The Caswell Franklyn Column – Concessions to Cost-U-Less Should Raise Hair

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Over the years, I have been complaining that the system of governance practiced in Barbados is merely a parody of the Westminster System that obtains in England. In a previous article, I wrote that we have all the trappings of a Westminster type democracy but they do not work as designed.

It is not my intention to disparage or in any way pull down an institution that history records as existing for over 376 years. I am concerned that the present occupants are not doing enough to make Parliament a place of which all Barbadians can be proud. To this end, I am calling on Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to do whatever is necessary to halt Parliament’s slide into irrelevance by ensuring that its rules and traditions are observed as intended. But it appears to me as though the Opposition could care less and is just biding its time until this DLP administration crashes and burns. Unfortunately that strategy might fail and it is the people of this country that will continue to suffer.

In my last column, I referred to the Minister of Finance waiving taxes under the Duties, Taxes and Other Payments (Exemption) Act. That act and the Interpretation Act require the minister to lay orders to waive or remit taxes in Parliament, “as soon as may be after they are made”. Only last week, while reading the Official Gazette, I came across one such order that should raise the hair on the back of the necks of all right-thinking members of this society, especially the members of the Opposition.

Official Gazette No. 102 dated December 14, 2015 carried a notice published as S.I. 2015 No. 90. It is an order made by the Minister of Finance designated as the Duties, Taxes and Other Payments (Exemption) (Cost-U-Less (Barbados) Inc.) Order, 2015. By now some of you might be saying that you don’t understand the fuss I’m making since the tax concessions to Cost-U-Less is old news.

Unfortunately, it is not. According to the notice in the Official Gazette, the Minister of Finance only made the order on December 4, 2015. My question therefore is: Under what authority were these tax concessions accessed by that company back in 2011. At best, this whole episode amounts to an insult on the intelligence of Barbadians. Paragraphs 7. (2) and 8 are instructive. They state:

7. (2) The exemptions referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4 are granted on the condition that the project commences on or before June 1st, 2011 and is completed by 30th of November, 2012.

8. This Order shall be deemed to have come into operation on the 1st day of May, 2011.

By regularising these unnecessary, and so far unexplainable, tax give-aways four years after the fact, Government has ensured that parliamentary oversight of the minister’s actions would be an exercise in futility or rather a veritable mockery on the institution called the Parliament of Barbados.

The people of Barbados, through the Opposition, must demand answers from Government explaining why it was necessary to lavish tax concessions on a company to develop a shopping mall to house a supermarket, restaurants and other related amenities at Warrens. I well remember that a shopping complex was constructed at Carlton, Black Rock and I am yet to see any order giving tax concessions to that project.

Further, it would be interesting to see if Government could give credible explanations for paragraph 5 of the order, which states:

5. The Company is exempt from the payment of withholding tax payable under the Income Tax Act, Cap. 73 for a period of 15 years in respect of

(a) the interest and dividends paid by the Company to resident or non-resident shareholders or individuals who have given loans to the Company; and

(b) fees paid to non-residents who were contracted to provide management services, consultancy or technical skills for the construction of the project.

It would also be interesting to find out the identity of these favoured investors.

Government is proposing that this country become a republic, which basically is a government by the people for the people. Unless more information is forthcoming from Government about this deal, it would appear that we have a government by the people for their friends. That scenario is not a republican form of government; it would be corruption if found to be true.

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  1. Caswell;

    Well said.

    This is just another signpost documenting our slide to banana republicanism.

    It would be good to hear the views of the Opposition element of the political class to this matter. But I’m not holding my breath on that.

    This should be enough evidence, on its own, to convince thinking people that under no circumstances should Freundal Stuart be allowed to implement republicanism on the country without built in enforceable iron clad conditions to protect it from selfish short sighted politicos.

    But we are a nation of BBs.

  2. AWTY, With respect, you are using Republicanism as a “red herring”. How does a change to constitutional republicanism change for the worse what Caswell has highlighted here? He is commenting on an attitude that is abusing legality, not the system of governance under which it has occurred.

    @Caswell, Is the order subject to affirmative or negative resolution? Once it is laid in Parliament there is a role for the Opposition to comment.

    • David

      Please explain, I do not see the merits. The last clause is conditional, if something is so then the accusation would follow. The first two paragraphs are essentially the same things that I have written before, in the piece about imitation democracy, and it was published.

