The Bear Wrestler and POTUS

Presidents Obama and Putin

Presidents Obama and Putin

We live in the information age which gives currency to the view he who controls information controls the world. In response to the explosion of information governments  in the name of protecting national interest have been aggressively encroaching on the civil liberties of its citizens.  How far is too far when national interest is at stake?

BU has been observing events playing out in Eastern Europe and predictably positions will be drawn based for the most part where individuals were born, educated and socialized. No better place to observe a delineation in perspectives  – Russia or the USA, Putin or Obama – than to compare US media reports to African, Eastern and other non US sources. Any desire to be informed requires a methodical ferretting out of information to reach a fair conclusion. To retreat to dogmatic positions is to admit ignorance. A balanced view therefore requires operating on the premise both Russia and the USA have geopolitical interest to protect.

Barbados and the Caribbean are insignificant players on the world stage. However we should be concerned and react to how global conflicts continue to affect small island economies. This is even more critical in the current protracted and volatile global economic condition. Ironically the USA and Russia, two key players in the Ukraine conflict, makeup two of five five permanent members of the United Nation Security Council charged with policing the globe.

The Russia Ukraine conflict smells a lot like the Israel PLO never ending  Middle East saga. There will be no easy solution given the level of pro-Russian sentiment which exist in the former Soviet countries. Least likely to broker a long lasting pact is the USA given its diminished global status with a weakened economy. Some may even argue Putin sees himself as ‘superior’ to Obama and this will be acted out as both leaders give weight to the business of legacy building.

The real issue for ‘small fry’ states in this neck of the woods is how are we reading the tea leaves with the view of shaping the most efficient national policy. The exogenous nature of our global space is a given but how we mitigate and counter what confronts us will determine the quality of life small island states like Barbados will be able to support. BU notes that global food prices have hit a 10 month high because of weather and tensions in Crimea earlier this month – Global food prices hit 10 month high due to weather, Crimea tensions..

The project to win the information battle continues. The US State Department released images on Monday of soldiers in eastern Ukraine that it says are Russian forces, showing people wearing similar uniforms and brandishing Russian weapons – US and Russia trade blame on faltering accord. And the United Nations has expressed concern about the need to established facts on the ground – UN rights office urges halt to propaganda, incitement to hatred.

A layman interpretation of events playing out in the Russia Ukraine conflict is Putin wants to bring the family together and send a big no thank you to NATO. Who wants a fox so closed to the hen house anyway.


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  2. Cuba being so close to the US has always been a problem for the POTUSs and their backers. Maybe the same conditions apply to Russia.

    I told Ellis years and years ago to employ people who could search the net and acquire different points of views for the same event and present a balanced opinion to the public at news time. His lame ass excuse was that they all drew their information from the same sources so it would have been a waste of time. That was before the Aljazeera offices got bombed and their whole tune changed. I was able to decifer the 9-11 events in less than a week. To this day the people by the riverside maintains the official position.

    If there was a battle on to control the information flow, according to Ellis company, that battle has already been won.

  3. The Central Bankers Are Pushing War To Cover Up The Economic Collapse, People Are Keeping Their Money Instead of Spending It. (audio only)
    From the youtube description:
    “Macy’s threatens to layoff workers if minimum wage is increased. The American people are nervous about the economy so they are keeping their money instead of spending it. Retail store closing soar in 2014. China goes dark regarding gold purchases. President Obama is preparing an Executive Order to implement firearms bio-metric controls. De-escalation agreement is falling apart. The Ukrainian puppet government is continuing its raids. The central bankers are now pushing the world towards war because the economic system they pushed on the people is now collapsing. Be prepared for more false flags.”

    My own comment /GM:
    Not to mention, reports are that Putin has plans to make the ruble a reserve currency and is asking China and other customers to pay in rubles instead of the customary US dollars for Russian oil. Around the year 2000, a few years before George Bush suddenly decided that Saddam was cleverly hiding WMDs from naive and gullible/incompetent UN weapons inspectors and had to be taken out ASAP to save the world from his maniacal plans, Saddam had started selling Iraq’s oil for Euros instead of US dollars. After he was deposed and a new, more co-operative Iraqi government installed, it immediately stopped sales in Euros and reverted to oil sales in US dollars only – just a coincidence no doubt.

