Dana Seetahal: Our Lost People

The Late Dana Seetahal

The Late Dana Seetahal

All reports indicate Dana Seetahal was a model citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, an attorney, law lecturer, independent Senator, newspaper columnist are a few achievements which dotted her career. Despite all of her achievements she was murdered on the weekend by people unknown who attached no value to her life. The news of how she died should be worrying to Caribbean citizens for many reasons.

Trinidad like Jamaica are two of the largest islands in the Caribbean and have become known for high crime rates. Although the Caribbean has a reputation as a peace zone in a world perpetually gripped by violence there  is no doubt that on the current trajectory this reputation will soon dissipate. Sadly our modern day leaders both political and non governmental lack the capacity to implement economic and social policies which are steeped in a relevant vision and philosophy.

The abject despair revealed by former Chief Justice of Barbados David Simmons when asked to comment about Seetahal’s murder should serve as a wakeup call that there is a vacancy for leadership in the Caribbean. And to those who continue to criticise Barbados Underground for being the purveyor of bad news for the last seven years how do you respond to Sir David Simmons’ comment which agrees with our view?

One of BU’s biggest disappointments in the post-Independence period is the inability of the three largest and mineral rich countries to shepherd the prosperity of the region. Our inability to share resources and engage in levels of functional cooperation to the benefit of the region has started to manifest in the level of crime being witnessed. Sadly the rising level of violent crime across the region will negatively impact our reputation as a peace zone and service based economies in our region will be affected.

It has been stated by people closely associated to  the late Seetahal that she was a fearless individual who had no qualms exercising her right to express herself in a democracy. In other words she demonstrated a behaviour which all citizens should routinely display but do not.  The result is rising injustice perpetuated by a few who are motivated by greed, wickedness and ignorance.

This common space that we call our region whether defined along historical, political or other does not require the use of statistical inference to support we are ripe for contagion given the rise in crime in our biggest countries; countries which supply the region with labour.

It is depressing to think about the kinds of societies we have become – we have created vagabonds who see no value in the life of a human being, especially someone like Seetahal, who was an example of what many should aspire to become.

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  1. Yes. Why? It makes no sense. A contract killing?

    How nice you refer to Sir David kindly. Does that mean we can treat him as rehabilitated?

  2. The brutal murder of prominent Senior Counsel, Dan Seetahal, has perhaps change the face of Trinidad and Tobago. Let us hope, it is not forever.

    According to police authorities, in the twin island state, the murder has all the fingerprints of a well executed hit. It hits MCG even more because she was a fearless commentator on social and other issues, as a columnist with the Trinidad Express newspaper. It is therefore a loss to independent-minded journalist throughout the region.
    In the Caribbean, the murdering of jurists and those involved in bringing the criminal element to justice, is not an everyday occurrence. We believe it is the first murder of its kind and we can only hope that there are no copy cats or other criminals, contemplating such brutality. Even if this is a one of a kind atrocity, we are clear in our minds that it is one too many.
    Our beloved Trinidad and Tobago has been slipping into a very dark place for the better part of a decade. There is way too much crime and the attendant social and moral decay. The society has been bombarded with: too many vicious crimes, kidnappings and violence toward children, women and the elderly. Unfortunately, we have to suggest that many of these crimes are carried out by young people, who seem to have developed an unhealthy and unfortunate disregard for human life, including their own.
    While we tremble at the murder of Dana Seetahal, we must not allow her death to be in vain and the law enforcement arm must move swiftly to bring all those involved to quick and certain justice for robbing the region of an outstanding citizen. It is high time that Trinidadians, who always have a ready smile, realize that acts such as these may very well wipe the smile of their faces forever.
    Knowing the legendary Trinidadian personality, we strongly believe that this will not be the case. We hope we are right.

  3. An outstanding woman has been robbed of life by a vicious culture of lawlessness. That is tragic and every bit deserving of retribution. The fact that she was a lawyer can wait until a respectful amount of time has passed

    • BU believes thus hit on Seetahal is a moment in our history which the region can used to affect change.

      On Tuesday, 6 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  4. The murder is intended to shut the mouths of exposure. To protect the corrupt and greedy elements of the wicked holds no mercies for those who would fight for rights, justice and fair play. She was murdered to send a message of fear to any others who feel that they can oppose the existence of the special regime of the corrupt.

