Broken Trident and Broken Promises–What Next!

Independence - the broken trident symbolizes a symbolic break from its status as a colony

Independence – the broken trident symbolizes a symbolic break from its status as a colony

One of the biggest disappointments for BU in the post Independence era has been our inability to capitalise on the investment of billions sunk into education to create a sustainable economic model by developing the human resource of Barbados. We boast we are a literate country compared to others but the true measure of success must be in the quality of our decision making, processes and quality of intuitions.   The goal of educating a nation’s people has to be about equipping the citizens to make relevant decisions based on the challenges – always changing – being confronted. In 2014 – after 48 years of Independence – can we say we are happy with the state of affairs?

Critiquing a system where the stakes are high if there is failure must be embraced as a constructive exercise. In this case criticism should not be defined within the narrow confines of a political lens. The challenge is for the leadership and people of Barbados to welcome and filter all feedback and criticism by citizens with a conciliatory and collaborative mindset. We have slowly surrendered to a political system which encourages divisiveness.

In the same way the adage ‘no man is an island’ is generally accepted read no human being is a repository for all information, the same can be stated for government and political party.  BU is convinced the success of Barbados must rise on the backs of the collective wisdom of all citizens and other actors in civil society.

We have surrendered our right to mould the best society to a few members of the political class who have themselves surrendered to the money class. Although no political system is perfect what all political systems have in common is the susceptibility to be influenced by the money class. How we are able to minimize the influence by the money class must be a priority for the citizenry.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) promised Integrity and Freedom of Information legislationsee document distributed on 3 Jan, 2008 by Reudon Eversley, Communications Director of the DLP in 2008 –  in an election campaign message in 2007/8 which called for change, and it resonated with Barbadians who had (still are) become disengaged from the system of democracy reflected in greater than 30% reneging on the right to vote.  Seven years after being elected the incumbent DLP government has relegated the introduction of transparency legislation to low priority. The unwillingness to hold politicians and our leaders accountable has mushroomed to a bigger issue than the promise forgotten.

A member of civil society with a key role to play is the traditional media.  An effective role by the media must be the dissemination of information both informational and investigative. Given the challenges we are faced with in Barbados and the unwillingness of traditional media to risk losing their license (this is the refrain) or to offend sponsors (money class), it is unlikely traditional media will be able to galvanize change by disseminating the truth. The traditional media in Barbados is ‘impotent’ and has relinquished its responsibility to take on the hard issues. Local media is driven by a few personalities and this is where the definition of media ends.   In the prevailing environment social media platforms will proliferate.

Forty eight years later the Errol Barrow vision has been dismantled and replaced with what we have no idea.

100 thoughts on “Broken Trident and Broken Promises–What Next!

  1. Integrity and Freedom of Information legislation – see document distributed on 3 Jan, 2008 by Reudon Eversley, Communications Director of the DLP in 2008 –

    They can never give you what they never had.
    Barbados is A Failed State with DLP and BLP crooks at the Helm ,
    Until both PARTIES are removed we will never see the Light of Day.

    Crime in this Government is at a all time High, High crimes and false DEEDS of PLANTATIONS Is at the Roots of all things ,

  2. This piece speaks to exactly how I feel about the traditional media. I am prepared to defend with every fiber of my being the relevance and rights of BU and others like BU. That’s why I have called for all those in opposition to just step off. From as long ago as my school days I came to the realization that the main stream media in Barbados was nothing more than the poppet at the end of a string dangled by those who considered themselves the bajan intelligentsia. That is the group that thinks that theirs is the only opinion that matters. Now is the time that barbadians at the bottom and the middle of the economic ladder should withdraw their support from the two rancid rags that masquerade as daily sources of information in the country. LONG LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA !

  3. Bajans should use the cameras on their iPhones and Blackberrys to record “evidence”.

    I doan have to read an spell fuh wunna.

  4. Hants | November 29, 2014 at 2:34 PM |

    Bajans should use the cameras on their iPhones and Blackberrys to record “evidence”.
    What more convincing evidence do you require , when the Prime Minister, a prominent lawyer, and ex Attorney General is on record as stating that he saw, presumably with his own eyes, people paying for votes in the last general election. Isn’t his credibility is worth more than any image on a iPhone or Blackberry?

  5. IN WHAT WAY AND BY WHAT STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION IS/WAS FUMBLE a prominent lawyer, and ex Attorney General?

  6. a boy on the block said Fumble is prominent, that like a David Seales horse, he is always ahead of his rivals by a nose.

