Mottley’s Big Bag o blunders Wunnah Really Feel She Ready?

Submitted by Douglas

1. George Payne vs Eddmond Hinkson an unnecessary high court suit still not resolved since the start of her term as opposition leader OFF AND STUMBLING!

2. The bitterness and the display of spite – Full of malice she began by refusing to name Dale who was good enough for Owen as her deputy ——-nor has she named any one else for that matter! (But The world is Mottleys and the rest are pawns in her personal power game).

3. Wasted opportunity :Appointing the biggest disappointment in Christ Church Dr “smut matters most ” Walcott to the senate. Does he lead the young and un impressive Wilma Abrahams or is Wilma leading him ?

4.The aborted no confidence motion against Sinckler ………Well after all Sinckler is not a brand name, he is not a “child of the parliament” and he went to school next to which part de horses does run so why should he be a Finance Minister when Mia” i born with a gold spoon” was never one!

5. Inviting de world and he wife to Queens Park Pun a good Sunday evening to sign petitions which NEVER EVER EVER saw the light of day …… STUPSE ! All o we shoulda know better !

6. Telling de country that the petitions were going to be counted and verified by an auditing firm: Another STUPSE which auditing firm dat is Boa? And which part it does operate from? Timbuktu?

7. Harassing and terrorizing Owen until de poor man tell de party he give he life to build to kiss which part he does sit down pun! As if we didn’t know Mia knows every thing and knows it better than every body so no need for Owens expertise!

8. The solid waste march! But wait, I thought dat dey so was a success! Another STUPSE! What happen since then? What follow up they had? What solution has been reached ? She coulda listen to Kerrie cause at least he had de sense to warn she.

9.Clyde’s Press Conference: Wait which one dat is Bo?? De one when she tek it over from poor Clyde and talk more than he even though she send he to hold it as economic spokesman. oh my Lord that woman too love she self!

10. Rubbing Shoulders, Oh loss I forget bout dat, I doan know when last I hear bout dat, Owen call it a gimmick, Dale say it is foolishness. Toppin never went Hmmmmm! Maybe they know her better than we think I wonder what part she gine rub next?

11.Peoples Assemblies! When last u hear bout dem?? Another gimmick Sinckler called them Calvalcades ! Maybe he knew her better than we think.

12.Defending Wilma’s pro homo agenda! But why is anyone surprised about that?

13. Replacing Kerrie with Sarah Palin ………that could only be a case of the school girl being the subject of the teacher’s fantasy.

14. The public meeting against the Speaker. That was one time poor Joe Atherly would have expected to get a nomination. STUPSE! (Again) Joe was Owen friend and still is… you dun know Madame insecure ain’t going for dat!!

15. The failed 7 car motor Cade before the last Annual conference…….of course she blames Colonel Bostic for she is always without fault.

16. The failed free fete before the last Annual Conference ……….of course she blames the dancers.

17. The failed boat cruise before the last Annual Conference……..of course she wanted to blame the boat.

18. Staying out of parliament on principle and now looking to ease back in on an un winnable pretext …. look out I see another empty gimmick coming!

19. Reshuffle of the shadow cabinet: A good way to punish Dwight for working with Maloney (even though she got a top job at bjerkham for her side kick from Rayside). And a better way to hide the fact that Ms Palin knew nothing about Tourism.

20.The Christ Church West disgrace: wunnah really believe that a branch executive elected at a meeting of 25 people could determine the future of a constituency represented by an MP elected by 2000 but doan worry de hand behind de scenes leffing it print cause Dr smut matters most is a senator sitting at Mottley’s pleasure, Rossie the foot soldier is the helper in Mottley’s office an de woman wid a Indian name is motley good frien so dem up front and you know who pulling strings behind Dr smut must like dat.

21.The fund raiser before Christmas De one which was under her patronage and which beg buisness houses for $20,000.00 contributions ! Wunnah dun know dat Elton john nevah show up and Halle Berry also nevah show up And not a word to de public from de patron! but ifen yuh is a born thoroughbred Mguffie in Barbados you doesn’t have to be embarrassed by explaining these things yuh just go along but if it was a person who born in de ordinary class It would be a matter of principle!! Another STUPSE we must be born wid we head plait!