    As David said, this should motivate towards the inspiration of a collective, whose numbers and voice to pull down the stronghold of embezzlement and greed, cannot result in open mass murder as their will be safety in numbers. The people must fight this just like the people in Barbados should fight the tyranny of the corrupt in their society,

    • @SSS

      Correct and if our response to the Sterling comment compared to the Seetahal event is anything to go by we are indeed a lost people. So far the outrage remains tempered.

  5. @ David,
    MCG does not think the” outrage has been tempered”; there has been widespread condemnation. This is a very dangerous development for the region and first we must get over the utter shock at such an act. What we are dealing with throughout the Caribbean is a new political criminal complex. There is a reason why the major players who control media and so on want to shut down citizen journalists, blogs and certain aspects of social media. We therefore totally agree with SSS, that the people have to preserve the region by becoming more involved in their collective democracy.

    • @MCG

      The condemnation is located in a certain segment, it is not widespread. In other words it is not being discussed in the rum shops, water coolers across the region to compare with the Sterling comment.

  6. David:

    Our DPP is in today’s Nation calling for protection for him and others who could be targeted. My difficulty with that is that our stupid politicians will soon be following suit, increasing the cost of running government. I know that the DPP and the others here should take note. But if the hit is well planned, that person shall be hit, irregardless of how much security there is.

  7. @ David
    Why does this pimp, Robert Ross, who does not write anything here. Is a known supporter of unnatural acts and the institution who suborn them, always feels he has some slippery, slimy perch from which this character could make all types of snide, racist remarks, about everything people who are not in agreement with him say. The acrobatics involved are staggering, Most times this ignorant racist ignores the central point and holds unto an inflection to build his White lies.We have called him a racist before. Now we call him a dirty buller and a pimp!.


    DONT BE SO FAST! This is the 2nd time that a lawyer was slumped over a car shot to death , the other was a man , It seem we forget very fast,
    Once dead , people come out and say how good there people were.
    If we will only go by what the papers print or say ,like in Barbados then you know its more to this than meet the media ‘EYE’
    JUST think if it was Sir Ham or Sir Cow , Ralph Thorne ,EX Cj Simmons, March Cummins Samantha Cummings, EX COP Dottin,Richard Byer and a few more ,Think of the lies and all the she-it these people have done to Barbados .

    Then for CBC, Nation hide the truth and say how sad we maybe and talk well of the crook , liars and scumbags, who were gun down and slump over in their cars RR,
    PLANTATION DEEDS WILL NOT CHANGE MOUTH FOR THESE CROOKS are to die in the same manner , We will speak of these people the same way dead or alive, What they do in the dark will come out in cause death,.

    • Will the DDP expect protection when he is cavorting on the golf course? Agree with you Lemuel unless there is 24 hour secret service type security then they have to stomach the attendant risks associated with the job. What the DPP and other authority figures must do is to execute their jobs fearlessly and expose corruption and wickedness where it hides. What we see more and more is criminal forces penetrating more as good people do nothing and value things over traditional values.

    • @SSS

      Indians need a Chief, if there is no obvious leadership chaos will pour into the vacuum.

    • @Pacha

      If it is one thing we try to do is be tolerant of all views, it is hard but we try.

  9. The region is gripped in fear concerning the escalation of crime and murder. They need a voice to champion them into a union of support. Without that voice the rum shop talk, small pockets of protest will suffice the scourge of this type of atrocity. The people need to be rallied. How will that be accomplish when you have a people in all aspects of Caribbean life living in a struggle to maintain basis living.

  10. Trending towards the Mexification of Trinidad, these incidents don’t happen in a vacuum the perpetrators feel confident that they will escape prosecution as key elements of the Police Force and government are mired in corruption which mirrors Mexico.

    A previous Trinidad Gov’t decided that enough was enough as they couldn’t trust the senior management of the T & T Police force and they brought in a Commissioner from Canada to clean up the mess – the thinking was that an outsider with no obvious ties to T&T would not be trapped in the local politics and wouldn’t be beholden to anyone- well that didn’t go down well with certain elements and he was shown the door and they selected one of their own, now they are taking care of their own.

  11. @ David
    “There is a way that seem right to man, but the end thereof is the way of death and destruction.”

