Educate and Produce is the Way Forward

Submitted by William Skinner

educate-produceEducation is one of the many tools a country uses for progress. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that it is the only tool and it must come in a defined format, which must never be changed. Education like any other national tool must undergo redefining and utilized strategically or it falls by the wayside like any other endeavour that is left to its own devices.

A recent photo of a top university administrator, bedecked in shoes and hand bag made from the black belly sheep skin, is perhaps the most exciting news coming from within the walls of UWI for some time. We recall about four decades ago, our craftsmen were taking the skin from cows and making belts. Almost everybody had a “cow skin belt”. If my memory serves well, I think we had some car seat covers locally made as well. They eventually disappeared because at that time they were seen more as oddities than foreign exchange earners. Nobody thought a tannery would have been a good investment. Nearly three decades ago, we were also told that the same black belly sheep produces a top class meat (mutton) that will be a world beater. Then we heard that somebody in Texas had literally hijacked the black belly sheep by some legal manoeuvre.

On this occasion, the folks at UWI enlisted the services of a tannery in Italy. The Black Belly Sheep Leather Project has local business mogul, Sir Charles Williams, as one the projects top supporters. In all fairness to Sir Charles, he has always promoted the economic benefits of the black belly sheep.

We hope that this project gets off the ground and employment is found and a means of production to produce and market more than the pair of shoes for display on the front page of our papers. We have produced hundreds of university graduates in all disciplines and yet to this very day our country is poorly marketed. We have little or no competitive agro based industries. And we have allowed all our nutritious fruits to fall to the ground as we are more attracted to packaged fruit , grapes and apples from “over way”. The fact that this project will embrace other Caribbean islands where the black belly sheep is found adds to its potential.

This project indicates that the Centre for Food Security and Entrepreneurship of the University of the West Indies is finding its way. It clearly demonstrates that any progressive place of learning should see its role beyond what is mainly found in text books and academic arm chairing.

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  1. This fanciful idea has long been bedeviled by trademark constraints.

    Even the name of the sheep is somebody’s property.

  2. @ William Skinner

    Of late de ole man find heself taking a diffrunt point of view to most of de blogs pun BU.

    Different not that i doan agree with what is being said but that it is how it is being said.

    I see dat in you post dat you mention openly de name of one Sir Cow.

    Absent from your laud is the name of the man at UWI who running de programme nor de name of the black man a nex doctor who widout he championing dis shit for all dese years wherever he was assigned that woman would not have her sheep skin bag.

    I purposely did not mention either of their names because it is homework for you Mr. Skinner and an exercise that I am willing to bet that you will fail, possibly get half marks, but not 100%

    De Ole man got a problem that goes beyond the endemic non-recognition of our own to some simple “lil” tings to quote our illiterate minister of Edykashun.

    A big huffaw was made of the Blood letting exercise and HIV testing of Rihanna and Prince harry.

    Yet one would think that de first body to be touting one uh dem bags should have been Rihanna Robin Fenty who should have been wearing shoes, boots, skirt, jacket and Balaclava under an agreement with the Government of Barbados that the product gots to get Rihanna name pun um too.

    “there is a disconnect…”

    I am actually going to discuss food security but i am going to do it by “long division” I going to St Lucy from Broad Street but i going via St Philip.

    “…This electronic whiteboard comes with its own projector and all the hardware required to mount its pieces, as well as a built-in speaker and an amplifier. The writing surface of the ActivBoard 587 Pro is a passive electromagnetic board that is also capable of capacitive sensing. ..”

    Edutech was one of the most colossal ef ups ever not only because US$236 million was wasted but because the architects of that ef up could not connect the dots.

    When a teacher is at the board that your article depicts, what he or she is writing on the capacitive sensors should automatically appear on the Smartbooks that our then so called smart Minister of Education bought fuh all that money.

    And please do not blame that one alone for having the patent on stupidity this ingrunt one could have begged the chinese to outfit one complete school with the “Keylogging Computers” that were given to the GoB to monitor the data of the various ministries with said computers and a few electronic whiteboards

    But that would mean that he and Richard Harrison would have to got sense and be au fait with the technology and an appropriate curriculum to leverage that interactivity.

    We are in St Thomas now.

    How do you know that there is an active and effective Food Substitution Programme en vogue?

    You dont UNLESS (a) you know who is planting what, where, when and why (b) who know when it is sold and to whom (c) you know who buys it of the shelf of the party in step (b) and and (d) you know the empirical quantities of what was not imported and of course what was the nutritional content of what was substituted.

    You are with me Mr. Skinner?

