No “Love Hunt” Results Yet? Is Digicel Caught Again?

Submitted by Dave Random

Image credit: Digicel

Do you remember when Digicel messes up not once but twice with their Fugitive campaign? Once when they gave an Answer before the question and had to honour many SMS winners since they were literally forearmed in 2006, then in 2009 when it seems the Fugitive was “caught” in weird circumstances at Sheraton as covered by Free Press?

Now they have a new SMS Valentine’s contest of $2500 at stake where the end was Feb. 28 and they had an Interim winner and no Final Draw yet, but they already started an Easter Hunt contest to run ’til April? Which family or friend has $2500 that Digicel did not want brought to light? Do you know Robbie Burns late of REDjet is now handling their Special Media? Perhaps he should be asked when next he’s back in Barbados? Why is he not crying in his Guinness over the loss of the Carrier? What deals did he cut?

Curiouser and curiouser!

0 thoughts on “No “Love Hunt” Results Yet? Is Digicel Caught Again?

  1. Why is anyone surprised? Bim has no Integrity nor Anti-Corruption nor Anti-Fraud legislation, will it ever? If Insurance and Gov’t can do it, why not Telecoms?

  2. This matter is a reminder of the Opera Telecom issue which the blogs dealt with. The FTC and or Public Counsel should have a say about how we apply oversight to telecommunication companies.

  3. All telecoms companies are NOT regulaated. the Ftc has certain limitations. Maybe the Act under which it falls and is governed needs looking at again.

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