    We have listened to people like Peter Wickham and Ross for too long and created a society where the weakest, most effeminate, jokers are elevated to positions of leadership, while our REAL MEN are alienated, discarded, jailed for nonsense – and forced to be on the blocks and the outskirts of society.
    What the hell do we then expect…?

    Leaders who are scared stiff of their very shadows….
    Who can’t even defend themselves, far less the vulnerable of the society……
    Who easily succumb to the bribes and threats of the underworld…
    …and Bad boys…
    Who easily INTIMIDATE anyone who dares to stand up against them…
    Who openly LAUGH at our “authorities”….

    Is it not OBVIOUS that the underworld will run things if we force our MEN there….?…..and have a lotta frighten women and bullers trying to run things?

    Perhaps you may start to see the VALUE of bullying in schools now….where our youth can begin to LEARN to stand up and be counted in a relatively safe environment…. RATHER than be protected under their mommy’s skirts, only to come into the REAL world and have to face ruthless drug dealers….and unscrupulous businessmen…..

    Shiite man…..Wisdom, why hast thou forsaken us?

  12. Case in point…
    Our Defense force is currently caught up in “court marshaling” some shiite for stealing a set of clothes….?!?
    Day after day a set of women and Shiites parading up and down playing some shiite game of lawyer…. !?!?

    Why the hell don’t we lay off some of these jokers? Instead of NCC workers who do at least SOME work…?
    Why are they not helping to establish law and order in the society?
    Why are they not involved in guiding and training the miscreants on the block via a youth service?

    Lotta shiite!!!

  13. @ Sargeant

    About Mexification, your point is a good one. The fault lies with both there government, and citizens. Funny how their citizenry wouldn’t stand up to these drug lords, but protect them while their not scared of the US government when it comes to illegal immigration.

    Citizens here should not stand for this kind of culture rearing it’s head. (Liming, Dress, Music, etc.) The government needs to be held accountable, and stop the violence of these acts now or they’ll join Trinidad.

  14. Soldiers being paid just because Tom Adams did not want the same fate as Eric Gairy. Tom dead, but the soldiers remain. So why not employ some of them as “Secret Service” personnel … They are already being paid.

    Thinking about it, maybe the Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance could use a little protection … hmm and the CEO’s of the Enterprise Growth Fund and Fund Access … The Minister of Tourism, with all those disgruntled hoteliers knocking around, The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture with the entire cultural industries community laying in wait … Rosemary Alleyne could use a lotta protection …

    The entire Defense Force could be redeployed.

  15. @ David

    We can’t understand why you don’t have a right to say something complimentary about David Simmons while holding fast to all criticisms made of him in the past, without having to rehabilitate him or backtrack on previous criticism. Only the twisted mind of a Robert Ross would dare to question this! These are the continuing snipings of the buller known here as Robert Ross. A racist, who supports institutions that suborn bulling.

  16. Bushie:

    The Prime Minister has twenty four hour security. Owen has to do his own security now and so does Sandy. If the DPP and the others want protection then they have to stop going certain places and doing certain things then people can not get at them.

    What I was watching was that when all the kidnapping was going on in T&T, POLICEMEN were the kidnappers. Let us lend them some of our defense force men.

  17. What happened in Trinidad is tragic but not surprising. The have a crime and corruption problem that needs to be solved.

    This incident should be a wake up call for Barbados.

    • @Hants

      We have ‘hits’ in Barbados but up to now it has been gang on gang so nobody cares. It will not take much for the criminal element to cross the rubicon. We have known high profile criminals involved in sponsorships and known to the Barbados intelligentsia. So where do we go from here? Corrupt politicians, a supine judiciary and a crippled fourth estate.

      May God have mercy on our sorry asses.

  18. Look Lemuel
    It has been an open secret in Trinidad for YEARS now, that ordinary witnesses of ordinary crimes, have been intimidated …..killed…. by low life criminals to prevent them testifying in court…
    What the hell has been done by authorities? ….NOT A SHIITE!!

    In Jamaica, the same level of shiite authorities have allowed a CULTURE to be created where it is a NO NO to report crime to authorities….. “I-formers and labba labbas”
    They allow songs to be written and played glorifying those who REFUSE to report crime……and vilifying those who do the right thing….
    ….then they act surprised that the criminals run things….

    These stupid leaders’ “solution” is always to arm themselves, and to hire personal security details……while counting the carnage among ORDINARY citizens as business as usual….just like our DPP is now suggesting….
    His ass was not OUTRAGED when that man killed that little girl by hanging and fire….but now it has come closer to home…..HE want security.

