Overhauling Our Governance System


The ancestors of the modern Cabinet system were, in reality as well as constitutional theory, creatures of the monarch, a monarch who appointed ministers, and arranged meetings of his or her government. ‘Cabinet’ was, in effect, a meeting of the monarch’s individual ministers. The monarch was the Prime Minister of the era (and, in effect, Cabinet Secretary also). As the eighteenth century went on, the politicians sought to wrest control, especially from the Hanoverian kings, and collective action was a prerequisite for this development: Collective Responsibility of Ministers

The Westminster system the government of Barbados adopted from England has been attracting strident critique from segments of the public including the BU community. In a nutshell, we have become saddled by a system of government which is not working as originally designed. Successive Barbados governments have neglected to frontally address the problem by instituting changes to make the system relevant to Barbados way of life .

Many examples are a matter of pubic record to expose our ineffectual system of government.

Successive governments have refused to take corrective steps to address matters raised in Auditor General reports. The majority of state agencies (if not all) do not have up to date audited financial statements. If  the purpose of audited financials is “to provide independent assurance that management has, in its financial statements, presented a “true and fair” view of a company’s financial performance and position”, it leaves the public to speculate about the integrity of government’s finances. Imagine if false assumptions are being made about the state of financial health of the NIS fund.

There was the incident with Speaker of the House Michael Carrington who was ordered by the High Court of Barbados to disburse funds owed to a 70 year old client. Although Prime Minister Freundel Stuart defended the Speaker and is quoted as saying Carrington committed no crime, it is patently obvious -even to the ignorant- that on ethically grounds, Carrington committed a wrong and should have resigned based on accepted conventions practiced under the Westminster system.

The final critique of the system of government practiced by Barbados is what is referred to as collective ministerial responsibility.  During the Stuart administration the public has had to endure several examples of two ministers -Inniss and Estwick- being openly critical of public policy.  Of interest is the fact both Estwick and Inniss from the government side are reported to be financially self sufficient.

Cursory research supports the position that collective cabinet responsibility is based on convention and not statute. If Barbados governments fully subscribe to the Westminster system why do we cherrypick or ignore conventions fuelled by political expediency?  If we do not subscribe fully to the Westminster system then what is the Barbados equivalent.  Should we be discussing the Ministerial Code? What about the workings of political parties?

Unfortunately Barbadians continue to allow national conversations to be led by the political class –BLP and DLP.

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  1. As I said, the slaves in parliament live to show local and foreign whites what good little slaves they are at the expensive and to the detriment of the majority blacks whom they keep in a constant state of slave mindedness, while lining their own pockets and stagnating any progress for the majority.

    As time goes by and both governments continue to refuse to overhaul a blighted 18th century system given to handed down to them, filled with archaic, antiquated laws which were originally designed to destroy black people, it will become more apparent.

  2. In the political science literature I am familiar with, the main criticism of the Westminster model is that it centralizes too much power in the office of the prime minister.

    Compared to a US President, the PM has more latitude to select the members of the Cabinet, because there is no requirement for Senate approval of his appointments.

    An American president can only propose new legislation, and he is then at the mercy of the two chambers of the legislature. Even if his ideas have support among legislators, they may be defeated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or by the Majority Leader of the Senate, who have absolute control over the legislative timetable.

    But a prime minister can instruct the Party Whip he appoints to impose strict discipline on backbenchers in Parliament. He can rapidly translate his personal priorities into state legislation.

    In other words, the Westminster system easily turns into one-man rule. This is particularly the case in Third World countries with a poorly funded press corps and unsophisticated electorates.

  3. A country is only as strong as it’s jounalists, it’s Press Corp. The press in Barbados has been muzzled for decades to suit the personal agendas pf which one of the 2 governments are in power alternately.

    The journalists on the island have been suppressed and weakened for 50 years by the leaders, rendering the island, weak, muzzled, dependent and vulnerable.

  4. Have a read of the document linked at the top of the blog. Why did our leaders in 1966 attempt to commit Barbados to a model pregnant with conventions forged out of a tussle between monarchy and politician? What conventions of our own should we forge? Should we dispense with the model period.

    BU’s view is that the governance system must be relevant by absorbing and reflecting the nuance of our locale/people.

