Electronic Vehicle Registration Concept Proposed to Government Since 2007 by the UWI

Submitted by David Weekes

It is regard to the recent announcement by the Minister of the Ministry of Public Transport or MTW (the use of both names should be noted due to name changes over the ten year period in question) I am submitting the attached documents.

Notwithstanding the current name of the Ministry that has announced the Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) system, these documents form part of a proposal  submitted to  said ministry in 2007, under its then Minister Gline Clarke and again in 2009 under Minister John Boyce whose names are mentioned without prejudice and solely to affix the submission times.

The following is to be noted about said Electronic Vehicle Registration system.

  1. Both the EVR and the Electronic payment systems were the subject of an extensive proposal submitted by the Faculty of Social Sciences under Dr. George Belle the then Dean of the Faculty (I believe he has now retired.)
  2. The Faculty of the University of the West Indies paid for, and brought the Vice President of the largest EVR producer in the world Transcore, Steve Baumhardt, to Barbados and introduced said project to the GoB of Barbados
  3. After 2 years of the customary bureaucracy with the Ministry, UWI was able to get the MTW (or MPW) to field a mission to Bermuda to see the technology at work.
  4. That “on-site tour” was conducted with one University of the West Indies Soc. Sci. senior staffer and with particular MTW staffers, the Head of the Transport Authority and the VP of Transcore
  5. I can and will provide email of all correspondence between the UWI and the MTW and Transcore.
  6. I can and will provide correspondence from the first and second financial underwriters of the EVR project who were to provide the $6M to underwrite the project at “no up front cost” to the government but proposed a B.O.L.T
  7. I will go on record to state that this EVR was agreed “in principal” to be a UWI/GoB collaboration so that the UWI could generate money for itself. Needless to say the current situation at the UWI speaks to what is the trus state of so called UWI/government collaborations

I will say now as I have stated in other fora that it would be unconscionable if this government, or any successor government, benefit from these actions financially without (i) even the smallest mention of the untiring work of the UWI and (2) at least paying the UWI back the money that it spent sowing the “EVR field”.

It is probably too much to expect that they would honour the commitment to the UWI per their UWI/public sector collaboration. Some would, mindful of the current plight of the UWI, say that these actions seem to clearly show how they are “enemies to any and all Innovation and Invention proposed by its university, and its citizenry”.

Others say this it is a manifestation of Rwanda again, where black against black crime is permitted, and sustained by successive governments.

This should serve as another caution to all young Bajans who propose to collaborate with said government(s) (and/or their agents). “Be extremely wary of sharing anything that you propose with them. In fact some might say that it is better to proffer whatever you are selling to “the white man” overseas” because your own people well, learn from these examples.

Some say that this is just one more instance of the “public, unstinting rape” of the Intellectual assets of Bajans and it is the face of theft of intangible, yet financially viable, property of poor black men and women in this country.

Others will wonder how can these governments broadcast to an unsuspecting, international diaspora that it should “invest in Barbados”? Others wonder how can they make representations to international agencies to support these “structural improvement programs” while making its authors “suck salt”?

All of your “die hard supporters” are asked to pause, look at the attached documents and thereafter state if there is any righteousness in this action, even if set in the context of national development. Not even a change in the name of the document title!

With regard to this EVR matter, I invite Dr. George Belle, Mr. Wilberne Persaud and Dr. Hillary Beckles to comment on the veracity of these documents hereto attached.

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124 Comments on “Electronic Vehicle Registration Concept Proposed to Government Since 2007 by the UWI”

  1. Bush Tea March 25, 2016 at 12:43 PM #

    @ St George’s Dragon
    If the UWI proposal was 10 times the cost of alternatives, would that mean it should have been selected? If alternatives were not even looked at, how would you know? But why care; the taxpayers might be screwed but as long as it redistributes wealth it’s ok, apparently.
    Boss man, stop talking like you think we are idiots nuh….
    When we speak of innovation, THERE ARE NO ALTERNATIVES. Bushie is not dealing with a case of travelling to developed countries and looking to copy products /services that are well established….like Desal Plants / Consumer goods / Cement / sweet drinks / medicines/ Cars/ Plasma Plants/ Solar Panel factories…etc OF COURSE BIDS are appropriate… nay REQUIRED in such cases.

    We are talking about UNIQUE, CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE projects to address current unsatisfactory (indeed, even good, but improvable) situations.

    The analyses that are done in such situations are call Cost/Benefit analyses…..as in, it presently cost us X dollars per year to do this. This innovation will reduce cost to Y dollars per year and will cost Z dollars to do. It is therefore justified because Z+4Y<4X.

    Do you grasp the concept of INNOVATION? ….of breaking NEW ground?
    With what can you compare NEW concepts? ..except current reality?

    @ Dribbly Dribbler
    Big man…the fact that you once read ‘Animal Farm’ is no major achievement. Many real life situations can be MUCH more complex…. believe it or not..

    Having adopted that new pseudonym (against Bushie’s advice), you would do well to get someone who can think clearly to vet your outpourings before hitting that ‘send’ button….