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    • Jeff

      It is subject to negative resolution. Once it is laid, any member of the House or Senate can move to rescind the order. There is a short time period for doing so but I am not certain. If memory serves me correctly, I think it is thirty days.

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  3. it legal to make such concessions retroactive. Ya mean ya’ll still don’t know the identities of the investors in cost u less, is that legal…..should at least some of their identities, except silent partners, be registered with corporate affairs at Warrens.

    • Well Well

      The act allows the minister to make the order retroactive but four years after the concessions have been used is a joke. Where was the authority for Customs to allow entry of the vehicles and construction material into the country duty free when all this importing was going on.

      Additionally, the exemption of income tax to persons who have made loans to the company is not a concession to Cost-U-Less; it is a concession to the individual investors and the law requires that their names be published in the order. The fact that they were not shows that the Government is hiding something that ought to be disclosed.

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  4. @WW&C, The concessions themselves are not retroactive. They have already been effected. What the ministerial order does is to legalize the already exercised concessions. This is ordinarily legal…though untidy.

    Caswell engages the point as to whether the order was “as soon as may be after the concessions were made” .

    • What it exposes Jeff is how our system can be manipulated (used advisedly) to obscure or, to Caswell’s point, make a parody of the Westminster system we purport to follow. Yes successive governments have retroactively made good on orders but we need to challenge this ‘routine’ at a time when transparency and efficiency must be the order the day.

  5. We in the Faculty refer to it rather as the “Westminster-export-model”. Retroactivity, especially in this context, is not inherently a bad thing and is often necessary, but should be effected as soon as reasonably practicable. It is to be abhorred, however, when it takes away established rights.

    • @Jeff

      Understood, this issue is linked to questions about transparency in government based on 1. Beneficial ownership of cost u less in Barbados and 2. a government giving concessions to a retail draining outlet at the start of a general election.

  6. The whole thing has an offensive odour clinging to it whether it is legal or not.

    My point linking the matter with our possibly imminent republican status is that any government that blatantly engages in such matters that predominantly redound to the benefit of themselves as a government and to identifiable individuals rather than to the country as a whole will progressively do worse and worse until it achieves absolute power. The portents are worse if there is no or little recourse to higher external authority.

  7. Why was cost-u-less given tax and duty concessions ?

    What differentiates them from other supermarkets selling similar products ?

    • @Hants

      The upgraded version of your question is if whether T&T’s Moutet will attract concessions for the property he intends to develop in Warrens. A stones throw away from cost u less.

    • Corruption I tell you plain and simple. Somebody should be jailed for this.

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  8. AWTY, you must rid yourself of the notion that because the Queen is our head of state that she may constitutionally exercise any authority over local affairs. I know that this is a pet fancy of some, but long ago the matter was determined that “although this may be so in theory, it has no basis in practical reality”!

    • @Jeff

      Your comment to are we there yet further exposes the pretend (Caswell says parody of our system of government). The role of the GG to appoint a judge or give legal standing to a law is a rubber stamp. Wha a waste of an office.

  9. Not to appoint a judge, David, except in the sense of administering the oath of office. But your substantive point is well made.

    • @Jeff

      In a future column as an ‘adjunct’ to your Republic offerings you should delineate those circumstances a GG acts on sole discretion under the current setup.

  10. @ Jeff Cumberbatch January 24, 2016 at 10:30 AM
    “AWTY, you must rid yourself of the notion that because the Queen is our head of state that she may constitutionally exercise any authority over local affairs. I know that this is a pet fancy of some, but long ago the matter was determined that “although this may be so in theory, it has no basis in practical reality!”

    So why exchange one figurehead for a next?
    What are the benefits in such an exchange of costly pomp, pageantry and ceremony other than giving total control to a bunch of corrupt misfits who show all tendencies of behaving towards their own people much worse than their previous slaver masters? If we cannot even get basic straightforward long-promised provisions such as FOI and Integrity legislation enacted and running do you really feel things would be any better democratically under a republic with that bunch crap ‘over-lording’ the people?

  11. There goes that reality slapping everyone in the face again. David….that is all any of it is….a rubber stamp.

    Caswell….when anything goes wrong, just as with Harlequin, outside investigative agencies have the resources to follow the money and find out who these anonymous owners are, whom DBLP governments are protecting from the taxpayers.

