The Caribbean Export Travesty or "Things Fall Apart – Caribbean Style" Part I

pamela-coke-hamiltonThe following originated from a BU source.

Some years ago, during my formative school years, I had to read a novel titled “Things fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. I must say that it is quite a fitting title for the travesty and abuse of international […]

development funding that I will outline here.

All across the Caribbean it appears that our peoples have lost focus on what is important – telling the truth, being professional and responsible.

In fact, the norm is now to tell “half truths” – where those “truths” facilitate securing development resources, being unprofessional – where such facilitates jobs paying one ½ million US Dollars per year (cash and perks) and, for the most part, neither delivering the ToRs of one’s engagement nor being accountable to anyone regarding your job description where such is allowed, or sometimes actively supported, by the lax oversight of National Authorizing Officers.

Special mention must be made of the systemic practices of mismanagement of National Indicative Resources at the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CE).

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  • likelovetohatredturned

    @ Well Well

    The EU, if they were really keen to find out if the accusations leveled at this agency are true, could start a Forensic Audit, again that is conditional on if EU Ambassador Barford and his party were keen.

    That Forensic Audit team, engaged from a non-regional or non biased jurisdiction, would among its numerous tasks and examinations, examine the close to 150 contracts that were unilaterally terminated, interview those firms AS WELL AS THOSE TO WHOM NEW CONTRACTS WERE THEN UNILATERALLY RE_AWARDED, WITHOUT employing the standard procedures that CE is bound by.

    What do you think?

    That is not too hard is it? But then Barford may implicate himself WHEN paintings from his wife are found on the CE inventory list

    Maybe they might start with ** the wife of Prof The Honourable Bishnodat Persaud CHB,Ph.D,FRSA, the former bosom buddy and former consultant of Design Caribbean in the Dominican Republic who was fired by the good Dr. Coke Hamilton…whu you think?


  • likelovetohatredturned

    @ Well Well

    If the European Union Delegation were serious you would think that they should be able to find the evidence in the CE files BEFORE “management” is able to shred all of the documents – a practice which McNair started two weeks ago.

    I guess that according to the very knowledgeable Watchman, that won’t happen because then it would become glaring apparent what the writer of this article has clearly shown.

    This clearly shows how the existing CE management is “fudging” its operations and are not sticking to their procurement regulations

    AA (not American Airlines) from one woman to another, after all you did for Pamela, it is not fair what PCH did to you.

    In fact, it is not fair that every single staff member who they could not control and they fired during the time they have been there, should subsequently find themselves blacklisted when you go for jobs with new employers and list CE as a former place of employ.

    So they fire you, refuse to pay your severance and then bad talk you, that is killing a person slowly while smiling in their face.

    And we all know how Chris and Pamela love to smile in your face.


  • likelovetohatredturned

    @ Watchman

    A question for you since you would know these people

    You think that Danilo Bruno, Audit Task Manager, DEVCO G3, Latin America and Caribbean has heard of this article?

    Do you think that DFID, the Canadian High Commission, the Interamerican Development Bank and all of these bilateral development agencies are checking into what appears to be a “double-dipping” scheme?

    It would seem to me that Chris and Pamela could have fallen out with Bradshaw as a result of putting one invoice from a beneficiary for a Renewable Energy Project in two requests for reimbursement under their Contribution procedures.

    Is that possible? Would an audit find that out?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright



  • Well Well & Consequences

    Likelove…..if they were not scared of an EU investigation, they would not start shredding documents at Caribbean Export.

    I bet they are resding as you type.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Should read….I bet everyone who should be reading, are all having a really good read as you type.


  • @LikeLovetohatredturned

    Yes CE have a license to do great work in CARIFORUM, the problem is CE from the start give permits to unscrupulous Managers

    As long as the EU grant funds are disbursed by invoices reimbursement ( the way I knew it was) to CE the EU don’t care, I know of an accountant who was fired from an EU funded organization for informing EU of the crooked SG&FM, she hand delivered the info and before she get back to the office the SG was informed, as to the purging of staff without severance pay, if the staff at CE had a one year contract like the contracts in my time with %for gratuity, then that % of gratuity is end of service the severance pay, but a precedent was done in 2003 when a # of staff were going home, CE pay staff for the years at CE even though staff were paid at end of contract before , now you must ask the then ED from the DR and Anthony Bradshaw , why it was done, who went home with big money, who got payout big money and stay at CE, was the funds from the EU , or was it from the member countries contribution because CE as for as I knew could not make money from books sales, due to the fact that gross mistakes in books by unqualified staff made the books unsalable


  • Watchman

    You know a lot about these people. So you saying staff were, or are, entitled to severance pay, some sort of percentage that is based on the time you worked at CE. Why then is the current CE Executive Director refusing staff that? Is that against Barbados Labour Laws? Is CE one of those places that do not have to pay severance? That may be a stupid question but I admit I do not know anything development agencies. It is my GF who used to work there and is now being unfaired by the CE.