  7. The Prime Minister of Barbados was crook when he was AG and bigger crook now he is PM , We can not get a bigger back to back crook than Him ,
    Until you vote the NEXT Party nothing will change , Both these Wutless scums DLP/BLP parties will take turns defacing the Public with more and more lies,
    It will be a very hard fall , if Bajans dont wake up to see the horror and crimes that by pass all Laws of God and Man,

  8. You spoke about our failures as nation to achieve a certain level of development, but you have fallen short of indicating what island in the Caribbean we ought to compared to, given our 48 years of nationhood. My question is to whom are we to be comparing ourselves to in the Caribbean? Now can it be argued that a great number of Barbadians are disappointed with our level of development given our 48 of nationhood?

    • Good question Dompey. Should we be comparing to other islands or should we compare to how we have achieved implementing the vision of our leaders.

  9. In my humble opinion, this is an EXCELLENT article that even a blind person can see, and understand.

    Most of the population over the years has taken GROWTH in the WRONG CONTEXT .. Education is an excellent thing when given a chance to be used towards betterment and advancement FOR ALL..
    But you have to use common sense when making choices for the good of ALL THE PEOPLE. Because it isn’t about the FEW.

    Growth comes from doing things DIFFERENTLY for the good OF ALL, and NO A SELECT FEW. Building new buildings when in some neighborhoods STILL don’t have proper roads. Giving the people FREE,or what they think are FREE PARTIES. When in reality they are paying for them.
    The Government should NEVER be bigger than the people. AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS;

    Barbados has been Governed for many years now like a DICTATORSHIP of whatever party that’s in Government. YOU the people of Barbados has RIGHTS and should impose those RIGHTS, if you aren’t Governed as A DICTATORSHIP.

    No one seem to listen to the cries of the people. And even the people themselves has allowed the people who they have elected to represent them, to become more IMPORTANT than the PEOPLE THEMSELVES..

    Many of the things that the people who are appointed takes for granted at the taxpayers expense is SO WRONG. And they act without seemingly to care about who suffers, as long as they live in a lifestyle that they have chosen.

    CHANGE will, and can only come when the system is accountable to the people. And the people MUST STAND UP AND BE HEARD. STOP allowing the people who are suppose to be working for you treat you AS LESS THAN WHO YOU ARE.

    Make the Government RESPONSIBLE. And I don’t feel that I can say this too many times either. Because if you DON’T STEP UP, the conditions are going to become even WORSE, without even bothering the lifestyle of those who are working for you.

  10. @ the proposer

    We should b=not be comparing ourselves to any other Caribbean country.

    That is the thing, more than anything else we seem to be driven by being better than the Trinidadians, the Jamaicans the Guyanese etc.

    No one has ever tried the concept of “I will lead, others will follow” and set out to blaze a path for oneself where one judges ones success in terms of how each of one’s charges are enfranchised and the rating that one gets among one’s member Caricom States, is incidental to that policy and practice and not the objective of ones actions.

    There will ALWAYS BE countries that are better than we are but that is not how to actuate our own development.

  11. @ Colonel Buggy,

    I don’t even trust myself to tell the truth about the size of fish I catch so I use the camera on my Blackberry to provide proof.

    If you want to believe “prominent” people that is your choice.

  12. Dompey | November 29, 2014 at 4:38 PM |
    Now can it be argued that a great number of Barbadians are disappointed with our level of development given our 48 of nationhood?
    What is happening in White Hill , St Andrew is very much indicative of the strides we have made as an independent nation, especially in the last 48 months. The top has no substance , is very shallow , and everything that is under it is being allowed to slip and slide towards the bottom at as fast rate. A bunch of holes held together by dirt,… pay dirt.
    The gabions, lying silent on the other side , which we are expecting to put in place when the times comes to stem this downward flow , and help us to get back to the top, does not seem to be able to tie and mesh themselves together. Far too many gaping holes with too many rocks falling out.

  13. Under no circumstance in Barbados must Miss Mia Mottley ever be allowed to become prime minister of this country.

    None whatsoever!

    For, Mottley is yet to and, as a matter of fact, has NEVER been able to show and WILL NEVER be able show to the majority of people of this country, that she has enough intellectual and political acuity, capacity and perspicacity to function properly substantially in the office of prime minister of Barbados.

    Case in point, a back page story of the Daily Nation newspaper of Thursday, 27 November, 2014, which, et al, reads how Mottley, in an address at the business luncheon of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday of this week, stated that getting Barbados back on track would not be an overnight task and provided that three strategic matters must be first addressed: that government (sic) must ‘unlock access to affordable capital once more; must apply a laser like focus to restoring the economy to growth; and must change the mode of governance with respect to how things were done, how people related to each other and who were involved in the equation’.

    Imagine that Barbados has entered it seventh successive year of political economic depression and those lilliputian ideas are the most this joke BLP leader could come up with in suggesting some things that are mainly needed to be done to turn this country around.