    That is, at worse, some feint lined books to record the aforementioned cycle and, at best, some laptops, some tablets, and integrated software app with groupware capacity etc etc.

    THe app should at worse, be imported off the shelf, at best, be written by the Computer Department at the University of the west indies (NEVAH HAPPEN cause the Dean of the omputer Faculty is an anachronism who does not even like email responses)

    We have arrived in ST Lucy and de ole man is afraid that all of the passengers who are supposed to be on Board, particularly our Ministry of Education are not on the vehicle and in fact were not in the vehicle when we left Bridgetown because they were all wukking up at Kadoment or at the Function that Mugabe put on for Edwin at the Wildey Gymnasium or at the strike that that Redman Woman planning to get back at Jeff Broomes

    Are you with me Mr. Skinner??

    You got to start writing these articles while disclosing the truth, like wayne Willock does, and stop playing it safe cause you dont want to offend nobody…..

    We is all worm meat as your brother Johnny is now and as you and I soon will be, of that we can be sure.

    What is the worse dem can do to we, kill we? steupseeee…

    Whu we deading either way….only thing more slowly by their idiocy….

  3. Some years ago, while visiting a library at Cave Hill to do field research, I was struck by the number of papers, monographs and books that were not available for one reason or another. It was obvious at that time that there were people in key administrative positions at UWI who did not know how to maintain the valuable materials and resources entrusted to their care.

    I also know that many new buildings have been constructed in Barbados since independence. Few of them have been maintained in the way that they could have been. But I can think of many buildings in North America that look almost as new today as the time they were built 40 or 50 years ago.

    Turning knowledge into wealth is typically a lengthy process that takes ingenuity, discipline and persistence, all of which are in short supply in the Caribbean. We constantly hear about promising new agricultural and energy initiatives that eventually fizzle out for some of the same reasons that we can’t seem to take proper care of our buildings and libraries.

    There is a reason we are an underdeveloped country–and the reason is us.

  4. I don’t think anyone has the guts to even speak about change in the schooling system but I have the solution. It is so simple that the educated can not see the value. The secondary school must be replaced with collages that will provide the environment for change that and letting the student choose the schola after taking the 11 plus. But I think the queen herself will have to do that.

    • Arthur was on the right track when he created the ministry of social transformation. Thompson signalled similarly when the education and HR ministry were combined. Nothing will change unless it is managed.

  5. Ready done,
    There are no shortcuts to education and learning. We are not born with innate knowledge of everything. Knowledge is a gradual process built up over time, and based on the direction we are either guided in or the path we are able to pursue.
    This fanciful idea has long been bedeviled by trademark constraints.
    Even the name of the sheep is somebody’s property.”
    We, because of lack of foresight, and because we have not been conditioned toward acceptance of what we have, are slow to take advantage of these things. The Black Belly sheep has been put forward as a valuable resource. Professor O’Garro and the UWI have been working on this in a number of Areqas. The chap from Texas, who saw the potential, took out a Patent on what he thought was a genuine Black Belly sheep. However, Dr. Leroy Maclean at UWI Cave Hill did research on the genetics of the Black Belly sheep and was able to prove that the sheep in Texas were not the genuine indigenous Barbadian Black Belly sheep. We have to take out a patent on the Genuine Barbados Black Belly sheep, and work from there developing this product.
    What do you mean “poorly marketed? Your attitude is typically that of the planter class who ruled the country and raped its resources from the beginning. Why do you refer to the “cow skin belt”. leather is usually made of cow skin, and most melts are leather belts..not a special exotic belt. Now products of the Black Belly sheep are different “they” are exotic…uncommon.
    I would advise the Rosad Tennis to gen on the ball and take out patents on the Road Tennis equipment as soon as possible…they should have done this long ago, and register a Trade Mark on Road Tennis. It has potential.
    “…ingenuity, discipline and persistence, all of which are in short supply in the Caribbean.”
    Why are you always so disparaging of what we have? Have you ever really sat down and thought of what we have and what we produce; given our limitations? Think, and then talk.
    We have produced much, and will continue to do so.

  6. We are always amazed how some who purport to be ‘progressive’ would always seek ways to be complimentary of stinking Cow Williams, other moneyed elites of that ilk.

    As though they are begging for the marketing job of defending the elites from the rabble. Maybe they are already being paid so to do.

    As far as black-belly sheep are concerned, could this not be an areas, if it has the developmental potential proposed, used to empower children, farmers, by building atomized farming units throughout the country and encouraging them to rare small numbers of sheep.

