Clarify Water Policy Please!

Submitted by Anthony Davis

BWA_artist_impression.pngThe Barbados Water Authority  (BWA) today announced a temporary ban on the use of water for a wide range of activities including watering of gardens, lawns and grounds. “And unless the rain begins to fall soon, the BWA is likely to begin rationing water, the state agency said – Barbados Today February 26, 2016

Well, well, well Mr. Marvell!

I must really marvel at these draconian measures for the use of water by the population of this country. Pray tell me, Mr. Marvell, do all of these measures really apply to everyone living in Barbados, or is there one law for the Medes and another for the Persians as usual?

What do you expect the farmers and the hotels to do?

Shall the hotels for which tourists pay exorbitant prices tell their guests that the swimming pools can no longer be filled?

Can those with golf courses – especially a certain one on the West coast – tell its well-heeled guests that the golf courses will not be watered and therefore no golf can be played before they jump into their private jets and head home?

Have you sent a notice to this Government that it cannot give away 30 years of water to Cahill Energy or any other company if there is not enough for the population and the visitors who pay so much money to spend some time in Barbados?

If not, why not?

If we don’t have enough water for ourselves and our guests, where will we find a  free 30-year supply of that commodity for Clare Cowan who probably doesn’t know what such a plant looks like?

Seeing that water is such a precious, sought-after commodity, should our Government be giving it away?

No one gives away gold, silver or diamonds unless he/she has millions, if not billions, of $US on the bank – and this Government certainly does not have enough millions to give away that commodity.

Home drums should always beat first!

This leads to the other topic which is linked to this one.

I must digress here.

Minister Kellman, are you not one of those persons who signed the Cahill MOU in which you are selling land at  6 cents per acre to Cahill Energy?

Why do you expect the populace  of this country to pay $5 per sq.ft.?

Shouldn’t those who pay such high taxes pay the same price or less?

That would only be fair!

They even pay you!

What do you mean by “suitable persons”?

Must the squatters also bring proof that they are squatting?

Methinks that this is a retrograde step – especially where the farmers are concerned, although Mr. Paul is one of those who stood up in Parliament and stated that the Cahill Energy plant will be the best thing for Barbados since sliced bread.

Notwithstanding that two such plants have had to be shut down – one of them being in Clare Cowan’s home country, and one in Glasgow “failed to secure planning approval”.

How many more will this happen to before this Government sees the folly of its ways?

He has water to give Cahill, but none for his own people.

What does the anti-environment Minister say?

Or, is he only into garbage?

“There’s no justice when the relevant people are silent.”


  • Violet C Beckles

    Mr Davis .@ Well as you did see the Math do not add up,

    Minister Kellman is a crook , first of all land to be sold would go by the way of the UDC $2.50 a sqft not $5 .00 bds, No land is being sold at that price for that is 100% mark up bypassing the UDC, If it was selling for $5 bds , person would still only pay $2.50 bds and the other $2.50 would come from the 18 years of VAT. So if they are not using the VAT to have people as land owners where is the VAT going at now 17.5%,,, Kellman is a Crook,

    The Squatters in Question We told Kellman we have the Plantation deed for that, The water company have the deeds long time, If they lost any deeds they can ask Station Sgt Mark White at the Not so Royal Barbados Police Force,Or check UDC,

    All the problems can be solved in Barbados all you need is Clear titles to the lands, that was removed from the Barbados Archives and the re written books at the Land Registry.

    We have shown the titles , the problems that this cause the DLP Ministers and Lawyer will miss their turn of laundering the TAX and VAT money of the people. DLP is running around like they own land to give a ways,,, Cahill fraud deal will see hell if them white people and investors dont do their home work like up North and stop taking the PIMP title Word of these COONS,

    NHC have been in the business of taking land in the BY the AGs of Barbados in the of the Crown and calling it Crown land,Then when you object they tell you show them a CLEAR TITLE TO BE PAID,? BUT BY that time they have removed the deeds from the land registry and the Archive and send you a letter to say , THAT IS NOT WHAT OUR RECORDS SAY,but then move your land under the term GOOD TITLE ,

    After the lawyer and some times acting AG Lashley help run NHC with the help of Samantha from Mia and Owen times, all adding up, Did they ever find the 140 missing houses PM David talk about when he took office?


  • @ Anthony, they will have to get the water police to enforce the water ban. You should find out from the Minister how it is working.


  • …problem is that by the time it becomes clear that these people have NO IDEA what they are doing, we will actually have NO WATER….and it will be too late then for even well thought out options….

    This is now the norm for us….
    …In Water
    …with CLICO
    …with CAHILL
    …with crime
    …with tourism
    …with sugar
    …with Alternative Energy
    …with VAT
    …with sport
    …with health

    Where there is no vision the people will perish….but shiite man….
    in EVERY possible area…?