    Clearly those three ideas that Mottley has suggested are totally vague, absolutely deficient and wholly nonsensical.

    Too, this country does not need to be turned around!!

    This country needs to be set on an entirely new national developmental trajectory of a social, political, material and financial sorts.

    While we will not be wasting any time on criticizing those main three points she was reported to have thrown out at the November luncheon of the BCCI, what is clear though is that they have emanated from the mind of a person who does not have a clear coherent well thought out vision, blue print and cosmology for the further growth and development of this country, and by extension do come from a mind that does not differ at all from the utter intellectual and philosophical backwardness, bankruptcy, and sterility of the blinking BLP.

    What a joker she is!!

    Down with the damned DLP and the blasted BLP.


  14. @ PDC

    You said and I quote “Clearly those three ideas that Mottley has suggested are totally vague, absolutely deficient and wholly nonsensical.”

    This article is the singular sensible article that you have posted in all the time that i have been on this site and only goes to prove that a clock that is wrong will ONCE IN A WHILE be right, just that the interval is unknown/unpredictable.

    For the discerning ear, Mottley is just sound bites who talks pretty but, when push comes to shove, is as empty as Fumble, she just talks more but measure for measure is also an avowed Waste Foop.

    “By their works shall ye know them…..”

  15. +++@PDC…”Mottley is yet to and, as a matter of fact, has NEVER been able to show and WILL NEVER be able show to … that she has enough intellectual and political acuity…”

    Really. Which political dynamic were you following?

    I neither have warm thoughts of Mia Mottley being PM of Barbados but that is due to the fact that I have seen her dark side (i.e. from publicly available info) and it is not good at all. Definitely not.

    But to suggest that the lady is not intelligent or does not display political acuity is to be either very biased or very blind. She has the educational theoretical training from good schools and certainly has battled well with B’dos other sharp minds as well as most.

    Realistically, would you expect her to give a chapter and verse even if she had a plan. Which politician does that?

    BTW Richie Haynes tried the 3rd party route but funny enough he still was choosing candidates from the same pool and the people did not seem to embrace that for too long.

    Where are these new and better candidates that will replace the BLP and DLP? Are we going to get them out of T&T or Dominica?

    Tings real dred and yes we need to hold the politicians’ feet to the fire but it’s a long haul. No quick solutions out there.

  16. @ Pieceuhderock
    Bushie wishes to be associated with your above remarks. When PDC can be so accurate it is time to know that the end is neigh…

    shiite man…. next thing you know Dompey will start talking sense sensibly….and ac will HUSH….
    Wonders never cease…

  17. bt
    things so bad in Bim you starting to spell like ac and dompey yuh
    the end is really “neigh…” for trute

  18. @ GP

    I think BT really meant “neigh” in truth as in “horses neighing, dompeys braying” a wonderful play on words.

    You know gents that is one of the pleasures of being able to shift through these concepts at will.

    Undoubtedly some elements of Classical Studies which I am told by my children and grans, is dead, so I am sure that you both must pain at the Americanism so frequently used i.e. “to embed a TV crew into a military unit” circa Iran’s invasion

  19. Georgie Porgies

    Let’s put your allegation to the test: just give me one such word that I have misspelled here. Only an educated idiot like you wouldn’t know that there are some polar distinctions between British and American spelling.


    You people never cease to amaze me. Do you really put that much trust in human opinion? You hold tight to De hood’s words as though he is gifted with clairvoyance and paranormal intuition.

  20. @ GP
    Boss thing REAL bad in truth yuh….
    Bushie never EVER thought that things could look so bleak at an independence time in Bim…
    EVERY shiite seems to be going downhill …and not a fella seems capable, motivated or even interested in doing anything about um…
    Hospital, transport, garbage, taxes, roads, tourism, sugar, cricket, sports, banks, courts, press, …..EVERY shiite…wuh even cricketers / umpires getting killed every week now….

    …and um aint like we could depend on the back-up plan (BLP), cause Mia seems worse than fumble….after all she has been spectacularly unimpressive in 14 years of ministries all the way up to deputy PM….mainly promoting a lotta suspect women into positions that they were hopelessly incompetent to fill ….and burning down Glendairy for VECO to build Dodds…….steupsss…
    …could as well spell like dompey and ac….that seems to be our future…

    Bushie can’t figure out what people like BU David waiting on …to declare the damn innings closed …and let us look at a new game plan under BBE rules….this is a lost cause….
    ….wuh shiite then ..even PDC making sense of late…
    the place up-sided-down…

    Man Bushie done wid dat!!