    Since your name change you have been posting more and more shiite… worse than dribble….your next name could well be something to do with ‘runnings’ / or ‘jobby’…. or perhaps …”Paddy’s famous target…”


  2. St George's Dragon March 25, 2016 at 12:48 PM #

    Nation Wednesday again – 14 digital monitoring sites across the island; 9 companies expressed an interest in providing the systems (doesn’t say they tendered). Also says the Tenders Committeeare deliberating, for what that is worth.


  3. Alvin Cummins March 25, 2016 at 12:53 PM #

    @David (Weekes),
    I fully understand and empathize with you. Even in the U.S. and Canada, there is no real respect for the protection of of Intellectual Property. (I know about it from personal experience). But Philo Farnsworth did not have it easy. His court battles to protect his intellectual property took fourteen years to be resolved, and he was fighting R.C.A. who was the big boy in the radio field. I would never try to give the impression that it is easy. That is why ALL, inventors, innovators etc have to be careful, and willing to fight long and hard; especially where there is the possibility, “big money” emanating from the product. The Good Book; the favourite of Zoe and GP, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”
    My advice and encouragement to you is press on regardless. Don’t concentrate on personalities, but press your case.


  4. David March 25, 2016 at 1:01 PM #

    @David Weekes

    Last week David Ellis of VoB interviewed on of the lawyers for Barrack seeking his payment from the government of Barbados. He indicated he will be taking the matter to the international agencies to invoke agreements Barbados are party to. Perhaps you should touchbase to see if there is weight in numbers.

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  5. Sargeant March 25, 2016 at 1:05 PM #


    BU was designated a risky connection by my firewall, first time that this has happened and it blocked the connection. I can unblock but what’s going on?


  6. Alvin Cummins March 25, 2016 at 1:09 PM #

    David Weeks,
    If you wantt I can give you the name and e-mail address of a good Intellectual Property Lawyer, but she is not cheap.


  7. David March 25, 2016 at 1:11 PM #


    BU is hosted by WordPress and they host thousands of websites. Chances a website has run afoul and because of a single IP address which WordPress uses it means all WordPress sites will be affected. Will alert the team.


  8. Sargeant March 25, 2016 at 1:30 PM #

    Thanks David


  9. Bush Tea March 25, 2016 at 1:42 PM #

    @ Alvin
    If you want I can give you the name and e-mail address of a good Intellectual Property Lawyer, but she is not cheap.
    Shiite man Alvin …. ya mean you want to rob William now too….?
    What does he look like? A CLICO policyholder?

    By the way Alvin, you mean Bushie asked you a simple favour the other day ..and just because the Bushman does put a few whacks in your donkey from time to time 🙂 – you won’t even fart pon ‘e?

    Do you realise that you were able to get Zoe to give a simple, short, unambiguous answer to a straightforward question the other day? (you asked if he was a Seventh Day Adventist)…

    Boss, we got some more questions for Zoe …but only you seem able to get coherent answers..
    …so wuh yuh going do…?


  10. Bush Tea March 25, 2016 at 1:46 PM #

    Sorry Alvin … meant David W not William


  11. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 2:11 PM #

    @ Alvin Cummins

    You offer per the Patent lawyer is welcomed and you can send any such info through to the blog master who will on send to me.

    Having contacted 234 lawyers in the USofA already all of whom were good, speaking with one more, like Colonel Sanders, cannot hurt.

    Let me be prolix per the US representation matter so you nor she do not waste your time.

    I have no money. Investments in and theft of patents have seen to that. Certain health matters and having to bury 3 family members have complicated things more but this is life, we are not here forever.

    Any lawyer is going to have to address one issue they must be willing to deal with a matter which invariably incur fallout from the Patriot Act of 2002 notwithstanding that the substantive matter is a patent infringement matter

    You send a profile of the party and after Lupus does due diligence, we will send a brief.

    We have a lawyer in Barbados but the Registrar has not set a date for the matter for years and the file cannot be found no one has a copy of the proceedings, when last I went to the Office of the Attorney General I was escorted from the building.

    I have made representations to Dale Marshall, Freundel Stuart when he was AG and the Adriel Brathwaite. Oh just in case someone wants to say that I am disrespectful to the Office of the PM he was not PM then and frankly my fridge is bone empty so that respect thing has gotten me nowhere other than 3 heart attacks, I guess you understand me a little better Mr Cummins.

    Respect is due to a dog ever if it is a cur.

    Our Summer of discontent is brewing, starting with the strikes and the mindset is one that “if you have $25 million dollars to build a building for the water authority and money to expand airport and put in fingerprinting equipment yet can only offer me 4% of 9 years of my wages we going shut all of you down and slowly but surely it will come to the boil of 1937.

    Remain in Canada with the innovative ideas of Trudeau unless you, as an older man, can outrun bullets


  12. de pedantic Dribbler March 25, 2016 at 2:19 PM #

    @BushTea, noted your sterling ability to revert to your prepubescent antics and words when you are throwing a tantrum because you are unable to play the game the way adults should.

    Big boys and girls work with reason and logic. Disagreements are noted and on we go…

    You must have been a tiger as a lad..although your cussing hasn’t really improved…Surely you could do better than “… you have been posting more and more shiite… worse than dribble….your next name could well be something to do with ‘runnings’ / or ‘jobby’

    I like runnings actually…images of the cross-country runner I wasn’t.


  13. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 2:22 PM #

    Let me clarify. The US matter and the Barbados matter are two different things Mr Cummins.

