Dana Seetahal: Our Lost People

The Late Dana Seetahal

The Late Dana Seetahal

All reports indicate Dana Seetahal was a model citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, an attorney, law lecturer, independent Senator, newspaper columnist are a few achievements which dotted her career. Despite all of her achievements she was murdered on the weekend by people unknown who attached no value to her life. The news of how she died should be worrying to Caribbean citizens for many reasons.

Trinidad like Jamaica are two of the largest islands in the Caribbean and have become known for high crime rates. Although the Caribbean has a reputation as a peace zone in a world perpetually gripped by violence there  is no doubt that on the current trajectory this reputation will soon dissipate. Sadly our modern day leaders both political and non governmental lack the capacity to implement economic and social policies which are steeped in a relevant vision and philosophy.

The abject despair revealed by former Chief Justice of Barbados David Simmons when asked to comment about Seetahal’s murder should serve as a wakeup call that there is a vacancy for leadership in the Caribbean. And to those who continue to criticise Barbados Underground for being the purveyor of bad news for the last seven years how do you respond to Sir David Simmons’ comment which agrees with our view?

One of BU’s biggest disappointments in the post-Independence period is the inability of the three largest and mineral rich countries to shepherd the prosperity of the region. Our inability to share resources and engage in levels of functional cooperation to the benefit of the region has started to manifest in the level of crime being witnessed. Sadly the rising level of violent crime across the region will negatively impact our reputation as a peace zone and service based economies in our region will be affected.

It has been stated by people closely associated to  the late Seetahal that she was a fearless individual who had no qualms exercising her right to express herself in a democracy. In other words she demonstrated a behaviour which all citizens should routinely display but do not.  The result is rising injustice perpetuated by a few who are motivated by greed, wickedness and ignorance.

This common space that we call our region whether defined along historical, political or other does not require the use of statistical inference to support we are ripe for contagion given the rise in crime in our biggest countries; countries which supply the region with labour.

It is depressing to think about the kinds of societies we have become – we have created vagabonds who see no value in the life of a human being, especially someone like Seetahal, who was an example of what many should aspire to become.



    Money launders and Bankers are in TNT with the lawyers help, The Bajan Lawyer need to be worried and look out for the law and the crooks on the street also, The lawyers are playing on both ends and now time to pay with blood, If we had free and open NEWS you all will see things much faster.
    we will not say how we know what we know , but can a sure you we know .
    The She-it has hit the fan and most people mouth and eyes are wide open with no cover. What a mess to clean up after some one unplug the fan .

    No Free Press in Barbados , We get more News of the Net and the Blogs ,
    Most people on the street dont even know BU or BFP to check the words of the Ministers , They dont have time running each morning up and down with a ZR VAN. While for a 40 hours work week making less than 300 a week.


  • @Deeds

    And what is stopping you and others from promoting the blogs on the street if you use them to disseminate you message?



    When we are out we give the website, some people go on at the same time on their BLACK BERRY, to make sure they reach the site , maybe bumper stickers or T-Shirts or Key rings will help. We post on our face book pages , we send emails, we copy and paste the web site or topic,
    As time goes by and more people are laid off , they may have more time to see and understand why they are home,. Be sides taking an add out in the Nations Papers we can not do any more, For we will never call the Nations papers again for nothing , People will have to call them for we will not support none on of the street papers in Barbados until they are a real FREE PRESS good or bad.All the papers need to be Boycotted . When we get a papers its days late and it fits very good under the dog and bird cage,


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ David[BU]

    It is not that people don’t come and read, your statistics review will confirm that.

    It is that people are afraid to post because they fear that this Bulbados practice of victimizing you for telling the truth and talking out in the face of violence, malice against the common man and witch hunts that abound all over BIM has many of them in abject fear.

    What if I said that as a common practice that under the current administrator at the school meals is running a private catering company and profiteering from the tax payers money?

    What if i said that the allegiance that she has, during these times of national austerity have so many of her employees in fear that, while they believe that the goodly Doctor ** is cheating the government of Barbados big time that they are afraid of saying anything, lest they loose their pick?

    Having balls, in a country that traditionally makes an example of people who “rock the boat” borders on being a PHVCKing idiot because if they cant get you at the place that you work and fire your scvnt, they put their hounds on you by auditing the last 20 years of your life, or some other machiavellian wickedness.

    It has now become fashionable to be a “bad boy/girl” cause living upful lives does not pay, in fact you get punished for being a good citizen



    pieceuhderockyeahright | May 10, 2014 at 8:18 AM |@

    We agree , at PLANTATION DEEDS ,on of the problem they have with us and our supporters is that none work for them , none get paid by them , we can care about them , We only care about what is best for Barbados and Bajans, Many who wanted to run was turn back with being let go,

    So who ever wants to tell truth must be strong, As you can see We KNOW we are more Right and Lawful and Legal than those who are sworn to up hold the laws of this Nations, We not asking no one for our Rights We taking out Rights .
    If we are Wrong in any thing we post , ANY ONE Please send the proof ..


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