  21. David

    Earlier today you spoke of the need to stay focus on the topic and even went as far as to level threats at those persons who would not stay the course. And here we have Georgie Porgie, Bush Tea and Piece audaciously besmear the intellectual stance of AC and myself. And what is your response? I think it speaks for itself. David, I continue to reiterate the fact that you undermine your credibility or what’s left of it, when you show a blatant partiality to a selected few and an impartiality to the rest.

  22. David

    David you never cease to disappoint me day after day. Am I not entitled to challenge the allegations that Georgie Porgie has presented above. Haven’t you any respect for the characters of those persons who writes on this blog David? Listen brother, to every argument there is an opposing argument sir.

  23. dompey don.t sweat the small stuff. Being on BU is as close to a sexual orgasm that BT or GP and some of the other male BLP malcontents would ever have,, just bow out gracefully and be the bigger person.

  24. David
    Do you not know that your blog is read widely in the Barbadian community here? And that your credibility and integrity as a blogmaster might be in question? My friend, as the champion of the civil protest Dr. Martin Luther King once said: “Truth crashed to the earth shall rise again.”

  25. Forty eight years later the Errol Barrow vision has been dismantled and replaced with what we have no idea.

    with dependency on govt handouts,, all like runaway horses stampeding over the economy.

  26. @ Dompey
    Bush Tea piss off. You ignorant SOB!
    shiite!!!…. Bushie guess that means you will be staying then… 🙁

  27. dompey i told u to leave well alone,, to them this is their greatest thrill,ignore .only on those rare occasion engage, intellectual snobs waiting for their final call,

  28. Dompey
    Bro, Do not allow yourself to be wound by others. Do like the Gambler of the County;-
    If your’e gonna play the game ,boy, you got to learn to play it right.
    You got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away, know when to run.

  29. David

    Now where was I? David, the blog is a pretty good blog, but there is a pressing need to address the double standards and duplicitous dealings with some of its bloggers.

  30. Colonel Buggy

    Yaa, you never count your money when you sitting at the table. There will be time enough for counting when deal is done. Yaaa yaaa, I know the song verbatim brother.

  31. Some people are quick to say we lost the vision,

    I am more inclined to say that, after the Late EWB, there was simply NO VISION NOR INSPIRATION, we are rudderless.

    I am going to borrow some ubiquitous “leadership characteristics” from the internet to give perspective to this VISION issue

    (i) Awareness – leaders conduct themselves in a way that sets them apart from their constituents–not in a manner that suggests they are better than others Darcy & John Boyce

    (ii) Decisiveness all leaders must make tough decisions They understand that in certain situations, difficult and timely decisions must be made in the best interests of the country not Fumble

    (iii) Empathy leaders praise in public and address problems in private. a genuine concern. Rather than making things personal when they encounter problems (he who received Lashes), or assigning blame to individuals, leaders look for constructive solutions and focus on moving forward – take your DLP/BLP pick

    (iv) Accountability leaders take responsibility for everyone’s performance, including their own – refer to Barbados’ Integrity Legislation

    (v) Honesty; leaders treat people how they want to be treated. Dennis Lowe and Cahill

    (vi) Focus; leaders plan ahead they think through multiple scenarios and the possible impacts of their decisions, while considering viable alternatives Richard Sealy and Barbados Tourism marketing strategy

    In the absence of all of these characteristics what emerges is a picture of what we need to be voting for in our leaders: someone who motivates the general public to give their best all the time. They do not curse their public servant charges as in Stephen Lashley &/or Mia Mottley

  32. I was thinking to first present some generic characteristics of leadership, maybe even juxtapose a person, or two, of some renown, in that mix e.g. the leaders Hitler and Churchill came to mind as excellent examples, then talk about what “fuels” real, albeit despotic leadership, try then to shift the gears to “national pride” and (wishfully) tie all that into why our trident is broken and our promises empty.

    Then the ole man, realising that, at 84, dat discourse would tek about 25 years, realised that I would not be here to finish that submission to BU.

    I will provide a summary and say that, if the characteristics of leadership are missing in and among our successive leaders, it becomes clear why, as a nation, we are adrift and why the vision that men like EWB et al., had is like dust in the wind, signifying nothing

    Broken Trident, broken promises, empty vision, useless words “in plenty and in time of need…”

  33. Piece

    I do agree that our public servants ought to be held at a high standard of accountability. But anyone with an iota intelligence circulating in the chemical soup we called the brain, would be incline to include the faults and failings our leaders in the above definition. Piece, as you well know: that the passions and desires of man would conform to the dictates of reason and justice without some kind of Checks and Balances/ constraints?
    Now let’s deal with the concept of accountability Piece: Accountability can only be realized if there is a sustained transparency as well as sound Checks and Balances which impels the public servant to do the right thing because it is our nature as human beings to place the Self-interest above the Collective-interest.