    Why the brassbowl do people like William Skinner have to always revert to a default setting, as though genetic, which says that vested interests, and vested interests alone are to benefit from whatever is to happen.

    We are sure he will seek to burnish his other previously good record for social advancement. Maybe there are two William Skinners!

    This lapdog deference to power elites is highly inconsistent with other arguments made.

  7. Mr Cummins

    This piece of yours underscored the factual alternative (I know that i used it wrong but i ent get a chance to use it bigly yet) “Even a broken clock is right twice a day…”

    Professor O’Garro at the UWI and Dr. Leroy McClean are the correct names of the exercise that i tasked Skinner with and he failed but you passed though you should note that De McClean is not from the UWI rather I should say he does not currently work there but with in the Ministry of Agriculture or one of its sub agencies.

    But again, since you have also barely skimmed the surface with your article de ole man will go deeper into the meat of things.

    You said and i quote “…We, because of lack of foresight, and because we have not been conditioned toward acceptance of what we have, are slow to take advantage of these things…”

    You used the word “foresight” which means “..the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future as in “he had the foresight to check that his escape route was clear” synonyms being: forethought, planning, farsightedness, vision, anticipation, prudence, care, caution, precaution, readiness, preparedness

    Now Mr Cummins de ole man wants you to hold fast to that word foresight and its meaning as we examine the following character from the landscape of the University of the west indies.

    Sonia Johnson the Officer who is tasked with developing the Intellectual Property portfolio of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill branch – the walking talking epitome of the dodo bird who is tasked with leveraging the IP portfolio.

    You ever had to disassemble a M-60 no, no, no not a M-16 its cousin there is one retaining bolt in the stock of the weapon that facilitates that AND IF YOU DONT GET THAT DONE YOU CANT GET THE REST OF THE WEAPON disassembled!!

    So both you and Skinner (and the former Foreign Services Officer Laurie) are talking about educating our most valuable resources, as a means to get this country going forward, yet “the single bolt” that is needed to facilitate all of the psychobabble, I like that word, it get used pun me a time and i plagiarized it, all the psycho-babble is going to be a waste foop.

    So as both you and Skinner briefly alluded to, it is critical to secure the patent AND the copyright for the specific initiative which, in the case of the University of the West Indies, is managed by a dodo bird one who has retarded the UWI direction BECAUSING SHE ENT GO NO FREAKING FORESIGHT.

    But, and i put this to you Cummins, such requisite competencies and capacities ARE NOT RESIDENT in the entire structure and HR pool cause it has never been and will never been something that we are interested in promoting.

    If i was to come by you and steal money from your safe, ALL THAT MONEY THAT YOU MADE FROM The Royal Palms are Dying, what would you do Cummins?

    You would call de police and seek to get de ole man lock up. But whereas China does actively employ FORESIGHT and teif IP and copyright and replicate peeple technology what we are meet with her is IDIOCY and WASTE FOOPS masquerading as intelligencia and this is why “we are where we are”

    Sir COW and de rest uh dem fellers ent know bout patents and copyright all he interested in is how many black belly sheeps he going got to raise to stockpile the tannery and how much uh he land it going need to raise dem.

    He ent got de brain matter to unnerstand dem sorts uh tings, nor does he need um causing he going benefit from de sheep herding.

    But unfortunately, that grey matter and competency DOES NOT RESIDE IN WE NIGGERS NEIDER ergo our daily disposition to teif land and ministry cars and contracts and tangible tings causing dese waste foops ent capable of nufin else.

    People does say dat de ole man does come heah and do a number pun peeple under de cover of anonymice status but I does say did Alvin doan tek me pun my word go and test what i am saying.

    Go to the University of the West Indies and check wid dat department and

    (i).find out how many effing patents and copyrights dem established while she, or any of she troupe (of monkeys) was in dat position?

    (ii).Do a computation of she salary for the time that she was there (and the salaries of she assistant monkeys) and see what was the cost benefit(s) of her attachment to the UWI

    (iii).Did she justify the monthly salary and the IRA benefits per her appointment to the position?

    (iv).Does the UWI have an IP portfolio that was created by her and whose value exceeds here emoluments?

    Are you with me yet Mr. Cummings?

    Does the practical side of Bush Tea’s constant repetition of the import of meritocracy on shaping a better Barbados begin to make sense to you yet?

    Do you understand why, all your talk bout “we have produced much DOES NOT MEAN DIDLY SQUAT WHEN the value of what we have produced is weighed and you realise that after 50 years of investment of $20 million in BIDC and other Industrial Development agencies $1 billion dollars ent worth what paddy shot at?