22. Fighting up over who is to run in a seat already held by the BLP when there is nobody nominated in 17 other seats. And no sign of nominations but wunnah dun know the big lotta delay is not about de party interest or de country , it is to be sure she find people who likely to hold up duh hand and sing follow the leader leader!Follow the leader leader!

If wunnah real feel dat a clumsy insecure freak like dat could successfully lead this place wunnah want wunnah head checking

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  1. @ Bajanfuhlife March 17, 2015 at 11:22 AM #

    “Relax, you rush on to defend Mottley and her advisor Peter Wickham. Mottley and her crew are on a mission to destroy Arthur and while she tries to appear above the fray, she is encouraging the berating of Arthur by some on Facebook.”

    No, no, no…. you have it wrong, I have not rushed to defend Mottley. I have only sought to illustrate that betrayal and deceit are not unique to one political party, but both BLP and DLP. And I don’t care who is on a mission to destroy Arthur.

    Surely you must agree Clyde Mascoll is no stranger to betrayal and deceit. I’m sure you remember those clandestine moves and no-confidence motion against the same Mascoll, when four of the seven members of the then DLP opposition, including David Thompson, Ronald Jones and Richard Sealy, sent a letter to the Governor General (GG) stating that they no longer accepted Mascoll as their leader and in his place they want Thompson.

    This betrayal, deceit and mistreatment by the DLP, the party he was born into and grew up in, caused Mascoll to say he would be “more comfortable putting my talents to use in Barbados’ interest, alongside Prime Minister Arthur, than having to suffer the one-man politics of (David) Thompson in the DLP…

    “I regret having to say so, but that’s the harsh reality today. The word democratic has been systematically erased from the DLP. The letter “D” now represents ‘David’, the king who has been led to think by some of the party’s elders that his kingdom has come.”

    If you bring a story about the BLP, I’m sure there is a similar story about the DLP. Both parties are similar.

  2. @ millertheanunnaki March 17, 2015 at 11:16 AM #

    “And now we have the Minister of Finance attacking the Auditor General for doing his job as required under the Constitution of Barbados.
    All the Auditor General is doing is asking the MoF to adhere to the ‘Accrual’ method of accounting for government’s financial transactions. A basis of accounting fervently promoted by this so-called enlightened administration which condemned the previous administration of abusing with its off-balance sheet financing shenanigans”…………………………………………………


    Cuddear, give the Stinkliar a break, LOL.

    He would not understand what the Auditor General was telling him……so all he could do to deflect is to behave the only way he knows how….get on like the low life pig that he is. The man Stinkliar has no manners…………….he has no “broughtupsy” and does not know how….when… or where!

  3. @ Artaxerxes March 17, 2015 at 9:40 AM #

    “Wuh shiite, the DLP misfits have finally broken their silence after their failed attempt to justify Leroy Parris’ fraudulent invoice and exonerate David Thompson’s crime of being an “accessory before the fact”….. to wit, facilitating the preparation of the said invoice, and are out in their numbers to attack Mottley.

    ……. Attacking is the buzz word for the DEMS”………………………..

    Daily on BU they are out in force but would never mention the turmoil that is going on in the cabinet of Barbados. Look at page 3 of the Nation yesterday.

    AG: Dont Blame Me

    “As minister I am a bit frustrated and annoyed ……. my ministry is not the reason why we are not able to move forward to get these projects done. If I was not in this forum I would use language to signal my displeasure about why it has taken two years for us not to do anything.

    In many ways it reflects what is happening in this country because we take too long to do things” He added that he was not sure if the delay was political.

    Can you believe that an AG, a member of the cabinet who sits in cabinet meetings can address police and say the things he said? Wait, who is the government? Are you not in charge and should be accountable?

    You cannot make this stuff up, these people are real, real morons.

  4. @ Prodigal
    these people are real, real morons.
    Man stop misleading the BU family do…
    What morons what??!!

    Brass bowls must first undergo significant work and refurbishment before they can attain the status of ‘Moron’…

  5. LOL, Bush Tea.

    Oh my goodness, you have me laughing. So what stage are they at now? Are they in the “prima” class, then?