  34. Piece

    History has already determined that Joseph Goebbels the propagandist, rather than Adolf Hitler was the master mind behind the Nazi enterprise.

  35. @ Domps

    I sought to use these two men, Churchill and Hitler, with their radically opposed ideas and values, to show leadership and vision and how they both epitomized an instance of charismatic leadership, notwithstanding how one type may have been “undesirable”

    I note that you have gone to discuss Goebbels which has nothing to do with my posit that leadership and vision, national vision has certain empirical elements which are lacking in Bulbados.

    I would therefore ask you not to stray to far from this theme and that anything that you write to me has to be tied back to my thread of thought on “Broken Trident, broken promises, empty vision, and the useless words of our anthem as we sing “in plenty and in time of need…” emptily


  36. Dompey | November 29, 2014 at 10:47 PM |
    Bush Tea

    Man what’s your problem? Are you compensating for an extremely small penis?






  37. Old One

    I do understand the dichotomy between the two leadership styles, but I am saying to you that Hitler’s successes greatly depended on Joseph Goebbels oracular skills. And piece, why you would use a leadership style which is enforced through the barrel of a gun, to that of Winston Churchill one? You could have made the comparison between President Harry Truman and Winston Churchill, if you wanted to make a point regarding antithesis between the leadership styles of these two men. The leadership which is realized through the shedding of the blood of an innocent person isn’t a proper definition of leadership.

  38. Georgie Porgie

    Of course, you know Bush Tea penis is bigger than my brain. Do care to know how I am aware of this fact? I think that you have revealed an obviously answer here Porgie. How long have you and Bush Tea have being going steady? Since you’re aware of the size of his private parts?

  39. Georgie Porgie

    Why do you write so large man? I know you said some time ago that your eye sight wasn’t that greatest, but could God man, do you use binocular to write with?

  40. @ Domps

    Focus here…focus

    The central theme of this blog is Barbados, the broken Trident and broken promises and among several other issues “our inability to capitalise on the investment of billions sunk into education to create a sustainable economic model by developing the human resource of Barbados”

    My posit was and is purposely focused on leadership as being integral to redressing our development deficit.

    I did not focus on church, civil society or any of the other issues BECAUSE I am of the belief that was is facing Bulbados is an entrenched lack of vision that leaders, specifically political leaders, DO NOT HAVE.

    Keep your eyes on the Prize Dompey.

    Hitler was able to “motivate” a nation and as I said plainly in a previous submission, while IT WAs NOT DESIRABLE, he was able to have a nation follow him.

    The Broken Trident and its commensurate broken promises become our focus and the fact that IRRESPECTIVE OF THE HOLOCAUST the man was able to employ something that caused 15 million soldiers and other citizens to follow his vision. Similarly too one sees that Winston Churchill was, able to galvanize his nation during the UK/Germany struggle.

    I said e.g. which in Latin is exempli gratia, or for example, which by its definition would mean that any other example of parties who galvanized the national consciousness and displayed characteristics of leadership, even Jimmy Jones in Guyana or David Koresh of Waco Texas are acceptable for submission.

    Please focus on the thread Domps….broken trident and broken promises and try to tie in your responses to that central theme.

    De ole man ent sleepy so i gots a little time to spend wid you but this is the second time I am asking you to focus…I wont be doing that a third time

  41. Old One

    You could have easily made the comparison between Khrushchev and Kennedy’s leadership styles during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But you chose rather to use one of the most evil devils in human history and sat him right beside Churchill.

  42. @ Domps

    A fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

    You will definitively not understand this but the juxtaposition of the styles of Adolph Hitler and Winston Churchill are central to Social Sciences in particular as such relates their leadership

    “The Eighty Day Duel” will not sound familiar to you bless your soul but John Lukacs speaks of “… the incarnation of the resistance of an old world, of old freedoms, of old standards against a man incarnating a force that was frighteningly efficient, brutal and new…”

    The Ole man has to leave you now Domps because whereas prior to this I was erring on the side of you just being a misunderstood person posting items your two consecutive posts have definitively established where you are, rather are not, mentally.

    I am not a psychiatrist as GP suggested last week but I am going to say this after these submissions not even AC or any other person can in all honesty think that anyone is being unfair and is pouncing on you because you are expressing an opinion that is at variance to theirs.

    You are seriously “touched by an angel” Domps (I did not say cuffed..) and lest it should rub off here in cyberspace during this exchange, de ole man gine carry me old bones to de bed

    Have you even heard of clozapine?

    Have a good night….

