Continental Foods and Bhana, the Chicken Wings and Expired Labels Affair

Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss

Minister Donville Inniss

Recently a shipment of chicken wings was destroyed by the Ministry of Commerce after it was discovered it landed on the island illegally. What concerns the BU household is the response from several Bajans who were quick to cry fowl to the decision to incinerate the wings. Why? Bajans love their wings, what a waste of good wings they cried!

How was Bhana located at Cave Hill given permission to land the chicken wing shipment in Barbados? How long has Continental Foods been scrubbing labels?


  • @ The Blogmaster

    Very nice.

    That survey widget is compact and efficient.

    I was looking for the Article to see where Andrew Hutchinson? responded but i cant remember where it was. Ole man problems (lol)

    Two things.

    The survey question says “Do you with the acton to destroy the illegal shipment of chicken wings?” and I am sure that you meant “Do you agree with the action to destroy the illegal shipment of chicken wings?

    Dr. Tennyson Joseph or Peter Wickham would tell you that this is a leading statement.

    A poll should be unbiased.

    You have asked if a respondent agrees with the destruction of an “illegal” item.

    You are in a way backing the respondent into a corner.

    Unless the respondent wants to be accorded the status of anarchist or seditionist (depending on if Verla Depeiza or Mia Mottley is the pollster evaluating the answers) they may not answer because the question is doubly loaded.

    As an illegal item i may agree with its destruction because it is illegal while though illegal, if other things obtain, e.g. that the meat is not unhealthy, while it might contravene the correct importation rules, I might be against its destruction.

    That is therefore a poll that is decidedly biased.

    The second thing is a partial repetition of my questions to him

    (a)what is the utility of the survey in and among BU-ians?
    (b)Don’t many “like” or “thumbs down” a topic while in the said blog? Such would suggest that there are many who read but they don’t comment
    (c)*****. I reserve the third part because…I too simple minded and foolish hahahaha

    @ Well Well.

    I am not too sure about whom you speak but, as far as I know, that chap is a troublemaker, a seditionist, and probably involved in treasonous activities.

    I say so because he “seeks to speak out about institutions that are the bastions of law in the country” and according to Mia Mottley that is a practice that must be stopped.

    I should add that I do believe that, in the coming of the Troika, BU is going to experience a period akin to the Spanish Inquisition as the Gestapo is unleashed on commenters like us, in Nicolae Ceausescu styling a la Barbade.

    The laws have already been drafted to deal with such dissent and the international community is already being “courted” and oriented to the coming regime.

    Wunna see which of the Excellencies and other dignitaries were in the front row at the launching of the “covenant of Hope”?

    Might i advise you gently not to mention such seditionist and treason mongers since it will not bode well for you, or him, to tout for, or be touted as one who might, promote viable sustainable alternatives of national economic enfranchisement.

    By the way, do you know if the LGBT Rainbow flag was raised half mast here at the American Embassy as it was raised in Jamaica?

    I guess I would ask GP but I fear his answer will attract the ire of a few here


  • Sandra Husbands

    Yesterday at 2:58pm ·


    David Ellis is asking a caller ‘what friends ‘ related to the chicken wing saga. These are the connections of the chicken wing saga. The man identified in the article or accused of bringing in the 40ft containers and distributing the wings was Mr. Bhana. Mr. Bhana is a constituent of St. James South, which is represented in Parliament by the Minister of Commerce. Mr. Bhana has built a large commercial operation in the Wanstead residential area in St. James South which violates Town Planning guidelines. The representative has done nothing about the complaints of residents about the noise, and devaluing of their property or the violation of gov’t regulations or his efforts have brought no success. Persons have alleged that the chicken wings are tainted, and believe that the Ministry should have confiscated not only the few remaining pounds still in storage, but recalled from every supermarket, vendor, hotel and restaurant. The importer whoever it is should be made to identify the buyers. These products should be pulled and the public formally warned by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Health about these unhealthy chicken wings. This has not been done, so David, the caller is asking for an explanation.. If the Ministry of Commerce confiscated the chicken wings then the Minister must know who brought them in. If they had a license for the wings then the Ministry of Commerce must have issued the license. On what basis was it issued and why issued to one person or that person? Are there not others who want to import chicken wings? Is BADMC not the only entity issued a permanent license by gov’t to import chicken wings? If he had no license, then is the Ministry going to pursue prosecution? If so, the Minister should indicate if this is what he plans to do for the good order and safety of the country. The Minister would also have to indicate which customs officials are being investigated for the release of chicken wings without documentation. The Minister needs to do a full investigation into what other products are coming into Barbados without licenses, not meeting health standards, and what goods are being sold past their due date. A statement claiming that food in Barbados is acceptable without an investigation would suggest the Minister knew beforehand about the extent of these type of violations but the Minister believes it is insufficient to cause worry. This would occasion worry, as we have heard of no confiscations or prosecutions since he is Minister. Or the Minister is blowing smoke in the wind if he does not know the extent of the problem, but is telling the public, their food is safe.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    “in Nicolae Ceausescu styling a la Barbade.”