  6. @ Prodigal Son
    So what stage are they at now? Are they in the “prima” class, then?
    P …..
    Do you know a class 1 primary school student (since AC’s time) who would:
    …Buy an abandoned hotel for $100 million
    …pay millions to knock it down
    …Borrow $500 million to build it back
    …then to GIVE it to a foreigner who is best known for pissing on Paradise…?
    …then to turn and GIVE that same foreigner a life-time, tax-free spending spree – and now he is laughing at our poor asses… while pissing in our rum…?

    man what “Prima” class what….?!?
    …those people are a bunch of brainless, bottom-of-the-barrel, bewitched, Bajan brass bowl brutes……

    @ ,
    …we know….
    GP told us all about Revelations…..

  7. Hants – if you want to bring independent analysis on BU, forget the names Peter Wickham and Tennyson Joseph- these two political whores are bought and paid for.

  8. I would swear bline a fellow from sin Lucy tell me Kellman went to half moon fort primary and then did a correspondence course in buh keeping and manage to land a job at haymans factory. Is he wife that know accounting so she help he with that.

    • @Gabriel

      And what is wrong with Kellman achieving his goal by following that path?

      On Tuesday, 17 March 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:


  9. Gabriel March 17, 2015 at 4:13 PM #
    Do not write off Mr Kellman, because he may not be a brand name school boy. One of the most knowledgeable and experienced men I came across in the field of a discipline of Engineering in Barbados,God rest his soul, only had a primary education. Read just about every book on the subject of his field of engineering. Had the unique knack of reading and comprehending.Could not call himself an Engineer, although many an Engineer has called on him. And have surprised many a visiting engineer from over and away, that he is not university qualified.

  10. Bajanfuhlife wrote “if you want to bring independent analysis on BU,”

    It is good to bring the good, the bad and everything in between.

    It is up to you to digest it or spit it out.

  11. RE a bunch of brainless, bottom-of-the-barrel, bewitched, Bajan brass bowl brutes……


  12. Ya know…..I still hay laughing at Sinckler’s deliberate faux pas…..Ureeka….”we turn D corner”……NASA we hit a surplus….. DEMS incur $5 BILLION Debt in a six year period….can anybody point me where dah money gone?….no Fking asset worth to show…how could dat be Hants?

  13. @old onion bags wrote ” how could dat be Hants? ”

    I doan know. I doan live in Babadus. I does only drop by from time to time to guh fishin wid my homies.

  14. @Georgie Porgie,



    • All agree for Barbados economy to turn the corner we have to address fault lines in the economy. Have we done so? Are we happy with the corrective and growth policies implemented so far? It would be refreshing to shift gears in the level of discussion instead of the banal 24/7.

      Big game tonight.

  15. @ Hants

    Man how u mean you doan know?…….Ya mean U doan read underground?…EC101……WASTAGE and FCKUPS…..U know now! Dey lost and out to sea Hants….not catching dolphins or sea baths dey like a group mullets eatin shoite…. ganging up and all pun top each odder as dey see lil bread. Fckup D cuntry man…

  16. Man dey tell so much lies that nobody doan even tekk DEM serious ……one d cunty pun SURPLUS now…..and can’t even pay taxpayers last year’s income tax…U cud imagine dat Hants?….we in surplus and NCC workers can’t get dey severence…Hospital suppliers can’t get paid for bandages….wait wha kinda SUR-PLUS dat….a new kinda Banks drink?…..or ona DEm speckled ac hens name Sir-puss?

  17. onions ..ha ha ha….deficit cut .. sinckler waistline cut some serious cutting going on here, boy yu got yuh wuk cut out fuh uh,,,

  18. Miss Mia Mottley must NEVER EVER be allowed  to become prime minister of any government of Barbados.

    Mottley must NEVER EVER become prime minister of any such government in this country.

    Just like Dr Clyde Mascoll, Miss Mottley seems to think, and very falsely and unstudiously so, that there is some fiscal crisis in government, and that this is the primary reason why the country is currently in shambles financially materially.

    The fact of the matter is that there is no fiscal crisis in government.

    What there has been is the entire corpus of the government indicating properly that Barbados is in the process of becoming a virtual failed state.

    This process has become engendered by both these intellectually and politically backward, bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP governments having over the years been pursuing and implementing many long failed and flawed political economic and financial policies that have – in nearly all cases of their implementation effects – been bound to help put this country in the present protracted political economic depression.

