Indiscipline Taking Root in the School System

The Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) has called out members to a meeting tomorrow at 12.30PM.

Up to now Barbados Underground has avoided comment about the spitting incident by a pupil at the Ellerslie Secondary School in a direct way for several reasons we will not share at this time. The BU household along with civic minded Barbadians had anticipated swift intervention by actors in the education system to resolve, especially coming so soon after the ‘wrapper’ affair at the Springer Secondary School . Yet again we have to endure another case of indiscipline in the school system. To be expected the protagonists have drawn swords and the usual script will be followed and blood shed. As many commenters have observed in this forum, we appear to be lurching from one crisis to the other and as as a consequence the parents (public) have developed a mindset of resignation.

BU sides with President of the BSTU Mary Redman that the teacher bashing must stop. All professions have bad apples in the barrel. To throw the teaching profession under the bus because of a few ignorant ones does not make sense. We need to voice our concerns in a respectful manner. Should it surprise anyone if many of the most vociferous voices on the talk shows and others posting prolifically on social media have never attended a Parents Teachers Association meeting or know the name of the form teacher of their child? At the root of the problem in our schools is the failure of the key stakeholders to manage the school environment – the principal, teachers, parent and ministry of education. Those of us who are intimately aware of the conditions under which teachers have to teach; especially at the newer secondary schools, sympathize with the task they are confronted. The herculean task of maintaining discipline in several of these learning institutions is analogous to turning water into wine. In fact – and it is scary – the same observation can be made of several primary schools. Imagine a few students agreeing to damage the car of a teacher, the result a $11,000 repair bill.

There is a rising anti establishment sentiment taking root in Barbados that is threatening to dismantle all the gains accrued post Independence. The social discord currently being experienced in our school system will negatively affect our society for years to come. Why you ask? The indiscipline being played out in our schools today will be the adults of tomorrow. Connect the dots!

What is lacking in today’s Barbados is respect shown by Barbadians to fellow Barbadians. There was a time when children respected the elders to the point even if they felt wronged they exercised restraint and sought to resolve a grievance by adopting a civilized approach. We will never have a perfect system with humans involved. What has become evident to the BU household for some time is the rapid deterioration of parenting skills caused by a society that is in perpetual drift -become loose from its moorings. The rising problem of indiscipline in our schools -whether teacher on student or student on teacher- will only be solved when we tackle it together.

We like to copy the North American way.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    SSS…they are all, the adults, which includes ministry official, headed by Jones, union officials, headed by Redman and parents…incapable of resolving issues, negotiating or solving any problems, without confrontation, that is what the children learn and that is why they are now….at that place.

    You would think they have all seen that by now, but no, they remain confrontational, running back and forth with asinine and confrontational comments in the newspapers instead of facing the issues headon and solving them.

    None of them should be dealing with children or children’s futures. Redman is dead wrong as she is not waiting for the start of or completion of an investigation into the incident before pronouncing guilt or expulsion of the child, that is outside the law and not her place.

    Let me give you an example of how stupidity from the top, government, trickles right down to the bottom on the island.

    BLP government owed Barrack the contractor 35 million dollars before 2008 and refused to pay instead of settling, solving the issue…up comes DLP government in 2008 and also refused to pay the man or solve the issue and this was despite a court judgement and appeal, lots of confrontations and back and forth in the newspapers, all the while interests and costs kept on rising in the matter.

    Fast forward to the present, 9 years later and government ended up paying 73 million dollars in taxpayer money to Mr. Barrack, money he deserves, but got because government ministers are incapable of setting any issue.

    This issue between teachers and students will cost them even more if they remain confrontational and incapable of solving the associated problems.

    Next case to watch is the Archcot casem which shoild not still be clogging up the courts, easy and simple matter to solve.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    These timeless quotes by the phenomenal writer James Baldwin who was way ahead of his timem but never got to see time catch up with his writing……should give the Jones and ministry officials, Redman and the union, food for thought.


    Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

    Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

    Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.


