2015 General Elections in Trinidad

2015 General Elections in Trinidad

2015 General Elections in Trinidad

Today many Barbadians will follow the 2015 General Elections in Trinidad for many reasons. In recent years we have been the target by Trinidad of heavy investment in the financial and retail sectors. […]

While the adage if the US sneezes Barbados will catch a cold rings true, many believe Barbados will suffer the same fate if the T&T economy continues to falter.

We pray today Trinidadians will not be hindered while exercising their right to vote!


  • Follow radio coverage on i95.



  • Bye, bye Pamela!


  • NEWS

    Rowley did it

    Sep. 7, 2015, 11:46 PM AST 0 Comments


    PNM wins 2015 General Election

    Sep. 7, 2015, 11:20 PM AST 0 Comments


  • Kamla will have a strong Opposition. One interesting observation, Jack Warner was totally rejected by the electorate and rightly so.The big question, can Rowley change the governance system or will it be business as usual.


  • Trinidad and Tobago election results 2015: PNM 23, PP 18

    Tuesday, September 08 2015 @ 12:48 AM AST
    Contributed by: michaelariston

    Trinidad and Tobago election results 2015 posted here are preliminary as reported by campaign headquarters of the People’s National Movement and the United National Congress, television stations and the Elections and Boundaries Commission.

    Official results, however, are not expected until tomorrow as some votes are still being counted. Visit http://www.ebctt.com for the final tally.

    PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley has claimed victory. Jack Warner, though not a major contender, has given a concession speech and said the PNM has won. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the new opposition leader, also gave a concession speech, wishing Rowley well and saying she has no regrets.

    Rowley at Balisier House (PNM headquarters) speaking to supporters also addressed the UNC: “Tonight your party has tasted defeat,” but added that the PNM is familiar with the taste of that brew. Rowley assured the UNC though, “We are all in this together,” as he promised to govern for all.

    UNC won the popular vote by 2% but the electoral system of Trinidad and Tobago does not give her any power for that.


  • I listened to CBC’s “resident political analyst,” Maureen Holder, during the CBC Evening News discussing the Trinidad and Tobago general elections, and she gave quite an interesting perspective.

    Holder gave the edge to the Kamla and the PP, while reasoning that the PP did not have to discuss issues or defend their tenure in office, since they craftily put the PNM on the defensive by continually attacking Dr. Keith Rowley’s character and the policies of a previous PNM administration under Patrick Manning.

    Modern day voters are more interested in hearing political parties discuss issues and policies that would be beneficial to them and to the country as well, rather than the “mud slinging” and attacking of people’s characters. Hence, I was also quite baffled as to why a so called “political analyst” would have endorsed such a strategy.

    Holder also said that Persad-Bissessar was a strong leader, because she was able to keep the coalition of parties together despite perceived differences, which may have arisen from time to time.
    CBC’s political analyst seemed to have forgotten that the PP’s tenure was marred by a number of controversies, cabinet reshuffles and resignations. For example, Winston “Gypsy” Peters resigned from the UDC/PP partnership after accusing Persad-Bissessar of being ungrateful to the loyalty he had shown to her over the years. Peters described the PM as the “most ungrateful ingrate, if there was ever one that I have ever met.”

    Holder did not consider the Jack Warner factor. Although Warner’s party would have been obviously rejected at the polls, some Trinidadians that would have voted for the PP may have voted for Warner, thereby reducing the votes the latter party may have received.

    And as we know, Warner has been “systematically canvassing” against Persad-Bissessar as evidenced by the number of unscrupulous activities he associated with her. He admitted that, as Minister of National Security, he and former deputy commissioner of police Mervyn Richardson were part of a plan to bury the alleged discovery of marijuana at the Phillipine home of the Prime Minister on April 12, 2013.

    “In a statement dated June 6, 2015, submitted to Justice of the Peace Anthony Soulette, who stamped and signed it, Warner outlined how Richardson came to Parliament and told him about the alleged drug find.”
    Jack subsequently released recordings of conversations with former national security adviser Gary Griffith about the discovery.

