Objections to Dear John

Submitted by Mathew Storey
..."a country which has taught me tolerance, understanding and pride"

…”a country which has taught me tolerance, understanding and pride”

I write regarding a recent article in the Nation entitled Dear John: Do not like gay advances published on the 7th of March 2014 and further regarding a larger national debate which I believe is an important point for discussion.

In summary, a reader has requested advice from the Dear John writer on confronting his boss without jeopardizing his professional relationship. The writer, a young professional man, is uncomfortable with his bosses advances and an unwanted ‘special attraction’. His boss is a senior and as a leading professional, he can offer opportunities to internships and other pathways to success. The boss prefers homosexual relationships whereas the writer prefers heterosexual relationships.

This is an understandably concerning dilemma and an unfortunately common situation which both men and women are confronted with. To clarify, there two points to discuss in this scenario. The first, sexual harassment in the workplace. This term takes on several negative connotations but what I specifically mean is unwanted attention of a sexual nature in the workplace. Harassment is in no way related to sexual orientation and given the balance of probabilities and common assumption is more often heterosexual in nature.

The second point is confronting interpersonal differences in sexual orientation. This specifically refers to the relationships and interactions between heterosexual and homosexual individuals. This is an increasingly common scenario however is still very foreign in the Caribbean which generally identifies as a majority heterosexual community however it acknowledges that individuals preferring a homosexual orientation exist as a variable minority with limited disclosure. This is commonly known as being ‘in the closet’.

My points of objection focus on the response given by the writer of the Dear John article.

Our writer gives several points of advice encouraging a civil, diplomatic solution to the dilemma, involving a meeting over lunch, an explanation, a return of gifts and praise regarding professional practice.

However, after resolving this miscommunication, our writer then suggest condemnation of homosexuality as a sin, socially unacceptable and refers to a trend of internationally misguided legislation and justifies this recommendation as being in line with Christian principle.

I say with honesty and request you forgive my change of tone. This last statement quite literally ‘boils the blood in my veins’.

We as Barbadians have benefited tremendously from a lifestyle which promotes our core values of family, community, culture in music and art and a welcoming, friendly, approachable personality. If you ask any visitor our island, it is our people who set us apart from other destinations offering similar beaches and sunspots. A Barbadian is a typically agreeable, honest, non-judgmental and fun-loving person who enjoys nothing more than putting a genuine smile on another bajan’s face. We enjoy a less timed pace of life and therefore punctuality is an optional extra however manners are not. We are not a confrontational people, we do not fight wars or start revolutions. We have arguably the most stable government in the Americas and this is a huge contributor to our national identity of which we are so proud and has proven so attractive to investors and tourists alike.

I believe this identity then explains my abhorrent objection to the soapbox sermon to condemn any person for the way they live their life. It is reasonable for a body or community which our writer may represent to choose not to endorse the lifestyle of an individual. However, the writer or his community have no authority to condemn any practice or to preach the conversion or inquisition of identified sinners. This goes directly against our traditional values as Barbadians. To reiterate, my traditions as a Barbadian are separate and independent of my traditions from a Christian background. In circumstances which these traditions conflict I am far more proud to be a Bajan than to be a Christian.

I do not look overseas for guidance, I look right here in the land I was born and raised, a country which has taught me tolerance, understanding and pride from a very young age.

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  1. It’s interesting to see the latest research on the genetic basis of homosexuality in men.
    “In the most comprehensive study of its kind, Dr Michael Bailey, of Northwestern University, has been studying 400 sets of twins to determine if some men are genetically predisposed to being gay.
    The study found that gay men shared genetic signatures on part of the X chromosome – Xq28.
    Dr Bailey said: “Sexual orientation has nothing to do with choice. Our findings suggest there may be genes at play – we found evidence for two sets that affect whether a man is gay or straight. But it is not completely determinative; there are certainly other environmental factors involved. The study shows that there are genes involved in male sexual orientation.”
    Dr Bailey said environmental factors were likely to have the biggest impact on homosexuality.
    “Don’t confuse “environmental” with “socially acquired.” Environment means anything that is not in our DNA at birth, and that includes a lot of stuff that is not social,” he said.”
    Does the old argument that homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice” stand up now?

