Springer Memorial School Wrapper Update: The Education System Enters Its Darkest Hour

Pauline Benjamin - Principal, Springer Memorial Secondary School

Pauline Benjamin – Principal, Springer Memorial Secondary School

BU will not write too much about this except to beg for urgent divine intervention. As adults we are morally and legally bound to be caretakers of our children. What has transpired so far at Springer Memorial School involving a minor and a student is an indictment on all of us. All of us.

The emotional scaring that continues to accrue to this child begs for an immediate intervention from someone, any bloody one. Are we a society? Are we focussed only on the economy? What say you Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart? You boasted how you had to intervene to resolve the Alexandra issue. Do something! Rescue your minister Ronald Jones, AGAIN.  We await the management style you will select to resolve this issue. You are the prime minister you know.

Police respond to incident involving Springer student

Added 08 February 2016


Elecia Weekes (centre) embracing her daughter outside the school gates. At left is Shelly Ross. (Picture by Xtra Vision Photography.)

POLICE WERE CALLED in at the Springer Memorial Secondary School this morning when the saga surrounding the 14-year-old schoolgirl took another turn.

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The child and her mother, Elecia Weekes, have been involved in a disciplinary row with the principal, which has resulted in her being out of the classroom for almost eight weeks.

Weekes called the police after she said her daughter was escorted to the gates by principal Pauline Bellamy and asked to take off her uniform. She has refused a transfer to Ellerslie Secondary and was told by Bellamy last week that the child is no longer on the roll at Springer and would be trespassing if she returned.

Police from District “A” responded and advised the family, which is being supported by children’s rights advocate Shelly Ross, to take the matter to the Ministry of Education. They are now awaiting word on when they will be able to meet with chief education officer Karen Best. (YB)

– See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/77607/police-respond-incident-involving-springer-student#sthash.L1FwfmNO.dpuf


  • Combermere Vs Springer Memorial
    There us a hell of a difference between a Direct Order and a Request.


  • @Colonel Buggy,
    Do senior officers in the “disciplined forces” make requests of their charges, or do they give orders? …”Attention!!” is that an order or a request? You talk bare bull, in an attempt to get away from the fact that this mother has deliberately; because of her own stupidity and indiscipline, as well as a disrespect for authority, transmuted this to her daughter which will affect her for the balance of there life. The teacher is not to blame.


  • Really now that i have read Artax mouthings correlating a personnel right attributed to an indivudual taste attire ..i am flabergasted that this masquerader would go to such an extreme of connecting both issues bearing in mind the differing facts of both issues
    The principle although have a right to manage his school does not have a right to enforce roadblocks that might in fact deny parents from having permission to pick up their children after school.
    On the other issue wherby the child is under the guidance of educational setting six days a week.it is not and if or a but but standard rules of conduct and guidlines that are necessary providing a sembelance of order by which each child must adhere and if broken is subjected to discipline
    Every child and parent knows of those rules of conduct and there is no excuse for not complying under the misguided belief that the child has rights


  • I must beg your indulgence.

    There are a few topics that do not catch my interest and so the most I do is take a poke at the Zoe-ster. Then there are those that I simply do not understand. I tried my best to get my head around this topic but I cannot. To me it is as if someone did not pick up a piece of paper and then there was a great explosion.

    Linking the two events is what has me puzzled.

    I do not know what I would do if my son was in such a situation, I think I would side with him, no matter what decision he made; but I cannot for the life of me imagine such a situation going beyond the teacher/principal and I. And it is the escalation of this matter to the MOE that has me puzzled.

    What am I missing? I do not understand either side of this kerfuffle. Is this a tempest in a teapot?

    Help me understand.


  • i can only conclude that one of the parties exercised the “nuclear option” (whatever that is) instead of trying to “work it out”


  • @ The Gazer
    Don’t hurt your head trying to understand this issue…. is is just one of the things that brass bowls do when they are faced with REAL issues like Lowe continuing to talk shiite bout CAHILL; like NO ONE SAYING a shiite about CLICO; like the Shiite-Hound mashing up the Sugar Industry in his bid to get his hands on a finder’s fee; and like Froon continuing in a dazed stupor while Barbados goes over the cliff…

    Brass Bowls deal with such matters of National Life and Death by focusing on an unemployed, single mother doing what many other adults with failed lives do best….
    ..mess up their children’s lives too.

    The next thing that will happen is that Peter Wickham will write an article complaining about why same sex partners are not allowed to get pregnant…. and we will delve into THAT topic…


  • Alvin Cummins February 20, 2016 at 7:57 AM
    There is more to the discipline forces than the clockwork Left Right Left Right on the parade square.
    A General will order his troops to engage the enemy on the battle front. They may not like it but they have to obey.
    Then along comes the Padre, talking to the same troops., “God is on our side,my brothers,” and he requests them to go forward in the Father, the son and the holy Gho….”
    Before he finishes his spiel the troops are already advancing.


  • What I find amusing in same sex relationships is that one is the male and the other is the female.It is an aberration of nature therefore such peeps are sometimes defined as freaks of nature.How can a woman be a man and how can a man be a woman.Both species are biologically and skeletally made for procreation,nothing more,nothing less,never mind all the crap Zoe and GP write on BU.Neither 2 men,aka bullers nor 2 women aka wickers or lesbians procreate.Never,never,never.Neither an acting man nor an acting woman is for real outside of MGM, 20th Century Fox,J Arthur Rank or Pinewood.


