The Unfolding Venezuelan Tragedy

Submitted by John E. Farmer
David Comissiong - “Mr. Comissiong, have you ever lived in Venezuela?”

David Comissiong

“Mr. Comissiong, have you ever lived in Venezuela?”

On Sunday night 16th March 2014 I watched a program on CBC Television (The Peoples Business) in which the interviewer (Maureen Holder) was having a discussion with a representative of the Venezuelan Embassy in Barbados and Mr. David Comissiong. The subject was concerning the present situation of protests taking place in Venezuela against the Venezuelan Government and their President, Nicolas Maduro. Before I go any further I must ask this question: Mr. Comissiong, have you ever lived in Venezuela? For you certainly did not seem to have any idea of the actual situation at present that is taking place in Venezuela and you appeared to be stating facts that you had either read, rather than experienced, or restating information supplied to you by the Chavez Revolution, which is socialist Communist rhetoric.

Mr. Comissiong, you implied that the Venezuelan opposition protestors in the streets were from the very rich families –Extremely Rich – I think you said, who did not wish to give up their affluent life style, and this is why they were opposing the present Maduro Government and the Chavez revolution which was for the people. Mr. Comissiong, I would like you to know that the people marching in the streets of Venezuela who are against the Maduro Regime and the previous Chavez Regime are from the rich, the middle class and from the poor. Or, do you believe that the four million people (49.07%) who voted against Maduro are all rich? These people are fed up with a dictatorial oppressive regime which rules by the Gun! No democratic government goes shooting and gassing peaceful protesters – putting them in prison- beating them up until they are black and blue and purple all over their bodies – many of whom remain in prison just because they don’t agree with the Chavez or Maduro regimes. These people are marching and here is why:-

When Chavez came to power there were over twelve thousand manufacturing plants in Venezuela, now they are approximately six thousand – how many jobs loss here?

When Chavez came to power Venezuela produced 80 % of its food consumption. Now it produces approximately 20%

When Chavez came to power PDVSA (The Venezuelan National Oil Co.) was producing 3.2 million barrels of oil per day. It is now producing 2.6 million barrels of oil per day. At approx $100.00 per barrel – calculate the loss of revenue here.

There is a shortage of food – many supermarket shelves are empty of basic items.

The inflation rate is now 56% for the year, resulting in an absurdly high cost of living index and more poverty. Is this a government for the people? With all the millions of dollars earned per day by Venezuela – the Bolivar continues to be devalued.

You mentioned Mr. Comissiong that in the previous governments to that of Chavez, that more than 300 billion dollars had been taken out of the country by the ‘Rich’ who ran the PDVSA oil company.

However, Mr. Comissiong you did not mention about the billions of dollars that Chavez wasted on buying arms, 200,000 automatic attack rifles plus ammunition, attack helicopters, jet fighter/bombers from Russia – defence missile system, submarines and tanks – What does a Latin American Nation need this for? Who are they going to fight? Does the regime use this show of strength to frighten the people which is what Chavez did and Maduro is doing now? Yes, these billions of dollars have also come from the same PDVSA Venezuelan Oil Company. And it is Chavez who spent this Mind Boggling billions of dollars figure – not on food for the poor, but on guns and revolution. Is that okay with you Mr. Comissiong?

Mr.Comissiong, you said you hoped that the opposition forces in Venezuela would open their eyes and see the problems that their actions were causing and work together with the government like any other democratic government with a two party political system. I would like to ask you another simple question. “Is it possible to work peacefully with a government whose motto is ‘Socialismo o Muerte!’? translated; ‘Socialism or Death’!

Do you know that more than twenty-four thousand (24,000) people were murdered in Venezuela last year? And more than two hundred thousand(200,000) murders have taken place in Venezuela during the years that Chavez and Maduro have been in power; 24,000 people is a capacity crowd at Kensington Cricket Oval and 200,000 persons is just shy of the population of Barbados. Does this give you some idea of the tragedy taking place in Venezuela? Not to mentioned the hundreds of kidnappings that have taken place and those still taking place every day there. Would you be happy to live in a country and support a government that allowed this criminal environment? Not to forget to mention here that the representative of the Venezuelan Embassy stated in her discussion that everything in Venezuela was now under control!