  2. St George

    Thank you. Like flat earthing it never did.

    Is this ‘Dear John’ thing for real? I ask you – how can a fella sign himself “homophobic professional” and, in the last breath, be advised to “be a man”? It’s tongue-in-cheek, surely, to stir up debate on a subject which the Nation is obsessive about. At least that’s my take on it.

  3. St George Dragon

    It seems as though you’re using Dr. Bailey’s scientific research as the lone authority on the predisposition of homosexual tendencies?

  4. Version of Leviticus 20:13.

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

    is there more to say? and remember man in the bible general also means woman.

  5. I am quite sure there have been many scientific studies which points to the contrary and to use this lone study to validate or invalidate your point with respect to the nature of homosexuality seems a little suspect to me.

  6. @Barbados Trip

    There you go again making use of your Hebrew Bible as an authority to legitimized that homosexuality is immoral and the one hand. While on the other hand, Dragon is using the scientific method to prove that homosexuality is a congenital predisposed condition. ( the old nature and nurture argument) So then, the argument rests on sensory evidence but of course we’re cognizant of the fact that the Hebrew Bible merely offers us Metaphysical Evidence, which obviously sinks under the weight of the Scientific Method, which offers us empirical proof.

  7. Barbados Trip

    You certainly cannot use the Hebrew Bible as the final authority or as a basis for disproving homosexuality, especially when your dealing with secular minded people who uses hard evidence as a medium through which their ascertain truth. All you’re doing in essence is spewing a compilation of words that hasn’t any evidentiary basis as far as these secular minded people are concern.

  8. Mathew Storey

    ” A Barbadian is a typically, agreeable, honest, non – judgmental and fun – loving person”

    This is one of the most ridiculous statements, I’ve heard in quite sometime sir.

    Which leads me to ask you this question sir: have you been any where in the Caribbean to test your ridiculous hypothesis?

    Hospitality is a trait conducive to the people of the entire Caribbean and single out Barbados as this oasis with an outpouring of hospitality and honesty is purely nonsensical.

    I don’t even want to deal with the issue of honesty because I do not know where you’re going with that for an argument? There are honest and dishonest people in every culture throughout the world, so your argument would fall flat on its face if you ever attempt to debate it.

  9. @robert ross, I also saw it as an attempt to stir up debate and doubted if it was real. And it’s working beautifully. We really as a people have to stop being led by the nose…..

  10. There is also scientific evidence that shows certain physical characteristics in the brain for violent behaviour, homocidal behaviour and other criminal behaviour. Lets decriminalize all those things too…..schupse

  11. Fedup
    The human brain is a hypothetical construct. There isn’t any real evidence the points to the existence of the human brain. But that’s for another debate, I suppose.

  12. Fedup
    The evolutionary theorists like Pinker and others calls human mind a product of evolution. This gradual coming together of these thinking faculties which progressively forms the human intellect.

  13. Fedup, as we speak scientists are now working on a new technology called MRI Imaging of the human brain with as their claimed, can detect homicidal active in people.

  14. There is even scientific research which suggests the most people with an enlarged right ventricle of brain, have a tendency to develop schizophrenia.

  15. “This specifically refers to the relationships and interactions between heterosexual and homosexual individuals. This is an increasingly common scenario however is still very foreign in the Caribbean”

    This statement is not true.

    Homosexuality is not foreign to the Caribbean.

    I believe that homosexuality has always existed in the Caribbean.

    Why is that young people always seem to believe that they invented everything.

    My mother’s step brother who was born in Barbados in 1910 and lived in Barbados al of his life was a homosexual. He was a wonderful uncle too. Childless. Generous to his nieces and nephews. He died of old age when he was well into his 70’s.