  • Bush Tea March 6, 2016 at 10:55 PM #
    Add sick government buildings,especially schools, to that list.


  • Cahill can build its own desalination plant and pump sea water from Paynes Bay. The sea will never dry up.


  • If rainfall fails to r plenish the aquifers expect BDF to be used for water distribution by June 2016 latest because of water rationing. Where there is a vacuum of vision people will perish!


  • Sandy Lane has a desal plant.


  • Desal should be in the long term planning of the BWA.

    There is no guarantee that enough rain will fall on the little dot called Barbados to satisfy the needs of the present population.


  • Flint has lead in their water you have lead in your politicians. These guys better get their act together and get moving on this water shortage or l may be forced to drink my scotch neat


  • The three month prohibition was not well thought out. The communication from the minister and general manager was not consistent with how the prohibition was rolled out. We needed a massive education campaign to introduce the prohibition.


  • @ Hants
    …Do you know what it cost to produce water by desalination? …real real desalination – not trickery like at Brandons…?

    …perhaps it may be better for you to give up the scotch and start drinking that Toronto water after all …. cause your drunk talk is just as bad as DIW’s shiite talk… 🙂


  • Something is missing in this scenario…….All of a sudden we have no water and we blame it on drought……the answer expensive desal plants…..hmmm.


  • @ Bush Tea,

    Clearly you are hoping it “always rains”in Barbados or you are planning to ship water from Dominica or St.Lucia.

    Barbados is in a prolonged drought that could continue.

    What do you propose ?

    Just for clarity, for medical reasons I only drink scotch on Christmas day.


  • @ Vincent Haynes,

    I have no skin in the game so my suggestion about desal is just simplistic idiotic banter.

    You know. Barbados is 14 x 21 and surrounded by sea water.

    You shit in a lot of your ground water so you have zones so you can pump the “cleaner” water.

    So you and Bushie can dismiss anything I write. Show your genius by suggesting the solutions that the BWA should use.

    Lovely weather for white tourists. Hot and dry.


  • @ Vincent
    What, pray tell, are you doing on Bushie’s side of this argument…?
    You are only making the bushman have second thoughts now yuh…. 🙂

    @ Hants
    “….for medical reasons I only drink scotch on Christmas day.”
    Wunna HC boys feel dat wunna smart nuh…?!

    For medical reasons you only drink scotch on Christmas day.
    On the other 364 days, you mix it with brandy, rum and beer….

    LOL ha ha ha

    Seriously, there is MORE than enough water to serve our need in Barbados. However there WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH of it for everyone (even with expensive desalination), if it is going to be wasted, leaked and undervalued….

    There is more than enough brandy available in Barbados too…. but if it flowed through leaking pipes; was measured through shiite meters; was subsidised by government so as to retail at a value of 1 cent per gallon….. we would be in “brandy drought” too….

    In the abundance of water, the brass bowl remains thirsty……


  • @ Bushie,

    I agree with you “r there WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH of it for everyone (even with expensive desalination), if it is going to be wasted, leaked and undervalued…

    So why not build desal plants and enforce the management and polices you suggest ?

    Of course that would never happen. We need to allow the importers of bottled water to expand their businesses.


  • Vincent Haynes March 7, 2016 at 2:49 PM #
    No water Plus Plenty of garbage . It all adds up to Millions.


  • Hants March 7, 2016 at 3:15 PM #

    I have no problem with your suggestion in general for a water scarce volcanic island but we are not one and over the years I have heard from geologists,engineers and the like say that Bim a coral island has more than enough water in the aquafers,couple that with the known fact that we are loosing approx 50% of our water through leakage and we only need to boost our output by 30%……..something wrong to go for expensive desal at this point……..once I agreeing with BT,it means um critical.


  • @ Vincent Haynes who wrote “geologists,engineers and the like say that Bim a coral island has more than enough water in the aquafers”

    That is why laymen like me should shut up.

    I did not study Geology and did not know that aquifers on a 14 x 21 mile Island surrounded by sea water could have fresh water aquifers that do not need to replenished by rain,

    my bad.


  • Desalinated water costs about $1.25 cubic metre depending on the cost of energy.
    The smaller plants are more expensive to run . in the region of $3 to $5 a cubic metre .


  • Hants March 7, 2016 at 5:14 PM #

    Skippah… not shoot the messenger…… you know how much water can be collected on 6/7th of Bim…….Why not deal with the elephant in the room.i.e. 50% wastage and the needed requirements asks for a 30% increase,so tell me what you would do… build a 100x desal plants or spend x on running new water pipes throughout the island with the added bonus of resurfacing the pothole roads with the $110m you just received for road works at the same time as opposed to doing the bajan thing of resurfacing and then digging back up to lay water pipes because of a fresh leak.