  • However one cannot diminish or dismiss the significant and importance role that Unions world wide have demonstrated in guarding and protecting workers rights a quality which cannot be taken for granted or gleamed upon as foolish endevours
    Following that respect what Unions seem to be dismissing is the relevance of protocol as they embarked of a new form unionism followed by threats which in itself are not far removed from obnoxious child behave displaying childish temper tantrums to spit to shove and kick before finding positive solutions


  • Great quotes those from James Baldwin!


  • Mary Redman and Co. ought to be glad the Ministry is ineffective in some ways because many teachers would be in trouble if they ever got their act together.


  • All the signs continue to support the view that indiscipline in our schools has taken root. Sadly the political rhetoric, Union activism and the ineptness of key players will not stop the rot.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Its time the ministry get their act together and stop playing collar and tie and warm the important seats game. The break down in Barbados has reached an escalation where civil servants are not fearful of any authority governing them. Obviously my girl WWC and you have not read the hidden message my comment. Read it again and you will see exactly what I am saying.


  • Presently it seems as if The BSTU and BUT backs are being pushed against a wall of public sentiment of disapproval brought about by their irrationale actions,
    It is an unfortunate turn in that the BSTU and BUT who have real reasons to call for action in respect to teachers privileges have not been able to seize and ground their opinions far removed from political rhetoric and bullying tactics which in the long run can caused the union to run aground and lose the respect and control of their grievance in the public arena
    Mary Redman does have many a battle to fight on behalf of teachers but on this occasion she has ventured on the wrong battle field some what unprepared and not in sync with public awareness on this issue


  • Well Well & Consequences April 26, 2016 at 6:06 AM #

    “Redman is confrontational, she lacks negotiating skills.”

    @ WW&C

    To be fair to Ms. Redman, confrontation seems to be the only way to relate to Ronald Jones.

    Are you conveniently forgetting that from the time Jones became MoE, he has been lambasting principals and teachers on a daily basis, because it is “politically expedient” for him do so?


  • I hear that teachers were hoping that Mr Jones would reject the union demands so that they could get Friday off!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Art…all of them suffer with that same disease. I remember Jackass Jones well, when bloggers were asking for transparency. , he was willing to “crack heads and shoot people” till Fruendel stopped leaving him as acting PM, then he quieted down.

    He should meet with the teachers, but not for Redman to dictate the childs future, she should be poised to start weeding out the bad teachers re recommendations.

    Neither of them are acting like they have a job to protect both students and teachers at all times, they are all clearly forgetting that the taxpayers, one way or the other, have to pay their salaries.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    SSS….trust me, we are on the same page, just different methods of delivery to arrive at the same place. It’s the civil servants from Jones on down missing the point.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    What transpires in Barbados as resolve only comes after the powers that be creates the situations for persons to function as unrelentless forces coming up against elected and governmental officials who behave and present themselves as the unmovable object. What is Redman and Welch to do when elected officials operate like tyrants. Redman has no choice but the confront the situation with very upsetting approaches, but she is forced to take this position when idiots in office cannot see pass their biases and personal stances. It is absolutely pathetic.


  • The refrence that a corporation ot govt official should meet with a Union is an illusion built on on illustrious misinformation
    For what is it worth the Unions cannot force or set timetables regardless of greviances or demands
    Furthermore the Unions also must show the same level of respect towards the Corporation or entity be it collectively or individual with whom they wish to meet.
    Bearing in mind that govts and corporations might also have necessary and important concerns to adress already planned and must adhere to


  • Latest news, the minister has agreed to meet with the unions to set the parameters for the substantive meeting. The unions will retire today to decide if to accept to meet to agree to meet or NOT. The script is being followed.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    @the intelligent AC- I hope

    You are perfectly right if only we had the type of governance that was not so arrogant and miscreant. The operations of this government are not a habitual practice in common courtesies, but one of disrespect and belittling remarks. Have you not heard that respect is a two-way street?


  • The govt has now laid out a new foundation upon which the unions can meet .Hopefully the Unions would grasp the opportunity .. leaving rheortic and bombas out the door while steadfastly and with earnest putting the best interest of the children and teachers first
    We shall see


  • Minister Jones to host a press conference this afternoon. Let us hope it is devoid of political rhetoric and hot air.