    I was perplexed at Maureen Holder analysis and concluded that she is not necessarily a trained “political analyst” or she deliberately did not take these factors into consideration.

    However, on reflection, I realized that while Rowley and the PNM wore RED, Persad-Bissessar and the PP chosen colour was YELLOW.

    Hence, for obvious reasons, Holder was backing the PP to win.

    So far, and according to the September 8, 2015 online edition of the “Caribbean Journal, ”It was a major turn of politics for the twin-island country, shifting from Persad-Bissessar’s coalition, which had held 29 of 41 seats in Parliament to the PNM’s new government, which took 23 of 41 seats, according to preliminary results.”


  • Glad that bitch got she a.as kicked out talk to most black Trinidadians they would tell that her alligance fell short towards them but for most part served the Indian
    Now with her departure there is a better chance for Barbados to see progress on those policies issues that she had made several promises to delivered
    Bye two faced bitch your presence would not be missing on the political landscape


  • I have no time for the extreme bias of Maureen Holder.Having reluctantly listened to her opening remarks last night on DLPTV,I saw where she was going with her wishful thinking and her flawed almost hysterical analysis and proceeded to mute her contribution.
    I knew Peter Wickham was similarly taken in by Kamla when he sought a year or so ago,to highlight her plans to change the governance system in TnT and her pretence to have the proverbial balls to fire/demote ministers.Kamla latest unfulfilled promise was her offer to provide financial aid to Sparrow to offset his medical expenses.Sparrow is Afro-Trini so he still waiting.If he was named Bhadoosie Doopersingh he would have had those funds long time. I knew Peter Wickham’s contributions last night on the 92.9 hook-up,would have reflected his wishful thinking for a PP victory,taken in by a devious Kamla personality.So i decided to watch Ctv live and found their presentation and analysis superior to I 95.Matter of fact I found Wickham’s contribution as pleonastic as Freundel Stuart’s.
    Bias in any form is to be frowned upon.Maureen Holder and David Ellis are in a class by themselves.It’s a form of prostitution according to Wickham.Guyana and TnT should be better off now that their respective electorates have spoken.Good riddance.


  • The constituencies in Trinidad and Tobago are very large compared to Barbados.They range from a low of 24000 to a high of 30000.Kamla won with 14878 (voter turn out 70%)votes in Siparia,Ganga Singh won with 17202(vto 85%) in Chaguanas West,Camille Robinson-Regis won with 14103(vto 65%) in Arouca/Maloney,Darryl Smith won with 13822(vto 57%) in Diego Central.Interestingly Dr Rowley won convincingly in Diego West with 7568 but the vto was 33%…..


  • caveat


  • @Artaxerxes September 8, 2015 at 3:40 AM #

    I listened to CBC’s “resident political analyst,” Maureen Holder, during the CBC Evening News discussing the Trinidad and Tobago general elections, and she gave quite an interesting perspective.

    Holder gave the edge to the Kamla and the PP, while reasoning that the PP did not have to discuss issues or defend their tenure in office, since they craftily put the PNM on the defensive by continually attacking Dr. Keith Rowley’s character and the policies of a previous PNM administration under Patrick Manning.

    And, Artaxerxes……………….I too listened to this novice last night and I deliberately tuned into her show this morning to hear what she had to say. Would you believe that the woman said……..”it was always clear that the PNM would have won”. I could not believe my ears. I had to say this woman is such a liar.

    Mr Wiggins called in and began to talk about the elections…….he has always favoured the PNM. As soon as he began to talk about the coalition lost……….she got angry and told him thanks for your call. Mr Wiggins then had a good conversation on VOB with Brasstacks and called her out on her prediction last night.

    Her performance just goes to show that she is no political analyst. All the pollsters on the ground in Trinidad said that they could not call the election but she who is here in her ivory towers at CBC called it.

    What a thing! I agree with you, it had to be that the PP’s colour is yellow!


  • Gabriel,

    Did you notice how ungracious she was to Dr Rowley? She never congratulated him, only the PNM.

    Apparently Sparrow was in Trinidad recently to collect the $2 million cheque she promised and he had to return to the US without it.

    She ran a nasty vicious campaign.