  4. Thanks to the news agencies that feed Starcom and the rest, Bajans in the main still “believe” that hijackers from Saudi Arabia slammed into New York and DC, that bin Laden was killed by US Special Ops in 2009, that Hussein had expansionist and WMD plans and that Gaddafi had committed genocide … Of course they will continue to believe in a virgin birth and the greatness of knighthoods and Political Parties …

  5. It is truly amazing that the Anglo-American Empire could wastefully invade Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Threaten Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Conduct economic war on the rest of the world using means that include the petro-dollar. All of this when tens of millions of Americans are starving, jobless, homeless, sick and dying. All of this when capitalism has the ecological systems on the verge of collapse. When humans are intent on the total destruction of all living things. And yet there will be those coming here to sing the praises of capitalism and the inglorious western ‘civilization’. There must not be an alternative, in their minds.

    War is the only answer they have to all this. Wars they cannot afford, cannot win and cannot muster the energy for. But the peoples of the world are supposed to allow this White empire to continue because we like it so much. We never had it so good, they say. The peoples of the world are to, by default, let this madness continue and ignore the demands of Pachamama for the end of their time. Pachamama will have her way, She must! Anything short of the total collapse of Empire and capitalism will not satisfy her. And she has the means and the motivation to inflict such real wars on all of us, minions.

    The criminal wars fought by stealth by stinking Obama as the mascot for imperialism are just that, criminal. These people are so drunken with power and greed they expect world countries to finance wars on themselves. So China and Russia are to finance an Anglo-American Empire aimed at destroying any challenge to that Empire. What madness! Despite all this the mindless supporters of the West will see nothing wrong with the interference into the internal affairs of Ukraine, just months ago. In fact, those interventions by people like McCain and undersecretary Nulands, two of the most vociferous neo-cons, who will settle for nothing less than the total subjugation of the world. They seek to better the feat of Genghis Khan for control of the known world.

    Of course, the CIA and other NGO’s were long on the ground in Ukraine conducting this criminal project for destabilization. All this in the name of democracy, but the Americans were never really interested in democracy. They use it as a patina for Empire. When the people in Crimea decided that the putsch government was unacceptable democracy does not matter. Then, the Crimeans were to be killed in the streets. They are to have no claim on democracy unless it is in the interest of empire. The same scenario is taking place in eastern and southern ‘Ukraine’. It is a democracy of convenience like it has always been and will continue to be. And these idiots expect Pachamama will allow them to rule this world! Pachamama say NO! Your end is here!


    It is alright for you to spout anti american sentiments here behind a cloak, but when poor David Ellis goes before the great ones at the US Embassy , on his knees for a visa, his antecedents may be held against him. Furthermore, you believe the CIA and all the connected agencies would allow the disinformation in Barbados to be pried away from their hands, right in their backyard.

    But Baffie we do benefit from this “back yard” talk though. We only good to 39th in the world for receiving visas; what an accomplishment!

  7. Pachamama

    Please easy up with your ill – conceived adage, regarding the Anglo American Empire. Because haven’t for the Anglo American empire, you wouldn’t be able to express your anti- American sentiments. I challenge you to do the same in china, Iran, Russia and Cuba, and see how long you live. At least in America, you are constitutionally allowed a public defender to defend your constitutional right to free-speech.

  8. Pach

    So when the above mentioned countries, preached they violent ideology against the west, should the west then sit around an await they attacks? No brother, you have to defend your big talk, when you threaten the west. Because as you have seen, we will take the fight right into your bedroom brother.

  9. @ dompey

    The West and White people are the only people to commit complete genocides on other peoples. Even if you are right about other people threatening the West, and you are not, there is no project for the destruction of the West currently. The West are the best agents for its their own annihilation. All we have to do is to get out of their way. So that leaves us with 6000 years of violence and war against themselves and the rest of us, and indeed against Pachamama, from the West and their predecessors. Your missive could be understood when we had what you called The Cold War but there is no real, current and credible military threat, right now, to Western hegemony, but yet they continue to look for new enemies including their long time friend and progeny “al-Queda’. You could not make this up. The West has long been as mad as Nero. As weak as a spider’s web. Confusing the world with soft power instruments to instill fear. Dompey, you better get used to the idea that nobody ain’t frighten for the ugly Americans anymore.