  8. Marla Dukharan ‏@Marladukharan 21h21 hours ago

    #Barbados is now the most heavily indebted country in the #Caribbean. Ever. And third highest in the world as far as I can determine

    • About the 3rd most indebted company in the world tell Chad99999.

      She also is recommending we do away with the Bajan dollar and go the route of dollarization.

  9. I wonder about the input of UWI,as the animals are produced and reared on COWs lands and more than likely butchered there as well or at Southern meats abbatoir with the skins being turned over to an Italian expert.

    Mr Martindale from BIDC was producing tanned black belly hides from the 70s and these were made into rugs,place mats and coasters primarily for the tourists.
    This gentlemen those many years ago taught a time consuming local process that did no damage to the environment as opposed to the one using mercury where one needed big elaborate and costly facilities in order to protect the environment and speed up the production process.

    I wonder what system is being used in Italy,can it be readily accomadated in Bim and were any students sent to Italy to learn this method?

  10. I note Northern and David are trying to hijack this interesting post.

    The point that has not been touched on is the fact that COW publicly said many years ago that he was going into BB sheep to see how profitable they could be and doing value added to skin was the next step……note he produces his own feed on his own and rented lands.

    He is another home made example for young entrepreneurs to follow and his story of making it against the odds should resonate.

  11. David

    It is useless arguing with you guys. I do not have access to Marla’s statements, but it is not easy to compare indebtedness between countries. Hard to imagine Barbados could be worse off than Greece, Zimbabwe or Japan.

    Let me repeat, the composition of debt is often more important than the total figure given in relation to GDP. The currency in which debt has to be repaid may be the most important factor of all. Whether the debt is mostly domestic debt (like Japan’s) or mostly foreign debt makes a big difference, etc. In any case there are dozens of countries with debt ratios similar to that of Barbados. Given different degrees of accuracy in measuring GDP, how could Marla possibly know whether Barbados is third in the world?

    Until recently, Jamaica, Antigua and St. Kitts carried very large debt ratios. Apparently, St. Kitts has been paying down debt with its passport sales. Perhaps Antigua has been doing the same.

    So maybe Barbados should expand its citizenship by investment program.

  12. “On this occasion, the folks at UWI enlisted the services of a tannery in Italy.”

    What does this mean?

    Is the tannery operating locally but owned and managed by Italian interests?

    Or are the untreated skins shipped to Italy for processing and returned to local leather workers for the manufacture of finished items ready for market?


    Caribbean Culture

    “Join Matthew Sweet in the Caribbean — well, not literally but certainly intellectually. He’ll be discussing the region’s history with the cultural commentator, Joshua Jelly-Schapiro, whose new book, Island People, is already being compared to V S Naipaul. Does it make sense to think of the Caribbean as a cohesive region rather than a collection of very individual islands? To help settle this question Matthew and Joshua will be joined by the Jamaican poet and novelist Kei Miller who’ll be reading from his acclaimed new novel, Augustown, and his Forward Prize Winning poetry collection, The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion. And to round things off the actor and writer, Lavern Archer and the director, Anton Phillips will be in the studio to let you in on one of the stage’s best kept secrets — the wildly popular vernacular theatre from Jamaica that’s been packing out the likes of the Manchester Opera House since the late Eighties.”

    Kei Miller’s novel is called Augustown.
    Joshua Jelly-Schapiro’s non fiction exploration is called Island People The Caribbean and The World.

    Producer: Zahid Warley.

  14. Can we then look forward to the same lady from the University, showing us some big Yams, Sweet potatoes, Eddoes and the other once usual Bajan staples , reaped from that 40 acres of land at Dukes ,St Thomas, donated by the owners of Dukes Plantation to the same university , years ago? Or a new line of vegetable products which we now import from outside of the region.

  15. @ Colonel Buggy
    Much more likely we will see UWI bring persons from somewhere, with some shiite ‘study’ for a multi-million dollar ‘project’ built around the land.
    It certainly won’t involve any original, creative, productive thought …and DEFINITELY, no real work.
    UWI is a farce and total waste… although it unquestionably had the potential to be the single greatest catalyst for success for this place. Having failed miserably in that regard, it is now probably best closed down, and quarantined, as a blight on the damn place.

  16. Vincent Haynes January 31, 2017 at 5:02 PM #
    I wonder about the input of UWI,as the animals are produced and reared on COWs lands. ………………………………………………
    Six is half a dozen. The UWI rear and produced degreed animals , many of whom are herded into the hands of COW and Bizzy.

  17. @ The Sage Annunaki.

