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The Jefferson Cumberbatch Column – Enforcing the Rule of Law (ii)

“If public opinion were to be decisive, there would be no need for constitutional adjudication…” per Chaskalson P -South African Constitutional Court [1995} It should not be thought that the recent and eventually successful claim of Mr Caleb Orozco in the Belize High Court that I commented on last week went unchallenged by anyone, even though we have learnt subsequently

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Press statement: UNAIDS Condemns Violence Against Transgender People

KINGSTON, 25 April, 2016— UNAIDS condemns killings and violations of human rights against transgender people reported in recent months by civil society and media in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Honduras and Venezuela. In Bolivia, through a press release issued last week, the LGBT Collective denounced the deaths of two transgender women

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Same Sex Lobby …Propagandistic Brainwashing

Submitted by Charles Knighton “The homo thing has been the brainwashing manipulator’s greatest triumph.” Richard Hoad, July 10,2015 While we expect special interest groups, who usually base their beliefs on emotion rather than fact, to rely on propagandistic brainwashing to achieve their ends, we now live in an age where even the outcome of supposedly dispassionate scientific studies are skewed

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