    If yuh plant yams….you can’t reap sweet potatoes….

  19. Bushie:

    I pon ya side do not burst a blood vessel. But the jokers we have to contend with would really mek yuh cuss!!!


    Pachamama | May 6, 2014 at 7:15 AM | @

    If Ross is a racist we dont see it on his face , Living on an Island full of Moors , If so,he need to live where there is more Snow.Yes We seen his face.

    Most of the people on BU are looking for answers and some still cant or dont believe what is written on this Blog , But yet cant find answers any where else , They run from asking the Minister to their faces for the answers, Some never happy with what they find and must just need to answer their own questions that will make them happy or pleased ,

    Most people talk different and use different meanings to the same words spelled or sound the same , We see it all the time,
    Some of the most racist people are not on the Blog and dont give 2 she-its what anyone things or do,

    We lived around racist people in American , from the KKK , to workers, police, walking in stores, comments , fire bombed, and named calling . Banks no loans, cant park, cant walk,will not serve or shown a seat, name it ,

  21. @ David
    We views are relevant. However, we cannot seriously start to deal with modern crime until the biggest crimes of the past are put in proper perspective. The crime of slavery. The crime of the imposition of religion. The crime of destruction of African civilizations. All attempts to sugar coat our social situation with a mere punitive response, will fail as you may have alluded to.

    Separately, you should expect the rabid, racid, racist, Robert Ross to attempt to shield White people and their historic crimes from any and all blame. The continued hijacking of the economies by them and their international cohorts will serve us no good.

  22. @ Plantation
    He is not only a racist. He is a buller too. A defender of organizations that bull young boys, murder them in churches. We have made all fair comments about his postings, have declared war on him and will rest on his words as truisms to conduct the defense of his murderous crusade.

  23. I am not a lawyer but I had reason to read the 2nd edition Commonwealth Caribbean: Criminal Practice & Procedure by Dana S. Seetahal.


    May she rest in eternal peace and may her family have the strength to carry on her legacy..

  24. David “May God have mercy on our sorry asses.”

    God gave us intelligence to solve our own problems. It is our own fault for letting greed and avarice take over our lives.

  25. I say let them pay for their own security, definitely not the taxpayers who have become victims to these title holders, what do they have to fear if they not involved in corrupt, nefarious deeds that are counter to what they are supposed to be doing at the taxpayers expense, if they are scared too b bad, if they were not corrupt they would have not fear, if they start locking up their brothers and sisters in corruption, they will have nothing to fear…DPP want security what, his salary is enough he can pay for it himself, he drives all over the island and no one gives him a second glass…….why is he hanging out clothes and looking for rain, what the hell did he do?

  26. Pacha…….Ross knows a whole lot more about David Simmons than you do,, it’s only discussed in certain circles.

  27. People are murdered all over the Caribbean daily.
    People are murdered in Barbados regularly.
    There is no outrage……….

    So why all the outrage over the death of one lawyer?.

    They will be killing politicians and doctors next.

    The world is on a downward path. Go figure.

    Do you think this bull shitting on BU will solve the problem? LOL

    David Simmons is complaining, eh? LOL

  28. Pacha

    You are being disingenuous. OK so we had a quarrel. OK so I got a new b/f. Are you hurting love? I’m sorry. I really am. You’re just not big enough. I’m sure you’ll find someone else soon. x

  29. @ robert ross
    You are a buller, a racist and a liar, at least. A defender of organizations that bull young boys and deflower young girls on an industrial scale.

  30. I see the curs are gathering..

    Well Well

    Yes I know Sir David. I admire and respect him as man and lawyer.


    I agree that this could be a defining moment. But how do we grasp it? Do please be patient with my question. The reason I ask it is quite simply this. If we are to effect change how do we do it other than jibing from bunkers?

  31. Robert Ross is a racist intent on defending the status quo which enables him and his ilk. He never has any genuine comittment to social good. A society that disempowers racists like him. Whether it is the Trayvon Martin case, the COW’s wife case, the Bundy case, the Sterling case, this Robert Ross shows an unremitiing commitment to racism. A cryto-racism of the Barbados typology as defined by the UN. Any actions that would overturn such, he opposes – a buller! This Robert Ross must die for us all to live!

