No Confidence in Governor Delisle Worrell: Governance by Stealth

It is of concern to many having to observe the charade playing out in the Lower House in the form of a No Confidence motion. The leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley has readily admitted that her side anticipates the motion will be defeated because the government side has the numerical strength and will toe the line. However, Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley, if we understand her correctly, believes there is merit in a No Confidence motion to force government to publicly address several concerns expressed by Barbadians.

There is something very wrong about a government elected by the people being forced to communicate with the people through a contrived exercise. It is obvious this lot who ran on a transparency and corruption platform in 2008 with the late David Thompson as leader has since jettisoned that approach for one of governing by stealth. One can only speculate how Mara Thompson the widow, taciturn M.P. for St. John and anointed replacement feels about the state of affairs. There is a reasonable expectation by some that she would have become an advocate for many of the issues her late husband enunciated.

Several issues were raised by the leader of the opposition in the No Confidence motion which any responsible government should want to offer coherent responses with a general election less than two years away. There is the issue of the prime minister signing the  Cahill agreement before the matter was fully discussed (with supporting agreements) by Cabinet. How about the decision to increase (reinstate)  the salary of parliamentarians by 10%? Several accusations about Mark Maloney and companies in which he has an interest flouting Town Planning rules were made. The decision by government to withhold the Article IV Consultation report. These are a few of the legitimate questions raised by the Opposition that represent the concerns of ordinary Barbadians.

Another issue of equal concern -Mia Mottley referred to it in her presentation- was the decision by the Governor of the Central Bank to release the Central Bank Economic Review for March 2016 on the same day the No Confidence motion was scheduled to be debated. There is the growing perception the Governor of the Central Bank has become too political in his role as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados.  Surely Novaleen Brewster who has responsibility for corporate and communication business at the Central  Bank would have advised the Governor to change the date? The report was already overdue  by two months and the correct decision for Governor Worrell to have made was to issue a press release BEFORE the No Confidence motion was debated to inform public discourse.  It is worth mentioning the accusations by the Opposition about the ‘sanitized’ language used by the Governor in his delivery of the report and omission of data has done little to ease the perception in some quarters the Governor has generated too much baggage in the role. BU will not repeat the point that at 70 years old his contract should not have been renewed against the decision by government to retire 60 year olds in statutory corporations. What we will say is that his antics and decision making continue to detract from the office of Governor and by extension the work of the Central Bank.

The second observation by BU was accurately summarized by BU member are-we-there-yet as follows:

It seemed somewhat surreal to me to observe the order of the speakers last night. The BLP speakers followed one after another. Then Kellman got up in a rather flustered manner and made his disjointed contribution. Then the other DLP speakers spoke, one after another, until the sitting was adjourned to Thursday.

I was wondering if perhaps the DLP plan was for no one on that side to speak and Kellman took it on himself to upset that apple cart forcing the other speakers to follow him or if it was indeed planned for the way it unfolded. In any case, can anyone recall if there was a previous occasion where on a debate on any matter, so many members of one side spoke and then a number of members of the other side spoke outside of a situation with a 27 to 3 majority.

Was this a strategy by the DLP to hear all the relevant arguments by the Opposition and then have 48 hours to prepare a response or did Kellman fortuitously force them into it?

It will be most interesting to see how the DLP speakers will react tomorrow. Will they avoid the numerous bombs cast by mainly Mia and Toppin or will they take them on frontally? What will be Freundel Stuart’s defence to the almost concerted and plausible attacks on his credibility and leadership acumen launched on him by every BLP speaker so far that has also put the lie to the assertion that the BLP is a grossly divided party?

BU’s simple observation is that if government intended to be effective in its rebuttal of the No Confidence motion then responses should, in great detail, address concerns raised by the Leader of the Opposition.


  • @ Alvin Cummins

    Yes, Mr. Cummins, I accepted your advice and checked again.

    The following correspondence can be found on the Caribbean Development Bank’s web-site:

    October 14, 2009
    No. 28/09 – BD



    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a loan equivalent to USD 12.85 million (BD$ 25.7M) to Caves of Barbados Ltd.

    Caves of Barbados Ltd. is a state-owned limited liability company which responsibility for the operation of Harrison’s Cave. Harrison’s Cave is a unique and important component of Barbados’ tourism product. It is the only “drive-in” cave in the Caribbean, and only one of three in the world offering this experience.

    In 2006, CDB approved a loan equivalent to USD 16.87 million to Caves of Barbados to assist in financing the redevelopment of the Harrison’s Cave facilities, road safety improvements, replacement of the electric tour trams and enhancements to the equipment and operations of the Cave.

    The additional loan will assist Caves of Barbados to finance added project costs associated with cost overruns on the original project scope. Some of the major benefits expected from this project are the improved sustainability of Harrison’s Cave; increased net foreign exchange earnings and employment opportunities; enhancement of the local tourism product and the marketability of Barbados as a sustainable tourism destination.