    My mother’s paternal brother was bi-sexual. He died last year at 79. He had a wife for 55 years, and a male lover for more than 35. He and his wife successfully raised more than half a dozen children.

    One of my elementary school teachers, a guider in the girl guide movement was – no is because she is still living – a homosexual.

    At least 3 boys who went to elementary school with me were homosexual. I should say are homosexual because 2 well into their 7th decade are still alive. one went to the cold white north and was caught up in the promiscuous, anonymous sex bath house lifestyle and died in the early years of the AIDS epidemic. The others who remained here at home and kept a steady boyfriend are still very much with us, and have done and continue to do good and important work in the community.

    Barbados has NEVER been a homophobic society.

    I think that too often we let foreigners come here and define us.Some of these same foreigners cannot find Barbados on a map. Some of these same foreigners do not know and cannot understand the profound differences between Barbados and Jamaica.

    They do not know us, and they do not know that they do not know.

  16. Fedup
    The amygdala: the part of the brain located near the bottom of the limbic system, is said to be connected to aggressive behavior, vigilance and the fear response in human beings, but there are all hypothetical constructs.

  17. Deuteronomy Chapter 24

    “When a man hath taken a wife, and married her, and it come to pass that she find no favour in his eyes, because he hath found some uncleanness in her: then let him write her a bill of divorcement, and give it in her hand, and send her out of his house.

    And when she is departed out of his house, SHE MAY GO AND BE ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE.

    And if the latter husband hate her, and write her a bill of divorcement, and giveth it in her hand, and sendeth her out of his house; or if the latter husband die, which took her to be his wife;HER FORMER HUSBAND WHICH SENT HER AWAY, MAY NOT TAKE HER AGAIN TO BE HIS WIFE, AFTER THAT SHE IS DEFILED, FOR THAT IS A ABOMINATION BEFORE THE LORD and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance.”

    I have been going to church for the better part of 100 years and I have never heard a priest/pastor/preacher preach a sermon telling the women of the church that YES the Bible says that if you divorce YES YOU CAN MARRY AGAIN.

    And I have never heard priest/pastor/preacher preach a sermon telling men that NO you cannot marry back your old wife, that to remarry your old wife is to quote Deuteronomy Chapter 24 IS A ABOMINATION BEFORE THE LORD.

    But Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Rastafarianism are all anti-woman religions.

    De fells preach what is good for the fellas. And if we put a male priest/rabbi/immam/brethen in the same room we would discover that there is not an ounce of disagreement between them when it comes to women.

    None of these religions as as historically and currently practised should be taken seriously by any serious woman.

  18. We can’t take these things too seriously because most men in Barbados can’t put their wife out of his house because the house belongs to the woman, and sensible men are careful not to provoke the wife otherwise it will be the husband’s tail that is out the door.

    So please don’t take these ancient, anonymous writings too, too seriously, otherwise ya will find ya tail sleeping on the gallery this cold,cold night, and see if quoting Deuteronomy Chapter 24 will help ya then.

  19. obzonky March 8, 2014 at 6:27 AM Fedup “The human brain is a hypothetical construct”

    Dear obzonky/fedup: It is obvious you fellas ain’t see a star pitch yet. One of these days you will see a human brain spilled on the ground after a traffic accident. And then you will see for yourself that “NO” it ain’t a hypothetical construct.

  20. Barbadians are only fooling themselves because Barbados is known internationally for having the large homosexual community in the entire Caribbean. And that is why I am continually reminded by other West Indians that when one goes to Barbados, he better not bend down. Big Joke Among West Indians…

  21. Simple Simon girl how I just love you when you share some of your wisdom with these homophobics on this blog.

  22. Gayness is not foreign to the Caribbean…….is not foreign to West Africa…….is not foreign anywhere….EVER


    Yes, I was trying to fit that character sketch to the people I know….and to people on here….it is a tough one I agree.