  32. A lawyer has been killed. When I think of everything that has been said on here about lawyers, the nasty jibes, the hate, I find it difficult to reconcile that with what has been written here. WHY are you worrying? Why aren’t you saying “one less”? Or is it that because a lawyer is not a poor street rat in reality you do respect lawyers after all because you also count yourselves somebody like the somebody who has been killed. At that point you close ranks….the killing has brought it home that no-one is safe. And it took the killing of a lawyer (no less) to demonstrate that.


    Pachamama | May 6, 2014 at 9:16 AM | @

    If only We at PLANTATION DEEDS can get the BU bloggers and Bajans to feel the same way about the Crooks , liars and Scumbags Ministers and lawyers of Barbados. . , That you feel about Ross , we would get where we need to be much sooner..
    I know we need to focus more on the roots of things in Barbados and all else will fall in place,
    Sir David Simmons , We know him well dealing with the Violet Beckles ,Estate for he was AG and CJ,
    When ever Sir Crook is ready , We can sit down live on CBC and listen to his words , We can start with the High Court and the Oval, And Show us what deeds he have and who gave him Permission to go and build , CLICO and Sir Ham on the same site and deeds. How can Sir Ham lease the land to the Court , with out clear title,
    Once a lawyer in Barbados take s case for you, they act more as Power of Attorney an agent .The feel they can do as they please with your things,
    We hear JADA is in the cross hairs of the US .Government , TAXES

  34. Ross might need security too. I say redeploy the Defense Force .. give them something practical to do for a change. Ross gon’ need security, McHale gon’ need security, Loveridge gon’ need security, … Ralph Boyce cudda use some security years ago … Carl “Sniper Mout” Moore better organize some too …

    Caswell Franklyn safe though …. 🙂

  35. Plantation
    It is the buller’s mentality of the Robert Rosses of Barbados that prevents concerted social actions on anything, including the thief of lands. That buller’s mentality of big men prostrating themselves to systems that do not serve us, the continuation of which, is the intent of Robert Ross. For he is a buller and a racist. Neither one of these national dispositions are consistent with the radical transformation we need to solve the questions of ownership of land in Barbados. Too much shite is in the body politic. For this we must thank Robert Ross and his ilk.

  36. Ross……dress up Simmons however you want, he is not to be trusted….but i respect your views.

  37. Enuff wrote “we have descended to a place beyond the gutter.

    A blog is like your house. You can stay inside, go on the lawn or go out and walk in the gutter.

  38. Ross said:
    “robert ross | May 6, 2014 at 10:38 AM |

    A lawyer has been killed. When I think of everything that has been said on here about lawyers, the nasty jibes, the hate”……..,….

    ROSS………..and may i add…..THE TRUTH!! AND may I also add that lawyers around the Caribbean are the ones who add to their own problems living such dangerous lifestyles……they need to tone it down and try some honesty for a change, the ethic they are charged with upholding most of them act like it’s a joke only to be exploited.

    Ross……I am sure you know who spoke about lawyers on BU did not mean ALL lawyers, just the majority in Barbados, there are some good lawyers in Barbados who do not sink to the depraved level of the majority

  39. @ Hants
    Nobody talks about being in the gutter when children are being raped in churches in Barbados and the rest of the world. Young boys dying in fights in churches over ‘love’ triangles with a male Barbadian RC priest. Western civilization itself was born in the gutter. For it is gutttersnipes like bulling, racist Robert Ross, who benefits from the gutter of which they come.

    • @Pacha

      It is a difficult question. What can we do to reach the tipping point, the point where there is an awakening by the masses to the truth. Let us hope when individuals like Dana who by their life’s work pays the ultimate sacrifice it helps the movement. An onlooker reading several of the comments above will conclude we have a long way to go.

  40. Well Well | May 6, 2014 at 11:29 AM |
    dress up Simmons however you want, he is not to be trusted….
    so true I know this to be true peronally

  41. @ David
    Most people will continue to pay lip service or resort to the criminal injustice system and so on. In all my life and throughout time we have found no real and sustained determination to create a just society anywhere. For justice will spawn the peace we seek. There can never be real and sustainable peace in the absence of justice. And if we want justice we can’t merely start with 2014 and try to reverse all that has happened before. For it is history or historical event that inform present realities. For example, our friend Plantations talks about land justice. It there anybody in Barbados who could take this just claim seriously?