  12. @ Miller,

    Republicanism is not, and cannot be regarded as, the answer to our current and future woes as a scrunting third world mini-state. As I wrote sometime ago, the arguments in favor of it cannot resonate in a materialist context either. No need to fear, though, its eventuation here is as unlikely as the return of the dinosaur. My argument in favour is a mere intellectual exercise.

  13. CAIPO only lists the directors, which are the Canadian Company. Shareholders and other ‘investors’ are not listed. I was told that one can apply to the Company Secretary in writing who is legally bound to disclose the names of the shareholders in writing. However, when they don’t, the only recourse is the Courts. Good luck wi’ dat! More clandestine means might reveal the necessary documents giving the names of the shareholders, as opposed to naming by rumour and gossip.

  14. Given that Hoteliers were given the same concessions and tax breaks as Sandals it stands to reason that Supermarket owners should also be given the same concessions as Cost-u less.

    If not why not?

  15. @ Jeff Cumberbatch January 24, 2016 at 11:33 AM
    “No need to fear, though, its eventuation here is as unlikely as the return of the dinosaur. My argument in favour is a mere intellectual exercise.”

    I disagree. Not on the idea of fear since I already have one foot in the grave. But its eventuation being a “mere intellectual exercise”.

    Very soon Barbados will be confronted with a Constitutional dilemma. After the highly probable abdication or eventual passing of the ruling monarch (Her Majesty will be 90 this year, Deo volente) the Constitution and certain monarch-related images, symbols and titles will have to be changed to reflect this change in the gender of the person in charge of the regnum.

    What are Barbadians going to do? Slavishly continue as if Her Majesty Elizabeth is still around similar to how the educational system and many social mores still reflect the Queen Victorian era?
    Why not show the maturity that 50 years of “self-rule” ought to have inculcated and take the proverbial bull by the horns?
    Why not be proactive and seek the people’s approval and blessing to go for full republican status with the people’s support to amend the Constitution to demonstrate another bold step towards political maturity and a deepening of the democratic process?

  16. The only reason to give exclusive concessions to a foreign exchange draining company in the distribution business is to get a kickback. A small child could see this. And what is Mia saying? I admire your courage Caswell and I am grateful for it.

  17. Lol….Hants, I remember Charles the Tampon wanted to be inserted into Camilla “the Rottweiler”.

    Those were Diana’s words….lol

  18. millertheanunnaki January 24, 2016 at 12:08 PM #

    I suspect that you are correct and that like a thief in the night we will become a republic without fanfare at the first opportunity which could easily be the vacating of the seat made of scottish wood.

    Jeff has a point that how we would like to see the transition will never occur.

  19. David

    I am sorry, I copied and pasted the order but it did not show up in the comments. I will send it to you under separate cover. Please post it for me.

  20. These politicians just do whateverr theyblike whenever they like, misrepresenting the people’s best interest. What is so desperately important now that could not have been done back in 2011….what new scam is in the works and has to be back dated.

  21. The opposition just as privy to the same foolishness and just as inept.They might be willing to reverse the slide but they are just as guilty as the incumbent.As always , vote independent , vote alternative , spoil the vote or stay to ass home.

  22. @Hants January 24, 2016 at 12:24 PM “Why would we want to replace the Queen’s image with a tampon.”

    Cuh dear Hants man. Give poor Charlie a break.

    In 1992 he was young, hot blooded, his hormones were raging. He was in love.

    You know how it is.

    You been there.

    Me too.

    Now we are all grey haired, sober, older, wiser…

  23. Do you all understand that this government does whatever the hell it likes? It does not listen to a fellow! They have not been called wild boys for nothing.

    Remember the rant from Donville Inniss………..We dont want to hear nothing from wunnah, any ideas wunnah got, keep to wunnah selves, wunnah had 14 years, now is we time, we gine do things we way.

    Anytime the Opposition speaks, the opposition is power hungry……..look how the yardfowls come on BU and call us doom and gloomers…….so what’s the alternative?

    Remember when this government appointed Arnie Walters as executive GM at BWA? The Opposition said that was illegal, the law does not allow for such a position, did they listen?

    Remember when the Opposition pointed out that it was illegal to sell diesel at the Transport Board to ZR’s……..did they listen?

    Does anyone believe that anything anyone says matters to them? Look at the most glaring and outrageous breach of all that is moral and decent………the case of the crooked speaker? When the Opposition voiced their concern……what did the worse PM this country ever have, do? He told the crook to get a lawyer and then they all put together the money and saved his sorry backside.