    While not 100% sure de ole man thinks it is the latter where untreated skins have been sent to Italy for processing.

    Had it been the former we would have long ago been blasted by “CBC Reporting Lies” with the presence of a local Italian tannery like they did with the white people promoting the “Ice Rink” for us to develop the next Olympic Skating Champion notwithstanding the Jamaican Ice Sledding Team heheheheh.

    • A major road block to pursuing the idea of expanding agriculture/manufacturing industries are our economists who are of the view it is an unprofitable exercise.

      Jeremy Stephen, Clyde Mascoll, Owen Arthur et al

  18. Again Honourable Blogmaster though de ole man is not an economist like Mascoll, Jeremy Stephen the Weathervane nor former Prime Minister Owen Seymour Arthur, i will disagree with these gurus.

    For two reasons.

    I will borrow a term used here recently called “atomic agriculture”

    Specifically the empowerment of Lilliputian cells in various communities to grow specifically for that community’s needs whether vegetables or livestock, you develop a system that catalogues the diurnal needs and plant or rear livestock to meet those needs.

    And dont tell me dat it cant be done causing we grandmothers and some of our mothers had to do that “atomic farming” to feed our scvunts when we were growing up and we had was to go and cut slips for the same animals.

    My second reason is based on R&D that is pertinent to the times.

    It does not mek sense to be researching axles for donkey carts when we have motor cars in 2017 and that is the affliction of all of these gurus, they trained in 1960 or whenever and they are living there still and cant move.

    Depending on the “manufacturing” that you are involved in or seek to pursue nationally, it will always be unprofitable

    Look how our local garment industry died.

    Much like Solar Dynamics, the leading Solar Water heating company form 1972 is dying because Dr. James did not shift with the times and lead the Renewables Revolution with Photovoltaic Cell Research and Integration.

    Let me show you where our garment manufacturers are similarly incapable of seeing the changes of the times to make this point

    “…US demand for disposable medical supplies will rise 4.2 percent annually to $54.1 billion in 2020…”

    You unnerstand whu $54.1 billion is?


    PPK say dat de ole man does talk foolishness pun a day so I cyan disappoint he. heheheheheheh.

    You know whu a crab is?

    “…Crabs are decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura…” in essence an exoskeleton.

    De ole man going put out an idea fuh de UWI fellers dat I sure going be wasted pun dem foops.

    The challenge in all hospitals is bacterial infections during operations what if (a) they were to focus on the concept of the Brachyura (b) coupled with the demand for disposable “medical” supplies and (c) the diurnal needs of operating rooms worldwide and develop a solution for that need?

    Of course what de ole man mean going be last pun 99% of de readership but for the 1% that catches the drift they start to understand that our national challenge is that WITH ALL OUR EDUCATED HR, few, if any, are able to see beyond what they have been “taught” and fewer are able to convert that into practical applications.

    And of course FOR THOSE THAT ARE SO CAPABLE, they are hunted into extinction heheheheh

    We are doomed!!

    • @PUDRYR

      Yes we need our best minds to discuss these matters. We allow the poltical class to shape the National discourse.



  19. David

    Why do we need our best minds to discuss these matters,what matters?????

    The merchant class is in charge and supports the political class,import and sell with govt getting taxes is the mantra.

    Why would the political class support the idea of a self sufficient populace,who would no longer need them?

    Why would they get rid of themselves?

    As I have said on here time and time again,many studies on different aspects of Agriculture have been done,so we know what we should/could do but untill such time as the merchant class can no longer import due to lack of fx or war,both of which will be coming soon,we will remain as we are with no need for any further discussions.

  20. David February 1, 2017 at 6:08 AM #
    A major road block to pursuing the idea of expanding agriculture/manufacturing industries are our economists who are of the view it is an unprofitable exercise.
    Newton Industrial Estate,in Christ Church was once a hive of activity, employing thousands of mainly young people. Hundred of containers,could have been observed,leaving this site , with finished products , on their way to both the sea and air ports.
    Today , Newton , like other industrial estates all across the island ,is almost deserted, with once thriving factories now being used for non productive purposes, such as a restaurant and occasionally a church. But what really drives the nail in the coffin of the manufacturing as well as the agricultural industries, is to see a wholesale distributor of foodstuff with , goods imported from within and outside of the region, setting up business in one of the former bigger factory buildings,and its business of supplying Barbados, with the canned foodstuff, most of which we once grew here in abundance, has done so well , that its warehouse floor space is at present being doubled,with a new additional construction.