  • What is the definition of a political analyst anyway?

    Maureen Holder was a caller on VoB who was elevated to talk show host and used it on her resume to jump to CBC to perform the role as a manager of information. BU has little respect for the role she plays at the CBC. What a waste of education and she is paid by taxpayers!


  • Commander in Chief aka -Prankster the Mankster eating Mangoes sunnyside up and egging off while Alfing around to the Max

    Maureen Holder is possibly the worst moderator ever to sit in the seat. She should resign now or be Fired Forthwith for impersonation. bare nonsense from this joker eey Tuesday and Wednesday–knows nothing about anything . Acquiring a degree seems to have given some in this society licence to bullshit us.


  • Any uh wunna feel de earthquake ?

    ” A 4.0 MAGNITUDE earthquake was recorded off the northeast coast of Barbados this afternoon.”

    Mussee de las days yuh……Bushie ?


  • David September 8, 2015 at 3:29 PM #

    “What is the definition of a political analyst anyway?”

    David, please note…….. the person who read last night’s CBC TV 8 evening news, Lisa Broomes, introduced Maureen Holder as “CBC’s resident political analyst.”


  • Definition of A Political Analyst- Station name remains anonymous: An Analyst will be a currently ‘hot’ public persona favored by management to present platitudes and newly minted cliches to describe the activities of the political candidate or party. The observations should always sound thoughtful and intellectually profound and should generate public interest to draw attention to the station in order to drive more advertising revenue opportunities.

    Analyst need not understand all the nuances of the elections topics or the candidates’ views but must use the following terms periodically (in context) : impact of crime not being/being addressed; Afro-Indo issues clearly will affect (insert Party name); Social Media will surely play a big part in messaging for both parties; Kamal/ Rowley is a dynamic leader who has exerted much influence on her/his party; We surely have not heard the last of the CLICO matter; The Warner issue hangs like a dark cloud over the elections…

    In sum, with the right cheat sheet any smooth talking (radio) and pretty face (TV) talking-head can be a analyst!

    Why stress on Ms Holder’s skills. There are too many mediums from which one can get election input.

    Shut the frigging the TV off nah and listen to someone who provides more gravitas den!

    Oh lawd. LOL

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  • @Dee Word

    Thanks for the humorous piece but you missed the point. She is being paid with taxpayers dollars, we have a right to express outrage and exact accountability!!!


  • @ De Word

    Not only is Holder, as David mentioned, “being paid with taxpayers dollars”, but she is being paid with taxpayers’ dollars to push the DLP’s political agenda and propaganda.

    Hence, “we have a right to express outrage and exact accountability!!!”

    NO POLITICAL PARTY, whether it is the BLP or DLP, should be allowed to exploit government resources to push that party’s political agenda.

    Astor B. Watts is allowed to use CBC to advertise the DLP’s Friday lunch time lectures.

    CBC uses air time just after the evening news, to televise a programme called “News Extra,” to highlight speeches made by members of this DLP administration speaking at DLP functions, annual conferences, lunch time lectures or if Stuart uses one of his immature temper tantrums to insult people.


  • Yeah guys ac sitting in the gallery listening to this nonsensical debate


  • anybody remember when Kamala told the whole world That Trinidad was not an AtM machine right on the heels of a disaster crisis that one of the sister nations was experiencing, that should have been enough to understand that this woman was a self serving imbecile,


  • Again ? Bushie is this a sign.

    “FOR THE SECOND TIME TODAY, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the northeast coast of Barbados”


  • David and Artax, I get your message very clearly and hear your ” outrage” but there are somethings we can control and some we can’t. CBC or as you guys affectionately call it DLP-TV is state owned so the ruling party will always use it to advocate its propaganda.

    I am really not aware of any legal way to rectify that situation nor is there any viable way to may anyone accountable either because the next party elected will do the same thing.

    So in the meantime and as we await the next episodes of Stuart’s latest hits simply diss the box: don’t watch the damn thing.

    As I recall, years ago when I organized some community ads to run on the two stations CBC was much cheaper than VOB. That was for one simple reason: reach. I suspect that VOB still maintains a healthy advantage in its advertising reach as compared to CBC…or maybe its even worst now.