    As for Leviticus, it is an indication of its irrelevance that it uses the word “abomination” all over the place. So just as lying with a man is an abomination, so also is having sex with a menstruating woman. It’s supposed to be about ‘holiness’ . Oh and priests must wear their hair tonsured and you can’t marry out of the tribe and……..gee God was such a bitch.

    There are scientific papers which suggest that mosquitoes also have a god. He is a very large mosquito with a long white beard who lives somewhere up there. He gives more blood to those he favours but if you offend him he gets you sprayed with BOP. Apparently they call him ‘Father’.

  23. @Robert Ross “you can’t marry out of the tribe”

    This nonsense about not marrying out.

    See what if did for Oscar Pistorius…a fearful peica a man with real, real serious anger issues.

    I bet if his family had had married into some of the many diverse black families in Southern Africa we would today have a much better man.

    Much better physically.

    Much better emotionally

    They thought whiteness was so important…then te’k wha ya get.

  24. A feeble attempt to frame a position in shifting sands… but jeez man, what is with ” Barbados is the best at this and Bajan are the best at that crap”. As if there is no other decent civilization out there. At the height any passionate argument, we just have to drop our pants to show the world that the drawers are yellow and blue, as if they really care.

  25. Dear Obzonky or should be it be obzoky “I am continually reminded by other West Indians that when one goes to Barbados, he better not bend down. Big Joke Among West Indians”

    Know ya place.

  26. Barbados Trip

    The first Biblical condemnation of lesbianism is in Paul’s letters. But get this – according to Paul, who modern scholars suggest was gay himself, it was God who made people gay as a punishment for insubordination…gee God was such a bitch ( and for Paul a wonderful cop-out).

    On Male = female only applies if the word ‘mankind’ is used or the word ‘man’ or ‘men’ is used as a shortform. ‘A man’ means male.

    The WI Prayerbook in the Nicene Creed doesn’t understand this in saying “For US and for our salvation”. It thinks it’s being politically correct in not saying, as in the old form, “For us men and …” In that sense “men” includes women.

    Consider –

    “thy will be done ON earth”. In the old form it was “IN earth”. Which makes better sense?

    Beware modern forms of statutory interpretation to Biblical texts.

  27. SS

    Exactly my point (tongue in cheek) – and marrying out of the tribe – spot on….new horizons, new beginnings, new understandings, more oneness, more universal love.

  28. Dear obzonky:

    We Bajans LOVE our homosexual aunts, uncles, parents, children, teachers, children etc.They are ours and we love them.

    And if you can’t deal with the fact that in Barbados we love one another, than you can be-off.


    “Get lost”

    “Go away from among us and don’t come back”


  29. Dear obzonky:

    The Barbados dictionary defines “ain’t see a star pitch yet”

    As being one so young, that he or she is not yet old enough to be permitted outdoors at night, so therefore has not yet seen shooting star, and is so young that he or she know little or nothing about life.

    When your mommy permits you outside at night look up and you will see shootings stars//meteors. These are better seen in rural areas.

    If you live in a light polluted big city in the great white north you may never see a shooting star.

    In Barbados we see them all the time. They are commonplace.

  30. Dear obzonky:

    In Barbados know ya place means:

    Be silent in the presence of your intellectual superiors

  31. I know a lot of kids my age can attest to what I am going to reveal here today: as kids attending primary schooling in Barbados during the late 60’s. We had to try our best to avoid the countless numbers of bullers throughout the various neighborhoods we travelled to and from school. Some our mothers warned us of and others we knew by their advances.

  32. If Barbadians were to get back to Christian living all this debate will cease to exit. Read Chapter & verse of Genesis 18 to 19, Also Leviticus chapter 18, verse 22: chapter 22 verse 19: Deuteronomy chapter 23 : verse 17; Judges 19 verses 16 to 30; also Romans chapter !, & 1st Corinthians chapter 6 & verse 9. Homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes, so is adultery, fornication, stealing & telling lies, so this is why Jesus, which we celebrate so much at Christmas time came into the world to save sinful human being from their sins, so accept him as your Saviour & friend & ask Him to help you overcome these sinful acts whichever they may be, try Him, call on Jesus , sweetest Name I know, & He is just the same as His Holy Name & that’s why I LOVE HIM SO !!!!!!!!!!! All of my friends are sinners just as I am, but they know my stand.

