!!.

    Any of wunna believe that the FTC would have the fortitude to initiate or prosecute and action like this??

    “Cable & Wireless Class Action Lawsuit.

    The lawsuit alleged that C&W assessed PICC charges from customers AT A GREATER RATE (sound familiar to anyone?), than the rates set forth in the tariff.

    By doing this, the lawsuit contended, C&W violated the Federal Communications Act. 47 U.S.C. 203 (c) of the Federal Communications Act stipulates that, telecommunication carriers may not “charge, demand, collect, or receive a greater or less or different compensation” than the amount specified in the tariff.

    On October 27, 2005, United States District Court Judge Edward F. Harrington District of Massachusetts, granted final approval of a $7.7 million settlement. The settlement was used to provide cash reimbursement to class members.”

    It is the ole man’s hope that, in the new Barbados that will arise WHEN Dee Word and Mr. Caswell Franklyn and the other 28 representatives of the “Barbados Reborn” party it will be the norm to see inept organisations like the Fair Trading Commission, currently run by scardey cats, do their jobs,


    • @PUDRYR

      We show reverence to Utilities in the same way we do to doctors and lawyers. We complain but our regulators, NGOs and political directorate are disinterested in shaping public dissatisfaction into a penetrative plan of action.

      On 11 February 2015 at 04:43, Barbados Underground wrote:


  13. @ Anybody who gives a flying badword about LIME’s tievery and the FTC’s collusion

    When you are retired you does have a lot of time on your hands to do pretty much anything that you like which in my case some will call “nothing”

    I say dat i gine tek ovah dis corner uh de blog like how Money Brain alone does comment pun he “Entrepreneurs Corner”

    So de ole man now tekking to reading things like “(The Fair Trading) Commission issues Decision on C&W Standards of Service 2010 – 2013” and things like “the Price Cap Plan”

    Now wunna know that the ole man din’ go school long and get beat nuff during that time (thought what happen to Donkey on his way back from school that Friday evening NEVAH happen to me!!) and therefore dont know nuffin bout maths as a matter of fact even my english pretty bad.

    @ Robert Ross

    You said and I quote “…’Oh but you’ve exceeded your monthly minutes so you’re gonna pay for the excess.’….” which was itself a quote in a quote.

    A read of the Decision by the Fear Trading Commission would really answer any question that relates to a subscriber like you and certainly me, having problems interpreting their monthly charges, the period for those charges, any rider charges, the unilateral application of those and new charges euphemisms for TIEFING

    De document, for those who “care a badword” reads, in part, “Residential access services are included in Basket 2. The Commission has determined that in addition to the GENERAL RPI-X constraint for Basket 2, there should be a specific constraint applied to residential accesses services. This additional constraint is necessary because residential services comprise a group of services contained in Basket 2, all of which can be INCREASED or decreased once the overall cap is maintained. Placing a sub cap on residential services therefore guarantees that these services will never increase more than the capped amount in any period.”

    Further along in this FTC DECISION (more like an INDICTMENT) one gets a clearer understanding why anyone with a complaint about LIME’s nefarious billing and underlying computations CANNOT be investigated by the FTC far less the Office of any Ombudsman (thusly elected because the Party in Power wants to augment the income of a faithful supporter during their GOLDEN PENSION YEARS)

    The PCI for each year (t) is then calculated as

    PCIt = PCIt-1 (1+ It – Xt + Zt), where and a set of goobledeygook follows

    Then there is the crowning glory

    “The Price Cap Model was developed with the assistance of the Commission’s consultants and IMPUT FROM CABLE & WIRELESS, THE SAME FOX THAT IS CUNTING THE CHICKENS”

    (oh loss, dere go de predicted/predictable text on the IPad again)


    THE FTC does not have the capacity to state whether “it is not charging, demanding, collecting, or receiving a greater compensation than the amount specified in the PCIt = PCIt-1 (1+ It – Xt + Zt) tariff!!