    They dont give a damn what anyone thinks or says!

  24. Isn’t it strange the lengths these morons would go to so that it can legalise the duty free concessions it gave to Cost U Less?

    Up to this day, the concessions that they promised the hoteliers which were to be in line with the 40 years of freeness they gave to Sandals………….the local hoteliers have not received a fraction of anything.

    I wonder why! These morons are giving the people who have money a washpan of freeness…no taxes and the clown put the taxes on us the poor taxpayers……we have to bear the burden while those who are wealthy are getting 40 years free of paying a dime in taxes.

    And we are the freest black nation?????

  25. When will all and sundry understand that this governance is what will obtain irrespetive as to who is in power…..this is what we have sowed and this is what we shall reap………….we like it so.

  26. If only we had three more men like Caswell….

    Jeff, you do us a disservice by supporting the retroactive passage of such an order. As a teacher of the law, you MUST know that, at the very least, for the FOUR YEARS before this order was done, the damn Government HAD TO BE ACTING ILLEGALLY in providing these concessions to Cost You Less.

    People like Froon and Stinkliar are low-witted twits who take guidance from the real brains in the place such as yourself. Give them an inch and they want a yard …with a pool…

    Perhaps you need to give them back their ‘Fear Trading chairmanship’ and focus on your legacy as the legal eagle of impeccable and uncompromising standards that befits your intellect.
    It REALLY is unbecoming of you to be in the service of such obvious idiots.

    Much respect to you Caswell…

    • Thank you Bushie.

      This nastiness is more in depth than most people realise. If the Customs Department was not neutered, ninety days after these concessions were accessed and there was no supporting order made by the minister and published in the Official Gazette, the Comptroller of Customs would have levied the appropriate duties and taxes.

      Instead of an independent Customs Department, we are now seeing efforts to bring Customs under the control of the same minister who is responsible for these abuses.

      We like it so.

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  27. These morons are giving the people who have money a washpan of freeness…no taxes and the clown put the taxes on us the poor taxpayers……

    Poor? Poor you say?

    Yuh waan tell me that after de “cost of living, cost of living, cost of living” big rock of 2008, Bajans went and voted for the same set of liars, de ones you now calling morons; in 2013, and you gine got de guts tuh call dem suh.

    If they are morons, then you cannot call the taxpayers who grumble and then scramble to pay said taxes poor. Anudda nex name, but certainly not poor.

  28. @ Raw Bake
    The name is ‘brass bowl’.

    It is an unfortunate position to hold, but Bajans seem content to assume the position.
    You talking as if voting any other way would have made any difference…. Have you heard the opposition of LAWYERS raise these concerns raised by Caswell?

    Have you heard the alternative that you would want us to vote for challenge the legality of giving away our tax money to these people – even after the 90 day grace period?

    Brass bowls find themselves in a catch 22 situation, damned if they ‘D’ …and damned if the ‘B’…
    Brass bowls APPEAR to be articles of value (…and with common sense, they CAN be), but for the most part, they just sit there looking tarnished, being pissed on, and celebrating a past when – due to a man much like Caswell, they benefitted from a little shine…

    Unfortunately, a people ALWAYS get the government (and the results) that they deserve, so it is VERY unlikely that we will see any change from the ‘B’ /’D’ Hobson’s choice situation….

  29. @ Caswell

    David Ellis is on Brass Tacks pushing your article. He is saying what you are querying, relative to Sinckler and Cost-U-Less, is a surely a cause for concern.

    • BU Dashboard shows Caswell’s article has gone viral.

      In this morning newscast we heard Edmund Hinkson complaining that Sinckler’s statements which have 4 months standing from the Budget were brought 6 months later to Parliament.

      We like it so.

    • David

      Please explain “dashboard”, I am not familiar with it being used in this sense.

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  30. Police asked to hold strain due to shortages……….so says the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Oral Williams……………………..”I am asking that you bear with us in the absence of a sufficient number of accouterments including batons, holsters, reflective vests, body armour, sprays, shields and other items of clothing to the extent that every member does not have a personal issue”

    ……………………..and these morons had money to buy fireworks to literally blow up…….they have money to burn but not to equip the Police to do their job to protect the citizens of this country. The criminals must be singing “alleluia”!