    And of course there are a lot of people paid by the taxpayers who shouldn’t be; wha we gine do!

    Control the things we can gentlemen! Just don’t watch the folly.


  • @Dee Word

    Are you aware the Canadian Broadcasting Company and the British Broadcasting Corporation are state entities?


  • @ Hants
    Again ? Bushie is this a sign.
    Only for those with eyes to see…
    You ain’t seen nuttin yet Hants…

    REALLY interesting times ahead skippa…


  • The seismic activity we have been witnessing with unusual regularity off the NE coast of Bathsheba is puzzling in that no one can say why, in that one area repeatedly.What does it bode for of us.Recall the big one at 6.4 in July did damage to the Guyana Revenue Authority building ,some 700 miles to our south.One would have thought the Seismic Unit at UWI might probe this phenomenon.Reading Earthquakes Today,several are recorded in the northeastern Caribbean in the vicinity of Puerto Rico,the Virgins and Hispaniola.


  • David, oh lawd. You want to invite Barbados to big people party I see. So tell me, don’t both those democracies also follow the Westminster style of Government too?

    Can we imagine the Speaker of either Parliament doing what our esteemed Speaker did to his client AND retaining his post?

    Can you imagine Brian Mulroney or Gordon Brown (no disrespect intended, just using a name of a former PM) being accused in an independent report of the grave allegations laid at the feet of David Thompson and dead or alive either of them or their estates not being publicly excoriated, key decision on matter possibly overturned (and hauled before the courts where possible)?

    Could any municipality in either country pull a Cahill? You don’t think a fella might be in jail by now?

    And Ministers being accused of severe conflicts of interest re allegations of driving cars registered to companies under contract to their ministry,

    I appreciate your indignation David but Barbados’ political infrastructure and public media operations can be compared to our big Commonwealth cousins in name only.

    Sorry, there is no way out. Just don’t watch the damn thing!

    Of course the fight goes on strenuously but on somethings why waste the energy. CBC falls into that category.


  • The general reception by Caricom leaders heard so far,of the return of the PNM to the corridors of governance in Trinidad gives one the impression that they are happy to see the dismissal of the Bissessar woman and her corrupt indo-culture cabal.Commentary from Guyana,St Vincent,St Lucia,Dominica and Barbados seem to support this view.In her own Trinidad, the chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission Dr Norbert Masson is reported to have said of the just ended election campaign quote “the most brutush,acrimonious,rampageous and vitriolic that I have witnessed in all my years at the commission”unquote.With the nastiness of Bissessar,the former AG Anand Ramlogan,Roodal Moonilal,the racist Sat Maharaj,among others,the PP should be consigned to the embers of the political wilderness,never to rise again.Trinidad is not about indians and indian culture.If you want that go to hell back to Calcutta or Kolkata.Trinidad is about Trinidadians,with its own cultural milieu.All is one.Stop the division in Caricom Bissessar and Jagdeo.


  • It is laughable to say the least that Sinckler is giving advice to the incoming PM of Trinidad and Tobago.Whatanass…one of the biggest JA’s in Buhbaydus giving advice to a scholarship winner,a double first in Geology and Geography,a Masters in Vocanology and a PHD in Geology.Sinckler, a guy who got 25 in Maths and who don’t grasp the value of a decimal point,giving advice to the PM of TnT!! Lawd come for yuh wirl…Prodigal,Bushie,Miller,Arta,Piece,Deeword,ac,islandgal,violet,caswell,help we get rid ‘o dis Jay Leno wannabe

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  • Gabriel, it is not my design to deflect or digress from the main point of contention here on BU, but my question to you is this: what has education to do with advising another in an area that he or she may not have had the necessary knowledge?

    I don’t seem to get it because if one examine America political history with a close scrutiny, one arrives the conclusion that men of lower and higher standards of education have in the past advised presidents.

    President Harry Truman who held a mere high school diploma was advised by men and women who have had a higher standard of education than he had had I am quite sure. While President Woodrow Wilson on the other hand, held PhD in political science, and he himself have been advised by men and women who have had equal to, or lower standards of education than he had had.


