It is the Government’s Fault [reposted]

The following BU blog was posted in 2010 (authored by Inkwell) and remains relevant five years later.
Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

It Is The Government’s Fault

by David on March 4, 2010 in Blogging Edit

Submitted by Inkwell The Government of Barbados is the cause of, is responsible for and should be accountable to the people for the runaway indiscipline being exhibited by operators in the Public Service Vehicle Sector. It has caused and is responsible for the escalation of that indiscipline over a period of more than twenty years.

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  • They are to stupid and greedy not to know what they are doing , But just dont CARE. Someone need to lock them up,


  • An article attacking the issue from the level of accountability and it does not attract contributions? Why should taxis get duty free exceptions and not PSVs? The author’s view is interesting because indirectly taxpayers are paying for subsidizing this sector.


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