  • @ Vincent Haynes,

    Replacing leaking water mains should be part of ongoing / remedial maintenance.

    Water conservation should be mandated.

    Still need an answer to my foolish question.

    How are the aquifers under Barbados replenished ?


  • Hants March 7, 2016 at 7:13 PM #

    Lordy,lord…… 1986/7 EWB/Sandi took the 26m from Nicky Sealy to replace water pipes and put it in the consolidated fund……when you tell me how&when we can solve the leakage situation,I will tell you how the aquafers are still full.


  • @ Vincent Haynes,

    Since you couldn’t answer my question I asked my friend google.

    “a ​layer of ​rock, ​sand, or ​earth that ​contains ​water or ​allows ​water to ​pass through it”

    ” urban sprawl is increasingly paving over land, forcing rainfall to flow to surface water, rather than seeping back into underground aquifers.”

    So maybe there is an underground stream coming from Dominica replenishing the aquifers in Barbados.


  • Hants March 7, 2016 at 10:07 PM #

    So maybe there is an underground stream coming from Dominica replenishing the aquifers in Barbados.
    Like the gas pipe that Trinidad almost scammed us for? But did not Capt Fergusson said that he used to put down a container in some parts of the ocean and bring up fresh water?


  • Violet C Beckles

    They are looking for more ways again to JACK up the cost and the Price of Water bills again and to over charge each persons, We are sure that TIME SHARES cost as jump each time the government talks and it not a little bit, By now its cheaper to get a hotel room for the week and leave time share alone,


  • Just marking time. No change a year later.


  • Thanks for the showers in the early morning. We need a lot more. Especially to compensate for the 40 to 60% leakage in the system.


  • Colonel Buggy March 7, 2016 at 11:32 PM #

    Good pic.

    Have you seen the stunted poor rakey canes that they have actually used a harvester on to reap them….saw some at Applewaithe……back in the day the vincys would come over and clean up in a hurry……note back in the day no factory manager would have accepted them either.


  • 7000 tons projected for 2016 crop Vincent.


  • Vincent Haynes March 8, 2016 at 2:57 PM #
    The sugar harvest is right upon us, and its hard to distinguish between mature canes and ratoons. Looks like Lawn Mowers,and Weed Whackers would be more appropriate in harvesting this years sugar canes, rather than those expensive mechanical sugar harvesters.
    And to compound the problem, the fire bug is off to a flying start.
    7000 tons of Sugar?Not likely. The canes are so runted, that Barbados will create history this year by producing Unsweetened Sugar.


  • An embarrassment?

    Water Ease BWA to relax its prohibition order

    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on March 9, 2016. Saved under Business, Local News Less than month after its national prohibition order took effect, the state-run Barbados Water Authority (BWA) now says it intends to relax the controversial restrictions, which have been met with strong condemnation from householders and businesses alike.

    The BWA’s Manager of Engineering Charles Marville made the announcement during a public consultation with residents in St John last night at which he acknowledged that the ban on the use of water for non-essential purposes, such as irrigation and filling or supplying of tanks, had negatively affected businesses which rely heavily on water.

    “General speaking, I can tell you that the relaxations would come in terms of allowing customers, . . . both residential and domestic customers, to use water efficiently, rather than not use at all,” Marville told the gathering.

    “We recognize that obviously, people have their businesses based on supply of water and some businesses are very, very water intensive, so they have to use the water. But what we want to do and what we want to encourage you to do is to use water efficiently,” he added.

    However, he warned that the three-month prohibition order, which took effect at the start of the month, would remain in force for such things as watering lawns.

    “The grass will grow back when the rain comes, but obviously things like your hygiene, we would encourage you to use water efficient devices.

    “For your businesses, if you have to do irrigation for your crops, rather than using sprinklers, we advice you to use drip irrigation or some other efficient water use device,” Marville suggested.

    He also pointed out that the current supply of water remains limited, as he called on Barbadians to be more conscientious about their water use.

    “We are not saying don’t use it,  but use it more efficiently. That is where we are now,” he stressed.

    The current three-month ban also affects the use of water for the watering of gardens, lawns and grounds, filling or supplying of ponds, baths or swimming pools, washing roadways, pavements, paths, garages, out-rooms or vehicles by hose.

    The BWA official promised that over the next few weeks more would be said about the proposed ease in restrictions by way of press releases from the authority.

    He also said the BWA planned to engage tourism and agriculture stakeholders, as well as fisherfolk and others, on the efficient use of the island’s water resources.