  33. Ross….the bible is not a credible source for quoting anything moral, the ‘translators’ of the various versions were reportedly gay………..lately, they plan to have J.K Rowlings, yeah of Harry Potter wizards and witches. fame give a new version of the present bible to continue fooling the masses of asses, do you remember when they used to hang the likes of Rowlings in the tower of london for sorcery, heresy, being a witch and all types of shit. Depending on who had a bug up his or her ass in buckingham palace at the time, they made it up as they went along, king james version, mcabees, etc.How anyone in their right minds can quote that book is beyond me.

  34. Just want to know

    Yes! Homosexual is a Sin according to the principles of the Hebrew Scriptures. And so as the other Sins we commit on a daily basis but no one seem to condemn us as there do homosexuals. Fornication is a Sin. Which husbands as well as wives commits every waken minute but no one seem to judge them as their do homosexuals. The bottom line is we’re certain in no position to condemn homosexuals for use their individual judgment to choose what their think is best for themselves. I do not agree homosexuality because my faith would not allow me to do so but we’re dealing with two consenting adult here friends.

  35. I I can’t take a hint about what Islandgal? I’ve been always tolerant of gay and lesbian people. As a matter of fact, one of my childhood friends in Barbados who happened to be gay killed him after he had contacted AIDS. When the disease was still in its early stages and it hurt me quite badly because I saw him as a human being and not as the label some narrowed minded people attributes to gay people.

  36. On the Topic of Women
    I believe that women have a role to play in Societies
    Women are different from Men in many ways and women think, react and even speak , listen and hear different from men. It is for this reason that women need to fully play the roles that they are more adept at and that they are genetically progrrammed to perform.

    Problems come when roles get crisscrossed and women venture into areas of social activity in which men are better suited genetically and physiologically to perform. Men and women are not the same. The way women speak and express themselves generally differs from how men speak and express themselves. Emotionally women are different from men and perhaps socially because of that effect. Without extending the discussion , Men and women are different. I want persons to accept this simple reality before I say anymore on the subject

  37. Do black men speak and express themselves different from white men…. or Frenchmen and Swedes.or black women and white women or bajans and anyone else?

    Just Want

    And Jesus whom you love as I do – the first and only Christian – said….? Don’t you want to move the discussion forward or do you only run with your legs tied?

    Well Well

    You are demon possessed and I’m exorcising you at this moment…. and.we all know you’re ac/dc. (which is another way of saying your comment on the AV is, well, a little fanciful despite the bi-ness of James 1).


    You are an uncharitable woman and a scold. It will give you wrinkles.

    Dr the Hon

    1 in 10 from the dawn of time….and the number of people in the world is….?

    Oh I see…someone has given me a negative vote for agreeing with SS who has a positive vote – whoever you are – you are totally without integrity and doubtless a Christian improperly so-called. Stop skulking about and trade thoughts you poor wimp.

  38. Dr. The Honourable

    ” Women and men are not the same”

    Yes, women and men are different anatomically but women can be socialized to play any role.

    Try telling a Military woman that she is anymore different than her male counter part and await her reaction. I am telling you, it ain’t going to be good.

    And there aren’t any special roles designed in the American Military for the female soldiers. If it is running, she is there with her male counterpart. If it is the Rifle Range, she is there with her male counterpart. If it is the Grenade Range, she is there with her male counterpart. If it is the M60 Range, she is there with her male counterpart
    If it is the Clairmore Mine Range she is there with her male counterpart. If her male counterpart is deployed to a Combat Zion, she is there shoulder to shoulder with her male counterpart. And if the Battalion deployed to the field in the winter time, she is there with her male counterpart with of complaint. The female soldier is the strongest woman I’ve met during my Military service. Nuff respect Military sisters. And finally, the female soldier commanded respect on the Saw Range ( Squad Automatic Weapon).