    These governments in many of their inane inept ways have for a long time been deliberately evilly wickedly demonically stealing and robbing countless portions of the remunerations of the relevant people, businesses and other entities in this country – the basis of this cruel backward fiscal policy – and while the government with so many human social skills, services, buildings, assets and lands have failed to use them along with money to help achieve many more of its own commercial financial objectives – the monies and credits psychologically representing such greater and greater levels of thefts robberies by these governments have ultimately not only indicated substantially lower and lower levels of national remunerations than could possibly have been, but have also indicated a core financial system of this island that is seriously compromised and undermined by having to provide monies at whatever times for the uses of too many government workers, too many retirees, too many business people doing business with government, who – at the same time when receiving such monies – are not putting any monies credits into the core financial system for its uses.

    Such depressing damaging conditions are the primary intended results of the nature of the operation of TAXATION, of the nature of the wrongful functioning of financial transferring of monies by the core financial system in the way described just above to the same groups of people, the nature of the operating of big unwieldy, unrational government in Barbados, etc.

    As such, Dr Mascoll and Miss Mottley have terribly grossly misrepresented as a fiscal crisis a number of given fiscal policies and programs of this stupid DLP government that – primarily because of questions of HOW, WHEN, they have been mismanaged – have been bound to substantially help bring about combined harmful effects upon the relevant sectors, rather than their recognizing that the nature of such fiscal policies and programs as they are in their natures will help to certainly cause such harmful effects on the relevant sectors.

    Surely, these joke measly vague theoretical outlines that Mottley has been putting forward, eg., that the government must focus laser-like on so-called economic growth; that it must unlock access to capital; that it must ensure refinancing of debt to bring stability to our fiscal condition, do fall far far short of the revolutionary transformational social political commercial and financial programs, policies and strategies that are necessary to help pull Barbados out of this very devastating dedevelopmental ruinous process it has been put through by primarily these said stupid idiotic DLP/BLP governments over the years, and that are necessary to help reactivate and resurge sustained national growth and development in this country.


  19. LOL @ Onions
    man you ain’t hear that the man talking bout the PRIMARY deficit?
    …that is just shiite talk to impress AC and her groupies….

    Artaxerxes or one of those money counters can explain it….. but apparently it is like if you pretend that you did not have your mortgage to pay – and this puts you in the black…. Ha Ha Ha

    Joke is up to last year, even if we did NOT pay the mortgage we were still in the red, so we were BORROWING more money to pay the mortgage PLUS some more $$$ to eat.
    ….Sinckler is bragging that we are now only borrowing money to pay the loan on the money we had borrowed before ….(PLUS of course on this new money we have to borrow to pay what we owed on the old loans….LOL)

    Tax refunds shiite…That is what we buying food with now….along with the shiite tax and the money to come for the sugar factory of course… wait fuh dat…

    One thing bout Sinckler…it is easier to tell lies when you are ignorant, so perhaps he REALLY expects to have money to pay tax refunds by September……..when wunna 2015 tax refund claims are due… LOL

  20. The BLP in another vote catching ploy is promising to pay for students at UWI . You hear lie, that is lie. Of course, the same BLP will never tell you where that money will come from while funding the QEH, Paying Al Barrack that they shafted and of course the millions to bail out CLICO.
    This BLP leader is a bold faced liar and she has a radio moderator employed by Starcom to shamelessly promote her.

    • @Bajanfuhlife

      And how is the BLP promise different to the Prime Minister also promising free UWI tuition?

  21. Megaliomaniac self promoting deceiver Mottley says the country is broke and then says the BLP will pull 35 million out of a hat to pay tuition fees? Really? This is plain pandering for votes while insulting the intelligence of Barbadians.

    What happens when the cost moves from 35 to 40 million? . It reminds me of when she told people to march against a solid waste tax and then when pushed as to where she would come up with money instead – lo and behold her solution was a TAX ON WATER BILLS. You see a pattern developing.

    It is one thing for BLP yardfowls to use BU to cuss the government left, right and centre but the BLP has to put serious alternatives on the table. The problem is that they are focused on the polls and not on the development of Barbados.
    If you think this motley crew is interested in anything else but getting power to satisfy their real agenda, you fooling yourself.