    If they think that they so bad why don’t they do something against Russia or Iran or China. They would like other people to fight for them. To destroy countries with soft power and from within, But that has certain limitations. These are the ones who have used war and aggression for 200 years to build empire. These are the ones that have lost every war for the last hundred years including WW2 which was only won because of the sacrifice of 30MM Soviets. Since then you have lost Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Iran, Korea and everywhere else. Whether cold or hot you have lost. Whether diplomatic of intelligence you have lost. Whether at home or abroad you have lost. And you will NEVER win another war, of any kind, again. Especially when winning is measured by the prime consideration – political.

    Dompey! We concede that in many places the radical views we have would never be ‘proper’. In this matter we whole-heartedly concur. However, your judgement is not informed by our similar and scathing critiques of all world systems. In the fight between the Devil and Satan we are sometimes on the Devil’s side and sometimes on Satan’s. In war it is always better to have your enemies destroy each other. That is the best kind of war to fight. In that fight we are the Generals.

  10. @ David
    We have oftentimes gone hunting and have seen all types of bear up close and have developed a certain respect for these creatures. In the fight between the majestic, powerful bear and a mere mascot of Empire, we would support the bear, every time! For the bear can run at 40 miles an hour, he is taller, smarter than a mere mascot.

  11. Baf said:
    “Of course they will continue to believe in a virgin birth and the greatness of knighthoods and Political Parties”

    Don’t worry too much Baf, their bullshit centuries of fraud and lies and the ignorant people around the world who believe them, is very quickly coming to any end.

  12. I wonder why you guys will get worked up about the Russia/US impasse.

    I wonder why the US think that they are the world rulers.

    According to Ezekiel, at the eschaton (which is clearly quickly approaching) the kings of the north, west, east, and south will come to make war against Israel

    The kings of the north are clearly identified as Rosh and Persia, i.e Russia and Iran.

    Current activities indicate only that these two nations are taking up their dominance and definitive positions in preparation for the end times.






  13. We wish when we are in heaven, like we often are, we could keep telling people that we coming, and still don’t come. This Jesus business had been, is and will ever be …………….. a lie. The biggest ever told!

    2 PETER 3 -13


    3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

    4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

    5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

    6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

    7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

    8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

    11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

    12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

    13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

  15. @ David
    We don’t respect beliefs in nonsense. Especially, when those ‘beliefs’ have caused so much harm to mankind, are a pact of lies, from beginning to the end, from genesis to revelations. The truth is that nothing in this ridiculous book can be independently proven. Nothing! Even the Peter he talks about never existed. And so to Abraham, Jesus, and everybody else these lies speak about. This Peter he talks about never existed. So we wanted why an intelligent person would rely on fiction for their centre.

  16. Pachamama:

    There have been independent historical sources which indicate that Jesus and his disciples existed. Say you have a problem believing the Bible, but do not become like the man who is standing on a whale but does not believe that whales exist because of his relation to space and sight. The best source is the Jewish, roman scholar and historian.

    Yet, people like you go to the dark places to hear chains being rattled and repeating meaningless phrases in attempting to communicate to dead people. That my friend takes a lot more faith.

  17. @ Lemuel

    You are in no position to determine what we believe or not believe. Or whether we believe in anything at all. We prefer to be able to think, not believe.

    You say there are independent historical sources but have cited none. We dare you to cite one credible source. Those could be scientific, archaeological, DNA, oral tradition, linguistic, or any of the more than 20 categories of evidences.


    RE We prefer to be able to think, not believe. Really?



  19. Lemuel…….I took a good look at the painting, i believed painted by Michael Angelo of his rendition of the twelve disciples, behold, when i looked really closely to Jesus’ right was none other than a female, so there are really 11 males and 1 female, that was definitely not a man and if it was, he had to be gay, just explain those mannerisms…maybe GP can explain.