    @ The Blogmaster

    That suggestion regarding numbers making representation to international agencies is an excellent idea.

    Having gone through the exhaustive process with UNHRC I can say that a matter by multiple citizens against the Government of Barbaos as denying citizens their constitutional rights in a court of law is a brilliant idea.

    I wonder if David Commisiong with whom you seem to speak, would be disposed to taking us such a constitutional matter with the UNHRC like he is championing the fingerprinting matter?


  14. David March 25, 2016 at 2:24 PM #

    @David Weekes

    There is no reason why David Comissiong should not want to assist you even though this is not one driven by a ‘mass outcome’.

    On 25 March 2016 at 18:22, Barbados Underground wrote:



  15. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 2:30 PM #

    @ The Blogmaster

    We could even assemble a dynamic duo with David Commisiong and Philip Nicholls or a triune with Vernon Smith men who seem attuned to the rights of the underdog.

    David is a Harrisonian as is Philip, I don’t know where Mr. Smith went.


  16. St George's Dragon March 25, 2016 at 3:37 PM #

    The first EVR system was in Bermuda. Transcore, a huge company out of the States, was the designer and provider of the technology systems. Transcore was a “service provider” in the UWI team. It would be interesting to know who designed the Barbados system – whether it was UWI or Transcore. If we knew that we would know whether UWI “travelled to a developed country and copied goods and services” and we would know how innovative the proposal was.


  17. Retribution-things that make me go hum! March 25, 2016 at 3:58 PM #

    @ David, good luck with Dr Robinson’s input – more mute than PM Frumble.


  18. David Weekes on the 12.41 a.m. train to eternity March 25, 2016 at 4:15 PM #

    @ St. George’s Dragon

    I see that since the strategy to decry the university ‘s efforts to collaborate failed and your effort to say that all contracts to the government also failed you now will try to corral the discussion by focusing on what is innovation

    So before you go there let me give you the definition of the word as a holder of 17 patents AND patents pending

    “INNOVATION generally refers to changing or creating more effective processes, products and ideas, and can increase the likelihood of a business succeeding. Businesses that INNOVATE create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance. For businesses, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving your existing services.”

    Wheel and come again


  19. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 4:38 PM #

    The Carribean Transportation Centre Initiative within the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the West Indies at no time states or states that its EVR/I solution sought to invent anything however, as per the remit of the CTCI it sought to be innovative insofar as air, sea and land solutions in Barbados and across the Caribbean had and has challenges and therefore proposed innovations towards a solution to affect transportation.

    So that you will realize that the initiative was multidimensional take a look at the link above that shows the EVR at a glance

    It is to be noted that out reaches were also made to three Dean’s of the Physics Faculty to incorporate some of their HR in the development of the GIS component of what you see there at a glance.

    I will not go into the nature of those discussions with any of those three Deans because one is still there and the other two have retired but suffice it to say that what Dr Belle conceived and engaged the powers of the day with encountered attitudes from people who well I am done…

    We are a nation of small minded men who, unless we see that it will benefit me, don’t care if Monday comes on a Tuesday

    Conservatively speaking St George’s Dragon what if instead of $40 million a year it made a quarter of that what is $10 m over 9 years?

    Is that innovative enough for you? Especially in the current economic situation?


  20. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 6:28 PM #

    To the governments of the USofA, Canada and the UK and other interested government I will give you the G.O.D.I.S code through which you can transmit/receive all cross border travel information while preserving your sovereign data sets.

    I will give you the code without any charge, those of you who still owe me I will still rely on my litigation against you because you owe me and refuse to pay me and I am entitled to what is mine.

    Because I owe this subset of you no spite but believe that you should benefit from access to the code, in spite of yourselves, you will ultimately only get access to the code as software as as service from ***.

    But people should know you now to be dimwits of colossal magnitude, akin to black holes in space with no counterpart gravitational idiocy pull.

    I will go a little further with group A, because I realize that, even with all your resources, you “are blind to a few things” about your collective enemy and how they can be found. You unleashed something and now you can’t catch it, true urban warfare that like Hammer’s song “you can’t touch this”

    Unlike the Political X Factor construct, those items won’t be broadcast here because (I) that negates the efficacy of the solution (ii) I only propose to work with one government which has been kind to me and knows who it is (you may chose to disseminate the solution to whom you choose thereafter based on whom you know to be your friendlies) and (iii) the caveat wunna got to pay me for that.

    Oh one more thing,

    It’s not written anywhere even though it is written everywhere.

    I do not fear you but I also don’t trust any of you, so send your info to BU and once I get it I will send you what is promised.

    Only bonafide tracerts will be honoured for part A of my offer, part B which is exclusive will ensue from apart A.

    I am tired of these my brethren and need to come home


  21. NorthernObserver March 25, 2016 at 6:42 PM #

    Hmmm…but you see sir…if it was $9M over 9years with $1M is the overseas acct of a key decision maker, you would have had a deal. It was economically innovative but not politically innovative?

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  22. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 6:55 PM #

    To preempt the “he gone off” comments all I have said here is that the code everyone needs and does not have is to any government that wants it, for the Caricom governments that won’t be an option and they will not get the code like other countries will but will end up paying so ther entity for it since they sought to take what is mine.