Do you know that the Television Stations and Daily News Papers are now under censorship? Did this not happen in the Soviet Union and Cuba under Communist Regimes? Why was the reporter from CNN Espanol booted out of the country by Maduro? What about the Colombian Cable News Station that was blocked from transmitting the news of what was happening on the streets of Venezuela?

I am sure you know, Mr. Commissiong, that there are thousands of Cubans working and directing the policy of many government institutions in Venezuela. All of these Cubans, invited by Chavez to Venezuela are being paid by the Venezuelan Government while many Venezuelan Citizens are without work and their children go hungry.

Mr. Comissiong, if you wish to discuss the present situation in Venezuela I would be very happy to do so with you at anytime . It would appear to me that your opinion is rather politically biased. Only you would know why? My qualifications for discussing this matter are that I am a Barbadian who lived and worked in Venezuela from 1982 to 2008 (26 years) During this period the Presidents were- Herrera Campins, Luchinci, Carlos Andres Perez, Caldera and Chavez,( Maduro), being external affairs minister to Chavez . I have a pretty good and unbiased knowledge as well as firsthand experience of what went on during those years and what is going on now. I am still in contact practically every day with Venezuela. I too have marched in the Streets of Caracas, Venezuela, and I did not see only the ‘Very Rich’ as you stated, marching. I saw Venezuelans, Rich, Middle Class, Poor, disgruntled and dissatisfied all protesting against a dictatorial bullying regime ruling under the guise of Democracy. These protests are going to continue and one day when the people in the Barrios finally lose their fear of being ruled by the gun under which they have been subjected under the Chavez and Maduro regimes, they will come down from the hills of Caracas and put an end to the terrible nightmare Venezuela has experienced during the last fifteen years.

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  1. I did not realise Mr Commission was a spokesman for the Venezuelans, just as he appears to be for Cubans. By the way, how many black Venezuelans do you see protesting for or against the government? How do black Venezuelans prosper in the nation with the world’s greatest oil reserves? Or, are black Venezuelans invisible?

  2. Every Government in this fcuking world has people that stand bitterly opposed to it… everyone ( that includes Barbados and the good ol’ US of A). What the fcuk makes Venezuela any different from the rest …? Do you not think that boat loads of people in Barbados would love to take to the streets and show the rest of the world that something is NOT right…? Wow, but Venezuela can …

    There was a BBC program on the demonstrations in London back in 2010 and the guy was very quick to point out that the London police was dealing with a group that comprised of a number of different factions with a number of different agendas. Some the factions were involve purely for the sake of mischief, but the police had no choice but to treat them as one group with one agenda, and as a result a number of otherwise peaceful people got hurt. WTF, Venezuela does not deserve a similar type of appraisal from the likes of the BBC?

    Venezuela is a target for serious and very powerful outside interests, and the monies spent in armaments are justified, Being opposed to Governments is normal, but the level to which this thing has been highlighted on the international media is not normal, for indeed there are other agents involved here

  3. “How do black Venezuelans prosper in the nation with the world’s greatest oil reserves? Or, are black Venezuelans invisible?”
    Just like Black Cubans. How many black Cubans do you recognize sitting in positions of influence in Cuba? Same animal farm type system practised in Cuba was introduced to Venezuela by Senor Chavez. What makes it so right when activists with communist leanings like the Coards in Grenada overthrow legitimate regimes with capitalist leanings but wrong when activists with capitalists leanings try to overthrow legitimate regimes with communist leanings? Isn’t six still half a dozen.

  4. “Is it possible to work peacefully with a government whose motto is ‘Socialismo o Muerte!’? translated; ‘Socialism or Death’!’
    All over Cuba you see this foolishness emblazoned on the walls of run down buildings and poor people lining up like goats day after day at the ration shops to feast on the crumbs which fall from the wealthy tables.