  43. .Georgie Porgie

    Old One

    And the essence of stupidity, is believe the same crap you have been taught 70 years ago. And you’re asking a man who lives in America if he ever heard about clozapine. Clozapine is an old antipsychotic drug which there no longer administer frequently these day. It is used to modify behavior. And I also know the:
    1) Therapeutic effects
    2) Adverse effects
    3) Side effects
    4) Desire effects
    These are the signs one looks for when administering any kind of medication. Its part of my job sir.

  44. @ Domps

    If # 1 (therapeutic effects) fails miserably
    #2 ( adverse effects) are blown completely off the charts
    #3 (side effects) brings with it unprecedented deleterious outcomes that has even the American Medical Association shivering in their shoes
    #4 (desired effects) does not even minimally come into play

    What medicine would you recommend Domps?

    Just by the way, have any bottles of Clozapine gone missing at your place of work recently?

    Just asking for no reason at all, maybe we can get some for the erratic bloggers on this site, excluding you and me of course!!

    I have no problem pushing them through the USB port or having one of the grans push then through the Xbox

  45. @ David
    What is there to congratulate? How on the one hand you write so eloquently about change. transformation? On the other you recognize the established system as something to be congratulated, lionized! Surely, these are incompatible positions. This is the kind of bullshit that has made us less independent than 50 years ago, by any measure!

  46. @ David
    How much more discerning could we be? We have determined that this thing about finding one man/woman every year to give a knighthood to continues colonialism. That anybody in an independent country will bow down to somebody else’s head of state shows national ignorance. And there are few ways to rid a nation of that kind of mindset.

    But you continue to adorn some runners up gold and silver when we produce neither.

  47. to observors
    dompey is trying to impress again but
    Therapeutic effects are the Desired effects
    and Adverse effects and Side effects are the same

  48. @ David

    Why these people don’t try again to give a knighthood to the Great George Lamming.

    Last time, Lamming told Sandiford to go and kiss that part of his anatomy from which excrement should rightly be jettisoned. LOL

  49. Piece
    Broken Trident and Broken Promise, what’s next? The answer to that question is self-evident one would think.

    When you continue to attribute these unrealistic standards of expectation to human government, you always will be faced with a sense of disappointment. So here is the philosophy you ought and must bearing mind when you’re dealing with the public-officials: “HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT ANTICIPATE THE WORSE.” And brother, with a philosophy such as this in mind, you would never feel a sense of disappointment when the elected official fails to live up to your desire expectation.

    In any event, I am quite surprise that you’re up the functioning this early, given the fact that you turning quite late last night Old One.

    With medication old, one has to be mindful of the Five –Rights when administering:
    1) The right patient
    2) The right dosage
    3) The medication
    4) The Time
    5) The Right Route
    Feel to question me on any of the right Old One if you so choose.

  50. Georgie Porgie
    I intend to stay focus on topic, but I must first correct GP with regards to the side effect and adverse effect of a medication.

    PG, a side effect is a mild predictable reaction to the medication. It is the kind of effect the doctor already knows might possibly occur if the patient takes the medication.

    And adverse effect to a medication on the other hand, is life threatening reaction to that medication, such an anaphylactic shock brother. In other words: the medication does the complete oppose of what it supposed to do in some patients.

  51. Bush Tea

    Why do you see the need to suffocate Dempsey’s opinion? As Simple Simon said a few weeks ago: if you do not care to hear what Dompey’ have say just ignore it, but you ought not to deny a native Barbadian the same opportunity as nincompoop like yourself Bushie.

  52. I join David in congratulating the Independence awardees.

    They have all contributed very significantly to Barbados’ progress in various spheres of activity. Some more noticeably and tangibly than others.

    Notwithstanding this, I continue to wonder about the yardstick used to measure contributions and thereby determine awards in some fields where some persons who have contributed greatly have not been honoured while others with demonstrably lesser, even though valuable, contributions, have been.

  53. Bush Tea | November 30, 2014 at 10:38 AM |

    “Could you at least ban Dompey until after the independence holiday…? LOL ….. just hoping…!?!?”

    Man, Bushie…. I can’t understand you….. yuh. You is a man that does tell me to ignore AC….. leff she ‘lone…… but yet you fretting up you-self wid Dompey. Wuh B.G.U.R…… Bushie.

    Wuh shiite, man…. yuh does see a red line under “Dompey” if yuh type it in Microsoft Word, meaning the spelling is incorrect. If you use the spell check, two choices for correction, which clearly describes him, does come up, “Dopey” and “Dumpy”.

    You can’t see de man t’ink he suh important, he does want BU to be about all about HIM AND HIS PERSONAL VIEWS. Dat is why he does interpret people contributions to suit him so as to demonstrate he can be deemed as being intellectual, just because he read a few books.