  • In an enviroment of hostilty where one side set the tone for battle…sometimes it might best serve the other side to retreat rather than pursue a path leading to further conflict


  • Most likely the minister would reiterate what was said via letter communication to the unions
    However he should lay bear to the public what demands were asked by the unions and in what respect would taxpayers money be necessary to accommodate the Union demands if at all possible
    Also emphasising priority to the laws of goverance that gives the go ahead in seeking remedy on teacher student conflict


  • Well Well & Consequences

    This is the reason no one takes these fiy by night jokes for priests and reverends seriously, they are all part of the problem, he cannot even control the students at Combermere but look at the level he is stooping.. The adults need to stop and look at themselves.


  • Well it looks like the BSTU and BUT was given a cold shoulder by the MOE as the Moe reassured the public that all systems are in place in the actual event strike action is called by BSTU and BUT


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    These unions are given way too much power. Ms Redman wants sacking in her role as President of BSTU – Pronto! How can we teach children about conflict resolution when we cannot get it right ourselves. Bunch of nonsense!.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Retribution-things that make me go hum! April 27, 2016 at 8:09 PM #

    These unions are given way too much power. Ms Redman wants sacking in her role as President of BSTU – Pronto! How can we teach children about conflict resolution when we cannot get it right ourselves. Bunch of nonsense!.

    Change Union and Redman to Jones and government. Then you will see where the real problem lies.


  • Really? We are here now in 2016? Is the minister saying there is merit in the Unions forcing the issue of searching for solutions to rising incident of violence in schools? Yes, what the hell is the minister saying. #jesushcrist!

    Jones announces committee to probe violence in schools

    Added by Anesta Henry on April 28, 2016.

    Saved under Education, Local News


    The Ministry of Education is to establish a broad-based committee to investigate violence in schools.

    Minister of Education Ronald Jones today announced that the committee would be responsible for looking into student-on-student violence and student-on-teacher violence. It will also investigate any cases of teacher-on-student violence “if that exists”.

    Ronald Jones

    Ronald Jones

    Jones said the committee would provide recommendations on how to resolve the issue and enhance security at schools.

    The minister said it made no sense talking about violence in schools and “expanding it into this most explosive thing” without a complete picture of what was happening within the school and the external factors that influenced this bahaviour.

    He said the Barbados Christian Council, the grouping of evangelical churches, the National Council of Parent Teachers Associations, the unions representing teachers and principals and non-governmental organizations would be invited to join the Ministry of Education on the committee, which he anticipated would be established within the next week.

    Jones also announced that a survey would be carried out among students to guage the dynamics of violence in schools.

    However, he made it clear that the ministry did not want teachers to be exposed to acts of violence, or for teachers to precipitate violence on students. He said there was also a need to design programmes to improve the coping skills of teachers in a changing school environment.

    Following a meeting with its members last Friday, President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) Pedro Shepherd said teachers wanted to meet with Jones to discuss issues affecting them, including a recent spate of violence against teachers.

    At today’s press conference, Jones was adamant that in the last two months, the ministry had met with the teachers unions, including the BUT, and concerns were laid on the table and discussed.

    Parliamentary Secretary Harry Husbands supported Jones’ contention, revealing that only last week, Chief Education Officer Karen Best met with the BUT to discuss the alleged maltreatment of a primary school student by a teacher and the incident at Ellerslie Secondary School in which a student is said to have spat on and kicked a teacher. That incident led to both the BUT and the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union calling out their members last week and the BUT’s demand to meet with Jones today.

    “I might want to say to them look, we have met on Saturdays before, let us meet a Saturday to pull all of this together because when trade unions are out of school, that is an impact on the schools,” Jones told journalists.

    However, he left the door open for talks with the union to resolve the vexing issues.

    “Over time, we have met with union officials to seek to resolves issues before they become contentious. If they become contentious, we still meet to resolve those issues and our doors remain open,” he said.