  • @Gabriel

    Racism is a learned behaviour, on this basis you are on Sandy ground.



  • “Can you imagine Brian Mulroney … being accused in an independent report of the grave allegations laid at the feet of David Thompson?”
    On May 31 2010, the Oliphant Commission issued an official report on former PM Brian Mulroney’s dealings with a German businessman, Karlheinz Schreiber, who was subsequently jailed in Germany for tax evasion. The Report concluded that Mr Mulroney had accepted either $225,000 or $300,000 in cash from the German, ostensibly to lobby international leaders on his behalf for arms sales, and had gone to great lengths to conceal the transaction.


  • @Bushie,

    de wurl cummin to a en yuh! 5 quakes in 2 days.

    “Today, the Centre’s automatic earthquake location system recorded quakes at 2:53 a.m., 6:39 a.m. and 8:36 a.m., all within the same general northeast location off Barbados.


  • It does read strange for Sinckler to be giving advice to Rowley.


  • @ chad99999,

    All that happened to Mulroney was embarrassment for a short time and a bariffle of appointments to Boards and a lot of consulting jobs.

    The cream stays at the top even if it has a little mold


  • @David,

    Sinckler was just commiserating with a brotha.


  • Ha ha everybody glad to see the ole witch gone .funny but jackwarner got the last laugh. She was manipulative and two timing.no body dare disagree


  • I am neither B nor B, but I stopped listening to Brass Tacks when Maureen Holder was moderator.

    I happened to catch her on CBC last night or the night before and I switched channels.


  • I am surprised at the tone of the comments directed at Kamla, who is the least racist and the least corrupt of the Hindu leaders that have come to power in Guyana and Trinidad.
    Anyone who has lived abroad is aware of the vicious statements East Indians routinely make about black Caribbean leaders. Everybody has read VS Naipaul. East Indian political leaders have to placate followers who are worse than the leaders. So don’t blame Kamla. Blame the East Indian voters. Barbados beware. Caribbean integration will sink us all.


  • @ chad99999
    Caribbean integration will sink us all.
    ha ha ha ha LOL wha-loss …
    Boss man! you feel that it is possible to sink the SS Stavronikita?

    Our ass has ALREADY been sunk – largely by CSME and Owing – Froon just taking us to the bottom now….

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  • People’s Partnership to File Election Petitions to Declare Elections Held on September 7, 2015 Null and Void


    People’s Partnership Challenges Election Results


  • The PPP/C in Guyana similarly filed an objection to the poll result there.Bissessar is trying to salvage her tenuous hold on the leadership of the UNC.It is abroad that her decision not to go to the UNC headquarters at the Reinzi Complex to address the party faithful on election night,has not gone down well with the party rank and file and there is a move afoot to oust her as Leader in the upcoming party elections.


  • Contenders in both the UNC and the COP are calling for the resignations of the parties’ leadership based on the election results.Besides the matter at the Reinzi Complex,it is now felt that Bissessar has led the party into 5 consecutive defeats at the polls and that since the general election revolved around her performance and her personality as PM,she has been shown by the result to have lost the confidence of the electorate.Ramadhar’s on the other hand has been the only seat won by COP and the party’s failure has been laid firmly at his doorstep.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Rowley, if he were a Tsun Tsu, would, if he truly wanted to disrupt the UNC, do one thing and one thing only

    Permit or facilitate the extradition of Jack Warner to the United States of America.

    That single act of placing the “fox among the chickens” will be a stroke of genius …



    Unfortunately it is not that simple. There is a legal process likely to take years.


  • Look it might be a bitter fight amongst her party faithful letting her go but she has serve no purpose other than to be a distraction pushing her loyalist in the path of destruction and seizing every opportunity to distance herself from the noise and destruction she helped to create.


  • We will see if Ish and Steve are now brought to book in a TT court or if they are extradited on some legal loophole in the Treaty.I don’t like going over issues of ethnicity but TT and Guyana Indians do not seem to participate in the Labor Day scene in NY nor the Notting Hill scene in London,whereas you find the West Indian so called very much involved and participating in those festivals.What is significant also is that the indo ethnic group are most often before the courts for conning others.It seems they are naturally disposed to acts of grand theft.