    Please note the TITLE of the CDB CORRESPONDENCE, which is No. 28/09 dated OCTOBER 14, 2009.

    Richard Byer submitted an invoice to Caves of Barbados Ltd. on FEBRUARY 2, 2010, when former DLP candidate for St. Thomas Haldane Dottin was chairman and Joy-ann Grant was the CEO of the said limited liability company.

    The invoice indicated that Byer charged a fee of $766,855.24 to PROVIDE a LEGAL OPINION on a $25.7 million LOAN (US$12.85M as shown in the above correspondence) from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to finance the cave’s redevelopment, and $38,187.50 to interpret CEO Grant’s EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT.

    At the board meeting of June 27, 2010, then chairman Ian Broome suggested Byer should be replaced as he would probably charge similar fees for further legal negotiations.

    Mr. Cummins, are you are SUGGESTING that Richard Byer was HIRED by the FORMER BLP administration to give a legal opinion on a loan from the CDB, which was NEGOTIATED in OCTOBER 2009, EVEN THOUGH they were VOTED OUT of OFFICE on JANUARY 15, 2008?

    Come on, Alvin…….. seems as though you prefer to be continually physically and mentally blinded by your loyalty to the DLP.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Art…are you actually letting Alvin the yardfowl send you to do research when he knows he is lying.

    DLP & Yardfowls have now been exposed to the whole island and across the globe as FRAUDS, they do not know what else to say.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The march should not be about BLP or Mia Mottlry, but about the people marching for the people and their rights to live financially confortably, being maliciously eroded by the present greedy, self-serving government.


  • are-we-there-yet May 16, 2016 at 4:24 PM #

    “I think that the proposed march to be led by MAM on Thursday is therefore an opportunity for individuals who consider that they have unduly and unnecessarily suffered under this administration, to drive home that message. As I see it, it should not be a walk of politically partisan people only but of all persons who have no confidence in the current government. I therefore don’t think there is any need for the walkers to adopt a uniform dress colour.”

    @ AWTY

    Although I agree with your above comments, I do not believe that the proposed march, especially on a Thursday, will ATTRACT a SIGNIFICANT number of Barbadians.

    Firstly, Barbadians are all talk and devoid of action. We will talk to the “cows come home,” but when the time comes for action, we find all excuses not to “partake therein.”

    Perhaps, for example, you may recall the customer, who after asking a white manager of the Bizzy Williams owned H & B Hardware to assist him in locating drill bits, was insulted and physically assaulted by him. News of the assault was focused in the traditional and social media, with people calling for the manager to be fired.

    However, only ONE MAN went to the premises of H&B to protest.

    Secondly, on Thursday, May 19, 2016 CBC’s “Q in the Community” is scheduled to be held at Kensington Oval. Barbadians will not give up the opportunity to attend “Q” (as it is affectionately called), to attend a political march.


  • are-we-there-yet


    I agree with the major thrust of your above post especially re. the un-natural timourousness and brassbowlery of our people, except for a minor point. I don’t think that Q in the Community will necessarily detract from the possible turnout. The clientele of Q along with its timing, might not significantly affect the numbers that would otherwise turn up since it may indeed be possible for some of the Q crowd to take part in both events.


  • are-we-there-yet


    And what is significant in terms of the barbadian populace?

    For such a march in almost any other of our sister caribbean countries, significant may be in the realm of thousands. For Barbados, I would guess that significant must be in the order of hundreds, given the natural proclivities of the Bajan persona.

    Would I be surprised if only a couple of hundreds turned up? No! That is how we are!

    Would that mean that the mass of the people have confidence in the Government? No!!! decidedly not!

    But I think we would have missed a good opportunity to clearly demonstrate that the average Bajan has little confidence in our Government.


  • The more pertinent question is whether a march will make a difference.


  • are-we-there-yet


    The march will only make an objectively verifiable difference if several hundreds turn up and this can be linked to distinct, near-future, changes in the attitudes and programmes of this government. Is that likely? I think not.

    However, it can serve as a signpost or teachable moment for those who need to strategize on how best to get popular support for eventual removal of this government.

    The march may be 20th century. What would the best 21st century strategy be? In one of our northern neighboring sister Islands (Cayman Islands) there are no political meetings as we know them. There are numerous town hall meetings at Malls, etc. where politicians discuss politics in a very sedate manner using all the 21st century communications tools. Its expensive but everyone gets the message.

    Why could’nt our political parties hold regular political education meetings at the numerous Malls and community centers, etc. on a regular basis, in and out of the political season, distributing information that the populace could access later in their own homes, if so inclined?


  • are-we-there-yet

    ie. De emphasize branch meetings and increase and improve political education meetings for the general populace.