    I went on to say that I have three other modules which are essentially ferreting tools to aid with current challenges that they have and since I should have learn from all the thieving around here I will only provide these upon payment a forehand

    Since I don’t have direct conduits to the respective parties I suggested a drop box of sorts for the first exchange and will use that to engage on the second modules which because of how they word will be shared by the recipient selectively because they know that all their partners and counterparts are not all friendlies

    Then I uttered some ramblings that are consistent with us madmens lol, he who hath ears to hear will hear..


  23. David Weekes March 25, 2016 at 7:06 PM #

    @ Northern Observer

    The amount of times that strategy was mentioned AND the amount of times offers were made and by whom would amaze many.

    I should ask the Blogmaster to upload a few pages of that sworn affidavit but it would be an act of spite and Northern I am tired of those piddling games with those small minds.

    I will speak my truth clearly especially that which I have supporting email for since you do know this is a place where they are very quick to sue you


  24. Bush Tea March 25, 2016 at 10:56 PM #

    @ Retribution..
    David, good luck with Dr Robinson’s input – more mute than PM Frumble.
    If Robinson was Bajan …they would HAVE to be related….
    As it is …probably soul mates.


  25. Well Well & Consequences March 26, 2016 at 6:44 AM #

    David…stick with the people who appreciate and are good to you, let the other lowlifes suck salt…that is me at my most charming.

    If you decide to gift them any of your inventions, it’s out of generosity, you dont need them, they are unable to think or create further than theft or bribery, that is their trademark and reputations for which they are well known and have to live with for the balance of their useless, small minded lives.


  26. Bush Tea March 26, 2016 at 8:13 AM #

    @ Well Well
    David still seems to be interested in feeding pearls to swine….


  27. David March 26, 2016 at 8:18 AM #

    @Bush Tea

    It order to believe that things can get better one must have even a smidgeon of hope in our fellow man if not what is the point?


  28. Bush Tea March 26, 2016 at 8:42 AM #

    @ David
    That question is worth a million dollars….. and if your identity was not secret, Bushie would write the cheque now… 🙂

    What “believe that things will get better” what??!!

    By now, it should be clear to anyone with eyes (and other senses) that things WILL NOT GET BETTER.
    We now have resources that are MULTIPLE times better than anything that have EVER EXISTED in the history of this world….
    ….better technology
    ….better education
    ….better communication systems
    ….better living conditions
    ….better health systems
    ….better access to information – shiite man, ANYONE can find out ANYTHING at ANYTIME…

    ….and we are seeing MORE hate, MORE wars, MORE brass bowlery, MORE ACs, MORE despair, MORE pain…

    What do you think the least squares regression analysis will show…..? ….Ass=Grass!!

    In the circumstances, we SURELY MUST be able to see that there is something fundamental that we are MISSING…..
    …some BASIC ASSUMPTION that is flawed in our collective thinking about life and its purpose.

    Bushie told wunna already…. ‘Life on Earth’ – (the project) was designed and implemented by a BIG, BRILLIANT BOSS ENGINEERING BEING – for a specific, logical, meaningful purpose.
    If a bunch of low class brass bowls choose to seek out some ‘other’ purposes…. who are you going to blame when things turn out badly…?

    Boss…No matter how many pearls you feed to piglets…. You will never get proper pork.


  29. David March 26, 2016 at 8:52 AM #

    @Bush Tea

    You are entitled to your view but you do a disservice to the family by bringing least squares analysis into it without addressing the limitations. How about those who will tout robust regression?


  30. TheGazer March 26, 2016 at 9:57 AM #

    I prefer a “put lipstick on the pig” quote, since the “pearls you feed to piglets” and ‘proper pork” seem to fall short.

    But yes, we may be soldiers, observers, or even gazers of a lost cause. In these times, the score may be
    Goliath 1 – David 0


  31. TheGazer March 26, 2016 at 10:09 AM #

    @David Weekes

    Please accept this in the vein in which it is meant. A search for information or for further clarification.

    I have the impression that one of the advances that you described would be an effective tool for security checks. Would be interesting to know if it was shown to US officials….


  32. Bush Tea March 26, 2016 at 10:46 AM #

    @ David
    “….you do a disservice to the family by bringing least squares analysis into it without addressing the limitations….”
    Don’t blame Bushie for that…it was gfparoman who started…..
    Bushie just trying a little thing too…. 🙂


  33. Bush Tea March 26, 2016 at 10:55 AM #

    @ TheGazer
    You can go with the lipstick thing, …but Bushie will stick with the pearls bozie….

    That lipstick thing could be touchy – um could get a man sued yuh…
    …you see AC’s Facebook profile?
    Bushie understands that she is already looking at suing David(BU not Weekes) …for veiled references to ‘lipstick on a gilt’….. presumably there is some connection bozie…. ha ha ha ..LOL


  34. David Weekes March 26, 2016 at 12:49 PM #

    @ The Gazer.

    Yes it was.

    In 2006 a team for the company G.O.D.I.S and a V.P of a Washington based Advocacy Group met with 6 Directors of Homeland Security in Virginia and made the presentation.

    It was at that time that the GoUSA agreed to pilot the offering in NYC, Miami and Puerto Rico to determine how the world’s first intra-jurisdictional Advanced Passenger Information System could be deployed between the U.S.A and CARICOM territorities in preparation for CWC2007.

