Fidel Castro: Friend to the Caribbean and Anti-Imperialist Hero

Reproduced from Caribbean Trade Law and Development Website

Fidel Castro dead at 90 years old

Former Cuban President and leader of the 1959  Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, took leave of this earthly realm on November 25, 2016 at the age of 90. Coincidentally, his passing took place on the anniversary of the Granma’s departure from Mexico in 1959 to liberate Cuba. Despite the prevailing Washington narrative of […]

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  • Castro was a murderer,communist and disgusting excuse for a leader. The accolades that idiots are touting about his health care was to earn foreign exchange, Cubans did not benefit from it. Cubans are still living in deplorable conditions. May he rot in hell.


  • one of the best lines this year about Well Well’s boyfriend trudeau after his speech on castro’s death by fox pundit …..”that turd is so stupid that he could play quaterback for the san francisco 49s “


  • Joe "Bobby" Alleyne

    Castro was a man among men.”

    Castro was a goon with a squeaky voice, a man of unremarkable cognitive capacity afflicted by a messiah complex, who believed that things could happen simply because he willed them to be. Batista was a motherphukka, of course, and had to be put out of business, but he didn’t have to be replaced by the very embodiment of the the clichéd stereotype of a Latin American dictator.

    An inevitable outcome of enforcing a nationwide economic agenda that is inimical to human nature is that it will entail massive social engineering and the criminalization if independent thought.

    Every aspect of every Cuban’s existence had to be controled and surveilled by an all-pervasive state security apparatus that ranged from government ministers to the barely literate boys on the block in the committees for the defense of the revolution. It is a perennial feature of every pissant third-world tyranny that it gives every imbecile ant a hill from which to piss on others.


  • Charles Skeete, and those who vilify Fiedl Castro:
    Before you follow the ignorant people; like Trump, who know the history of Cuba only after 1959, I suggest that you go further back in time to the era before the Revolution. I suggest you go back to the istroey of Cuba during the time of slavery of the Cuban people and their suffering that galvanized people like Jose Marti; whose works inspired Castro, and read of the conditions that existed even before the installation of dictators like Batista. Read about the conditions that caused Cuba to be referred to as the WHOREHOUSE of the United States. Read about the rate of illiteracy that existed, and the health conditions, and esspedted life span of the ordinary Cubans. Read of the living conditions of the people that inspired Fidel Castro, to take up their cause; as a lawyer defending the rights of the poor, prior to his first attempt to overthrow Batists; the stooge of the Mafia from the U.S. Read of the struggle against Batista’s army before he fled the country, when Castro’s men came down from the mountains. Read of the refusal by the United States oil company (Esso) to refine Cuban crude oil. (Naturally Castro nationalized it) Read about the refusal of the American sugar companies (All American owned) to process and refine Cuban sugar cane; the lifeblood of the country, (naturally he nationalized them too) Read about the embargo the American government put on the country; naturally he turned to Russia, but because everything in the country worked using American parts, the embargo meant that nothing could be replaced,except with tremendous difficulty, if at all. That is why the economy collapsed. The embargo was not only with regard to replacement parts, the embargo was extended to companies in other countries, trading with the U.S. and their executives. This embargo is still in effect;after more than fifty years, and even though President Obama tried his best, all his good works will be nullified by the Republicans, now that Trump is their spokesman. The embargo will never be lifted. But more people from over the world, who no longer fear the United States will rally to the cause of the Cuban people; not those who abandoned the country, because they could afford to leave, but those who stayed and rebuilt their country; those who followed Castro’s admonishment that “each one
    {should} teach one; the method for battling the 85% literacy rate that existed at the time of the revolution. that was reversed in about three years by the methods employed. Every university student attending an institution of higher learning was required to halt studying and go into the countryside, and teach their fellow man. Health and Education were the sections of the economy that were never denied funding. Scholarships were offered to every caribbean country for their people to study in Cuba; in all fields, Even though the Cuban economy had difficulties, these were full scholarships, even to study medicine. I could go on and on, about the good things the Cuban people have done for the Caribbean. The four major political figures in the Caribbean at the time :Burnam, Barrow, Manley, and Eric Williams, defied the U.S. and welcomed Cuba to the OAS, even though it raised the ire of the U.S. who fought to deny Cuba membership


  • Alvin there is nothing about Cuba that you can tell me. I might be ignorant as you imply like Trump but not like you that ignorant not to recognize truth from fiction. The history of Cuba is a history of revolution and corruption was not unique to Cuba when Mr Castro took power but only the naïve would conclude that the ideals Mr Castro and his band of rebels fought for have been achieved and that what little has been achieved has been on the backs of those same people the revolution intended to liberate but were instead oppressed.

    “The four major political figures in the Caribbean at the time :Burnam, Barrow, Manley, and Eric Williams, defied the U.S. and welcomed Cuba to the OAS, even though it raised the ire of the U.S. who fought to deny Cuba membership”

    Yes Mr Burnham for his own ends to wit be a player in the non-aligned movement in which Mr Jagan was highly respected inveigled the others to write their names on history’s page by voting for Cuba’s inclusion even though Barbados had six months prior voted for Cuba’s exclusion.

    And the talk about raising the ire of the USA is pure imaginative folly. Was the ire of the USA raised when Barbados refused to sign the ship rider agreement? Did they break off diplomatic relations? did they recall their Ambassador? Did they close the embassy? did they round up undocumented Barbadian citizens and repatriate them ? Raised the ire of the USA what? you are a real dreamer.


  • @Hal Austin

    In your effort to be critical of Daily Mail as a source highlighted I also quoted both US and Guyana articles.

    None of the armchair jackasses who have put Fidel Castro on a pedal have lived in Cuba but know it all better than his former associates who had seen first hand the truth.

    Fidel Castro is no different to the Dictator in North Korea where people cannot speak freely, use the Internet freely in their comments without the fear of being informed and jailed.

    In Cuba or North Korea there would be no Barbados Underground.

    In North Korea there is free healthcare, free education, free state issued food rations, North Koreans being arrested if trying to travel out the country and sent to prison camps or death.

    The only difference between the two countries is one is in the Caribbean and the other Asia.


  • Truth

    Ever heard of Jose Figueres Ferrer? He was a former President of Costa Rica and while far from perfect left his country very much better than Castro has left his.


  • Fidel Castro is the only world leader who sent 57,000 thousand soldiers to Angola, Southern Africa to liberate Black people, with no intent to steal resources.

    And in the Battle of Quito Carnevale ‘repelled’ the South African armies leading to the end of Apartheid and freeing the countries of that region from Western supported racism over the majority population.

    This was just not a defeat of South Africa but all their Western imperialist supporters, who gave them nuclear weapons to kill Black people.

    So anybody who wants to criticize Fidel for anything when the He was able to change history while under the most vicious, half century old, total, blockade of Uncle Sam.

    Nobody, hithertofore, no nation has ever mobilized a national army to save Black people. In post modern times.

    And some brassbowls here are going to tell us that we should cruse God, Fidel Castro.

    We say F**K-off to those who would!


  • Truth,
    I spent 14 yrs working at the Daily Mail as a reporter. Some of my best friends still work for the DM.


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