    • What Mottley stated was the the BLP would prioritized spending. In other words instead of spending on useless housing projects which are being left to rot (unoccupied) lets us push the money in priority areas until the economy improves. Agree or disagree but quote the position correctly.

      On 23 March 2015 at 05:39, Barbados Underground wrote:


  22. Bush Tea March 17, 2015 at 8:07 PM #

    “LOL @ Onionsman you ain’t hear that the man talking bout the PRIMARY deficit? …that is just shiite talk to impress AC and her groupies….”

    Bushie, a primary deficit is simply the difference between net government expenditure (since interest payments on debt are subtracted) and gross revenue.

    On the other hand, a primary surplus is basically the government’s way of saying there was an increase in revenue and a decrease in expenditure. But what they have not mentioned is interest payments on debt were not included when calculating expenditure, which would give the impression that there was a significant reduction in spending.


    Bajanfuhlife March 23, 2015 at 1:38 AM #

    “It reminds me of when she told people to march against a solid waste tax and then when pushed as to where she would come up with money instead – lo and behold her solution was a TAX ON WATER BILLS. You see a pattern developing.”

    Bajanfuhlife, I think you’re the one here who is “insulting the intelligence of Barbadians.”

    St. Vincent & the Grenadines introduced a solid waste tax, which is attached to that island’s water bills. So, that means you are saying Gonsalves’ initiative was idiotic?

    My friend, if ALL political parties were not interested in the polls, why is the DLP seeking and hoping to win a third term in office?

  23. Seems the priority for Government is now to go ‘banana’ republic.

    Amazing, all the things to do and that is all they can come up with.

    Long term ‘plan’ or diversion from the issues of the day?

    Or BOTH?

    Who will oversee elections??

  24. Bajanfuhlife March 23, 2015 at 1:38 AM #

    “It is one thing for BLP yardfowls to use BU to cuss the government left, right and centre but the BLP has to put serious alternatives on the table. The problem is that they are focused on the polls and not on the development of Barbados.”

    Surely the DLP could find some more intelligent yard-fowls to defend them on BU, instead of selecting a bunch of misfits who come with one-sided arguments that even an individual with an IQ under 70 can tear to shreds.

    Prior to the 2008 general elections, the DLP yard fowls were adequately accommodated by BU, Nation & Advocate, call-in-programs to cuss the then BLP administration. In those days, these sources of media were the best thing since sliced bread, since they conformed to your agenda. Now the shoe is on the other foot, you are crying foul.

    Bearing in mind Estwick advanced the argument Barbados was in a “debt trap” and knowing a recession was imminent, the DLP still went ahead to make some very ambitious promises to the electorate.

    If the DLP argued that Barbados had a revenue problem, why did they promise such things as school children travelling on Transport Board buses or giving the tenants of NHC their units free of cost, free summer camps, as well as establishing the much touted constituency councils, saying this would help poor people? Were not these alternatives made to solicit votes?

    And while we’re at it, can you tell me how many alternatives introduced by this administration succeeded in “the development of Barbados”? The only rewards Barbados gained as a result of DLP policies over the past 7 years are the number of downgrades by the regional and international rating agencies.

    Now, by demanding the same poor people to pay tuition fees at UWI, SJPP and BCC; stealthily and progressively introducing fees at the Drug Service and QEH, thereby forcing these same poor people and pensioners to pay for medication and health care, the DLP is telling Barbadians these programs in their previous forms have now become unsustainable.

    Since the DEMS have come to this realization, surely we may see a reintroduction of bus fare for school children, the abolishment of the “rent to own” policy in its current format, introduction of summer camp fees and a scrapping of the constituency councils, and the DLP admitting these were very bad ideas at the time they were introduced.

  25. David March 23, 2015 at 6:13 AM #

    “Therefore what we need to know is a comparative of debt over a 10 year period?”

    This information can be found in the Central Bank Reports. All that has happened, so far, is the MoF manipulating the data to make Barbadians believe government’s policies have been successful in reducing the deficit.

    However, you have a good point that a comparative analysis of the debt, over the period you suggested, should be undertaken.

    Interest payments must be included when calculating debt. For example, supposed Courts was selling Whirlpool 15 cu ft refrigerators for $1,519.99 cash, but you decided to obtain the item on hire purchase. After the interest payments have been calculated, the total credit price if the item is $2,335.31 and you have 36 months to pay off your account @ $15.00 per week.