    We black people are so eternally badword x 3, f**king INGRUNT

  14. Back to the issue of Cable and Wireless’ Unilateral change of ADSL Router aministrative User Names and Passwords which 90% of peeple in Barbados DONT KNOW, AND DONT CARE ABOUT.

    Aside from the obvious ability of somebody a LIME/CABLE AND WIRELESS BEING ABLE TO ACTIVELY MONITOR another word for HACK your private networks and VPNs this action gives them the ability to activate additional channels in YOUR ADSL MODEM, UNKNOWN TO YOU, for the creation of PUBLIC HOTSPOTS, UNKNOWN TO THE SUBSCRIBER.

    As usual many going say “there goes the conspiracy theorist again” AND “why would LIME who is responsible for installing FIBRE and COPPER by poles and underground cabling resort to suct a tactic?”

    The answer is simple.


    Your energy bill will of course go up a little BUT, C&W, at no cost to themselves have expanded their island coverage WHILE WE INGRUNT BLACK PEOPLE, (I havent yet seen a bajan white public servant, barring that one police officer at District A police station) WHILE WE INGRUNT BLACK PEEPLE keep quiet and pay twice for CABLE & WIRELESS’ TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK, notwithstanding the impotence of the Fear Trading Commission and their CEO Ms. Griffith

  15. Wunna ever hear the phrase “i would like to throttle you?’

    You gots to be a certain age to have encountered those words

    And Baffy, NOOOOOO it dont have anything to do wid DEM sex thing that you does hear bout on Crop over day.

    Quite simply it got to do with what our broadband providers doing with you and me EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK INCLUDING SATURDAYS AND SOMETIMES ONCE PUN A SUNDAY, starting at 12 a.m and ending at 12 p.m. (I know some uh dem did not get that one)

    It is how LIME (and de rest uh dem does read you usage patterns and employ “unreasonable network management” PU ALL UH WE BAJANS.


    You paying fuh 10MB download speed every munt and you expects to have 10MB WHENEVER YOU TURN ON YOU INTERNET.


    You does go work pun a day from 9 – 5 and de ADSL MODEM DAT LIME DUN CHANDE YOU USER NAME AND PASSWORD PUN, telling dem whu you doing pun a day.

    SO dem apportioning bandwidth from you house to someplace else.

    Den one day you get vacation and you ome home.

    Now who tell you to do dat!!

    You really want firing doah, vacation?? Whey is you Pride and Industry?

    YOu come home and you doan jes want to read you email and post lies bout people like de olde man does do, you want to watch a movie at Apple Movies.

    Unkkkkkk!! worong ting cause LIME Cuntputers already programme to tief you band width from 9 to 5 when you is supposed to be at work.

    DEn you gots to call de 1-800 number in a place where, after waiting 3 hours pun de phone, Hose gine talk to you using English Like A foreign language.

    TO be fair to Hose at least he does speak better english dan you retarted Minister of Eddy Kashun Ronald WeJonesing.

    But here is de real problem doah,

    Peggy Griffith and she band of Posturers at the Fear Trading Commission ent got de grey brain matter NOR de technology to check up pun dese cyberspace highwaymen to determine what they is practicing on their networks and committing against de poor man in Bulbados under “under the current PRICE CAP PLAN (PCP2008), AND DE UDDER international telephone services and international private leased circuits (“IPLCs”) and all uh dem sophisticated dogshite “Baskets” to Hell dat the FTC cuntsulting pun…

    You see why de olde man does be so “self-denigrating” regarding black people?

    WE INGRUNT REAL BAD YET we is the 3rd most literate nation in de world!! (Dat is whu it mean when olde people say “head ent brain”

  16. Does the Fear Trading Commission read OR more importantly, enact any of the Regulations in its charter??

    Does it seem remotely possible to any Bajan who is a Cable and Wireless Consumer that the FTC even refers to its stated Regulative Framework?

