According to the US Government the Criminal Was in Bharrat Jagdeo’s Cabinet

Submitted by Rickford Burke

On March 31, 2014, the Kaieteur Newspaper in an article captioned ‘Police note PPP speakers comments on Crum-Ewing murder’ reported that “Former President Jagdeo suggested that Crum-Ewing might have been killed to boost the opposition elections campaign.”

The article also stated that “Speaking at the People’s Progressive Party’s rally in Kitty, Jagdeo said that Crum-Ewing, a former army officer, could have been killed for the PNC to send their messages of racism… and that the police need to find out urgently who did this and I am telling you if they do that, you would probably be shocked to find out who killed this guy.”

First, Bharrat Jagdeo has publicly admitted to being in possession of information that can assist the police in a homicide investigation. Hence, it would be negligent for the Police to fail to interrogate him. The laws of Guyana apply to everyone. I therefore call on the Crime Chief of the Guyana Police Force immediately question Mr. Jagdeo who apparently has information can assist in the capture and prosecution of Mr. Crum-Ewing killers.  

Second, last week at a political rally, President Donald Ramator referred to Courtney Crum-Ewing as a “nuisance” and likened him to a “criminal.”  The Guyana Bar Association instantly condemned Mr. Ramotar’s comments, saying “The murder of activist Courtney Crum-Ewing has undermined Guyana’s democracy contributing to a cycle of fear and President Donald Ramotar’s attempt to liken him to a criminal is ill-advised.”

Third, Sufice to say that Mr. Ramotar’s comments established the prima facie motive for Mr. Crum-Ewing’s assassination. He was a “nuisance” to the PPP government – said the President.

Fourth, I proffer to the Caribbean community and the world that, according to President Ramotar, urging fellow citizens to vote against the PPP government of Guyana is a nuisance – a crime – for which you citizens are killed like dogs by mercenaries for the regime against which the victims urged that the franchise be exercised. 

Fifth, it is disgraceful for both President Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo to, while standing at the husting dripping in red – their party’s color – like the lynchers of our ancestors – defile the character of a murder victim who was assassinated in the exercise of his democratic right. Worst, they have done so while his family; including young children, are in morning and bereavement.  They have no decency or class. Their conduct is a reprobate and odious repudiation of human civilization. It must be denounced everywhere and by all.

Sixth, Bharrat Jagdeo knows “a thing or two” about the raison d’etre of political assassinations and murders of young black men. He and his government have allegedly been complicit in the Phantom Death squad‘s calculated murder of over 400 young men in Guyana. These extra-judicial killings engendered a sea of national and international outrage, which forced Jagdeo, as President,  to appoint a Commission of Inquiry. An investigation conducted by United Nations Special Rapporteur for Minority Rights, Gay McDougall, established such extrajudicial killings. Bharat Jagdeo is on record as defending the head of this said death squad, convicted drug baron Roger Khan.

Seventh, the Phantom death squad allegedly functioned under the direction of Jagdeo’s Cabinet National Security Minister, Ronald Gajraj. The Guyanese nation must be reminded that, despite Gajraj’s alleged suspicious and known unlawful activities,    Jagdeo refused to fire and prosecute him.

Eight, On April 12, 2005, Spokesman for the US Department of State, Ambassador Richard Boucher, in a statement said that “the United States is concerned by the Government of Guyana’s decision to reinstate former Home Minister Ronald Gajraj…. A Guyanese commission of inquiry looking into his links to the so-called “phantom death squad” has found serious procedural irregularities in his official conduct related to his involvement with individuals who allegedly carried out extra-judicial killings…. We believe significant questions remain unanswered regarding his involvement in serious criminal activities…”

Ninth, after the US government forced Gajraj to resign, Jagdeo immediately appointed him Ambassador to India and whisk him off under the suspicious cloud of ‘diplomatic immunity.” However, the arch of the International Criminal Court and US Justice Department are long but bends towards justice!

Tenth, IT IS TIME: that all those murder victims and their families receive justice!  

IT IS TIME: that Bharrat Jagdeo, Donald Ramotar and the PPP explain who are the ”criminals” and why a criminal was in the cabinet? When they do, the nation might be surprised!

22 thoughts on “According to the US Government the Criminal Was in Bharrat Jagdeo’s Cabinet

  1. Wait till the USA also tell you who are the crooks in the DLP and BLP. for in Barbados crooks dont tell on crooks,

  2. lets not for get CLICO crooks , move off the subject so fast and no one getting paid, Well Guyana made sure that their people got back their money,

