What A Wicked Defaming of FIDEL CASTRO!

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, President ,Clement Payne Movement
David Comissiong, Citizen of Barbados

David Comissiong

Whenever I read Newspaper articles or Letters to the Editor accusing the late great Fidel Castro of being a dictator and of carrying out political executions, Shakespeare’s immortal words come to my mind— “Oh Judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason!”

The reality is that Fidel Castro entered electoral politics as a young 26 year old candidate of Cuba’s “Orthodox Party” in that country’s General and Presidential Elections of 1952, only to have the Orthodox Party’s chances of an almost certain victory snatched away by one Fulgencio Batista staging a coup, cancelling the Elections, and installing himself in power.

Batista– a former Army Sergeant– then proceeded to abolish the country’s Constitution; dissolve all political parties; and impose a violent, terroristic, far-right, pro American dictatorship on Cuba. Furthermore, Batista literally unleashed hundreds– if not thousands– of assassins, torturers, and murderers on the resisting Cuban people.

In response to this situation, Fidel Castro and 164 of his young compatriots attempted to take control of one of Batista’s military fortresses– the Moncada Barracks. The attempt failed, and Batista’s “monsters” tortured and ultimately murdered some 55 of these captured, defenseless young men!

Finally,after some six and a half years of Batista’s murderous dictatorship, the masses of the Cuban people turned openly and decidedly against Batista, and threw their support behind Castro’s relatively small band of guerrilla freedom-fighters, thereby causing Batista to flee the country on the31st of December 1958.

However, over the six and a half years of Batista’s terroristic reign his henchmen had murdered close to 20,000 Cubans and tortured additional thousands more. And– not surprisingly– the masses of Cuban people demanded that justice be meted out to the assassins, torturers, and murderers who had not managed to flee Cuba. Indeed, the Cuban people were so incensed that there was a very real danger that they would  take matters into their own hands and simply lynch these murderers in the streets of Cuba!

It is in these circumstances that the new Revolutionary Government decided to take charge of the situation and to establish Revolutionary Judicial Tribunals to put the Batista murderers and torturers on trial for their alleged crimes.

Thus, the persons who were ultimately executed were criminals (murderers and torturers) who had gone through a judicial process of trial and had been found guilty of heinous capital crimes. It is therefore very wrong to try to give the impression that Fidel Castro was guilty of summarily executing his political opponents. This is simply not true!

In fact, when— in April 1961– the United States (US) Government staged an unlawful military invasion of Cuba and were defeated at the Bay of Pigs, Castro took some 1,200 prisoners; kept them free from harm; and delivered them back to the US authorities in exchange for medicines and food!

Those of us who know the true history of Cuba therefore simply don’t recognize the Fidel Castro that the US Government , the Cuban-American Mafia in Miami, and the mainstream US Media are trying to portray!

What we do know for a fact, however, is that the said United States Government made over 600 illegal, criminal attempts to murder Fidel Castro!


  • He was thinking ahead!!

    I see Erroll Barrow was also cremated!!

    He went further though and had his ashes scattered.


  • Check the infant mortality figures for Bajan infants in the war years

    Check them before and after!!

    The problem was solved by proper sanitation and tight control of water quality.

    I’ll see if I can extract the burials records from Westbury for 1930 and 1950 and I suspect they will show just how bad it was.

    We owe a debt of gratitude to the WWD, now the BWA.


  • Got that from Sir Maurice Byer, former Chief Medical Officer


  • I thought you would have just simply asked how is it possible to execute someone who is already dead????


  • Of course, to put it simply, the answer is you can’t!!!!!


  • “Tell me again how can a father direct the life of a thirty something daughter or son as to her/his choice of partners?”

    It all depends upon the circumstances Sarge. For Example, I am strongly opposed to same sex marriage and if my twenty year old son were so inclined; while I cannot direct I could dissent by for instance not turning up at the ceremony-


  • 45.8 million.
    The horrors of modern slavery, in numbers
    There are some 45.8 million people enslaved worldwide. That’s equivalent to the population of Spain.


    I wonder why not a word is heard about this from anyone?


  • Bushie:

    At least for once when Black people shed their precious blood more could have been done by Castro to put them on some sort of “equal ” standing in Cuba. Castro seem to have been influenced with the “normal” stance against Black people, and what transpired in Cuba under his watch is a VERY CLEAR testimony of this!!! What is more upsetting about the whole thing is that Cuba in its treatment of Black people looks a lot like the general latin american treatment of black people. Believe you me I have seen all over latin america!!


    I do not and will never subscribe to putting any man on a pedestal where he thinks of himself as a god or demi god. Black people from the revolution to the present have paid a heavy price in standing with Castro and his idea of a reformed society. Don’t you think that at least some crumbs could fall from the “table or fatted calf” for them!!! Always remember Black blood put Cuba where it is today!!!


    Come a Long is a blasted hypocrite!! do not trust his born again approach to things that are Black. His methodology reeks of the snake oil salesman type!!! I saw him berate a young man who had the audacity to simply disagree with him during a discussion at eh Clement Payne Centre!!! Like the christian were very weary of Saul before he became Paul, I am very weary of Come a Long and his dictatorial tendencies.