    The thing about solutions like these Gazer in that in addition to them outliving the authors, it is inserted into the business cycle so smoothly like an IPad and it becomes so ubiquitous that no one even notices that it is there.

    Greed and small mindedness of our individual and collective governments and officials in government led us to where we are today.

    The concept is simple I leave country A to go to Country C (and may pass through country B) Instead of a handwritten/typed passenger manifest delivered by a pilot on landing, the information is processed from the airline desk, to Immigration at the Port of Embarkation and an Electronic File sent to the Port of Disembarkation in seconds. (Stage II permitted me to effect pre-embarkation checks, with disembarkation ports of call from my PC at home, simultaneous to purchasing my ticket which coincidentally AA and other American Airlines have been doing unknown to travelers)

    $1 per each traveller record was the proposed fee for this pre-embarkation process which facilitated traveller checks.

    Please look at the attached excerpt

    Most of the patents were rather capital intensive so I developed a visual portfolio which detailed the offering to prospective governments/clients

    That portfolio costed $250,000 and I had and still have the largest virtual portfolio of patents and patents pending in the Caribbean Region at 2016.

    It was necessary to make that investment in visual prototypes as I sought to market the products/patents/concepts.

    As the products moved along the to-market line further investment was solicited and invested e.g. we had to purchase SAP software at $200K to create the back-end code for the solution. We still owe many vendors Gazer, this type of investment does not come easy.

    I have removed some of the “Terrorist “Localization’ elements from the item because it does not make sense to broadcast those elements. They contain what is needed now and what is so unbelievably missing from the arsenals of those who are “fighting terrorism”.

    If one did not know better one would believe that this is not a war that anyone wants to win since, its ultimate goal is the promotion of a national xenophobia which ultimately displaces all persons who are not worthy of entry into the country.

    So we laugh ebola for black people from Africa, AIDS for blacks and Haitians Meth for Mexicans, terrorism for Muslims, show West Indians as vicious nannies etc., etc.

    At any rate regarding the solution being sought re “clean skins”, cells and these acts that are on the increase, If they know what they were doing and what to look for, it would solve this aspect of the problem


  35. David Weekes March 26, 2016 at 12:59 PM #

    Sorry I should add that the US “Pilot” was “conditional on our company getting and endorsement from our Country Barbados, to run said pilot around CWC2007

    We had an endorsement from the Regional Security System,

    We had the endorsement from CAROM Secretariat (the same people that we are suing now)

    And we had the endorsement of 4 CAROM Member States

    We never got the endorsement of the Government of Barbados and, barring getting sued for any libelous statements, suffice it to state that as part of Notarized Documents that form part of the lost file 190 of 2007 we have the signed letter of the Manager of the Hilton Hotel where confidential Documents shared with specific parties were retrieved from a meeting with an international provider of Solutions in the ICT sector.


  36. David March 26, 2016 at 1:00 PM #

    @David Weekes

    If memory serves Phillip Goddard led the CWC2007 government project?

    On 26 March 2016 at 16:59, Barbados Underground wrote:



  37. David Weekes March 26, 2016 at 1:22 PM #

    Back to the Innovation chap

    @ St. George’s Dragon.

    Barring “the Galahad Chair” that you see in the mpeg, the fan dangled interface in the back of the airplane seat (I have versions of it in airport kiosk, similar to the AA kiosks, BEFORE AA even thought of their devices, that device permits the swiping of the passport.

    That was really an invention.

    In fact the very invention that you use to swipe on your way to the United States of America at GAIA, that is my invention.

    All of the rest of my patent was based on pure “innovation” because it optimized the manual passenger information systems.

    A certain Micro Enterprise Development Agency CEO refused to fund that initiative because in the eyes of its head, a man of little vision some say, it did not merit the $250K being sought’

    He further went on to say that our accountant “had cooked the books”

    Another head of an innovation agency, asked the question “why part of America dat idea cum from?”

    As the blogger her Bush Tea remarks above it seems like if we are surrounded by a legion that is in league with the Devil and their task which is chanted in their ears every night as they are laying asleep is to destroy and to undermine anything that uplifts

    @ Both those CEO and others who now are on the bandwagon that says, it comes from Weekes “kill it before it grow”


    “Accenture will serve as the prime contractor on the Department of Homeland Defense’s (DHS) complex and ambitious virtual border project that could be worth as much as $10 billion for the technology firm and its subcontractors.

    Under the contract announced Tuesday, the Reston, Va.-based Accenture will help develop and implement a new entry/exit system to be deployed at more than 400 U.S. air, land and sea ports of entry. The contract calls for a systems design to verify the identity of incoming visitors and to confirm compliance with visa and immigration policies.”

    As long as it is white St. George’s Dragon we Bajans adopt that position of abject obeisance

    So Clare Cowan and Del Maestro can come here to barbados and get red carpet treatment but I David Weekes son of the soil must be made to suck salt and, since that does not kill me, I must be made into a criminal and stripped of all that is mine.


  38. de pedantic Dribbler March 26, 2016 at 1:52 PM #

    @DavidWeekes, yours is a very difficult and forlorn tale. One hopes that you are not a historical footnote of those about whom we read whose handiwork and inventions generate the billions of which you speak but you the inventor remain at best comfortable and at worst abjectly poor. Unfortunately for every Steve Jobs who gets over with his ‘invention’ there are way too many like yourself.