    The minister disclosed that the incident at Ellerslie was still being investigated by the police and while he had received a report from the school’s principal Major Errol Brathwaite, he was yet to hear from the board of management.

    The BUT has confirmed that it will meet with teachers at 9 a.m. on Friday at its Welches, St Michael headquarters to discuss Jones’ response to their request for a meeting.


  • Well no one can fault the Minister for bringing or proffering a solution,
    On the subject of Mary Redman she does have a role to play Yes there must be a voice of representation to support and defend the teachers However Mary voice must be a voice of reasoning and reassuring delivering conciliatory tones especially where teacher related student violence is involved
    One can understand her necessity to be adamant and be highly supportive of the teachers but one cannot understand her swift and urgent need to dismiss a student right to due process


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    AC the intelligent one I hope

    What constitutes due process when a student decides its time to put some lashes in a teacher’s ass? You are asking for due process here, but is there not enough double standards provided by our illustrious leaders when there behaviours in parliament hardly ever follow due process? There is no excuse under the sun that can justify the students actions no matter what cause is responsible for the retaliation. This is where the ministry needs to step up to the plate. It must make itself available for students to voice their concerns, disgust and various complains when the teachers act impropriately. There is something call self restraint and in a school environment both student and teacher must be taught how to execute it in finding the best resolution to any problem.


  • @SSS

    Actually the biggest hypocrisy here is that we have two former presidents of the BUT ensconced in the hierarchy of the ministry of education. The blame should be unequally shared by them.


  • It is evident the Minister of Education does NOT enjoy the confidence of the teachers. No school tomorrow.

    Teachers meet at 9am on Friday

    BY: Zazeannah Walker

    21:04, April 27, 2016



    A meeting scheduled for this Friday by the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) is not industrial action.

    Word of this came from President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), Pedro Shepherd.

    He told the media during a meeting held  this evening at The Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB), that the union will be meeting with teachers at 9:00 am on Friday, April 29th.

    Shepherd stated that the action was a result of failed efforts to have the Minister of Education meet with them:

    “Coming out of a meeting we held at the Gymnasium last Friday, we were mandated to call on the Minister of Education to meet with teachers in total. The mandate given was for the Minster to meet with teachers and have a dialogue on a number of matters affecting the educational system in Barbados…

    “And so we wrote to that effect on Friday of last week, we were awaiting a response for a meeting; the letter did indicate that we wanted to meet with the Minister by Wednesday of this week, that being today, and failing that, we also indicated that the teachers were prepared to take whatever action was necessary come Friday.”

    He explained that while the union responded this morning to a letter from the Minister sent on Tuesday evening to “plan an agenda or plan the parameters for a planned meeting involving the teachers,” they had not received a response. Shepherd stressed that this action prompted them to call for a meeting on Friday:

    “As we speak; time being 20 minutes pass five this afternoon, we have not had a response from the Minister. We are told that the Minster would have had a press conference; we are not privy to anything that was said in the press conference, and so the decision was taken by the Barbados Union of Teachers this afternoon around 2:00 pm to instruct its stewards within the schools, to inform the members within the schools, that they are invited to attend a meeting of the Barbados Union of Teachers, at its headquarters on Friday.”

    The BUT President stated that while the meeting is to share the correspondence from the Minister with members, they are also urging persons to continue to share their concerns:

    “At that meeting we’re also purposing that members continue to share, because I’m sure that they did not share all that they had to at the Gymnasium; to share all that they have to share where there are concerns affecting education, where there are concerns affecting the individual performances and so on in the classroom.”

    While stating that Friday’s meeting is not industrial action, Shepherd added that further details will be revealed when it is finished:

    “That meeting as I said is scheduled for nine, once we conclude that meeting then members of the press will be informed as to what the update would be and if there is need for further action by the Barbados Union of Teachers members, and the press will also be updated and informed after the meeting on Friday.”


  • @ David
    Really? We are here now in 2016? Is the minister saying there is merit in the Unions forcing the issue of searching for solutions to rising incident of violence in schools?
    Idiots at work

    ..or more correctly, …at the workplace.