  • @lemuel

    It is unfortunate you cannot cite the specifics of the case to give Commisiong a chance to defend himself.


  • Lemuel,
    You need to understand the history of Cuba, before the Revolution, understand what Jose Marti fought against, how Fidel was influenced to fight the same battles against the same foes, and the results after the Revolution. Then you will understand Cuba and its people, black mixed and in between. Castro was a hero, revered now and always bu the Cuban people, at home and abroad. Viva Cuba. Viva Castro’s memory. Viva Che Guevara’s courage. Viva los Cubans.Hasta la revolution siempre.


  • at least once, the two AC’s disagree.


  • Alvin

    I am not taking anything away from Castro and what he accomplished in Cuba. Good for him!! My concern is the Black people in Cuba who have not benefited from the largess of the revolution. Did you see them in Havana in the parks just sitting as if in an aimless existence!!! Did you see them at the bottom of the Cuban society!!! How many Black Cuban ambassadors have you seen come to Barbados. Have your ever seen the Cuban and latin american delegations where no a Black person is in sight!!! Come on man when you were spewing black liberation back in the 70s and 80s your head was on straight!!!


  • David

    The incident of which I speak transpired at a discussion at the Clement Payne Centre where there was a general discussion about american aggression in the Caribbean. Come a Long took off the young man’s head just for suggesting that there could be benefits to having an association with the US government!!! This was after Come a Long had engaged in a Castro like monologue on the evils of the US government.

    Let Come a Long come here and tell you when a HC if he ever engaged or socialized with Eddie Hinkson, Ralph Thorne, Phillip Nicholls, Frank Belgrave all his class mates outside of the class room. He is a blasted hypocrite!!!


  • We keep falling into the trap that colour means homogeneity in that colour scheme,not realising that each colour grouping has its stratification based on culture,wealth,class and socialisation of its individuals.

    A person of any group can decide to mix with the poor and not the middle class or upper class of the same group and still advance themselves as a liberator of the group.


  • Lemuel;
    What colour is GOD; not Jesus,
    The distinction between Black and White in Cuba , in terms of inter relationships, is non-existent. Che, Fidel, the Black Generals in the Armed Forces, the Black Doctors, and the students, all mix, share the same fears and food, and the same standards of life. there is no segregation, and there was no segregation during the slavery they endured. Black, Mulatto, and near white were all poor together, and were slaves together.There was no differentiation between the slaves. When I was in Cuba; in 2012, my friend’s uncle (black) was married to a fair skinned (we would call her white) lady, and there was love between them and all their families, without recourse to any differences between black or white. Why must you place such emphasis on Black? If you are educated at university in Cuba, at the expense of the Cuban people government, what difference does it make. You are still a doctor when you are finished. When you go to UWI and study with students of all colours, classes, and financial circumstances, what difference does it make? Get rid of your colour hang-ups. The time you spend on this exercise might better be spent on other pursuits. The Cuba of today is thousands of times better than the Cuba before the revolution. Cuba will never go back to what it was when Castro launched his second revolution.


  • “lvin Cummins December 13, 2016 at 10:00 PM #

    You need to understand the history of Cuba, before the Revolution, understand what Jose Marti fought against, how Fidel was influenced to fight the same battles against the same foes, and the results after the Revolution”

    You Alvin need to understand the history of Cuba in totality before and after the revolution. Jose Marti fought for independence against Spain in the 19th century and has benn referred to as the “Apostle of Cuban Independence”. Mr Castro fought for social, educational and economic reform with equal distribution of resources the mantra. The question is has the resources of Cuba been equally distributed?


  • Charles Skeete,
    The answer is Yes; given the restrictions placed on the economy of the country and the embargo placed on trade. The hughe land-holdings were broken up and redistributed to poor people, and the opportunities for self actualization were enhanced; free education, health Care innovation etc. These things were non existent before the Revolution.Jose Marti fought for the abolition of slavery, and the freeing of the Cuban people. The American intervention in the Spanish American war was intended to replace Spanish Dominance with American dominance and control. This was accomplished by the victory of the Americans, and the Spanish slave masters were replaced with American owners. The history of Cuba in its totality is a history of the fight for freedom.
    Castro and the revolution released those chains.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Alvin Cummins December 15, 2016 at 7:56 AM

    We are noticing your overly ‘fervent’ enthusiasm for all things pro Castro and his Revolution.

    But we are also noticing an equal vigour of your absence regarding the shitty state of affairs prevailing on the South coast of your sweet Barbados with came about without similar violent revolution.

    Alvin C, you old sewer rat, why are you avoiding that sewage matter like the plague?
    As a self-acclaimed trained microbiologist you ought to know the dangers the indiscriminate disposal of human body waste can pose not only to the health of the population but also to the economic survival of the country.