  21. The more we look at our problems, the more we realise the absence of planning and managing our resources. We apparently did not know how many cars would have been on the road; how much public housing we would have needed; there was no proper road maintenance program and so on. All of these statistics are based on arithmetical concepts. It’s the same problem with UWI in that we never geared the program to our national needs and we are now trying to make the UWI more relevant. We have a kind of hit and miss method of development that cannot give the results we seek.
    The post attempted to show a little light in the tunnel ; in the real world progress is measured in execution and not semantic gymnastics.

  22. Interesting to note that many of us,primarily from the 60 plus age group know whats wrong and what has to be done bearing in mind that at some stage in our lives the majority of us were in a position to make a difference but we failed for whatever reason.

    Are we going through a catharsis or what?

  23. @ Vincent
    …the majority of us were in a position to make a difference but we failed for whatever reason.
    Speak you yourself Boss…
    That is your area of expertise.

    He who is faithful in small areas, …I will make him ruler of GREAT THINGS…

  24. Bushie

    Skippah…..whey yuh gine wid dis now?

    If memory serves you were interested in discussing the adventures of life but you apparently got lost to or from BBE where you were discussing your small area and how he was going to promote you above your area of competence to big things……..always the same from BBowls to BBEs.

  25. @ Carl Moore

    I know dat you heah pimping around BU sorry i meant to say peeping but my hand slipped

    Tell de ole man this

    who is the editor at the nation ting dat dem does call a newspaper?

    How could they write this “Owner assisting police into death of woman killed by dogs…”


    in·to – preposition

    1.expressing movement or action with the result that someone or something becomes enclosed or surrounded by something else. as in “cover the bowl and put it into the fridge”

    2.expressing movement or action with the result that someone or something makes physical contact with something else “he crashed into a parked car”

    So explain to de ole man this article of Jan 28 2017 in that rag Tag newspaper that you used to work for.

    It is truly a testimony of your legacy if, after you so recently left, this type of illiteracy is surfacing since it confirms that you were not training anyone to take over your place “into the vacancy that you left behind” heheheheeheheh

  26. @ Exclaimer
    Women are resilient all-rounders who can adjust to any required role….including leadership.
    This is brilliant design by Big Boss Engineers who made provision for missing fathers, dead brass bowl men who insist on making war, …and plain stupid shiite men… who insist on brass bowlery…

    A woman’s performance in leadership however is compromised by an inherent design consideration – where their predisposition to emotional, rather than pragmatic, decision-making (a great strength as a family builder, mother and wife) is a liability…. and leads to many ‘less-than-optimal’ decisions being taken….
    This is particularly notable (and serious) during organisational crises situations.

    However, when a situation arises where the men in an organisation (or a whole society) have become such useless, mendicant, UN-BBE-like, brass bowl clowns, it is only natural that the women will need to step in and fill the breech…… but this can only be a stop-gap situation….. either REAL MEN will step up to the plate soon, …or that organisation or society, will suffer badly (and possible fatally) at the next real crisis.

    Anyone intelligent enough to recognise the GORY leadership reality of surviving organisational crises, ….and familiar with the ‘cud dear’ disposition of most women, would understand the challenges.

    All hail to women …. marvellous creations that they are…
    But when the going gets REALLY tough, it will take a REAL, TOUGH, BBE-like MAN to lead the way to safety…..

  27. Bush Tea February 1, 2017 at 7:41 PM #

    But when the going gets REALLY tough, it will take a REAL, TOUGH, BBE-like MAN to lead the way to safety…..

    Chuckle……..yuh is a real chauvanistic misogynist………yuh dus realy read the excreta yuh dus write doh………

    History is replete with great women with very few known as war mongers like the majority of men.

  28. Bushie
    I couldn’t agree with you more.Separation of the sexes must obtain until University.We have too many wimps for men in Barbados.Some of them more hysterical than women.Look at Jones for a start.Is that a man?

  29. Yet another swath of land, which was productive up to 2 years ago, has fell under the developer’s bulldozer. This time at Ball’s Plantation, Christ Church, immediately to the east of the Henry Ford (Newton) Roundabout.

  30. Colonel Buggy February 2, 2017 at 4:04 PM #

    The writing was on the wall since the sixties that land sales were far more profitable in the short term than cane/farming,just look around and see how Bims land use has been transformed by the planter class over the last 50 years aided and abetted by the political class,even the promise some 20 years ago of keeping 40 thousand acres in perpetuity for cane/farming was not kept.

    Our grandchildren will live to cuss us……….we cannot afford to feed and cloth ourselves,we are not a Singapore though importing everything for the 4M inhabitants on 238 sq.mi. have the ability to earn forex…….we better start getting inter island schooners again so we can beg our neighbours for food when the international world is busy fighting each other under Trump and no cargo ships can get to us even if imports were available.