  39. We were taught in the American Army to: improvised, Adapted and Overcome. And the female soldier has done that very well.

  40. Wait Obzonky, you was in the US army too…?
    Bushie just bet a fella that you was there wid a fellow named Private Mark Fenty….
    Bush lost he money…? 🙂

  41. By the time the female as well as the male soldier completes Basic Training/ Boot Camp, he or she is strong mentally, physically and emotionally.

  42. Bush Tea, I’ve heard the name Fenty but I am not quite sure if I’ve met or has spoken to the guy.

  43. well, well , you seem to be an educated person, did you read books to get your degree, did you believe the books you read? so, what’s the problem in believing the bible, is it too honest for you? Do you believe what you hear on the news everyday, or in the papers, so if you listen & even sometimes believe what you hear & read, why can’t you believe the bible? They are so many different versions, & the majority I have read says the same thing, sin is sin however you may look at it, this is why JESUS came into the world as a man to save sinners!!!!!!!!!

  44. “this is why JESUS came into the world as a man to save sinners!!!!!!!!!”

    Jesus the Jew came to save your sorry Black primitive soul to further enslave you. It is so easy for some to believe without even thinking for themselves.

  45. Just want to know

    Belief has to be based on empirical fact from the secular perspective, in order for non – religious mind to accept it. There is no other way to prove the existence of God but by Faith because the entire idea of God is a metaphysical concept predicated upon believe. So to convinced Well Well of God’s existence, you have to give examples such: where is the human mind located and can we touch it or see with or human lens ? What is the nature of reality? And is there such a concept such as objective morality? And without a concept of God is there a moral standard upon which to stand etc…. There are certain questions that a scientific method just cannot answer such as is there life after death?

  46. LOL
    So you have “thought for yourself” then Islandgal? ….and presumably know that these people’s beliefs are ill founded?

    How the hell do you know that JUST WANT TO KNOW (JWTK) is off track? What exactly gives you the right to judge someone’s beliefs?
    Who died and left your donkey in charge of judging beliefs bozie?
    …Wuh you is Bushie now…? ..you got a whacker too…? 🙂

    Wuh you don’t know squat about the purpose of life, …bout Jesus, …bout JWTK, …..and yet you are brave enough to off-handedly dismiss the blogger’s assertion….

    Wuh you brave Enuff!! …..no wonder Bushie likes yuh…. Ha Ha

  47. Just want to know

    You have to use logic and reason to persuade the secular mind of God’s existence because using the Bible as the only source authority to validate God’s existence, would get you no way brother.

  48. Just want to know

    You have to use the Socratic Method to convince the non – believer of God’s existence. Pushing the Bible in the secularist face would prove counterproductive.

  49. Here is a question for Well Well: without a concept of God the ultimate moral authority becomes that of the individual right ? So from this premise, how do we create a universal understanding of Right and Wrong, or what Emanuel Kant refers to as the Moral Imperative?

  50. Here is another question for Well Well: now if I take a young child and decide to cut it up into small pieces in front of you, would you say I did anything wrong? Assuming of course that the concept of God does not exist and that there is no such thing as divine morality.

  51. Here is another question for Well Well: without a concept of God, I have my moral belief; you have your moral belief – who is to say which beliefs are better? Just want to know: these are the kind of questions you need to put before Well Well.

  52. Final point: a world without God is a recipe for moral anarchy because it is a world in which everyone does whatever he or she wants- even if this means threatening or harming others.

  53. Obzonky

    You know very well there is nothing new under the sun…besides Well Well is now flat on her back and out of action drowned in holy water.