    Then you have guttersnipes like Robert Ross who continue to insist on the existence of a status quo built on injustice. A buller and a racist who has no feelings for those permanently damaged by his racism. David, we are afarid that nothing good is going to happen and that we as a human ‘civilization’ is destined to oblivion.

  42. Well Well

    You must forgive me. I would never have known about the good ones from reading BU. But I’m sure you understand the point I’m making. There is JUST a sliver of hypocrisy about this post.

  43. @ Robert Ross
    What could be more hypocritical than the buller and racist you are. That. is hypocrisy rite large.

  44. David

    Now this IS a test of whom you are. Might you remind Pacha that his language is unparliamentary even by BU standards?

  45. @ Robert Ross
    Before you said that David and Pachamama were the same person. This is when you wanted to create mischief like the Satan you are. Now you are asking a left hand to censure the right hand. What a mess you are. We have declared a hundred years war on you. From here on, we shall be cussing you with no end, no limits. Parliamentary? these White man rules can’t protect you. We have no respect from them. Not even your libel or slander laws have any influence on us. You are an out and out BULLER and a RACIST. We have your own words to prove these.

  46. GP………for years since the 90’s i have known this guy Simmons to be, just let’s say a Judas to his own people, it’s only when i had solid proof in black and white in my hand that while he was sucking taxpayers money in the form of salary he was a director for the insurance company that started in the 90’s, he can’t dispute the years cause everyone knows when he was a politician, attorney general, chief justice, the insurance company that is also sucking the life out of Bajans and refusing to pay claims incurred by the transport board and their careless, reckless drivers which in turn has incurred so much liability, it’s now a blue elephant that no one wants to buy..

    I am sure Simmons is still sucking taxpayers money in the form of a pension and still collecting his 30 pieces of silver from the insurance company as an advising attorney……NOW, does everyone see what i mean about these attorneys living dangerous lives, it’s kinda late in the game for them to start pretending to be scared for their lives, and use some of their ill-gotten gains from conflict of interest bribes to pay for their own security, they should have been scared from the beginning when they were/are robbing old, young, dead, dying and everyone else under the sun while taking bribes from Tom, DIck and Harrylal..

  47. Well Pacha…unless and until David does as he should by reference to any normal standards of decency the conclusion is inexorable that you are he. It equally follows that neither of you are to be taken seriously and that BU is a joke..

    BUT….now here’s the point. At 3.0pm this afternoon I shall be outside Royal Bank at the foot of University Hill. I will be wearing a green carnation. Since you say you want to kill me come for me. I will look forward to the encounter.

  48. Ross……sorry i am not in Bim, I would turn up for sure, but will let you know who I am cause am sure you will be packing…lol

  49. Well Well

    I know that. You hug a tree there. Me here. Give the tree your body and affirm your love. On the LOL I don’t imagine for a moment I have anything to worry about. You’re not the Blessed Virgin after all.

  50. Blessed Virgin…..there is no such thing Ross, unless it’s a minor underage child or a really intelligent 20 year old who sees all the benefits of staying celibate, besides no worries there for you my friend, i don’t attack people unless they ask me to, just a joke Ross..

  51. @ David

    You are now seeking to scensor words that are in the Barbadian vocabulary. Seem that even you are can only ask how high when the massa cracks his whip. We dont give an *uck. Robert Ross is an admitted support of homosextuality and its pratitioners. He has been an ardent supported of racists time and time again right here.

  52. Ross:

    I do not care which high class lawyer you have; it could even be David Simmons. If Pacha turns up and is shot by you; you have already indicated here for all to read that you left wherever you are with malice in your heart and the intent to do serious body harm that may result in death.

    We do not have any more bajan white judges so don’t drop the soap at Dodds.

  53. Ross:

    Pacha might also borrow Bushie’s rustic piece. It may not kill but it shall sure give you tetanus!

  54. I do not know much about this lady or the details surrounding her but it would appear that she was standing up for justice and equality base on the positive sentiments being shared. Now I am not so sure if the current lot in Barbados are of the same stature as this lady. The DPP has been labelled as having a dark side with a credibility rating that is not to impressive amongst the lips of the blogospherians. A vast majority of lawyers have displayed malevolent characters and have come into disrepute on charges of theft and other fraudulent acts. What these legal eagles should be thankful for is that Barbados is not a Trinidad. There have not been any known murders, to my knowledge, involving deaths of politicians and top cops. There have been a great deal of speculation surrounding the death of the late Tom Adams but that’s just what it is speculation. I do not think that this present lot have anything to worry about. But then again we have an increasing population of Guyanese, Trinidadians, Jamaicans etc already planting roots in Barbados. Maybe they really need to worry since these people are not known for passivity as their bajan counterparts.