  20. Pachamama

    Without a concept of God, Right as well as Wrong ceases to exist. And are you aware of the fact that the concept of Western – morality, is predicated on the Hebrew Scriptures?

  21. Dompey……..the Hebrew scriptures are predicated on the Egyptian scriptures…….you can actually go back millions of years.

  22. Can anyone tell me where I can find my cunt AC…u whoooooooooooo AC darlling the SSS is looking for you. Should i sound an SOS and state that you are missing action…woe is me I can find my Ac

  23. Prophesies and their fulfillment confirms the Bible is a divine book, because of the exactness in minute and seemingly trivial detail in which they were fulfilled and the seeming unlikelihood that they would be fulfilled .
    One of the more dramatic prophecies concerns the ancient city of Tyre. Tyre was a very important sea port town in the Old Testament days. It was a trade rival of Jerusalem. The citizens of Tyre were especially proud and haughty. When Jerusalem was judged by God for her unfaithfulness, the people of Tyre laughed at the plight of the Hews and mocked them. Ezekiel, chapter 26 gives us the prediction of what was going to happen to Tyre. God was judging the Jews because they were His special people and He wanted to bring them to repentance, but He would not tolerate His special people being mocked by the ungodly people of Tyre. He predicted through the prophet Ezekiel what would happen to Tyre in judgment from God for their mockery of the Jews. Read Ezekiel 26 carefully. Note the details given in this prophecy. It clearly states that:
    1. Tyre would be taken by the Babylonians (verse 7).
    2. The king of the invaders would be Nebuchadnezzar (verse 7).
    3. Many nations would come up against Tyre (verse 3).
    4. The walls would be completely broken down (verse 4).
    5. The dust would be scraped off the city site (verse 4).
    6. Fishermen would use the site to spread their fishing nets (verse 5).
    7. The city would never be rebuilt (verse 4).

    And now you can add other details to the prophecy from other verses in the Bible.
    9. There would be re-establishment of Tyre seventy years after its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar (Isaiah 23:15-17; Jeremiah 25:11, 12).
    10. There would be another destruction (Zechariah 9:3,4).
    11. The destruction would be by fire (Zechariah 9:4).

    What do you think are the chances that a person could accurately predict in such detail what would happen to a city many years in the future? Could you predict that a city would be taken by a particular king, then restored after 70 years, then destroyed again? Could you give the details about the destruction? Could you predict that the city would never be re-established, but would become a place for fishermen to dry their nets? The chances of a person predicting such a thing by his own intelligence are simply impossible.

    Now, let us look at the fulfillment of this prophecy. Approximately three years after the prophecy was made, Nebuchadnezzar attacked the city. The people that he was leading were the Babylonians. (This fulfilled parts one and two of the prophecy.) You must understand something of the geography of Tyre in order to appreciate the rest of the fulfillment. Tyre was actually a double city. The main part was built on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. There was another small part of the city that was built on an island just off shore. This island was heavily protected. When Nebuchadnezzar captured the city he found that many inhabitants had fled to the island fortress and thus escaped him. Of those captured, most were sold into slavery and sent to other countries. After about seventy years the mainland city was rebuilt and became a powerful city once again (prophecy nine). It was about 250 years later that the final fulfillment of this prophecy took place. It happened like this.

    Alexander the Great was a very famous and powerful world ruler. He marched from Greece as far east as what is now Pakistan and ruled the whole Mediterranean area. He marched down to Tyre to capture that city. Hearing that he was coming, the people abandoned the city on the mainland that had been rebuilt and fled to the island fort. This island was surrounded on all sides by the sea. It was half a mile from the shore of the city and had walls 150 feet high. In order to capture this island city, Alexander the Great tore down the mainland city brick by brick and dumped it all into the sea so as to make a road through the sea to the island (fulfilling prophecy number four). In order to fill the small holes between the bricks, his soldiers swept the place where the mainland city had been and poured the dust between the bricks (fulfilling prophecies ten and eleven). The few people who remained after the destruction were further attacked by Antigonus and by the Muslims again in the year 690 (fulfilling prophecy number three). Today there is no sign of the previous mainland city of Tyre. The modern city of Tyre is built on the island that is now a peninsula. The area where the mainland city used to be is now used by the fishermen as a place to spread their nets to dry (fulfilling prophecies seven and eight).

