Walter Blackman is BACK!

Walter Blackman - Actuary and Social Commentator

Walter Blackman – Actuary and Social Commentator

Walter Blackman the doyen of talk radio of the 90s is back!

An actuary by training who honed his skills in the business environment of North America for the past 21 years has returned to Barbados to establish a business of his vocation. Of note to the BU family is that he has declared an interest in being a member of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) by throwing his hat in the ring to be considered as a candidate in the next general election.

 Here is a comment posted to Barbados Underground by Walter Blackman on the 29 June 2016.

I have always put my actuarial profession ahead of politics.

In 1995, I left Barbados with the objective of acquiring 20 years of actuarial experience in the USA. I intended to use that experience to provide quality actuarial services on my return to Barbados, which turned out to be 2016. 21 years. The timing of my return was strictly professional.

I incorporated an actuarial consulting company in Barbados called Actreks Partners. I have now assumed the role of President & CEO and am in the process of building this company.

A lot of Barbadian business owners are moving towards retirement and are not setting aside enough funds to adequately provide for their retirement needs. I design pension plans for business owners and advise them how much money they can contribute to the pension fund yearly. The contributions they make to their pension plans enable them to minimize or eliminate the company’s corporation tax.

Besides designing pension plans, Actreks Partners will be providing a suite of services, including risk management and business consulting, to businesses and Government.

If my company is successful, I would be creating long-term, sustainable, white collar jobs for Barbadians. All I want you to do is wish me luck on that one, rather than talking about going back to “Murica”.

On the political front, you are hinting that I am committing political suicide by sticking with the DLP, whilst Are-we-there-yet, believes that, like clockwork, my mind is systematically ticking and carving out a path that leads to becoming prime minister. These considerations have not even entered my mind.

This is how I see it:
If the DLP wins, I have to work.
If the BLP wins, I have to work.

It has always been that way for me. I hope you understand why I am not interested in hopping on a bandwagon…


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hants, you were the path for my post not a target. How could you be a target of wrath on a subject like that!!!!!

    Glad to know that you figured that out before your ‘flying pucks’. I’ll remember next time to use the blogmaster as my glide path to a response….as I generally do.

    But at that time you were the only one who had touched on that subject.


  • Trust one-eyed Alvin to misinterpret in an election mode. Skippa, my 29:1 referred to Walter’s believing that one man, himself, could change the culture of the DLP. The 29 referred to the other 29 candidates. The 1 referred to Walter, the Lone Ranger. So 29 to 1 is murdah.


  • Suppose Walter wins the SME nomination and seat it gives him the opportunity to institute unprecedented changes in the DLP. We never know what the future holds. And history is replete with examples of one individual making a difference.


  • @ David

    In 2008 a man, by the name Of David Thompson, was given an opportunity to institute unprecedented changes, not only in the DLP but also in Barbados, that individual is dead,but in the 2 years he did make a difference, we are seeing and feeling the worse opportunity cost to the Barbadian people for an opportunity granted, Thompson put in motion some DLP cohorts on a depleting mode,

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  • @Walter Blackman, will you ask Chris Sinckler about the yacht Amazing Grace down at Port Ferdinand..

    @AC, what’s the name of Dale Marshall’s yacht? No honor among thieves!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Walter

    As you will see from the attached poster i have kept my promise not to show your face in posters that relate to you.

    I guess that by that alone it would mean that I am not a politician because I have kept my promise (SO FAR)



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    And for Walter who I know has not moved from his computer and has been hitting the refresh key for 35 minutes here is the much awaited item.

    “Fumbles is hit for six”

    And If you think that the poster is a doozie, wait until you see the comic

    And the animation

    And the Video Skit

    Already a deal is in the making with Lucas Studios for “Hit Us Six Times” Part 2

    In this sequel it gets real rough when all 16 of the demons get hit six times a piece with a Newbery Cricket bat.

    Due to the violence in the cartoons Parental Advice Warning have been plastered all over the videos.