  • @Bush Tea

    It is all about the inability of key stakeholders to solve problems.



  • David
    What ever happened to YARDBROOM and JC?


  • @Georgie Porgie

    People change monikers for all kinds of reasons. JC contributes still, not sure about Yardbroom. His last post was Jan, 2014 when he paid respect to Looking Glass.


  • Thanks Sir


  • I smell a rat when Ronald Jones getting encouragement in his Mission Impossible combative top down communication with the Teachers Unions of Barbados.Donville,John Boyce and now Stephen Lashley are mouthing support for Jones knowing that he is considered the big bad bully of the Ministry of Education.If Stuart doesn’t get involved,I see the demise of this administration because the teachers will not back down this time around.Brace for the fallout if Stuart doesn’t get involved to the satisfaction of the teachers.


  • @Gabriel

    Note the NUPW by their rhetoric of the last week is gearing over the NCC matter as well. Leaves Caswell only.



  • the union leader asking for Jones to resign did any of the leaders hire Jones the last time i check jones was hired by the people of barbados and not a closed group or individuals / it seems as if the Union leader has all the answers without addressing all the facts and related evidence ,that being the case then there is no reason to call a meeting
    The several response to this matter by the Union leaders has put them in close proximity to a spoiled child who wants attention and overreacting with brattish attitudes
    Mr Jones in his press conference asked the union for an exercise as well as an engagement in civility paving a way forward for civil and professional new dialogue , but for whatever reason the BSTU and the BUT response was to frown and reject the Minister suggestion opting to use diversionary tactics inclusive only to themselves
    What the Unions might not be aware is that there is growing impatience towards them as well as parents vocally being outraged at what they believe is a punishment towards their children


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    pieceuhderockyeahright April 28, 2016 at 9:46 PM #….senor, it is said that if you do the crime den you should do the time….but are you being fair to that lad and his school using them both in such a provocative ad campaign ( sans consent to really).

    Tis true the picture says nothing more than a police-officer is manhandling boy in a seeming benign way but the clear suggestion is that he is being apprehended for some malfeasance.

    The point can be made as provocatively without the school ensigna or the lad’s visage.

    For the goodwill of all Ellerslie students, Koligians, CP scholars et al do modify!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Pedantic Dribbler

    Just earlier today when you posted here you spoke to the “malfeasance” of the former US Speaker of the House and his pedophile wandering doggie and made the point, rather rationally that, even though he was ultimately found to be guilty, other seemingly wise men were adamant about his innocence, much like Amused is, with Vernon Smith.

    There is a thing about being caught with your pants down and your private parts in the mouth of a 2 year old which the last time the old man checked WAS NOT A URINAL.

    The big CP buffoon who was being manhandled by the RBPF whomever he is is unfortunate because, while I understand your point about the imputation therein expressed, begs this question of you.

    At anytime during your own sojourn at primary or secondary school, did you find yourself being manhandled by Barbados’ finest?

    We you ever in a fight with a police officer, notwithstanding that the former Commissioner of Police was purported to be monitoring the phones of various people INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF BARBADOS? (Dat jes gi’ de ole man a nex idea fuh annuder poster)

    Duh evah find you behing de pavillion at whatever school you was did going to wid a girl or a nex fellah (de ole man has got to be politically correct dese days) in such a compromising position dat de rumour dat was circulating through the school was that “sunlight cud not pass between wunna two bodies?”

    You got to axe Sankey Price bout dem salacious pictures dem.

    My pint my man is dat I ent photoshopped dem pictures dem is pun de internet and dem has been used to mek a pint.

    Effing de young man dat in dem is a fact annuder police and dat he was pretending tuh be a student well den it is a matter for de school tuh tek dat up wid de RBPF BUT AS FUH DE OLE MAN, he was in a situation where the police officer thought i merited manhandling his scvunt and he picture get tek!!

    As I does tell all de menses I know, check de birth certificate and keep you doggie to those above the age of majority.