  5. I am waiting for my chance to pose my questions to the Opposition leader anytime she comes to the public forum, since the so called journalists would not. #1. A two thirds majority is more than likely regardless of when the next election is called. Can Barbadians expect serious constitutional discussions, the first step in revamping our system of governance so that checks and balances are properly applied where protection of the public purse is concerned? #2. Don’t you Mam, believe that serious integrity legislation forms a solid foundation upon which to build a legacy? #3. Back in2008 we all listened as the late David Thompson delivered what in essence was a Covenant Of Hope. What makes the one you have promised any different, if the facility to address any breech is nonexistent?.

    • @Hamilton

      Although MAM was not free with details she touched on a plan to focus on weeding out corruption if the BLP wins office. Promises promises promises, like Trump, like all politicians. Did you listen to Wendel Callender on your favourite program yesterday? He is of the view the country needs a few good like-minded men and women.

      https:/program yesterday?rbadostoday.bb/2016/11/25/mias-plan/ > >

  6. During the recently passed independence celebration VOB carried a promo that they called We Were There. The one that stood out was a recording of the late EWB as he spoke to the importance of collective responsibility where his cabinet was concerned. Right there and then the same to heifers David mentioned came to mind.To think that this bunch continues to evoke Barrow’s name when it is convenient to do so is sickening.

  7. Did not know that the program was restarting yesterday. I did a night run so I caught the last hour….will give a listen over the weekend.

  8. Why is it that ministers of govt find it necesary to tell the public what the govt should do?

    They sit in cabinet every thursday,supposedly,in order to discuss and decide on matters of state to bring to Parliament to ratify,backdated or otherwise when it meets.

    One would think that the Innis’and lashleys would influence their collegues or resign…….what am I not understanding here???


  9. Reform comes in the form of making sacrifice but who are those willing to sacrifice. no one.. which means the same ole status quo will remain in place as the joyride of disillusion cracks and melt into a fireball of chaos and frenzy

  10. We have never thought that that were possible – overhauling Bim’s government.

    With all of these ‘classical’ mindsets around guided asses, we would prefer to go to the death of the country first, boah!

  11. We talk about reforming government and transparency . However, we have become so accustomed to the concept of the maximum leader that we are appalled when a government minister speaks his or her mind. We are even more appalled when a prime minister allows his ministers to defend their ministries. We like the maximum leader /strong arm prime minister type who is ruthless and what we call a gorillaphant.
    With this kind of mindset built into our political psyche overhauling the system is virtually impossible. There is a suppression of independence within our current system of governance therefore independent thinkers are not allowed.
    The education system is essentially elitist and somewhat authoritarian so it breeds a leadership that represents what we have.

  12. “Can Barbadians expect serious constitutional discussions, the first step in revamping our system of governance so that checks and balances are properly applied where protection of the public purse is concerned? ”

    Very god question and one I wrestled with as well seeing as Mia like all the black ministers and politicians in Barbados love to kowtow, kiss ass and appease minority whites and others and are quite capable of “feeling their pain” while having absolutely no empathy or sympathy for the majprity blacks whose votes propelled them to parliament in the first place…

    I seriously have my doubts about Mia changing the way the ministers have neglected their own people for 50 years in favor of enriching minorities, plus Mia like the other ministers is very closely aligned with the criminal element in the business sector…love to accept campaign financing from the dishonest business people while promising them and delivering millions of dollars in taxpayer funded contracts in exchange for the delusion of status….after elections,

    But who knows, if enough pressure is applied to her by the PEOPLE, she might make an effort to make the change…if she dont, it’s one more thing to continue exposing her for. ..more neglect and defiance toward changing the current useless system.

  13. Vincent Haynes December 29, 2016 at 9:04 AM #

    “Why is it that ministers of govt find it necessary to tell the public what the govt should do?”

    @ Vincent Haynes

    There is a simple answer to your above question.

    As the next general election draws near and in an environment where government’s track record for the past 8 years and 10 months shows a significant amount of underachievement, in the hopes of “saving duh back-sides,” “ministers of government (will) find it necessary” to ENGAGE in POLITICAL POSTURING, i.e. taking certain positions on issues strictly because it is politically ADVANTAGEOUS or EXPEDIENT to do so.

  14. The principle of collective responsibility is almost always a practical necessity — indispensable for maintaining the credibility and coherence of a government, the secrecy of national security decisions, etc.

    But the principle lends itself to abuse by prime ministers (the successor to the monarch) who always use it to silence their critics inside the government.