    The only part of the movie that has sex in it is when they ask WeJonesing what is his sex and he insist that the bat is any ways that is exposing too much of the movie.

    If wunna want more wunna got to wait till de movie launch


  • Pdyr your comments are getting stupider and more stupider than your stupid comments. Every thing out yuh mout is Walker dis and walker dat


  • pieceuhderockyeahright



    You know de last time dat you open you mouf whu happen!!

    My Man looka…..

    De Stoopid Campaign is over 100,000 views for the 2 per day roughly 90 campaign!!

    But de ole man doan really look at dem tings, dat is fluff

    Whu is important is downloads.

    Downloads is at 15,000 pigrim!! 15K

    and….dat is not all…perennials dat is de bestsellers of de lot dat does get resend

    Dere am 11 perennials

    the lowest resend is at 150% i.e. downloaded 1 and on-sent 3 times per poster and de highest is welllll leh we call um “elephant” um is dat big.

    I got a bet wid de grandson dat de Fumbles “I Must Admit dat hit me fuh six” dat dat going brek de charts.

    AC i really sorry to tell you dat since Walther return I ent so keen pun talking to you no mo’

    I sorry but Walther does give a feller some good sport and is a good challenge and even doah he start to see dat he mek de wrong choices, he still is a good sport and he resilient and everyting.

    You see how I has did invite he back to de scene of de crime,

    You axing whu crime?

    But you ent got no shame doah??

    Whu after you claim to outspread you arms to he and say Welcome Home and all uh dat, when dem 10 men attack he and almost “out he lights” you and one Alvin of De Palm Trees and some white sheets are blowing in the Wind, lef he deah was to dead.

    Whu if it wasnt fuh self preservation and the strong desire tuh live, de PPK wudda dead after he first batting pun de wicket.

    dere you was “Go Walter Go, go walter go” and if is had not fuh de Honourable Blogmaster Telling He “walter drag youself tuh a nex corenr, or dem gine kill you heah, dat man wudda bin in St John Church Yard Next to the giver of the Fatted Calf

    You is a piece uh Gallows Bait doah.

    [[Listen between me and you, I know dat artaxerxes does call you a real Uglicia, but if you send me you picture, I would get de grandson photoshop it up, and you could put it up pun one uh dem online dating sites, and find a rich ole blind white man to married you and tek you back to Africa, ooops, Australia.

    As a platypus looka, i gone heah, you got me heah peeing meself and you dun know that there is nuffin dat smell as bad as an ole man barring an old boar sow.

    And lef Walter Website alone do, BTW you ever publish a blog heah yet??


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Oooops not 150% it is a ratio of 1:3 I was jes heah handling pictures uh de Minister of finants and he 007 percentage point rub off heheheheheheheh


  • PDYR i wud deal wid yuh ole scunt later ”no one effing seat fud the blp

    DEMS NOW DEMS again


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  • Welcome back Walter. The afternoon airwaves is the better for it!


  • Thanks very much David. I was working on two consulting projects over the last 18 months,and these kept me very busy. During that time, I could only find time to read BU’s articles and comments. I want to take this oppoortunity to say hello to all readers and commenters and to assure you that I will do all I can to initiate and participate in discussions aimed at bringing progressive change to Barbados. It is now up to all of us to try to fashion a country that treats its citizens fairly, and provides opportunities for all . As usual, I urge you to keep up the good work as you and commenters strive to mould Barbados Underground into a national institution of which we can all be proud. Rest assured that I will continue to assist as much as I can.


  • Where can we find Walter on the airwaves? On Brasstacks?


  • God’s speed Walter, It will be a tough road to travel given the current state of play but if anyone is qualified to do the job, you sure as hell can.


  • Donna
    October 14, 2021 8:10 AM

    Where can we find Walter on the airwaves? On Brasstacks?

    Yes, Brasstacks. 92.9 on your dial. Tuesday is the day that I am on so far.


  • Thank you, Walter.


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