  54. Well Well, if you do not believe in creationism, then obviously you must believing in evolutionism? So it would interesting to hear your take on how evolutionary ethics first came to be? Now, I am hoping you would say through the Pain and Pleasure Principles as the forerunner to Darwin first proposed?

  55. 28 out of 61 comments are from Obzocky aka Mark Fenty. Man you are breaking Well Well’s record.

    Bushie…… I was just waiting for you to surface when I threw out your bait. I gine soon haul yuh backside outta de water wid bigger bait! ROFL!

  56. This Mark Fenty yall guys speak so incessant about must be some interesting character? Where is this guy and how often does he visits the BU blog because I haven’t seen anything from him since I have been on the BU blog? It would be interesting to chat with him because from the way yall guys have characterized him, it seems as though he is a storehouse/ treasurechess and reservoir of wisdom, knowlegde and a good dose of the common- sense?

  57. @ David
    …as man Boss. You GOTTA ban this Obzonky pest that keep MARKing up the damn blog now man…Enuff is Enuff….
    Who the hell he think he is ?? ….Onions?
    If a man say he gone – he should GO LONG…. Like a damn vampire …keep coming back – as one Obzoky pest….with the same irritating shiite … 🙂

    @ Islandgal
    Still waiting to hear what qualifies you to judge “just want to know”s belief in Jesus and the bible? Do you have a big whacker like bush tea?
    Girl….You will be in for one massive shock when (not IF) you learn the real truth…

  58. LOL
    Bugger off…?
    Were you not throwing out bait to “flush out Bushie” and waiting wid a 2X4 to reformat the Bushman’s skull?
    Bushie barely put you across he knees – and you hollering already…before any licks start…

  59. Island gal
    If I’ve written 61 comments as you so proudly proclaimed; perhaps I’ve fed someone something of value I hope? It doesn’t do me any good to sit at home as Georgie Porgie does and count the days before he sheds his earthly tabernacle.Thank God for social media because it has revolutionized the way in which we communicate in new and fundamental ways.The social media outlet is particularly useful for folks like yourself and Georgie Porgie, who apparently was taught only what to think and not how to think. The critical thinking skills baby is the ability to vivisect the literalism that is commonly found in everyday written.

  60. talk about thinking ‘ outside the box.”………i was shocked and amazed when i saw this article revisited on the pages of BU……..to say sleazy would be the understatement……….

  61. Bushie What real truth what. The real truth is already in front of us. Wunna Christians like to believe in the supernatural and hocus pocus things that is so far from reality. Taking everything from a book written by men as the “truth” used to condemn and enslave men and women. The truth? That book has been and is still used to murder men and women because the egotistical men who wrote it said that their God told them to say so. Spouting certain passages from it will not save your souls nor those rattling them. Many Christians believe that other religions are inferior and are “barbaric”. You all have this superior know it all attitude and the promise for salvation for those who join you and hellfire for those who do not. Many who are among you all just follow because of fear. Many follow because that is all they have been exposed to and are to lazy to look elsewhere.

    The truth???

    Yes some of mankind want to know their purpose here on this planet and seeks to find out. Yet a bunch of men who have studied the human mind with their ultimate goal to control. They tried physically with slavery and yet man was rebellious and fought for his freedom. They created religion, this control was beyond their expectations. Like politics, religion needs a large following to exert control. Control of the slaves and the New World. It has destroyed civilizations, cultures that we can only read about. It destroyed the first peoples of the Caribbean and many in South America. Did it bring salvation to those who accepted?

    Christianity is not the only religion that seeks dominance of the human mind.

  62. @ Islandgal
    Read back your post slowly. It is very instructive…
    The FACT that idiots have taken hold of something and branded it to suit their own purposes does not in and of itself mean that the substantive matter is flawed.
    Nuclear energy is a potent force that COULD be used for massive good….but of course the white people prefer to make intercontinental ballistic missiles…
    Money is a useful and convenient medium for exchange, but greedy fools have raped, killed, maimed, and prostituted themselves in its name.
    Politics COULD be a great means of arranging leadership for society, (if Caswell would start the BUP 🙂 )but you can see what brass bowls have been able to do there….