  31. Mr. Tea,
    I doan really like following multitude to speak evil of the inept and incompetent, so I gine leff you and Caswell to deal with de lotta lawyers in de once honourable house, especially de ones dat biding duh time.

    I know very well that their is no difference between six and half dozen. Preaching to the converted does not win new souls.

    The mere fact that they failed to deliver what was promised invalidates the contract made and precludes automatict renewal. 2013 therefore demonstrated that taxpayers and Bajans in general are indeed ….well you dun noh.

    My quarrel is with the bra…… ahmn… poor taxpayers that refuse to see civil disobedience as option available to them. They are continually wishing and hoping for better and fail to realise that those busy blowing their own trumpets are the least likely to help them blow their own horns.

    The poor taxpayers are too easily persuaded to empty their pockets for these glorifications con artists.

  32. One of the most important elements of Westminster politics is Prime Minister’s Questions when the Opposition can pin down the PM on key issues on live TV.

  33. King Charles will not sit on the throne idly and allow complaints by the serfs to go unheard or unaddressed satisfactorily.It will be the catalyst for the sleeping primate to hussle republicanism less Charles ordain a visit to the oldest parliament in this neck of the woods and hijack the throne speech from the ailing judge who as recent as the 90’s offered 10 strokes of the cat-o-nine tails for a miscreant thief.
    Many excellent posts here.What does republicanism portend for an advertisement in yesterday’s Sun in which some significant old names of the English gentry are published in a matter regarding land ownership.Brigadiers,viscount,the Honourables,the Right Honourables.Ya tink the road to republicanism easy?

  34. Raw bake
    At a point a right thinking electorate stop talking and bide their time.Let’s hope this is true and a worthy alternative is acceptable to the electorate.

  35. Biding time is all well and good, but biding time for killing time sake is a waste of time. Time longer than twine means nothing to a dying country.

  36. The Bushman said:

    “Brass bowls APPEAR to be articles of value ”

    Their birth certificates are articles of value, but to someone else, debt slavery. Both political parties OWNED by the same people and those beneath them in a never ending, because most black males don’t have the will, cycle….they are all caught up in the status, titles facade totally distracted and blinded by their own idiocy.

  37. My mother did not send me to school to pick up garbage or sweep floors or scrub desks and benches or close windows when the rain was falling. I should have gone home and complained when I was asked to do such. Why did I hnow better?

    Yuh sih wuh I mean? The country ent only en well, um dying.

    • @Raw Bake

      There was a time when a class monitor had the respect of fellow students and all the hullabaloo would be avoided.

  38. This is a stark reminder of where we are at on our 50th as a people.

    We no longer know how to deal with conflict despite govts much touted conflict resolution programme and I hold firm to the point of view that my generation and the one before is responsible for creating this mentality of all chiefs and no indians.

    Ellis made the point which my generation adhered to but never passed on to our progeny i.e. if your superior gives you what you deem to be an incorrect order you obey it and then seek redress through higher authority……it was evident that this no longer exists.

  39. The relevance of this entire topic, is whether the grantors (political class) received personal benefit while hiding behind the employment/investment banner.

    Otherwise, the granting of benefits in return for jobs/investment is old news. We might question the necessity, particularly here with CUL, esp in light of the Massey layoffs/closures. Everywhere governments are dishing out ‘freenesses’ to attract business [employment]

    At a pure business level, at least in NAmerica, for a provider to offer incentives to a “new customer” is standard; the cellular, media and insurance businesses are famous for it. The cell folks have even offered at times to pay costs associated with leaving your existing provider.

    • @NorthernObserver

      It is also about a government being able to manipulate process while touting we are transparent and a democracy.

  40. That was the time when parents supported teachers and children were admonished to “guh school and open yuh skull box and learn”. Back then there were a few “rich” and well to do children at school, but these children and they parents never behaved; even if they thought it, that they were better than the poorer children who were in the majority.

    Today if you live in a wall house and your parents drive an SUV with chrome rims and you have an iphone, ipad and flat screen tv in your bedroom; you are better than the rest of those riff raff.

    Poor Great Extradinaire?

  41. As per usual….a lotta long talk but nothing will change for the better…..but we still need to keep talking and exposing the “evils that men and women do”

  42. There will always be corruption in government no matter the level of transparency, but this seems not to register with some here.