    With assistance from this principle, and especially given the need to make rapid military decisions in the event of nuclear war, the modern prime minister (Harper, Wilson, Blair, Thatcher) dominates the Cabinet as well as the entire parliamentary party he or she heads, and is an elected dictator.

    Third World PMs also need the same mechanisms for enforcing solidarity within the government. In an economically backward island like Barbados, the ruling group must construct and maintain a united front not only against foreign imperialists (spearheaded by the staffs of foreign embassies) who can switch capital flows on and off, but also against the organized interests of foreign and local big businesses, small businessmen, trade unions, and feminist organizations — don’t forget them — feminists will attempt to systematically undermine any men in power.

    • @chad99999

      In summary you are agreeing there is a need for change? Bear in mind Estwick and Inniss has shattered your perspective the principle of collective ministerial responsibility by their contrary positions.

  15. Chadster…..May I remind you when you go to 26 federal Plaza to renew that work permit, if ya in New York, it’s mostly females who approve them, or not. ..ya know that a work permit is even less significant than a green card right, doubt me, read what it says at the top of the social security card loaned to you, or read the top of the work permit, you know what I mean…ya have one foot dangling in the US and one reaching for ground in Barbados or wherever. ..if ya meet an officer like me next time ya have to renew, who can sense ya idiocy, yall have both feet planted wherever soon enough.

    As a matter of fact Trump will take care of that soon enough, then ya can return to the Caribbean and let loose ya chauvinistic tendencies that are choking you to death in the US…cause ya cannot act on them without being handcuffed.

    Could you imagine someone like you who cannot vote in the US have so much hatred and big talk for women….in the US, dont worry the girls are waiting for you back home.

  16. Although I am critical of the elected dictatorships of the Westminster system, they have proven to be superior to alternative (blood-soaked) models of dictatorship in places like Cuba, Haiti and Grenada.

    In Grenada, the People’s Revolutionary Government ruled by decree, imprisoned its enemies indefinitely without even the formality of public trials, murdered suspected terrorists with impunity, and held absolute power to confiscate private property without explanation or timely compensation,

    There were no legal mechanisms to resolve intractable disputes at the highest levels of the Grenada government. When the prime minister and some Cabinet supporters disobeyed the orders of the ruling party Politburo, an informal group in control of the Party simply ordered their summary execution.

    Not good enough. Pay attention, David. We don’t want firing squads in Barbados.

  17. WW&C

    I have lawyers with connections working on my behalf whenever I need a visa/work permit renewed. I do not personally line up in a queue for some female to boss me around.

    Sorry. And how are you feeling today?

  18. I am fine Chadster and those lawyer you are boasting about, are company lawyers, many of them females and we both know how fickle the companies in the US are…dont try to fool me Chadster, I know every procedure that there is to know about what you have to endure, ah wish you all the best.

  19. Actually, they are my lawyers. And they are all men. Wouldn’t trust a female lawyer or doctor.

    Nothing personal.

    I’m sure your gynecologist is a woman.

  20. I remain unconvinced there is anything inherently wrong with the system of governance, but rather that the problem can be found with the people who fill the posts within the said system.

    I struggle with the idea that this island is unable to find 16 intelligent people of integrity who are selflessly dedicated and committed to acting in the best interests of the people and the country, and collectively have the testicular fortitude to clear out those guilty of malfeasance, nepotism and the wanton wastage of time and money.

    I would also hope they would swallow their pride and bring in professional trainers from overseas who can resuscitate, educate, enlighten and enthuse those responsible for running the country at grass roots level, instead of allowing amateurs to train amateurs, and apathy and disinterest to flourish and take hold.

    Most of all, a communicative leader is needed who has the respect and support of his or her team; a respect which exists because it is constantly and continually being earned, and not because of deference to his or her title.

  21. @ WW&C

    “I do not personally line up in a queue for some female to boss me around.” “Actually, they are my lawyers. And they are all men. Wouldn’t trust a female lawyer or doctor.”


    The above comments (and others expressed by the author from time to time in this forum) suggest a manifestation of sexual discrimination and are symptomatic of an individual who hates females for some reason or the other. Perhaps he was abused as a child by or rejected by a lover who was a trusted female, or was over looked for a job to which a female was appointed. Additionally, the author would usually “like” his contributions.

    Sounds like the underlying characteristics associated with narcissistic misogynistic behaviour.