    The chances of a person accurately guessing what would happen to a city are unimaginable. One scholar said it would be one chance in 75,000,000 of guessing correctly if guessing only seven of these prophecies and we have listed eleven. This would seem to be rather adequate confirmation that the Bible is, indeed, the Word of God and is not just the words of man.

    The chances that eight of the 55 prophecies about the Lord Jesus Christ being fulfilled is only one chance in 10,000,000,000,000,000.

  24. When the Ancient Kemetic peoples created spiritual, not religious, philosophy they never intended for it to be true. They aim was to find an allegorical way of understanding existential phenomena. So even the Kemetic peoples themselves knew none of this was true. After the 18th dynastic period a few European tribes came into the picture after the invasion from several powers. They copied everything the Kemetic people had developed and claimed it as their own. At a later period they proceeded to destroy the libraries of Alkebulan, Alexandria et al. The actions of a thief seeking to remove the evidence of other peoples’ history, to claim it as their own. And this what you have in the bible.

    Later these same people who now call themselves Jews proceeded to write books with their own hand and claimed these to be the words of some body up there. The Ancient Kemetic peoples had a set of negative confessions, for example. Some sources say 42, others say 46. However, 10 of these same negative confessions, all of a sudden, showed up as the 10 commandments of a fictitious bible from some man who that lying book said was given them by some god. What kind of a god will steal the central tenets of a wicked religion from people who his followers now call pagans.

    This is just one example. We have gone to Egypt and visited the places where this evidences are. Not many know about the tens (about 46, we think) of pyramids in Sudan where more evidence puts the lie to everything in the bible. And we could give thousands of examples. Another example is Israel. There was never any place by this name. In fact, Israel is the compilation of three pagan gods. Isis, Ra and Elle. Two of which just happen to be Kemetic (Egyptian). So these foolish people who pretend that they are worship some squeaky clean white god, are in fact worshipers of the same pagan gods that they simultaneously denigrate. It is the height of ignorance.

  25. Earlier today somebody ask about Josephus and Tacitus. Some recognize Josephus as the first European historian, but all the Greeks and then the Romans learnt all they knew by going to school in Kemet for up to 47 years, per student. They learnt at the feet of people like Imhotep, the first polymath. Some of the leading Greeks and Romans professed they loyalty to their Kemetic teachers. That is the point. Europe ‘borrowed’ heavily from Kemet. So why would we want to use a stolen copy when the original evidences are still available for the discerning.


    The book of Daniel predicted the successive rise of the Medes and Persians, then the Assyrians, then the Greeks then the Romans and eventually the Revived Roman Empire.


    We are even at this time entering the era of the Revived Roman Empire.

    The OT scriptures teach of the regathering of the people of Israel- happened in 1948

    The OT scriptures teach of the difficulties these people would suffer, and the fact that they wont be destroyed. —–fulfilled.

    Never has such a small country been so surrounded by enemies for over 50 years ans survived.

    And Russia and Syria and Iran will never take them out. –predicted and fulfilled

    I suppose that these things are all written in the records of “The Ancient Kemetic peoples” right?

  27. Pachamama

    So I guess live and let live is your moral policy, since there is no God? In fact, your world is a recipe for moral anarchy …. a world in which everyone does whatever he or she wants, even if this even means threatening or harming others? Question: how do we attain what Kant calls a moral – imperative, in a world where the ultimate moral authority is that of the individual?

  28. if ya dont like the Bible– dont like it.
    if ya dont believe the Bible- dont believe it
    but leave out the goo

  29. David
    Please kindly free up my posts on the metabolism page- i have more to file before I send you a ppt I will synthesize from my Biochem teaching ppts

  30. Pachamama

    1) Is there life after death?
    2) Where does our life force goes of death?
    3) is there such a thing as a universal truth?
    4) where is the human mind located and is it tangible?
    5) What is the nature of reality.
    6) And if right as well as wrong cease to exist: how would one know that harming an innocent child is wrong?