  43. Under the banner of SOCIALISM we are all SURFS, understand that the plan is to “CONTROL AND RULE BY WAY OF THE EXTRACTION OF THE PEOPLES WEALTH WHILE ENCROACHING ON THEIR FREEDOM THROUGH BURDENSOME REGULATIONS”. Socialism has its tentacles like a giant Mantel over the earth and we on the Isles of the Sea are not exempt! It is a slow process of Rot, while promising everything while delivering Poverty under the guise of Equality and Economic Justice, Divisiveness under the guise of Social Equality, Moral Decay as in Relativism as in no Moral Absolutes and where God Is Removed!!

    “Socialists intentionally suppress creativity and innovation by discouraging individual God-given talent and encouraging dependency. In short, your failure is required for its success!
    At the root of socialist philosophy is the demand that you forfeit your faith and the dreams God birthed in you. Additionally, socialists would like you to believe that without coercion, individuals are incapable or unwilling to be generous to their neighbor with their own hard-earned money. It’s just not true! What is true, however, is thievery via over-taxation has never incentivized productivity.
    Free Enterprise (Capitalism) leads to Prosperity and Freedom while Socialism leads to Poverty and Bondage!
    Capitalism doesn’t come with a warranty or “money back” guarantee. Yet, it encourages individuality, creativity, opportunity, risk taking, ambition, pride, dignity, and a sense of accomplishment, promotion, and provision. Nonetheless, the lazy, stagnant, and ambitious are rewarded fairly and equitably. As much as Socialist professes their disdain for capitalism, they’ve yet to offer a better system. The reason is simple; it doesn’t exist”.

    The Adversary plans to destroy Liberty and Freedom-Economic, Political, and Religious, and set in place thereof the greatest, most widespread, and complete Tyranny that has ever oppressed men. He is working under such perfect disguise that many do not recognize either him or his methods and he has been at it since the beginning of time using secret combinations. Names only change to suit the times, its an almost perfect disguise, the Adversary has been at it for Centuries. Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, Liberalism, Leftism = Stateism which seeks to take away Freedom, where a Few Elitist Benefit!

    These names are only different varieties of the same thing. It has the same outcome, IE, creating Elitist where certain people are favored and benefited. The means to accomplish this has always been Big Government that takes from everyone to create a system that the Elitist controls. This is in direct opposition to Free Enterprise that is not shackled by burdensome regulation. Socialism is against the natural of order of how we live and trade as a free people Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and the protection of Property as was envisioned in the American Constitution! That is the natural order of God anything else is an Abrogation. Both Communism and Socialism is Stateism, which seeks Power and Control to take away Freedom, and benefits only the Elitist!

    We are steeped up to our Eyeballs in SOCIALISM, we are dwarfed by Big Government intervention upon our lives… most Countries are under its influence…how much more does it take for us not to recognize its ill effects upon the people. How about our neighbors in Venezuela…That’s Full Blown Socialism in Action…How is that working out for them. How far away are we on this Island with the level of Taxation escalating with nothing stopping it in its tracks? Have you noticed?

  44. @ Donna January 25, 2016 at 11:34 AM #

    Prodigal Son,

    Surely you jest?????? Bring me that evidence!


    Page 7 of today’s nation………….direct quotes from the top police!

  45. @ David January 24, 2016 at 10:22 AM #


    If memory serves it was the prospect of jobs being created.


    No David.

    Remember the DLP campaigned on “Cost of living, Cost of living, Cost of living” This was all in the trick that the DLP could bring down the cost of living.

    Out of it all, it is alleged that the Stinkliar got all of his giveaways brought in duty free through these same players. Jobs were the spin off of the concessions.

  46. Well Well & Consequences January 25, 2016 at 12:57 PM #

    That was a very interesting and informative video you posted. It is worth some discussion in this forum, as many issues mentioned can be attributed to Barbados.

    • David

      Just for the sake of my vanity, could you say how many hits were recorded on the dashboard.

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  47. Opposition what, didn’t they address all the skullduggery associated with Cost-u-less even before the last election yet the DLP was re-elected? Didn’t the Opposition raised the issue of an appointment of an Executive Director at BWA when the law then or now allows one? The Dems right!!

  48. Anyone seen the duty free concessions for Bushy Park race track?

    An area designated by Parliament as a National sports facility like the National Stadium and Gymnasium but operated for profit by more of Stinkliar’s friends with no benefit to the Bajan tax payer other than increased entry costs and restrictive entry conditions?

    Corrupt cabinet running amok over citizens’ birthrights with no-one to answer to.