    All of us were young once, and it is appoint to some to be young again as in “once a man twice a child” but unless you doan want your picture circulating heah pun BU and naked departure and facebook, doan text dem tuh you girlfriend or you woman or you wife causing if wunna brek up, your two inch erection and udder embarassing ting likely tuh be in de Enquirer,


  • pieceuhderockyeahright



  • To clarify a bit of nonsense. The people elect members of Parliament, ministers of Cabinet on the other hand serve at the pleasure of the prime minister.


  • Must agree about the use of the minor’s face especially. It struck me immediately as being out of order.


  • There are many reasons why a minor might be behaving in an anti-social manner. More often than not it starts within the home. A minor should be treated with more consideration than an adult who has had the time to mature and adjust whatever behaviours he learnt in his home environment. The law recognizes this. Any intelligent person also should recognize this. We must deal with children differently.


  • That is, if our intent is to rehabilitate rather than just to enjoy their punishment.


    Have to agree with Donna and DPD( not Dallas Police Department) on this one.
    Would like it even less if it was my son, so would hold-off on showing a next person’s son who is a ‘minor’
    Was going to comment on it last night, but decided not to do so. Thanks D&D.
    Just my opinion


  • either way then the call is for the PM to ask for a ministers resignation any case my point remains valin as the relevancy supports the point that the Unions or no individuals as a collective body hired Minister jones so to be asking from him to resigned is muted.
    In any case your point is noted


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    The union represents that aspect of the public who has a constitutional right to vote. The mere fact that their X is representative of the person to whom they want elected gives them as much right as anyone else in Barbados to ask for the head of any minister who is not proper in function and civil duty.


  • It is the lack of respect for order, something which use to define Barbados that is very very scary.

    Woman facing drug charges objects to remand

    “You getting on like I kill somebody,” she told the magistrate when she was remanded along with her boyfriend for four drug-related charges. She argued…


  • @ David,

    If she behaved like the four Canadian traffickers she might have been given a break.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ TheGazer, DPD and Donna

    “You getting on like I kill somebody”

    Wunna see the words from the mouth of these new inheritors of the earth?

    Having your picture blazoned over the world for your belligerence, while radical rather a scorched earth practice, IS NOT TO BE RECONCILIATORY WITH THIS ABERRANT SECTION OF OUR POPULATION, it is to say, you doing big boy crimes now, and big boy crimes have big boy punishment.

    He is poster boy for indiscipline in Bajan schools and if any of wunna children are is reading well, are similarly posted, or my grans, dem becomes fair game for a depiction of the so jet matter.

    The problem with us is that we are mek King excuses for the criminals and like Donna, we real quick to talk bout de broken home syndrome and things.

    You see that boy child who walked 14 miles from St. Peter to Eagle Hall?

    That, even though it has an element of “broken, dis functional home” is deserving of a picture showing determination in someone so young.

    Those a stories which Donna and DPD and you Gazer and me need to comment on and furthermore “support ” but for the vagabonds and these who ent kill nobody, front effing page.

    Wunna like playing with these peeple and when the shy*e hit the fan den it is silence as you hide behind the Word of GOD, and forgiveness, forgetting that Jesus the Christ tossed the asses of the money changers out of the Dwelling Place of His (my) Father.

    Get real, cause dem fellas gine kill wunna scvnt if you keep sleeping


  • Cases like this one allows one to see how justice is distributed in the island. The contrasts are there for you to see (18 ounces versus 300 lbs, a local vs foreigners, black versus white, etc.)

    Given the amount involved in these cases (fines and weight of cannabis) any fine in excess of $600 should be questioned.

    I kno sum of wunna will say de judge should toss the book at she, but I excuse ya, for ya dunt kno different.

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    That story with the boy walking from St. Peter was touching. It exposes what we know, biological parents who do not know how t be parents. There isn’t that support in the terraces and heights for parents. We have a problem.

    On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 1:05 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    This is where I say that the name of the sellout judge who fined those Canadians one let them go Bach to Canada without doing 2 years in Dodds, their name and face should be here under Lawyers AND Judges IN THE NEWS,!!