  22. Chadster.ya know ya lying. My gynecologist is a man, I go with whom I am more comfortable with, I am not hung up on gender like you, it is an illness you need help with…and should seek help for…mental health.

    Art….Chadster is very sick, I dont think he was abused or any female ditched his lacking ass,, it’s the disgusting male influence of his environment when he was younger, he holds a lot of jealousy for females and acts as though he gave birth to himself, hope he can give birth to his own offsprings.

    It’s eating him that he cannot unleash his full hatred of women in the US because he has limited range of movement to do so and the females with a certain mentality would pulverize him and have him back in the Caribbean before he knows it, that is why he is so hateful of women, he is powerless in the US, he gotta behave with that work permit. That is why he idolizes Trump who has no such problem until inauguration when he too will be restrained by the people, as soon as he slips, he will be out of the Whitehouse, just like Chadster if he pisses any females off in the US.

  23. Chad9999

    Though the Constitution prohibits the Congress from vesting legislative power to the President, the President’s legislative power comes by way of his veto. And if you notice in times of national crisis the President’s power is unlimited and the Constitution is overreched, and this is made evident by George W. Bush Patriot Act, FDR executive which in prison Japanese Americans in internment camps, the Chinese Exclusion Act which prohibited native Born Chinese from reentering America in the 1880’s, and the Indian Removal Act of the 1860s, which repatriated Native Americans from the fertile land of the south to the cold Midwest etc.

  24. Chad9999

    So when you endeavour to compare the powers and influence of the president of the United States, to that of the prime minister of Barbados, you must do so, within its proper context because in times of national crisis the president enjoys an unlimited power and the public record testifies to this unarmed truth.

  25. And Chad9999, Westminster system of governance is unitary in its execution of power, meaning that the power is derived from a central government. Where as in the American republican system of governance , the power is derived from the federral, state and municipal governments.


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  27. David, Chad Well Well, Etc.:
    First of all it is admitted (by you) that:
    “Successive Barbados governments have neglected to frontally address the problem by instituting changes to make the system relevant to Barbados way of life “.
    This adaptation is within their purvue and they have done it, so we are not “slavishly” adhering to the Westminster model.We are following a model that suits us. thus the present Prime Minister is running his Cabinet and governing in a manner that suits his particular style. That is the beauty of this system. It is not rigid, but flexible.That is why even though:
    “Carrington committed a wrong and should have resigned based on accepted conventions practiced under the Westminster system”, under the present system, and it’s flexibility and adaptation to the Barbados way life, he could have remained in his position. He repaid the money and it was decided to “live and let live”, as the old people in our society would say.

    Chad: in your criticism of “our” system, and your “fears”, remember that a former Prime minister lost a Vote of No Confidence in him (not the government), and chose to bring down the whole house of cards, with devastating consequences not only for himself, but his entire government in the election that followed. Remember you said: “Pay attention, David. We don’t want firing squads in Barbados.” But if we follow your thoughts and words, and put them into practice, that is what we will end up with. Bishop thought like you when Gairy (under the rigid Westminster system) had the Mongoose Gang under his command.

    Well Well; you said:
    “I have lawyers with connections working on my behalf whenever I need a visa/work permit renewed. I do not personally line up in a queue for some female to boss me around.”

    It is interesting that even though you KNOW LAWYERS ARE SUCH CROOKS, YOU HAVE ‘THOSE WITH CONNECTIONS,” WORKING ON YOUR BEHALF, TO ACHIEVE YOUR OBJECTIVES. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!! In other words you fall in the same category as COW, Bizzy, Maloney and all those you criticize for using the system to achieve their aims.

    • @Alvin

      At a time when some of us look to you for wise counsel given your senior years you continue to disappoint. Where is your pride man? Why must you ALWAYS retreat to yardfowl mentality? Carrington repaid so ‘live and let live’ you say? If we are following the Westminster slavishly why has Estwick and Inniss not been asked to resign convention in similar circumstances in the UK would have demanded?

  28. Well Well

    You have to ascertain a better grasp of US Immigration Law before you try to misinform Chad9999 as to what Trump is going to do with naturalized American citizens of Caribbean descent. And they’re only two conditions by which a naturalized citizen of Caribbean descent can be deported, and they are the falsification of the residency application, and Treason again the government of the United States.

  29. William Skinner

    seems to think the authoritarianism of Caribbean politicians comes from an elitist, hierarchical education system.