  31. David

    Can you point us to some of the statements by Arthur, Mascoll and company about the low returns from “agriculture/manufacturing”.

    Obviously, not all agriculture is the same. Ditto manufacturing. So which kinds of agriculture ( or manufacturing) are deemed to be unworthy or infeasible, and which kinds might not be.

    There are several old studies which have made three-sector comparisons of (1) traditional agricultural products like sugar to (2) the manufacturing of sports equipment and food items to (3) tourist hotels, and concluded that tourism offered the greatest returns.

    What else have you got?

  32. Chad 99999,

    A shame upon you!!

    You dont have to ask the Honourable Blogmaster that question especially since you personally did ****.

    You is a man that can write out a list of viable sector alternatives that can diversify this economy and all regional economies just like that.

    You have to stop playing the Advocate for him whose name de ole man dont like calling and show these people that you ent heah just to be the protagonist but you does “walk the walk”.

  33. @ William Skinner
    Bush Tea,…Oh what an amazing job men have done ……really?
    If you really managed to glean this from reading something that Bushie wrote…?
    …then perhaps this level of BU discourse needs to be stepped down a notch…

  34. @ chad99999February 2, 2017 at 6:07 PM
    “There are several old studies which have made three-sector comparisons of (1) traditional agricultural products like sugar to (2) the manufacturing of sports equipment and food items to (3) tourist hotels, and concluded that tourism offered the greatest returns.”

    Greatest return alright until the literal shit hits the proverbial fan as recently occurred on a limited scale and just waiting for the big payday in the City to complete the demolition job.

    But Chaddie, boy, you are right. All Bajans got is “Sea water and Sand”. So why not put the one forex egg in one ‘holy’ basket?

    But in the immortal Chalk-like words of the Mighty High Priest of Calypso : De day tourists don’t come on BA or VA, sweet Bajans heading for starvation.

    Here are the forward thinking words of a prescient man. With kind permission from Dr. Horace Liverpool:

    “Is time them Barbadians understand
    You can’t sit back and laugh at Jamaicans
    ‘Cause without them tourist boats from Reagan
    Sweet Barbados heading for starvation
    The day you ent get paid from Washington
    Well, crapaud smoke your pipe down in Bridgetown
    Is time that you and Eugenia Charles understand
    That all you have is just seawater and sand”.

    “Some people does play zest
    They feel that that their country is best
    ‘Cause they have more foreign exchange than the rest
    Others walking high and mighty, claiming they have stability
    ‘Cause their dollar in US is worth plenty
    And they meeting regularly, drawing up all kind of treaty
    And after they drink their whiskey, the treaty dead already
    At their Heads of Government conference is mere shop talk and ignorance
    Lots of talk but no action ever commence.”

  35. millertheanunnaki February 2, 2017 at 9:10 PM #

    A true and apt calypso at this time moreso.

    As you well know we are full of BBs that the son of the BBE cannot tame,so its crapaud smoke your pipe time.

    Individuals like Chad5ofnine lack the ability to see or refuse to see the possibility of how great the Caribbean can become.

  36. @ Chad 99999

    We have an unspoken rule here on BU, we don’t “expose” fellow bloggers but you dun know that while some fellows here can only focus on tourism agriculture and manufacturing, you can speak to really serious enterprises unlike the seemingly antiquated author of this piece.

    “Russia is carrying out a sustained campaign of cyber attacks targeting democracy and critical infrastructure in the West, UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has warned.
    Moscow was “weaponising misinformation” in a bid to expand its influence and destabilise Western governments and weaken Nato, he said.

    Vladimir Putin had chosen to become a “strategic competitor” of the West.
    Sir Michael said it was vital alliance members strengthened cyber defences.”

    Now Chad, as man, you can speak to the training needs and skill sets requisite of cyber programmers and what such would mean in terms of revenues for Barbados

    Go to any board or agency across the landscape that is BIM and I put it to you that we are bereft of the decision makers who see this as the new frontier for revenue generation and this Minister of Edykashun Ronald Jones, the last one John Boyce? The one before him John Atherley, the one before him Mia Mottley and the one before her Billie Miller are all out of their fvcking depth and are surrounded by functional illiterates of Brassbowlian proportions

    We are not ready and this is why we remain slaves to Sir COW, and Maloney while led by men and women bereft of solutions.

    But we like um so.