    You cannot value the refrigerator at its cash price, while ignoring the additional $815.32 interest payments. Therefore, you would not pay $1,519.99/156 = $9.75, but $2,335.31/156 = $15 each week.

  26. Art

    David T knew best. He was a know it all but all he succeeding in doing was ruining the BARBADOS economy and from where FS took over and continued.
    If they had listened to Estwick Barbados and the DLp would both be in a much better place.

  27. FS says Barbados is going to be a republic soon. The move against him by Sinckler will come long before he gets around to establishing himself as President.

  28. Bushie:

    Based on your March 17 comment , you like you vying fort he post of Minister of Finance in Caswell’s government!!

  29. @ Druids March 23, 2015 at 7:48 AM #
    “FS says Barbados is going to be a republic soon. The move against him by Sinckler will come long before he gets around to establishing himself as President.”

    Come on Druids, today may be the second day of Spring and a new moon has arisen, soon giving way to a full moon heralding the start of celebration of the Easter time of warmth and fecundity, but you don’t have to be so enthusiastically misled.

    Sinckler has lost too much political capital to seek to oust FS at this stage. That is why FS could feel entirely confident a draw the Republic red herring across the political trail. Why not create a lively distraction away from the economic woes facing the country is the thinking behind Fumble’s recent outburst.

    Fumble is quite aware the country can ill afford the costly rebranding exercise at this time without a politically-appealing justification like the soon coming change in the British monarchy. Is he officially aware of the pending resignation of Her Majesty or is he clairvoyant enough to foresee her inevitable passing?

    Is the Fumbler aware that unless he wants to look like a total jackass he will not be able to award his sycophantic cronies with knighthood, “damehood” and QC status from now on, given his current outburst against the last vestiges of the colonial trappings?
    But we have witnessed on numerous occasions the man standing philosophically for one thing and doing the exact opposite to save his sorry political ass.

    Has he been given the assurance from Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition that they would support the necessary legislation to amend the fundamentals of the country’s Constitution to achieve this republican status?
    What will they get in return? The P M’s selling of his pal Leroy down the river and Justice for the CLICO pensioners and life insurance policyholders?

  30. DISTRACTION indeed Miller,

    Where-else and when-else but now…… annuda Malvolio’s illfamed accosts….Fools rush in where wise men never dare thrust….Broke as hell…can’t even buy toilet paper or pay NCC workers? Garbage collection a game of chess, roads in a mess, buses a case of undue stress and now talk of a Republic… bare jest. Smoke n mirror is what this latest jangle is really all about…..anything to get dem nearer that date of pensions fa life…..Fa real anybody cud really picture Fruendel as a President?…Cud Laud

  31. The Republic of Barbados.

    It’s about time.

    If the Pensioners and policy holders get their money from Clico first.

  32. Bushie:

    Based on your March 17 comment , you like you vying fort he post of Minister of Finance in Caswell’s government!!
    Bushie is vying for a post welding a whacker in BBE’s coming government…
    No time to waste on hopelessness…
    …besides wunna could not handle a Bushie in this dispensation….
    …wunna could not even handle a Lee Kuan Yew

  33. watchman March 14, 2015 at 5:10 PM #

    @ John Hanson
    you are sicker than ACs, you are a totally sick out of control something that can not be fix

    Sorry for hurting you little head, with truth , Mia ? You all that love MiA better do your home work on this,

    Mia Will never be So stop Kissing her ass-sits ,
    AC well , she married to a lawyer so she have to defend how she eats and live , remember the lawyers living well here,

    I dont know how you doing watchman , but are you the same watchman that the white man run down with a truck?

    By the time you learn more to find out that MIA and Owen is in this, Owen not a lawyer and he might have been listening to his AG MIA,

    VAT and UDC in 1997 to launder the land, and rob Barbados of over 100 years of History,,,, and you have to wait for white people to tell you that your black leaders are crooks liars and scumbags,

    When you dont have clear title to land that the UDC or NHC to own , and can not get loans to build from the white man , for your nice leaders ffffing up all banking rules and laws of the land.

    stupid is what stupid does, and keep WATCHING AND NOT LEARNING WATCH MAN, IF THAT ENUFF for you also

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