  49. Opposition what, didn’t they address all the skullduggery associated with Cost-u-less even before the last election yet the DLP was re-elected? Didn’t the Opposition raised the issue of an appointment of an Executive Director at BWA though the law then or now does not allow one? The Dems right!!

  50. What the blogmaster needs to tell you Mr.Franklyn is if they are unique IP hits or if certain well known bloggers have hit it 25 times.

  51. @ Well Well & Consequences January 25, 2016 at 12:57 PM #
    Bushie endorses Artax complements re the above video…
    This is what true educational exploration and debate should be about at university level…

  52. Raw Bake,

    There was a time when I trusted most teachers to do the right thing. Sadly that is no longer the case. I would say it is about fifty/fifty. So I cannot agree with you that one should follow all their instructions and seek redress after. Why? Because often there is no redress as some principals are no better than the teachers. After a particular incident at my son’s school the principal and year head told the children to come to them if they feel they are being unfaired. I thank God that he is a man of logic and that he listens dispassionately. School just isn’t what it was in my day.

  53. @David
    isn’t that politics? Creating a fantasy, and having others believe it is attainable, and convincing them it is being attained?

    • @Caswell

      As you know we never discuss stats but from Facebook alone your article pulled 850 referrals in 24 hours and climbing, this figure does not include other referrals and direct hits to BU.

  54. The Bushman….exactly, how can we find ourselves, if we do not know anything about ourselves, yet have the knowledge to find out.

    Art…you are right. The people responsible were taught at university level and are able to articulate and have the info understood at evey level.

  55. @ Bush Tea January 25, 2016 at 3:37 PM #

    “Bushie endorses Artax complements re the above video…This is what true educational exploration and debate should be about at university level….”

    @ Well Well & Consequences January 25, 2016 at 3:56 PM #

    “Art…you are right. The people responsible were taught at university level and are able to articulate and have the info understood at every level.


    I also endorse both you and Bushie’s above comments and agree that the level of research and subsequent presentation of the information as demonstrate in the video was quite intriguing (and is surely absent from UWI).

    For example, UWI’s Department of Management Studies should have done research and presented information to the public, relative to the implications of Banks Holdings being taken over by AmBev (even before the actual purchase of majority shares was achieved).

    Such information would also have been helpful in the recent situation whereby Massey was able to buy BS&T and subsequently “de-Barbadianize” the conglomerate; close businesses thereby placing Barbadians on the unemployment line; “re-branding” the Barbadian icon BS&T with the Trinidadian Massey brand; and now in the process of closing JB’s where approximately 47 Barbadians will lose their jobs.

  56. There has always been an information blackout aimed the people in Barbados…those in charge never thought the people are entitled to hear about anything affecting their lives and that of their offspring….that attitude extends to whether the politicians are leading or in opposition….they have no respect for the people and only focus on “getting in”.

    Just watch the trend leading up to next elections, they have probably already started practicing in their mirrors, the right way their deceit will work.

  57. As it relates to ongoing discussions about the traditional media, it is interesting that, although it is news, the discovery of a female at a residence in Inch Cape, St. Philip was enough to motivate Stetson Babb to have a lengthy interviews of the deceased’s neighbours and to be featured today on VOB’s 6:30am, 7:30am, 8:30am, 12:30pm and 4:30pm news broadcasts.

    However, the only mention of Caswell’s article on VOB was when David Ellis mentioned it to a few Brass Tacks callers, many of whom were more interested in the cost of the yearlong celebrations. Perhaps Ellis could use the Brass Tacks forum to question these tax concessions.

    This Sinckler/Cost-U-Less debacle, similar to the CAHILL scam, will die a natural death, thereby (assumingly) reinforcing DLP politicians position that they could perform any action, inform the individuals who vote for them and pay their salaries of these actions whenever it is convenient to them and make pejorative remarks to those individuals who seek further information (Sinckler’s response to those who are questioning the cost of the yearlong celebrations is a perfect example).

    They behave this way because they know we are all talk and no action and they will definitely win the 2018 general elections.

  58. Bush Tea, as versed as you may be in “brassbowlery” and cognate matters, your law is weak,. You urged,sometimes yelling;

    “Jeff, you do us a disservice by supporting the retroactive passage of such an order. As a teacher of the law, you MUST know that, at the very least, for the FOUR YEARS before this order was done, the damn Government HAD TO BE ACTING ILLEGALLY in providing these concessions to Cost You Less”.