    Re your comment “as long as it is white St. George’s Dragon we Bajans adopt that position of abject obeisance”.

    You surely knew that as you matriculated through that university on Crumpton Street and definitely had to know it as you progressed through tertiary ed and the very WHITE business world..

    … so either your ego prevented you from losing the skirmishes but ensuring that you win the war or there is some other reason that you were unsuccessful.

    Understand that I am not knocking your earnest endeavour…merely saying like Detroit Red it must be ‘By Any Means Necessary”. And in this case that means if the name or face of Weekes became anathema to some then as best as possible remove them from the equation. Maybe it becomes Mires or Thompson or whatever.

    Look I am sure you did and tried all strategies and yet hit a wall…so my dribbling is just dat.

    I am also sure that at some point you came to a realization that lil Bajan boys – even those who are as bright as you – are not allowed into the inner sanctum of de Pentagon power brokers.

    So yes, ‘as long as it is non-white’ you gotta stand back…or use a real loyal surrogate to get into some places…particularly on certain areas of endeavor!

    Just saying.


  39. David Weekes March 26, 2016 at 1:56 PM #

    The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in their World Tourism Barometer publication, gives the following stats for 2013 and 2014 respectively for the United States which is ranked 2nd in the world for visitor arrivals 70.0M and 74.8 million.

    Again you mathematicians out there are asked to do a multiplication of a hypothetical income for 10 years at $1 US per record.

    The irony is that the source code that I am giving away has even at today more components than their systems and would permit the US, the UK and all there countries who have no idea where their citizens are the modality to know who is lying about visiting a country with mad cow disease, ebola, yet, preserve the sovereignty of their respective data sets!

    What is the indebtedness of the Government of Barbados again?

    And what was the last speech that Minister Danville Inniss, or George Hutson or whomever what is the chant that these guys repeat all the time?

    What we are dealing with is small men who, being mindful of the $$ that these initiatives might possibly generate for a fellow Bajan have taken a “collective” stance that you see he, even if his portfolio was going to eradicate our country’s indebtedness , fun he mouth he must be made to suffer”

    We are the gatekeepers and like Gandalf most memorable comment is when he stands before the Balrog and says “You shall not pass.” so too have i become a Bajan Balrog’


  40. Bush Tea March 26, 2016 at 2:05 PM #

    @ David Weekes who said…
    As the blogger her Bush Tea remarks above it seems like if we are surrounded by a legion that is in league with the Devil and their task which is chanted in their ears every night as they are laying asleep is to destroy and to undermine anything that uplifts
    If Bushie said that it seems like that, then please forgive the bushman for giving that misleading impression.

    In fact, it is EXACTLY that…..practically word for word.

    …and when a brilliant mind such as yours come to recognise that reality, you will quickly redirect your phenomenal talents towards the far more meaningful task of resolving the ACTUAL meaning of ‘life on Earth’ ….and the potentialities thereof… and you will discover TRUE upliftment …


  41. David Weekes March 26, 2016 at 2:32 PM #

    You are indeed a riddle of sorts De Pedantic One.

    In one breath you exhort me to follow Detroit Red ( a chap who i live by) yet I hope that you are not saying that i should break off.

    Let me explain why I can and will never break off this chant.

    “From April to July 1994, approximately 500,000 Rwandan Tutsi, some 80 percent of the country’s Tutsi population, were exterminated in the most efficient and complete genocide of modern times” (other reports state 800,000)

    When the first Tutsi fell no one can mark the spot when the first suggestion was floated in 1992 for clearing the national psyche.

    May like me will fall noticed in history’s pages, comfortable or in abject poverty as Biko fell and Mandela rose but that is their barometer Dribbler not mine.

    Can you tell me that my constant chant of discontent might not cause Sir Kyffen in a fit of indignation while in the church he funds say “Jesus the Christ whom I say I serve challenges me to do the right thing” and in a moment start a social revolution akin to that of the Quaker abolitionists?

    Can you say that somewhere in the folds of the BLP opposition that what I am saying does not resonated with Eddie Hinkson that he says enough of this and rises and embraces Maria Agard and charts a new path for the BLP?

    Can you say that Donville with his own aspirations of being Prime Minister would not say that what is chronicled here needs to be revisited? or can you say that in the chest of Granville Phillips the Second that this is not that spark?

    I have been told that I have an acerbic tongue but I tell people that I am mild compared to my late father.

    Like Jeremiah and John the Baptist, I will chant and say what I know to be wrong, and like the pacifist MLK, I amy not live to see or benefit from anything BUT I cannot see that a thing is wrong and skin up in the tests of those who perpetuate this iniquity.

    I too hear my Mothers voice with her kind Whispers of Peace to My Soul but I can’t do that peace thing that you fellows do so well, nearly said glibly

    So, like the hymnal encourages us both, I bid you to continue on, doing your thing “In this world of darkness, so too we must shine, you in your small corner, and I in mine.


  42. Well Well & Consequences March 26, 2016 at 6:18 PM #

    It is a sickness on the island more potent than ebola that from the leaders up , down and across the society, do not like to see each other progress, get any significant compensation, whether it’s for an invention or for personal injury, they do whatever is necessary to stop forward or upward movement, their souls are so blighted….that the blight has now taken full control.