    Somebody spoke to that Judge.

    Cultivating drugs IN A NHC BUILDING is a crime with two dimensions.

    The drugs alone should net a fellow 6months but the use of the premises should be grounds for immediate evictions!

    You see how rapidly the words “ye have made My Father’s House a den of thieves” seems not to have just dropped and here we see renters at low income premises making NHC property a drug den?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Pieces my brother I have no argument with your summary thesis that “Get real, cause dem fellas gine kill wunna scvnt if you keep sleeping” but frankly that has nothing to do with the original depiction of the lad…if Imay revert to that story

    There is violence all around and it must be punished but simply stated if a Kolig boy get remanded for cannabis possession there is no validity in emblazoning his ensigna across the front page of the Nation let’s say because we want to validate that de big schools dem got delinquents too.

    Well hello, we know that…and as an aside on that specifically: back in the day that school was exactly de place from which a lot of the talk about society folks dabbling in de tampi emanated. Anyhow dat is a whole nudder topic .

    Look my friend high school is a serious place where the youth go through enough adolescent turbulence of simply growing up and coming to grips with their blooming bodies, minds predatory adults and all such. It’s good to have positive images of your school rather than also have to deal wid that negativity too.

    I therefore support highlighting the positive for the school and relegating any bad action to the individual directly and not the school to which he attends…

    Its the individual who will kill my scvnt not Ellerslie nor St. Lucy nor Cawmere.

    Thus senor I personally would not have reproduced the pic with the ensigna. We can only but do our small part when we are in the arena.

    So no quarrel. It is what it is. It’s life.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    To your second substantive point viz “‘ye have made My Father’s House a den of thieves’ seems not to have just dropped and here we see renters at low income premises making NHC property a drug den”. ——- So what the hell you expect wise old Pieces.

    The chickens come home to roost a long time ago…long time. With respect to all and sundry but V.O. Smith is an octogenarian like you, not so. Yah think fellas as erudite and ‘above de law’ like him didn’t possible do a Bill and suck in but did not inhale… don’t they effect the same type of attitude.

    Is this lady and dem low income drug denizens doing anything more egregious than those erudite fellows and fellas who renting at the high income House of Assembly… or should that be House of Dissemble!

    You love your sweet anecdotes so here is one…de udder day two fellows has a tad little imbroglio (I use de $10 word to show the ridiculousness). They were arguing over a seat in a very crowded space. One devotee said basically, so what are you going to do, shoot me. Cue Tanti Merle: who tell he say dat. Right there in de…..wait again…. CHURCH the other devotee shot his rass!

    Google it, if yah think it sounds fictional.

    So I smile when the blogmaster refers to parenting and you to the low income shenanigans.

    Some people should have their tubes tied (you hear de one about the 12 children wid some chained in de yard) and some people should have their fancy silk ties drawn securely around their necks until they push down whatever in whatever tubes they have.

    But torture is inhumane and illegal, and forced sterilization barbaric. But so is starving kids and treating them like dogs…ah well!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Point accepted Dribbler.

    Did not look at him in the perspective of his epaulette but rather as “a school boy, not yet in fifth form wearing khaki”, in a scene with an officer.

    I did not see the epaulette in fact in the first version the grandson did he had a scene of three girls from the Arthur Ashe school fighting and I told him that the images WERE NOT SPECIFIC TO BAJAN EXPERIENCE and I told him change it.

    Do a google of “RBPF police arrest Student” and see what comes up.

    THAT STUDENT has earned the school and Barbados a digital archive forever!!

    So much for his future job applications, that is why I tell these idiot youngsters that having a Facebook name of “” does not endear you to prospective employers at the HIV/AIDS Commission

    @The Blogmaster

    Denizens of the heights have never had or will ever have empathy for the less fortunate in our society, they look at us with scorn.

    You know how long it takes to walk 14 miles?

    You understand what motivated him to walk that busy highway to find his father?

    You see why de ole man get ban from Feed My Sheep? with them two faced varmints called christians?

    They shame the Name of My Lord


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