  • @Gabriel February 20, 2016 at 5:12 PM “Both species are biologically and skeletally made for procreation,”

    Dear Gabriel: Did you drop out of thr iology class in third form at Cawmere?

    Where did you learn that men and women are two different species?

    Let me tell you today for the first and the last time.

    Men and women belong to the SAME species.


  • @The Gazer February 20, 2016 at 11:34 AM “I do not know what I would do if my son was in such a situation, I think I would side with him, no matter what decision he made.”

    Dear Gazer: Sometimes our children because of inexperience and immaturity make bad decisions. It is our DUTY as parents to correct them, not to “side with them” just because they are our children.

    Siding with a decision made by an inexperienced, immature child makes you an irresponsible parent.

    A BAD parent.


  • @Bush Tea February 20, 2016 at 11:53 AM “complaining about why same sex partners are not allowed to get pregnant…. and we will delve into THAT topic…

    I don’t know where you bi hiding Bushie, but same sex partners are not forbidden pregnancy. In fact it has become fairly commonplace for same sex female partners to become pregnant (sometime multiple times). They do it the same way that divergent sex partners who are infertile do it.


  • @Simple Simon
    Let us assume that only one of the two decisions (pick-up/not pick-up) is wrong and therefore I can be at most half-of-a-bad-parent.

    Do you think that the instruction to pick up the wrapper would be given to every school child in Barbados? Do you think that if Mr Big’s Son refused to pick upo the wrapper, he would suffer the same consequence?

    It would be good to know what made that child react in that manner. Did she feel she was being picked on? Did she see others pass by, and then she was asked to pick the wrapper?

    If my son failed to pick-up the wrapper (and was not the person who dropped it) then he would have my support. I sent him to school with the hope that he learns something in class and not to pick up garbage deposited by others. Schools have custodians who are responsible for keeping the schools and the school grounds clean.

    If his failure to pick up after others will send him on a course of criminality/to hell then I have failed him in some way.

    I am one who believes that ‘an inexperienced an immature child’ will often make the correct decision. In fact, I will go farther and state that the preponderance of their decisions will be correct,


  • LOL @ The Gazer
    Give it up boss…. you have no point …
    Simple would maul yuh hear…? ha ha ha

    @ Simple
    I don’t know where you bi(n) hiding Bushie, but same sex partners are not forbidden pregnancy
    Looka … Bushie is beginning to miss the days when we cussed each other yuh… 🙂
    Bushie did NOT say that “same sex partners are forbidden pregnancy….”
    What the bushman said was that your boy Peter W. would complain thusly… have you ever heard him complain of anything that made sense yet…?


  • A German couple has taken the German government to court over their rights to shag and be shagged by animals.
    Give in to one lot ,and the rest will demand their pound of flesh.


  • The German court has ruled quite sensibly that animals have a right not to be sexually assaulted by human beings.


  • Singapore leads the way….



  • I think that we have failed to tell our children what was.

    We have turned our children into a bunch of poor great, nasty, entitled “poppets.”

    In my rural elementary school there was one cleaning lady, Gwen for about 135 students. Every morning a teacher or two and Gwen and a few children mixed the milk powder to serve at morning break, and set out and covered the cups of milk with a net to protect the food from flies (no screens in those days). We considered it an honor to be asked to help. We were aged 4 to 9, but we learned that we must wash our hands, the pails, cups, whisks and clean the counters with soap and water before preparing food. This was done during morning assembly, so no teaching academic learning time was lost. Those tasked with these duties were rotated so that nobody always missed morning assembly, and everybody learned good food preparation practices. Some children deliberately got to school very early so that they could help Gwen with opening windows and doors etc.

    So what is happening in Singapore and Japan is not new. We used to do the same. I am not sure why we stopped (if we have stopped at all schools).


  • @SS

    We were aged 4 to 9, but we learned that we must wash our hands, the pails, cups, whisks and clean the counters with soap and water before preparing food
    Not only washed our hands. but with “EC” water

    BTW I just read that a student at St. Leonards was suspended for cussing a teacher ah wonder what de teacher did to him (cue the sarcasm). His mother should turn up and wreak havoc after all the little darling has freedom of speech and he was just exercising it………..


  • Oh yes. I almost forgot about the EC. And the wooden wash stands, with large white enamelled basins, always with blue rims.

    I have gotten sick from restaurant food, including food from a big name, many starred international brand name hotel outside of Barbados. No name, no lock up. But I never get sick from home prepared food. Those non-book lessons learned from Gwen and my elementary school teachers have saved my health, and maybe even my life.

    There is so much to be learned at school, that does not involve chalk and classroom talk.

    It is a great pity that we have neglected to teach our children these things.


  • If you cuss the teacher (or anybody else) while your head is hot (and we all get hot headed from time to time) as soon as you cool down, apologise.


    Life can be so simple, and yet people insist in complicating-up things.



    Singapore is following the lead of Japan.


  • Ten weeks and counting.. How much more would govt allow this mother to sabotage her child future with her childish pranks
    It was said by media that maybe today some kind of resolution would have occurred but so far the lights are still dimmed and no one dares enter or come out
    Sadly it is the child still sitting and waiting in the dark


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