    I told her, girlfriend you worked too hard for your money and to now find yourself, in these hard economic times, not able to get your severance pay, that is not fair. Watchman you know that every place she has gone for a job that woman Pamela bad talking her? And to think that Caribbean Export has such a bad reputation now that this woman is there, I call her doctor bitch, she make me shame to be a woman.

    My GF is smart though She has hundreds of these CE documents. I tell her “do fuh do is not obeah” no body who work for their salary honestly, when the month come and not on your back, like Dr. Witch, should not get paid.


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Yes, CE owes those severed workers severance by Law. The EU must carry out there audit ad hoc and time it in a way that Antony Bradshaw and PCH is traveling. That way documents would not be altered and or destroyed before or during the audit as is normally done.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Wow.Coke-Hamilton, like most Caribbean people are unaware that North America is big on due diligence, you cannot sneak nor slither anything past them…


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Well Well

    De Ole Man heah alone again. De Madam gone tuh de same norf Amurica tuh see de grans and to eat de tanksgiving turkey and lef me heah till nex week.

    Well, you dun know dat i gine do de dog heah barring de fact dat I cyan cook (not Coke) biling water so I going send out an S.O.S to my S.S.S for 11 days.

    I gine deah Xmas but I heah watch dem terrorists dem and hope dem ketch a few more befo de ole man travel doah, given whu de ole man gine type, a few peeple wud hope i does travel and de jihadists ketch me scvunt and lik me up. Oh Lawsie

    Anyway i dun read dat message from Like Love to Hatred Turned. Deah is a ting fuh you doah!! Who name she? I did checking fuh she writing style tuh see if she was eider my second or my third wife…de two uh dem was real Liliths man.

    I apologise Well Well, and Donna, and my girl fren SSS dun know dat she gots me heart but you see dem two ummens, man dem did sumting else.

    I hoping dat de Blogmaster put up an article bout “Marryi-ding and men who tie de knot of conjugal bliss (round dem throat) more dan once..”

    Anyway you read document dat de Canadians write tuh Caribbean Export??

    “After carful analysis of your proposal. we regret to inform you that the Review Panel were of the collective view that Caribbean Export’s proposal did not meet the criteria for acceptance….”

    Whuloss… dese is jes words to de effect dat CE are is writing shyte!!

    den whaplax dem gone on to say “There were three areas where your proposal did not meet the criteria:

    “Rationale for the Initiative: The proposal does not provide an overview of the key services sectors to which this proposal is directed nor does it provide information on the key development challenges facing those key sectors. Information on the services industries that have been targeted for future growth would have added value…”

    In short, not only whu you Caribbean Export trying tuh get $$ tuh fund is shyte but here is the basis upon which we is saying dat wunna ent worth whu paddy shoot at…

    And dese is de peeples dat is championing we regional development thrusts??

    Dis is embarrassing en trufe doah!!


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piece…..ya killing

    Those are the people whom the government ministers in Barbados shortlist for honorary degrees from UWI and pimphood titles from England. Wait until the EU have no choice but to investigate these allegations. Their forensic audits are far different to what obtains in the region.

    That is not the only thing they have to worry about though. Apparently one of the Abeds got it in their heads to call up a US citizen in the US and threaten them, now that there citizen decided to release, in retaliation, information to certain people about all the drug trafficking, money laundering, gun running etc etc perpetrated by that ilk, Abed, Haloute, etc etc in Barbados for decades and alledged ties to ISIS in the middle east and south america, all the companies who are supposedly involved and their owner’s names are being called… piss and pepper….lol

    People will be looking for holes, but Barbados is so small though…lol

    Coke-Hamilton and Caribbean Export, now the business people in Barbados, when it rains it pours..


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Piecee…..your AG jumped out early this morning with the usual spiel that no one is buying. If he don’t start locking up the real dealers, top of the food chain in Barbados, well hell, anything can play….lol


  • pieceuhderockyeahright wrote” De Ole Man heah alone again. ”

    You are so lucky. lol


  • Like Love To Hatred Turned

    In 1989 the staff of the CEDP the forerunner of CE were sent home without severance like your friend, that was when CARICOM manage the project from Guyana, in 1990 with the EU new grant funding and mandate the name change to CEDA and 3 years contracts were given to staff with 15 % gratuity at end, after that contracts were given yearly with 15% gratuity, in December of each year office talk uses to be who are going to get contract renew , when Mr. Baccus tell you he will talk to you after xmas, you know its no new year at CE for you, it was / is always the ED with the backing of the chairman at CE, and I can say that all the chairmen of CE I knew were unscrupulous , I am saying that before 2003 employee that were leaving or were fired within or the end of the one year contract was paid 15% gratuity plus paid for any vacation not taken

    Yes severances were paid to CE staff in 2003 for the years they work , some were rehired to this day, ask Anthony Bradshaw why


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Correct watchman! Ask the mastermind why? They do what they like, when they like and to whom they like – all good things must come to an end.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Hants

    9 mo days uh bliss my man, I ent got tuh cut no grass nor rake de driveway I doan even tink I gine church Sundey, Sistah Headley calling me evey day but I gots caller id and an answering machine so I ent answering de phone.