    Pick sense from dat …… stop the jousting match between you and Dompey and continue posting your intelligent contributions, the subject content of which makes for good reading.

  54. @ Artaxerxes

    I rise to represent the one called Bush Tea and will use one phrase in his defence “endorphins of comfort”

    I am of the unconfirmed opinion that in his alter ego Mr Bush Tea is a man who has done, and continues to do, a multiplicity of things for the growth of his cvntry Bulbados

    In the course of such activity and over the years, he has encountered enough of these ramparts shitehounds under the DLP and BLP banner that he has clearly become punch indifferent to the brass bowls.

    One thing that babies and older people have in common is our predisposition to laugh, babes do it freely, without any logical reason but we old folk do it, because it makes us happy and stress free

    You cannot understand this until you get there

    Dompey, Donkey, Duncey, Domps is incredulously the provider of endorphins of comfort, he is the JR (that miniseries Dallas) OF BARBADOSUNDERGROUND, the man one loves to engage with periodically because he is a gentle harmless man with a manageable problem. (The Blogmaster also is aware of that and will sometimes reach out and give a gentle knock to all of us)

    You can never know the amount of times Mr. Bush has ignored him, but sometimes, even though you just will scroll past him, sometimes you HAVE TO engage or should I say neigh…..

    • @PUDRYR

      You are correct that Bush Tea is a man who has served in multiple positions through the years out of his desire to serve the country read unpaid service.

    • Extracted from Facebook

      Andrew Brathwaite


      3 hrs · Edited ·

      In Barbados, the Constitution Review Committee recommended “taking positive steps towards empowerment of the people by creating a system of People’s Initiatives, which would allow qualifying groups of electors to present to the general body of electors simply worded propositions for legislation by the incoming Parliament. Government would be under a duty to put propositions approved by a qualifying proportion of the electors before Parliament for debate and decision by a free vote not subject to the discipline of the Party Whips.”

      This recommendation was supported (2004) by the National Commission on Law and Order.

      Politicians will usually do what they think will win them votes to get re-elected. If the voters of Barbados show that they really want a new governance model then the politicians may be forced into action. Introducing a system of e-petitions could be a crucial first step – here is a first draft of a petition to be presented to government once it gets enough support:

      “Petitioning the Government and Parliament of Barbados to introduce a system of e-petitions to allow the people of Barbados to communicate their recommendations directly to the administration and to Parliament. Under the system, petitions that get a minimum level of support must be put before Parliament for debate and decision by a free vote not subject to the discipline of the Party Whips.”

      Online petitions have been introduced by governments around the world, including the US ( and the UK (

      We the People: Your Voice in Our Government | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

  55. @Pachamama

    How much more discerning could we be? We have determined that this thing about finding one man/woman every year to give a knighthood to continues colonialism. That anybody in an independent country will bow down to somebody else’s head of state shows national ignorance. And there are few ways to rid a nation of that kind of mindset.
    This is nothing to worry about. This award dished out by Barbados is the Knight of St Andrew (KA) of the Mickey Mouse class , and has no status like Britain’s Knight Commander of the order of St Michael and St George (KCMG) . Many of our planter class type, appear to look down on the award of Knight Of St Andrew, preferring to wait for the real mccoy when Her Majesty in Buck House, share out goodies on her birthday. If some politicians had their way, we would be seeing , KT, KL, KJ, KP, etc awards , Knight of St Thomas,Knight of St Lucy and Knight of St Joseph etc etc.
    The Knight of St Andrew award adopted by Barbados, reminds me of the days of the old British Empire, when we had many ex pats working in Barbados,especially as Anglican priests, who used to run around in cheap black Mayflower (Triumph) cars, which were small imitations of the expensive renown Rolls Royce car.

  56. Piece

    Now whether rightfully interpreted or wrongfully conceived: there isn’t any doubt in my mind that we dealing with a group of individuals who for some unconsciously reason, believe it is their right and duty to force an unconventional thinker into their conventional mold of thinking.
    And I am not comparing myself to the ancient moralist philosopher Socrates because if I attempt to do so, then you would have all cause to define me in terms of those residents there in Black Rock. But Socrates in his wisdom and failings efforts, tried to educate an educated class of people who were convinced unequivocally and categorically that he was trying poisoned the minds of the youth of his day. A group of educated people whom history has shown to be ignorant and backward in their view of reality and who is much like the group we see here on BU today. With the exception of Bush Tea of course because if you notice, PG and the rest here continually boast of their prestigious Harrison College, but when have you heard Bushie slightly reference the secondary school he had attended?

    • Why you don’t post your comments and defend as your wits allow and forget the rest? BU determines what gets posted. Are you able to comprehend this comment?