    • Why do we demonize an ideology? Think about it, our judgement is based on how we were socialized, our environment. We should be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all systems of governments but who are we to judge? Based on what?

  5. I remember in the early 70 s young white Venezuelans invading our schools and social lives here, many marrying and staying here. My first visit to Caracas was quite eye opening , with slums and shanty town perched on steep hillsides . The rich do like the rich do all over the world if they are allowed to get away with it. They retain all their wealth off the backs of the poor, living overseas while like the old colonial times with overseaers manage the rape. Chavez and Castro have tried to right the wrong, however the struggle against the imperial powers will always be tedious as embargoes and insurrection will be tools utilized against them to bring them down. I actually believe that maduro unlike Chavez lack the charisma and is probably losing the mass support. He is weak and the us and others now see their chance to create mayhem.

  6. Taking a position on the affairs of any country is naive and dangerous in these times. We would all prefer situations that are not complex so we can be judge and jury and pretend to be intelligent. But the truth of the matter no of us can. We can’t even figure out the likes of AC on this blog. Or Hal with his very rational posit on the demise and mal treatment of blacks in South America of which i can retort : So really how different is it in black Barbados ? Comissiong is a throwback to an era of fixed ideology and is totally irrelevant and this writer who marched in the Venezuela ( i wonder how Bajans would take to foreigners marching against their government) who gets all hot over slogans and misunderstands that Venezuela has a long history to go way beyond his 20 some years there. Mr writer, everybody has a point of view.. it is called democracy.
    BAF is correct and btw it is normal for both you and Comissiong to push your agenda

  7. Lets face some reality.
    Most latino Cubans are racists and it maybe similar in other Latin American countries. Black people only seems to be good for sports in those countries. I have visited Cuba and the Cubans with Comissiong colour stay in hotels while the blacks are the maids and gardeners. Well it so in Barbados too because we a subtle apartheid system here.

  8. Fantastic thread, real eye opener, maybe blacks will start to understand the well orchestrated agendas.

  9. David | March 27, 2014 at 6:30 AM |
    Why do we demonize an ideology? Think about it, our judgement is based on how we were socialized, our environment. We should be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all systems of governments but who are we to judge? Based on what”

    If you are referring to my posts; let me state for the record that I am not judging or condemning just informing of what I know. The regime has its mouthpiece in Mr Commissiong and Mr Denny; I am the mouthpiece of the marginalised yet wonderful people of Cuba. may they one day have the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and aspirations like me or you.

  10. “Clone | March 27, 2014 at 8:52 AM |
    Lets face some reality.
    Most latino Cubans are racists and it maybe similar in other Latin American countries. Black people only seems to be good for sports in those countries. I have visited Cuba and the Cubans with Comissiong colour stay in hotels while the blacks are the maids and gardeners. Well it so in Barbados too because we a subtle apartheid system here.”

    How ironic that Cuba went to Africa to fight against racism when there is indeed a huge element of racism in Cuba. The racism of Cuba seem to be more of the resentful kind fuelled by the ignorant inherent notion that people of Caucasian ethnicity should be better off than those of black complexion because i have met many Cubans of a fairer complexion who insist that they are black. What evens the equation of equality in Cuba is that fortunately for some, and unfortunately for most, the selective tentacles of largesse from the regime extend only to those directly connected with the party placing the majority of the populace white, black ,pink or blue on the same brassbowl level of poverty.

  11. “He is weak and the us and others now see their chance to create mayhem.”
    Mayhem has long been created. Not Only whites but all people live off the backs of those below them in wealth, status and power. Take Barbados, for instance, most of the blacks in exalted positions giving them the opportunity to live off the poor as you put it were once poor themselves.