    Most American sociologists seem to think it comes from a history of slavery, plantation agriculture, and abusive parenting in families.

  30. The recent poll undertaken showed 15 – 15 , despite the constant cussing by Petra Wickham (Mottley’s political advisor) and despite the efforts of BLP operatives like David Commissiong (specially selected by Mottley to try to derail the Hyatt), the corrupt NUPW executive filled with BLP candidates – yes it was 15 – 15 with two leaning in the DLP column. It created a panic in the Mottley Crew – calls have gone out to the foot soldiers to try to up the ante. I am reliably informed that a particular newspaper was asked to increase its editorial attacks.
    Mottley’s selfish thirst for power for herself and her cronies is being played out – the BLP is just her vehicle of convenience. Owen has warned us,

    • @Bajanfuhlife

      Can you more specific about the poll to which you refer? We want to make sure it is not a figment of any imagination.

  31. Alvin Cummins December 29, 2016 at 4:08 PM #

    “Artax; You are wrong. Well Well is a female.”

    @ Alvin

    No, you are the one who is incorrect.

    If you were to read WW&C’s response to my contribution, you would realize she understood “where I was coming from.”

  32. @ Bajangetalife

    I hope the poll you are referring to was NOT undertaken by CADRES.

    It would be very HYPOCRITICAL of you to now ACCEPT the poll’s results of 15 – 15, when in the past you have used this forum to expressed your skepticism in accepting any poll conducted by CADRES, especially when it does not favour the DLP.

    But what else can be expected of a yard-fowl?

  33. Dompey, you have no idea what the hell ya talking about, Chadster is not a US citizen neither does he hold a green card and that is according to him.

    Alvin…what the hell is wrong with you, I am not the one said that, it was Chadster…are you and Dompey both drunk today, how could both of you get everything so wrong..lol

    Art…..please ignore both Alvin AND Dompey..christ.

  34. @Bajanfuhlife….The poll to which you refer is an old one.The most recent one has the DLP being returned to office by a margin of 25 to5, compliments the unmatched skills of one Jenifer L…Boy I swear wunna conscience get buried wid David Thompson.

  35. @ Bajanfuhlife December 29, 2016 at 5:49 PM
    “The recent poll undertaken showed 15 – 15 , despite the constant cussing by Petra Wickham (Mottley’s political advisor) and despite the efforts of BLP operatives like David Commissiong (specially selected by Mottley to try to derail the Hyatt), the corrupt NUPW executive filled with BLP candidates – yes it was 15 – 15 with two leaning in the DLP column.”

    So “Bajanfuhlie” which are the “two leaning” towards the defeatist lying party column? Ch Ch West and St. Peter?

    Why not make both safe seats for the real demonic lying party by inviting both anti-Mia fifth columnists over to the side of the devil Lord Fumble of Flies and Fleas who just buried his pitchfork and eviscerated a whole load of shit from the bowels of the South Coast?

    After all, both columnists are prepared to do anything to make sure the “demon in white” never becomes PM; even if it means selling their dark souls to the devil and their remaining ounce of morality to the serpent Satan.

    Why not strike while the iron is hot and call elections for early February 2017?

    That would give you guys a fresh mandate to do what has to be done to bring some sense of reality to the value of the Bajan dollar and access to much needed forex to raise the Hyatt Erection with the inevitable help of Dr. Viagra from the IMF clinic.

    But why not look on the bright side despite the value of the currency of your biggest slice of your tourism market has fallen by over 20% vis-à-vis your Micky mouse dollar and T&T economy is about to go on the skids.

    Yes, shout it from the top of the Grotto Skyscraper: ‘There will be NO Devaluation’ under your Deceitful Lying Party watch!! That can be your rallying cry for February 2017. “No Layoffs, No privatization” can take a back seat now, for the time being of course.

  36. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/russian-hack-latest-diplomats-president-obama-white-house-donald-trump-presidential-election-a7501356.html

    Chadster..and all of these Russians and their families kicked out of US had diplomatic immunity, while Trump the Conman and a US citizen just found hinself handcuffed and cannot change this outcome without being kicked out of the whitehouse, even before he enters it..lol, hahaha, lol.

    This is what a real leader dies act like a man in control of his country, protect his people from internal and external forces of greed and evil., the leaders in Bim can learn something from this power play.

  37. Strong prime ministers have done this country great service in the past, it is only the last seven years that has taught us what negative effect a lack of leadership and management can have on a country, the same as any other business or organisation.