    These are a few questions which a scientific – method cannot answer.

  31. @ David

    You must forgive us.

    The Ukrainian situation will end with Obama stepping away from the table. For he only knows how to fight sneaky wars, using terrorists and the CIA. Poor fellow. He has no stomach for what the Bear has for him. This card game is to rich for his blood. Period!

  32. David | April 22, 2014 at 6:13 PM |
    Things in the Ukraine heating up. Local politicians killed.

    The problem is that the so called mighty US is unable to do anything about Putin or Iran—–EXCEPT TALK! I JUST LOVE TO HEAR THEM.

    After all the US as a nation is trillions in debt, and most of the individual states are bankrupt LIKE BIMSHIRE


    • Couple of issues:

      US sponsored aid to Ukraine, most of it will be spent by Ukraine to by natural gas from Russia.

      Even if Ukraine is able to agree to a pact brokered by whoever what about the pro Russian support, people who feel strongly about alignment to Russia? Unless we believe Russia is staging this mess.


    High Fructose Corn Syrup Myths Debunked
    High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is basically the same as sugar, both in terms of composition and in the number of calories it contains. HFCS is produced by milling corn (maize) to produce corn starch, then processing that starch to yield corn syrup, which is almost entirely glucose, and then adding enzymes that change some of the glucose into fructose.

    High fructose corn syrup contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients or color additives.

    High fructose corn syrup and sugar have almost the same level of sweetness.

    It has either 42% or 55% fructose, which is comparable to sugar with 50% fructose. Studies found no differences in the metabolic effects of high fructose corn syrup as compared to sugar. Since high fructose corn syrup and sugar are so similar, the human body absorbs them the same way.

    There is no scientific evidence that high fructose corn syrup is to blame forobesity and diabetes. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture data shows that consumption of high fructose corn syrup has actually been declining while obesity and diabetes rates continue to rise.

    Studies have shown that the body does not recognize a difference between high fructose corn syrup and regular sugar. They both contain the same ingredients, in the same quantities. The only difference is in how they are extracted and combined.

    “After studying current research, the American Medical Association concluded that high fructose syrup does not appear to contribute to obesity more than other caloric sweeteners…”

  34. But David, the Americans start this therefore how you blame Russia for the consequences. This is a pro American line. They are the ones who were plotting the disruption

  35. Pachamama

    I often use the analogy of the human mind to explain the idea of God. It maybe what some call a simplistic and unsophisticated anology, but it’s the best way I know how to explain His existence.

    God we cannot see with our human eyes, but we’re cognizant of the fact that He does exist because He communicate to those He love, through the intuitive-conscience.

    The human mind we cannot see, feel, nor touch with our physical hands, but cognitively, we know it does exist because it records as well as replays our stored information. But where is this information stored? And where does it go when we cease to exist?

  36. Georgie Porgir

    Have you read the Forbes Magazine which featured Warren Buffet on the front cover? I think you should? Listen! America has the economic know how to reduce Russia to a third world country tomorrow. Porgie, one thing you should never underestimate about the American people, and that is…their have the KNOW HOW AND THE CAN DO SPIRIT TO GET THINGS DONE.

    Yes, America is in debt but who isn’t these days?

  37. @ David

    We don’t know what that means. However, you would have seen the American government operating over time. Surely, that ought to be enough to form some conclusions. No?

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  39. Pachamama:

    I can conclude that you are blind. In front of you are examples from Georgie, but you can not see them. But you see all the oils, and meaningless phrases to be religiously repeated at intersections. I bet you and Dompey normally run around in aprons doing your fraternity thing. Before its apostasy Egypt got bountiful blessings from God. That is the learning that you so eloquently misrepresent here. Egypt went the way of the virgin of heaven (that which the Roman Catholics now call Mary) and all the other fertility gods and gods of the sun, and God’s blessings were removed. So stop repeating the concoctions from the internet and the sooth sayers out there. You are repeating Satan’s great deception. That should hold you for sometime.

  40. Dompey……you really believe i will entertain your shit, I am sure every train you take out of Brooklyn, goes into Manhattan and you pass the New York Public Library, get a life.

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