    At least David has lived to see their ministers begging China for aid, they perfer beg than have their brilliant inventors lift them out of the deep holes they dug for themselves over the last decades….if it means those investors will also benefit.

    China will do for them, then they will know what for.


  43. de pedantic Dribbler March 26, 2016 at 6:20 PM #

    @DavidWeekes to reiterate…we are on the same page. I would never suggest that you break off. Absolutely not.

    A real puzzle in life- as a devotee of Red – is to really and properly unlock that mantra most associated with him.

    ‘By Any Means Necessary’ is not about the oft seen image of ‘Man with Gun preparing for any result’. NO. Red became much more than that…and you would appreciate that surely.

    By Any Means, must be seen in the context of a Mandela who won the war over apartheid…by any PEACEFUL means to save his nation.

    His peace mantra did not mean that he did not figuratively and strongly ‘bash some heads’ behind the scenes to get his way…..It did not mean that in a moment of anger he did not want to reach out and bash a face of a rabid racist opponent….

    So good sir, it’s not about breaking off in the least. Never. It’s about using all means to reach your goal…To win the war one often will ‘lose’ a few skirmishes along the way…often strategically so (read that: appear to acquiesce by not using your name or whatever).

    But what am I telling you that you don’t already know Senor Weekes.

    May you be alive and vibrant (and I too) to see a triumph to your long saga…in any of the guises you noted but moreso directly related to your quest!


  44. Alvin Cummins March 31, 2016 at 6:19 PM #

    @David (the Blog master),
    Last week I promised to send to David Weeks, through you, the name of an intellectual Property Lawyer, whom I met some years ago..
    The following are her particulars:
    Michelle L wassenaar, Bsc. Mac. JD.
    E. Mail michelle @methodlaw.CA. PHONE. (416) 847-0054. ext 222.
    Michelle is the Director and founder of Method Law Professional Corporation, an intellectual property agency and litigation firm. She is a lawyer, a registered patent agent and a registered trade-mark agent. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1994 and has appeared before the Federal Court of Appea, and the Trade-marks Opposition Board. She has also represented clients in ICANN domain name dispute proceedings before WIPO and NAF.
    Michelle has represented and advised multinational and domestic clients on patent, trade-mark, industrial design and copyright law particularly in pharmaceutical, life sciences mechanical and consumer goods industries.
    Further details of her CV can be obtained from her website.
    The address of her firm is: 3416 Yonge Street, Toronto Not. M4N2M9.
    I have spoken to her. about David. @David Weeks, I hope Michelle can help you.End her an e-mail.


  45. Alvin Cummins March 31, 2016 at 10:04 PM #

    @David Weeks:
    Typing errors: She is Michelle L Wassenaar, BSc. MSc. JD (Juris Doctor). Her BSc. and MSc. are in Biochemistry and Microbiology, as well as Law from the University of Toronto). If you Google her name you will get details of her company etc.
    The address is 3416 Yonge Street, Toronto, ONT. M4N2M9. As I said, send her an e-mail, or call her.
    Good Luck!


  46. are-we-there-yet April 2, 2016 at 9:35 PM #

    Today’s Hoyos File in the Nation newspaper takes a different look at the proposed EVR system. Doesn’t it sound a bit scary that this Government and succeeding ones will be able to monitor the movement of all its vehicle users, 24 -7? Should they have that facility along with a database of individual biometric data for all Bajans who leave or enter the Island? Are we approaching the real times of the “marks of the beast” foretold in the Bible?

    Here’s Hoyos’ article

    SOMETIMES I WONDER WHY the present administration, with around two years to go before a general election must be held, seems bent on keeping an ever closer track on its citizens.

    At the heart of it all is the Barbados Revenue Authority. This new agency was set up to bring together all of the Government’s tax and fee collection efforts under one umbrella, including value added tax, land taxes, income tax, corporation tax and licensing fees. Oh yes, and Customs and Excise duties, one of these days.

    Just recently, the Attorney General spoke about the suspension of the plan to start fingerprinting all persons (Barbadians included) as they entered and left the island through our airport and seaports. Reason for putting it on hold: a massive outcry in the population.
    And last week, the Minister of Transport announced another great initiative from the Government: electronic tracking of vehicles.

    In a news story, Cars To Be Tracked, written by Roy Morris, and dated March 23, 2016, “Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley explained yesterday that with an estimated 30 000 unlicensed vehicles on the road, authorities had no choice but to move with dispatch to get the new Electronic Vehicle Registration System (EVRS) in place.”
    Some $2.5 million has been included in the current Estimates for Phase 1, which, according to the story, “would include the affixing of two electronic tags on every legally registered vehicle and the establishment of 14 digital monitoring sites across the island, all tied to a central database that would be administered by the Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA) and shared with the police and judiciary.”

    With an electronic tag on your windscreen and another on a licence plate, your vehicle would be “electronically checked,” night and day whenever you passed one of these 14 ‘Checkpoint Charlies’. Hand-held readers would also be used by police officers and traffic inspectors.

    My question is simple: legal or illegal?