    “So we can’t just turn on the pipe as we used to and let it run all day,” he said, cautioning that the current dry spell was one of the worst ever and that it was not over yet.

    Today, the Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association welcomed the latest announcement by the BWA, while stating that hoteliers were most concerned about restrictions placed on the use of water for filling swimming pools.

    Springer is therefore looking forward to the promised ease.


  • are-we-there-yet

    David; re. your 6:31 am post

    Dah is whuh uh was tryin tuh tell wunnah. De prohibition order was an embarrasment.


  • Did the BWA ever embraced the Total Quality concept.. Get it Right the First Time?
    I think not.


  • Colonel Buggy March 8, 2016 at 6:18 PM #

    I wonder…..who benefits if we have no cane to be had due to lack of timely payment by govt and a ready made excuse of drought………fields and hills beyond recall empty…….empty land must find a use……..Govt&Land owners……what am I seeing????


  • Patrick Bethell’s pronouncement in the newspaper today is an indictment on who?


  • Vincent Haynes March 9, 2016 at 5:07 PM #
    Most if not all of the workers who were made redundant ,when Andrews closed down,are still awaiting their payout monies. They are being given the runaround.
    The sugar industry is in a MESS. This year’s sugar harvest may well be our very last. The present Minister of Agriculture, may go down in history as the man who built a new multi million dollar sugar factory, and has no canes to feed it.


  • @ Colonel B
    The present Minister of Agriculture, may go down in history as the man who built a new multi million dollar sugar factory, and has no canes to feed it.
    What built what new multi-million dollar sugar factory what??!!

    You probably mean the shiite hound who drove the final nail in the sugar coffin by closing down Andrews in a failed attempt to get some kinda big money project on stream before being kicked out of office…
    He tried Japanese money, Chinese money, UAE money and (non-existent) CAHILL money ALL without success – it looks like Lowe is his role model…
    …probably wanted to give his mother a mother’s day gift….


  • St George's Dragon

    The rumour on the streets is that the Government has mucked around with the potential funders of the Andrew’s Sugar Factory project so much that they are not interested any more. The same rumour also says that Sam Lords is going nowhere either for the same reason.
    The main problem with these projects and the SSA new offices is a Sovereign Guarantee. This is the Government’s guarantee to the providers of the money that Government will pay if the SSA (or whoever) doesn’t. A Sovereign Guarantee counts as money owed by Government, so gets added to the National Debt. Sinckler doesn’t want to give these guarantees because it increases the likelihood of another credit agency downgrade.
    What he should have done, of course, is to have reformed (in other words abolished) some of the the Statutory Agencies. That would have balanced the books slightly and could possibly have given him the leeway to raise funding for these mega-projects.
    Probably too late now though.


  • Maybe Barbados needs a private sector rum industry that grows all the cane it needs to produce their rum products.

    Owen talking private sector stepping up so I just “copying”.


  • Hants March 9, 2016 at 9:37 PM #
    I believe that St. Nicholas Abbey has started the ball rolling.


  • Both Andrews and Sam lords are in the Estimates,so we can look forward next week to a lotta long talk about the reason for the delay and how things are on track now.

    A lot of activity will be seen between now and 2018……with a hope for a particular outcome……as Grantley said about bajans and short memories.


  • @ Colonel Buggy,

    Hopefully Remy has also stepped up.

    “REMY COINTREAU, the French alcoholic beverage company that owns Mount Gay Distilleries, has purchased the 330-acre Mount Gay plantation for about $9.7 million


  • The controversial Harlequin has restarted and mum is the word.


  • @ David,

    Let us hope that Harlequin is “under new management”.


  • “Warning that the island was not “immune to earthquakes”, Dr Latchman explained that of the 375 tremors, over 170 events were of magnitude 3.6 to 4.0, which was “more than 10 times”, the highest number of 16 earthquakes recorded by the WISRC in 2009.”

    Still want to build a Plasma Gasification plant ?


  • Imagine in 2016 there is no public comment on the matter. Work has started out of the blue.


  • @ David,

    Hopefully there is no Government involvement in Harlequin.


  • David

    Is this not part of the Jamaican investment shown in the Nation this week and discussed in a previous post?


  • St George's Dragon

    David Ames, the head of Harlequin, lost a court case a few weeks ago and was ordered to pay some investors the equivalent of BDS$4 million:
    Where is the money coming from to do this project?
    Would I be wrong to wonder whether Mark Maloney (who was owed lots of money by Harlequin for work on this project) has found a way of recouping his losses?


  • Some St. Joseph are supporting the the BWA employees industrial action,and hope that it will be as prolonged as the drought ,as they are now getting a good run of water.


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