  55. Please don’t start shooting the doctors in Barbados, the average life span may go up. I go to work for a few hours and total hell breaks out. What the f$^%@%CK .Pachamama where you burying all these bodies you racking up..
    You may not like lawyers but it takes an awful lot of balls to be a prosecutor , everyone in prison has a hate on for these great people that day in day out represent the interests of society. Realestate lawyers, contract law, defense lawyers etc we may have opinions of them. But the real heroes of the legal system are the prosecutors that for little pay make the voices of the victims heard.

  56. Lawson

    If what you’re saying about Prosecutors are true, then how comes there are some many innocent men as well as women behind bar, for crimes they did not commit. I’ll take your statement with a grain of salt Sir. It seems as though you need to do a little more reading on the Innocent-Project because it appears as though you’re watching entirely too much TV.

  57. SSS:

    Listen Piece looking for you.

    If you want to find out how Tom died, call Cynthia Forde the MP for St. Thomas. Every birth date she and a handful of people by his graveside. If Tom was Roman Catholic, by now Cynthy would have had some miracle happen to have him become a saint. That would really rile up AC!

  58. Lawson

    One common practice we have observed amount prosecutors, and that is the fact that when their have made a mistake: there never seen to want to admit they culpable carelessness.

  59. Pachamama, May 6, 2014 at 10:31 AM:

    “This Robert Ross must die for us all to live!”

    BU’s first actual death threat, we think.

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  61. I just read this and if true it proves what we already know.Corruption has many tentacles.

    “PORT OF SPAIN – ONE of the men involved in the murder of senior counsel Dana Seetahal was reportedly tipped off by a police officer that he was wanted for questioning into her killing and has since gone into hiding”

  62. Dompey……..I believe you will find out that Lawson1 may not be the BU Lawson you so love/hate…lol

  63. Lemuel

    What an incredible fellow you are. I did not threaten Mr Spin. He threatened to kill me. I merely told him to bring it on. You see anything wrong with that? Or are you another gutless wimp?

  64. Oh and one other thing Lemuel. I really won’t comment on you as an attorney but your perception of the crime of murder would be found laughable by first year law students.

  65. Ross:

    I am prepared based on what you wrote in response to Well Well to stand or sit in a court of Law to say that you left to go and shoot Pacha at the bottom of Cave Hill.

    This gutless wimp is that prepared; you who are caught up with white trash. But Pacha awaits you my friend.

  66. Ross:

    I am giving this one free; you clearly established in your thread that you had “malice aforethought”. That is what established that you intended to shoot and kill Pacha.

    Again I do not suffer fools.

  67. Lemuel…..he didn’t turn up. So much for the gutless wimp. But you can swear as much as you like. The record is clear. You’d be another lying lawyer and from your recent posts demonstrably insane.

  68. The biggest racist and bigot on this site is a thing called Pachamama. Read every post he has laid down here and I rest my case. But I will pray for your redemption.

  69. Lemuel

    You seem to have become a ventriloquist’s dummy. “Pacha awaits you”….lol. Pacha would have trouble zipping his fly. “Rendered insane” – come on fella. You’ll be referring to yourself as “we” next.

  70. On the heels of my earlier post about T &T police “mired in corruption” comes the news that a suspect in the slaying was tipped off by a Policeman. The rot is deep and widespread within the T & T Police Force and all through the corridors of power in that country.

    The worse is yet to come

    • The different response to Seehatal’s murder by police and other civil society players shows there is an awareness for those who who serve with a pure motive.

  71. Barbados is still a slave society. Those here. who coddle racists like Bullen Robert Ross, white people in Bim with their dry racist humor have made a determination that racism is to be always acceptable, under any guise. And to let a minority, any minority anywhere, continue with this fcukeries is only inviting the continuation of that racist global institution. You are and will always be a kept people. Robert Ross is a Bull – er and a racist.