    So why are you so quick to condemn the bible? – because a string of jokers have sought to use it for all kinds of nasty ends?

    Take care you don’t discover that you have thrown out the baby with the brass bowls…

  63. Could not agree with you more….IG246….re the Bible and religion(s) in general .
    It is however a waste of time trying to point this out to BT,he is comfortable in his chauvanistic,xenophobic and homophobic world

    • @Vincent

      Give it up, you have a belief system which is based on what you can feel and touch. Respect those who have a philosophy supported by their religion and demand respect for yours. Do you like hitting your head to a wall? It hurts after a while dunnit?

  64. Obzonky………..I don’t believe i ever said what my beliefs are but suffice it to say that I believe in the divine, I like life simple thank you very much, all the rest is too much mix up and confusion.

    Ross………you only wish i was flat on my back, what holy water what, where did you get if?

  65. “The FACT that idiots have taken hold of something and branded it to suit their own purposes does not in and of itself mean that the substantive matter is flawed.”

    Bushie…….. idiots like you and some others?????

  66. Well Well

    I call it holy water….believe it’s holy water….it looks like holy water….it tastes like holy water……it behaves like holy water…….it came from the tap like holy water……

    David and Vincent

    Yes – these debates I agree are futile. I sometimes wonder why we have them so often.

    If, as some say, we are so tolerant of gay people why don’t they begin to assert themselves as a cohort? Why aren’t there more Didi’s? I know only of the website ‘gaychristianbajan’.

  67. @ David

    The common claim that FAITH is enough does not sit well with me, even though I am Christian.

    That common claim has to be supported by the necessary evidence, to at least make it sound plausible even though it is a metaphysical concept.

    • @Paine

      Check your earlier comment under your other moniker, one of three so far. Take this as your last warning.

  68. Aristotle has taught us through his concept of metaphysics that we can advance a very convincing argument in the absence of empirical evidence. And this we can apply to the religious theory to sustain a reasonable defense when we’re told by the secular humanist that the Bible is fairytale.

  69. @ David

    I am sorry sir. I do not quite understand the nature of your warning; can you elaborate?

  70. ROFLMAO…..Paine in the arse aka Obzocky aka Mark Fenty you have been warned! Yuh think David stupid? You think we stupid like you? LOLL

  71. Islandgal

    I do not know this Mark Fenty because I have seen anything he has written thus far but it appears like he is the number one punching bag around this blog? What has he done to become the recipient of the venation of some and the blatant animosity of others?

  72. ross…unlike ac she has multiple personalities seems to be able to use them advantageously enough to confuse the most learned and intelligent on the bu bogshphere ,,,,, why bother with so many different monikers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  73. Ross…it would help a lot of people if you took that holy water and throw it on the assess of those child pedophiles , money launderers thieves, liars, fornicators etc, etc in the vatican and all the priests, reverends etc in the churches around the world and see what happens.

    While your’re at it throw some on the coffin of the slug Lionel Craig, see if it helps.

  74. Well Well

    Do you see now why – with all this hate and venom – I am exorcising you….”In the name of the God who created you and of the Son who died for you….COME OUT”….sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle (with apologies to Scott Peck and Malachi Martin)?

  75. Ross…..what hate what, it’s all love and truth, i told you already this is not a courtroom where the truth does not count and only facts are admissible, this is real life shit here…….lol

  76. Robert I was wondering where that specter that had been moving the Chase family coffins had gone, sprinkle that holy water quick before it morphs into a politician. Don’t give Well Well false hope, she has been telling everyone Robert has been exercising me.

  77. Ross……….it’s ok, you can drink it

    Lawson……….where you been, last you said you were self-medicating and headed to the pub, have you only just returned…lol

  78. Well Well the pub like a siren beckons me to visit, and like the typical male I tend to overstay my welcome.

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