  • are-we-there-yet

    Democratize the candidate selection process!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Because both political parties on the island are still stuck in 1950s mode collecting yardfowls and treating the electorate like a corned beef and biscuit crowd to whom the politicians are doing favors and whose only function is to elevate the politicians to a level of status with titles so they can achieve their lifelong dreams of attaining wealth.

    Very view of them go into politics to remain poor or to make any significant difference or change in the lives of thd people they represent.

    They have never matured or moved away from the practices of the Adames, Barrow Mottley, etc etc, every election they continue the same funky 50 year old political practices.

    First the politicians have to become mature themselves and then learn to treat the electorate like mature individuals and not just potential yardfowls, pimps and hangers on to be doing their dirty work.


  • @are-we-there-yet

    Note what is happening in the USA with Trump. We need a personality who will transcend party and appeal to the people. The established party machinery will not do it naturally, it must be made to do it by the personality.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David, based on your 7:35 PM post with the focus on “it must be made to do it by the personality” I can think of one person who fits that Trump mould fairly well.

    Let see…like Trump he is, very wealthy, a competent business tycoon, politically connected over the years, handsome and a lady’s man in his youth, family not originally from the land he now calls home, has real estate all over his homeland, was a jock at school and more.

    His family even changed their name when they restarted in B’dos just as Trump’s did in US.

    You think he would be able to be the next PM in Barbados as Trump will be the next US President!

    Oh lawd. The only problem is that he would have to take over the BLP (which is impossible) or start his own (usurp Greville’s).

    The time for a new personality, indeed!


  • @Dee Word

    He does not have the personality.


  • are-we-there-yet


    Peter Harris?



  • Well Well & Consequences

    If I did not know what Peter Harris is capable of, I would tell him yes, go right ahead and get rid of all those a**holes in DBLP political parties, it would definitely be better than what the people are getting now….but I know what the little shit is capable of and so do all DBLP politicians, as they all been enabling him in his fraudulent insurance activities against their own people for 2 decades….. so there gotta be a better way.


  • Recently, the governor of the central bank went on record to point out that many foreign direct investors are smuggling money out of the country without notifying the authorities. It is nice of him to admit this, something I have been saying for years. What is he doing about it?
    The first and most important responsibility of a central bank is financial stability. Why is this issue not discussed in Barbados, not even by the radical alternative press?


  • Hal Austin May 17, 2016 at 6:31 AM #
    It makes you shiver. Money being smuggled out,according to the CBG, and guns being smuggled in, according to the COP (AG).


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Colonel…you will get that since everyone is sitting on their asses saying this cant be done and that cant be done, so therefore nothing gets done and the guns keep going in and the money keeps being smuggled out….it looks like the entire island have been brainwashed into inaction, all caught in a vortex and can only talk, but do nothing.


  • PRODI GIRL…..your marching posse is dwindling……now down to 600 persons ……according to police estimates.

    But this is no surprise to rational thinking Barbadians.

    If your former boss publicly call you a DESPOT !

    If your former Parliamentary colleague publicly call you in a DEMON in white.

    You think Bajans gine really put on white to march behind that person……?

    That joker in white… bare $hite !
    When is the third march! !!””!!


  • Cabbage, Prodigal, Artass, Piece etc your assistance if you please. The RBPF who are trained in approximating numbers tell we six hundred people follow Mottley in the hot broiling sun to salubrious Browne’s Beach. The Nation newspaper often accused of being a mouthpiece for the BLP estimate 1500 people marched. Who to believe the police or the Nation. Caution and commonsense say go with the police. Out of a population of 325,000 according to D. Kellman the man from the town of moon, the woman in white only muster six hundred. Cuh dear that doan add up the masses you need to win the next election. Look Mottley wheel and come again. Bah humbug!


  • are-we-there-yet

    In and Out;

    At what point or points on the March did the Police make their estimate of around 600?

    At the start?
    During the early phase near the HoA?
    Around Bay Street?
    Approaching Browne’s Beach?
    At Brownes Beach?

    People were joining the march as it progressed along the short route and I think that the 1500 estimate was reasonable for the latter stages while the 600 estimate might have been a very conservative one for the beginning of the march. Much of this might have been strategic individual choices to somewhat reduce the possibility of employers, especially in the public services, recognizing them and imposing penalties.

    In any case, the numbers were quite adequate to send the required message.

    Several hundreds of bajan residents braved the cameras of the authorities to march in solidarity with the main message of the march. i.e. We vex and fed up wid de insensitivity of dis Dem’s government as exemplified in their seeking to restore a 10% cut in their salaries at a time when they are unable to redress the damage they caused to the population in job losses, real income losses, etc.


  • In and Out aka Musing, waiting etc

    A DLP troll and JA.


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