    The only problems with our adopted systems are:

    The ‘right’ people to run this country are not ever again going to stand for general election, and:

    There is no oversight of those who do win seats at general election and are called to cabinet.

    The only way to solve both of these problems is by de-politicizing the senate and mandating national institutions and associations to populate it after internal elections.

    Imagine having a senator from BAMP advising the Upper House on legislation that directly affected health care in BDS after a Minister of Health, whose only qualification for the job was general popularity, sent it up for approval by the senate?

    Imagine the same Senate having greater powers of oversight and holding the same minster accountable for ministerial failings within the health care system, championed by a BAMP senator who actually understood the health system?

    The effects on the way this country is managed would resound for generations.

    But here’s the problem: the subset of our population who even understand what the senate does could not exceed 10% and so this would never become a podium topic.

    Our voters are not qualified to determine who governs us because the issues will always be base.

  38. Sorry: Our voters are not qualified to determine who governs us AND THEREFORE the issues will always be base.

  39. “Our voters are not qualified to determine who governs us because the issues will always be base.”

    The symptoms = the voter population is infested with yardfowls who are too stupid to understand anything.

    The remedy = ban yardfowlism, start teaching people civics and their right to understand what leaders should do and that they should be held accountable for not doing their jobs..

    But first ya need intelligent black leaders to present themselves to represent, the current crop in parliament are mediocre at best and do not represent the best interests of the majority, period.

  40. Chad,

    “….Most American sociologists….” Plse name three….no, one recognised American sociologist….no one Caribbean sociologist….
    This is fiction, fake news.
    Chad you say you are in Britain and attended university there. Did you red sociology, if so which university?

  41. David:
    The point I was making; which you have chosen to ignore, is that we are NOT following the Westminster system “slavishly:. We have adapted it to suit the Barbados situation; customs, mores, expectations etc.
    Shame on you for expecting “wise counsel” from me. According to Bushie I am too much an idiot, and according to Well well and Miller, too much of a yard fowl; this coming from two yard ducks.
    Frustrated; with your negativity, you will be frustrated for a very long time. Things are looking up.
    And Miller, don’t you think it is time to get off this “horse that is going nowhere” with the name Devaluation? The Barbados Dollar is not going to be devalued, and we are not going to the IMF for any loans etc. We will paddle our own canoe without their external advisors passing judgement.
    Artax: according to Well Well above, she said: “My gynecologist is a man,” Seems to me the it would be a woman referring to her “gynaecologist.” but then….

    • @Alvin

      Up to the OSA the Westminster convention of collective ministerial responsibility has always been followed. Are you saying that Stuart has decided to change course? If he has it should be included as part of a stated ministerial code.

  42. Alvin…that was quite a mouthful..lol but you know it still does not change the number of idiots in parliament or the number of useless yardfowls wasting space.

  43. Alvin Cummins December 30, 2016 at 10:25 AM #

    We will paddle our own canoe without their external advisors passing judgement.

    Totally agree with above statement…………but…..could you tell us where we are going on this canoe and what is onboard to protect us from the rapids and waterfalls if we are on a river or the big waves if we are on the sea……we need to know Alvin.

  44. Lol..hahaha..Alvin did not thing that far ahead, he is a now man, no vision, he will drown, by himself..lol

  45. @ Alvin Cummins December 30, 2016 at 10:25 AM
    And Miller, don’t you think it is time to get off this “horse that is going nowhere” with the name Devaluation? The Barbados Dollar is not going to be devalued, and we are not going to the IMF for any loans etc. We will paddle our own canoe without their external advisors passing judgement.

    You mean you have magically found that missing $300 million in foreign reserves hiding in the Guv’s back pocket since April 2013?

    You said a similar thing prior to the 2013 elections. Remember the “No Layoffs, No Privatization” mantra?
    So what happened subsequently?

    Isn’t your administration in the process of selling or divesting itself of commercial entities?

    Does the BNTCL spring to mind?

    You can keep your CBC but as sure as night follows day and vice versa there is a list that the IMF Santa Claus has delivered recently. There will soon be the Big “Reveal” but this time there will be no burying of the devil’s pitchfork to hide your sins of mismanagement and downgrades.

    Do you really expect to restructure the numerous statutory bodies without shedding the excess fat of unproductive and politically chosen parasites called labour?