  72. I believe that the source of this murder stems from the narcotics trade. I would suggest that the source of this root stems from South America, and or the Asian business community somewhere in Trinidad.

    If a country has a weak and naïve political framework and an undisciplined population it leaves itself exposed to unsavoury internal and external actors who have the potential to do much harm to a country’s reputation.

    Sadly, I believe that Barbados is well placed to becoming a surrogate of its murderous neighbour Trinidad. It’s time for Barbadians to become vigilant, disciplined and united against the rising tide of criminality in Barbados. Your government has neither the vision nor the intelligence to stop the rise of violence. Therefore, it is time for Barbadians who are the eyes and the ears of the country to take the reins of power and to steer the country in a positive direction.

    If you were to hold a knife to your government’s throat it would be kept in check and would be forced to govern responsibly.

  73. May God protect those good men and women who hold to account are corrupt business and political elites. May God condemn and shame the impotent Barbadian press who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil of our business and political elites.

    Finally I have a message for our business and political elites – your transgressions are transparent. You have failed the masses through your personal greed. Pride comes before the fall. The day of your denouement is fast approaching. The timidity of the masses is receding; they are focussing on the enemy within. That enemy is you Mr(s) Businessman and you Mr(s) Politician.

    I understand that the death penalty still exists in Barbados but has not been enacted for some time. This fate would be far too pleasant for this degenerate class. However I know one place which would accept these charlatans – Dodd’s Prison.


    Money launders and Bankers are in TNT with the lawyers help, The Bajan Lawyer need to be worried and look out for the law and the crooks on the street also, The lawyers are playing on both ends and now time to pay with blood, If we had free and open NEWS you all will see things much faster.
    we will not say how we know what we know , but can a sure you we know .
    The She-it has hit the fan and most people mouth and eyes are wide open with no cover. What a mess to clean up after some one unplug the fan .

    No Free Press in Barbados , We get more News of the Net and the Blogs ,
    Most people on the street dont even know BU or BFP to check the words of the Ministers , They dont have time running each morning up and down with a ZR VAN. While for a 40 hours work week making less than 300 a week.

    • @Deeds

      And what is stopping you and others from promoting the blogs on the street if you use them to disseminate you message?


    When we are out we give the website, some people go on at the same time on their BLACK BERRY, to make sure they reach the site , maybe bumper stickers or T-Shirts or Key rings will help. We post on our face book pages , we send emails, we copy and paste the web site or topic,
    As time goes by and more people are laid off , they may have more time to see and understand why they are home,. Be sides taking an add out in the Nations Papers we can not do any more, For we will never call the Nations papers again for nothing , People will have to call them for we will not support none on of the street papers in Barbados until they are a real FREE PRESS good or bad.All the papers need to be Boycotted . When we get a papers its days late and it fits very good under the dog and bird cage,

  76. @ David[BU]

    It is not that people don’t come and read, your statistics review will confirm that.

    It is that people are afraid to post because they fear that this Bulbados practice of victimizing you for telling the truth and talking out in the face of violence, malice against the common man and witch hunts that abound all over BIM has many of them in abject fear.

    What if I said that as a common practice that under the current administrator at the school meals is running a private catering company and profiteering from the tax payers money?

    What if i said that the allegiance that she has, during these times of national austerity have so many of her employees in fear that, while they believe that the goodly Doctor ** is cheating the government of Barbados big time that they are afraid of saying anything, lest they loose their pick?

    Having balls, in a country that traditionally makes an example of people who “rock the boat” borders on being a PHVCKing idiot because if they cant get you at the place that you work and fire your scvnt, they put their hounds on you by auditing the last 20 years of your life, or some other machiavellian wickedness.

    It has now become fashionable to be a “bad boy/girl” cause living upful lives does not pay, in fact you get punished for being a good citizen


    pieceuhderockyeahright | May 10, 2014 at 8:18 AM |@

    We agree , at PLANTATION DEEDS ,on of the problem they have with us and our supporters is that none work for them , none get paid by them , we can care about them , We only care about what is best for Barbados and Bajans, Many who wanted to run was turn back with being let go,

    So who ever wants to tell truth must be strong, As you can see We KNOW we are more Right and Lawful and Legal than those who are sworn to up hold the laws of this Nations, We not asking no one for our Rights We taking out Rights .
    If we are Wrong in any thing we post , ANY ONE Please send the proof ..

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