    We live in a world where electronic tracking, checking, monitoring and observing are the norm. There are security cameras everywhere, even in little Barbados. Cars from many manufacturers now feature their own “black box” to tell insurers about the driver’s driving at the time of an accident.

    If you work for a company which supplies you with a vehicle, especially if you use it to distribute the company’s products, you are increasingly being tracked.
    But in a country where we are supposed to have the freedom of movement, the freedom to associate and the freedom to live as privately as we want to, the proposed electronic surveillance by the Government through vehicle tracking amounts, in my view, to an invasion of privacy.

    Our Constitution protects the citizen’s right to privacy and unwarranted search, doesn’t it? So what is the difference between all these monitoring electronic eyeballs on you and me as we move through the public spaces of our country, and the Government sticking a tag on our vehicle to monitor if we are driving without a vehicle licence?

    The difference is the latter has to be with our permission. And we must be free to say no, too.

    In the United States, the Supreme Court last year affirmed a landmark ruling it made in 2012. The actual judgement, which went out of its way to quote English law from the 1700s as part of its justification, was delivered by recently deceased Justice Scalia, saying, inter alia, as follows: “We hold that the Government’s installation of a GPS device on a target’s vehicle, and its use of that device to monitor the vehicle’s movements, constitutes a “search”.

    Justice Scalia went back to an English case from 1765, Entick v. Carrington. In that case, he said “Lord Camden expressed in plain terms the significance of property rights in search-and-seizure analysis: ‘[O]ur law holds the property of every man so sacred, that no man can set his foot upon his neighbour’s close without his leave; if he does he is a trespasser, though he does no damage at all; if he will tread upon his neighbour’s ground, he must justify it by law.’ ” In Britain, many companies have tracking systems for their company vehicles, and as a result, they do collect lots of personal data about the people who are doing the driving.

    The use of this information is governed by the Data Protection Act 1988.
    While it has been described as “highly complex” and often “difficult to interpret,” says one writer, “the act is underpinned by the concept of ‘permission’. Fundamentally, personal data cannot be processed unless the person it concerns has given permission….”(C)ollecting data covertly is usually considered to be in breach of the law.”

    But here in Barbados it is going to be the Government itself which apparently will be collecting information about your vehicle’s comings and goings by forcing you (if you want your vehicle to be licenced) to allow electronic tags not owned or controlled by you to be placed on your own vehicle.

    So, if the present Government has its way, it will know, via the Barbados Revenue Authority, which taxes you have paid and not paid; if you are in or out of the country at any moment in time; and where your vehicle is located at any given time.

    Once they know your routine, they can show up wherever you seem to be heading, thanks to that e-tag they put on your car.

    Do you want the Government, or anyone else who may get their hands on this information for other purposes (including criminals) by hacking the system, to know your daily movements? I certainly don’t.

    That’s why I say, “Permission not granted.”


  47. Bush Tea April 2, 2016 at 9:59 PM #

    This may not be as sinister as Hoyos seems to think…
    Bushie is thinking that the basic problem is that, since the CAHILL thing in particular, news have gone abroad that in Barbados resides a pack of ignorant jackasses – with access to millions of dollars from CLICO, NIS and a little left in the Treasury – who can easily be separated from these funds with a little ‘grease’…

    Snake oil salesmen are therefore beating paths to the doors of our ministers with ‘deal’ after ‘deal’… (It is these vermin that Stinkliar mistook for ‘investors’ bearing down on his door)

    Some albino scammer probably paid a little bribe….and promised a deposit in Miami when the deed is done….

    Wuh…these cretins cannot even patch potholes …. EVRS shiite!!


  48. David Weekes April 2, 2016 at 10:16 PM #

    @ Are We There Yet?

    Mr Hoyos is decidedly wrong regarding the principle of the Electronic Vehicle Registration and Justice Scalia’s ruling per GPS.

    Let me explain where his flawed reasoning lies.

    Let us suppose that i live in Union in St Philip and i am going to work in Bridgetown via Six Roads Bremerton, Boarded Hall Bussa Statue etc, Government Hill Tweedside Road.

    Let us suppose that at each of those points, as is customary in May, there is a Licensing Authority Officer.

    Let us also suppose that I have not paid my road takes, neither is my vehicle insured and my driver’s license is in default.

    BY law, I am supposed to have a decal affixed to my windscreen which gives an examining officer the ability to see the current status of my vehicle as such related to the MTW compliance, I am also supposed to have paid my insurance and to be a valid holder of a license.

    It is possible now, to be stopped 6 times, by six different officers, for that information to be checked.

    The EVR replaces that timely process with an officer pointing the hand held device at your vehicle and immediately knowing the status of 2 of the above MTW compliance and Insurance status. They still have to stop you to find out if you do have a license that is valid.

    Hoyos is assuming that the EVR will teach him or any other user like a gps unit which it does not but which, interesting enough, your smartphone permits the cell phone company to do.

    Look at the bottom of your Chrome page and you will notice that the most recent version gives your local coordinates right down to your house.

    BIG BROTHER has already been watching him and he has yet to do anything about granting them permission.

    Jihadi John had too much of an addiction to the internet and that was what killed him.

    @ Mr Bush Tea

    The Snake oil salesmen may in this case not have come from so far but in time, we shall see


  49. David Weekes April 2, 2016 at 10:18 PM #

    EVR Will track him , not teach him sorry


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