    Man I feel in cud beat Bolt!!

    A strange car pull up in front de house yesterday en I did was tinking dat de passenger was de sistah man you shudder see de ole man move off de verandah my man, zero to sixty in two seconds… Much like de record fuh discharge dat Physical Deficit Ince supposed to gots wid de girls dem…

    @ LikelovetoHatredturned

    A Fly Pun De CE walls tell me dat Dem been convening meetings bout dis mattah internally and externally, nuff phone calls en ting wid certain big wigs dem

    Dem has been calling representatives who in turn calling de various peeples dat Dem unfair but Dem having problems reaching ** and ** and certain peeples dat Dem suspect

    Dis may wuk out very good fuh Bradshaw doah and a few uh de peeples dat Dem unfair may get Dem severance widout de Employment Rights Tribunal intervening, whu you tink?

    By de way I jes did wundering if you is eider C* or W* causing your writing look look one uh de two uh my ex wives…??

    All de same you can’t be eider uh dem cause C* wudda dun wash way de ole man in cuss words fuh calling she Lilith, wife uh dat fellah down below, and W* wudda expose all me business to fellah like Hants and Lawson tuh laugh at me whenever I post.

    I ent mind Dem laughing so much as it mighta spile me chances wid my SSS…


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol. …Piece, the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan.


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Well well, When it hits it needs to splatter! Lol!!

    Pieceuhder doan mine the secret meetings – them love to back peddle wid the big wigs but unless the big wigs wanna get caught up they should do the right thing and stay out of it. Pay out the workers with their unfair dismissal money and then resign – All of them!


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    They will never counter this article because they all know that every bit has some plausible truth to it. Disgusting bunch!


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    Part two please!!!!


  • Mr Piece or Ole Man as you refer to yourself, I was not going to respond to you because as a elderly person your mouth is a tad too foul for me. You obviously have the verbal skills to discuss a topic without the curse words. As a woman, I take offence to the comment about your wife’s parts. I am glad that I am not, or have ever been, nor will be, one of your wives.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Retribution…..I think it’s plattering now, part 2 is out and part 3 is being anticipated according to some.


  • @Piece
    Yuh mean you duz only go to church when de Madam around? That’s what happens when you take Miller’s offerings as gospel.

    Anyway yuh betta answer one a dem calls otherwise yuh gwine hear a knock at de door to see if yuh alright and if yuh doan answer de knock de sistah may ask de Police to brek down de door in case yuh in dey cock up on de bed.

    Liked by 1 person

  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Every now and again someone will cause the ole man to pause, like SSS, Donna and now you “Like Love to Hatred Turned.”

    I accept your observation and respect your point of view but would wish to offer this perspective for your comment.

    The remark about me Madam was in poor taste I accept and retract it.

    My other curse words try to display the passion, distaste and feeling close to vomit that these politicians, government administrators, an persons entrusted with the fiduciary responsibility who abuse it as if it is their GOD given right.

    De Madam often tells me that I must guard my mouth when speaking to people (in person, or here in cyberspace) and I have taken to hiding? responding with the Bible Verse with Elisha which said “And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them..” as sanction to curse in other circumstances

    Certainly showing that even the Word can be misquoted when serving our own purposes.

    Various studies propose that cusswords can (i) be used positively for joking or storytelling, (ii) for stress management (which ole menses need) (iii) for fitting in with the crowd (which your people do) or (iv) as a substitute for physical aggression, an internal pressure release valve.

    A recent study by Psychological Scientists proposes that cursing and other seemingly unacceptable expletives is a manifestation of “enhanced pain forbearance”and has a relieving outcome which people, under great duress, suffering and pain like what we Bajans are experiencing under the BDLP administrations.

    Some of us who are born for war do not do too well in Eden.

    Apologies to you, the fairer sex and others whom the comment offended. You must realise that ole policemens trained under ** and not at Paragon is not wusses so excuse de ole man when we Bajans doing jobby causing I gine tell wunna like it is. Plussing my exposure tuh de 2nd and 3rd wifes dem really din help too much…

    Whuloss, dis in de Blogmaster fault causing BU popularity bringing all sorta nice speaking wummens to de Blog and poor ole menses is being made to behave demselves. Hants you ent gine be able tuh send me no mo address like Kraven…

    Whey my girlfriend SSS? Help!!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    Tank You man Tank you…

    You is a military man, you and Colonel Buggy man, help a man nuh?

    Hants and Lawson, wunnu gine lef me heah tuh get tear up ?

    Now I see why she name sheself like part uh dat line in Congreve Poem “Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d…”


  • Pieces,

    Another useless study just repeating what smart people have known for years. Cussing is a stress reliever and often substitutes for a physical attack.


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