  • Well glad to see the Hon. Dr. Keith Rowley has given the Finance ministry to another member of his Cabinet.
    PM Stuart has set a fine example for his Caricom colleague.

    Like PM Stuart…..PM Rowley says his ministers must be accountable and manage their ministries.

    Two great and pragmatic sons of the Caribbean soil.

    That is LEADERSHIP.

    David (BU)…….eat yuh heart out!


  • Fractured BLP September 12, 2015 at 7:54 AM #
    “Well glad to see the Hon. Dr. Keith Rowley has given the Finance ministry to another member of his Cabinet.
    PM Stuart has set a fine example for his Caricom colleague.”

    Fractured BLP,
    Being an ignorant, but curious pupil I am willing to sit at your feet and learn.

    PM Erskine Sandiford gave “the Finance ministry to another member of his Cabinet.”
    Why are you not citing that as the example Sandiford set? Is it because he gave the ministry to David Thompson and evidence has now shown the whole world that David Thompson was a crook? Have you become ashamed of David Thompson?

    PM Stuart (oops, I mean crooked David Thompson) gave the finance ministry to Chris Sinckler. Evidence suggests to the whole world that the Barbadian economy has been severely damaged because Chris Sinckler does not understand how a simple decimal point works. Thus, how can he be expected to understand how a national economy works?

    Before we rejoice over the fact that Dr. Rowley has given the Finance ministry to another member of his Cabinet, shouldn’t we wait and applaud after we have verified that this cabinet member is not a crook, and that he has at least mastered the simple concept of decimals?

    You boldly proclaimed that “Like PM Stuart…..PM Rowley says his ministers must be accountable and manage their ministries.”
    Can you please tell me, on the basis of their actions, who PM Stuart’s ministers are accountable to? Leroy Parris? Bizzy? Bjerkhamn? Claire Cowan?
    Can you name two ministries in Barbados that are being well “managed”?

    If two Prime Ministers simply “say” their ministers must be responsible and accountable, does this utterance by itself make them “two great and pragmatic sons of the Caribbean soil”?

    Have you spurted out such asinine arguments and hogwash for global consumption before?


  • Brian Lara serves as Special Envoy. First duty is to visit Dominica.


  • Walter Blackman ……the only crook I see in all of this is you.
    Fortunately, Barbadians rejected your brazen attempt to get your hands on the national purse through the NDP party.
    Tek that…eat your heart out!


  • Fractured BLP,
    You couldn’t even answer at least one of my questions? Tut tut tut…

    You have informed the whole world that I am innocent because I did not get my “hands on the national purse”.

    Well, here is another question for you.

    Since taxpayers monies have been misappropriated, and you know I am innocent, can you tell us who the guilty persons are?

    As Caswell would advise: “Stay down for the count”.


  • Walter Blackman I leave you to sulk and gripe over your electoral loss.

    It is you who have all the questions to answer about your political failures.

    You can stay down for the count in the political grave yard.

    Yuh DUPPY !


  • @Walter

    A bit of advice. Both political parities employ trolls on the blog. The objective is obvious, it is what trolls (JAs) do. You should let your intellect serve a greater purpose that to engage JAs.


  • Why is it that every time someone disagrees with what the government is doing that their yardfowls always resort to ………..”you are jealous that you did not get your hands on the national purse?”

    Well, we have all seen the ramifications of the electorate giving the morons a chance to “get their hands on the national purse.

    My goodness, we were told by the dead king that only those who stayed the course with him would be able to share in the fatted calf but my goodness…………they have not only been eating the fatted calf but they have been carrying away the whole damn farm!


  • Just when you thought it was impossible…the BEEs have outdone themselves again!
    First it was St. James North branch voter’s list with Edmund Hinkson and alleged vote- padding.

    Years later….we have the same happening in September 2015…..Christ Church West…..alleged voter – padding……again.

    So if the BEEs cannot manage their branch elections……can Bajans trust them with national elections?



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