  12. Mr. or Ms Clone: I am gong to ask you the same question as the author of this article expresses: HAVE YOU REALLY EVER BEEN IN CUBA.? If you are honest you can not say waht you have said. You dont see in Cuba white people in one side of the country and black people in the other side. you should show respect for the nation taht was the one who went to Africa and helped out millions of Africans to get their freedom, or to the nation that have graduated thounsand of thirld world countries as professional at any cost including barbadians.

  13. “you should show respect for the nation taht was the one who went to Africa and helped out millions of Africans to get their freedom, or to the nation that have graduated thounsand of thirld world countries as professional at any cost including barbadians.”

    On the backs of the depressed hardworking Cuban people to fool the gullible and boost the image of a repressive regime in the eyes of International opinion.

  14. WE are surprised that some people who have no memory of the times when ‘African’ peoples ruled this world and who themselves have no real commitment to African centeredness are all of a sudden interested in Africans in Venezuela and Cuba. This inverted consciousness could only be breed in the supreme colony, known as Barbados, under the Willy Lynch mindset.

    It is not to matter that for more than 15 years the West has been trying to destabilize Venezuela, not to go further back to the invasions, coups and rigged elections by the CIA. It can’t matter, in these twisted minds, that what is happening in Venezuela is connected to Ukraine, is connected to Iraq, is about removing any and all opposition to Western, White arrogance and domination. That Western intentions to have total dominion, as their fucking bible say, over the entire world, is at play here. It can’t matter that the real targets for the West are China and Russia and their military encirclement. It certainly, cannot be that the petite bourgeois White people in Venezuela are working in collusion with foreign intelligence agencies to destabilize Venezuela. It can’t matter, that the American government uses NGO’s and other such agencies in soft wars against governments they dislike. None of this matters for the sycophants like this John Farmer. We wonder how many times are the Americans and the West to foul idiots like Farmer et al. In the end, Farmer may just be a agent provocateur anyhow.

    That the near illiterate John Farmer could posit that because someone has never lived in Venezuela that that person’s opinions are less valid is the height of ignorance. For his information, there are 200 million Black people in India. People of African phenotypes populate almost all of SE Asia. More fundamentally African peoples populated all of the world tens of thousands of years before there were any other types of people. Africans were in Brazil 60,000 years ago, for example. The first Chinese were African types. The first Europeans were Africans. Indeed, all the peoples of this world owe their very beginnings to Africa. Why are African people and their supporters not to claim our people everywhere, especially when White people threaten the world with destruction we must be the one to bring these White bastards back into line.

    So this nonsense about whether someone lived somewhere or not could only be the product of single-celled brain. A brain that is willing to let Westerners play their games for eternal empire on other peoples’ lands. We warn you that your White dominated world is coming to an end, its about time.

  15. Don’t be too hard on Cuba. Cuba may well be the catalyst that is indirectly going to pull our caribbean banana island- republics out of the pit of economic do do that we now find ourselves in.
    With Putin on a winning streak, with ever Ivan frothing at the mouth to reclaim lost ground, Cuba may once again maintain a very close relationship with Moscow.
    The Caribbean once again will become a place of interest to the USA and Europe. Quotas on Sugar and restrictions on Rum and other Caribbean products will once again be given preferential treatment, a la Cold War era.

  16. @Well Well
    I have no desire nor inclination to be on Facebook, if you have info in another medium I’ll be happy to observe. BTW is this evidence of “black muslim moors” in England?

  17. Sarge…….keep waiting for it and don’t look for it yourself….lol, it’s there, you will feel much more satisfied when you find it.

  18. in big circles.

    balance | March 29, 2014 at 5:10 AM |

    “So what was it again you “researched” your findings or did you obtain it from an “anonymous” individual who posted information that “black muslim moors ruled England centuries ago”?
    Are you trying to imply that the “800,000 year old African footprints found in Western England…..” are part of the “‘Black Muslim moors”?”