    Piece …did they not execute or hang Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife…lol

    Did not hear about the flag raising at US Embassy, I guess no one was paying attention. Mia cannot stop the internet, don’t care what she does….you may have noticed as things stands, the blogs are doing all the work for her right now, so she is just quietly waiting for her turn to jump out again, she should show appreciation for the blogs and humble herself prior to being elected.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Donville Inniss is not to be trusted…period.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piece…this is what happens to despots, dictators and repressive regimes, him and his wife were executed.

    “Ceaușescu’s regime collapsed after he ordered his security forces to fire on anti-government demonstrators in the city of Timișoara on 17 December 1989. The demonstrations spread to Bucharest and became known as the Romanian Revolution, which was the only violent removal of a Communist government in the course of the revolutions of 1989.[4] Ceaușescu and his wife, Elena, fled the capital in a helicopter but were captured by the armed forces. On 25 December the couple were hastily tried and convicted by a special military tribunal on charges of genocide and sabotage of the Romanian economy in an approximately one-hour long court session.[5] Ceaușescu and his wife were then shot by a firing squad.[6]”


  • @ Well Well

    Be careful what you write

    Verla Depeiza does call dat treason and Mai say dat you undermining the authority of the institutions that are their to maintain law

    But while i have you her I noticed that your article stated

    ” …were hastily tried and convicted by a special military tribunal on charges of genocide (killing people through the assistance of parties to import condemned meat) and sabotage of the Barbadian economy in an approximately one-hour long court session.

    I ent got nuffin to say bout de last part of you submission causing ….


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…..Piece, they, the politicians, need to be more worried about the Maloney and Harris monsters they created that’s now keeping them up at night worrying, that’s the danger to their safety and future as parliamentarians. .


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Re Depieza, let’s hope the voters have some week old stale piss when she goes knocking on their doors begging for votes….lol


  • Seen in today’s Nation
    Review of 1979
    In June 1979 Barbados declared war on rats.
    The situation was becoming so grave that health authorities had considered bringing in the dreadful St Vincent Owl to wipe out the rat population estimated to run into several millions.
    At least two cane cutters had been affected by leptospirosis.

    Rats had even moved into Government offices. Some were seen destroying official documents.
    In 2016 noting has changed,we still have some big rats occupying government offices ,and may very well be in the process of destroying government documents, to escape the dreaded disease of Maloneyspirosis.

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  • @Pieceuhderockyeahright June 21, 2016 at 1:42 PM “By the way, do you know if the LGBT Rainbow flag was raised half mast here at the American Embassy as it was raised in Jamaica?”

    Who cares whether or not the rainbow flag was raised at the U.S. Embassy in Barbados?

    Barbadians unlike many Jamaicans and unlike many Americans are not particularly homophobic. We do not walk around shooting or killing homosexuals, and that is the TRUTH.

    You will notice that those few homophobic Bajans like Dr. GP, and like the Prime adulterer who talk about other people being “unsuitable for leadership” invariably went to study or work in Jamaica when they were very young and easily influenced by Jamaican homophobia. The rest of us know that the Bajan bullers and wickers (to use the Bajan terminology) or gay people to use the modern terminology are US, are our sons and daughters our uncles and aunts, our teachers and our preachers, and that sometimes they are our very parents and children. So why hate them? THEY ARE US.

    The truth is that we Bajans can teach both Jamaicans and Americans more that a thing or two about tolerance, more than a thing or two about living and letting live.


  • Anybody who does foop dey staff can’t really talk, not set no example to nobody. When they try to do so we duz stupse we mout and go long.


  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh ah like ma self, this gov’ment is as r.tten, full of cr..pers, m.ggots


  • With all being said and they got exposed.. Continental Foods still doing it… The supervisor in the video. Was seen removing expired lables from package salmon, also still using alcohol to remove expiration dates… I think they need a health inspectors on sight an not just checking in….. I was in a bank a hear an employee saying, the boss sent damage steaks to Tapas… The employee got some for the boss an a supervisor said no not those the Boss can’t eat them they bad…. But we as patrons can go by then in restaurants and eat…


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