    Hello Barbados what are you doing ?, move cover up

  3. It is amazing that Guyana a member of CARICOM over a recent period of time has seen a high level of human right abuse cases.It seems other member states of CARICOM have turned a blind eye to these atrocities.
    Black political activist Mr.Crum-Ewing was recently assassinated. Previous a few years ago another Black political activist a Mr.Waddell was brutally murdered as well as as much as four hundred Black youth as highlighted in the article.
    These are not the only human right abuse cases against the Black population of Guyana.Over the the last twenty five years the Black population of that failed state has been marginalized by the racist,corrupt Indo-Guyanese dominated PPP Government.The Black Guyanese employed in the public service were systematically removed and replaced by the Indo-Guyanese. Both the Guyana Defence Force and Guyana Police Force were and are being use to harass,beat and torture Black people in Guyana.Black communities such as Buxton,Agricola and Albouystown are three of main Black communities in Georgetown that are the main targets of these two institutions.
    In short, life in Guyana for the Black community is nothing short of pure torture.
    Despite all of these blatant human right abuses against a mayor segment of the Guyana community,the governments of CARICOM countries had not once raised any concerns about the happenings in Guyana.CARICOM member states could be hear commenting on issues affecting countries very far away from us. We hear all type of fancy statements about human right abuses in countries in the Asia,the Middle East,Africa and even Europe,but right in our own backyard human right abuses are taken place in a member country and our leaders are playing dumb.The sad thing about it,is these leaders and their countries are dominated by the ethnic group that is being oppressed in Guyana

    • Caricom is probably hoping the issues of Guyana go away after the upcoming general election .

    • Nevaaaah BTW a whole host of constitutional commissions also invalidated by ruling
      This same judge ruled last police chief can’t be tried for rape
      Shortly after he fell asleep driving and killed himself

  4. The American Embassy in Barbados must be overwhelmed with local information, following the recent July 4 celebrations ,at the Ambassador’s residence . A photo in the Nation showed and abundance of food and drinks. I Wonder if Peter Wickham and certain cabinet ministers were invited.

  5. Rickford is an old racist from burnham days. His bile and venom does more harm to the African cause than anything else from any other group. He goes to the 400 men murdered and shed crocodile teas for the victims of the freedom fighters , of whom he is a close associate. You canot grieve for victims , while at the same time celebrate with the perps, bandits . His racism is a blatant slap to the face of the innocent victims of banditry.

  6. At least Guyana is gradually exposing all the thieving and corruption of the PPP/C cabal over the last 23 years.They have just touched the tip of the iceberg and hardly settled in their seats when former president Jagdeo was forced to stand in the prisoners’ dock at Whim followed by former minister of health Bheri Ramsaran in the same dock.Bheri’s lawyer ask the magistrate to rule that no photos be taken of his client in the courtroom seeing what happened to Jagdeo when the press showed him in the dock like a common criminal that he is.The third recent occurence is the former minister Jennifer Westford appearing in the court to answer to a charge of attempting to transfer a govt vehicle into her name and another pending matter concerning the whereabouts of a missing $120million .Everyday the new administration is turning up wholesale embezzling and stealing of Guyana’s birthright by the coolie cabal of Jagdeo and Ramotar.These third or fourth generation coolie canecutters chopped up ocean front land and sold it to select members of the coolie cabal including the dunceman Rohee and the DPP.I think its time the little biased coolie bhai Ricky Singh write about the goings on in coolie Guyana and coolie Trinidad,another thieving corrupt place.These hindus and muslims are fanatically religious and just as fanatically corrupt and dishonest.

    • @Gabriel

      Are you not a lot harsh?

      One wonders why our regional media and politicians are not having a deeper conversation about it.

  7. Don’t mean to be harsh but I make it a point to read and listen to their news media and am bewildered by the brazen corruption by a particular ethnic group in both countries of Caricom and other than EWB referring to ‘bandits’ in the corridors of power in some Caribbean countries back in the ’70s,none of these pussies we have today would dare speak out on the criminality that passes for governance from Douglas’s St Kitts,to Bouterse’s Surinam.The Bahamas was always a haven for pirates and buccaneers.They sailed down the chain and left their genes and culture all through the archipelago but the coolies took it to a new level.Jagdeo thought he owned 83000 sq miles that is Guyana to do as likes with help from the China and India.I say these 2 ethnic groups should be kept out of Barbados.

  8. It’s obvious to almost everyone who follow the politics of Guyana that the place is corrupted by the Jagdeo breed of politicianj.Its obvious too that the nastiness of the body politic which has been festering for 23 years is overdue for examination,diagnosis,surgery and healing and it will take some time to achieve but it has started.Unfortunately for the uninformed it would appear racist.If you know it was all about spreading wealth and influence among one ethnic group,it is only reasonable that the favored group in the past administration would be those affected.If they all have Indian names so be it.They thought their bread was buttered eternally and their nasty thieving deeds would not be exposed.
    Today’s KN tells of a GPL employee in a senior position who was found by auditors to be guilty of dishonesty.He was sent packing.The decision was rescinded and he was reinstated “after a visit to Freedom House”.Back on the job he continued his tricks and now it’s millions unaccounted for he was summarily dealt with.His is an Indian too.So let Clement cry foul like how he say Nagamootoo is one to stretch the truth,only because Naga is now Prime Minister.Guyana under the PPP had 50 Ambassadors in the foreign service made up of 49 indo-G’s and 1 afro-G.Lots of accusations will have the ethno tinge.

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