    Come leh we wuk up and have a good time

  37. @ David
    BTW … you are a man who knows almost everything…

    Has anyone done any research to track the “level of evil” associated with Barbados before, and after, the establishment of the monument to Satan on the Garrison?

    It is just a hunch, but Bushie suspects that when research is done, you will detect an unmistakable spike….

    There is a new sheriff in town boss….
    The ruler of darkness….

  38. @ Vincent
    Are you daft?
    Even BEFORE they unveiled the monument to Satan – with the satanic pitch fork half-buried on the Garrison, Bushie explained what was happening …and what the consequences would be…
    Bushie gets his information directly from the top skippa…

    …all being asked above is if anyone is wise enough to at least DO SOME RESEARCH AFTER THE FACT, before it is too late – since wunna were too brassy to listen to good advice up front….

    But if you are typical of the other Bowls ’bout Bim, we will just quickly descend into chaos like Trinidad and others did, …who have trod this path-of -no-return before us..

    As to BBE no longer talking to Bushie… were it not for the REALLY GOOD NEWS to be eventually realised, Bushie would actually welcome such a break – given what portends in the meantime…..

  39. Bushie

    Chuckle…….we did not need any pitchfork in the garrison or BBE to tell us where we were at as a blind man,facing backward on a trotting horse could see what was up ahead.

    All the forecasters have spoken…..either we take some glabber salts now or the damoclean sword will drop very shortly……choice is the govts.

  40. Boss
    You are so hopelessly blind that you don’t even realise that the sword dropped long ago….
    The pitchfork monument was just the formal inauguration ceremony.

  41. Bushie

    Skippah…..yuh too hard ears….why dont you try and understand the end result of the fall and striking of the sword of Damocles……comprehension was lost at the door of the BBE who used sell scythes and pitchforks but now only does weed wackers.

  42. “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

    Just to confirm why I know that we are not ready and will not be ready for the next 100 years at least.

    UWI 2017 Evaluation Survey document to assess the Skills of the Tutors/professors of the courses

    I am going to use one single question posed to students to make my point

    “Was the Instructor usually punctual?”

    Sometime in the mid 2000’s the UWI purchased? a most expensive and troublesome enterprise programme called “Banner”

    Like Banner in the Incredible Hulk but which proved to be like the Incredible Money Guzzling Chvunt”

    One would believe that inherent in any system wide metrics programme that survey information such as attendance AND PUNCTUALITY would be built into the simplest of programs.

    For the layman let me explain with this example.

    When the watchman at the Nation gets to work he punches in at the side door and that notification goes directly to the HR/Payroll section to say “Harold Hoyte” security guard is at work.

    JE Security “the keeper of all the Homes of the Rich and Famous in Sandy Lane” has that simple system where guards who drive around them black trucks like dem mad have to effect “punch ins” at stations ON THE PEOPLE’s PROPERTY.

    Imagine, in this day and age, the university still printing survey sheets to record punctuality at thousands of dollars in paper and ink AFTER SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY PUN BANNER (The Incredible CHVUNT) when IPAD logins in classroom obviate that archaic process.

    Wunna unnerstand when we do a serious evaluation of where we are and where we need to be, without even making any mention of “where we are vis a vis the rest of the world is”, you start to appreciate the gravity of how utterly lost we are?

    • BU received a report that a Ms. Nielsen at HC has been woefully recalcitrant in attendance. The principal Ms.Wade so far has been unable or unwilling to deal with the matter. Parents to ensure their children get the work done have been forking out hard earned dollars for extra lessons. BU like Trump’s Flyn hereby serves notice on Ms.Wade on Nielson.

  43. The land at Newton/Balls in Christ Church,where construction has started,is not for Housing,as I thought, but is for Mr Halloute’s number 16 Chefette outlet.
    Goodbye Yam, eddoes,sugarcane ,corn and potatoes fields, welcome Chefette / Kentucky and Burger King.

  44. Of note……

    Trinidad Express Newspapers
    21 hrs ·

    This country is not different from any country in the world today. We are seeing a lot of violent crime related to the narcotics trade. Narco-terrorism in South America is related to attempts to extradite drug lords. A lot of young people are involved in the drug trade because it’s very lucrative, a…

    See here :
    ‘A brutalised society must be violent…’

  45. What’s going on at St Michael? They have brought in some silly American psychologist to tell them that their children are mad. Was the union consulted about this, or were they too busy planning another pay rise?
    Get rid of this woman fastest. Don’t they read about what these psychologists – a dubious discipline – do to black people?
    Where did this nonsense about counselling come from? Psychology focuses on the individual, but we want to focus on the society.

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