    Don’t forget the same IMF which you claim has no influence over your administration is strongly suggesting you shed the fat become the heart specialist has to be brought into the picture.

    Alvin, as an old geezer you must have heard the old Bajan saying: “Ya could hide and buy land but ya can’t hide and wuk it.”

  46. Elections around the corner……….Innis just came on Brasstacks to defend himself against accusations made by Tallboy and after the political back and fro,denying his anti-cabinet stand,he made himself available early next year to explain to the country what he is doing……when is the date??/

  47. @ Chad,
    It is not that we don’t take our politicians seriously, they don’t take us seriously because they have no need to. They know the country is polarised and there is a little floating vote that will put their party over the top. Most of the so-called shapers of public opinion were once in the DLP camp. The fatted calf was reduced because of circumstances, so they now backing the BLP. Should the BLP win and the fatted calf is not big enough , they would be back backing the DLP and the game goes on and on.
    Against this background it is not that “cerebral” people are not attracted to politics it is really that those whom we consider to be cerebral enter for the wrong reasons. Cerebral people use their intelligence to make decisions and to even suggest that Mottley , Mascoll, Arthur, Stuart, are not cerebral is absolutely incorrect. They have all the brain power necessary but they use it for different ends , mainly to keep the status quo in tact. Barrow, Grantley Adams, Sandiford , St. John, Henry Forde etc were all highly intelligent men . Most of them reaching the pinnacle of Island Scholarship. They were the top of the heap. The prime products of the elitist , authoritarian education system.
    Most of the candidates from the two major parties have some level of intellect and are capable of making intelligent decisions. Hence the failure to NOT to push integrity legislation etc was not because their intelligence it lacking. They just do not want to do it!

  48. Well Well,

    I am of the old school in believing people until |I have reason not to. Chad is slowly losing any confidence I may have in what he says.
    To track back to an old subject, if s/he was using their real name, there would be (could be) reputational damage.
    As the main forum for public discussions in Barbados, we all have a collective responsibility to be honest in our discourse. We owe that to the young.

  49. Hal…if honesty is not built into your character and personality, it would be impossible to keep up a pretense anonymous or not….it is what it is, at least you know, Chadster been bullshitting for a long time, people in the US are learning the hard way that you canno trust or take a Trump supporter seriously.

  50. “we all have a collective responsibility to be honest in our discourse. We owe that to the young.”

    Barbados-born immigrant Hal Austin, former hack for one of the most disreputable tabloid jokes in modern history, a newspaper read exclusively by morons, gives us all a little homily. How nice.

  51. William
    Can you recall Tom Adams introducing Integrity legislation in Parliament and Errol Barrow refusing to support it?I seem to recall such an event.

  52. William
    Can you recall Owen Arthur repeatedly making changes to the PAC Act to accommodate the then chairman of the PAC,Leader of the Opposition David Thompson,to no avail?Was Thompson’s ducking anything to do with Clico that would have been made known if he stepped out off the crease?

  53. Miller:
    Since the major workers in the Statutory Cor[[orations have not been laid off , or even made redundant, these you refer to would have been working in these corporations longer than eight years, so they would have been “unproductive” when they worked under your administration, If you knew they were unproductive, why didn’t you do what was necessary to increase their productivity?
    All those who are speculating on the demise of the “peg” will end up losers. It ent happening!
    And when the land produces, all willshare in the harvest; don’t forget your bible: the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

  54. @ Gabriel @David,
    This is the exact point I am making. They do it and cherry picking a point here and there means nothing. The simple undeniable fact is that both parties have had opportunities to introduce and pass integrity legislation and they have BOTH refused to. The PAC is like CBC under both parties. These partisan positions prove that we do not have to be taken seriously. There was a time when the BLP only had three opposition members -did the DLP try to pass any major government reforms NO. There was a time when the DLP only had two opposition members -did the BLP try to pass integrity legislation? No.
    In the fifty years of independence both parties have ruled -do you see any real progressive efforts to change anything.
    Why do you think the Public Order Act of 1970 is still on the books? Why is the Auditor General still toothless? Why is the PAC still toothless? Both parties are the same. Cherry picking is simply a means of justifying ultimately party positions or preference .

  55. I have just been on the Transport Board’s website reading the 2009 annual report, the latest on the site. The auditor’s report is given as page 27, but the report itself is only 26 pages. Am I the only one fed up with Barbadian duplicity and lies?

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