    You of all people should know that the collapse of the tourism industry in Bim would only spell disaster to that little place but which also would make the negative impact on the Cuban economy from the long embargo by the USA and the loss of the USSR market for its primary products and financial assistance look like a walk in the park for hungry hand-to-mouth black Bajans.

    You ought to remember the wise words from the Mighty Chalkdust: Unlike Cuba, all Barbados got is sea water and sand. ‘The day the tourists don’t come from Britain and Canada because of the raw shite on the streets and in the sea, crapaud smoke your pipe Mr. Fumble Stuart.

    Dem white people really laughing at you black monkeys now in charge of Bim.

    Now Alvin, please go to the threads which are dealing with the sewage problem and inform us how you think it should be solved. We already know who is to blame; that blasted lying party, right, Ac?


  • Miller

    All sewage problems will be solved pronto….Sandals has just said its bad for tourism…..case closed.


  • Miller;
    First of all I am no “self proclaimed, or self acclaimed,” anything. Whatever I am I have worked hard as shite to attain. I have suffered near frostbite in the freezing cold of “sinus valley” in Binghamton, the freezing cold of a February cold snap in Toronto and many many hours of driving to work in darkness and coming home in darkness working in winter. But the sewage problem is really not of our making.
    Sewer conduits are customarily buried many feet underground, in the North. Our sewer pipes are only a few feet from the surface, so any blockage will force the contents to the surface easier. Contractors and engineers, being allowed to make shortcuts; because of lack of sufficient funds to do the project properly, and the general lay of th eland will be the result. The entire sewage system; a system that allows the discharge of over two millions of water; even non potable, into the sea-from a water scarce country, could not have been well thought out. Where the5e is no provision for harvesting and putting to use this non potable water, could not have been well thought out ant discussed, before implementation. this recent challenge is not the first time it has happened, over the years, and the complaints have been made long before this present government was installed. During the years of plenty the solutions were never sought, in anticipation of these types of occurrences. The problem gas to be solved, there is no doubt. the finding of the solution is needed and all must put their minds to finding it. Since you are of the opinion that the present government will be deselected in a couple of years time, you should be attacking the problem and indicating the solution You would have for the problem, because whatever it is, your party will have to solve it. Not true?


  • @ Alvin Cummins December 15, 2016 at 9:53 AM
    “Since you are of the opinion that the present government will be deselected in a couple of years time, you should be attacking the problem and indicating the solution You would have for the problem, because whatever it is, your party will have to solve it. Not true?”

    Why wait for “a couple of years”? By that time Barbados would have to change its name and be called ‘Jobby Land’, a country populated by ‘shit-hounds’ and vultures.

    Why not call in the DLP’s lone ranger called Maloney? We are sure he will be able to flush the shit in the cabinet out to sea via his Hyatt Towers on the bay.


  • Miller, Is the DLP the only party that has, or has had lone rangers? Didn’t one of your “lone rangers” engage the services of the Privy Council, when a DLP Minister attempted to ‘redress imbalances’ in the awarding of contracts? Surely you jest.


  • John:
    Re the “families” who left (fled) to Australia, New Zealand and far off places, many of them were the scions of plantocracy at the time; Hoads, Deanes, Mandevilles (not scions of plantocracy, BUT CLOSE TO THEM)etc, who would have left with sis of money designed to reduce th foreign exchange of the island in a serious manner. Some came back, but others are still there. Why? You should know and let others know also.


  • Miller;
    You said:“Since you are of the opinion that the present government will be deselected in a couple of years time”
    Wrong! This is your opinion, not mine. I only reproduced what you have been saying-and hoping for- since 2008.


  • Alvin Cummins December 17, 2016 at 4:51 PM #

    Name the plantations that those individuals you called owned?


  • Vincent Haynes:
    Deanes(Ballantyne), Hoads,(Vaucluse)…I could go on, but…


  • Correction Banantyne, not Ballantyne..Part of Kingsland Estates Ltd


  • Miller,
    When YOUR government imploded the Hilton and formed Needham’s Point Development Inc,(with some of your cohorts as directors of the new company; which was to include Condominium towers,) I did not hear or read of any objections from you. Did that new development get special consideration under the Special Development Areas Act?By the way you should stop talking about or referring to uncompleted projects of the present government, because not a stone has yet been turned on any of the projects of the Needham’s point development, apart from the rebuilt Hilton, recently granted money for refurbishment. At that time you knew that the stench passing through the Hilton from the remnants of the Esso Refinery was overwhelming the guests, but you did not call for any resignations, like you are now calling for, you allocated millions for the “cleanup” which has still not rendered the area saleable. Where are your investors in the twin towers to be built and sold?
    I keep telling you, with me you have to come good.


  • Alvin Cummins December 19, 2016 at 7:48 AM #

    Hoad was a plantation manager according to son lowdown.

    You have a tendency to lump colours together not realising that each skin tone has its own hierarchical system and that not all “whites” were owners of plantations or wealth and like you I heard the story of the mass exodus in the 60s to Australia&New Zealand’but unlike you I only heard of two members of poor “white” families that went and came back.


  • @Alvin

    Why was the BLP voted from office?


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