    My intervention here is not to defend or disprove the insinuation/implication about the connection of “Black Muslim Moors” to England but to share some information published in 1999 in the Sunday Times- (regarded by many as one of the more prestigious and reputable Newspapers in England)- with those who have some fascination with these kinds of stories..

    ” The connection has been rumoured but never proved. The Royal family has hidden credentials that makes its members appropriate leaders of Britain’s multicultural society. It has black and mixed-race royal ancestors who have never been publicly acknowledged.
    AN American genealogist has established that Queen Charlotte, the wife of George 111, was directly descended from the illegitimate son of an African mistress in the Portuguese royal house.
    Charlotte, then a 17 year old German Princess, arrived in England in September, 1761 and won public affection for her loyalty and devotion to the king even during his descent into madness. She bore him 15 children during a long and mainly happy marriage , but did not have the face of a classic European beauty.
    Mario Valdes , a professional genealogist from Boston, Massachusetts, said: “People in the court noted her wide nose. Her personal physician, Baron Stockmar, said in his autobiography that she had a ‘ true mulatto (mixed race) face’.
    Valdes has traced Charlotte’s ancestry to the fifth king of Portugal, Afonso111, who had an illegitimate son with his MOORISH mistress, Magdalena Gil, in 1249. A small gene pool perpetuated by royal inbreeding perpetuated the physical African characteristics through the generations, he says.
    Magdalena Gil was the daughter of Madrem, the MOORISH king of the Algarve capital, and met Afonso after he had conquered the city. Their son Martin Afonso de Sousa Chicorro later married into the Portuguese aristocracy and I have traced his descendants to the British Royal Family.”
    In the 1950s the author Ian Moncreiffe published Blood Royal, which claimed a link beteen the Quenn and Zaid , the MOORISH wife of Alfonso V1 of Castille

  19. Balance…..their is more….

    During the Regicide loads of British,Scotish&Irish blue bloods banished to the Caribbean….Hence Gnl.Colin Powell is supposed to be related to Lady Di’s family the Spencers…..The head of a Scottish Clan is a Rasta man in Jamaica…….who knows which melanin rich person in Bim is related to who???

    One interbred world….time for all to realise it….

  20. Balance
    And how does the news of black Muslims ruling England centuries ago, alters the current state of affairs in the black world? Or should this News serve as a paradigm shift in our collective efforts to get it together as a people? I don’t get it but perhaps you’re in a better position to explain it to thus of us?

    • Should the US be trying to destabilize others? Maybe same in Venezuela?
      Thanks Exclaimer!

      US secretly created ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest and undermine government

      USAid started ZunZuneo, a social network built on texts, in hope it could be used to organize ‘smart mobs’ to trigger Cuban spring

      Cuba TwitterStudents gather behind a business looking for a internet signal for their smartphones in Havana. Photograph: Ramon Espinosa/AP

      In July 2010, Joe McSpedon, a US government official, flew to Barcelona to put the final touches on a secret plan to build a social media project aimed at undermining Cuba’s communist government.

      McSpedon and his team of high-tech contractors had come in from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Washington and Denver. Their mission: to launch a messaging network that could reach hundreds of thousands of Cubans. To hide the network from the Cuban government, they would set up a byzantine system of front companies using a Cayman Islands bank account, and recruit unsuspecting executives who would not be told of the company’s ties to the US government.

  21. As the outgoing Cuban president Raúl Castro tells it, even too many of the radio and television newscasters in Cuba are white.
    It “was not easy” getting the few black broadcasters now on the air hired, Mr. Castro said in his retirement speech Thursday, a remarkable admission considering the state controls all the stations.
    So it was all the more extraordinary to see last week how many women and Afro-Cubans were chosen for positions in the highest echelon of Cuban politics in the new government: Half of the six vice presidents of the ruling Council of State are black, including the first vice president, and three are also women.(Quote)

  22. Are Barbados and CARICOM still sitting on the fence regarding Venezuela? What do they have to say? Are they still ‘neutral’? Or is loyalty to a comrade more important than loyalty to the people – especially the black (African) people?

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