    Said Legislative Framework (falsely) declares “The Commission is responsible for, inter alia, establishing rate-setting principles, setting the maximum rates to be charged, MONITORING THESE RATES, DETERMINING AND MONITORING STANDARDS OF SERVICE AND CONDUCTING PERIODIC REVIEWS OF THE RATES CHARGED BY SERVICE PROVIDERS by virtue of Section 3(1) of the Utilities Regulation Act CAP. 282, the Fair Trading Commission Act CAP.326B, and the Telecommunications Act CAP. 282B”

    Does the FTC truthfully have any independent mechanism to “MONITOR THESE C&W RATES…?”

    And can the FTC honestly remark on IF, or more importantly, HOW they “CONDUCT PERIODIC REVIEWS OF THE RATES CHARGED BY SERVICE PROVIDERS CABLE & WIRELESS or any other of their charges??

    It is no wonder why Mr. Justice Morgan, when he handed down the judgement in the UK High Court (dismissing all the claims brought by Digicel against Cable Wireless Communications in the Caribbean) spoke directly to the weak regulatory frameworks in place in our Caribbean jurisdictions.

    More specifically Justice Morgan described the legislation as being “poorly drafted”.

    At least it is not only de olde man that is saying that Cable and Wireless is “aided and abetted” by our Fear Trading Commission and weak regulators and regulative framewords

  17. @ FTC OR LIME

    Question 1. Why is it that a customer who does not have the use of their phone/internet/TV service for x out of y days, CANNOT be automatically “credited” for this “downtime” by LIME?

    Question 2. Why is it that, even though there is a clear audit trail, showing that a customer has not received a LIME service, and LIME is fully aware of the “non resolution” of that problem, why does said customer have to pay the full bill, instead of a bill reflecting the time they were without the service, or risk being disconnected by LIME?

    Question 3. Why does the customer in the above situation, have to first complain about the problem BEFORE the appropriate credit is applied ?

    Is it reasonable to expect that the same way LIME knows that a customer hasn’t paid their bills, don’t you think that Cable & Wireless would automatically know that a customer doesn’t have a working phone service?

    Why is it that these things for the norm in England and the UNited Kingdom and in other places where LIME, Cable and Wireless PLC and others of its subsidiaries operate that these practices are adhered to BUT in Barbados, anything goes??

  18. Have any of you looked at the FTC Website recently?

    You should

    That will notice that it is the most “static” website in the region.

    For whereas many other regional Fair Trading entities have online complaints the link to the residential and business questionnaires are not working AND, in 2015, one is required to print a form, fill in the text manually and THEN either mail it in or carry it in by hand!!

    In 2015!!

    I am told that this tedious manual complaints form is really a FTC ploy to frustrate customer complaints!!

    Our Office of the Public Prosecutor DOES NOT HAVE ANY online form


  19. @ David {BU]

    Check their website and then check that of the Jamaica Fair Trading Commission and you see “proactive” 2015 conscious interactions with consumers who can come online and initiate a complaint, REAL-TIME

    One is there to FACILITATE the other our Fear Trading fellows, it there to FRUSTRATE

  20. @ Any one at the FTC

    Pleaseeeee take a look at the Jamaican Fair Trading Commission’s website

    No wonder we Bajans like feeling up de Jamaicans dem

    It is a work of art which should inform on the paucity of our own systems and how it should be improved

  21. This continues to be a “off topic” per LIME needing to be audited but please bear with the old man

    lol, I am de only body here, doing what amounts to “playing wid meself, in cyberspace, asking “non-existent bloggers” to “bear with me”

    Green Gates and Bellevue material, for sure.

    Some things are too important to just let drop and even though one is a voice crying in the wilderness, it is the right thing to do so I will not stop

    This Fair Trading website that I am talking about so much actually has a section where IT PUBLISHES ITS CASE OUTCOMES!!

    This is unbelievable insofar as a public entity from Barbados with the same charter tasked with the responsibility of protecting the rights of consumers, ever doing the same thing here.

    But dont take my word for it.

    Go and examine a case document.


    This is True Transparency at Work!!!

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