  57. @ Colonel Buggy
    You maybe be right but when Everton Weekes was being considered he said that he wanted a ‘big ‘one’. Meaning the one with the name Andrew there or thereabout. LOL

    Separately, there is too much irrational competition for trimmings of empire in Barbados. That competition starts at birth and includes the 11+ and so on.

    Some years ago Sleepie Smith was competing with some other old men to become GG. And we still have the nonsense about the importance of school lies, even amongst big men and women! That is independence for you.

    And you know Bajan men are still competing to see who cloud marry a red woman and so on ……………….

  58. David

    Now, correct me if I am wrong here sir. Are you somehow suggesting that I ought not to respond to the distasteful comments made by those persons who seem to think that is a joke to befoul the character of another? Perhaps, I should have ignored these disparaging comments as Simple Simon has suggests quite recently, but then again, it is not within my nature to sit idly by and allow others besmear my image? Sir, I will defend my character as long I am allowed on this blog or any blog for that matter, and I would encourage anyone with a small measure of common-sense to do likewise because it is one’s right to do so. And with all due respect sir, it seems in my estimation, that you have a serious fetish regarding others drifting away from the Subject Matter or the topic before deliberation. And I am suggesting to you sir, that that kind thinking undermines the expansion of the intellect and wars against exploration of new ideas. I have been on many blog and I have never once heard anyone suggesting to the bloggers not to digressing from the subject matter.

  59. David

    My brother, you’re entitled to your own opinion and I would not in any way try to deprive to of such right, as a matter of fact, I would fight to ensure that that right is honored. However, there comes a time when you have to stop and make a meticulous examination of the forces which give rise to your thinking.

  60. David there comes a time when you have to give yourself a pat on the back for being exceptionally tolerant of those who insult you.

    However, it is good to have a piñata or two at a party. lol

  61. CariFLAGS asks Stuart to speak on Lowe
    Added 01 December 2014
    CariFLAGS, the coalition of leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organisations in the Caribbean, today sent a letter to Stuart, expressing disappointment regarding his silence on comments made by Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe.

    According to a press release, the letter reminded Stuart of his “duty and pledge to uphold human rights”. It also urged him to clarify the position of the Barbados Constitution and his own Government on deliberately excluding specific Barbadians from social protection, since “Lowe continues to serve in the Cabinet”.

    • @Hants

      Thanks for the link. Note it is useful to post a paragraph above the link to give readers an idea of content.

  62. RIDICULOUS. and what does Cariflag expects the PM to say. Minister lowes views are his personnel opinion.asking PM to interject or speak on behalf of lowe is ridiculous

    • The issue posed by minister Lowe’s position is that it conflicts with the position taken by minister of labour Suckoo and government based on international treaties we are committed. As a minister he is part of a collective and if he intends to hold a personal position on the issue he should do the honour able thing from now.

      On Tuesday, 2 December 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • @Hants

      The issue is not about tolerance, yet. It is about a minister who has publicly stated he does not agree with government’s policy.

      Yet there is silence.

      On Tuesday, 2 December 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  63. At the Barbados Independence Celebration in Toronto, on November 29 the Acting High Commissioner, Christobelle Reece, was the bearer of glad tidings from the Prime Minister, delivering his “Don’t Worry – Everything’s Gonna be Alright” message to the 350 in attendance.

    It included the usual “ Barbados, like most of the countries in the Western World, has been confronted by worst global economic downturn in well nigh 100 years”; but don’t worry we have commitments for major new tourist properties from three international brands, and a $240 million Waste To Energy plant which will employ 350 people, stimulate economic growth on the island, and save Barbados hundreds of million dollars.

    A quick review of the Cahill Energy website indicates it is unchanged since it was established in March 2014. Pure PR fluff, no financial details, no names of Officers and Directors (except that widely recognized WTE expert CEO Clair Cowan) and no business address – just a “Contact Us” page to send an email to an unknown email address.

    Surely, if there were anything of substance to Cahill, by now 10 months after the grand announcement, RPB would be singing “Oye, yoi, yo! Something’s happening in Vaucluse and It’s so exciting

    But he not singing dat bout de WTE plant.

    When will somebody come clean and admit this Cahill plant is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

  64. Uh ac did know that there where such laws or international agreement indicative or related to domestic violence within the gay community and also on the rights of gay marriage

  65. What utter neck this Cariflag lot has, asking the Prime Minister to come out and talk. Every Bajan , Straight, bent and crooked, probably not crooked, has been asking the PM for last 5 years or so to come out of the closet and talk, just talk to the people who he is suppose to be leading.

  66. @Hants
    From the time that I can remember , Barbadians have always been tolerant to B & W’s. It just that in recent times many Barbadians resent these brass neck people trying to push things down our throats and elsewhere.

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