    I take it you missed Caswell’s earlier point-

    “I referred to the Minister of Finance waiving taxes under the Duties, Taxes and Other Payments (Exemption) Act. That act and the Interpretation Act require the minister to lay orders to waive or remit taxes in Parliament, “as soon as may be after they are made”.

    Let us contend, therefore, as to whether or not the order was timeously made…or even should have ever been made…but the concept of the validating order, Act or regulation is well known to law (having been used since time immemorial), and does not at all portend chicanery by its usage.

  59. I believe that the next government should investigate every shady deal these morons made with thr likes of Mark Maloney, the Inotech DaSilvas, Bjorn Bejerkam, the Cows, the Cost u mores, the Sandals.

    Enough is enough. They get the concessions, we get burdened with the tax burden.

  60. @ Jeff
    You are correct that Bushie lays no claim to any expertise in Law … especially Bajan law. You are also on point about brassbowlery… But surely you can do better in defence of the four-year gap between a minister remitting taxes for persons unknown and the process being legally ratified.
    Your red herring about the concept of validating order is exactly the point being made.

    No one is disputing the validity of retroactive orders….
    Obviously this process is valid – it is clearly designed to accommodate VALID situations where expedient use of ministerial authority cannot be challenged because of timing realities that may be encountered in the process of managing a complex economy.

    So just because a critical public officer is on leave, ill or otherwise indisposed…. or because of equipment breakdown etc such an order would not be technically invalidated …because the minister is allowed to lay the order “as soon as may be after they are made”.

    Given this ‘inch’ in Law, this Minister takes a whole yard in waiting for FOUR years, until the situation is politically cool enough to get away with the shiite… and you support that…?
    Were it not for Caswell, it would have worked too…

    Do you also support the situation where our courts ROUTINELY delay justice until everyone involved dies ….once anyone of any influence is involved…?

    Can you with a straight face support the four-year gap in the case given?

    …and please stop judging Bushie…. He ain’t worth it…. He is not a politician, does not teach anyone (anymore) and he need only understand the business of whacking and brass bowlery…. 🙂

  61. @ Prodigal Son January 25, 2016 at 8:58 PM
    “I believe that the next government should investigate every shady deal these morons made with thr likes of Mark Maloney, the Inotech DaSilvas, Bjorn Bejerkam, the Cows, the Cost u mores, the Sandals.
    Enough is enough. They get the concessions, we get burdened with the tax burden.”

    You and I, along with Sam Couchie and the Duppy, know that not one shi**t is going to happen. Just look at the situation with the PAC.

    How the hell a business like CUL can be granted such tax concessions is beyond comprehension. This government would sell the soul of EWB just to get a dollar of forex to stave off what’s around the corner.

    One can understand if CUL was a foreign-exchange earning enterprise. Then the world of concessions would have been in order. But what has it done for the retail sector? Are prices any cheaper than its main competitors or did it help to drive down the cost of living as promised by that damned lying party? All CUL has done is to take away market share from other players in a contracting economy.

  62. @ Bushie ” Bushie lays no claim to any expertise in Law … especially Bajan law.”

    That suggests you do have expertise in “other” law. Canadian law perhaps?

  63. On BBC last week a public officer was called on to explain comments he made IN THE MINUTES OF A CIVIL SERVICE MEETING that were published on line AS MANDATED BY LEGISLATION.

    Imagine if all cabinet, statutory board, civil service management and tender hearing meeting minutes in Barbados were published.

  64. I totally agree with you, miller!

    Cost-U-Less was projected by the dead king to be the catalyst as per the lies they told the electorate to bring the cost of food down.

    We all know that it was a crafty shady way to give concessions to their friends. There are all sorts of names of dlp big ups who are share holders of CUL. This was all part of the fatted cat mentality.

    As a matter of principle, I have never set foot in the establishment and have no deisre to do so. I choose to shop at Shop Smart, at least that franchise is owned by Barbadians.

  65. This is a shout out to “pieceofthe rock” ……..hope his madam has not taken away his computer privileges.

  66. The government loves to bend over and give to businesses, corporate welfare, while burdening the taxpayers for decades, what do they do for the taxpayers.

    Scandanavia countries are not wealthy but make sure their people have adequate services, they know how to give back to the taxpayers. It’s a positive worth copying.

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